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Ali Gets Used

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:23:23.770731

Her apartment door was unlocked. That was strange; she didn't think she'd forget to do something that important. Especially not after going through the routine for so many years.

More curious than alarmed, she went inside and pushed the door shut behind her.

"Are you Aline?" a male voice wondered from right behind her. How did he get in?

"Everyone calls me Ali," she said, turning the lights on. Shocked, she realized there were three strange men in her apartment, all wearing dark sunglasses. The one who had asked her if she was Aline was a tall, black man. "What's going on?" She pushed her mousy, brown hair back.

There was an asian man by her kitchen table. He flipped open a laptop. "Ali, did you sign a contract with an online sex club recently?"

"Well, yes, but -- "

"Did you read and accept the terms of the contract?"

"Yes, but ... but I thought it was more of a dating service," Ali admitted. "That I would get contacted to meet someone, maybe at a club or something."

"Ali," the asian man at the kitchen table explained quietly, "For your fifty bucks a month you agreed to meet strangers for sex at least once a week, on a totally unpredictable schedule. That the site gets to set the terms of each individual encounter, as long as you are not harmed, of course."

"I suppose," Ali stammered, not quite sure what these three men thought they were going to do.

"Grab her, Leonard," the asian man said.

"What?" Ali called out desperately as strong arms grabbed her from behind. Her purse fell to the floor.

"Take her pants off, Vince," the asian man directed. The third man, a caucasian, moved toward her, grinning.

"Whaaaat??" Ali shouted. "Get away from me!" She struggled, but apparently Leonard's arms were made of concrete.

As Vince grabbed her feet and slipped her shoes off, the asian man moved toward her. Something dangled in his hand.

"What the fuck?" Ali shouted, getting desperate. "What am I supposed to do with three guys? Get away from me!"

"It's not what you'll do with us, Ali," the asian man explained quietly. "It's how we use you. And that's it." He slipped a gag around her mouth, fastening it securely. Ali's eyes went wide as she began to grasp the implications of what he was saying. She tried to shout, but the gag reduced everything to a soft mumble.

Vince undid her jeans and slipped them off. Ali struggled as the three of them took in her sweet white panties with little red hearts on them. "Very cute," Leonard said. "She's got a firm little ass on her." They ran their hands all over the outside of her panties, even shoving roughly down between her legs, exploring her fine bush and ass.

Despite her struggles, they had Ali's jacket and blouse off in seconds. Leonard unsnapped her light purple bra; Ali struggled, but with three strong men holding on to her ...

As Ali's small breasts and nipples bounced free, all three groped them roughly. "Not bad," said Vince. "Did you bring the duffel, Lee?"

The asian man inclined his head, indicating the wall by the apartment door. "Take her to the bedroom," he ordered.

As Leonard dragged her into her bedroom, Ali struggled and kicked, but was completely outmatched by Leonard's massive bulk. He tossed her onto the bed, held her down by simply putting part of his weight on her arms. While she struggled with Leonard, Lee pulled off her panties.

Her soft, downy pussy hairs exposed, Leonard and Lee made appreciative noises. When Vince entered the bedroom with the duffel, he said, "Wow, she's a cutie-pie. Dibs!"

They laughed. Vince began uncoiling several lengths of thick, white rope. Despite her struggles they were able to secure her wrists and legs as far apart as possible. When they were done, Ali was on her back, tied to the bed spread eagled. She couldn't even struggle anymore; the soft rope had her secured extremely tightly. They shoved a pillow under her head.

As Leonard undid his pants and shoved his briefs down, his eight-inch, beercan thick cock began to stand up. Ali's eyes widened in disbelief. "Where's the gel?" Vince tossed it to him.

After Leonard squirted cold gel all over her pussy, he positioned himself above her. His massive hands on the headboard to steady himself, he slammed his monster cock inside her. Ali tried to scream, but all she could do was toss her head from side to side in denial and desperation.

As Leonard began humping her pussy with a steady beat, he turned to Lee. "Do you think they'll approve my time-off?" The bed creaked as this massive black man began fucking Ali in earnest. "Hmmm, she's a little tight."

Lee nodded. "Oh yeah, no problem. As long as you got someone from Gold crew to cover for you, and not the opposite shift ... "

Leonard nodded. "I did; Jonas is gonna do it. Me and the old lady wanna hit Disneyland that weekend." He stopped slamming his cock inside her, squirted some gel on her clit. When he pulled his huge cock out, her pussy gaped.

After sliding his cock through her labia a bit, and stimulating her clit a little, Leonard slammed himself back into her. She was driven against her bonds, but could do nothing but groan behind her gag. He pounded into her over and over, like a battering ram.

"Time," said Lee, looking at his watch. Leonard rolled off her and pulled his pants up. As Vince stroked himself fully erect, Ali could see that, although his cock was much smaller than Leonards, his scrotum was huge.

Vince positioned himself just outside her, and put his weight on her breasts. She squirmed. "She does sorta have cute tits though, eh?" His hands squeezed her nipples roughly; she moaned desperately.

As he slammed his cock into her and started fucking her flat belly, he used her small breasts to support himself. "Little on the skinny side, I guess," he said. Ali groaned and shook her head, with no result. She was being completely ignored.

Lee did something on the laptop. "I put it in the log," he said.

"I forgot," Vince admitted sheepishly, without slowing his humping of her tied-down, pale, white body, "What am I doing again?"

"Creampie," Lee said, studying his online notes.

"Will that count toward my bonus?" Vince slowed his frenzied fucking of her submissive body. Suddenly he tensed, his eyes shutting. "Oh yeah ...!" he cried out, slamming himself into her. As he started cumming into her, he hooted and hollered, as though he was having a good time.

Leonard shook his head in disbelief. "Why are we hiring these young pups? No professionalism ...!" He winked at Lee.

After Vince shot load after load of hot cum into Ali's pale, abused body, he pulled out and waited. It wasn't long before his massive load of cum began leaking out her pussy entrance. Vince and Leonard did a high five. "Oh yeah!" said Vince delightedly.

"It'll only count toward the bonus if you do at least twenty-five a week," Lee explained, updating the log. "This was number eighteen for you, so far."

"All right!"

Lee tossed a set of hand-cuffs to Vince, glancing at his watch. "Time's a wasting, fellas. We still got a couple more in this part of town."

As Leonard and Vince untied her, Ali blinked tiredly. She felt confused, beaten. They pulled her off the bed, stood her up against the wall. Before she knew what was happening, Leonard slapped the cuffs on her and turned her toward the wall. Vince's cum was running slowly down her legs.

"Look at that tight little anus," said Leonard, squirting lube all over her ass. "I might not even get in there ... " he mused. As he held Ali's cuffed hands as high up on the wall as they would go, he positioned his massive cock outside her hole, rubbed it around the lube a bit. Suddenly he shoved into her, and kept shoving.

Ali winced and whimpered, but had to let it happen. Her whole body was shoved into the wall from the sheer physical size of the man.

Leonard slowly pushed himself into her. "Oh yeah, there we go! I can feel her ass relaxing ... oh yeah, now I'm in there!" He began a slow, pounding rhythm that squeezed her breasts and face into the wall almost continuously. Ali's apartment echoed with the sound of this massive man slamming himself into her ass, over and over.

"Time," said Lee.

Leonard slid his cock out of her ass, grunting pleasurably, but kept her cuffed hands high above her head. Ali's mousy brown hair was plastered all over the back of her head.

As Vince approached, he looked down. "Whoa, I can drive a truck in there now!" As Leonard pushed her bum up somewhat, Vince slammed himself into her with a speed and intensity that made Ali gasp. He fucked her ass like he wanted to shove his balls in there too. Knick-knacks on her shelves toppled over as the apartment wall shuddered with every impact. "Oh yeah!" Vince shouted delightedly. "Fuck that ass! Fuck that ass!"

"Hey!" Leonard interrupted him. "Tone it down! You're not partying here; show some respect!"

Vince looked shocked, but nodded. "Yeah, okay, whatever. Sorry, man." He was still driving his cock into Ali's ass in a steady rhythm.

"That kind of behavior can cost us a rating star, you know," Leonard continued seriously, still holding Ali's cuffed hands up near the ceiling in a vise-grip. "The whole crew suffers."

Vince looked abashed now. "Sorry man."

Lee said, "Thirty seconds."

Vince pumped harder and harder, slamming himself into her pale ass with a vengeance. Suddenly he grunted and pulled out. Hot cum splattered onto Ali's ass as he started ejaculating with a groan. "Oh man," he moaned, jerking himself onto her ass cheeks until his scrotum was utterly drained. "I'm gonna need a Red Bull after that one."

"Time," said Lee, folding his laptop up.

Leonard undid the cuffs, and laid Ali gently on the bed. Her pale, white skin was red and slightly bruised in places. Cum leaked from her pussy still; her ass glistened where Vince's great globs of jiz had hit her.

As Leonard undid the gag, she could only lay there, her brain as yet unable to process what had just happened. As they tossed their gear in the duffel, Lee said, "Please go online to the site and rate us, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks for the business, ma'am."

As they walked out, she could hear Vince ask, "So I blew it, huh?"

"Big time," Leonard explained. "I mean, we'll get a half-decent rating and all, but she might never upgrade to the premium account now. That's where the real money is. Oh well, you'll learn."

The apartment door clicked shut.
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