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Day full of Black Cock Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 12:35:11.07831

Michele Balsom woke up to vivid images of large black cocks dancing in her dreams. Her sheer green baby doll nightie was bunched up around her waist and one hand was massaging the tingles in her wet pussy. Her big DD breasts were heaving rapidly and her round nipples were hard as small pebbles as she used her other hand to roll one between two fingers. She was fucking horny and had been all night long. She could not get the images of huge black fuck sticks pounding pleasure into small white women over and over again. And hearing the white women moaning and screaming in sheer abandoned pleasure, heads thrown back and eyes rolled up.

Michele's older husband of six months was one week into a three-week business trip to Asia and she was left in their large mansion all alone. At 26 years old the hot young wife easily got bored and lonely, so she had taken her girlfriend Jennifer's advice, and had rented some interracial movies on her TV last night. She had watched four of them for six hours, naked and with a black vibrator in hand, she had brought herself to seven explosive orgasms. The white girls in the movies were not faking their pleasure. It was too real. These chiseled young black studs all had big black cocks and knew how to use them. And they did. On willing white women. One at a time, two at a time, even four studs fucking this one petite blonde slut at the same time. It was hot. And Michele wanted some.

She had gone to bed with these visions in her head and had dreams all night of being that white girl getting fucked by black studs. Of just giving herself over to the pleasure of hung black studs using her over and over again. She got out of bed, shook her shoulder length light brunette curly hair out, straightened her pale green nightie down to just barely cover her soft ass cheeks, and headed for the bathroom to freshen up a bit. It was still pretty early she noticed as the clock read 6:56 a.m. As she finished in the bathroom she stopped to admire her young tight curvy figure in the full length mirror. Always a head turner, Michele knew her large DD-cup titties were a man favorite and her neatly trimmed sparse pubic hairs pointed to a pair of pink puffy lady lips that were always tingling and wet.

The doorbell roused her back to reality for a second and she walked out into the large master bedroom and over to the security monitor showing the front doors. She blinked a couple of times at the image of two well-muscled black men at her front door. "Was this a porno from last night on the monitor somehow?" she wondered to herself. The doorbell rang again and she knew there were actually two black studs at the front door. "Shit, that's right," she remembered, "the two contractors for the bathroom remodel were coming over early today. Well hell, 7 is pretty early."

She reached for her short terry-clothe robe, thought a second about it, and threw it back onto the chaise at the foot of her bed. "Fuck it," she thought, "you can do this Michele. Where's your courage. Just go down there like you are; see what happens; who knows." And she exited the bedroom, strode down the long hall with more bravery than she felt, descended the winding sweeping staircase in her see-through baby doll and nothing else, and walked barefoot up to the large all-glass front doors. The two black men turned and their mouths dropped. They looked at Michele's barely covered hot white body and drank in the sexy woman's curves; slowly, from head to toe, pausing at her pussy and heaving breasts. She held the door open with a hand on its edge and a huge smile on her face as she watched the raw sexual energy build between the black guys and her. They slowly smiled at her and started grabbing that their crotches which were beginning to tent out. It was her turn to look down and licked her lips at the sight of two healthy black men getting hard.

"Hi guys, what can I do for you?" she asked in a husky voice.

"Well, ah, well, ah, we're from the, ah, company, that you know, fixes up things," stammered the taller of the two. "For the remodel".

"Oh, my husband isn't home. He's gone for another two weeks. What is it you'd like to fix for me?"

She thought she heard the other guy whisper under his breathe "your fine white pussy".

"Oh, well, ah, your husband mentioned the master bathroom. We're just here to measure it up".

"Oh, in that case, I can help you with measuring it up. Come on in and follow me. I'll show you where you can do it."

"Yes ma'am".

Michele turned and walked barefoot back across the foyer to the stairs. She turned to look over her shoulder as the two black men entered the house, their eyes glued to her slowly swaying ass and hips.

"Close the door stud, we don't want to be disturbed". Where the hell was this courage coming from she wondered? I guess having two horny fucking hot black guys eyeing your nearly naked body gives you some boldness. She felt a certain sexual power over them. She walked up the stairs and they were close behind her.

"How's it look so far guys?", she asked walking down the hall, knowing their eyes were glued to her swinging ass.

"Looks good from here sweet cheeks, real good," answered one.

"Oh yeah, baby, I like what I see so far."

"Good. Glad you guys like it. It's right in here guys, this is where we can do it."

Michele led them into the master bedroom and stopped about five feet inside the door where she turned to face the black studs smiling big huge sex hungry smiles at her naked ass. They walked up close to her and she smiled back at the studs. She reached forward and grabbed at their bulging crotches. Finding their fat poles, she grabbed hold and stroked up and down slowly.

"I think these are the right tools for the job. What do you guys think? You wanna use these tools for me?," she moaned.

"Fuck yeah baby. We'll use these tools for you. We'll use them right now."

They stepped back, Michele reluctant to let go of the thick fuck sticks she felt. She took the opportunity to massage her wet pussy under the short hem of the nightie and watched as both men quickly undress. Down to just their pants now, she admired their strong sculpted chests and powerfully strong looking arms. They both undid and unzipped their pants at the same time, unleashing fat, thick, and long black cocks. The first was heavily veined and about 11" long, while the other was a bit fatter and about 10" long.

"Oh my God. They're fucking huge. Oh shit," she gasped, as she knew she was in for a good fucking. "They're so black. Ummmm, they're gorgeous."

"Well sexy lady, you think these tools will do the job?"

"Oh fuck yeah they will. That's exactly what I need. Come here."

The two studs walked back to Michele and she replaced her hands on their fuck sticks. This time she felt the velvet smoothness of their cocks pulsing into a rock hard stab of pleasure. She fisted each one, her hands not even closing around their girth. She licked her lips in anticipation and stroked their dicks. "Oh God, oh my fucking God", she murmured.

Tall guy reached out and started massaging one of her huge boobs through the thin nightie fabric, pinching and softly rolling the nipple between his experienced fingers. Michele pushed her chest out a bit, letting the black stud know this is what she liked. The other guy slid a hand up her thigh, under her short nightie and cupped one of her curvy ass cheeks. She looked at him in the eye and smiled a sex hungry smile.

"You like my ass stud?", she cooed.

"Yeah baby. It feels so good."

"You guys are making me so wet. My pussy is on fire."

"As much as I like you fisting my cock pretty lady, I wanna fuck your mouth," said Tall guy. "Kneel down and suck it bitch."

Well, Michele usually doesn't like to be called a bitch, but it felt so right coming from a black man whose cock she was stroking. She sank to her knees in front of the two huge black cocks, never letting go, and thought to herself "here goes".

Michele continued fisting and stroking the Other guy, and leaned forward toward the Tall guy's 11" python with its leaking precum. She stabbed out her tongue and lick up some of his juices. She kissed his cock head slowly with her full lips, slowly sliding them past his rim and onto about an inch of his fat shaft, his head fully inside her mouth. She puckered her lips and slowly backed off his cock, enjoying the sight of her saliva shining up his dark flesh. Using her hand on the other thick dick, she again sank Tall guy's cock head back into her mouth. This time getting half his prick into her mouth and throat before backing off. She reached up to fist the wet cock as she released the dick from her mouth and switched to Other guy's thick meat.

She looked up at him, smiled, and asked, "you wanna fuck my white mouth too?"

"Yeah bitch, get on that thang."

Michele leaned over to his cock and sucked in about half of his throbbing shaft. She loved the feel of hot man flesh in her mouth. Loved swirling her tongue around the head and rim. Loved the pulsing sexuality of a man sliding into her throat and hearing him groan in pleasure at her skills. She was a good cocksucker and took great pride in swallowing any man to the roots. She worked this big black cock up and down, over and over again. Backing off, spitting on it, sliding it back in.

"Damn, this slut loves her cock. Look at her go."

"No shit, damn. She was made for this shit. Go girl, get that thing deep."

"Oh shit, this is good," she moaned, backing off for a second. "I love these cocks. So big, so thick, so fucking Black. Yummy."

"Hell girl keep suckin'."

Michele plunged down over the Other guy's entire cock, working it until her nose was tickled by his pubic hair. Keeping it deep she contracted her throat and puckered her cheeks building up the tightness, then slowly pulled off his dick. Over and over again. He groaned and moaned loudly. The Tall guy's cock was so hard now too as he enjoyed watching this fucking nasty white wife sucking his partners prick, and loving it. He wanted some of her. Something besides her fist.

"I gotta get some of dat white pussy bitch. Get up here and give me that snatch baby. I know it's wet and wants this black snake."

"Fuck yeah baby," Michele said, sliding the Other guy's dick out of her mouth.

She stood up and let both the studs lift her nightie off her trembling sexy white body. She was ready, if not a bit afraid, but excited. Not one but two black cocks to play with. So much better than just watching. Now she knew exactly what the white chicks in the movies were moaning about. Fat and long black cocks were intense. She sauntered over to the chaise and kneeled on it, her sweet ass high in the air.

Tall guy immediately followed her to the chaise and kneeled behind her sexy white thighs. Grabbing her hip with one hand to steady himself he grabbed his black dick and aimed it at her dripping wet pussy and its puffy tingly lips. He slapped her ass a couple times with his rock hard pole and Michele instinctively hitched her hips back a bit, fully wanting him to plunge his dick deep inside her white body.

"What you want slut?", asked Tall guy. "What you need?"

"Fuck me stud, fuck me now," she groaned in anticipation of her first black cock.

"Tell me what your white wifey ass wants slut", he demanded, slapping her ass with his rock cock.

"Your cock, fuck me with your cock. Oh God, just fuck me NOW!!!", she screamed. "NOW, fuck me, fuck me, just fuck me."

"I dunno slut, you think you ready for this black dick?"

"Shit yes, I want your black dick. It's so BIG. I want it, I want it NOW. Fuck me," Michele was desperate and crying out with need. "Just stick your fat black cock in me, fuck my pussy, fuck me HARD. NOW."

She was going crazy with desire. With the need for a big black cock to fuck her wet white pussy. She loved hearing them call her 'slut' cause that's what she felt like. A married white sexy woman on her knees naked with two equally naked black studs with big huge swinging dicks getting ready to fuck her silly. She was a slut.

"Aright slut, here it comes," said Tall guy with his 11" at the lips of her wet pussy.

Slowly he placed the fat head just at the slit and waited. He knew she'd be backing up her ass in no time. And she did. She hunched her ass back until the fat head slipped inside a bit and moaned loudly, then he grabbed both her hips and slipped his cock in her pussy. A little slow at first, then faster and deeper, until he buried the whole thing inside her. And she screamed the whole time. Loudly.


"Oh yeah, slut, you gonna get fucked. Good and hard."

Tall guy pulled back until the head was barely inside and he plunged it deep again. And again she screamed out, three more thrusts and Michele's first orgasm exploded inside her. The biggest one she had ever felt. It literally felt like her pussy exploded inside her body. She just kept screaming. It felt so intense.


As her first orgasm crashed over her, Other guy sat down in front of her thrown-back head and fisted his thick pole in front of her. As she subsided a bit from the intense pleasure she noticed him and leaned down on her elbows and stuck his cock in her mouth. She bobbed up and down and spit over it and soon had it all down her throat. She moaned loudly around it as Tall fucked her hard from behind. Other guy held the back of her head with one hand and reached forward to play it her swinging DD-cuppers with the other, pinching a sensitive nipple. She just kept sucking his cock, moaning, and rocking her hips back onto Tall guy's cock. Pistoned between the black dick in her mouth and the black snake in her pussy Michele found a rhythm and got those studs moaning themselves.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard," she demanded as she let up for a second on her cock-sucking. "Get it deep stud. It feels so fucking good. God it's filling me up sooooo good. I love black cocks!!!"

"Oh fuck baby, your pussy is so tight. You never had a big cock before have ya?"

"No. Just small white boy dicks. Never a real man's big black cock. Oh, fuck me, please fuck me."

"Shut up bitch and suck my cock. I gotta load of juice for ya," said Other guy.

"Oh yeah stud, I'm gonna swallow that whole fuckin' pole," Michele declared.

And she did. She leaned back over his fat cockhead and slid the whole fat shiny wet rod back into her mouth and right down her throat. She could feel his shaft pulsing with pleasure as his hips hitched up in anticipation of blowing a big load into her willing white mouth. She cooed her enthusiasm around his man flesh and bobbed up and down on the amazing cock. "Yeah, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah," he chanted as the head started to swell inside her throat. One more plunge into the back of her throat and his thick hot cum started blasting deep inside her throat. "Oh hell yeah, oh shit, oh fucking shit," he moaned in pleasure.

Michele smiled to herself and felt like a wanton slut as this strange black man whose name she didn't know shot his cum down her throat. His partner kept pulling her sexy hips back over his hard cock that was fucking her pussy hard. She immediately had another powerful orgasm at her abandoned pleasure. Married less than a year and she was already cheating, and with two black studs. God I am a slut she thought. Her orgasm cascaded over her sexy tight body.

Soon she heard Tall guy groaning in pleasure as he fucked her wet pussy hard. She pushed her ass back to meet is thrusts which let him know that she liked his fucking skills. She smiled back at him over her shoulder still fisting Other guy's cock. It wasn't long until she felt his massive load of blasting cum wash over her insides.

"Yeah stud. Shoot me full. That's so fucking good. Give me it all," she told Tall guy.

"Shit baby, that pussy is too good. Man you were made for fucking black cock. Your pussy loves it and you should see how your lips cling to my dick. God that's hot."

"God, you feel so good and deep inside me. Fuck I want some more," Michele said.

"You'll get some more baby. Right now and when we get this job. We'll keep that sweet pussy happy."

Michele quivered at the thought of getting some more black cock. She suddenly realized that she wanted more, lots more. Today especially, but from here on out too. She would get all the black dick she could get her hands, and pussy, and mouth, and ass, on. She had three intense orgasms from sucking one black cock and fucking another. How many more could she get if they fucked her again? She'd find out and soon.

"Can you boys go again? You got some energy left to fuck me one more time?"

"I can go now slut," said Other guy. "My dick is still hard. You wanna ride it baby. Slide that hot pussy down over my pole and bounce?"

"Fuck yeah I do. Sit down on this lounger right here and lay back a little."

"I'll go measure up that bathroom so the boss don't get pissed. I'll be ready when you're done with her white pussy," said Tall guy as he moved toward the master bath with his pad and measuring tape.

Michele watched the hot young black stud go to work in the bathroom naked. She couldn't believe this was her. Naked and ready to mount a big black cock jutting straight up from another naked black guy lying at the foot of her bed. She kneeled on one side of his hips and threw her other leg over to the other side of him. Reaching behind her she grabbed his hard dick and rubbed it along her dripping wet snatch. Soon she worked the fat head inside her folds and sat back a little enjoying the feel of his hot cockhead loving the inside of her pussy.

"You like my pussy baby? You like fucking white girls?"

"Fuck, all white girls are sluts for black dick. Once they see how big and hard we get for the white pussy, they turn into little sluts for us. Just like you baby. You our slut?"

"Oh yeah. I'm your slut baby. Your white slut loving your black cocks."

She sat all the way down and felt his dick touch her in places no white dick had ever reached.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh, shit that's good," she moaned.

She started to rock up and down on his dick, watching as he leaned back to watch her titties jiggle as she used his rod to ride on. Up and down, up and down she rode. He watched as she fingered her clit and smiled as she shuttered into another orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck," she groaned with her eyes closed and her head thrown back.

His cock deep in her pussy and she slowly rocked her hips back and forth working her orgasm deep.

"Suck this slut," said the Tall guy, returning from the bathroom, his cock hard again with him standing on the lounger beside her. She opened her eyes and smiled at his amazingly stiff dick bobbing in her face. She leaned over, fisted his fat rod, and plopped the head into her mouth. Bouncing on the cock in her pussy and bobbing on the cock in her mouth Michele worked her skills on these studs and was soon rewarded with another orgasm.

"God," she thought, "I am a slut. A slut for black cock."

"Where it comes baby. Gotta another load for that sexy white pussy. Gonna squirt in ya deep baby," Other guy groaned from beneath her. He bucked his hips up into her and shot his load. Another big dripping load of thick hot cum splashed inside Michele and she loved it. It felt so nasty and sexy and wanton and slutty and so much pleasure. "This is what I needed," she thought, "some hot black studs to fuck."

"Me too slut, drink down my load," Tall guy said. And he shot another sticky load of cum.

Michele hummed on his exploding cock and pulled it out of her mouth to catch some on her face. When he dumped two loads on her cheeks she used his cockhead to rub it into her skin just like the white sluts in the videos did last night. And she ended up with his shiny head back in her mouth where she siphoned off any remaining drops of cum. Yummy.

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