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The BBW Chronicles Ch. 05

Posted on : 2012-01-28 12:23:58.435902

I want to give special thanks to my editor, Alabasterthighs. Her assistance is greatly appreciated.

Chapter 5: Jaleesa

Veronica called me just before I left the office for the day. I was rather exhausted from the workout that Keshia put me through earlier that afternoon, and more than ready to go home and recover with a double shot of eighteen-year-old single malt scotch. Nonetheless, the illicit thrill of talking to Veronica was always invigorating, so I closed my office door, answered the call, and settled back into my chair.

"Hello, lover," she cooed into her cell phone. "How are you feeling? Any bruises I need to take care of before you go home for the day?"

"I survived," I answered. "Let me tell you, your friend Keshia is a beast."

"Too much woman for you?" she asked.

"I didn't say that. Don't put words into my mouth. She's just not exactly my kind of woman."

"I know. I realize that now. She and I have played together before, and she was always on the aggressive side, but not like today. I don't know what happened, but you brought that out of her by the truckload. I've never seen her so assertive. She likes you, by the way."

"She's fun. Her personality is as big as her body. She takes a little getting used to, but once I understood her sense of humor, I had fun with her. I like her also."

"Really? Well, when do you want to get together with her again? She told me to tell you that she's free every night next week."

"Umm, Baby, not so fast. I have enough on my plate right now, and like I said already, Keshia is not exactly my type. Maybe in a couple weeks, or next month?"

"I understand. To tell you the truth, I didn't think that you would ever want to meet with her again after this afternoon."

"In the future, yes. Just not right away."

"I'll make it up to you. I'll plan something special for Tuesday. Keep your calendar clear, alright"

"What have you got in mind?"

"I can't tell you. It's a surprise. Just make sure that you are available Tuesday from noon 'til whenever. OK?"

"Alright. Have a good weekend, and talk to you next week."

"Bye, lover."


* * *

Tuesday morning passed uneventfully. I had not heard from Veronica since Thursday evening, so I assumed that our lunch plans were unchanged. At 11:50 I left the office and walked to my car. Just as I was about to open the car door, I received a text message from Veronica.

Go to the corner of SW 8th Street and 69th Avenue. Park in the secure lot.

Go to room 36B. Don't be late.

That address was a half hour drive from my office. With the round trip and an hour or two of playing, my return to the office was questionable. Pulling out of the parking garage, I called my secretary and told her to cancel my afternoon appointments, as something had come up and I would likely be out of the office the rest of the day. If Veronica comes through once again, I'll be gone all afternoon.

I took the highway to the SW 8th Street exit, and then proceeded East. As I approached 69th Avenue I began to recognize the area. Turning into the parking lot, I laughed out loud. Veronica, you outdid yourself this time.

I located Veronica's car and parked in the space next to it. I found a steel door marked 36B, and pulled on the handle. It was braced open with a matchbook over the bolt. I removed the matchbook, entered, and closed the door behind me.

The building was a motel designed and used exclusively for sex. The parking lot was surrounded by a ten-foot wall so that street traffic could not see the cars parked on the lot. The first floor of the building contained only the lobby and entrances to the guest rooms. All the rooms were on the second floor, and consisted of two-story suites. This establishment was notorious for its popularity with swingers, cheaters, and lovers who had nowhere else to go.

After closing the door and making sure that it was locked, I found myself in a dimly lit hallway that led to a staircase. I followed the single flight of stairs to the second floor, where I found another steel door. I opened the door and walked into the guest room.

The lower level of the guest room, which was on the second floor of the building, consisted of a sitting area, a bar, and an open bathroom featuring a large, red, two-person, heart-shaped bathtub. The bedroom was in a loft that overlooked the entertaining area, and was accessible by a steel staircase.

"Its about time, Lover!" Veronica called to me from the bathtub. "Come over here, there is someone I want you to meet."

I turned toward the tub and saw that it was filled with water and a thick layer of bubbles. There were two glasses of wine or champagne on either side of the tub. Two heads protruded through the bubbles. I recognized Veronica, of course. The second head belonged to a very young woman with dark hair and a vaguely exotic appearance. She had a round face, straight black hair, big dark eyes, and skin the color of coffee with too much cream - neither black, nor white, nor cinnamon, nor any color that I could readily identify. I could not determine her nationality.

"Mike, this is my special friend, Jaleesa. Jaleesa, this is Mike, my lover that I told you about."

An arm extended from the bubbles. I bent down and took it in my hand, intending to shake it. I remembered the greeting with Keshia, however, and decided against a handshake. Leaning forward even further, I lifted her hand to my mouth and kissed it.

"My, what a gentleman you are. Would you like to join us in the tub and relax a little? I think we can make room for one more."

"I'd love to."

I quickly undressed, leaving my clothes hanging from chairs at the other end of the room. Before returning to the tub, I first scanned the room, searching for the ladies' refreshments. I found the ice bucket and an open bottle of champagne sitting on the end of the bar. After refilling their glasses and moving the ice bucket closer to the bathtub, I stepped into the tub. It was not easy finding room, and I soon found myself sitting with my back in the corner of the heart-shaped vessel, and four feet resting on my lap.

I rubbed the soles of the four feet nestled in my lap, starting with the foot that was applying the most pressure to my groin. The other three feet were soon poking and prodding my balls, and one of them managed to find my cock. I determined that the foot I was kneading belonged to Veronica, and the foot stroking my cock was attached to Jaleesa's leg. Each girl had a foot in my balls.

"I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of all my friends, Mike," Veronica said. "So to show you my appreciation for all of your loving attention, I decided to share Jaleesa with you. Jaleesa is very special to me."

I had no idea what she was talking about. Jaleesa was a beautiful young woman; there was no question about that. But I did not think that the two were lesbian lovers. If that were true, I would have heard about it from Maria or from Veronica, herself. I was tempted to ask her what she meant by that remark, but I decided to let Veronica unravel the mystery in her own time.

"Jaleesa, you have a very exotic look," I said, while continuing to rub the four feet poking my groin. "I am trying to place you, but I just can't seem to identify your background,"

"Don't feel bad, I have a rather mixed up background. My father is from Trinidad, but his mother is Chinese. So I am one-quarter Trinidadian, and one-quarter Chinese from my father's side," Jaleesa explained. "My mother is one-half African-American and one-half white, mostly a mix of French and English."

"That explains your exotic beauty. You have the best traits of four different races."

"Three races, actually, but four very different cultures."

"Today she's going for five, after we put some Latin in her," Veronica quipped.

Everyone laughed at that remark, and I felt two feet sliding along my stiffening shaft. I reached for Jaleesa's champagne glass and refilled it. Veronica handed me her glass, and I refilled that one also. There was only a little bit of champagne left in the bottle, so I raised the bottle to my lips and drained it.

"There's more behind the bar," Veronica said. "Jaleesa and I are feeling kind of thirsty today."

I was happy for an opportunity to stand up. Despite the ego boost I was getting from sharing the tub with two sexy women, the truth of the matter was that the tub was built for two, and there was nowhere a third person could sit comfortably. In any event, the water was starting to cool off and it would only be a matter of time before we all felt compelled to get out of the tub. I used that occasion to move things along.

I reached for a towel and dried myself. I then picked up the bucket, discarded the empty bottle, and retrieved a fresh bottle from behind the bar. The new bottle was warm, so instead of popping the cork I plunged it into the ice bucket. Before returning to the bathtub, I stopped to gather four of the fluffy white towels stacked on the floor. The girls looked up as I approached.

"I thought you were getting another bottle of champagne?" Veronica inquired.

"Your glass isn't empty yet," Jaleesa answered. "You can wait another minute or two. Maybe Mike has something else in mind for us."

"Your young friend is very perceptive," I replied. "By the way, just how old are you, Jaleesa?"

"Ask her," she answered, tilting her head toward Veronica.

Veronica laughed, and then Jaleesa responded with her own giggle.

"Well, I'm waiting, ladies." I did not understand why they were making such a big mystery out of a relatively minor detail.

"How old do you think I am?" Jaleesa asked.

I stared at her for a moment, trying to reconstruct the conversation that had taken place already. I could not discern any clues from anything the girls said to me or to each other. I stared at with the intensity of a scientist observing a specimen under the microscope. Jaleesa was still covered by the bath water and bubbles from the neck down, so I only had her face to use as a reference. Based upon her demeanor, I guessed that her age was probably about the same as Veronica: twenty-seven years.

"I'm going to say twenty-five or twenty-six, maybe?" I stated lower numbers in an attempt to score a few flattery points.

"Nope," Jaleesa said, shaking her head.


"Try again."


"Do you want me to hit you?"

"I'm sorry. Twenty-four?" I asked, surprise showing on my face.

There was no response.

"Twenty-three?!" I exclaimed.

"Since last week. Wednesday was my birthday. So you're sort of my birthday present from Veronica."

"Happy birthday. And happy birthday to me, too."

"Is it your birthday also?"

"No, mine was months ago. But this afternoon I'm going to celebrate like it's my birthday, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and the Fourth of July all at once."

"You're a naughty man."

"That must be why you're here. I know that's why I'm here."

I walked over to Jaleesa's side of the tub, and offered her my hand to help her get up and out of the water. As she stood, the last of the bubbles were clinging to her body -- but I got my first good look at what had been hiding under the water. I helped her out of the tub, and then wrapped a towel around her shoulders. I handed her a second towel, and then walked over to Veronica's side of the tub. After helping Veronica out of the bath I stepped back and allowed the girls to dry themselves.

Jaleesa finished toweling herself and struck a pose.

"Do you like?" she asked.

"What's not to like?" I responded.

Jaleesa was a beautiful, exotic-looking woman. She stood about five feet, five inches tall. Her body was the same milky coffee color as her face. Her wet hair hung from her head in tight spirals. I suspected that when it was fully dry it would probably reach just past her shoulders, but the weight of the water stretched the dark coils to the middle of her back. Her shoulders were broad like a swimmer's, but her body was a perfect hourglass that betrayed no hint of athleticism or adherence to an exercise regimen. Rather, her lush curves suggested softness and luxury. Her stomach was flat yet soft, showing no definition or muscularity whatsoever. Her hips flared generously from her surprisingly small waist. Her butt was round from every angle. Her thighs were thick at the top, but tapered to very narrow knees and sat atop slender calves. She appeared to be carved from foam ? perfectly shaped and soft everywhere. I guessed her weight to be about one hundred sixty pounds.

The only real flaw in her figure was her breasts. She was easily a DD cup, but her boobs had completely surrendered to the effects of gravity and were pointing to the floor. I had seen breasts that sagged like that countless times on older women, but never before on a twenty-three year old girl.

"Well, Mike, do you accept my offer of peace?" Veronica asked, looking at Jaleesa.

"Vero, I told you, I'm good. You don't owe me anything. But I have to say, you outdid yourself this time. She's gorgeous."

"You two can stop talking like I'm not here. I can hear you, you know. And Veronica, what's this about an offer of peace? I thought he was supposed to be my birthday present."

"Have you ever heard of two birds and a stone, Jaleesa?" Veronica asked.

"Does that have anything to do with birds in the bush? If it does, we're in trouble here. Neither of us has any bush."

We all laughed at that response. I handed each of the girls her glass of champagne, retrieved the ice bucket with the unopened bottle, and directed the two girls toward the staircase.

"After you, ladies," I said, as I reached the spiral staircase first.

Veronica ascended first, followed by Jaleesa. I was last, which afforded me the opportunity to stare upward at Jaleesa's lovely ass as she climbed the steps in front of me. I felt my cock starting to rise as I admired her bowling ball butt cheeks.

The second floor was a loft that was open on three sides to the entertaining area below. The upstairs portion was furnished with a king-size bed, two lounge chairs, and a cocktail table. As I exited the stairs, I found Veronica already seated on the bed, holding her empty glass and waving it in my direction.

"Hold on a second," I said to her. "First, let me open another bottle. You should learn some manners from this young lady."

"She's no lady. You better be careful of that one."

The champagne was starting to bring out Veronica's bluster.

"I've seen her do things that no lady would ever think of doing," Veronica added.

"Who are you to talk?" Jaleesa piped up. "You're the one I was doing things to. Things you told me to do to you."

Now, this is getting interesting.

"What exactly is the relationship between the two of you?" I asked, looking first at Veronica and then to Jaleesa.

"Well, for one thing we are friends. And, Jaleesa is a submissive," Veronica answered. "She does anything I tell her to do. Anything. Without hesitation."

"So, you're the Dom and she's the sub?" I asked.

"Yes and no," Veronica replied. "Our relationship is not so formal. We do not use labels or titles, nor do we have any explicit rules that must be followed."

"She's crazy hot, and I just like to be told what to do," Jaleesa added.

"That's a bit of an oversimplification. I learned -- the first time we were in bed together -- that Jaleesa is a pleaser. She gets off by making me feel good. She will do anything I ask her to do. I can do anything I want to her, and it all makes her feel good. Making me cum makes her cum. Of course, I give her attention too. I'm not selfish. But I am smart enough to know that I found a rare treasure with Jaleesa."

My cock rose to a full erection as I listened to these two lovely women describe their sexual relationship. I started thinking of all the ways that I would violate Jaleesa's young body if she were to give herself to me in the same manner that she had already given herself to Veronica. I also marveled at the fact that Veronica did not spend all of her time enjoying the pleasures that Jaleesa offered as the simple result of her inborn nature.

Veronica put her arms around Jaleesa, leaned forward, and kissed her. Veronica pressed her lips against Jaleesa's mouth, closed her eyes, and worked her tongue between Jaleesa's teeth. My cock ached for attention as I watched these two lovely women standing next to the bed, completely naked, arms around each other, and their mouths united in a wet, passionate kiss. I walked over and joined them, placing a hand on a cheek of each girl's lovely ass, caressing the soft curves of their contrasting forms. Standing slightly behind these two goddesses of flesh, my erect cock managed to work itself between their hips as their respective tongues returned to their respective mouths.

"Is someone feeling neglected?" Veronica asked.

"We can't have that, now can we?" Jaleesa cooed in response as she reached for my cock.

"Don't stop on my account," I responded. "I just couldn't resist all this naked female flesh. The sight of you two lovely, sexy young ladies pressing your mouths and bodies together was too much for my feeble willpower."

"Excuse me, but there is only one sexy young lady present," Veronica corrected. "That's me. She's a filthy whore."

"Vero!" Jaleesa shouted in utter shock.

"I'll prove it. Jaleesa, suck his dick."

Jaleesa opened her mouth as if to protest, but then shot a look at Vero that seemed to say: "This isn't over," and then dropped to her knees in front of me. She took my balls in one hand, wrapped her other hand around the base of my cock, and directed the head to her moist lips. She left soft kisses all over the head, and then started licking up and down the full length of the shaft. After bathing my entire cock with long strokes of her tongue, she formed her thick, full lips into an 'O' and descended the shaft, stopping only when her lips reached my groin.

Jaleesa continued caressing my balls with one hand. I looked down to see that she had released her grip on my shaft with the other hand, and was now pinching her own nipples. Our eyes locked for a moment. In that second I saw a look of complete surrender in her eyes. I also saw barely restrained desire and total bliss. I understood at that moment why Veronica said that she was special. I could do anything I wanted with Jaleesa, and she would love me for doing it to her. Anything at all.

I reached for her hair and pulled her head back, away from my groin. I sat on the bed, spread my legs wide, and pushed her face down on my throbbing cock. She immediately picked up my rhythm, bobbing her head in perfect cadence with the fist tangled in her hair. She offered no resistance as I skull-fucked her; in fact, she assisted my assault on her mouth.

With my free hand I reached for her nipple and pinched it. I had no desire to hurt her, but at the same time I was interested in exploring her limits. There had to be some point where her mind or her body resisted ? some point where she said 'no.' At first I gently pinched her nipple, but that failed to provoke a response. I twisted it back and forth, and then pinched a little harder. She responded by arching her back, which had the effect of making her tits even more accessible to my fingers.

I looked down and saw that Jaleesa had spread her knees apart; she was now stroking her clit with her free hand while she continued to caress my balls with her other hand. I fucked her face up and down on my cock with several forceful strokes. After a minute or so of pounding her face against my crotch, I pulled her by the hair, lifting her mouth off my cock. A long strand of saliva stretched from the head of my cock to her lips. It sagged and then broke, running in two streams: one ran down my cock, soaking my balls; the other ran down her face and dripped onto her breasts, looking like a river of drool from her mouth to her cleavage. Her hands continued their simultaneous work on my balls and her clit.
Jaleesa used just enough pressure on my balls to provide a pleasurable stimulation without causing pain. I didn't mention this fact, but the truth of the matter is that a gentle caressing of my balls feels wonderful, and even light squeezing during ejaculation adds to the thrill of the moment. But just a few degrees too much pressure is uncomfortable, and several degrees of excess pressure is painful ? not a sharp stinging pain, but rather a dull nauseating pain that operates as a barricade on the road to satisfaction. Despite her youth, Jaleesa knew precisely the amount of stimulation necessary to keep me moving full speed ahead.

"She's wonderful," I said to Veronica. "So talented at such a young age."

"Don't be fooled by her age," Veronica replied. "This little whore has been around the block a few times. Haven't you sweetie?"

Jaleesa started to answer, but before the words could escape her lips, I jammed her face back into my lap, ramming my cock to the back of her throat. The only sound that escaped her lips was a wet gurgle that originated in the back of her throat, where the head of my cock stifled it.

"What do you mean? Where did you find her?"

"I met her one night at Trapeze. She was there with some guy old enough to be her father."

"Like me?"

"Older than you, even. He couldn't get his dick up, but he liked to watch her sixty-nine with other women. We hooked up, and played for a while. The old fucker just sat on a bench playing with his limp noodle. When it was over, Jaleesa and I exchanged phone numbers, and got together the following weekend. We have been playing together ever since."

"So why do you say that she's such a whore?"

"The little slut lost her virginity at thirteen to some older white guy, around thirty-one or thirty-two, I think. Her parents found out and pressed charges. He went to jail. Two years later she got pregnant, this time with an even older white guy. A year later she got pregnant again. Yep, you guessed it, another older white guy. This whore had two kids before she even graduated from high school."

"I'm detecting a pattern here."

"Oh yeah, I think so. That's another reason I hooked you up with her. My little latte slut loves older white guys. She was creaming in her panties when I told her about you."

"And I thought I was special."

"You are, Baby, but in a different way. Don't expect your charm to work on every twenty-three year old slut in South Florida. You just keep fucking my lonely BBW friends, and I'll make sure you never get bored."

"Umm," I paused for a second, struggling to determine exactly how to approach this issue. "Jaleesa isn't exactly a BBW," I finally blurted out.

"That depends, I suppose, on how you define 'BBW.' That chubby little slut carries her weight well. She has perfect proportions. But she's still nearly fifty pounds overweight, aren't you Jaleesa? What do you weigh this week?"

"About one eight-five or one ninety," Jaleesa replied, her bowed.

So much for my earlier estimate. Note to self: Do not ever discuss the subject of weight. Not if I want to continue enjoying pussy, that is.

"Oh hell," I answered. "Let's concentrate on having fun."

I felt my balls tightening. I realized that I was nearing my climax, and probably would have reached it already had I not been distracted by my conversation with Veronica. Instead of continuing the ascent, I decided to slow the pace a little. I pulled on Jaleesa's hair, extricating my cock from her slobbering jaws. My crotch was soaked with her saliva, and a stream of spit was running down her chin. It took all of my willpower not to finish at that moment.

"My turn," Veronica proclaimed, while reaching over and grabbing a fistful of Jaleesa's hair.

I stood up to stretch my legs as Veronica positioned Jaleesa between her thighs. Surveying the room, I remembered the bottle of champagne, and moved to refill the girls' glasses. I returned to find Veronica laying on her back in the middle of the bed, with Jaleesa kneeling between her thighs, her face buried in Veronica's hairless crotch. I tapped Jaleesa on the shoulder and handed her a glass when she looked up. She downed it quickly, and then resumed licking Veronica's pussy. Veronica was laying flat on her back, so I drank her glass and then set it on the nightstand.

I climbed onto the bed and crawled over to Veronica. Reaching her head, I leaned over and kissed her. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, exploring every corner and caressing every surface. I returned the kiss, pushing my tongue past her lips, through her teeth, and over her extended tongue. The rough upper surface of her tongue scraped across the smooth lower surface of mine. I probed deeper, until Veronica arched her back, opened her mouth as wide as possible, and moaned.


I sat up and watched as she experienced her first orgasm.

"Unnnnnnnnghh! Yesssssss!"

With her back arched, her nipple was pointing straight at me. Veronica's breasts are not nearly as large as Jaleesa's, but they are much firmer. Her nipples were irresistible. I leaned forward and sucked her erect nub into my mouth. That contact launched another orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! You two....... are making ....... so ....... Unnnnnnnghhhhhh!"

Veronica deserved the attention we were giving her. After all, she put this little party together. It's not every day that a married guy in his late forties gets the opportunity to bed an exotic beauty less than half his age. Its even more special when that bed is shared with a sexy Cuban BBW. I made it a point to ensure that Veronica came first, last, and often.

I continued sucking her nipple, and Veronica continued moaning. After two or three minutes I switched, so that neither of her lovely nubs would feel neglected. There was no point in playing favorites.

As I was sucking Veronica's tits, I felt a hand moving up my inner thigh, heading toward my groin. The hand paused as it reached my balls, and then traveled to my ass. A minute or two later I felt a second hand traveling up my other leg. This hand went straight for the crack of my ass. It stopped when it reached my asshole. One curious finger began circling my sphincter, applying just enough pressure so that I felt a push, but not enough to penetrate.

I tried to determine whose hands were playing with my ass. In our current positions, neither of the girls could reach my ass with both hands. Suddenly it dawned on me that each of the girls was using the hand nearest me to caress my butt and probe my asshole. I silently thanked Veronica by sucking even harder on her nipples. A second later she erupted in her third orgasm.

The gentle ass-play was causing my cock to throb; it too longed for attention. I was anxious to bury my rod in Jaleesa's pussy, but I felt obligated to give Veronica the ceremonial first fuck. She was so good to me. She was such a good lover. I debated the issue back and forth for several seconds, but in the end, 'new pussy' won out. It usually does.

I gave Veronica one last kiss, then got up and moved to the foot of the bed. Kneeling behind Jaleesa, I paused to admire her lovely ass. Her pale brown butt cheeks were perfect spheres, round on all sides, divided by a deep crack that was spread open just enough to provide a glimpse of her rosebud. I longed to feel my cock sliding into her, but as I gazed at her crevice I caught a whiff of her aroma. That musky, womanly scent set off an inferno in my brain.

Instead of ramming my cock into Jaleesa as I was prepared to do, I found myself involuntarily leaning over, spreading her ass cheeks with my hands, and licking up and down her crack. I swirled my tongue around her asshole, and then drilled it past her ring of relaxing muscles. I heard Jaleesa gasp. I licked her asshole for a few seconds more, but even though I am an avowed ass lover, this was still not the prize I desired.

I pushed on the small of her back with one hand, while pushing her thighs forward with the other. This caused her back to arch and her ass to rise even higher, thereby simultaneously lifting her pussy off the bed and opening her lips. Jaleesa's pussy was spread wide-open, moisture dripping from her inner labia, and her vagina winking open and closed as it contracted in anticipation of finally joining the party. I leaned forward and gave it a deep, soul searching kiss, extending my tongue as far into her as possible. Her honey coated my tongue; I tasted her overpowering arousal, which inflamed my desire for her even more. I drove my tongue in and out of her. I felt compelled to be inside her, and if I could have climbed in head first, I surely would have done so.

Jaleesa pushed her ass backward, causing her vagina to swallow even more of my tongue. I backed up a little, and then licked downward toward the V formed where her lips joined. I sucked every drop of her nectar that I could find, my mouth greedy to taste more of her. I sucked her lips into my mouth, pulling them with my lips. I released and traveled lower, searching for her clit.

A second later, I found my prize. I accelerated my attack, flicking my tongue back and forth, allowing just the tip to slide across her clit with increasing frequency. Jaleesa bucked her hips in an attempt to create more friction. I denied her the satisfaction; I withdrew my tongue from her clit, and instead resumed licking her asshole. She moaned in frustration, so once again I flicked my tongue across her clit.

Jaleesa's fluids continued to flow onto my tongue. The juice I could not lap up dripped down my chin and collected on the bed sheets, soaking through to the mattress.

I heard Veronica cumming once again, so I decided that Jaleesa had earned an orgasm of her own, as well. I backed away from her ass, rolled over onto my back, and slid my face under her crotch. My legs were hanging off the bed, but it was not an entirely uncomfortable position. I placed both hands on her ass, and pulled her crotch down to my face. I attached my mouth to her clit and started licking at a feverish pace. I heard a muffled moan coming from between Veronica's thighs, so I assumed that Jaleesa was enjoying my efforts. I assaulted her clit from all angles, sucking the tiny seed between my teeth and gently squeezing, and then flicking it in every direction with my tongue. As my pace quickened I could feel Jaleesa's ecstasy climbing ? she was humping my face and squeezing my head between her thighs.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmm!" she groaned.

I licked faster and faster. Her juice was running down my cheeks.

"Mmmmmmmm! Hhhhhmmmmmm mmmmmmmm!"

I think she was trying to say that she was cumming, but Veronica had her hands in Jaleesa's hair and was smashing the younger girl's face against her crotch. Both girls were cumming at the same time. The room smelled of sex and pussy, and I continued licking until Jaleesa got up and rolled over onto her back.

If my cock felt neglected before, it felt utterly abandoned at this point. I was the only person in the bed who had yet to cum, and I was determined to remedy that situation immediately. Jaleesa was getting up from the bed and heading toward the bathroom, so I turned my attention to Veronica. I hooked my arms under her thighs and pulled her toward me. I aimed my cock for her pussy and pushed. I entered her effortlessly, burying my cock in her warm, juicy honeypot in a single thrust.

"Unnnnnnngggggghh! Baby!" Veronica groaned. "How did you know that I was ready for cock?"

"Is there ever a time that you are not ready for cock?" I asked. "You should write a book about your sperm diet. Three servings a day, in any orifice."

"Shut up and fuck me, sexy man."

I did exactly that. My cock was already throbbing when I entered her juicy slit. Despite feeling swollen to its maximum girth, it sliced through her slippery flesh like a hot knife through soft butter. I was just that hard and she was just that wet.

"Fuck me, Baby. Pound my pussy. Give me all of your sweet dick."

"You want this cock, Baby?"

"Yes, give it to me."

"You want all of it?"

"Yes, all of it."

"You want it like this?"

I leaned forward, pushing her thighs into her chest and her ankles around my ears. My cock pushed into her deeper, stretching her cunt around the shaft. The head pounded into her cervix, banging over and over.

"Ungh! Yes, that's it. Give it to me."

"All of it?"

"Ungh! All of it."

"What about her?" I asked, pointing my head toward Jaleesa.

"Fuck her. She can have you when I'm finished. That slut gets the leftovers."

"Are you going to watch me fuck her?"

"Ungh! Of course. Ungh! I love watching you fuck."

"Does it make you wet and creamy?"

"Yes! You know it does. Now shut up and fuck me or I'll find someone else who will!"

I had teased her as long as I could. I reached the limit of my willpower, and could hold back no longer. In a different position I might have been able to prolong this session for another fifteen or twenty minutes, but I could feel that my balls were about to erupt. I grabbed Veronica's ankles, spread her legs as wide as my arms would stretch, and pounded her with maximum force.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!"

The sound of Veronica's grunts barely rose above the din of the creaking bed and our smacking flesh. I took a deep breath in preparation for the final thrusts, inhaling air saturated with the aroma of pussy. That smell set me off. I buried my face in Veronica's bosom and pounded her with long, hard, deep strokes. I was approaching the edge, pounding faster and harder, all thoughts cleared from my head except the need to cum.

"YES! YES! YES! I'M... CUM... MING!!"

Every nerve in my body was on fire. I felt an explosion in my brain that was echoed by an explosion in my groin. An enormous blast of semen raced up my shaft and shot into Veronica's pussy. Spurt after spurt of hot cum jetted from the head of my cock and sprayed her insides. I slowed my pounding as our combined juices squished out of her cunt and soaked the sheets where our crotches joined. Panting, I collapsed on top of her, burying my face in her neck.

"That was quite a show!" Jaleesa remarked, breaking the silence. "I hope you saved some of that for me."

"I changed my mind," Veronica quipped, while still gasping for breath. "You'll get nothing and you'll like it."

Jaleesa's eyes widened in apparent shock, and then her expression transformed into a pout. She crossed her arms under her breasts, unconsciously giving them the support and lift that they required.

"Is that how its going to be? You get all the dick and I get to play with myself?"

"Hold on, ladies," I interjected. "I think I have some say in this matter."

"No, Baby, you don't have anything to say about this. Do you remember our agreement? You will do whatever I want, and you won't say 'no' to me. Not ever. Remember?"

"Of course. And you will do whatever I want, and you won't say 'no,' either."

"Exactly. So if I want you to fuck me again, you will. Right? And if I want you to fuck me one more time after that, you will do that also. Right?"

"That's the agreement, I suppose."

"So after fucking me three times, when do you think you'll have the energy to fuck this little whore?"

"After that, I guess."

"Four times? I don't think so."

"Is that a challenge?"

"No, I was just proving a point to the little princess over there. She knows what I'm talking about."

I had no idea, but when women start talking in coded half sentences, I seldom know what is actually being said.

"As soon as you can get it up again, enjoy her. Fuck her brains out. But while you revitalize, I'm going to have a little more fun with her. Jaleesa, lay down over here."

Veronica crawled to edge of the bed, making room for Jaleesa to take her place in the center of the mattress. Veronica stood up, stepped to the head of the bed, and then lowered her swampy crotch to Jaleesa's face.

"Before I let you fuck my man, Sweety, I need for you to clean me up. Lick my juicy pussy, Baby, lick it up."

This was a side of Veronica I had never seen before. I wasn't sure if I liked it, but I certainly did enjoy the view of her ass straddling Jaleesa's face. Veronica grabbed the headboard with both hands and rocked her crotch back and forth over Jaleesa's mouth. Jaleesa extended both arms straight up and cupped Veronica's boobs with her two hands. She pulled and stretched Veronica's nipples, pinching and twisting them in both directions.

"Mmmmmm, you filthy little whore," Veronica cooed. "You know just what I need. Lick up all my juices, Sweety. I told Miguel that you were special. Didn't I?"

I was not sure to whom that last question was directed. What I did understand was my cock starting to stir again. Even though it had been only fifteen minutes since I ejaculated, I was already on the road to recovery. Round two was imminent.

I moved myself to the space between Jaleesa's outspread thighs. I took a few moments to admire the lush beauty of these two sexy young women. I caressed Jaleesa's smooth thighs and her soft -- yet -- flat belly. I could see that her stomach was laced with a network of faint stretch marks, and she bore a scar at her bikini line. Her body appeared much more mature than her stated age of twenty-three years. Nonetheless, she was an exceedingly beautiful woman, both inside and out.

Kneeling between Jaleesa's thighs, I lifted her ankles to my shoulders. This allowed me to get close enough to reach Veronica. Her broad back was smooth and creamy; her skin was a cinnamon tan that lightened to an almost luminescent white below her waist. She was bigger than Jaleesa everywhere, except in the breasts: thicker thighs, wider hips, and a bigger ass ? all of it soft and luxurious. I could not remember the last time I had experienced so much feminine perfection. I felt that no man on earth was in a better place than I was at that precise moment.

Reaching for my cock, I dragged the head up and down Jaleesa's slit several times prior to entering her. Her pussy was drenched. It took only a second or two to find her clit and rub my cock against it. Jaleesa started squirming her hips, but with Veronica sitting on her face and her ankles on my shoulders, there was not much that she could do. I heard muffled moans escaping from beneath Veronica's ass, but I could not make out any intelligible words. I continued teasing her clit as my cock stiffened. When it finally reached full erection, I pushed it into her.

The feeling was exquisite. The little slut was tighter than Veronica, and just as wet. Immediately, the head of my cock flared, expanding to its fullest state. The sensation of her tight little twat was like a million wet suction pads squeezing my cock. My dick seemed to be wired directly to my cerebral cortex. Sliding my cock in and out of her cunt produced a simultaneous feeling like a white-hot poker searing my brain. Every movement was an explosion of ecstasy. I thought I might pass out from the sheer overload of the pleasure centers in my brain. And this is only the beginning!

From a purely physical standpoint, I knew that I could hold off my orgasm for thirty to forty-five minutes. I also knew, however, that the sensation of Jaleesa's pussy would compel me to shorten that time frame considerably. It's not that my techniques for prolonging my erection and delaying ejaculation would not work with her; rather, I knew I would not even try to use them. The pleasurable feeling created by her pussy was just too intense. Resistance is futile. Curiously, that thought dissipated before I even had time to chuckle at the ill-timed Star Trek reference.

I gripped Jaleesa's ass cheeks in both hands and started pumping. Leaning into Jaleesa's thighs caused her knees to push into Veronica's back, which mashed Veronica's cunt into Jaleesa's face. I suspected that Jaleesa was having a difficult time breathing with Veronica's crotch pressing into her mouth and nose, but I was past caring at that moment. My brain could process no information beyond the overwhelming pleasure being transmitted along the central nervous system. There was no point in going slow. Slow strokes were just as intense ? and longer lasting ? than short quick strokes. So I pounded into Jaleesa as hard and fast as I could. I was already at an unbelievably high point on the pleasure arc; I thought it impossible to rise any higher.

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