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Slave to a Couple Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:30:07.982818

This first part sets up my story, there is a fair amount of talking, but there are definitely some erotic things going on even at the beginning here. I don't know if I should continue, please let me know whether you like it and if it would be worth my time to pursue.


I was eighteen years old and alone in a new town when I first met my master. I had left home right after high school, determined to strike out on my own. I was working as a waitress at a Hooters when a tall, handsome man came in. Doug was in his late thirties, with only the tiniest bit of gray hair visible at his temples. He was polite and never said rude things to me like so many of the other customers did. One day, he waited until my shift was over and asked me out on a date. I was a little nervous, going out with a guy so much older than me, but I had really started to like him, so I agreed.

We went out for a couple of weeks and I learned a lot about him. I found out that he had a house outside of the city and did something with investments. What I didn't realize is how much he was learning about me. I didn't notice how he always ordered for me or when he started to pick out my clothes. Before I knew it, he had total control over my life and we hadn't even done anything but kiss.

"Kelly," he said to me one evening over dinner, "have you always been submissive?"

The word surprised me. "What do you mean?"

"You like it when other people make decisions for you, tell you what to do even."

"Um, I guess so."

"Have you ever been spanked?" The question seemed to come out of nowhere.

"I, um, had a boyfriend who smacked me on the butt a few times in high school."

"Did you like it?"

I couldn't look him in the eye. "Yes," I whispered.

He asked me more embarrassing questions about what turned me on and whether I had ever thought about being with a woman then, he sat quietly for a while, considering my answers as he looked at me before inviting me back to his house.

I was nervous the entire drive. I was pretty sure he wanted to have sex with me, maybe even spank me a little, which made me both excited and scared. When we pulled up to a nice-looking house, he came around and opened my door, taking my hand to help me out. I was nervous as he unlocked the door and ushered me inside, then shocked when I saw a woman standing in the kitchen.

She was taller than me and around Doug's age. Her blond hair was straight and shiny and she smiled at me.

"Hi, you must be Kelly, Doug told me so much about you. I'm Susan, Doug's wife."

My mouth went totally dry. I had no idea what the polite thing to say was when meeting your boyfriend's wife.

"Sweetheart," Doug said, looking at me, "have you ever considered committing yourself to submission, becoming a slave?"

I had no idea how to respond to that, my first thought was to be disgusted by the suggestion but then, without my consent, the idea began to take root in my mind. I found myself intrigued by the suggestion, although I was still not sure what it entailed, so I asked.

"You will quit your job to live here with us and serve us both sexually and otherwise." Susan explained, gauging my reaction as she spoke. "I will be your mistress and Doug your master. We will use your for our pleasure and punish you how we see fit, although nothing permanent or dangerous will be done to you, there will be some pain. You will be given a safe word, which you may use three times. The third time you use it, your time with us will end."

"And I'll just be out on the street?"

"For however long you stay with us, we will officially employ you as our housekeeper. Your salary will be compounded into a savings account that will be yours when you choose to leave us. You will not need money during your tenure here." Susan spoke as if my acceptance was a done deal.

"Can I, like, try it first before I agree to anything?"

"Yes, in fact, we thought tonight would be an excellent time for a small trial." Doug spoke up at last. "Let's go to the basement and begin. Remember, you must do exactly as we say if you choose to continue."

I was terrified as I followed the older couple down the dark basement stairs but at the same time, I had never been so aroused.

I saw, when I reached the bottom of the stairs, what appeared, to my unknowing eyes at least, to be medieval torture devices.

"Now," Susan addressed me, "you will obey without question and any failure to do so will be met with punishment, do you understand?"

"Yes," I managed to croak.

Doug stepped forward and gave some instructions of his own. "From now on you will call us Master and Mistress. Sir and Ma'am are acceptable substitutes, but you will never call us by our first names and will always use some sort of honorific. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Take off your clothes."


"Did that sound like a question to you?" Mistress asked her husband, reaching for something that hung on the wall. I saw that it was a whip of some sort.

I scrambled to do as she asked. "No ma'am. I'm sorry, Mistress." The word felt strange on my tongue. I took off my blouse and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I stood, in my bra, panties, and sandals, awaiting the next command.

"Those are clothes, aren't they, slut?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I did not know how far to go. I have never been naked in front of a man before, Master." The other new word gave me a thrill as well, even as I feared retribution for my misstep. I wanted to correct him though, tell him that I wasn't a slut. However, that did not seem to matter to either of them.

Mistress smiled and reached behind me to unhook my bra, releasing my 36D breasts, which I foolishly tried to cover with my hands.

"Are you a virgin, slut?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"You are willing to give your virginity to your Master?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good, otherwise we might as well stop right now." She moved in front of me and slapped my hands away from my chest. "Clasp these together behind you."

I did so, although it took great restraint not to move them back in front of myself as Master approached me. While Mistress watched, he took hold of my panties and drew them down my legs, commanding me to lift one leg then the other so that he could remove them completely. I was shaking with the effort it took to stand still and almost cried in relief when Mistress directed me to walk across the room and Master stayed where he was.

I approached one of the scary pieces of furniture and was told to climb upon it. It was like something between a table and a bed, but with strange protrusions at one end. "These are called stirrups," Mistress informed me, "put your legs in them." After a bit of trial and error, I managed to do so. "Have you ever had a gynecological examination?" She removed my sandals and tossed them aside.

"No, ma'am."

"I know you're a virgin, but we need to make sure you're healthy before we exchange any bodily fluids with you. Doesn't that make sense?" She fastened straps around my thighs and ankles, effectively trapping me in my exposed state.

"Yes, ma'am."

She took hold of my pubic hair and gave a sharp tug. "This will have to go, of course, but not today." Confused, I agreed with her again.

"She just likes giving young women a thorough inspection." Master had come to stand near my head, but now he moved toward his wife, who had the best vantage point for the show. "You're lucky your mistress is a doctor, you'll be well taken care of."

"Yes, sir." I could think of nothing else safe to say and swallowed audibly when I saw Mistress wash her hands at a nearby sink. I wanted to know if she planned to use gloves, but was afraid to question her again.

I yelped involuntarily when I felt her finger enter my pussy. It was the first thing other than a tampon that had ever been inside of me. It was uncomfortable but not painful and she held my pelvis flat with her other hand so that I could not squirm too much while her finger moved around inside of me.

"You seem to have quite a small opening here, even for a virgin." She turned to her husband. "Doug, come feel her hymen."

I thought I would die of embarrassment as Master washed his hands, then joined her standing between my legs, pushing what felt like an impossibly large finger into my pussy. I bit my lip to keep from crying out again as he tested my depth manually. Suddenly, I felt an intense urge to urinate and involuntarily clamped down upon the digit inside me. "This slut has quite a grip!" Master announced, still prodding about, which made the feeling worse.

I gathered my courage and asked permission to use the restroom. I was unceremoniously denied it and told there would be consequences if I was unable to obey.

My thighs quivered with my futile effort to close them and I could not help but cross my arms over my breasts again, keeping my dignity where I could. I closed my eyes, hoping that if I could not see my inspection, I could pretend it was not happening. They were discussing me as if I was not even there; the size of my clitoris, the shape of my labia, it was mortifying. Master laughed when Mistress commented on my natural lubrication. Apparently, my body was betraying me by announcing me to be a slut due to the copious juices that seemed to be flowing from my nether regions. I squeezed my eyes shut more tightly and almost missed the distinctive snap of a latex glove being donned.

I felt another brief intrusion into my pussy, this one even less tentative than the last. Mistress's now latex-covered finger twirled around a bit inside of me before it was pulled out. "No need to waste KY when you've got lubricant right here, slut." She laughed at her own joke and placed her ungloved hand back on my lower abdomen, holding me steady as her now moist, glove-covered finger made its way into my anus. She inserted it slowly, but there was no preparation for the feeling. It felt horrible and wonderful all at once. I know I made a noise then, but I have no idea whether it was in pleasure or pain.

"Very responsive, nice." Mistress seemed to approve of me and I was proud. After what felt like forever but I know was less than a minute, she removed her finger and took off her glove. Master moved to the top of the bed and grabbed my wrists from where they were crossed over my chest, pulling them up above my head so that my breasts were exposed. Mistress walked to one side of me and moved her fingers systematically over one breast before squeezing my nipple until I could not hold in my squeal of pain. She then pulled it slowly upward until my back left the table. I swear, for a minute, I thought she was going to rip my nipple right off. Thankfully, she let go, but when she passed by master and went to my other side, the whole thing started again.

Finally, she was done with that particular torture and she went over to a cart to retrieve something else. "Just one last test. This one will take a few days to get results, which will give you some time to think over your decision to join us." I saw that she was holding a needle and recoiled in fear.

"Don't worry, slut." Master reassured me. "Remember, your mistress is a real doctor, she doesn't just play one on TV." I did not find his joke funny, but I laughed anyway.

"It's just a little blood test to make sure you're clean." Mistress expertly tied a hose around my upper arm and found a vein on her first try. It did not hurt much, but it was terrifying, especially as I was still lying there naked with my legs lashed open to the room. After she was done, she set down the now red syringe and pulled out another one, either empty or full of a clear liquid, I couldn't really tell at first.

"This is a Depo Provera shot. It's like taking the pill every day for three months, but you don't have to remember to do it." I guess she could see how scared I was because her voice turned soothing. "We don't want you to get pregnant and this is the easiest way to keep that from happening, it will hurt even less than the blood test, I promise."

I don't know why, but I trusted her. I squeezed my eyes shut and it was over quickly. I thought, now that she was done with her examination, I would be set free, but Master had other ideas. He commanded me to raise my arms above my head again and before I could register what he was doing, he began taking pictures of me with a digital camera, moving around so as to get me from all angles. He even stood between my legs and, as far as I could tell from the sound, zoomed in on my pussy. He did not take long and when he stepped back, Mistress came to unfasten the straps that bound my legs. She helped me up, but immediately directed me to another piece of furniture. This one looked kind of like a weight bench, but without any weights. Besides, there appeared to be two levels, I had no idea what its purpose could be.

"This is a spanking bench." Mistress answered my unvoiced question. Before you go today, you will receive a sample of the discipline you can expect if you choose to come back to us. Put your knees here." She gestured to the lower level. "And your body here." She pushed me down forcibly so that my breasts were crushed against the leather padding of the upper part of the bench. I heard her moving about and felt a strap being buckled around my waist as well as each of my thighs, leaving my knees about a foot and a half apart. She moved in front of me and grabbed my hands, directing me to hold on to a bar of some sort, as I did so, leather cuffs were buckled around each of my wrists, keeping them stretched in front of me. I had never felt so helpless, not even a few minutes ago on that metal table. I held my breath, afraid of what was to come.

"Now, slut," Mistress chastised me. "You'll need your breath for what's to come. In, out, in, out." I found myself breathing along with her direction. "That's a good girl." She stroked the top of my head as if I were a pet, I don't know why, but I liked it. I was so engrossed in Mistress that I had not noticed Master coming up behind me, not until the first slap came down on the left side of my ass. Then, I cried out in pain.

"Count, slut," Mistress commanded me, losing all of her motherly appeal in an instant, "and don't forget to thank your master."

"One. Thank you, Master." I managed to choke out. The instant I finished, he hit me again, directly on top of the first mark. This time, I knew what to do. "Two. Thank you, Master." Thankfully, he hit the right side for my third stroke, but he was back to the left again for number four. The spanking continued for what seemed like hours, as he struck me in a random pattern, until I had reached the number fifty, at which point he stopped, claiming arm fatigue. Somehow, I knew the right response to this instinctively.

"I am sorry, Master."

"You can apologize to me properly when you come back next week."

"Thank you, Master."

I saw Mistress smile at my obedient reply and I was inordinately proud of myself. My ass was on fire, but a numbness was setting in. It was strange, I thought, as Mistress worked to release me from my restraints, I had never felt so free as I did when they were controlling me. Once unbuckled, I was told to kneel before my master and mistress and I knew, even as they explained that it was my choice whether I would return, that I already belonged to them.

"If you choose to join us in our life here, we expect to see you on our doorstep next Saturday morning at nine. You will wear a short dress without undergarments and will bring only your driver's license and keys, nothing else. You will have neatly packed your apartment, but left everything in it, do you understand?

"Yes, Mistress."

"You will also obey us, starting now." Master's voice was deeper, yet somehow less commanding, I nodded vigorously as he went on. "You will not touch your pussy, ass, or breasts at all this next week except for what is strictly required to keep your body clean."

"Yes, Master."

Master handed me my skirt and blouse and told me to get dressed. It felt strange without underwear, but I obeyed. My skirt was a soft silk, but I could feel every fiber of it rubbing against my punished ass, I was not numb after all. I followed, when beckoned, up the stairs, wincing at every step that pulled my skirt tight across my posterior. Once we were in the garage, Master opened the passenger door for me and I slid into the car, unable to stop myself in crying out as my burning ass met the seat. I bit my lip and fastened my seatbelt as I waited for Master to come around the car, which he did quickly.

We did not speak during the drive back to my apartment, I had no idea what to say. Once there, Master walked me to the door and gave me a passionate but short kiss goodbye. He smiled broadly when I addressed him as "Master" instead of "Doug." I know there was nothing else I could have called him from then on. I could tell that he knew it but he treated me like an ordinary person that evening. "Goodnight, Kelly, I do hope you will take us up on our offer." I promised to think about it, even though we both knew my mind was already made up.

In bed, alone, that night, I found my hand wandering down to my pussy. I even stroked my labia few times before I remembered that I had been forbidden from doing so and managed to stop before I made contact with my clitoris. I could tell that my nipples were hard, but refrained from running my hands up my chest by clenching them into fists. I turned onto my side, and the relief I felt was overwhelming. Resting on my beaten ass had been unpleasant to say the least, Eventually, I found my way onto my stomach and fell asleep, anxious for the next week to pass quickly, but terrified that it would.
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