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Breaking Mrs. Spencer Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-28 12:21:36.06814

This is part three of the series "Breaking Mrs. Spencer. Thank you to everyone who has been following the story so far. I really appreciate the feedback. ? TangoV


"Oh yeah...suck it slut."

As I continued working my ex-husband's cock in and out of my mouth I found myself growing more and more disgusted with him. There he was, flexing his hips upward and mauling my hair, confident that I had no choice except to submit to him. He kept looking down at me with that satisfied smirk. He thought he'd won. But Brad had no idea how far I was willing to go to get him out of my life.

"Oh...oh...fuck yeah." He groaned and shot his salty load into my mouth. "Swallow it all slut. Don't miss a drop."

I did as he asked, slurping every drop of his foul seed into my throat. Brad fell back on the couch completely spent. Then he pulled my face to his scrotum and made me lick his nut sack. I almost suffocated as he pressed my head into his crotch and ground his balls all over my face. He wanted to completely humiliate me. After a few minutes of that, he finally shoved my head away and stood to his feet.

"Go take a shower slut and clean out all of your holes real good." He sneered. "I wanna make sure you don't have any of those black boys' cum still left in you when I have my turn."

Humiliated, I stood to my feet and headed upstairs. I started to curse him, but my face was still swollen and sore from where he'd slapped me around earlier. I decided to just suffer my fate and make it through my ordeal.

"Oh, and put on some sexy underwear for me sweetheart," he added.

Sweetheart? The nerve.

I couldn't believe that Brad had followed me to the hotel when I went to meet Deon. While I was up in the room being double fucked by Shawn and Deon, he'd been sitting outside in his car the whole time. The bastard even had video of me getting in my car, rolling down my driver's side window and kissing their cocks before I left.

When we were married, Brad cheated on me every chance he got with his bubble-breasted assistant Nadia. After our messy divorce, I started hitting the gym like a fanatic and got into the best shape of my life. I made sure that every time he came by to pick up Kyle for his weekends, I wore something revealing to show off my newly toned figure. Since then he'd been on a mission to get back in my panties. By following me to the hotel, he now had the evidence to blackmail me into being his cock slut. The problem was I had already agreed to be Deon's cock slut. There just wasn't enough of me to go around!

After my shower I threw on my red lace bra with matching thong and went downstairs to the living room. Brad was naked on the couch sipping a glass of scotch on ice.

"You look lovely darling. Would you like a drink?"

"You know I don't drink before noon." I responded.

"I know. I just figured it might help you loosen up a little." He replied. "You seemed a little frigid a few minutes ago when I was shoving my cock in your throat. Tell me, were you frigid last night when you sucked off those black boys? How did they get you to relax?"

His mocking words cut like a knife. I hated the thought of him having the upper hand over me. With Deon, it was like a taboo fantasy come to life. Though I'd fought to resist the idea, it actually turned me on, allowing a young black boy to have complete control of my body. With Brad, it sickened me to think that I'd be submitting to this asshole who'd wrecked our family with his infidelity and lies. Before this day if they was one thing I'd been certain of, it was that Brad would never get to touch me again. Now here I was presenting myself to him, wearing matching lingerie and waiting for his next command. I wanted to throw up.

He motioned for me to come over to him so I did. He smiled as I walked to the couch and stood in front of him. I could see his cock starting to stir as he gazed over my body.

"Put these on." He said, reaching down and handing me a pair of high heels. My eyes widened as I realized they were the same ones I'd worn to the hotel.

"I noticed they were on the floor in the guest room." He continued. "You must have kicked them off when you came home last night."

He was right. I'd dashed in the house hoping to avoid Kyle and undressed as quickly as I could. He must have gone in the room and picked them up while I was upstairs.

I took the shoes and snapped them around my ankles.

"Very nice." He said while sliding a hand up my thigh. I shuddered under his touch.

"Brad, can we just get this over with?" I asked. "I'm really tired."

"I'm sure you are." He shot back. "With all the black cock you took last night you must be exhausted. But don't worry. Nadia's out of town visiting her parents this weekend and her flight doesn't get in until tomorrow afternoon. We have all day to enjoy ourselves."

My body went limp as I realized that I would have to endure a full day of his torture.

"I am curious." He continued. "You were in that room for almost 8 hours. I mean I had time to leave and get a burger, I even fell asleep a couple of times and you still hadn't left. What were you doing that whole time?"

"What?" I replied slightly confused.

"I mean I know you were fucking, judging by that little display in the parking lot, but I need to know the details."

I couldn't believe that he actually expected me to recount the events that happened in that room. It was one thing to have him know that I was sneaking around with Deon. It was another to have to testify to it like I was on the witness stand.

"Brad. We're both adults. You know what I was doing." I replied.

His hand traveled up my thigh to the curve of my hip and his fingers snaked underneath the fabric of my panties. "I find out the mother of my son is in a hotel with two black boys for 8 hours, I think it's only fair that I should know exactly what happened." He replied and he continued massaging my hip, before sliding around to cup my ass.

"I can't do this." I responded. "If you wanna fuck me, I'll let you but I'm not..."

"Slut! Are you forgetting who's in control here? Or do I need to slap you around a little more to remind you?"

"No Brad. Don't hit me. It's just..."

"It's just nothing!" he replied, forcefully pinching my ass. "I asked for details and you're going to tell me!"

I'd never seen his eyes so full of rage. As lousy as he'd treated me when we were together, he'd never threatened to hit me. There was more at play here than just his lust for me. Maybe seeing me that night was painful for him in some way. He might have even felt a little emasculated by the fact that his ex-wife would rather give herself willingly to two boys half her age than sleep with him.

I almost felt sorry for him until I noticed his cock twitching. Despite whatever jealousy or pain he was feeling, it was also quite obvious that he was getting excited at the thought of getting to hear exactly what Deon and Shawn had done to me that night. Humiliating me by having me confess to the details was going to be the ultimate turn-on for him. Not wanting to go through another round of slap boxing with him, I decided to give in to his questioning.

"What do you want to know?"

"Everything. From the beginning." He replied with an evil gaze.

"Okay." I took a deep breath. "Deon called me yesterday and told me to meet him at a hotel" I started.

"Uh huh." He replied and started rubbing my ass.

"I agreed to meet him at 7 o'clock. When I got there, I paid for the room and we went upstairs." His hand slid over my ass and in between the crevice.

"After we got there we talked for a while." I continued.

"What did you talk about?" His fingers moved to my slit causing me to moan.

"He told me the ground rules. He said I had to do whatever he told me to."

"Go on." Brad's other hand was on his cock now, slowly massaging the head.

"Then the other boy, Shawn came in. They made me strip for them."

"Did it turn you on, dancing for them like some whore in a strip club?" He asked, tugging his cock to life.

"Not at first. At first I was embarrassed. But then..."

"Then what?" he asked as he slipped two fingers inside my pussy.

"Ohhh..." I moaned in response. "They sat on the bed and pulled out their cocks."

"That excited you?"

"Yes. It did."

Brad began working his fingers in and out of my cunt. I could feel my juices begin to flow.

"Did they have big cocks?"

I was amazed that he would ask that, but as I watched him with his eyes closed, jerking his own shaft, I found it to be very arousing. His mind was working in a way that I'd never seen. He was touching a part of me that he'd never reached before just by talking to me. We'd never really talked during sex before and this was certainly the most foreplay I'd ever had with him. I was being turned on by the intensity of the moment as he played with my pussy and hung on my every word.

"Yes. Both of them are quite large."

"What happened next?" He asked.

His fingers slid further inside me and it was getting harder to focus on retelling my story. I grit my teeth and cooed like a naughty schoolgirl as my legs began to twitch under the urgency of his probing fingers.

"I stripped off my clothes, real slow. I started with my top, then I turned my ass towards them and slid off my skirt."

"Ohhh...go on," he moaned and gripped his shaft tighter, causing the huge vein that ran along its length to swell.

"After I stripped down to my underwear and high heels, I walked over to Shawn while he was pumping his cock and I put it in my mouth." I continued. "Then Deon got behind me and ate my pussy."

"Did he fuck you?" He asked.

"Yes. He fucked me doggy-style while I sucked Shawn's cock."

Brad shoved his fingers deep inside me forcing the air from my lungs.

"Did you swallow Shawn's cum?" he continued while diving inside my cunt and using his thumb to massage my clit. I took a couple of steps towards him, completely lost in my story. As he worked my pussy, I closed my eyes and imagined myself back in that room with Deon and Shawn.

"Most of it. It was just so much. Some of it spilled out of my mouth and I had to lick it up."

"Did you lick it all up like a good little slut?"

He picked up his pace and began ramming his fingers in and out. It was hard to focus on anything except the squishy noises coming from my cunt. I could feel my juices trickling down my thigh.

"Yes. I did." I replied. "And then Deon came inside me."

"Did you come?"

"Ahhh..." I replied as he added a third finger to my cunt. "Yes. Several times."


"Then...ahh...then we had some drinks."

I intentionally left out the part about smoking the weed as I was sure Brad would probably try to use that as more ammunition for his blackmail.

"After that?"

"After that we laid back on the bed with me in the middle. I started stroking their cocks."

As I retold that part of the night, Brad responded by jerking his cock with more intensity. I had to admire the way he was handling both jobs at the same time, stroking himself to a full throbbing erection and maintaining the constant assault on my pussy. He'd never displayed that type of skill and attention to detail in our lovemaking.

"What happened next?" He continued. "Did you suck their cocks for them?"

"No, Shawn asked me to let him fuck me."

"And did you?"

I nodded my head and moaned into the air. I moved closer to Brad and watched his hand moving up and down his cock. The sight of him jerking himself on the couch, getting so turned on by my confession made me want to jump on top of him and ride him until he filled me with a gusher of cum. Even though he was using me, and even though I knew I would eventually make him pay for it, there was no denying that I was hornier for him at that moment than at any point in our entire marriage.

"Go on." He urged.

"While Shawn fucked me," I continued. "Deon started rubbing lube on his cock."

"He wanted to fuck your ass?" He asked as he plunged his fingers deep inside me, causing me to lurch forward and brace myself by placing my hand on his thigh.


"Did you let him?"

"Yes...ahhh." He started twisting his hand inside me. "I took both of them at the same time. Shawn in my pussy, Deon in my...ahhh...ass."

"You fucking slut." He replied as he jabbed my cunt. My body was being rocked forward each time he plunged his way inside my hole. "How did it feel having two cocks inside you at once?"

"It felt incredible. Ahhh... I've never felt that full."

"And you came on their cocks didn't you?"

"Yesss...yesss..." I replied as he thundered away at my cunt with his fingers. "I came so hard on their big cocks...yesss...I couldn't help myself. It good."

I felt my walls clench as I lifted my knee onto the couch, trying my best to give Brad full access to my dripping pussy. He didn't hesitate to take advantage.

He was four fingers deep in my womb as I threw my face into the sofa cushion. I came like a fountain on his hand, moaning and writhing on the couch like a bitch in heat. My body jerked for several seconds afterwards and I couldn't help but bite down on one of the sofa pillows.

After my orgasm passed, he removed his hand from my cunt and fed it to me. I swallowed his fingers like they were covered with ambrosia.

"Is that all?" He asked while watching me kiss and lick his hand.

"No. After that we fell asleep." I continued. "When I woke up, I took a shower. While the water ran over my body, I stuck my fingers in my pussy and started working them...working them in and out."

"You were still horny?"

"Yes. I needed more." On cue, Brad took his fingers out of my mouth and slid them back inside my leaking cunt.

"My pussy was aching for more cock." I continued. "Then Shawn came in the shower with me."

"And you let him fuck you again?"

"Yessss..." I purred as Brad's fingers slid back and forth over my clit. "I took his cock from behind standing up in the shower."

"You fucking slut. You loved it didn't you?"

"Yes. I would have let him fuck me all night, just like that. He fucked me so hard. Then he filled me with his cum. So much cum running down my legs."

Suddenly Brad grabbed my arm and pulled me forward, taking my hand and placing it on his cock. After I began to stroke it up and down he continued his questioning. "What did you do after he emptied his big black cock in you?"

"I got out of the shower and got dressed."

I could tell by Brad's stuttered breathing that he was on the verge of cumming. The thought of Deon and Shawn having their way with me was driving him insane with sexual rage. I knew my next comment would send him to the edge. I leaned over him so that my face was inches from his throbbing hard-on.

His cock might as well have been a microphone as I sped up the tempo on his rod and added, "But then Deon made me get on my knees and give him a blowjob."

"Ahhh..." Brad replied as he arched his back. "That black bastard made you suck his cock in your work clothes?"

"Yes." I responded as I ferociously pumped his meat. "Shawn too. They sprayed their cum in my hair and all over my clothes. There was so much cum all over me. It coated my face. It was dripping from my hair. It was everywhere. It was..."

"Ahhh...ahhh...fuck!" was his reply as he finally exhaled and released his load. The first spurt shot into the air and splashed against my face. The rest bubbled out of the head and drizzled over my hand.

Without being told, I leaned in and began to lick my sticky cum-coated fingers while gently stroking his cock, slowly bringing him down from his orgasmic high. His semen cascaded over my knuckles like a thick coat of bubbling lava. I'd never seen Brad shoot so much cum before and judging by the shocked look in his eyes, neither had he.

"Why did you do it?" He asked as I used my tongue to clean his spunk. "Why did you let them use you like that?"

I could have told him about seeing Kyle sucking Deon's cock that night in the living room and Deon using that to blackmail me. I could have told him about Deon raping me at knifepoint in my kitchen. But I lied. I wanted to keep those facts to myself. He already had enough information to use against me as it was and I definitely didn't want to bring Kyle into the mix.

"It started when we'd go to the football games with Kyle and watch Deon play. I guess I became infatuated with him." I said, hoping my story wouldn't sound too unbelievable. But realizing the truth would have probably sounded even more far-fetched, I continued. "One day when Kyle wasn't home, Deon came by looking for him and I invited him inside. After some small talk he kissed me. One thing led to another and we had sex. It all started from there."

"Sick bitch!" He replied and pushed my head away from his cock. "Who would have thought that all that time I was married to an undercover cock slut?"

'Yeah, who would have thought indeed?' I pondered to myself and sat up on the couch next to him.

"Get your ass up and make me some breakfast or something." He replied with a shove that sent me to the floor. "I'm tired of looking at your face. You disgust me."

I couldn't believe his sudden change of attitude. Just moments ago he was stroking himself off while I told him the details of that night in the motel. Now he was acting as if the whole thing sickened him. After seeing that display, any sympathy I'd been feeling for him was gone. He was definitely going to pay for that!

I walked into the kitchen with thoughts of poisoning his food dancing in my head. But I had a better way to exact my revenge. I just needed a little time.

I made bacon, eggs and Belgian waffles for him. After he ate, he poured maple syrup on his cock and made me give him another blowjob to get him hard. After I slurped him to a full erection, he picked me up and threw me over the arm of the sofa. Before I could react or even brace myself, he rammed his cock up my ass.

"Owww! Brad stop!" I screamed.

"I bet you didn't tell Deon to stop." He replied with a grunt.

For the next 20 minutes he pumped my ass with his cock, with no regard for my feelings. He called me "slut", "whore" and "tramp" over and over. I could feel his balls slapping my cunt lips each time he drove inside me.

"You like that whore? You like a cock in your ass?"

I knew what he wanted to hear so I played along. "Yes. I want your cock Brad." I replied unenthusiastically.

His pace had quickened and I could tell he was about to shoot his load. I clawed the sofa and prepared to take a sticky cum blast up my ass.

"You fucking slut." He continued. "I work my ass off, paying you alimony and all the while you've got money to spend on a hotel room so you can fuck a couple of nigg--- ...ahhh....ahhh...ahhhhhhh!"

His racist rant was thankfully cut short by his orgasm. He flexed his hips a few times inside me, emptied his balls in my ass and pushed me off his cock.

"From now on you can forget about your little black cock fantasies. You belong to me now." He said as he stood up and walked to the bathroom. "It's gonna be just like old times with me fucking you and Nadia, except now she'll be the one I go home to and you'll be my little fuck toy on the side."

I watched him smile and stride off to the bathroom for a shower. Out of all the reasons I could think of to want to see him castrated, it was his arrogance that stuck out the most.

For the rest of the day, Kyle made me walk around the house in my lingerie. He made me serve him drinks and do submissive things like massage his back or kiss his feet. Occasionally I would have to give him a blowjob or ride his cock while he sat back on the couch watching TV.

He told me to make his favorite dinner, steak and home fries with homemade apple cobbler for dessert. As I was kneading the dough for the crust, he came up behind me and fucked my ass over the kitchen counter. I couldn't believe his stamina. When we were married, it was a miracle if he could get it up twice in one day. Now that I was his willing cock slut, he'd become a fucking machine!

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