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Beth's Awakening Ch. 09

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:25:36.239039

Chapter Nine; Life's Little Surprises

The weeks after we returned home from Providence were busy ones. Rick's job demanded most of his time and I was busy with home support.

Claire stayed with us for the first ten days or so and that was fun but hectic. As her husbands are the first to tell you, she's a high maintenance lady. She requires a lot of attention sexual and otherwise to keep her satisfied.

Rick was more than happy to provide the former and for the most part the two of them were discreet, but lapses did happen. Fortunately, the kids were clueless, but I happened on the lovers more than once. Like balls on a pool table, contact between them produced a reaction--in their case--fucking. This occurred wherever they encountered one another, in the kitchen, the garage, the basement rec room, fortunately not the front yard, at least not yet.

For instance, one morning before Rick left for work I walked into the laundry room with an armload of clothes only to find Claire bent over the dryer with Rick putting the wood to her from behind.

"What the hell are you two doing in here?" I demanded. "We have bedrooms for that stuff. I could have been one of the kids. Doesn't that bother you, Rick?"

"We were just getting a quicky, honey," he said, his ass clenching as he held her slim hips and emptied his nuts in her.

Claire had already come and she looked around at me with a satisfied expression on her face. "God, that was so nice. Your sweet husband is the best, Beth. He and I are definitely excellent 'fuck buddies'."

"It was an accidental encounter, Beth," Rick explained. "I was bringing some shirts down here and Claire was bent over the dryer. Before we knew it, we were hooked up."

I looked around the laundry room. Stacks of clean laundry were on every horizontal surface. Claire had been busy in more ways than one. "What the hell...?" I stammered, but she interrupted.

"I wanted to do my laundry, but I didn't have enough whites to make a full load."

"And..." I said.

"So, I went through the kid's closets and found more soiled clothes--too much for a single load. Then I stripped their beds and...." She giggled pulling up her jeans. "You won't have to do laundry for a bit."

I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks, Claire. I'm no domestic goddess, so I guess I was kind of behind on the laundry chore." I glared at Rick who had the gall to pick up a clean hand towel and use it to wipe off his dick. He grinned at me threw it in the hamper and zipped up his pants.

Before he left he kissed me. Fondling my tits, he said, "Don't be grouchy, sweetheart. Claire was only trying to help and the way I see it she helped us both. We'll try to be more careful when we're getting a quick piece. I promise there'll be some special loving for you this evening."

"Our daughter's appearing in a school play tonight," I reminded him. "We won't be home until late."

"Better late than never," he said with a shit-eating grin and left the room.

Another time I went out to the garage to put some recycling in the bins and there they were, Rick with his pants around his ankles, Claire with her ass parked on the hood of the Subaru, and they were going at it, so wrapped up in their screw that they weren't even aware I was there until I dropped a wine bottle into the bin with a loud clank. They both looked at me, but Rick didn't miss a stroke.

"This is fun," Claire said. "Come on and join us."

"I'm busy," I said, going back in the house.

We did get together like old times on the weekends. Mostly at Stewart's apartment and we rented a motel room a couple of times. Deirdre, who had completed her dental program, came to Cleveland and went to work for Stewart. She he was a welcome addition to our group. I enjoyed myself on these occasions fucking and sucking with the rest of them, but when we were at home I couldn't totally relax.

The proverbial final straw came when I returned from taking the kids to soccer practice and found Claire rearranging my kitchen. At first, I couldn't believe my eyes thinking maybe I had entered the wrong house by mistake, but the mistake wasn't mine. She was standing between the sink and the stove surrounded by stacks of dishes. Glasses, plates, pots, and pans occupied every horizontal surface. Boxes and cans were piled in the sink and on the stove.

I was speechless standing with my mouth open while she smiled at me. And then she launched into an explanation about how much more "efficient" my kitchen would be after she "fixed" it. Again, I knew she was only trying to help, but this stuff was getting to me and making me even crazier than I usually am. I'd come to the realization that Claire was a big step above just being a "Type A" person, but I couldn't help loving her for her generous nature not to mention her rampant sexuality. I didn't shout at her or anything, but whatever signals I was sending were effective--she got my message. Without a word, she and I reassembled my kitchen--the way I like it.

The next day, Claire packed up and moved in with Stewart. When Rick weaseled the kitchen story out of me, he wasn't happy. I wasn't either, but my sanity was more important. At least now I could open doors in my house and not find people fucking behind them at all hours. This definitely helped relieve my worries about making an untimely contribution to our children's sex education.

Stewart and Dee Dee were living together when Claire moved in with them. After that, she also went to work in his office so now Stewart was boinking two of his employees. So much for his principal of not mixing business and pleasure. I mentioned that to Claire and she hastened to reassure me that they were strictly professional at the office--no blowjobs in the bathroom.

One evening, Stewart and his two roommates had joined Rick and me for dinner--lasagna from Costco. The kids were sleeping over with friends, so, after eating, we were sitting around the living room, drinking wine and making out. One thing led to another and we wound up, the five of us, playing adult games on our big bed. I enjoyed the best sex I'd had since Providence. Stewart and my husband DPed me while Claire and Dee Dee entertained one another in a spirited sixty-nine.

After we all came, I was done for the night. I didn't know what the rest of them had in mind, but I wanted my bed back. I was tired and wanted a good night's sleep, but I didn't have the heart to evict my lovers.

Stewart was between Claire and Dee Dee reclining on the pillows, taking a break while talking to Rick.

"These two lovely ladies have transformed my practice," he said, putting an arm around each of them. "The patients just love Dee Dee. Everyone remarks on how kind and considerate she is. And Claire...what can I say? She has totally reorganized my recall system and it's working beautifully. She's also solved insurance problems that have been on my books for far too long. She truly is my 'Wonder Woman'," he said, pulling her close and kissing her.

Thank goodness, Claire had found plenty to keep her occupied and the best part was that it wasn't happening in my house.

When Rick made me an offer I couldn't refuse, we shared another tender piece of ass while Stewart and his ladies enjoyed a loving threesome. That really did finish me and I fell asleep. When I got up in the night to use the bathroom Stewart and his roommates were gone. I loved their company, but after an evening with Claire being alone with my husband was all that I wanted. Breathing a sigh of relief, I went back to sleep.

On another Saturday night, Rick and I were over at Stewart's apartment. Dee Dee had gone to see her sister, so it was just the four of us. We'd had a nice round of screwing with climaxes all around and were relaxing on Stewart's brand-new king-sized bed a necessity now that he had two ladies living with him. Claire was curled up next to Stewart conveniently close to his cock and she was teasing him by kissing and sucking it. She had succeeded in making it rise to its full magnificence. Taking it in her hand and giving it a couple of strokes, she said, "God, Beth. Just look at the size of this splendid thing. We are so lucky to have this guy for our lover."

"That's for sure," I said. "I read somewhere--Cosmo, I think--that only two percent of men have a penis more than eight inches long and we have two of these beauties to enjoy. I don't care whether I'm screwing Dan or Stewart. Their big hard cocks are a special treat and I love 'em both."

"Rick, remember Breezewood," Claire said, stroking Stewart's shaft.

"Are you kidding, How could I forget."

"You actually had to help me get this pole all the way in my pussy the first time I had vaginal intercourse with Stewart. Thank goodness, his size is no longer a problem. I guess I've adapted to him. You saw him fuck the living daylights out of me tonight and I loved every second. Now that I think about it, he must have broken me in for Dan too. After Stewart I had no difficulty taking on Dan's big prick."

"I'm always happy to help you out," Stewart said, stroking her hair.

"What's with all this talk about big cocks? Are you ladies trying to give me an inferiority complex?" Rick asked.

"Don't be silly," Claire said. "You're packing a secret weapon--a stealth missile. I don't know how you do it, but you sure do ring my chimes. I love screwing all you guys, you and Stewart, my two husbands, Dan, and Jack--I hope I haven't left anyone out. What you guys do to me is basically the same, after all, fucking is nothing more than a cock in a cunt, but that's where the similarity ends. Experiencing men is like listening to different kinds of music--sometimes a girl wants jazz and sometimes she wants rock and roll."

"Mary Ann claims," I said, laughing, "that screwing various guys is the same as driving cars--they're all different, but they're all fun."

"So what am I? A Buick or a Corvette?" Stewart asked. We all laughed.

Claire kissed the head of his erection. Wrapping both long-fingered hands around his shaft, she stroked it a few times, then said, "I don't know, honey, but I sure do love your stick-shift."

"This sex talk, plus your clever hands and mouth, has gotten me all stirred up, Claire," Stewart said. "I won't be able to sleep without a little relief. Which of you cock-hungry vixens is going to volunteer to help me out?"

"Come on over here and give me a hand, Beth. Let's suck him off and call it a night." I did and Stewart rewarded our attention with a sweet load for us to share. After that, Rick and I got dressed and headed home.

On a Monday morning in early October about two weeks later Claire called me and invited me to have lunch with her. This was a first and I asked what the occasion was. "I have a surprise for you," she said, but wouldn't explain further. We met at a Thai place close to her office and over our plates of Pad Thai she revealed her surprise.

"Remember Kate's gangbang?"

"Of course. How the hell could I have forgotten something like that?"

"How would you like to participate in a scene like that again?"

By now, I knew Claire well enough to exercise caution before agreeing to anything. "I really enjoyed myself at Kate's event. What do you have in mind?"

"I've been working on Stewart and it's been a hard sell, but he's finally relented. For some reason, he wasn't overly eager to arrange a gangbang for me acting protective of all things. I think he's feeling as if he's been charged to be my guardian while I'm here and my guys are back east. Anyway, I've got him to agree to set up a party for me. There'll be him and four other guys he plays poker and pick-up basketball with. Kate was convinced she needed six men for a gangbang, but five works for me."

"I agree," I said. "Five is plenty."

"So, this is where you come in. I'd appreciate some help with this event. The prospect of taking on five men all by myself, four of them being total strangers, is a bit overwhelming. But I really want to do this and if I have to I'll go it alone. You say you enjoyed our last gang bang and I can promise you that we'll have some really nasty fun if you join me. So, what do you say? Are you interested?"

"Tell me some more about the arrangements," I said, as my little worm of lust began twisting in my groin. "I'm intrigued, but I've never screwed a new lover without Rick being there. I gather he's not invited?"

"You fucked Dan and Jack without him."

"That was different--a stupid mistake I made. What I mean is since we've been balling other people we've always played together. I'll have to clear something like this with him. The guys are black, aren't they?"

"Of course. Here's the deal so you can fill Rick in on the plan. Stewart assures me that his friends are all clean, married, professional men--no gangsters. He's already reserved a room at the Marriot for this Saturday night and he'll be there the entire time to keep an eye on things."

"Yeah, right. When Stewart smells pussy his brain ceases to function."

"So, what do you say? You wanna party with me?"

My lust worms had multiplied and were squirming all over in my groin. "Okay, Claire. I'm interested. I'll run this by Rick. But if he doesn't want me to do it, I'm not joining you."

"I'm not too worried. Rick hasn't denied you much of anything that I'm aware of."

I grinned at her. "You're right, so I'm ninety-nine percent sure that we have a date, but I'll call you to confirm." On that note, we finished our iced teas, paid the check, and went our separate ways.

Later that night, after we were in bed, I told Rick about Claire's wicked proposal. He laughed and kissed me. "Good god. She never lets her pussy rest. Does she?"

"I guess not. But, I have to admit that I'm turned on by her scheme. It sounds like fun to me. I really enjoyed Kate's gangbang and the way I see it this is a one-time opportunity since I'd never do something like this alone. Claire is only going to be here for a short time longer and when she leaves the chance to do this goes with her. She's already gotten Stewart to organize the event and recruit his friends. I did mention that the guys are black, didn't I?"

"Not that I recall, but I'm not surprised. You really get off on Stewart's brand of loving, so I'll bet the thought of taking on five Stewarts is making your panties wet."

I grinned at him. "No chance I'd be that lucky. Anyway, like I said this is a limited time offer and I'd really like to join her."

"I gather I'm not invited."

I kissed him and said, "Sorry, honey. It'll just be Claire and me and five horny, black guys."

"Shit, I'd really like to see that--be a fly on the wall or something--but I couldn't if I wanted to. I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, but I'll be out of town this weekend for a meeting in Denver. So if you have your heart set on playing with Claire and her studs your timing is perfect. Take notes," he said, with a grin. "I'm going to want the whole story, all the nasty details, a blow-by-blow description to amuse me after I get back."

"Thank you, dearest," I said. "Hopefully, I'll have enough stuff to tell you that I can make it last several nights, like I did with my confession about screwing Dan and Jack."

I called Claire the next morning and told her that I'd be joining her.

"All right," she said, laughing. "I knew I could count on you. I'll let Stewart know you're going to participate. I'm sure that won't break his heart." We discussed what we'd wear and Claire said, "I could wear my Wonder Woman get-up. That would mess with Stewart's mind."

I laughed. "Shit, Claire, that's perfect. You do that and I'll rent a Cat Woman costume. We'll go as a pair of anonymous fucking super-heroines."

The night of the event we got ready at my house splitting a sandwich for supper. Stewart was scheduled to pick us up at eight and by seven-thirty we were both antsy, pacing back and forth, adjusting our costumes, and touching up our makeup. My lust worms had turned to butterflies and were fluttering all over in my groin. Judging by how restless she was, Claire had the same problem.

Stewart was right on time and when she opened the door I thought his jaw was going to hit the floor. After a moment, he broke into laughter.

"What a great idea. The guys are going to pee themselves when they see you two. Do you have long coats to conceal your costumes until after I've had a chance to introduce you?"

"We're super-heroines. Of course we have cloaks," I said. "C'mon Stewart. Let's get this show on the road. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I don't know about Claire, but that's not a good combination for me."

"Me either," she said, heading for the door. We arrived at the hotel about thirty minutes later. During the trip, Claire went over the arrangements with Stewart checking to make sure we were all on the same page. He'd called ahead and the guys were already there waiting for us to make our entrance. She reminded him that she expected him to be on hand at all times just in case things got weird.

"Don't worry," he said with a grin. "I'll be your chaperone. The guys are hot to trot. I fixed them up with a case of Bud and some porno DVDs. If that's not enough there's also a Cav's game on to entertain them. By my calculation, the game should be over," he said, glancing at the dashboard clock, "just about now."

Wrapped in our long, black cloaks we followed him through the lobby found the elevators and rode up to the fifth floor. To illustrate just how nervous we were Claire and I didn't even molest him on the way up.

The room was right across the hall. Stewart put a card key in the slot opened the door and our adventure began.

Four black men in their thirties maybe a couple in the forties all obviously sound citizens were casually dressed in shorts and T-shirts and sitting around the TV. One of them, seeing us standing behind him, said, "Shit, Stewart. It's about time. We were just about to send out for a couple of hookers."

"What the hell are those girls wearing?" asked another, spotting Claire's Wonder Woman tiara.

"These lovely ladies dressed up for you assholes. I'd like for you all to meet Wonder Woman and Cat Woman--your super-heroine entertainment for tonight. Ladies, these mugs are all yours."

The guys whistled and cheered when we threw off our cloaks and strutted across the room to stand in front of the TV. Someone shut it off and we posed for the men hands on hips and let them get an eyeful.

"You did good, Stewart," a burly fellow said. "These cunts are prime stuff."

A bit on the crude side to be sure, but what the hell, Claire and I knew we weren't attending a debutante ball. Every last one of us was there for down-and-dirty, carnal sex--not romance. She and I were nothing more than pussies, sperm receptacles for them, white women with an itch for black cock and a lust for more than just one at a time. On top of that, I knew Stewart had told them that we were married. So they all knew that, not only were we cheating on our husbands, we had come there willingly to let a bunch of black men fuck the shit out of us. We were nasty sluts and theirs to screw any way they pleased and I was ready.

Caught up in the moment, I realized I had a sudden desire to be used--debauched even. I wanted to have each and every one of these black strangers ride me. I wanted them to talk to me, using gutter language, screwing me while telling me what a nasty cheating cunt I was for letting them fuck me.

I winked at Claire and together we turned around and waved our butts in their faces. Using a move Kelli had taught us we bent over at the waist and grabbed our ankles. The men let out a collective whoop and our orgy began.

"That's one mighty fine ass you got, Cat Woman," a thin man said. "Get over here and park it in my lap, so I can check out the rest of you." I did as told and his black hands, a stranger's hands, roamed freely over my body, touching my breasts, spreading my thighs, and squeezing my vulva. He kissed me. I opened my mouth to him and we swapped tongues. He tasted of beer. I didn't care. His crude, but insistent touch lit my fire.
Another man approached and took my hand. He pulled me to my feet and then, while standing behind me, began peeling my skin-tight costume from my body. After he unclipped my bra my thin lover removed it then bent down to kiss my nipples while covering my sex with his hand.

Within moments my tights were around my ankles and I stepped out of them. My thin man kissed me again and his tongue explored my mouth thrusting deep and playing with mine as he put a finger in me.

My second lover got to his knees and slipped my thong off over my hips and now I was completely naked. His tongue replaced his buddy's finger as he buried his face in my already wet crotch. My first lover was busy sucking on my nipples and that gave me a chance to look around.

Claire was in an identical situation with one man sucking her tits and another with his face between her legs. When we smiled at one another she nodded and looked very pleased.

From his position in a comfortable chair much as a doting father would watch his daughters at a school play, Stewart looked on as his buddies double-teamed us. He smiled giving me a thumbs-up sign when he caught my eye.

Feeling a cock pressing against my belly, I looked down, and wrapped my fingers around a partially stiff dick. Its owner, my thin lover, kissed me while mauling my tits, and said, "Suck my dick, white lady." Obediently, I started to sink to my knees, but the man with his face in my crotch stopped me and steered the three of us to the closest bed. Climbing on it, I got to my knees and my blowjob guy stepped out of his shorts and positioned himself so I could give him head.

When I first looked at his inky black penis, it took a moment before it dawned on me. This guy wasn't circumsized and what I was seeing was his foreskin still concealing the head of his cock. I was instantly intrigued. I'd never sucked an uncircumsized dick, but I wouldn't be able to say that much longer.

My first sexual experience was as a Sophomore in high school and it was with a Senior boy. We had been to a dance and afterwards were making out in his car when he gave me an ultimatum. He didn't care which, but he was so hot he just had to come in my mouth or my pussy--my choice. I was pretty naive, but I liked the guy so I really wanted to please him. My Catholic parents didn't believe in birth control, but I still knew enough that I didn't want to risk getting knocked up. So I blew him and discovered that I loved how excited he got when I gave him oral sex.

So that was how I entertained my half dozen or so lovers until Rick and marriage came along. I gave them blow jobs. In return, I got fingered and eaten by them, but I was technically still a virgin when Rick and I screwed for the first time.

And now that he and I were screwing other peopl giving my lovers head had quickly become one of my favorite things. Not only did I like to have men come on my face and in my mouth--I just loved the taste of come.

I began blowing my lover, massaging his shaft with my lips and tongue, feeling him stiffen nicely until the satiny head of his cock filled my mouth. I drew back to examine my handiwork, and to tell the truth, his cock looked pretty much like any other hard-on except for the fold of skin wrapped around the shaft, kind of like a leg warmer. I kissed the head a couple of times and then licked along his shaft until I reached his foreskin which I kind of pulled at with my lips. He groaned and held my head against himself.

"You're good, bitch," he said. "You've got a very hot mouth."

"I'd like for you to come in it," I said, licking his balls. Then I took his cock in my mouth and began sucking him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my other lover had finished undressing and he climbed on the bed behind me. He kissed my ass a couple of times and then I felt his tongue touch me and begin licking my clit insistently.

"What do you think your husband would say if he could see you, his loving wife, fucking a couple of black guys?"

Momentarily removing his cock from my mouth, I looked up at him. "What he'd say is 'Have fun, honey'."

"No shit. Well, get on it, you cheating cocksucker. I've got a nice sticky load waiting for you."

I began sucking and jerking my thin lover's cock adopting the same rhythm my pussy-licker was using on me until he suddenly quit. Then his hands gripped my hips and his cock replaced his tongue. I was eager to have him fuck me, but when the head of his dick popped into my pussy it took my breath away. I'd never had anything that huge in me before and I flinched.

"Hold still, bitch," he said, tightening his grip on my hips. "You came here to get fucked and you're about to get a man-sized, black dick in your white cunt."

The size of him had taken me by surprise and for a moment I hesitated. My god. How big was this guy's penis? I looked back over my shoulder, but all I could see was my very black lover smiling at me, "Brace yourself, slut," he said. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you."

I didn't have much choice. I had a man on both ends and they had me sandwiched between them. I suppose I could have jumped up or something, but I was hotter than hell and very anxious to feel that huge cock inside me. So I took a deep breath and tried to maintain a steady rhythm for my blow-job guy.

At first his penis hurt like hell as he forced it in me spreading me wide, but I was in heat and ignored the pain. Taking on all of this big black pole was my goal. My stud began to move and with every lunge of his hips it felt like he was driving a wedge into me, spreading my lips, stretching my pussy beyond belief, and filling me to the limit. When his hips touched my ass I breathed a sigh of relief. I had it made. He was all the way in me.

"How do you like that, bitch? Does your husband fill you up like this?" he asked, driving into me. My pain quickly turned to pleasure as I adjusted to him and it only took a minute until his big pole felt positively heavenly in my pussy.

"I love it," I said. "I've never been so full. Fuck me good, you black stud." He wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back as he started to move again.

"I'm going to fuck you like a dog fucks his bitch and I want you to tell me how much you want my black cock in your cheating fuck-hole." After I told him, he drove into me and I came like a house afire after only a dozen strokes.

My blow-job guy wasn't impressed as I obviously couldn't give him head while his buddy had a handful of my hair.

"Jesus, Jerry. Let go of the cunt's hair. You've got her head yanked so far back she can't even reach my dick. This white slut has a magic mouth and I want to come in it."

Jerry paused and said, "Oh, yeah. Sorry, man." He released my hair and then my blowjob guy wrapped his fingers in my hair held my head and shoved his hard-on down my throat.

"Make me come, you cocksucking bitch," he ordered, and I did my best.

Now that Jerry had lost his grip on my hair, he leaned over me, grabbed my tits, and began talking to me.

"You married white sluts came here looking for black dick, didn't you? Well, you're getting just what you wanted. Aren't you, you fancy cunt? Do you like being on your knees with two black cocks in your hot holes. Come on, cheating slut. Tell me again just how much you love black cock." I mumbled around the dick in my mouth and that seemed to satisfy him.

"I heard you tell my buddy that your husband knows his cheating cunt of a wife is out fucking a bunch of black guys. Is that right?" I nodded.

"He knows, huh. So, he's okay with you running around fucking other men and taking their come home to him in your married white cunt?" I nodded again. "Has he ever watched while another man fucks you?" Before I could nod once more my hard work finally paid off. My blowjob guy came. Holding my head, he ejaculated flooding my mouth with his hot sticky come and I gulped it down. Then I milked the last drops from his dick and caught them on my tongue showing them to him before I swallowed.

Watching me eat his friend's come did it for Jerry. Letting go of my tits, he straightened up and grasped my hips. He lunged into me and I swear my pussy hadn't been stretched like that since I'd given birth. The big difference between the natal event and now was that I sure as hell didn't come then like I did when I felt his monster hard-on begin to throb deep inside me.

"God, yes. I'm coming in you, you cheating white cunt," he said, pulling my ass against himself, thrusting even deeper into me, spreading my pussy and giving me a huge climax as he emptied his nuts in me. "I'm filling your married fuck-hole with my black come."

"That's what I want, lover. Do it. I can feel your big dick throbbing. Shoot your load in me, stud," I said, getting into the spirit of things. "Fill my hungry cunt with your come."

When he released my hips, Jerry collapsed on me, forcing me face-down to the mattress and remained in me while his cock slowly softened. Kissing my neck, he said, "You are one helluva hot woman. I hope your husband appreciates you as much as I do."

"Right now, I'm the one appreciating you," I said, "so much so in fact, that I want you to promise to do me again before our party is over. In the meantime, go have some fun fucking Wonder Woman. She's a hot piece of tail too, but remember--save a little for me, stud."

"It's a date," he said, climbing off me. I'd come here hoping to experience raw lust and my first two studs certainly hadn't disappointed me.

The three of us took a short time-out reclining on the pillows, kissing and making out as we watched Claire and her guys. Like me, she was on her knees between two men. The guy in her mouth let out a shout and I saw her throat pulse as she swallowed his come. Then the man fucking her from behind let out a yell and held her hips as he unloaded in her. When he finished and was pulling out of her she looked back at him and smiled.

Giving her ass a playful slap, he said, "You're a hot fuck, bitch. I'm gonna go get a piece off your girlfriend, but I'll be back. When I do, I'm gonna stick my black cock up your white ass."

Claire slapped her own butt, and said, "I'll be ready when you are."

When she said that, Jerry perked up. "Does your friend do anal?"

"She loves it," I said, giving his cock an affectionate squeeze. "Get over there and stick this thing up her hot ass. That'll surprise her."

"Hey man, l'm ready for more pussy. Let's go fuck the shit out of that long-legged cunt," said my blow-job guy, getting off the bed followed by Jerry. They high-fived Claire's lovers who were headed my way just like substitutions at a basketball game.

The man that Claire had just blown climbed between my thighs and his only foreplay was to say, "I had my blowjob and now it's time for a piece of ass. Spread your legs, cunt. I'm going to fuck you." Pressing his sweaty body against me, he rammed his penis into me and began to move.

I was taken aback by how much I was enjoying this scene. These black strangers were definitely ringing my chimes. My second man lay down beside me with his cock within easy reach of my mouth. Without a word passing between us I began giving him head.

Busy as I was, I caught glimpses of the man who'd just come in my mouth standing beside Claire's bed. He was holding his hard-on and looking peeved. Claire was on her knees and my big-cocked guy was close behind her and apparently getting ready to fuck her ass.

"Shit, I came over here to screw you and now I can't fuck you until Jerry's finished," he said, shaking his hard cock at her. "So, suck my mother-fucking dick until he's finished with you, you cheating cunt. I wanna feel your pretty white mouth on my black cock. Next time you kiss your husband, you can tell him how much you enjoyed having me fuck your face."

Claire's reaction to that stupid trash-talk startled us all. She jumped off the bed and faced him. Hands on hips, her eyes shooting sparks, she said, "You don't order me around. My friend and I are here to entertain you guys and have some fun--not to be abused. You remember that song, 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T?"

He nodded, still holding his deflating hard-on. "Aretha," he said.

"That's right. And that's what we want. We all know this isn't a sunday-school picnic. We're here to share some wicked fun and the instant it isn't fun any more--we're out that fucking door."

"Look, lady. I didn't mean to piss you off. Maybe I watched one too many of those 'Blacks on Blondes' film clips. I won't get in your face again. Okay?"

Claire smiled at him. "That's better. Now take it easy. You're a handsome man. I'll be happy to let you have me any way you want me as long as you treat me good." She reached down and wrapped her long, red-nailed fingers around his black cock and kissed him. "As I recall, you were asking me for a blowjob?"

"Yeah. I was," he said. Reaching out he put a hand on her breast. "I just love having a woman give me head and I sure as shit don't get that at home. Your friend just drained my nuts, but coming in your sweet white mouth sounds good to me."

"That's much better--perfect in fact. Climb on that bed so I can give both you and your friend a nice hot ride. He wants to fuck my ass and I'll give you head while he's doing me." The three of them got in position with her blowjob guy, like mine, lying close to her head.

"Give me a second. Let your buddy get his cock up my ass and then I'll rock your world," Claire said. Drawing a deep breath, she closed her eyes and gripped the sheets as Jerry held her hips and pushed into her. After having had him fuck me with that oversized piece of meat, I was amazed at how easily she took him on. I shouldn't have been. She was Claire. When he was all the way in her she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him.

"God, You feel fantastic," she said. "Now fuck me good." Then she turned her attention to the cock in front of her. Taking his shaft in her hand, she jerked it a few times then slipped his foreskin down and kissed the purple head of it. Looking her lover in the eyes, she said, "Keep on doing that racist trash-talk. It turns me on."

Me and my guys had stopped screwing around when Claire laid down the law. Now, for the moment anyway, we paused to watch her and her guys get it on. Claire's an expert at giving blowjobs. Rick claims she gets him off faster than he can with his own hand, but she was in no hurry. She took her time, gradually building her man's excitement, licking and sucking him and letting him fuck her mouth.

Her guy held her head, and said, "That's some hot mouth you got, you white whore. Suck my black dick. I've got a present for a come-sucking bitch like you. After I shoot my load in your cheating mouth, I'm gonna fuck your married, white cunt. I'll send you home to your husband with a belly full of black sperm and another load running down your legs."

His conversation lagged as his excitement grew until he became nearly incoherent. Finally, all he could say was "Fuck, yes," each time her head descended his shaft. Claire continued working on him and teasing him until he begged her. "Please. Let me come, you fucking bitch."

When she took him over the edge he let out a shout and unloaded his first jet in her mouth. She raised up off his cock and continued jerking him off, spreading his semen on her face. She finished by taking him back in her mouth gently sucking him until he softened.

"This is amazing," he said. "I haven't had a woman give me head since last year's convention in Vegas. Now both of you nasty white bitches have sucked me off and I loved every second. The two of you are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most talented cocksuckers that have ever gone down on me. I am so glad Stewart decided to share you two with us. Hurry up, Jerry. Now that this bitch has blown me, I'm anxious to find out if her cunt is as hot as her mouth."

"Be patient," Jerry said. "You distracted me and you're just going to have to wait until I'm done fucking her butt."

"Well, get on with it then."

"Don't worry," Claire said. "You'll have your chance. The night is young and I'm still horny." Jerry began fucking her in earnest and the last thing I saw before my lovers demanded my undivided attention was Claire, her shoulders flat on the mattress, ass in the air, and a big smile on her face as her lover plowed her butt.

Me and my guys shared very good climaxes, and after they finished coming in me, we were lying in a pile, enjoying our afterglow when Claire got up and came over to my bed.

"Would you help me out, Cat Woman. My guys left me pretty messy and I thought our studs might like to watch us clean each other up."

We lay down face-to-face. I kissed her then licked the sperm off her cheeks and forehead. Gathering it in my mouth, I raised my head. Claire opened wide and I let a string of come slide from my lips into her mouth. The guys groaned.

"I think they liked that," Claire said, "so, let's give them a little more. From where I am all I can see are limp dicks. I'll bet some girl-on-girl pussy-eating will stiffen them up nicely." We got into a sixty-nine with me on top and, as she predicted, it was very effective. Within minutes we both had cocks trying to share our pussies with our tongues.

After that, the sex was a blur of black cocks. I fucked and sucked all the men, Stewart included. They screwed me one at a time as well as in combinations and Claire was similarly occupied. I loved the intensity of the lust. It was everything I'd hoped it would be.

When the guys began slowing down, I was happy to find my big-dicked lover, Jerry, back in my arms. We kissed for awhile before he spent some delicious moments sucking my nipples. I masturbated his limber dick hoping I'd get a rise out it. A perfect finish for my night of lust would having him fuck me again.

Fortunately, we were on the same page. Putting a couple of fingers in me, he said, "You've got a very hot and messy pussy, white lady. I want to enjoy you one more time, but my cock doesn't want to cooperate. Can you help me?"

I had a stake in getting him hard if I wanted him to fuck me, so I said, "I'm very helpful." Then I bent down and kissed the head of it.

"Take my black cock in your sexy mouth, bitch. Work it until you get me stiff," he said, rolling onto his back. I did as ordered, kissing, licking, and trying to suck his monster until I felt it stir. It started growing in my hand and I began to really work him over sucking his balls and licking his shaft in addition to my less than successful efforts at blowing him. All I could fit in my mouth was the swollen purple head of his dick. Frustrated, I tried for more, but only made myself gag. So I did what I could, using my tongue and lips while I jerked his massive shaft with both hands. My efforts were rewarded as he continued hardening nicely.

When he was fully erect I raised up and examined my handiwork. I don't know how to explain it exactly, but his hard-on hadn't gotten any longer. It just sort of inflated. His prick was actually about the same length as Rick's, I guessed. But the difference was in how big around it was. The diameter of his organ increased enormously, like a cone, getting wider as it approached his groin.

No wonder it had felt like he was driving a wedge into me the first time we fucked--he was. Now that I knew what I was in for, I wanted to feel him hammering that big piece of meat into me again stretching my vagina to the limit once more. I went back down on him to get him really wet, sucking his cock until he pulled me up the bed and kissed me.

Even kissing this guy was erotic. I loved the feel of his full, meaty lips and oversized tongue. When I said, "Give me some tongue." He filled my mouth with it and I sucked his tongue just like I had his cock.
"I think I'm ready to go, slut. Lie down so I can push my black dick into your white cunt." I did and he got between my thighs. I raised myself, leaning on my elbows so I could watch his black pole enter me and take possession of my pussy. Just like the first time, his initial penetration stretched me so much that I was uncomfortable, but this time we were face to face. My sharp intake of breath alerted him and he paused.

Kissing me again, he said, "My wife claims this damned, big cock of mine hurts her, so she rarely lets me fuck her any more. You did fine the first time so I'll just take it slow so you can get used to me."

"Thanks, lover. I'll be ready in a minute."

"Your friend wouldn't take me in her cunt, but she let me fuck her ass. I thought that was a bit strange."

"Sometimes Wonder Woman has difficulty taking big dicks in her pussy, but she fucks Stewart regularly. So maybe she just wanted you to fuck her butt. She's a full-service girl. She didn't have a problem pleasing you, did she?"

"No, she was terrific. She got me off in her mouth after I came in her butt. I've only done a girl's ass once before and I had to pay her a lot before she'd let me screw her back door."

I kissed him, enjoying another mouthful of tongue, and then said, "Your poor wife doesn't know what she's missing. She needs to learn how to relax. I'm fine now--excellent in fact. I love the way you're making me feel. Stuff that big prick in my cunt and fuck me until I come, you black stud."

"You sexy, white bitches have given me more fucking in one night than I've had in the past year."

"Well, if you start moving that cock of yours, you're going to get even more."

He did and together we climbed the golden stairs to heaven. I have no idea how many climaxes I enjoyed, but, like those heavenly stairs, each one took me higher than the last as he screwed me. We kept on kissing while he fucked me and the combination of his wet mouth, his tongue against mine, and the touch of his soft lips all added to my lust. I thrust my hips upwards meeting him as he drove his cock into my greedy pussy. I know I made a lot of noise and at one point Claire came over to check on me. My guy was sweating and pumping hard when she leaned in and kissed me.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm better than okay. I'm fucking fabulous." I barely managed to choke out the words before I surrendered to yet another orgasm.

I was almost sorry when he came, but his climax was not to be denied. My lover let out a yell and unloaded his nuts. He remained in me, his cock gradually softening and I was sorry when he slipped out of my thoroughly screwed pussy.

We continued lying together while kissing and cuddling. "I have to tell you, you beautiful white lady. You are one wonderful lover, so generous, and so very sensuous. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving me such an intense sexual experience. As a matter of fact, this whole scene has far exceeded my expectations. Your sexy friend is also a most passionate woman." He smiled. "You two be sure and thank your husbands for me. Lending you girls to us horny guys was very generous of them."

"Claire's husband is back on the east coast so she decided to do this on her own. But my husband knows and like I told you he encouraged me to party with you guys. I'll be sure and tell him what you said. As for you, you were simply terrific, Jerry. Thanks for the kind words and all the great sex. My friend and I have never done anything like this before and we were nervous going in, but it certainly has worked out well. You and your friends have made this a special night for me. My husband is going to love hearing every lecherous detail of our adventure." I kissed him one last time, and said, "Thanks again, lover. I've really enjoyed myself."

As he got off the bed, he looked over at Stewart, glanced at his watch, and said, "It's getting late. I told my wife I was playing poker with the guys and, in a sense, that's true." He gestured at me. "I certainly did 'poke' her. You made excellent choices, Stewart. I've enjoyed both of these women very much. Thanks for setting up a great party." When I stood up to go to the bathroom, Jerry was pulling on his pants and I was taken aback when I realized that he was shorter than me. This guy played basketball?

After that, things broke up quickly. All the guys kissed Claire and me goodbye, thanking us as they got dressed, copping a last feel on their way out the door.

When they were gone, Stewart asked us if we wanted to shower, but we told him we'd wait until we got home. He said he'd meet us at the car and went to check out.

Claire and I looked at each other and burst into laughter. "Shit, Beth," she said. "Can you believe what we just did? That was some really nasty fun. I had a blast."

"Amazing, we just fucked five guys apiece and I'm so revved up that I feel like I could take on more. When I look at you, I don't have any trouble believing what we've been up to. You're a fucking mess, honey. You're covered in come. It's running down your legs and you've got gobbets of it in your hair."

"Look in the mirror, Beth. You're slimed too. Your last guy really dropped a load in you. You're wet to the ankles."

I looked down. She was right. "And this is after I sat on the pot and squeezed out a bunch. I'm ready to get out of here," I said.

"I don't want to get come all over my costume," Claire said, taking a laundry bag from the closet. "Let's just load our things in this." We gathered up our scattered clothes, threw on our long, hooded cloaks, and then bare-assed naked under them, we headed for the car.

When we got there Stewart was waiting as promised. Claire and I high-fived him and she said, "We've agreed. Our mission here was a success. Cat Woman and I ruled. Take us home, Stewart."

I got in next to him and Claire climbed in the back. Just for the hell of it, I opened my cloak and flashed him before the dome light turned out. "Jesus, Beth. You're naked."

"You're a keen observer, aren't you," I said.

"Where you two ladies are concerned, I'm very keen," he said, putting his hand over my muff. "You're very beautiful, Beth. I never tire of seeing your lovely body."

"What a nice thing to say," I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He slipped a couple of fingers in me and said, "Lady, you've got a very messy pussy."

I removed his hand from me and sucked his fingers clean.

"How does it taste?" Claire asked.

"Very nice--a well-blended mixed drink for sure."

"I watched you and your last guy getting it on," she said. "He did one hell of a job of blending it. Give me a taste." Stewart dipped his fingers in me again and held out to his fingers to Claire who sucked them. "Yeah, that's very tasty. Like Davy might describe it--a spontaneous blend of five different essences to create the perfect sperm cocktail."

"Shit, ladies. You're too much," Stewart said, starting the car.

"Your friends seemed to enjoy themselves," Claire said. "I hope you didn't mind when I stopped that one guy from acting like an asshole. He was close to getting out of line."

"You sure fixed his attitude, Claire," I said. "When he fucked me, he was actually gentle, almost affectionate."

"God, no, Claire. That wasn't a problem," Stewart said. "We've never done anything like this before and you kept things from getting crazy. Both you girls were terrific--a couple of sex maniacs. On top of that, I enjoyed screwing you myself."

"The short guy with the fat dick sure was something," Claire said. "I'm glad I let him fuck me in the ass. Boy, that was a trip. It felt like I had a baseball bat up there."

"I hope he didn't hurt you. He's having troubles at home. He claims that his wife tells him his dick is too big and grudgingly gives him the occasional hand job."

"He didn't hurt me one bit. You know me," Claire said, laughing. "I was coming after his first half-dozen strokes."

"He had you a couple of times too, didn't he Beth?"

"Yeah. At first, I didn't know if I'd be able to take him on, but fortunately he was gentle and I really enjoyed having him do me after I got accustomed to his size. By the way, what does he do for a living?"

"Jerry's a cardiologist," Stewart said. "For obvious reasons, we call him Shorty."

"You're kidding," Claire said. "A fucking heart doctor. Well, I'll be damned."

"All the guys are professional men. In addition to the good doctor, you ladies were screwed by a veterinarian, an accountant, and another dentist."

"They were pretty generous with racist trash-talk for professional men," I said.

"That kind of surprised me too, but one of them told me they'd been watching a "Blacks on Blondes" DVD that I rented for them. I didn't preview it before I gave it to them. After all, I have my very own blondes and you girls are real--no lame porno shit for me."

"That's a nice thing to say," I said, putting his hand on my muff. "Flattering us like that will likely get you laid."

"All I knew about the video was that it featured black men and white women which seemed appropriate subject matter for the evening. Then, come to find out, those black actors make trashing their white sluts an art form. The guys were just parroting that stupid shit back thinking that was the way white women like to be treated. I'm sorry about that."

"Don't be," I said. "It was a sexy novelty and added to my enjoyment. How come you've never treated me like a slut?"

"Would you like me to?"

I kissed his cheek and put my hand over his which was still in my crotch. "Just keep on treating me the way you do. I like that a lot."

"Funny, but that talk kind of turned me on too," Claire said. "We all knew it was just nonsense."

"Well I'm glad you feel that way. But if we all get together again, I'll ask them to tone it down."

"Speaking of getting together," I said. "If Shorty needs a little more first aid to help him deal with his lack of sex at home I might be willing to oblige. Screwing him was definitely a trip. His poor wife doesn't know what she's missing."

"Maybe we could do him together," Claire said, as we pulled into our driveway. "I'll bet we could really ring his chimes."

"Why don't you two stay over," I said. "It's late, and I don't like sleeping alone."

"How about it, Claire. Would you like to stay?" Stewart asked.

"I always like sleeping with Beth. But, what about your kids?"

"They're staying over with friends," I said, unlocking the door. "They both love roller coasters, so they're going to Cedar Point Amusement Park on Sunday. They won't be home until they've been on every ride and that'll be late afternoon. We'll have plenty of time to enjoy a wicked party of our own."

"That sounds good to me," Stewart said, giving my sex an affectionate squeeze. "Let's get cleaned up and go to bed."

We showered together, and despite the sexy remarks about partying, after drying one another off we fell asleep in each other's arms. I woke up horny, as always, and after I gave Stewart a bit of head he rose to the occasion. I straddled his hips and took him in me. When I began to ride him, Claire awoke.

"Is this a private event or can I join in?"

"Please do," Stewart said. "The only thing I like better than fucking one of you women is screwing you two at a time. Why don't you sit on my face, Claire. You know how much I love having you do that."

She did as he suggested and our excellent stud paced himself and succeeded in giving us each a delightful orgasm. To thank him Claire and I double-teamed him blowing him until he came in our mouths and on our faces.

When Rick got back from his trip he wanted to hear every detail of my adventure. As I'd promised I told him the whole gory story and it was obvious that he was intrigued.

"It sure sounds like you had fun. I wish I could have been there. I would have loved to see you and Claire doing that big-dicked guy."

"He was definitely different, honey. If we do something like this again, I'll make sure you're included."

"I'd like that," he said.

About ten days later, I got a call from Stewart. "You really made an impression on Jerry. He's called me several times, pestering me. He wants to get together with you again."

"Like I told you, I'd be up for that. Claire and I could meet him..."

He interrupted. "He's only interested in you."

"Really. That's strange. I got the impression he enjoyed Claire a lot."

"That's right. He told me how much he enjoyed her, but he has something different in mind. Did you tell him Rick gets off on watching other men fuck you?"

"I might have said something about that."

"Well, that's what he wants. He wants to screw you while your husband is watching."

"Oh, my," I said. "I'll check with Rick, but I'm sure he'll want to do this. Can you tell me how he wants to set it up? It wouldn't be convenient to entertain him at our place."

"He was pretty explicit about the arrangements. He wants to take you both out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. That way he can meet Rick and get to know you both a little better. He wants to make sure that all three of you are comfortable with that scenario before things get serious."

"That sounds good to me," I said. "Not only do I get screwed, I get dinner too."

"Such a deal, huh. There's more. After dinner, his plan is for the three of you to retire to your cozy bedroom where you and Jerry will have sex while Rick watches."

"So far so good," I said. "I don't think I'll have any trouble selling that to Rick."

"One more detail. After Jerry is done screwing you, he wants Rick to have sex with you. He says he wants to watch your husband getting sloppy seconds on you knowing that it's Jerry's sperm in his wife's well-used pussy. I don't know why, but it appears that this is a big deal for him. So, not wanting to spoil his little drama, I didn't tell him that you and I and Rick do that all the time."

"Christ, that's explicit enough. Just having you tell me all this shit is making me wet."

"That's my girl. So, that's what he's looking for." "Yeah," I said. "I know what he's looking for all right. He's looking to tap my pussy again and have Rick be our audience while he does it. That sounds pretty good to me. I'll talk to my hubby this evening and get back to you."

We were in bed when I told Rick about Jerry's proposition and his response was just what I anticipated-- major enthusiasm to say the least.

"Shit, honey. This has all the elements that turn us both on. Call Stewart and see if we can get together soon. How about Saturday night?"

The next morning I informed Stewart about our decision. When he got back to me a bit later, he said, "God, Beth. I feel like your pimp. You got something to write with?"

"Just a sec," I said, rummaging for a pen.

"Okay. Here goes. You and Rick have a dinner date. It's for seven o'clock on Saturday at David's Restaurant. That's in the Marriot downtown at the Key Center. Jerry's arranged for a room there. He says to plan on spending the night. He'll meet you guys in the lobby at six-thirty and show you to the room to drop off your overnight bag before you go to dinner."

"This guy is definitely into organization," I said. "Did he say how he wanted me to dress? I assume my Cat Woman costume wouldn't be appropriate."

He laughed. "No, I've been to that restaurant. Folks dress up when they dine there. I know he likes red and you look terrific in that dress I've seen you wearing."

"Okay, Stewart. Tell him we'll be there. By the way, you make a very good pimp."

On Saturday, just before six-thirty, we pulled up in front of the hotel. Rick got our bag out of the back before the valet took the car. We walked into the lobby and when Jerry saw me he flashed us a wide smile. As we approached each other Rick put a proprietary arm around my waist. I wasn't sure why he did that, but guessed it was an act of possession or something.

In his dark-blue, three-piece suit, even as short as he was, Jerry looked the part of a professional man. I towered over him in my heels and actually had to bend down to offer him my cheek. When his lips brushed my skin their touch sent a shiver of memories through me. He may have been the shortest man I'd ever screwed, but he packed a punch--and the right equipment. Tonight, he looked very handsome and very black and I wanted him very much.

I'd forgotten how dark he was. His skin glistened in the light. It was going to be a trip having Rick watch this compact, jet-black man make love to me with his giant schlong. The lust worms in my groin changed to butterflies and took flight.

"You look gorgeous this evening, Cat Woman--such a lovely gown. You're even more beautiful than I remembered."

"I'm not Cat Woman tonight, Jerry. Tonight I'm Beth and this is my husband, Rick."

The men shook hands. "I'm very pleased to meet you, Rick. I want to thank you and your lovely wife for indulging me. I hope you're looking forward to this evening as much as I am."

"She's told me a good deal about her previous get together with you and I expect that this will be very...entertaining."

"I assure you. I'll do my best to please you both. Come along now and I'll show you to the room. We can leave your things there before we go down to dinner."

Picking up our little bag he led the way and we rode the elevator up to the tenth floor. When he opened the door of a room half-way down the hall with a card key we stepped into a very pretty room. A king-sized bed pretty much dominated the space. At its foot was a comfortable-looking chair and I saw Rick check it out. That would likely be where he'd spend some time a bit later.

When the door closed, Jerry turned to Rick, and said, "I'm really excited that you two agreed to meet me. When we were together before Beth told me that not only do you let her go with other men, but you also like to watch when they're having sex with her."

"What she told you is true," Rick said. "That's why we're here."

"And I'm very happy about that. After your beautiful wife told me about your quirk I've been obsessed with the images that appear in my mind. I picture me making love to her and envision you perhaps cheering us on while you witness your spouse's passion, her enjoyment as I fuck her. In my imagination you tell me how much you like seeing my black body covering her whiteness. The possibility that my fantasy could become reality so overwhelmed me that I couldn't resist. I called Stewart and asked him to contact Beth and give her my proposal."

"I'm glad you did," Rick said. "What Beth told you is true. Seeing her with a lover is always a special treat for me. I'm a hardcore voyeur. I'm just sorry I couldn't have been there when you and your friends partied with her and Claire."

Jerry smiled. "Good. I hoped that might be the case. Tonight, my sincerest wish for is for you to enjoy yourself as much as your wife and I will. Do you, as her husband, have boundaries I need to observe?"

"Beth's told me how exciting it was for her to be with you and your friends, and in particular, how much she enjoyed you. She wanted to be with you again and that's why we're here. I like pleasing my wife. She's an independent woman, but we're partners for life. We make decisions together, like us coming here tonight, but she sets her own limits. Whatever the two of you decide you'd like to do will be fine by me. She told me you that and your friends used some pretty crude language."

"I'm sorry about that and It won't happen..."

"No," Rick said. "She liked it. Please--talk dirty to her."

"Maybe later." He smiled. "So you want me use gutter language when we're making love, Beth."

"That was a new experience for me," I said, "a sexy novelty and I hope you'll talk to me that way tonight."

"I'll certainly try, Beth. Right now, I'd like your husband's permission to touch you like a lover. Maybe even steal a kiss. Then we'll go to dinner."
"Be my guest," Rick said, smiling at me. "I'll regard watching you two as my appetizer."

The poor guy was so needy that I felt sorry for him, so I said, "We could skip dinner and begin now. I wouldn't mind."

He put his arms around me and pulled me tight against his body. I'm only five-foot-four, but in my three-inch, stiletto heels, I was perhaps five inches taller than he, so I lowered my face and we kissed, his full lips brushing mine ever so gently.

"There's no need to hurry," he said. "We have all night and I plan to savor every moment that we're together, you lovely promiscuous wife." He kissed me again and this time his tongue touched my lips. I opened and let him fill my mouth with it. Then I pushed my hips against him feeling his growing erection against my thigh. His hands slid down my back to hold my ass and press me against himself. He finally broke our kiss and took a deep breath. Then, as if struggling with himself, he released me and stepped back.

"Beth, my sexual attraction to you is even stronger than I remembered. I was concerned that I might have magnified your sensuality in my mind, but happily, I was wrong. You are more exciting in person than my treasured memories of you. God, Rick. You're so lucky to have a wife like Beth--such a passionate woman. She is really turning me on," he said, gesturing at his tented trousers.

"She's very good at that," my husband said.

"Let's go to dinner and get to know each other better before we take this any further," Jerry said, adjusting the front of his pants. Rick did the same.

Downstairs, Jerry spoke to the Maitre d' and I saw money change hands. We were shown to a secluded table with a banquette for two on one side, and a comfortable chair opposite. I slipped onto the bench seat and indicated that Jerry should join me. He looked inquiringly at Rick who nodded then slid in next to me.

Like our encounter in Boston, over the course of the next couple of hours we ate and chatted and laughed learning more about one another. And, just as in Boston, the leisurely dinner accompanied by touching and flirting and plenty of wine was very effective foreplay.

We began with appetizers--a dozen oysters on the half-shell of course. Rick smiled as Jerry fed me the raw shellfish--shades of Boston. He only had two while Jerry and I split the other ten. Our host ordered a bottle of white wine from France a Sauvignon Blanc from the Sancerre region. I know that for a fact, because I still have the label which came off in the ice bucket. The wine was delicious, a perfect accompaniment for the oysters.

"Would you mind if I told you what prompted my invitation to you and your lovely wife, Rick. My side of the story, as it were," Jerry said.

"I'd like to hear that," Rick said.

"Fine. Here's to an exciting evening," Jerry said, raising his glass. They both smiled at me and we drank. "About a month ago, our regular circle of friends met for a friendly game of poker. There are six of us, all black professional men, and we get together fairly regularly. My good friend Stewart whom I've known since he started his practice is one of the group. After the game that night, he came right out and told us that he had a lady friend, a married white woman, who was interested in meeting a half-dozen black men for no-holds-barred sex."

"That would be Claire. She's quite adventurous," Rick said.

"At first, we were taken aback. Our group had never done anything of this nature before, so none of us committed to anything that night. But, like myself, curiosity and lust overcame caution and four of us called Stewart separately to say we'd help entertain his lady." He patted my thigh and refilled our glasses emptying the bottle.

"Do you like this wine, Beth? Should I order another bottle?"

"Please do, Jerry. This is delicious and and I'm enjoying this a lot. I like hearing your take on our adventure. I've shared my side of the story with Rick so don't worry about revealing details he hasn't heard. I have no secrets from him."

"I'll speak freely then, my dear," he said, signalling for another bottle. "Something else that had a bearing on my decision to meet with Claire--such a pretty name for a very pretty lady--is the fact that my wife is no longer interested in sex and I was at a loss to know where to turn for some physical satisfaction. The idea of hiring women for sex is repugnant to me. After considering Stewart's proposal I decided this event was an opportunity I simply couldn't pass up."

The wine came and after the steward opened it he refilled our glasses. "Perhaps we should order our dinners now. Are you hungry, Beth?"

"I am," I said, resting my hand on his thigh, "and dinner isn't the only thing I'm hungry for." He beamed at me.

"I'm happy to hear you say that," he said, asking the waiter for menus. After perusing mine for about three minutes I decided on lamb chops and a tossed salad. I needed something that would sit easily in my stomach and not fill me up too much. My lover would certainly take care of the filling-up later. The guys ordered steaks, baked potatoes, and salads.

The second bottle of white wine was disappearing faster than the first and Jerry ordered a Cabernet to go with dinner.

"Do you mind if I ask why your wife doesn't want to have sex any more?" Rick asked.

"It's kind of an embarassing problem, but the fact is she claims my penis is too big for her."

"She doesn't know what she's missing," I said. "Your penis is wonderful."

He smiled at me, showing about a square foot of white teeth then turned to Rick. "Your lovely wife had no trouble coping with my size. Did you, my darling?"

"No problem at all," I said, feeling like an actress in a Fellini flick. This shit was unreal. Here we were, the three of us sitting at a table in an upscale restaurant, a husband, a wife, and her prospective lover, who just happened to be a black man, having a frank conversation about him and me having sex. What was even better was that all three of us knew before this evening was over our dark host would be fucking me while Rick watched him do it. My husband gave me a cockeyed smile.

Our salads arrived and hungry as I was I wolfed mine down.

"To continue my story, Stewart called and told us a second woman, like the first married and white, would be joining her friend. He went on to say that he knew both women intimately and that we were in for a treat."

"He was right about that," Rick said.

"The evening of our get-together I was nervous and happy that Stewart had taken care of the arrangements. When you ladies finally arrived, I was amazed and very pleased. I don't know what I expected a couple of fortyish housewives I suppose. But the instant you and your stunning friend, Claire, stepped through the door, I knew I had to have you. You were elegant, Beth, a sexual icon, standing there in your Cat Woman costume."

Dinner arrived at that point and while we were being served the wine steward brought fresh glasses and then poured us each a glass of red. The path leading to me getting screwed was meandering and my lover was moving down it at a snail's pace, but Jerry's sex talk was approaching the explicit part of our evening and I had high hopes that would speed him up.

Jerry took a bite of steak chewed and swallowed and then washed it down with a generous dollop of wine. After dabbing at his sexy lips with his napkin, he continued. "So, we paired up, Rick. Two guys on each girl and I was fortunate to share your lovely wife with one of my friends. Together we removed Beth's costume and when she was naked one thing led to another. I wish you could have been there to see her in action. My friend enjoyed Beth's expert oral talents while I had intercourse with her in what is commonly referred to as the 'doggy' position."

"Hell, I wish I could have seen the entire party."

"If we do something like that again, I'll try to include you. Where was I? Oh, yes. During our threesome, I learned that you not only allow your lovely spouse to have lovers, but you also enjoy seeing her having sex with them. The circumstances surrounding my discovery were more hardcore than what I mentioned upstairs. When I asked her that question, about whether you liked watching, her mouth was full of my friend's penis, but she managed to nod in the affirmative. This is good wine. Should I order us another bottle?"

"I'd like another glass," I said, amused by Rick's expression as he listened to this clinical and rather pedantic description of me sucking and fucking two men. Having Jerry tell us about that night was bringing it back to life for me. That had been an exciting encounter and I wasn't surprised to find that he was turning me on. I was definitely heating up. I could feel myself getting wet, but I could wait. I wanted to see where he was leading us. Rick and I exchanged glances, his half-smile and slight nod told me that he too was intrigued with our strange host and his peculiar and sexy narrative.

The fourth bottle of wine came just as we finished dinner. That wasn't a problem. The steward opened the bottle and filled our glasses. Rick and I sat sipping and listening to Jerry, and hopefully, heading toward our main event.

"That entire evening was a delightful surprise. I enjoyed every moment right from the introduction of the two lovely ladies to the utter carnality of our communal rutting. After Beth and I experienced our first delightful and mutual climax my friend and I traded places with the other two other fellows who had just enjoyed Claire's favors. I was amazed when she volunteered to share an anal encounter with me. That delight was something I'd only experienced one time before--a long time ago. I don't have words to describe how much I enjoyed fucking Claire's lovely ass."

"She is amazing. Isn't she. I think she prefers anal over vaginal intercourse," Rick said.

"That's what your wife told me. After a brief rest while us guys watched your wife and Claire indulge in some lesbian loveplay, I joined my friends in various acts of intercourse with both of the girls. Toward the end of the evening, the finale for Beth and me was when she helped me achieve another erection and we had relations one last time. This was a special treat for me. We indulged in face-to-face intercourse, very tender, very intimate, ending in a spectacular climax for both of us." He paused and we all took another swallow of wine.

"I hope you two are going to give me an instant replay tonight," Rick said.

Jerry smiled at me and I nodded. Then he looked at my husband and said, "I think you can plan on that, Rick."

"Good, I'm really looking forward to seeing that."

"And you're going to get an eyeful, honey" I said, giving Jerry a light kiss on the cheek.

"So Beth's remark about me liking to watch her have sex with other men made you decide that you wanted to get together with us two rather than, say, having her and Claire together. Right."

"That's right. After the party, I found myself dwelling on Beth's revelation and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to fuck your lady with you watching. How do you two deal with jealousy, Rick? I doubt that many husbands enjoy seeing their wives have sex with other men and I presume she's seen you with other women."

"Your presumption is correct. For instance, the lovely Claire and I enjoy each other regularly and I have other lovers as well. The secret to our relationship is that Beth and I separate sex and love. We love one another and have sex with our friends--and I like to watch her in action."

"I see," he said. "That's interesting. Too bad my wife would never agree to such a straightforward arrangement. I think she'd be a happier woman if she had good sex." He sat back poured the last of the wine into our glasses and smiled at Rick.

"Your relationship is remarkable and I'm glad it works for you. The proof of that is having you two here with me as the three of us look forward to a night of carnal delight. You, Rick, are going to witness me fucking your beautiful wife in every position I can dream up and for as many times as I can manage." He turned to me then put his hand under the table and rested it on my thigh.

"That sounds fantastic," Rick said, "and what's even better, this time I'll be right there to see you doing it."

"How about it, you cheating wife. Is that what you want too?"

"God, yes, lover. I want you to screw me until I can't see straight."

"Good, it's simple then, Beth. All I have to do to make you both happy is fuck you silly. This is a winner for all three of us, Rick. Now that I've told you about making love to your sexy wife, it's time to show you how excited she becomes when we have sex."

Rick nodded and said, "I'm ready. Let's go."

Jerry folded his napkin and signalled for the check. After signing it he looked over at Rick and smiled then he raised his glass. "To us," he said and we drained our glasses.

"Are you ready, Beth?" he asked, sliding his hand up my thigh under my dress and cupping my mound. "My goodness. She's really wet, Rick."

Shivering in anticipation, I said, "I can't wait another minute."

"Okay, Rick," he said. "Let's take this cheating cunt of yours upstairs so I can fuck her brains out."

We shared the elevator with another couple and we didn't mess around on the way up, but that changed the moment the door to our room closed behind us and I kicked off my heels so Jerry and I would be eye-to-eye.

He took me in his arms and kissed me, his full soft lips pressing on mine, our mouths opening to each other, tongues tasting. I put my hands on his ass, pressing him against me, feeling the heat of his delicious hard-on burning against my belly.

Rick settled into his chair caught my eye and smiled at me--a happy camper.

Tasting my lover's mouth made me want more, so I sank to my knees and unzipped his pants. I reached in and extracted his beautiful, black whopper from his shorts. I gave the head of it a lingering kiss as I held his shaft in both hands.

"Holy shit," Rick said. "Now that's a cock. Are you sure you haven't bitten off more than you can chew?"

"You know I don't chew on cocks, honey. I just suck them." I looked up at Jerry and jerked his hard-on with both hands. "Do you like having me touch you, lover?"

"Immensely," he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

Rick laughed. "Immense is a rather good choice of words, considering the size of your prick. Tell me, Jerry. Do you ever feel faint when you get a hard-on--you know--from all that blood rushing into your cock?"

"Never have and that's not going to happen tonight," he said, moaning as I licked the purple knob on the end of his dick while gazing up at him.

"You have such beautiful eyes, Beth. I like having you look up at me while you're licking my cock, you blue-eyed whore. I want you to see that you're making love to a black man's dick." I was surprised at the pleasurable jolt I got from his crude comment. After I spent several minutes kissing and licking him from his balls to his knob, he put his hands on my head. I knew what he wanted, and opening as wide as I could, I took the entire head of it into my mouth.

"That's perfect, you lovely slut wife. Suck my dick and show your husband how much you love having it in your mouth." He tasted good and felt even better--silky-smooth against my tongue.

"That's one amazing cock, Beth. I can see why you wanted to be with Jerry again. I've never seen anything like the dick you've got jammed in your face. You'd have to unhinge your jaw like a snake to get it in any deeper."

"Your sweet cock-sucker is doing just fine, Rick. The sexy tongue and hot mouth you love to kiss are pleasing me very much," Jerry said, looking me in the eyes and stroking my cheek.

"Would you like to come in my mouth?" I asked, jerking his cock with both hands and running my tongue around the head. "You didn't get a chance to do that the last time we were together."

"I'd love to. That would help relieve the pressure I'm feeling. I'm so damned hot I'd never last long enough to make you come if we started fucking right away. How about it, Rick? Are you ready to see me empty my nuts in your wanton bitch's hot mouth?"

"Oh, yeah, Jerry. Give it to her."

"I want you to swallow my sperm when I come, you cheating cunt. That way we'll all know that you have my black sperm in your belly."

"With pleasure," I said. "I love the taste of come. Let's get these pants off you so I can do my best work." I undid his belt buckle and helped him out of his pants and shorts. Then I settled down in front of him and checked to make sure Rick had a good view. "How's this, honey. Can you see okay?"

"That's perfect, Beth. Now blow his socks off."

"Okay, guys. Leave the driving to me," I said and went to work. If he was as hot as he claimed, this wouldn't take long. Holding him in my mouth, I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock while I masturbated him, maintaining eye contact until his dark, brown eyes closed. It only took about five minutes before he let out a shout and then the result of two weeks of anticipation, plus a couple of hours of sexy talk, surged out of his nuts and into my mouth.

He held my head steady as come jetted from his cock. I swallowed his semen. Gulping down squirt after squirt. This guy was so full of come that he got ahead of me and a strand escaped my mouth. When he saw it drooling down my chin Jerry surprised me. He reached his hand down and caught his sperm before it soiled my red dress. Taking his hand, I licked every drop from his pink palm.

I glanced over at Rick. His pants were around his ankles and he was jerking his cock as he watched us.

"Bravo," he said, giving me a thumbs up. "That was so fucking hot, Beth. You were a sight with his black dick jammed in your face and your red lips stretched tight around his shaft. I nearly came along with him."

I milked the last drops of come from Jerry's dick and caught them on my tongue. I made a show of swallowing them, then looked up at him, and licked my lips.

"Good to the last drop," I said, kissing his softening cock."

"Beth, not only are you a marvelous cocksucker, you're a very nasty girl. Look at your cheating wife, Rick. She's so pretty in her red gown down on her knees making love to my black dick. I'd like to see you kiss her now that she's just sucked me off. Do you think you could do that?"

"Sure," he said, getting out of his chair and onto his knees beside me. He put an arm around me as I milked a couple more drops from Jerry's cock and let them fall on my outstretched tongue. Then I turned to him and we kissed. When our mouths opened to each other I shared that last bit of semen with my husband.

Jerry put his hand on my head and stroked my hair. "Your wife is beautiful, Rick and so very wicked. I really enjoyed coming in your blonde cocksucker's mouth. Can you taste me on her tongue?"

"Yeah," he answered. "And after you come in her I'll taste you in her cunt."

"I'm looking forward to that. I've enjoyed having you watch her suck my cock so much that I can hardly wait to have you see me fuck her."

"She does give good head, doesn't she?"

"She sure does and I loved every second I was in her hot mouth. You're lucky to have such a talented wife," he said, brushing my hair aside so my husband could see me rubbing his slippery, ebony dick on my come-slick cheek. I turned loose of his cock then reached up loosened his tie.

"Let's finish getting you naked, you handsome stud," I said, unbuttoning his shirt and removing it. I even removed his socks. Then I paused for a moment to admire his compact coal-black body before leaning over and kissing his softened cock another time.

Rick got up and quickly removed his clothes. For a change, I was the only one still dressed.
"Get up off your knees and stand in front of me, you shameless whore. Come closer, Rick. I want you to help me strip your slut-wife naked." Rick complied scooting his chair over to within a couple of feet of us.

Jerry reached out and putting a hand on my hip, said, "You're so lovely in that dress. It flatters your voluptuous figure, Beth. Red is definitely your color. Now, you fucking adulterous bitch, show me your body. Lift the hem of your skirt so I can see your panties." I did as asked raising my skirt until I was exposed from the waist down. Jerry took a deep breath and said, "You have an absolutely stunning figure, you white slut, even better then I remembered. I hoped your panties would be red and, to my delight, they are. Having you model them for my pleasure is an extra treat. I forget. Does your pubic fur match your beautiful, blonde hair?"

"Take a peek," I said, turning down the front of my thong with a free hand. Rick likes my pubic hair, so I have quite a thatch and it is dirty blonde. Jerry put a dark hand on my abdomen and stroked down, petting my muff like one pets a cat.

"Gorgeous," he said. "My black cock is going to contrast perfectly against your blonde thatch when I'm inside you. Your husband is going to enjoy seeing that."

He turned to Rick and said, "Look how pretty your cheating slut wife is, standing there with her skirt up around her waist with her tiny panties and thigh high stockings in full view. She's shameless, an adulterous whore who enjoys showing her private parts to a black man. I see why you share Beth with other men. She's just too spectacular to keep for your exclusive pleasure. I can tell by your hard-on that you like showing off your sensuous bitch the same way other men like showing off a new Porsche."

"You're right," Rick said. "Having new lovers admire her really turns me on. She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Oh, yeah. She's a sight to behold and what's even better inside that beautiful body beats the heart of a promiscuous slut."

I was getting tired of holding my skirt up. "My bra matches my panties. Would you two like to see it?" I asked.

"In a moment, cunt. But first, let your husband and me savor this moment. We've got all night."

He drew me toward himself, holding both my hips now, and pressed his face to my sex outside my panties.

"God, Rick. Her pussy smells so good. I barely got a chance to taste her the last time we were together so this time I want to suck your wife's pussy until she comes."

I started to strip off my thong, but he stopped me. Pulling the crotch of my panty to one side, he kissed my pussy lips and his tongue teased my clit making me squirm with delight.

"She likes that, Rick. Your fucking cunt likes having a black man's tongue in her snatch."

"Oh, yeah. You bet she does," I said, stroking his cheek.

"Show us your bra now," he said, readjusting my thong so it covered my mound again. I turned around so my bottom was toward him.

"You'll have to unzip me first," I said, pushing my butt at him. Putting his arms around my hips he pulled me close and pressed his face against my ass. Then he blew his hot breath right through my dress--a most unusual sensation. He pulled my zipper down opening my dress down to the top of my crack. I turned to face him once more holding the bodice over my breasts.

"Step back so your husband and I can admire your lingerie," he said.

I did as he asked dropping my bodice and standing with my hands on my hips.

"Such a pretty brassiere," Jerry said. "Red flatters your white skin. It's an attractive contrast just like seeing your red lips wrapped around my black cock."

"I'm glad you like me in red. I wore this outfit hoping to please you," I said. "It's also one of Rick's very favorites."

"Your husband has good taste in clothes and even better taste in women," he said. "Come closer so I can remove your lovely gown." He eased it carefully over my hips and handed it to Rick.

"Your fucking slut of a wife looks so sexy standing there in her stockings, tiny panties and red bra. You're a lucky man. If I were married to her I'd have to fuck her at least once a day, but you have it easy. Since you let her sleep with other men, you have help satisfying her depraved lust."

He turned to me and putting a hand between my legs, said, "Tell me, you promiscuous, white wanton. How many lovers have enjoyed this luscious cunt of yours?"

"I don't know right off. I don't keep count," I said, squeezing my breasts in frustration. This slow-paced scene was getting to me. Every time I moved, I was conscious of how wet my pussy was getting. I'd come here to get laid and that's what I wanted.

"I'm ready to have you fuck me," I said, looking at Rick for support. "Are you ready to see him put this big piece of meat in my pussy, darling?" I asked, holding Jerry's throbbing hard-on.

"I'm just the spectator, honey. You two are the players. If you want him to fuck you, you'll have to ask your lover."

"Damn it, Jerry. I'm tired of playing this game. I don't want to pose any more. You've seen me naked. Christ, you've already fucked me a couple of times. I just gave you a blowjob and got you off in my mouth. Now I want your cock in me."

"And that's going to happen, but as I said, we have plenty of time."

"Don't you get it, Beth," Rick said. "He's teasing you just like you ladies tease us guys."

I laughed. Rick was so right. Even though I was loving the attention, the caresses, and the bits of gutter language, I expected to have my sex scenes progress at their usual pace and that wasn't happening with this man. What the hell, I said to myself. I'll just go with the flow and maybe I'll experience something new.

"Okay, lover. Take all the time you want. Just promise me that you'll screw my brains out before check-out time."

Jerry laughed. "That's a promise. Actually, Rick. I was teasing all three of us. Trust me. Anticipation is a powerful aphrodisiac. I've learned just how powerful during the past week after you two agreed to see me."

"It's working for me," my husband said. "So, what's next?"

"I think I'll remove your whore's bra. How about it, cunt. Would that make you happier?"

"At least it's some progress toward getting me laid," I said, turning around so he could reach the clip. He undid it and handed it to Rick. When I turned back to him, he kissed my nipples then sucked them while kneading the cheeks of my ass.

He looked at Rick and said, "Remember the special request I mentioned. I want you to remove Beth's panties so she'll be completely naked. When you do that you'll be giving your permission for me to use her. So, Rick. Are you ready to give your slut wife to me?"

"With pleasure," my husband said, getting on his knees behind me. He hooked his fingers in the side straps of my thong and I wriggled my hip helping him get it off me. "There you go, Jerry. She's all yours. Enjoy my sweet slut."

When I stepped out of my thong, he held it to his nose. He inhaled and then licked the damp spot in the crotch before handing my panties to Jerry who did the same thing. They exchanged grins.

"Nice, huh," Rick said.

"Very nice," Jerry said.

"So, how do I smell, you degenerate assholes?" I asked, with a grin.

"Simply marvelous," Jerry said, casually inserting a finger into my very wet pussy. He stirred it around until I gasped. Then he removed it and sucked it clean. "And your cunt tastes even better. Go ahead. Put your fingers in her, Rick. Get a nice dollop of pussy juice to enjoy. That'll have to last you for awhile, though. Remember, She's mine until I've come in your slut's pussy. After that happens you'll have a chance to enjoy sloppy seconds on her." Rick kissed both my ass-cheeks before inserting three fingers into me. He stirred them around just the way I like and when my hips began to move he removed them and licked them like he would a lollipop.

"Okay, you cheating bitch," Jerry said. "You want me to fuck you, so let's get started. Lie down on the bed. First I'm going to put my tongue deep in your married fuck-hole and eat your juicy, white pussy until you climax for me."

I got in position and opened my thighs. Jerry settled between them and went to work. All the teasing he had done was effective. I was as hot as a wood stove and within minutes his clever tongue had my hips writhing. I heard myself shriek as I enjoyed a barnburner of a climax, one of the most intense orgasms I can remember experiencing from oral alone. Maybe there was something to this slow seduction shit.

I came down thoroughly enjoying the sensations still rippling through my vagina.

"I think she liked it," Rick said from his chair while slowly jerking his cock.

"I know I am," Jerry said. "Your wife is such a responsive bitch. Tell me, Beth. Are you having more fun than the last time we were together now you've got your man here to see us making out?"

"No doubt about it," I said. "We're perfectly matched. He likes to watch and I love to perform for him. By the way, did you enjoy sucking my cunt and having me come for you?" He nodded. "Well, this pussy of mine has been pretty busy. You just ate a well-used cunt. Just imagine all the cocks I've had in me. Hell, you saw your friends using me and watched them shooting their semen into me. Does that picture excite you?"

He laughed. "You are one nasty bitch, Beth. Shame on you for trying to turn the tables on me like that." Looking up at me from between my thighs, his big brown eyes twinkling, he said, "I don't care how many pricks you've had in you. That's just proof that other men find you desirable just as I do. Seeing my friends fuck you one after another was only proof that you're a promiscuous, cheating cunt. If you were a faithful wife, I wouldn't have my face between your legs and my tongue in your sweet pussy while I told you how much you excite me. That would be a pity. So, like Rick, I say, bravo and thank goodness for unfaithful wives like you."

"Trust me. I did faithful for eleven years. It was boring. Screwing other men is what's on my menu from here on out."

"Aside from the obvious pleasure of fucking you, I have one other goal. Whenever another man's cock is stuffed up your delicious cunt, I want you to remember tonight. When you compare me to whoever is between your thighs at the moment I want you to wish it was my black dick in you instead of his."

Giving my pussy a final kiss, he said, "I'm going to fuck you now and show you just what I mean." Getting to his knees he positioned himself to enter me. "When this night is over you'll be my black-cock whore forever." I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his penis. He was hard as steel and very large.

I was conscious of Rick moving around to the foot of the bed so he'd have a better view of Jerry hammering his cone-shaped cock into me. My pervert of a husband was just in time to see that big knob push my vaginal lips apart and enter me.

After his initial penetration my lover paused and we kissed for a bit letting me adapt to his monster. I relaxed for a minute or so, but then lust took over. I put my hands on his butt and thrust my hips toward him.

"You're ready for more black cock aren't you, you sexy bitch?" I nodded. "Then let's show your husband how much you love having me fuck you."

"God, yes," I said. "I've been waiting all evening for this moment and I'm in heat. Give it to me, lover."

"That's the right answer, you shameless whore. Tell your man how much you want my black dick and then talk to me. I want you to beg me to fill your adulterous, white cunt with my black sperm."

This was getting beyond tedious. I just wanted him to screw me. I grabbed his ass, pulled him all the way into me and said, "That's enough bullshit. Fuck me, lover. And do it now."

He got the message. All the while continuing to kiss me, he filled my mouth with his tongue and started moving--slowly at first--but he quickly picked up speed. The sensation of fullness he created inside me was unbelievable. Bolts of sensual lightning exploded in my groin as he wedged ever deeper into me filling my vagina to its absolute limit. I began to climax almost immediately and continued all through the eon or so that he fucked me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him holding him tight as he pounded into me. Rick told me later that I screamed and shrieked and cursed, but held my lover close the entire time he was screwing me. Finally, my stud let out a shout like he'd done when he came in my mouth. I continued holding his ass, feeling his butt muscles contract as he pumped me full--a totally excellent sensation.

We kissed some more and he relaxed on me enjoying his afterglow. "You are a terrific piece of ass, Beth," he said.

"You're not so bad yourself," I said, licking sweat from his face. "I can feel your load in me--all warm and sticky. I like that a lot. This makes two loads you've given me this evening. I sincerely hope you've got a lot more like those."

"We'll see," he said. "I've just thought of another reason for Rick to lend you out. It would be a crime to keep you from pleasing other men. I'm so happy that I got another chance to fuck you."

"I'm happy about that too," I said.

He rolled off my hips, sat on the edge of the bed, and said, "Okay, Rick. She's a bit soiled, but she's all yours. Enjoy your sloppy seconds. You said something about eating her pussy after I came in her. Are you going to do that?"

"Yeah, I am," he said. "A fresh deposit like yours is called a cream pie and I really enjoy them." He came over to the bed and looked between my legs. "Shit, Beth. It looks like he parked a fucking truck in your pussy. It's gaping open like a garage door. On top of that, you've got come pouring out of you. It's going to be a fucking week before I'll be able to enjoy a tight piece of ass."

"Don't be silly, honey. My puss will shrink up like magic. I don't remember any problem with it recovering after popping out two kids.

"I didn't know you had children," Jerry said, chuckling. "I've been called a black motherfucker before, but now it's true."

"And you're a damned good one," I said.

"I've changed my mind, Rick. Go ahead and eat your cream pie out of Beth's cunt, but don't fuck her yet. I think that seeing you suck my sperm out of your wife has the potential for turning me on. If that happens I want her to be my exclusive whore for a bit longer."

"Great I need a break to catch my breath before you fuck me again anyway, Jerry," I said. "I'll just relax while you go down on me, honey."

"You do that," Rick said, getting in position. He began by kissing and sucking on my stretched lips, then his tongue went deep in me. Perhaps because I was open so wide, he reached further up my vagina than ever before. He must have touched my G-spot, because I had a doozy of a climax.

"That didn't look very relaxing," Jerry said, watching Rick tenderly kiss my pussy, bringing me back to earth. Then he shook his head. "Beth, you have a perfectly amazing capacity for lust. Seriously--you should be a whore. You'd be a rich one."

"Sex is recreation for me not business," I said. "I doubt I'd enjoy it near as much if I was charging for it."

"Let's all rest and have a little refeshment," Jerry said, getting off the bed and opening the minibar. He pulled out a bottle of champagne and set out three chilled flutes. Then he opened the bottle and poured. After handing glasses to Rick and me, he picked his up.

"A toast," he said. "Here's to you, Beth. You're the best--a slut wife beyond compare."

"I'll drink to that," Rick said. Laughing we clinked glasses and drank. The wine was refreshing--clean and crisp. After drinking so much at dinner and participating in a couple sessions of vigorous sex I was so thirsty that I pretty much gulped mine down and held out my glass for more. Jerry topped up my drink and joined us on the bed.

"I'm really enjoying myself tonight," I said.

"Even better than the first time when you had me and my friends?"

"Oh, yeah. Definitely. Now that I know what to expect when you fuck me I can relax and let myself go. Plus, like I told you I love performing for Rick. It's fun seeing him get so excited." I glanced down at my poor husband's partially erect dick. A silver streamer of pre-come was leaking from the end of it and pooling on his thigh. "I promise, I'll take care of you when Jerry is finished with me, honey. Just be patient."

"Don't worry about me. You just concentrate on having fun with your stud. I'll be fine."

I rolled over and cuddled up to Jerry. I kissed his cheek and pressed my breasts against his arm. When he put an arm around me I actually hummed with satisfaction as I gave his hardening cock a squeeze happy that it appeared he was going to do me again. It's easy for me to be affectionate with a lover who has just scratched my itch and my cute black stud had certainly done that. However, things took a sudden left turn when Jerry put a hand on my ass.

"I've decided how I'd like to have you next," he said.

"And how would that be, lover?" I asked. "I really enjoyed having you do me doggy-style at the orgy."

"That was nice, wasn't it. But no, that's not it." He gave my butt cheek a squeeze. "What I want is to fuck you in your sweet ass, you sexy bitch. I've come in your mouth and your cunt and now I want to shoot my next load right in here," he said, inserting a finger in my rectum

My heart leaped. This would be a challenge, but I'd promised to do whatever it took to please my lover. I'd give it a try. Rick and I exchanged glances and he raised his eyebrow. I nodded.

"My wife's asshole is very tight and hot," my husband said. "If you can get that big prick of yours in her you're going to love screwing her back door."

"Beth, I want to hear it from you. Go ahead. Tell me how much you want me to fuck your ass, you shameless slut."

"I do, Jerry. I want you to fuck my ass, lover. I want you to shoot your next load right where you've got your sexy finger."

"This I've got to see," Rick said. "I can't imagine how my sweet slut is going to take that big prick of yours in her tight ass, but I'm ready to watch her try. Wait until I get back. I've gotta pee."

Rick got up and headed for the bathroom. As soon as the door closed, Jerry said, "It's no secret that you like your dicks big. I know for a fact that you've fucked Stewart and now me. So after having sex with us, how can Rick's cock satisfy you?"

I laughed. "You're right. I do love big cocks and the men who share them with me. Don't worry about Rick. He's special. He packs a secret weapon that makes us ladies have screaming climaxes. None of our other male friends can figure out how he does that. I'm married to him and I'm not too sure myself, but he's the real deal. Too bad you don't have a sexy girlfriend for him to demonstrate his talent on."

"Sorry. I don't have anyone on the side. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he's so good with the ladies. I just jumped to the conclusion that a husband who likes to watch other guys fuck his wife can't be much of a stud."

"Well, you'd be wrong on that account. Rick can really ring my chimes." While we were talking he had been sliding his finger in and out of my ass and I could feel myself loosening up. Now he inserted a second finger and kept on working to open me wider. The game had begun. I wasn't sure I was capable of being a player, but I'd certainly do my best.

I kissed him and said, "I like having your fingers in me. It feels sexy when you move them around."

"I'm liking this too," he said. "I've never done this to a woman before."

"Well, what you're doing really feels nice. I think this ass-fucking thing is going to work just fine."

Rick came back and stopped to pour us more champagne. He watched Jerry fingering me, and then said, "I hate to interrupt, but the champagne is getting warm."

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Domination Island Ch. 03

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At last the shemale came out from the cells. She had a great big smug smirk on her face. Lavina had been as patient as she could be, but now she was so randy beads of pre-come moistened her swollen cock-head.

The shemale had gone over ...
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Ginny's Witnesses Ch. 01

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Our heroine's saga continues, in three parts. Read "Ginny's Withering Faith" as background.

Part 1

The past year had been the best one of my life. My father-in-law, JJ ? now almost 55 ? and I had continue ...
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An Arrangement of Sorts Ch. 03

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**This story is just a "tide-over" while I work out some chapters for other tales that aren't ready yet. I'm writing this in my head while I do other, more mundane things. Kinda fun, but I think I'll be back the my more regular stuff soon. O_o Read more  
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Chasing Down A Rumor

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:08:15.352727

When Kathy glanced through the smoke filled room of mostly drunk people she caught a glimpse of a familiar face. She could feel her heart rate increasing as she took in the image of John Dawson. It was not that she had a crush on him. She didn't even ...
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A Big Mistake...or Not? Ch. 02

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You need to read part one in order to find out a little about the characters and how the situation came about. This part is much longer and in response to comments, does witness my wife sucking and fucking. There will be much more to come too! ...
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