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Estonian Beauties

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:13:22.517028

I'm Brett, a fairly typical 38 year old divorcee. I enjoy frequenting the local supermarket during tourist season in my home town, not because I fancy the crowds, but because of the seasonal help. Since the beginning of tourist season two 19 year old Estonian women have been working as baggers and stock clerks there. That's because there aren't enough local teens of working age to fill the job openings the increased traffic in tourist season create, and a local travel agency has contacts in Estonia.

I know that stereotypes are almost never true. Asian men are the smartest, Chinese women the most controlling, black men the best athletes, French women the slimmest, Latin men the best lovers, British women the most buxom, etc., etc. In my experience all bullshit, normally based upon a small, though perhaps highly visible, sampling. Therefore I don't take the stereotype of Estonian women being tall, blond, blue-eyed beauties with shapely butts and legs, and perky tits, and oozing sexuality, seriously.

By the way, Kerli and Grete, the two Estonian young women, are tall, blond, blue-eyed beauties with shapely butts and legs, and perky tits, who ooze sexuality -- can you believe it?

I speak Finnish, which is closely related to Estonian, Kerli's and Grete's native tongue. Every opportunity I got I tried to speak with Kerli and Grete in their language. They really seemed to enjoy my attempts to speak Estonian, and took great pleasure in correcting my Finnish pronunciation and words to make them "Estonie." I would be sure to get into the checkout lane one of them was bagging in and ask them to help me get my groceries to the car (I can only bench press 300 lbs., so I really need help in lifting those bags into my trunk). Whenever possible I would go at non-peak times so that I could chat with (and ogle) them more leisurely.

When it was getting near the end of tourist season my single nephews, 21 and 22 year old sons of my older sister, visited. Craig and Kevin are smart, fun-seeking "kids" who love their uncle Brett. I suspect that it is primarily because they love my speed/wake-boarding boat, my large stock of beer, booze, and gourmet food, and my luxury beach house. Anyway, being typical horny young men, by the second day of their visit they were anxious for some female companionship.

"Hey UB," short for "Uncle Brett," Craig bellowed, "Kevin and I are going to the local public beach. If we find some girls who want to ski or wake-board, can we invite them back?"

"Sure. But no more than five."

With mock disappointed looks on their faces in unison they said "What a kill joy you are UB," as they laughed and exited.

Within two hours Kevin and Craig were back -- with four girls. Kerli, Grete, and two very shapely 21 year old brunette friends (named Christy and Julie) of my Estonian heart throbs. I'm not embarrassed to say that when I saw Kerli and Grete my heart skipped a beat. They were surprised to see that I was "UB," but obviously pleased. Each gave me a big hug, a bigger smile, and blabbered something in Estonian that I think indicated they were off work the next two days and happy to be there.

I was super charged anticipating seeing Kerli and Grete in their bikinis, and I wasn't disappointed. As soon as we got on the boat all four girls took their cover-ups off. Thank God I have mirrored wrap-around sunglasses and loose fitting trunks because I know my eyes were bigger than tennis balls and my dick well on its way to attention as soon as their cover-ups hit the deck.

I mean, come on. Get serious. There is no way anyone could be that gorgeous! Either Kerli or Grete was the most perfect female specimen I had ever seen live, in print, or on a computer screen. You can't get better than perfect, so I gave up trying to see which one was better looking.

All four of the girls were quick learners, and were skiing and boarding up a storm, even two at once. When they weren't skiing I put Kerli and Grete in the front of the boat for "weight distribution;" or was it so it was easier to ogle them? I can't remember. Anyway, my nephews hot dogged just like you would expect of macho early twenties guys, doing 360s on the wake board, and occasionally wiping out dramatically, eliciting joyful shrieks from the girls.

After an entire afternoon of fun in the sun, we headed back to my house and I offered everyone dinner and drinks -- eagerly accepted by all. I had been to the supermarket so many times (I wonder why) that I had just about every food imaginable. I cooked to order, and took special care to make Kerli and Grete what they liked. As I was barbecuing the pork cutlets and roasting the potatoes Kerli and Grete ordered (and that I was going to partake of with them), I wondered how in the hell they could stay so slim if they ate those foods regularly in Estonia. My nephews and the brunettes were happy with steak, salad, and corn on the cob.

After a fun-filled dinner of good food and drink, my nephews cleared the table and did the dishes while the girls and I played pool and foosball, joined by Craig and Kevin when they were done cleaning up. It was getting close to 9 p.m. when Julie indicated she had to leave because she worked late nights at a local nightclub. She invited the others to come enjoy themselves there, and promised that she could get Kerli and Grete in even though they weren't 21 yet. Kerli and Grete whispered to each other in Estonian.

My nephews quickly got dressed in party garb, Julie drove her car to her apartment to change, and the guys drove the other girls to their places to change clothes too. All except Kerli.

"So Brett, you going with?"

"No Kerli, I'm not putting a damper on my nephews' fun."

"What you do, then?"

"I thought I would watch a new DVD I just got."

"What's the story?"

"It's a new romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Reynolds."

"You mind if I watch you, I means with you? You could drive me home then, yes?"

That was perhaps the most rhetorical question I have ever been asked. "Sure, Kerli," I replied as my cock went from its half hard all-day condition to ¾ hard.

After everyone else was gone, I made us some popcorn -- just one bowl so she had to sit near me if she wanted some -- and put in the DVD. The introductory credits had barely concluded when Kerli said, "Say, Brett, you not mind I take my cover off, it still hot."

"Uh, Kerli, there is just one problem with that. How can I watch the movie when the most beautiful body I've ever seen is in my line of sight, live?"

A big smile came over Kerli's face. She removed her cover-up and stood in front of me, did several pirouettes all the while glancing at my face to see my reaction, then asked the loaded question "What you like exactly, Brett?"

I turned off the DVD -- I didn't want some banal noise to interfere with my fast approaching sensory overload. Having no wrap-around sunglasses now, I'm sure Kerli thought I looked like an owl as I stuttered, "Well, Kerli, uh, actually, well, you see there isn't anything about you that isn't t?iuslik (perfect)."

"So nice you to say. But you not actually see me yet. Look my breasts." With that bombshell Kerli, who once told me she always was topless at Estonian beaches, took off her bikini top. That exposed the most spritely, large nipple, medium sized, tits I had ever seen. As she slowly twisted back and forth a few times she continued, "You like better even now?"

I was now in full blown meltdown. I just stared, gap jawed. I didn't notice it until later, but my now fully engorged cock was sticking out from under my trunks. As I was trying to blurt out something Kerli started giggling, pointed to my crotch, and said "You penic, mean penis, it tõmblemine (twitching)." I looked down, saw it sticking out from my trunks, and by God it was wiggling around.

Embarrassed as hell, I quickly stuck my cock back under my shorts. While almost too chagrined to make eye contact, I did look back up at Kerli's beautiful face -- hard to do with those ideal tits pointing at me. Her smile had gone from wide to sly. She sat next to me, put her hands on one of my thighs, looked me in the eye, and verbalized my three-month-long fantasy.

"In Estonia I fuck lots. Not much here in U. S. Maybe U. S. men don't like how my body is. I like you much; nicest guy in U. S. Can we fuck, please?"

Never having been confronted with a real life chance to fulfill a fantasy before, I might have clutched. I was proud of myself that I didn't. "Please" had barely left her mouth before my lips were on hers, and I was lifting her up and carrying her the 25 or 30 steps to my bedroom.

My T-shirt, her bikini bottoms, and my trunks were off in an instant as I lay her on my bed and while fondling her spectacular boobs brought my face down to her crotch. Not surprisingly, her pussy was as perfect as the rest of her. Sparse blond hair surrounding smooth medium thickness labia, with a prominent hood covering what I quickly found to be a super-sensitive clitoris.

I licked her lips and clit with an intensity the likes of which I had never achieved before, while gently twisting her nipples and running my hands over the circumference of her tits. She went from zero to 100 faster than any Maserati, writhing with her first orgasm in record time.

Despite her squirming and erotic screams of "Fuck" between moans, I didn't let up. In fact, I shifted to a higher gear. I brought my right hand down from her left breast and stuck two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. I quickly found a rough patch about ¾ of a finger length into her divine cavity and vigorously grazed my fingers over it while alternately quickly pulsing her clit into and out of my mouth.

I had Kerli in a virtually continuous orgasmic state for the next fifteen minutes before I finally let up. By that time she was groaning and uttering what appeared to be Estonian gibberish. While lying next to her I sucked her nipples and massaged her tits until she came back to the real world.

Once cognizant again, Kerli gave me the warmest, most appreciative, smile I had ever gotten in my life. She glanced at my throbbing dick, started massaging my balls, and said "You fuck me now."

I started reaching into the top drawer of the night table next to my bed when she pulled me close, gave me a big sloppy kiss, and said "No condom; IUD. Hurt."

I was puzzled. "I promise not to hurt you."

"No, Hurt. Vinttikoira," she continued while getting onto her hands and knees. Oh yeah! She wasn't worried about me hurting her; she wanted it doggy style, my favorite.

I rubbed my rock hard cock over her ass crack and pussy three or four times as she reached between her legs and stroked my balls. Then without further ado I plunged my dick into her ripe pussy and started thumping away. She apparently liked thumping too since she was thumping back as good as she was getting it, while continuing to fondle my testicles on every forward stroke.

More sexually charged than I ever have been before in my life I knew I wouldn't last long. I didn't need to. While not interrupting her thumping or fondling she yelled "Jack me, Jack me," which I interpreted to mean "ejaculate" in her. Only once I started literally exploding in her did she stop thumping and fondling, and dissolve into a whimpering blob of protoplasm. I must have discharged into her a good two minutes, each blast making me feel better than the previous one.

When the last bullet was fired from my gun, I was overcome by the most serene fatigue of my life. Unintentionally I collapsed next to her. Both of us were visibly jolted by a wave up our spines as my dick snapped out of her cunt. A minute later she rolled over, kissed my chin as I kissed her forehead, and that is the last thing I remember until I woke up in the middle of the night.

As I woke to go to the bathroom, Kerli stirred too. "You get me seltzer?" she purred. I gave her a big kiss, smiled, and replied "Anything you want!"

As I left the bathroom, she was entering it, the curves of her consummate body glistening in the moonlight filtering through the skylight, making me anxious to quickly return.

As I made my way downstairs to get us both a glass of seltzer I passed the guest bedrooms. Obviously my nephews were back and not alone. The springs of the beds were creaking in both rooms, the creaks interspersed with very audible moans. My dick instantly got hard again.

After Kerli and I drank our seltzers while staring into each other's eyes and expressing our mutual gratitude, she saw my stiffy twitching again. She giggled, took the empty glass from my hand, and placed both glasses on the night table. Then she pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my cock like it was a delicious lollipop.

She was blowing my mind with her tongue action interspersed with loud sucking sounds, and I knew I was close to blasting off again. But I wanted it to be in her pussy, and was sure that's what she wanted too. So I told her I was close to cumming and asked her to mount me.

Without her pussy having received any initial stimulation at all, she straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She was as wet as during our doggy fuck, and soon I was completely buried. Once she was fully loaded she started twisting, then bouncing, then both twisting and bouncing. I tried bucking up to meet each of her downward thrusts, and we were soon in sync. I never before had a partner twist like she was able to while riding cowgirl, and it caused a veritable flood of endorphins to course through my body.

After about five minutes of ecstasy, my cock started trembling inside her. I pulled her on top of me so that her tits were pressed against my chest, and started thrusting with my hips as hard and fast as I could. It wasn't long before we had a mutual over-the-top climax. Even after I had discharged my entire load into her she remained on top of me, my dick still inside her as we again fell into a euphoric slumber.

When I awoke to the sunshine the next morning, Kerli and I were in the same position we had finished our fuck in, except that my dick was now no longer in its favorite place in the entire world. Once I knew she was awake too I rolled her off of me and we smiled, kissed, and chatted. I was more sexually satisfied than at any other time in my life by a longshot, and she seemed genuinely content too.

I gave her one of my shirts to wear, long enough to cover her crotch but not her luscious thighs, and we went down to make breakfast. As I was soaking bread for French toast and had bacon in the broiler, Grete and Christy joined us. Since I had had the time of my life, there was no way I was going to be chagrined in the least, and greeted them with a cheery "Good Morning Campers!"

Kevin and Craig obviously didn't have the stamina the four of us had, and laughingly Grete and Christy assured me we should eat breakfast without them as they got their beauty sleep.

After a jovial and tasty breakfast Christy asked for a ride home so she could get ready for work. Kerli and Grete were off work again that day, and wanted to hang around and then go out on some adventures. However, since Kerli didn't have any clothes with her I convinced her and Grete to join me with the promise of buying them some new attire after we dropped Christy off. I knew no American woman could resist that invitation, and apparently Estonian women can't either.

I bought each of Kerli and Grete two new sundresses, and Kerli some undergarments too so we didn't need to go back to her apartment to get clothing for the day's activities. Selfishly I also bought each of them another bikini, even smaller than the ones that had worn the day before. Both women were totally gleeful in the store, and jabbering with each other in Estonian, most of which was spoken too quickly for me to comprehend.

I exited the store with an Estonian goddess on each arm, feeling better than if I had won a hundred million dollars in the lottery. As we got to the car, Grete leaned into me, mashing her tits into my left arm as Kerli was smiling and mashing her tits into my right arm. "Kerli say you great fuck. Tonight you fuck us both, get Julie for Craig?"

My only thought on hearing that: "If I can just live until tomorrow morning, I can die as happy as any man ever."
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