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Right Answer Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:19:03.497582

Amusement skitters across my senses as the shock of your outburst fades. You had been such a good little sub until then, faithfully serving without complaint or hesitation.

I turn to face you where you still kneel on the floor, your arms and hands tied behind your back, a shiny new cock ring constricting beautifully, and frown. "Such outbursts will not be tolerated," I warn.

To push the threat home I retrieved a riding crop from the bedside table and motion for you to stand.

Regret darkens your eyes, but you do as you're told. I stand in front of you, my stance commanding. Tapping the toe of my black platform boots I point my crop at your chin and demand an explanation. "Tell me again what you said and then explain to me why you said it."

Swallowing uncomfortably, you close your eyes. "I don't want Mistress to bring another slave home."

When you hesitate to continue I smack the crop hard against the underside of your ball sac. "Why?" I demand.

Whimpers of pain slip past your trembling lips. "Because, I want to be all Mistress needs."

I arch a wry eyebrow. Jealousy in a sub is serious, but not unexpected.

"Your wants," I whisper in your ear, "were forfeited when you gave yourself to me."

I step back, grab hold of your straining erection, and pull you forward into me. "Don't you want me to be happy?"

"Yes, Mistress," you whisper, but you don't sound sincere.

I continue to tighten my grip on your straining length, gathering the sac into my fingers as well. You know your outburst demands that I punish you. You know it's coming, but you don't know what's coming.

Slowly I bring you to kneel on the floor, guiding you by your cock. "What if I desire to see you taken by another slave?" I ask, watching your reaction carefully. "What if it makes me hot thinking about that tight little ass of yours getting stretched as I suck on your cock?"

You shake your head in denial, but your cock pulses eagerly against my hand. "That's what I thought," I said as I retrieve a vibrator and show it to you. "I'm going to tap that sweet little ass of yours and then you're going to show me how much you like it by coming for me."

As your gaze locks onto the dildo in my hand you whimper. "Please Mistress, it's too big..."

A quick slap across your swollen cock with the ridding crop silences your protest. "You've gotten awfully lippy all of a sudden."

You fall forward and try to kiss my feet but I shove you over onto your side. Kisses won't get you out of trouble. Forcing you to lie on your swollen length, butt proffered, face to the floor; I land a series of punishing strikes across your ass.

Eyes pinched closed, lips locked tightly together; you take your punishment dutifully. Beautiful welts begin to rise on your smooth butt cheeks, red spreading like a cloud across the offended flesh. I pause in my assault and drag a fingernail across the welts; a startled hiss is my reward.

"On your knees," I command. "Face flat on the floor, and spread your legs."

You scamper to comply, pressing your face into the carpet and sticking your ass out. I check your cock ring, making sure it's still secure but not damaging, and then drag my hand up the seam of your ass. Tendons and muscles tighten in anticipation, you tense and wait anxiously for me to continue.

A jolt of cold lube dribbles over your welts, shocking you. You almost raise your face off the floor, but stop yourself at the last second and wait. I take the vibrator and run it over the lube, rubbing it through the slick substance and then down between your cheeks, stopping at your tight entrance.

The blunt tip pushes at the opening and you moan, almost in pleasure, but mostly out of uncertainty. I know I am the first to enter your virgin ass and the thought excites me.

Slowly I push the vibe in, slowly, tortuously. You tense and grunt. "Don't fight me," I order. "Relax."

Taking a deep breath, you let some of the tension ease out of you and I push the toy in as far as it will go, till the end is just visible. Slowly I begin to work it; in and out slowly, twisting and pushing, pulling it almost out and shoving it in again.

Your hips move involuntarily, soft moans of pleasure escape and I turn on the vibrator and work you faster, reaching under to grab your cock. Now you hiss in pleasure and beg me to allow you to come.

But I don't wish for you to come yet. I release your cock and take up the crop again, smacking a devastating strike across your thighs.

"I am the one in control here, am I not?" I ask.

"Yes Mistress," you answer.

"I get what I want, do I not?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress."

"And you want to come now?" I ask.

"Only if it pleases Mistress," you say.

Right answer.
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