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Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:32:25.459183

One night, taking a study break, I decided to get into a chat room and discuss things with others out there in the great wide world. I so rarely get to speak to the normal person about normal things. You don't always find people with normal thoughts and actions in graduate programs. Ok, so my particular thoughts this evening weren't all that normal, but who's counting. All I typically get to talk to people about are my research interests, my current studies, what I want to do when I grow up... as if 25 isn't grown up...

My family sees it as a hindrance that I have never had a "real" job, blue-collared as they are. Multiple graduate assistantships and fellowships never work for them. I found out that I am good at learning and playing the academia game. Is there any reason I can't continue to study and research and contribute on a higher level?

So on this particular evening, I end up in a chat room that is more adult inclined. I don't have sex often, but I seriously enjoy it whenever I am in a committed relationship. I've never had a one-night stand, and I have heard friends describe me in a way that could be considered "serial monogamy". I have toys, but you can't feel around a plastic vibrator what you can around a hot, pulsing cock... especially when the man comes hard and fast. However, I've never met a cock that could vibrate, either.

I wind up in a chat room devoted to the darker side of sex. I was pleased to see some of the people that I recognized in the room. Maybe this was the only place I could let the "me" out to play. All of my relationships have been so safe, if not chaste, but somewhat boring.

I had spoken with cock_sure_325 before, so it was my pleasure to see him on again. He could be a little cocky (pun intended), but I enjoyed his point of view... In fact, I will listen to any point of view, but I may not agree with it. I know he will not answer if I approach him, so I wait for him to approach me in the room, anticipating that he will and praying I don't get wrapped into a conversation that annoys me and makes me want to leave the room. He's probably talking to some other tasty morsel, anyways. Three instant messages pop up almost instantly with generic lines like "want to party" "I want you to suck my cock" and "are you nakd". After ignoring such interesting invitations, and many others after "I want to be your slave!, I was ready to give up. I had already sat there in anticipation of him sending an instant message for about 45 minutes. Here's a hint, if you ever find me in a sexual chat room, do not ask to be my slave. I am totally submissive, I will answer "I'm sub" and not answer you again.

Cock_sure_325: Well hello again. I see you've been on for quite some time. Are you busy in a discussion with someone else?

How fast should I answer?... I waited to the count of 15...

Honey_suckle: No, I was just beginning to fix my dinner (which was the truth).

Cock_sure_325: Need me to let you go?

Honey_suckle: No. I'm ready to eat.

Cock_sure_325: Me too...

Honey_suckle: What are you having?

Cock_sure_325: depends

Honey_suckle: On what?

Cock_sure_325: It's a surprise

Honey_suckle: Like I'm going to see that surprise. You're somewhere out there and I'm sitting in my kitchen on my laptop.

Cock_sure_325: I guess I will just make due with a sandwich. U?

Honey_suckle: That's hardly a surprise. Chicken salad and vegetable soup.

Cock_sure_325: Not the surprise I was talking about.

Honey_suckle: Oh.

Later in the conversation, we chose to pick up the old conversation that was never fully finished.

Honey_suckle: At least I acknowledge my fantasies...

cock_sure_325: I never said that I didn't

Honey_suckle: well you never say what they are, you just ask me about mine...

cock_sure_325: Is it a problem that I want to get to know you? And I don't think that you are acknowledging all of your fantasies.

Honey_suckle: I think that's kind of hard on the internet environment.

cock_sure_325: I don't agree.

Honey_suckle: What do you mean?

cock_sure_325: Well, from our previous conversations, I know that you like cock

Honey_suckle: nice deduction

cock_sure_325: Please don't interrupt. I know that you are a graduate student in the Midwest, and could probably guess at what university if I was hard pressed based on your course of study and that you teach. I know that you are into science, and I know that you are relatively young for a doctoral student in your field of study.

After a moment, I answered

Honey_suckle: Ok, so you remember well.

cock_sure_325: I remember everything you've ever told me...

Honey_suckle: Everything?

cock_sure_325: everything, and I even have a file.

Honey_suckle:. A file? What are you a stalker?


Honey_suckle: So what do you think my fantasies are?

cock_sure_325: Hmmm, you write them well on-line

Honey_suckle: I'm sorry, where have I written them? I haven't told you all of them on here.

cock_sure_325: I have seen your writings on Literotica

Honey_suckle: How, when I didn't give you my name to look under?

cock_sure_325: You gave me your personal e-mail address once when you sent a picture. You shouldn't use your username for that, but it was helpful for me. Back to the topic at hand, you do have a few fetishes that are easily displayed

Honey_suckle: If you are so sure, what are they?

cock_sure_325: You want to be used.

Honey_suckle: I'm sorry?

cock_sure_325: You want to be used for someone else's pleasure.

Honey_suckle: Don't most people who come to these sites?

cock_sure_325: No, some come because they like to use.

Honey_suckle: Are you one of the users?

cock_sure_325: Most likely, since we're talking now, but we're not discussing me...

Honey_suckle: So, describe how I want to be used.

cock_sure_325: You would like to serve the wishes of one person, fulfill their wishes.

Honey_suckle: I'm not a genie

cock_sure_325: I don't mean those kinds of wishes. I mean sexually fulfill their desires and commands.

Honey_suckle: What kinds of commands do you feel I want to fulfill?

cock_sure_325: Whatever your partner desires. You wish to submit to someone else's desire and control. You wish to be used, but never abused.

Honey_suckle: I have terms...

cock_sure_325: I'm sure you do, but you have a couple other fantasies you wish could be fulfulled...

Honey_suckle: Not really sure what you're talking about.

cock_sure_325: You know what I'm talking about.

Honey_suckle: Enlighten me, please.

cock_sure_325: Gladly. You have a forced impregnation fantasy, and you have a kidnapping fantasy.

Honey_suckle: How did you know...?

cock_sure_325: Even what you haven't told me, I remember.

Honey_suckle: I have never told anyone that I would like to be kidnapped. I don't think that I have even written it into my stories.

cock_sure_325: Would you allow yourself to be?

Honey_suckle: Kidnapped?

cock_sure_325: Yeah.

At this point I took a long pause... I had always wondered what it could be like, but how do you arrange something like that? I haven't been serious about anyone in a while, so no one has even playfully attempted it.

Honey_suckle: I don't know. I thought about it once, but I don't know how to safely arrange something like that.

cock_sure_325: I could fulfill one of your deepest desires, and maybe all of them.

Honey_suckle: Would that be a promise you are willing to keep, sir?

cock_sure_325: yes.

Honey_suckle: How do you arrange a kidnapping? How do you do something like that without getting the police involved?

cock_sure_325: There are ways.

Honey_suckle: hmm

cock_sure_325: So, would you?

Honey_suckle: I'm interested in talking more about it. If it were arranged so that there wouldn't be police action, maybe.

cock_sure_325: You go on summer break in a week, right?

Honey_suckle: Yeah, right after final grades are turned in. I don't start work for almost a month.

Cock_sure_325: is offline...

What the hell. Did I just agree to something? I never said yes... only that if it were arranged so that there wouldn't be any police involvement.

Finals week came and went. The web conversation slipped my mind for the most part. I kept dwelling on the possibility of some day arranging a kidnapping. I spent time as a graduate assistant grading papers and recording scores, the fun stuff of enslaving yourself to an institution for a degree. I was on campus late Friday evening, but I turned in the grades to the secretary's mailbox so that I wouldn't have to turn them in on Monday when they were actually due. That would mean an extra trip to campus when I was pretty well done with the place. It had been a difficult semester.

I forgot to move my car from the parking lot that I normally park to a closer location to my office just before dark. I always hated walking through the woods to get to my car, but I would have to do it to get there. I really hated it that I let it get dark on me. I found myself looking back and forth, not paying attention to where I was walking, but to my surroundings. Finally I made it to my car; or where my car should have been. I know I parked out here. I search in my purse for my cell phone, but I couldn't find it. There's not an emergency box anywhere near me, either. The nearest one is in the wooded area again. Since it's the last day of the semester, there's no one around. Not another car in the lot either.

I walk back to my building, to my office, and find my cell phone on the desk with a note and a ribbon attached.

Your car is outside. Signed C_S_325 P.S. Do not call anyone if you would like a fantasy fulfilled.

Oh shit. He did know where I was, who I was (what I drove!). What had I done or said that would tell him this? Is he one of those computer nerds that know everything and can find anything? Am I being stalked by a mad man? My mind rushed and continued to rush.

My car was, indeed, outside the building. It was not there as I left the building or as I came back or I would have passed it! There wasn't a scratch on it. The door was locked, and there was a single red rose on the driver's seat. I know that I was the only person who had a key. What the hell? There was no note.

I knew it had to have been him, it had to be.

I had to get home and see how he had done this, contact him the only way I knew how. I just didn't understand.

Home was 25 miles away, another reason I didn't want to come into campus on Monday. I had to conserve gas since I was technically unemployed for a month. I headed home after the car started and cooled off a bit. It was hot for May. I chose to buy a house in the rural area surrounding the college town. It was quite, relaxing, cheap, an upcoming area, an investment... My own private space. I was two miles from the house when my car died. I looked at the gas gauge and it was on empty. I filled it up yesterday. That's impossible! I was two miles from home. Should I call someone, or should I walk? I tried my cell phone. It was dead to the point it wouldn't even turn on. A sneaking suspicion had me rechecking the weight of the phone and then taking the back of the phone off. The battery is gone. After working in the field, I have learned that sometimes when the phone is dropped in a creek during water sampling, it's better to just have a spare battery. Since field work can be dicey when dealing with waterways perceived to be owned by gun-toting individuals, I always had a back up battery in the glove compartment. But it wasn't there! I could have sworn that it was in my glove compartment, but all I found was a rosebud. Hmmm. This was becoming more interesting by the moment. I didn't really feel like I was in any danger.

No phone, no car movement. I could walk... It took me a few minutes to decide, but I walked. No one was going to come behind me and offer a ride, people only used this road when they had to because of construction or if they lived on this road. Most other people were older; they don't get out this time of night. At this point, my stomach starts growling. Apparently, I had forgotten to eat. The longer I am in graduate school, the more often this happens.

Leaving my car on the side of the road, locked and with my laptop case strung around me, I strike out at a very quick pace home. To my surprise, I make it to my little yellow house in farmland without any further incidents. My neighbor's cat greets me, and I take out my key to enter my house. Half expecting someone to be waiting on me inside, I checked all of the small rooms. No one jumped out of the closet to scare me, but my home computer in my bedroom was on and I was logged into a private chat with cock_sure_325. He must be a hacker.

Cock_sure_325: You're home...

Honey_suckle: How in the hell did you do this

cock_sure_325: A Master never gives away his secrets.

Honey_suckle: How did you know where to find me?

cock_sure_325: your campus wasn't that hard to determine from our conversations, a simple search with your name at the campus information desk proved it. I even found your picture on your departmental page some time ago. You gave me your first name a long time ago...

Honey_suckle: how did you do that with my car?

cock_sure_325: You don't leave your office locked all the time...

Honey_suckle: what?!? Are you stalking me?

Cock_sure_325: please relax. If I had wanted anything bad to happen to you tonight, it would have happened already.

Honey_suckle: ok

I blew out a deep breath I hadn't realized I was holding.

cock_sure_325: your car should be outside, now. Go check. While you're out there (if you are still interested in this) look in the trunk.

I just had to see this. Does he have someone working for him? I can't see where I park from any of my interior windows, so I went outside. I took a super flashlight with me, just in case, one of the heavy ones that felt like a baseball bat. The car was there. Oh my. I open the trunk and there are more roses, a box, a bottle of wine, a letter, and an extra gas can with a tag that says "just in case." I gathered everything up except the gas can and carried it straight to my computer desk.

Honey_suckle: I'm baffled.

cock_sure_325: Why?

Honey_suckle: What's going on here?

cock_sure_325: I am fulfilling other fantasies you have that I have noticed in your readings...

Honey_suckle: And what are those?

Cock_sure_325: romance, gifts, promises.

Cock_sure_325: you haven't read the letter, have you?

Honey_suckle: No, I am still processing

cock_sure_325: Well, then if I may suggest, open the box first.

Honey_suckle: My parents always told me to open the cards before I open my gifts...

cock_sure_325: hahaha

Honey_suckle: Ok, I will open it, let me find my letter opener.

cock_sure_325: It's right next to your keyboard.

Honey_suckle: Oh, thanks... you know this kind of freaks me out, don't you. We don't even know each other's names.

Cock_sure_325: Your name is Abigail, but you prefer Abby.

Honey_suckle: Ok, then I don't know your name.

cock_sure_325: Michael will work.

Honey_suckle: Michael, do you go by Mike?

cock_sure_325: I'll go by the Master, if you will...

Honey_suckle: you're awful cock-sure of yourself

cock_sure_325: You can guarantee it.

Honey_suckle: hmmmm

Cock_sure_325: do you have the box open yet?

Honey_suckle: I'm working on it.

Cock_sure_325: let me know when you do.

A brief pause...

Honey_suckle: What is this?

Cock_sure_325: I guess that's letting me know... Your other fantasy is large cocks.

Honey_suckle: What do you mean?

Cock_sure_325: Every story you have written has a cock large enough that your character is afraid it won't fit.

Honey_suckle: (chuckle, sigh). Most cocks I have seen don't meet that fantasy

Cock_sure_325: Well, look at the one in the box, the dildo, if you will

Honey_suckle: well, it certainly is large, quite life-like looking. I haven't seen one quite this size or quality in any of the stores I visit.

Cock_sure_325: You won't find those in stores

Honey_suckle: I've not seen any of these on-line either...

Cock_sure_325: You won't find them on-line either.

Honey_suckle: So, I am holding a one-of-a-kind...

Cock_sure_325: Think of it as a try it before you buy it instrument.

Honey_suckle: Excuse me?

Cock_sure_325: I had that made especially for you

Honey_suckle: What out of a mold?

Cock_sure_325: Not exactly,

Honey_suckle: You have my attention

Cock_sure_325: I had myself used as a mold for that cock you are holding...

Honey_suckle: hmmmm, I guess I'm speechless.

Cock_sure_325: That's a first.

cock_sure_325: do you "think that will fit?"

Honey_suckle: I have no idea.

Cock_sure_325: Why don't you try it?

Honey_suckle: I will have to get undressed...

Cock_sure_325: If you are going to take anything off, I would like you to take it all off.

Honey_suckle: How would you know if I didn't?

Cock_sure_325: Your web camera has been on the entire time...

I paused, looked at my little cam... it wasn't on.

cock_sure_325: Did I not mention that you seem to like voyeurism?

Honey_suckle: no you didn't. The camera's not on, the light's not on.

Cock_sure_325: you have better web cams now, and I have it to where I can control them... you would be hard pressed to find them, actually... but any time your computer is on, they will be transmitting to me. I would prefer you to leave your computer on at all times, unless I tell you to turn it off.

Honey_suckle: hmmmm. I don't know if I like this... And If I turn it off?

Cock_sure_325: We will go no farther into your fantasies... are you wet?

Honey_suckle: Why?

Cock_sure_325: are you?

Honey_suckle: I don't want to answer that.

Cock_sure_325: Why don't you get undressed?

Honey_suckle: how much of me can you see?

Cock_sure_325: I can see all that I want to

Honey_suckle: Seriously, how much

Cock_sure_325: I have multiple angles arranged in your living room, bedroom and office... bath (not that I'm into toilets) but I would love to watch you bathe.

Honey_suckle: how?

Cock_sure_325: a Master never reveals his secrets, please start to undress.

Honey_suckle: Ok, give me a second...

Cock_sure_325: Could you do it standing?

Honey_suckle: y not? Will u be giving me instructions?

Cock_sure_325: I can if you want. If you want me to, just nod...

Embarrassed, I nodded... I was very wet and very turned on. I had always hoped to be given instructions, to have a little of my control taken away. But I was blushing heavily as well.

Cock_sure_325: First, take off your shoes, socks

cock_sure_325: I like your blush... and your bare feet... painted toe nails... Should I tell you another fantasy you have (just nod)

Cock_sure_325: you like to be dominated, directed, told what to do.

Cock_sure_325: I love your blush... so natural, just for me.

Cock_sure_325: Now, slip out of your blouse and your bra.

Cock_sure_325: beautiful.

Cock_sure_325: Now, take your long hair down

Cock_sure_325: No, don't use it to cover your breasts.

Cock_sure_325: slide your jeans off, and finally your panties... That's right

Cock_sure_325: You may have a seat again. Very well done, pet

Honey_suckle: That was thrilling...

Cock_sure_325: You also like exhibitionism, good.

Honey_suckle: I don't think that I would like to just walk around the store naked if that's what you mean. I don't even think that I would do this in front of a group. This is starting to sound like a diagnosis.

Cock_sure_325: never diagnosing. I'm just getting to know the slut you are.

Honey_suckle: I'm not a slut.

Cock_sure_325: Are you wet?

Honey_suckle: umm
Cock_sure_325: Show me, put your hand between your legs and show me

Honey_suckle: yes, I am wet.

Cock_sure_325: Too late, I want you to show me now.

I hesitated... I had stripped for him, but here I was, thinking about touching myself in my most intimate place for him, showing him.

Cock_sure_325: Now!

I complied. After I had placed my hand between my legs, flicked my clit a couple of times, I pulled my hand back to show him.

Cock_sure_325: Right in front of the monitor, slut...

Cock_sure_325: hmmmm, nice... all that from just being provocative. Knowing you're being watched. Knowing that you are not in control.

Cock_sure_325: smell your fingers for me...

I did

Cock_sure_325: will you taste your juices for me?

I tasted myself... however, not for the first time. I enjoyed the taste of my pussy, and sometimes found myself wondering if other women's smelled and tasted the same. I closed my eyes for a moment and acted as if my two fingers were a cock...

Cock_sure_325: very good, pet.

Cock_sure_325: Are you ready to open the letter?

Honey_suckle: Yes, I have it right here.

Cock_sure_325: Go ahead and open it.

Dear Abigail Smith,

You have been selected for a program with Michael Eliot. If you consent to being part of his program please sign the following consent forms. More information will follow if you sign your forms.

Cock_sure_325: Well?

Honey_suckle: What do you mean, program?

Cock_sure_325: That's just what they call the training regime.

Honey_suckle: Training?

Cock_sure_325: To bring out your inner slut, not that it needs too much bringing out... I want you properly trained to please me. You will have time in the very near future.

Honey_suckle: It says on one of the forms to stop taking all kinds of birth control immediately

Cock_sure_325: is that a problem for you...

Honey_suckle: well, I don't want to get pregnant right now...

Cock_sure_325: What are you on? The pill?

Honey_suckle: yeah.

Cock_sure_325: don't take tonight's dose.

Honey_suckle: well,

Cock_sure_325: I thought you had an impregnation fantasy? we won't go any further if you take the pills

Honey_suckle: What about condoms?

Cock_sure_325: They are negotiable

Honey_suckle: I'll read and fill out the forms, I guess. I can't be hurt, can I?

Cock_sure_325: You won't be hurt. You didn't show me if the cock would fit...

Honey_suckle: how do you want me to do that?

Cock_sure_325: put a leg up on the desk in front of you. Pussy directly facing the monitor...

Cock_sure_325: Place it at your entrance, and play with it... rub it up and down your slit,

Cock_sure_325: dip it into your juices, and begin pushing it in...

Cock_sure_325: Now fuck yourself with it.

Cock_sure_325: Don't turn your computer off when you are done.

Cock_sure_325: logged out.

It wasn't until I hit my orgasm that I noticed he wasn't in the chat anymore, I had reached orgasm by myself, which I had never done before. Was he still watching? I had pleased myself but did I please him? That question bothered me the most.

I took the wine and the paperwork to the bath with me. I drank one and filled out the other. It seemed to be a standard consent form, almost like one from an institutional review board... with less information about the "program" and what exactly I was signing up for. When the heat of the bath got to me, and the wine, I signed the form, and thought, "What the hell" as I practically tossed them next to the computer, went to my bed and fell asleep on top of the covers. I dreamed about what I had done that evening, the decadent way I had acted for an on-line stranger... who seemed to know me very well. I dreamed that night of sexual acts I had never dreamed of.


I awoke the next morning covered and wrapped in my comforter. I had no clothes on, but I rarely slept in them. I was always more comfortable in the nude in my own home. The replica cock was next to me with a note that said: USE DAILY attached. The consent forms I had signed and left next to the computer were gone... the computer had been left on all evening and morning. There was a note and a rose on the key board. The note said: See you soon. You are beautiful when you sleep. I wasn't sure what the rose promised. He must be nearby if he could come and go so easily in my home. I know I lock the doors, though I practically live on the outskirts of Mayberry, USA. Practically no crime, whatsoever. I realized that I forgot to take my birth control last night, and went to my bathroom medicine cabinet. They were gone. I remembered the consent form, and gave up looking for them.

The day went slowly, I spent my time cleaning my small house, arranging things, paying the bills that needed paid, took care of everything that needed taking care of. I used the replica phallus in the tub for an extended period of time with lots and lots of bubbles and more than one orgasm.

I never got dressed. I did it all naked (the computer remained on). Whomever was watching was guaranteed to get an eye-full in everything I did, if there really were web cameras everywhere.

That evening, I sat down at the computer to read some stories and articles, etc. Attempting to decide what to do with my evening, I placed the cock into my pussy and sat down at the waiting computer. My computer seemed to have an instant message link with "the Master" because an IM showed up just as I took a seat.

Cock_sure_325: Hello again... I can't tell you how much writing checks and dusting in the nude can turn a person on. I really like that you are riding my cock right now, too.

Honey_suckle: Hello.

Cock_sure_325: I thought you would turn your computer off... I am glad that you didn't

Honey_suckle: No, I didn't turn it off. Did you enjoy your show, though?

Cock_sure_325: immensely.

Honey_suckle: How much did you watch today?

Cock_sure_325: Not enough to not want to watch you more.

Honey_suckle: Good... I guess you took my consent forms while I was asleep last night?

Cock_sure_325: They are where they need to be, now.

Honey_suckle: I don't know how secure I feel that you can gain access to my home so easily. I guess I will wait for further instruction, though.

Cock_sure_325: Good girl... watch a movie and drink some wine this evening, relax...

I took his advice and curled up on the couch with a comedy flick (which had romantic and sexual undertones) and the rest of the bottle of wine I had opened the night before. I don't really remember falling asleep.


I wasn't on my couch when I awoke. At first I thought that I had made it to my bedroom before I fell asleep.

I suddenly realized I was in a room that obviously wasn't even my house.

Hmm, kidnapped but I don't remember the kidnapping (Damn). I felt more than a little frustrated.

"Hello?" my voice echoed around me. I could sense someone in the room, almost hear them breathing, but they never answered my inquiry. I was lying on a bed in a room that was very dark, very thrilling. I could only make out shadows around me. I go to sit up, but my head spins... I realize that I have a hangover and don't feel like moving. I pass back out without issue... the smell of damp and must around me.


I wake again sometime later, weight on the bed next to me. I turn my head to look for what was weighing down the mattress. I was sluggish, my eyes were slightly unfocused. There was a man next to me on the bed, I went sit up.

"Stay there, as you are" one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard caressed my ears... somewhere in between Tom Selleck and Sean Connery. I was fascinated... I had never heard this voice before. "I am Master Michael, and it is very nice to finally have you in my presence." I couldn't really see him. I could tell he had a strong, well proportioned body and seemed to spend a lot of time working out. His face was still a mystery to me.

A few moments of silence passed before he finally said "I bet you could use an aspirin for your headache."

"Yes, please" I whispered quietly with parched lips and throbs with every syllable. "How did you get me here?"

He chuckled, and again he said: "A Master never reveals his secrets, go ahead and sit up now" he said as handed me two aspirin and a glass of water.

I did slowly and I took the medicine he offered. I was so thirsty; I drank the entire glass of water. "Do you need to use the facilities?" I nodded and tried to stand. "Drink a little much last night?" and though it hurt, I nodded again. It was the next day already????

Michael, still fuzzy, walked me to the bathroom. "I will give you privacy while you use the toilet, but I would like to assist you to take a shower"

After I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, very large and strong hands were behind me, caressing my shoulders and neck, hands all over my breasts and back, buttocks and stomach. There was no mirror, but I was sure it was Michael. I leaned backward against him, feeling my naked skin against his. He led me to the shower without a word. The water was hot, as I was soaped from head to toe, never looking at my caretaker. My back was always to him, but some part of me was always in contact with him.

The water faucet was turned off, and I was toweled off. This was the first shower in my life that I didn't have to do all the work, and it was very relaxing, almost better than a massage (if I hadn't been standing). Again, never looking at Michael, and feeling somewhat embarrassed by my lack of involvement, I was led back to the bed in the middle of the vast, dark room. I felt it must be some sort of basement, since there were no visible windows. Other than that, I had no idea where I was. Having some strength of my own, I began to look around. I saw the outline of a variety of contraptions, apparatus, and toys that I could only imagine some of the uses. I began to become wet.

Sitting back on the bed, Michael sat with me. "Look at me, little one". I did. My vision had cleared considerably. He was near 40, slightly graying hair, beautiful eyes, and muscular build. I couldn't believe my eyes. He was beautiful... more beautiful than myself... How had this happened to me? "Are you wondering why I picked you?" At my nod, he answered simply: "You are smart, beautiful, and creative. I read your stories some time back, and corresponded with you over them by feedback. That allowed me to be able to track you down. You were not so far from me, as it seems. We even work on the same college campus."He laughed and continued. "Your fantasies and fetishes were very interesting to me, and not so far from what I have wanted in a sub. I have always wanted a slut, and wanted to fill her full of my own wishes... force a pregnancy on her. To dominate and instruct you will be marvelous."

He paused briefly and stroked my cheek, my breasts and my upper thigh.

"Do you understand what I want?" he asked me gently.

Unsure of myself, I replied "I think so."

"Always call me Master when you address me"

"Yes, Master, I think I understand what you want.

"Very well. For now."

Throughout the short conversation, he had been inching closer to me and eventually cupped my face in his hands. Now he leaned forward, kissing me, gently forcing me to recline on the bed. He continued to kiss me until I was completely underneath him. His skin was warm to mine; his knee was nudging between the cleft between my hips.

"I am not as young as I once was... I cannot cum as many times in one day as I used to, but I certainly last longer. This is why I think that younger women should always fall for older men."

I could feel his erection growing, brushing my stomach. I could feel the anticipation growing between my legs and the warmth in my stomach turning to excitement. I wondered if he could feel the dampness between my legs... I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside of me, pushing into me, driving hard.

"Master," I began to pull away, "please use a condom," I begged...

"No, Abigail, I will not. I want you to feel my seed, I want you to hold my seed, and I want you to carry my child. I want to see this smooth abdomen full of life, half yours and half mine. And I want you to remember every time you see your swollen belly exactly who, and what, made it possible."

"Please! I'm not ready!"

He began kissing me again in answer; I no longer wanted to protest after a few moments. His tongue and his hand were so adept at keeping my mouth silent (except for a few noises that I couldn't really identify as even mine). He fondled my breasts with his hands, rubbed my stomach on his way to the place between my legs... I was so wet, I could smell my desire. His fingers found my clit, and brought me near the brink of orgasm. Before I could release, he pulled his hand back. He kissed my clit, and I thought I would die. Suddenly, he stopped.

"I want you to cum around my cock, not my hands or my mouth" He said this as he was positioning himself at my dripping entrance. "Beg me for it."

At this I realized I had already been making whimpering and grunting noises, losing myself, I was ready to explode. I would do anything to cum, I would go mad without it. "God, please fill me with your massive cock!" As I inhaled on a sob, he drove forward into my waiting cunt. I instantly began to cum around the base of his cock, spasms wracked my body and screaming escaped my mouth as I did. (As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing quite like the real thing).

The furthest thing from my mind was safe sex and pregnancy. I was very wrapped in the moment.

Master stroked in and out changing his pace, keeping me excited, never the same pace. I had multiple orgasms within a few moments. When I began to calm from one of my orgasms, he began to change position. Finally, he had me positioned with my face and chest in the pillows, pumping into me from behind. He grabbed my long hair and pulled me from my position until his cock was buried to the hilt, pumping sperm into me. My face was tilting upwards and my body arched like a taught bow. I had never felt this before, even with birth control, I had always insisted on condoms. It feels quite different when a man ejaculates into a waiting hot cunt, rather than a flimsy condom. Hot, wet, liquid pumped into me as his cock pulsed and thrived. I came with him, loudly my voice echoing around me again. He stopped pumping, slowing his thrusts, giving all of his semen to me.

"That was better than I fucking imagined..." as he pulled out of me. "You're going to want to go to the bathroom now, but I want you to stay here. I want you to lay down here and just think about what we just did. If you need to be restrained, I can.

"Master, may I please use the restroom?"

"No. In fact, I will put an ankle cuff on now, keeping you here. I am watching, always, even if I am not in the room with you." He reached under the bed and grabbed a very sturdy cuff and chain system. He placed it around my ankle, and said "don't worry, it's bolted to the floor. All you really need to do is go to sleep, stay here.


Oh, my God. I just fucked a man I don't really know in a place I have never seen before... and what's worse, I have cum, his and mine, dripping from my hole... What the hell did I get myself into? Thinking thoughts like these, I eventually fell asleep, wishing I had a solution to my problems. Not realizing my solution was just to let it go...


I awoke in my own living room.

"What the hell?"

Did I just fucking have the weirdest dream, was it another fantasy, what?

I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine. I was definitely more sore than usual, but that could be from the damn dildo. My birth control pills were still gone. At this point, I concluded that I had spent my evening at home drunk off my ass... nothing happened.

My wine glass was still in the living room, the bottle was empty. I picked it up and took it into the kitchen. Shaking my head, I went to take a shower. I noticed that my nipples were a little more tender than normal; I guess it could be getting close to "that time" of the month, but it shouldn't be for another week and a half or so. I checked the time on my computer, then looked at the date. Monday! What? I didn't sleep for more than 24 hours. What happened to Sunday?

Eventually, I make it to my computer, check my e-mails and look at my bank accounts... There had been a deposit of $2000.00 overnight. It hadn't completely posted yet, so I didn't know any details. Surely not...

An IM popped up. It was, of course, Master Michael.

Cock_sure_325: I see you're up, finally. Good afternoon.

Honey_suckle: Hello. I had the strangest dream last night.

Cock_sure_325: hmm. Tell me about it.

Honey_suckle: I dreamed that I fell asleep on my couch and woke up somewhere else. I dreamed that you were there and you bathed me in a shower and then fucked me. You wouldn't let me wash the cum out.

Cock_sure_325: hmmm. Did you ever see me in your dream?

Honey_suckle: Yes, I did.

Cock_sure_325: Sounds like you may have liked what you saw... Go ahead and describe me.

Honey_suckle: Male, mid forties, brown hair, light eyes, slightly graying at the temples, beautiful smile, extremely handsome, a little bit of facial hair.

Cock_sure_325: That sounds like me.

Honey_suckle: but I've never seen you.

Cock_sure_325: Yes, you have. You just described me.

Honey_suckle: But I was here, at my house, on my couch!

Cock_sure_325: No, you were at my house.

Honey_suckle: How? And you have a sex room in your house?

Cock_sure_325: You were kidnapped. And yes.

Honey_suckle: Why don't I remember it?

Cock_sure_325: You were a little past relaxed. More like drunk...

Honey_suckle: Would you have kidnapped me if I were awake?

Cock_sure_325: Oh yes. I would have preferred it that way. However, your little display around your house made it irresistible to me to go ahead with my plans tonight. PLUS you still had my cock in your pussy when I got there... very interesting plug, don't you think.

Honey_suckle: So you really fucked me, chained me to a bed and made me hold your cum?

Cock_sure_325: Yes.

Honey_suckle: Why did you bring me back?

Cock_sure_325: So you had the opportunity to remember your kidnapping.

Honey_suckle: humph. Apparently I don't.

Cock_sure_325: See you soon.

Honey_suckle: But I have so many questions!

Cock_sure_325: is offline.

Well, I sat there baffled for more than an few minutes. I watched the screen to see if it was going to come back to life. Then my stomach started rolling. I realized I didn't have anything really to eat in the house. It had been a rough couple of weeks... Go get groceries? Go get a pizza? Starve???

Go get dressed first, I told myself. Well, maybe a shower is in order, as I grabbed an apple and began nibbling it. I stopped at my window in my bedroom and stood and looked out over the beautiful flowers growing in the natural beds that I planted in my yard. Suddenly, it dawned on me.

"what if I'm pregnant!!"

I had unprotected sex, when a woman is usually fertile, and right after skipping two doses of birth control meds. Everything I remember about health class in high school suddenly came back to me. Chances are in favor of a pregnancy right now. I look at my two bedroom house, one rooms an office, and my bedroom's a postage stamp! Nowhere for a crib to be set up in any of my rooms.

"I'll worry about it later"

I took my shower without incident and dressed quickly. I never really did take that much time getting dressed. Rarely wore makeup because I always ended up breaking out afterwards. I would usually make my eyes more attractive, but luckily, my complexion didn't need tons of cover-up or blushes. Lip gloss, sure. Hair pulled back into a knot since it's wet, and a blouse and jeans to leave the house. I was tempted to wear my jogging shoes, but I didn't. Strappy sandals. Graduate school hadn't been the kindest to me, with a few extra pounds making me rounder in some places, but my last love interest said they were all the right places. I will never be called "stick" but I am definitely not fat either. My hair and my eyes are by far my best features. As I take one last look in the mirror, again the thought pops out of my mouth
"Why me?"

I went to get my keys from the computer table along with my purse and there was another I.M. waiting for me.

Cock_sure_325: Going somewhere?

Honey_suckle: Um not really anywhere special.

Cock_sure_325: Where, may I ask?

I hesitated. Was I supposed to stay here all the time?

Cock_sure_325: Well?

Honey_suckle: I need to get groceries and I'm starving.

Cock_sure_325: Hmmm

Cock_sure_325: Well, I guess I will just have to wait until you return to see you again, unless I run into you out and about.

Honey_suckle: I will probably be looking for you, now. I don't think I will be gone long.

Cock_sure_325: By the way, what will you worry about later?

Honey_suckle: Uh. (I blushed).

Cock_sure_325: Well?

Honey_suckle: Um, where I would put a baby's crib if I was pregnant....

Cock_sure_325: I'll see you soon.

So noncommittal! So frustrating! What am I to do????? Do I go and look over my shoulder every step of the way. I grab my keys and my purse and leave the house.

My cell phone rings.


"I think you may have forgotten something." Oh my goodness, it was his voice... I felt myself get wet instantly.

"What's that, Sir?"

"I think you left your wallet on the desk."

Rushing back inside, I found my wallet and went to thank him verbally, but it was disconnected. An IM on the computer screen popped back up.

Cock_sure_325: You're welcome.

Honey_suckle: Thank you. You saved me a trip and some embarrassment, I think.

Cock_sure_325: Sure. Make sure you get some vitamins, just in case.

Cock_sure_325: is offline.

Wow. I wonder if he's like that with everyone.

Wallet in purse, keys in hand, I walk out my door one more time. I get to the car and remember the gas fiasco. I check the gauge and it is full... hmmm. Very interesting. I know I haven't driven since Friday evening when I was out of gas.

Off I went on my little shopping adventure. I decided to stop at a little restaurant to get some pasta before shopping. If I went on my nearly empty stomach, I would have enough food to feed an army, let alone one person. I looked around the small restaurant. I didn't see anyone I knew, which made eating quickly easy. I ordered soda with my meal, but also had water. No driving drunk... is what I told myself.

I constantly looked over my shoulder when I was grocery shopping, too. I glanced at mirrors, freezer doors, and around corners. I purchased enough groceries for every meal to feed at least two people. I usually eat leftovers, but secretly hoping to do some entertaining. I love to cook and have had little or no time to do so with graduate school always on the front burner.

I took my groceries home, kicked off my shoes and began putting them away. Everything had a place... I tried to be organized but I was so scatterbrained thinking about Master Michael and this plan. After everything was finally put away, I went to my bedroom and got comfortable. The shirt came off, the pants, the socks, the bra and underwear. I walked to my bathroom where I've been keeping the dildo and picked it up after pulling my hair back into a loose pony tail. I decided I would watch some movies in the living room. As I walked by the office, there were no new IM's waiting for me, so I proceeded to the living room.

I paused for a half a step. Something wasn't quite right, but not wrong enough to stop me in my tracks. I stopped this time. Cologne. As I was ready to turn around, a hand reached around my waist simultaneously as a hand covered my mouth. I dropped the cock...

A denim covered leg began to separate my legs as he forced me to lean forward. I was already beginning to get excited. I knew that it would turn me on.

"Not a word" a harsh whisper sounded just behind my head. "If I remove my hand, I don't want to hear a word from you. If you do, I have a surprise for you. Do you agree?"

I nodded my head and he removed his hand. He began to play with my breasts, and slide the rough denim further between my legs.

"Have you thought about this today?"

I nodded, trying not to say a word as I had promised, but wondered what the surprise would be if I did speak.

"I'm going to take you to the shower, that way, you won't really need one when we're done."

In my home, I was led to the shower with him behind me. I've been in physical contact with him for several minutes, and I've yet to see his face. In the bathroom angled where I could not see the mirror, he took out a large man's handkerchief. Still, behind me, he blindfolded me. After he was satisfied that I was safely blindfolded, he turned me around running his large hands over my arms and breasts and down my stomach. His fingers brushed the short hair nestled between my legs. I gasped, he withdrew his hand. He gathered my hands in one of his and began tying something around them. He led me to my shower. He undressed so that he didn't get his clothing wet, I imagine, turned on the water and began rinsing me off holding my hands bound together above my head.

"Do you like this?" he asked in the same dangerous whisper as before.

"Yes" I replied, quietly. The smack on my ass that followed echoed off the tiled shower. It didn't hurt, but it wasn't a tickle, either.

"Then I have a surprise for you. Kneel." He helped me kneel without falling on the slippery surface. "Open your mouth, slut." I complied, hoping that I would get the chance to have his cock in my mouth. "Wider, slut." I opened my mouth as far as it would go, and felt something hard pushed between my teeth. A ball gag, I figured as he strapped it behind my head. "Just another one of your fantasies, slut, but it really keeps the talk down to a minimum." He chuckled. I could tell he was amused.

The shower was finished while I was on my knees, bound with my hands above my head. The water was turned off and he slowly began to towel me off, spending extra time on my more sensitive areas. I could have sworn I felt a finger dip into my pussy very quickly and then it was gone.

He took me to my bed, and bent me over the side. Quickly, he thrust his cock in my wet hole. I was so wet from the petting in the shower that there was no resistance to his cock whatsoever. He fucked me fast and did not stop until he had a release. This fuck was not about my being able to release, and I could tell, but I was so close I was frustrated that I hadn't. He stayed inside of me until his cock was soft. I heard him redress and leave the room. When he returned, I heard the sound of my digital camera. He was taking pictures of me leaning over my bed with his seed seeping out of my used hole. He helped me stand up, lean back on the bed and positioned my knees apart, my hands bound and resting just above the hair at my pussy. My head propped up on a pillow. I imagine you could see my face just above my breasts and leaking pussy. More photos were taken.

"You are a work of art like this"

I know that I felt myself blushing.

I heard him put the camera down and part of the bed sink as his weight came toward me. "Do you want to stay like this?" I couldn't say anything, and didn't know what he wanted, so I shook my head "no."

"Roll on to your knees." I tried. I couldn't get my hands under me, bound as they were, so I ended with my shoulders and head buried into the covers and pillow. I was exposed to him, more exposed and vulnerable that I have ever been before. I hear a plastic bottle cap open, he touches my exposed ass with something cold and wet, massaging gently. Suddenly he begins to insert something into my ass, slowly and carefully.

My muffled "NO" was swallowed by the gag and the bedding. Even to my own ears, barely perceivable. I shook my head and moved my legs to stop the intrusion. Two painful smacks per cheek and pushing further were my answer to my protest. I'd never even had anal intercourse before and here he was shoving something into my ass! I tried to calm down as he slowly fucked it in and out, in and out. Unbelievably I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. I was so close, I prayed for release, would have begged if the gag would have let me. I don't know if I would have begged for release or for him to stop fucking my ass with whatever object he was using. Just as I was almost to orgasm, he pushed it just far enough that it seated itself in my ass, not moving forward and not moving back. I waited, moving my hips back and forth trying to get release, I realized it would not come.

"Not here" met my frustrated ears. "Not now."

I nodded.

"I am going to untie your hands, do not touch your gag or your blind fold."

I nodded.

He untied my hands and began to slip a shirt around my arms and shoulders. He buttoned it up the front, and cupped my breasts through the shirt. "I like you without a bra or underwear he explained" as he started to help me dress in a skirt with an elastic waist. He found a pair of shoes in my closet and helped me put the heels on. I was hoping he wouldn't make me walk in them very far blindfolded. "Come with me."

I nodded, and followed his lead. "Do you wish to have your hands bound again?" I shook my head no, but he chuckled. "Eventually, you will learn to say yes to that." He quickly bound my hands were bound again, slightly tighter than before.

"We're going to go for a ride." He draped a strap over my shoulder, and I assumed it was my purse. "You're going to ride with me and you will listen to every word I say. You will not draw attention to yourself, because you know you are safe with me." I heard a car door open and was pulled close to him. He fondled my breasts and my ass before turning me to lift me into the vehicle. It was much higher than my car, so it was most likely a truck that was favored in these parts. The door shut beside me and momentarily I felt the driver side open. The truck shifted slightly as he climbed in, shut the door and started the ignition. It sounded like a diesel. How did I not hear that drive up to my house? I was very distracted, maybe?

"Lay your head in my lap, slut." I inched my way down the bench seat and found his lap. He positioned my head the way he wanted it and began backing down the driveway. I had already lost most of my sense of direction, but it didn't feel as if he headed back out to the highway. There was no music on in the vehicle, only the sound of the engine and smell of my new Master. He didn't even speak. I moved my head slightly, and he began stroking my cheek, the strap of the gag, and jaw line. His brush traveled lower to my neck and breasts. It was much more a lover's caress than what I had expected. It almost seemed romantic in spite of the circumstances. We drove for quite some time, but seemed to rarely cross pavement. It was easy to tell we stayed on the gravel roads primarily making turns here and there. It was impossible to determine where I was. I would never be able to find my way back home, or even back to him. Between the reclined position, the stroking and the vibration of the vehicle, I was almost asleep making time seem to stand still.

He slowed one more time and turned. He was traveling up a hill and slowing even more. Had we reached our destination? He stopped and cut the engine. He reached down and spanked my ass to wake me completely the plug that I had almost forgotten jostled and made my face blush.

"Welcome to my woods. They are privately owned and make up about 150 acres. No one comes here without my permission, and no one visits because it is so hard to find. Sit up and wait for me to help you down." I waited and realized I was barely breathing. I jumped slightly when the passenger door opened. His hand led me to turn to him and he grasped me by my waist. As I stepped down onto the side rail, He hefted me over his shoulder. I felt rather undignified, to say the least. "umph" escaped my mouth around the gag as my stomach settled onto his broad shoulder.

The door shut and he began walking. The crunch of gravel under his feet met my ears. A breeze rustled the tree, and I smelled woods and wildflowers all around me mingling with his cologne. Finally, his footfalls landed on wood, jostling my position a little more. "Stairs?" I thought. His gate evened out and the sound of hollow wood continued, "Must be a porch." He stopped and shifted his weight as he was opening the door, still managing to keep me in such a precarious position. A door opened and he took me inside. Finally, he took me off his shoulder and sat me on my feet. I stumbled slightly and he steadied me.

"Do you want me to remove your blindfold, slut?" Speaking just above a whisper. I nodded. "I will remove the blindfold, but you must keep the gag in for a little while longer." I nodded. Both hands moved up my arms to my shoulders, brushed my neck and slipped the blindfold off my face. I blinked several times, my eyes focusing in the brightly lit space. We were standing in his living room. He began unbuttoning my shirt and draped it over my shoulders leaving my breasts exposed and hands still tied in front of me. He pulled my skirt down and told me to step out of it.

"Move over to the ottoman." It was a large, white ottoman that seemed to double as a type of coffee table as it was centered in the middle of a large, white sectional. There were white leather straps sewn on the ottoman. He untied my wrists and removed my shirt the rest of the way. The only thing I had left were the black heels. "Lie down on your stomach diagonally. Put your hands above your head." He secured my hands with the leather straps and fastened them with a small padlock. Then he moved to my feet, separating my legs so he could easily see my ass and pussy. I heard the snick of two more small locks. The straps were tight enough that I could not escape, but not so tight as to hurt.

He left the room and returned with a camera. This one was much more professional looking than mine. It looked serious.

"Did I ever tell you what I do at the university?" I shook my head no. "I teach art and photography. Sensual photography is just a hobby of mine, though some of my bondage photos are included in some magazines for people with my kind of taste in women." He took several pictures from several angles. "You know, I may not be able to resist sharing your photos" more flashes. "Hmmm, turn your head to the right and look back at me. Oh yes. Hmmm. I think something's missing." He left the room again and brought a long, curved plastic vibrator and a paddle. "You didn't stay in position! Two smacks of the paddle reddened my cheeks and gave the plug quite the push into my ass. I felt myself become even more wet. He began inserting the vibrator into my vagina. He turned it on and attached it to the plug.

"Yes. That's much better. Now, I don't want you to come, slut. You have to wait until I give you permission. It's one of those fantasies you have being denied release until your Master tells you to, but are you disciplined enough yet?" He smacked my ass with the paddle a few more times, but avoided hitting the vibrator and the plug this time." More flashes of the camera. It seemed to go on forever. "Slut, you are concentrating so hard on not coming your face is turning red. Would you like to come now?" I nodded my head eagerly. "Do you want my cock now?" Again I nodded my head eagerly. "Do you want my bastard, now?" I shook my head no! I don't want to really get pregnant! "Too bad, Slut!" He removed the plug and the vibrator and knelt between my legs. "This is going to be so much fun!" He began sliding his cock into my vagina. I was so wet, I almost came as soon as he touched me. He felt me tense and slapped my ass. He pushed it in all the way and fucked me. Slow, then fast, then slow and finally, he yelled "come" in my ear. I released, I could feel his cock pulsing in my vagina, filling me with his seed. Slowly, he pulled out and replaced the vibrating phallus into my vagina.

"I think this is going to be fun, forcing you to carry my child! It never occurred to me with my previous sluts, but you could say that I was inspired by your stories... this will be the first time I force someone to become pregnant! Now, get some rest while you let the semen seep in. We don't want to waste it." He wiped my juices off his now flaccid cock and took a seat on the couch just in front of my face. He leaned over and traced my gag and stimulated my lips. He released the clasp on the gag and whispered "not a word, or it goes back on" I nodded. He stroked my face and said "get some rest, you need it". I slept. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I could have sworn that someone was using a camera while I slept. It must have been a dream.

When I awoke that evening, it was just becoming dark and I wasn't sure where I was. I found myself in the middle of a king-size bed in a completely normal looking bedroom. The bedroom was a study of whites and grays and black, very sleek and modern with no frills. The only color was coming through the wall of windows and the expansive skylights in the room. I had a thin robe wrapped around me and my shoes had been removed. I sat up and looked around, listening for him. Silence greeted my ears. I looked to the night stand next to the bed, and the clock showed 7:12. There was an envelope next to the clock with "Abigail" on it.


I have left the house this evening to acquire a few things. There is food in the refrigerator and clothes in the closet. I will stop by your house and bring some of your personal items. Please feel free to explore some, though I will tell you that there are some rooms that are locked. Please leave these rooms alone. Do not leave the house, do not attempt to call anyone. You are mine for as long as I choose to keep you.


I wrapped the robe more securely around my waist and padded barefoot around the room. I didn't bother with more clothing, I looked in the closet and found some women's clothing, but they wouldn't be much more help than being naked. Opposite the closet was the bathroom. This room also had a large wall of windows looking out into the wooded area surrounding the house. It was very beautiful and serene. I walk-in glass shower and soaking tub were included in the room. I made use of the toilet and then decided to take a quick shower. Shampoo and soap that I favored were already in the shower and I smiled. There was no privacy in this bathroom, but it was certainly a beautiful view.

I toweled off, slipped back into my robe and found a comb for my hair. After making sure all the tangles were out, I began looking for the laundry room to put my towel. The bedroom was immediately off the living room. Heat rose in my face as I remembered what had happened earlier in the day on the ottoman. Secretly, I hoped that something similar would happen again.

I found the kitchen and a door off the kitchen. It was locked, so I looked for another door. I found the basement door, it seems. Sometimes, people put laundry rooms in the basement, right? I went down the stairs, towel in hand bare feet feeling the coarse boards of the stairs. There were two doors at the end of a small hallway. The first proved to be locked; the second was not the laundry room, either. I slowly walked into this dark room half expecting it to be a storage room, but when I came around the wall; I found the room that I was brought to the first night. In the middle of the room, there was a bed. Surrounding the bed was many objects I had never really seen before. Some that looked like sawhorses, old fashioned stocks, racks with ropes hanging. On a shelf to the right of the bed was a variety of phallic objects, plugs. Hanging below the shelf was a number of cuffs, short whips, riding crops and many other instruments of pleasure and pain.

"What have I gotten myself into?" I wondered as I wrapped myself in my robe.

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