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ET Hairdresser

Posted on : 2012-01-28 12:49:46.295286

Last night I had a dream that this came true, and this was one of the hottest dreams I'd ever had. This is my first non human story and my second over all. Hope you enjoy it, please comment!


It was like any other afternoon. I decided I needed to get my hair cut. I was driving by looking for a salon and I found one that looked promising, so I thought I'd try it for myself. I pulled into the parking lot and I wasn't even sure it was open. I walked in, and the place looked deserted. Standing at the front desk, I rang the bell. Shortly after, a beautiful woman walked in. She introduced her self and said her name was Xandra. She was a very pleasant person, and kindly took me too a chair to get my hair washed. The chair look state of the art, just like the rest of the room. Everything was spotless and almost didn't look like a salon, it was so fancy and tech savvy. As Xandra was messaging my scalp, I felt tingly all over. Damn! This was the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever gotten! I was beginning to drift off until Xandra got my attention. She said she'd be out in a moment and that I should make myself comfortable. I was extremely comfortable. As I sat in front of one of the hairdresser's station, I began to admirer the even comfier chair I was in. It felt as if my body was with in a cocoon of pleasure. Turns out I actually feel asleep.

By the time I awoke from my deep slumber, a very handsome man was standing in front of me. I looked at my watch and saw I was asleep for over two hours. Embarrassed from falling asleep I got up about to walk a way until he pushed me back down gently. I tried to speak but he gently put his finger over my lips. Xandra came out and I exclaimed I really needed to go home. She looked at me coyly and flat out said no. I asked why, and she said because we were on our way to another galaxy. What?! As I started to panic, and try to escape, the ultra comfy chair pulled me down as steel restraints activated and clutched me to keep me in place. The chair began to transform into a table so I laid flat with my arms and legs apart and cuffed along with my head. What the hell is going on?

Xandra and the handsome man were towering over me it seemed like. I was practically hyperventilating; I was freaking out so much. The handsome man knew I needed to be calmed down, so he ripped my shirt apart and did something magical with his hands. Except they weren't normal hands, they turned into glowing suction cup fingers. He began to massage my breasts, and I was immediately relaxed (and very aroused). Now that I had calmed down a bit Xandra explained they were another life from from a galaxy far away. They travel the universe seeking attractive women from earth to take their hair. They pose as hair dresses until they find their prettiest catch with the best hair and abduct them from earth to harvest their hair. The alien's powers have the ability to grow the woman's hair at a rapid pace, as long as they are pleased and happy with their state.

All of this information was too much to handle. I realized if I wasn't pleased with them, my hair wouldn't grow and I'd be no use to them. So all I had to do was resist their pleasing abilities. Why did these aliens have to be so damn hot?! All I wanted for them was to touch me all over.

No! I must resist so I could go home. Becoming very self-conscious now realizing my breasts were fully exposed, two more gorgeous aliens came out with some large looking contraption. All of them around me had their hands glowing and were hooking my hair to the contraption. It must be what they use to harvest it. As I was screaming helplessly trying to refuse, the handsome man from before whispered in my ear. He said his name was Talbot. I could feel his cool breath against my skin, before I could protest; he took his glowing hand and started to fondle my breasts. Oh god! I started to moan wildly. He lightly kissed me on the forehead, then my check, then and the other cheek. Then Talbot probed his icy tongue into my mouth. He made me wild! From kissing me to fondling me, this guy knew how to please. The rest of them started to kiss me bound arms and legs. It was as if they were holding me down even more. Why? It's not like I could go anywhere even if I wanted to. Talbot then took out his massive glowing shaft. It must have been 10 inches. It didn't even look real it was so beautiful. It's glowing affect made it look like one of those fancy dildos. Without any warning he plunged his throbbing illuminate dick into my pussy. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Talk about an out of this world experience. My whole body began to glow. The rest of them had do hold be down or else my giddy body would have shattered the restraints. More! More! I pleaded. Give me more please, Fuck my human brains out! I didn't care if they were aliens, I just needed all of him, and I'll stay here forever if I have to. Talbot followed my orders. Thrust after thrust my body tingled all over. It was as if his entire body was vibrating. Talbot is what you call a sex god. FASTER! I demanded. MORE! PLEASE MAKE ME?and before I could finish I came like no one has ever came before. It seemed to go on for hours. My endless ooohhh yes yes yes oh please yes oh oh oh so so oooh good! I then blacked out and had the most erotic dream of my new life.
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