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Cock a Doodle Doo

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:38:07.757952

Another attempt on my part to write in the American vernacular from a female perspective. I'd really appreciate feedback on this. Enjoy.


When Candace called us all into her office that Friday morning, I honestly had no idea what it was all about. The business had been going well ? very well, in fact ? so I knew we weren't all getting fired. Candace had given us all our bonuses ? mine was so good I went out and bought a new car with it ? so it wasn't anything to do with that. In fact, I was mostly concerned that things were going so well that she was planning to sell up.

See, ours is a small outfit that does big business. Apart from Candace, the boss, there are only seven of us, all ladies between 28 and 39 (that's perpetual 39, by the way), all single or divorced or widowed, and all good friends. We work really hard, selling a whole mess of luxury items to the big stores and retailers. Candace gets the stuff made out East; and I don't mean New Jersey. She seems to spend half her time in the Philippines, Thailand, India or someplace else, finding small factories that can produce really good quality stuff at sensible prices. Candace is fussy; the quality's got to be there, and the people making the stuff have to be treated OK ? no child labor or anything like that. Most of our suppliers have been with us for years, and almost all have grown really well thanks to what we do.

And I've done pretty well, too. The hours are long and the job can be a bit stressful, you know, but hey ? I have a nice car and a nice home and last year I vacationed in Aruba, so it's not so bad. Candace also lets us buy from our own catalog at bought-in prices, so I have a lovely wardrobe that I could never afford if I bought it from Neiman-Marcus. (Listen to me! Like I would ever shop at Neiman-Marcus! I'm usually much more a Wal-Mart gal!)

So on this Friday morning she calls us all in and says, "Hey ladies, did we have a great quarter or did we have a GREAT quarter?"

Some of the girls went "Yeah!" I find this stuff a bit irritating, so I said nada.

"So I thought," she went on, "My ladies deserve a little treat. You've all had your bonuses, and I hope you're all happy with them." Nods all round. "So here's the idea. I thought we might have a team-building event. It's tax deductible, so I can get something really good that we can afford without hitting the profits and next quarter's bonuses. You've all done so well that I think we should have a long weekend together in ? Vegas! Everything on me ? except your gambling money, that is!"

Well, Vegas isn't my favorite place in the Universe, and that's a fact. Each time I go ? and I've been four times now ? it gets a little tackier and a little sleazier than the time before. But hey, this was free, paid for by Candace, so I could hardly complain. Not even when she said we were staying at the Luxor, which to my mind is well past its best and the wrong end of the Strip. The Bellagio and the Venetian are way classier, but sadly they're also way more expensive.

"So the plan is that two weeks after Spring Break, on the Thursday night, we close up operations and head for the airport. We fly to Vegas, cruise the hotels and casinos, have some nice meals ? no 'all you can eat' buffets, ladies ? and take in a couple of shows. Oh, and you can play the slots and the tables as much as you like. And we come back on the Monday night, to start work not too early on Tuesday. What do you say?"

"We say thanks, Candace, that's a real nice gesture," Jolene said. Jolene is somewhere between 38 and 48, and likes to model herself on Cher. She's a nice enough lady, divorced, two kids, and what she doesn't spend on them she uses to have work done. She's as skinny as a rake and has unbelievable titties. I'll admit they're nicely done, but no-one could imagine they were real. And when she smiles, only half of her face moves.

"Hey, it's good we're waiting 'til after Spring Break," I said. "Last time I was there at the wrong time and the place was wall to wall with college kids. Although the eye candy was interesting."

The ladies all laughed and said things like 'Typical Judi'. OK, so I'm about 40 (I'm not saying which side) and I still like looking at young guys. Mostly these days I just look. Since Darren went off with a girl from his office with a lipo-ed ass, a trout pout and titties that would knock people over if she turned around too quickly, I've mostly had to make my own amusement. See, we never had kids; never sure if it was him or me, and now I don't think I shall and I don't really mind that much. But it means I'm on my own a lot. I've tried the Internet and speed dating, but I always seem to find these guys who think you've been on a romantic date if they hold your hand during the ball-game. That or breathe beer all over you as they try to stick their hand up your t-shirt right after saying hello.

So going to Vegas with my good girlfriends seemed like a fun thing to do. Maybe there'd be some cute guys, or maybe we could just sip Margaritas and look cool on bar stools. I had the outfits, though I wasn't sure I still had the body to go with them!

So on the appointed day, we all arrived at the airport, to find that Candace had got us all upgraded to business class. (She knew someone at the airline who pulled a few strings for us). Well that was great, especially as I was expecting to pay excess for my bag, which was way over the allowance. Well, a girl never knows what to pack when she has so many pretty things. So on the flight we had free champagne and little canapés and we really enjoyed ourselves, even if it was only two hours long.

At Vegas, Candace had a stretch limo waiting for us. That was good, 'cos Vegas airport reminds me of something out of the Holocaust. OK, so that's a bit tasteless, but so's the airport. All the staff seem to have any charm they may have had surgically removed, and pretty soon they'll be using electric cattle prods to control the crowds! And the place is wall-to-wall slots almost before you get out of the gate.

So the limo was nice, even if the Luxor wasn't. I don't know about you but I think there's only so much amusement in having an elevator that moves up and sideways at the same time, especially when you have to walk halfway round the building to get to the one that stops at your floor, and then walk the other half just to get to your room. But hey, even if the rooms are a little shabby and the staff have a special 'surliness' chip inserted in their brains when they're hired, I was there FOR FREE, with my good buddies on a vacation I wasn't expecting, and it sure beats Chicago in late March.

So we showered and changed and applied the war-paint and went out on the town. The champagne had already got us mellow, and a few Margaritas later and a nice Teppanyaki meal specially for us with a cute little oriental chef who could toss my salad any time he liked, and we were all about as happy as we were going to get.

I have to say that for a bunch of old ? and not-so-old ? broads, I think we're pretty hot. None of us is too much overweight, we dress well and look after ourselves. Candace provides 'corporate membership' (funny term when there are just eight of us) for a local gym, and we all go down there several times a week and work out. I found I could still get into my slinky outfits, which left me feeling very smug, but I'm always a bit self-conscious around the younger ones. I think Karen and Maria, our two youngest ladies, are really very pretty. Karen's tall, slim and blonde ? physically, not mentally. Her husband treated her really badly, and she was virtually on the streets with her little girl, Alice (a cute 4-year old) when she met Candace. The boss saw her potential and set her to work. For the last three quarters she's exceeded her targets by 50%, and now lives in a nice apartment and sends her little girl to a private nursery school.

Maria has also been through the mill. She's a pretty little Latina, just 29. but she keeps meeting these losers who take advantage of her. One guy broke her nose and another gave her a dose of the clap. She decided that she was going to give up men entirely, and I almost suggested she move in with me. I'm a bit embarrassed to say so, but after our separate experiences with those assholes who call themselves men, I would have been happy to snuggle up with Maria at night. She's so sweet. I'm not normally that way inclined, but I could make an exception for her. Hell, I like a good pair of shoulders and a stiff dick as much as the next girl ? unless of course that girl is Jolene, who seems to like so many stiff dicks she's gotten a reputation. But there's something about Maria's eyes and her cute little mouth that sort of get me wet. Please don't tell anyone I said that!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so the Thursday night we went out to the Teppanyaki and had a few Margaritas and came back very mellow indeed. I'd set aside $100 as my gambling float. The idea was, once it's gone, it's gone and there's no more. I had the idea that my hundred bucks would go in one part of my purse, and any winnings in another. That way, if I ended the weekend up on the deal, I wouldn't be tempted to stick all my winnings back in and lose the lot.

So anyway, we arrived back about 1am, and Jolene and Karen said "Let's just play the slots for, say, a half hour. Just for a laugh before we go to bed." So I changed 20 bucks into quarters and started feeding two machines that said "$1000 jackpot!" on them. So I was down to my last three quarters, and I just pulled both handles at the same time and turned to take a drink off a passing tray (they really water them down these days). And then, ping, boing, boing ? and all the lights started flashing. And I saw the machine on the left say "$50!" and I thought "Hey, I'm up on the night!" And then the one on the right sort of played a fanfare and all these coins came rushing out. I'd hit the frigging jackpot! $1000 ? all in quarters!

So there are these coins spilling everywhere, and everybody's looking, and I'm on the floor, way too drunk, trying to collect coins in those little plastic bowls they give you. And I'm on my hands and knees, and everyone's cheering, and I look round, and Candace is coming up behind me and helping me to my feet. Then she hugs me, and says "Hey, Judi, that's great!" And then she whispers. "Better stay on your feet. Half the casino was looking at your panties when you were down there."

I was so embarrassed, I must have gone bright red. Then the waitresses came over with some big plastic buckets and sort of scooped up the coins and carried them over to a counter. Then they threw them in a machine, and it counted them up, and there was $1022.75 in there. Some asshole had creamed off nearly 30 bucks somehow, but hey, I was way up on the night and everything was cool. And the cashier handed me a bunch of crisp bills, and Candace counted them to make sure it was all there, and then helped me back to my room.

I woke up next morning in my lingerie and stockings, lying on the bed with a monster hangover, surrounded by some large-denomination bills. For a moment I thought I must have turned into a hooker overnight and wondered why I couldn't remember who the John was. Then I remembered just enough about the previous night to sort of perk up a bit. Hey, despite the hangover, this was GOOD!

I got some black coffee, an English muffin and some fruit on room service, then undressed and took a shower. The room service boy was almost as cute as the chef from the night before, and I suddenly wished I'd kept my nice silk bra and pantie set on, instead of greeting him with wet hair in a toweling bathrobe two sizes too big for me. An image formed in my fuzzy head; me, seducing the boy, maybe getting him to pull my panties to one side, lick me up and down, then.... Then he was standing with his hand out, waiting for a tip. I handed him a twenty ? all that I had handy ? and he smiled and thanked me and left. Shit! Well I suppose he would have been too busy to stay and make me feel good, so it was all just a fantasy anyway. That and the fact my head felt like someone had pumped a quart of glue in there through my eyeballs.

After breakfast, I felt a little better, and after a couple of painkillers and about a gallon of coffee ? the muffin remained uneaten, though I did pick at the fruit ? I decided I needed to pull myself together. On with the sunscreen, then a bit of make-up, my best halter bikini from the catalog ? pushes my titties up, and boy, they need all the help they can get ? and my best poolside robe. (Forget that awful toweling thing the hotel provided). Then a pair of nice, sensible heels ? well, at least not too silly ? and the essential sunglasses, grab a paperback and my iPod, and I'm at the pool before you can say "A Margarita? At this hour? Why not?"

Sure enough, most of my girlfriends are there before me. Candace is a few years older than me, but she still looks good in her one-piece. Jolene's falling out of her tiny bikini ? just as she intended. Maria has a sweet, demure little costume on, and Karen's is shocking pink, which contrasts interestingly with her hair. Leah turned up with her friend Pattie a bit later. Leah's a little short and on the plump side, and Pattie is a tall and very statuesque black girl in her mid-30s, so they make an odd couple, but they get along really well. Pattie is really attractive ? a bit sort of Beyonce-like ? and I sometimes think Leah goes around with her hoping to get some of the fallout from the men she meets. I'm not sure that Leah's had any success yet, but Pattie seems to be able to attract and discard some pretty nice black guys at will. Somehow I don't think Leah is their type.

Finally, around lunchtime, Vicki arrives. She's probably 15 years younger than Jolene, but she's had even more work done. I assumed that she'd waited 'til later to come down to the pool so she wouldn't risk melting in the sun. Then Jolene whispered that she'd managed to get her legs around a croupier a couple of hours after I'd gone to bed following my fun-but-embarrassing 'cash and ass' display. She looked like a model ? that is, one made of plastic ? but I had to confess that I was jealous. The last dick I had WAS made of plastic. And the one before that, before it wore out.

So we stayed there most of the day. It was sunny but not stiflingly hot. Then we showered around five, and Candace summoned our stretch limo again and we went off to the Bellagio to watch the fountains and have cocktails. I'm an old softie, I know, but I always fill up when they play 'Time to Say Goodbye', and all the fountains swirl about, and the lights really make it special. So it was as well that we had a dinner show to go to. It was one of the Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas, which are always very good. We had a nice meal, and then the dancers came on and did the most amazing things. One really beautiful girl, who I reckon was Russian from the name in the program, hung from a trapeze by one leg and spun metal rigs around all her other arms and legs. I have no idea how she did it, but it made me dizzy just to watch.

Over breakfast the following morning, Vicki was again absent, and Jolene told me that 'our plastic friend got laid again last night'. Perhaps it was because she reminded me of the bitch who stole my husband away ? asshole that he was ? but I find it hard to get really friendly with Vicki. So yeah, I was jealous I suppose.

When the glamour girl did finally arrive ? we're all too polite to make any risqué remarks or anything like that ? Candace announced a special treat for that evening. Our stretch was going to take us out into the desert to a special club, called 'A-Doodle-Doo'. Before anyone else could say anything, Candace added "And if you want to know what it's about, just spot the missing word." Yeah, it was a male strip joint, sort of Chippendales-style place. I'd never been to one, though I was curious. I guessed that they would indulge in some audience participation, but I thought there would be little chance of anyone picking me out to embarrass, what with Plastic Vicki, almost-as-plastic Jolene, statuesque Pattie and pretty Karen and Marie to pounce on. And it would be fun to see some good male bodies for a change. Candace said that they took everything off, and even had hard-ons. Well, I thought, even though I don't often get to play with one, at least I'd get a chance to look at one, which is something.

After dinner in a chi-chi restaurant off the Strip, we went out to the club. As I'd had my share of luck at the slots, I treated everyone to champagne, at $100 a bottle. We ended up drinking four bottles between us, apparently, although I only remember two. Anyway, they put us in this sort of alcove with a good view of the stage, and a couple of 'warm-up' acts came on first. There was a guy who told very dirty jokes, some funny, some just dirty. Then a really punped-up guy in a tiny thong came on and did sort of stunts ? handstands, somersaults, then fire-breathing and spinning this burning pole around. It was all vaguely amusing, but we girls all had a different sort of hot pole in mind.

The first stripper who came on was OK-looking, sort of latino-like ? darkish-skinned, anyway ? and dressed like a cowboy. He was twirling a lasso. Somehow, he managed to keep twirling that thing while he took his clothes off. It reminded me of the girl at the Cirque do Soleil show, only not as erotic. Anyway, he gets down to some really tight boxers and this pair of leather chaps, then he swings the lasso over the front row and drops it on some poor unsuspecting girl. "Oh yeah," I thought., "Just as I suspected. Big tits, big ass, big hair, and blonde in every sense of the word."

The guy sort of pulled her up to the stage by the rope, then asked her her name. "Trina," I think she said. Anyway, our cowboy got Trina to feel him up through his boxers. She went very red and looked seriously embarrassed. He took the rope off her, but then tied another, smaller one around her wrists. He then got her to kneel and hold the waistband of those shorts, and before she knew what was going on, he jumped back about a foot or so, and the shorts, held by Velcro at the back, ripped straight off. In an instant, he'd hopped back forward, so that his dick, which was sort of half-hard, was just inches from the girl's face. She gave a funny little squeal, and the audience all went wild, with whoops and whistles and all the girlie noises. Anyone would think that they'd never seen a dick before. As opposed to me, who hadn't seen one in a year or two.

Well I have to confess, it was quite a nice dick, as dicks go. It was quite long, reasonably thick and straight, uncut and pointing at about a 30 degree angle downwards. The guy then got the poor girl ? who I believe was secretly loving every minute and creaming her panties ? to put both hands around his dick, and proceeded to swing his hips back and forth, basically screwing the tube made by her hands. He made the thrusts quite forceful, to make it a bit more erotic and also to push his dick almost into the girl's face. Then he took her hands away, and swung his dick back and forth, slapping the girl on the cheeks with his dick.

Next to me, Jolene was going "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Even Candace, I was surprised to see was whistling and screeching with the best of them. I looked at Maria, and found that she was staring at the guy's dick with her mouth open in surprise.

And talking of surprise, our cowboy suddenly lifted his kneeling victim to her feet, and before she could protest, pulled the back of her t-shirt up and over her head. She gave a little cry of alarm, and then her bra was undone and her big tits flopped out. Cowboy just pulled the mess of garments down her arms to her wrists, pushed her back onto her knees and shoved his dick between those big globes, tit-fucking her for all he was worth. He was clearly fully erect now, as were his victim's nipples. He squeezed, stroked and pulled them as he manipulated her tits, pushing his cock up that deep valley until it was almost touching the girl's lips.
I looked at her face, and she was embarrassed, a bit frightened and definitely excited. I thought "You're getting off on this, ain't you missy?" And then the inevitable happened. Cowboy pushed a bit further, and blondie suddenly had a cock between her lips. Now she could have turned her head, she could have backed away, she could have stood up. What did she do? She opened her mouth wider, and 'Blowjobs-R-Us' got its new employee of the month.

Cowboy changed his angle, let go of her titties and put his hand into her hair, and our blonde just opened wide and said 'Ah!'. Well, it was more of a muffled 'Uh', 'cos her mouth was a little full at the time. Her hands were still tied and tangled in a mess of her clothing, so she just hung in there, nodding her head as cowboy gave her more and more of his length. And, trouper that she was, she didn't gag, or bite, or pull away, or even protest. She just kept taking it. There were a few of the 'gug, gug' noises that I understand men like to hear, but she stuck at it.

It wasn't long before cowboy is thrusting rhythmically into blondie's open mouth, and the crowd started this clapping in time with his thrusts, and they're whoopin' and hollerin' and screechin' ? even my buddies! Blondie's eyes are shut, and I now see she's sort of hunched her shoulders up. I assumed at first this was to push her titties up more ? her nipples were rubbing on cowboy's leather chaps, which must've been an interesting sensation. But then I noticed that she had actually gotten her hands between her legs and it looked like she was frigging her pussy while cowboy was screwing her mouth. And we had the full profile view, and that guy wasn't holding back, so the girl must've had a pretty open throat.

Then he yells "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and starts to pull back. Poor Trina takes the full blast, the first couple in her mouth, the rest over her face, shoulders and titties. There's cum all over, and she's making little grunting noises herself ? reckon she'd got off at around the same time. So then cowboy helps her to her feet, and she's a picture, all covered in cum, and he gets her to open her mouth and show what he's deposited on her tongue before he makes her swallow it. Then he picks up a microphone and yells "A big hand for Trina ? what a beautiful lady and a fantastic sport!" I thought for a moment he'd said 'fantastic slut'. Then he gives her a little kiss ? I think he avoided getting too much of his cum in his own mouth, and sent her back to her friends.

The comedian came back on stage as cowboy collected his clothes and jogged backstage. "Wasn't that fantastic ladies? A big hand for Cowboy and especially for the lovely Trina! What a gal! Now we're gonna have a short break for you ladies to have a drink." He paused. "Go to the bathroom." He paused again. "And frig yourselves silly!" Lots of screeching and yelling. "But try not to go for an orgasm just yet! The night has just begun. We have a whole line-up of nicely hung boys back here for your delight. And in a few minutes we'll have some more of them out here, shaking it all about! So welcome to 'A-Doodle-Doo', ladies, and you know what this club is all about, don't you?"

Probably two thirds of the hundred or so women in the place yelled "COCK!"

The comedian yelled back "A-Doodle-Doo!"




"A-Doodle-Doo! Thank you ladies for reminding me while you're all here. And now, sit back and relax, remember what you've seen ? the lovely Trina and that nice Cowboy, weren't they fantastic together? Have a little chat with your neighbors ? we what you to share this great evening with everyone. We want you all dreamy, screamy and creamy for the next act ? coming up in just a few minutes!"

He headed off stage and some loud music blared from the speakers. I leaned towards Jolene. "Brave girl, that Trina. Did you see the way he was shoving his cock in? But she didn't flinch!"

Jolene seemed unimpressed. "Yeah, but she should have relaxed her throat a bit more. It would have been better if the whole length had gone in. He was trying, but she wouldn't let him."

I was incredulous. "The girl had her throat fucked in front of a hundred people! Give her a break! And I don't see how she could have taken any more."

"Like I said, if she'd relaxed her throat more, and angled her head a bit differently, I reckon she could have got all of him down. It's not that hard, you know."

Well I just couldn't believe it. I supposed all that work Jolene had had done and all that dressing up in outrageous outfits must be for something, so she must be getting it rather more frequently than I was. But before I could think of how to frame a question to find out more, she got up and headed off to the ladies' room.

So I looked around. There were batchelorette parties, brides-to-be and their buddies in little tiaras and pink cowboy hats, and a few groups of more mature ladies like ourselves. All of them looked very excited. I saw Trina's party talking to her excitedly. They'd untied her wrists, but she was still standing there with her titties on display, holding her bra and t-shirt and covered in cum, almost like it was some special skin-serum and she was afraid to wash it off.

Then the lights went down again, and the comedian came back on to announce the next act, though I didn't catch their names, because two big black guys came on stage and my attention was completely distracted. They were dressed as construction workers, in hard-hats, day-glo vests and jeans. They sort of pranced, rather than danced around the stage, in that 'hi-attitude' way that a lot of young black men do. And they had great bodies ? good strong shoulders and chests, tight abs, muscular arms. One of them had a tattoo half way down his arm, which made him look a bit more menacing.

So they lose the vests and start gyrating their way off the stage, prowling round the audience. Then one of them catches sight of Jolene and Candace, coming back from the bathroom, and pounces! They were so busy talking to each other, they only saw the other guy at the opposite side of the stage. Then the nearer guy appears behind them, grabs them both by the arm and leads them up on stage. "This'll be interesting," I thought. It was.

On stage, he stands between them, grabs a microphone and asks them both to say their names and where they're from. Then he asks them why they're there. "Er ? to admire some nice bodies," Candace says hesitantly.

"Good! And, you, Jolene?" he says, pointing the mic towards her.

"To see some nice big COCK!" she says with a little flick of her head, and the audience all yell back "COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!" Obviously this was some sort of club catch-phrase.

"That's more like it, Jolene. So baby, you wanna see cock, right?" Jolene nodded. "OK, baby, why don't you just slip your hand in here," ? he flipped open the waistband of his jeans, took Jolene's wrist and slipped her hand inside ? "and see what you can find?"

Jolene dutifully reached down, then her eyes widened and she said "Oh ? my ? God!"

By now he had pulled his zipper right down, and sort of shrugged the jeans back off his hips. Jolene's hand appeared holding the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Judging by Jolene's reaction, it was probably the biggest she'd seen as well. She just stared at this ? thing ? in her hand in open-mouthed amazement.

Then the guy turned to Candace. "Hey baby, don't be shy. Jolene shouldn't keep it all to herself, now should she? Why don't you have a feel too?"

Gingerly, Candace reached out and wrapped her hand around the thick, long organ. Even with their two hands on it, there were still several inches protruding beyond their fists. I heard Maria say "Holy Mother of God!" I glanced up, to see Vicki and Pattie both staring hungrily at the scene before them, while little Leah just looked shell-shocked.

"Now don't just stand there, ladies, do something!" the guy said. So Candace and Jolene slowly began stroking that cock. And I do believe it actually got bigger as they were doing it. This was just ? well, indescribable.

Then the guy reaches round both ladies, sort of hugs them to him and then grabs a titty in each hand. Well Jolene has a pretty-decent handful to offer, and it was easily accessible ? he just had to slide his hand inside the strap of her halter-neck. Candace had this dress on that had a high neck, and unlike Jolene she wore a bra, so he had to be content with groping her through her clothes. Jolene seemed to enjoy the attention, but I was less sure about Candace's expression.

So the ladies kept stroking this huge cock, and the guy was squeezing their titties, and then he reached up behind Jolene's neck, and the halter comes apart and there she is, naked to the waist. I have to say, they don't look at all real but Jolene's titties do look impressive, and she's so skinny everywhere else. Then he turns to her and kisses her, and she responds pretty hungrily, and then he turns to Candace and says "Candace, why don't you show me your lovely titties too?" And Candace, who's already a bit embarrassed, sort of shakes her head, but the guy just says "Hey ladies out there. Do you wanna see Candace's titties as much as I wanna see Candace's titties?"

And the crowd go "YEAH!"

So he says "C'mon baby, don't disappoint the people."

And the crowd starts up a chant of "OFF! OFF! OFF!", so poor Candace has no option. She starts to reach up to unzip the dress, but the guy is there before her and gets it undone. Candace had a resigned expression on her face as the dress slipped down to her feet. Underneath, she was wearing a nice matching lingerie set from the 'Fantasy' range that I'd seen in the catalog. I bought a set myself in grey, but I never get the chance to wear it. Candace's set was black lace, mostly see-though; a soft-cup bra, boy-short panties, a garter belt and black stockings. I have to say she looked good. Oh, she's not skinny like Jolene and I don't think she's had much work done, but she keeps herself fit and eats well, and she's quite tall, so she's nice and curvy but pretty with it. I admit that I'd never seen her in so little clothing before ? even at the pool she wore a one-piece ? so it was nice to see that she looked good in this difficult situation.

Now it had been Candace's idea to come to the club, so I was a bit surprised that she wasn't so keen to go along with this. Jolene, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying herself. She even used her spare hand to shimmy out of her dress, and now stood in just a pair of tiny thong panties. I have to confess, she has the ass for thongs ? mine, and by the looks of it Candace's ? spreads too far and it looks a bit yukky. Jolene's thong was almost sheer ? just a tiny wisp of flesh-colored lace, and you could see that, unlike Candace, she was fully shaved. She also had a pierced navel ? something she'd told everyone about ? and a little tattoo of a butterfly on her right hip.

We could all see that the guy was seriously impressed. "Fabulous, ladies. You're both gorgeous, don't you think so, folks?"

There were cheers and whistles from the audience. You'd have thought it was a load of men, what with all the admiring noises being made.

Then the guy slides his hands down from the ladies' titties, down their sides and over their hips to their asses. A moment later, I see both Jolene and Candace pull some pretty startled faces, and the guy grinned from ear to ear. He lifts both hands up to his mouth, and very deliberately sucks each middle finger in turn. Then looking at Candace to his left, he says "Sweet as honey, honey!", and turning to Jolene says "Hot and spicy, baby!" He turns back to the audience and says "Let me tell you all, folks. These ladies are WET, WET, WET!"

I'm not sure that Candace could have blushed any redder than she already was. However, the guy returned his hands to their previous position, and within a few moments, both Candace and Jolene were moving their hips to a rhythm that had nothing to do with the music. You could see the guy's big hand, stretching at the crotch of Candace's panties from the inside. With Jolene, he just pulled the thong to one side and slipped his fingers straight into her slit. A minute later, and Jolene took her hand from the monster cock and used both hands to pull her tiny thong down, gingerly stepping out of it, still in her killer heels. Her pussy lips were glistening in the bright lights. Then she took his hand and placed it over the front of her slit, and you could hear her moan as the black guy started strumming her clitty.

Candace looked ? well, like I'd never seen her before. She seemed almost in a trance, her eyes closed, her mouth open, head back, rolling her hips to ride his fingers and stroking up and down on his cock. Every now and then, she or Jolene would lean over and spit on his cock to keep him wet, and I could see the big cock-head glistening with pre-cum. It was all very bizarre and surprisingly erotic.

Without taking my eyes off the stage, I reached out for my drink, and was surprised to feel someone take my hand and place it on something hot and hard. I looked up, and there's the other black guy who had headed off into the audience about the time Candace and Jolene were dragged on stage. He was really handsome, not as pumped-up as the one on stage, and his cock, which I realized with a jolt was in my hand, was more modestly sized than his friend's. He was naked except for a hard-hat and some white socks, and he was holding a can of spray cream.

"I saw you sitting here on your own. I've been going around the audience offering a lick to anyone who'd like one. Want to try?" His accent was a little strange ? more African than American Negro, but his skin glistened with this lovely pale-chocolate sheen. Mmmm! And chocolate is a girl's favorite!

I just sat there and stared. It was the strangest introduction I've ever had from a guy, but I couldn't resist. I nodded dumbly, and he squirted cream all around the head of his dick, and I just bent forward and started licking it up. It was a strange flavor ? a mixture of sweetened whipped cream and pre-cum ? but the fact that I actually had my tongue on a guy's dick, and a handsome guy at that, was such a novelty that I just relished it.

I'd just licked off the first lot and he was adding some more cream when a noise from the stage made me turn round. It was the sound of Jolene, coming. Her head was right back, her mouth was wide open and she had her spare hand on her titty ? squeezing the silicone so hard it might burst, I thought. The black guy was giving her some great finger-work by the looks of things, because she seemed to be in convulsions and she was making the most amazing noises ? like a whole farmyard! Candace stared at her ? and then came herself. I noticed that Candace's panties were now down around her knees, and those clever black fingers were still stroking up and down her pussy, and her blonde pubes were wet and glistening. She clutched at the black guy's arm as she came, pressing her mouth into his shoulder to stifle her cries.

I returned my attention to some black flesh a bit closer to home. All of my buddies were watching the stage show, and no-one had noticed me, so I quickly dropped to my knees and took the head of his cock in my mouth. Thank God he wasn't as big as his friend. In fact, he was a nice size, and I didn't have to stretch too far to accommodate him. It had probably been ? let me see ? around 17 months since I had last given a blow-job. Sure, I actually hired an escort once or twice in the last year to make a change from my rampant rabbit, but escorts don't expect any cock-sucking, and they had more important tasks to carry out. Fortunately, I hadn't forgotten what to do ? if I say so myself, I'm pretty good. The evidence was that just a few minutes later and the guy says "Lady, I'm gonna come. You'd better get out of the way!"

I of course did nothing of the sort. Once, round at Jolene's place over a bottle of wine or six with her, Karen, Leah, Pattie and me, we had a rare and rather risqué discussion about sex. Most of the girls agreed they didn't like the taste of cum, Leah even said she found it revolting, though I'm not sure how many times she'd ever tasted it. Me, I love it. If a guy cums in my mouth, it makes me feel really horny, because I know I've used my mouth-skills to give him an orgasm. It's like a gift, and I always swallow. I mean, how would you feel if a guy gargled with mouthwash just after he'd eaten your pussy?

So I just stayed put, and he blasted a half dozen spurts of thick, spicy fluid into my throat, and I swallowed the lot. Then I got up and said "Thank you.", and he said it should be him thanking me. And I looked around, and Jolene and Candace were still on stage, now kneeling on either side of the big guy's dick, moving up and down together, running it back and forth between their lips.

So I turned to my guy and said "If you really want to thank me, there IS something you can do." And I pulled a fifty from my purse and shoved it into the top of one of his white socks ? well, there was nowhere else to put it. When I reached under my skirt and slipped my panties down, then sat down again on the bench, he got the message straight away, 'cos he just knelt down, took off his hard-hat ? a real gentleman - lifted up my skirt and dived his face right in.

The two escorts I hired had been good, and could give a pretty decent tongue-lashing. Either this guy was even better or I'd forgotten just how good it feels to be licked. I'd spent the evening so far creaming my panties, terrified of getting dragged onstage and put through the excruciating ordeal that poor Candace and not-so-poor Jolene had had to go through, but really hoping that someone would actually pick on me. And now they had, it was divine. That tongue! It found nerve endings I didn't know I had, and kept me squirming in 'oh-so-close-but-please-please-not-yet' torment. His tongue was in and around my asshole and in my vagina and up and down my lips and round and round and then ON my clitty and then round and round and round and in my ass again ? OH that felt so naughty! And then, when he sensed I couldn't take it any more, he just latched onto my clitty and his tongue was like some velvet buzz-saw and I was coming and coming and then coming back round the other side!

The first thing I saw when I came to were these big black-in-white eyes and a huge white grin in this lovely strong, black face, looking up at me from just above my pussy. The second thing was little Maria, and Leah, and Pattie and Plastic Vicki and Karen all staring at me. And I realized that my hair was all mussed and all over my face, and my skirt was hiked up around my waist and I had no panties on and a near-naked black man between my thighs. And I just laughed. I mean, what else could I do? I was halfway to heaven, still floating down from the strongest orgasm I'd have since ? since ? well, since forever. And my mouth tasted of cum, and I was ? I was deliriously happy. Then my gorgeous black lover stood up, and lifted me to my feet, and he kissed me. And it was just so SWEET! It was almost like a first-date kiss ? you know, the one just before the guy shoves his hand inside your bra. And he said "I hope you enjoyed that, lady?"

And I think I might have been crying, but I put my arms round his neck and hugged him and kissed him again, this time longer and more passionately, and he hugged and kissed be back, and it was so tender. "You were terrific, my friend, and I don't even know your name!"

"I'm called Ruben. And may I know your name, lovely lady?" This delightful tone and politeness ? like that African guy off Heroes ? ou know, the one whose eyes went all funny.

"Sure, sure ? I'm Judi. You were so good, Ruben. That's quite a tongue you have there!"

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Ann Gets a Massage

Posted on : 2012-01-27 17:05:57.093895



Michael's hand reached for the alarm clock and the blaring ceased. He reluctantly rises from the bed and heads toward the bathroom to start his normal morning routine. Ann's eyes open bri ...
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Amy Lynn The Story Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-26 13:25:02.734265

For a while it was just something we did. Once in a while I'd tell him to wear panties, he'd oblige. I'd build up so much sexual tension during my day at work thinking about it that I'd come home and we'd have incredibly hot, at least for me, lovemaking sessions.

Then I found myself taking more and more advantage of my husband, pushing his limits. It started a lot like the first day, I'd be unable to control myself as he started undressing and I saw the panties. Sometimes I'd have him make me come, sometimes I'd do it myself and sometimes, it just happened. Then I'd think of elaborate ways to humiliate him.

I'd take him shopping with me to buy his panties. We wouldn't tell anyone they were for him, but the embarrassment of being with me as I picked out his underwear was evident on his face. I'd do things like hold them up to his hips and say he was about my mother's size, or make him pay. Me getting hotter and hotter the long and longer it took the cashier to fold each piece.

He was enjoying it sexually too. At least at the beginning. He'd come almost instantly at my touch, unable to stop. It'd take until at least the second time before he had any kind of sustained erection, and even those were shorter than they ever were before, but the sex was still incredible.

There was one night in particular. I was coming home after a very difficult day at work. I was feeling beaten, tired and not much like doing anything but sleeping. My husband and prepared dinner and was dutifully wearing the panties I asked him to don in the morning, fully expecting me to be as horny as usual.

I wasn't.

We ate dinner and I complained about work, being tired and really needing to just rest. He looked dejected.

I felt like the husband with a headache. He wandered around the house for a while then told me he was going to turn in early. I felt awful.

I sat on the couch for a while, torn between working up the energy to please him and just laying my head back and sleeping. I finally plodded towards the bedroom.

I slid behind him in the dark bedroom and began massaging his back down to his buttocks. Oh how his ass felt so welcoming that night. I rubbed it over and over again, felt him push against my hands, widening himself for me.

I don't know what came over me. I reached into my headset drawer and pulled out a condom and my vibrator, continuing to rub him, distracting him. I had thought of doing this before, but not just like this. More of a thing we did together, now, I wanted to take him.

I wanted him to know I was going to take him.

I positioned myself between his legs, like I had so many times before. I could smell him, the bitter aroma of our sexes mixing in the air. I gently pressed my finger against his anus and he immediately responded, moaning with pleasure.

I rubbed him until he was good and loose and then laid down on his back. I loved doing this, my body heavy against his. I always felt like he'd open his ass, beg me to fuck him, and tonight I would.

I worked my way down, my mouth kissing his back, finally his working to his ass. I hated licking anywhere near his ass, but he would burst any time he could feel my breathe down there. I worked his cheeks apart, my tongue flicking against him, making him squirm.

I pulled back, and his ass followed me until he was pressed up on his haunches. He looked so ready to fuck I wish I had a penis to shove inside of him. I reached around for my vibrator, and slowly turned it on and pushed it towards his ass.

"Oh my god, no," he exclaimed, but I had already turned the vibrator on and began to slide it in and out against his ass. His voice was protesting but his body wasn't.

He dropped down to the bed, his legs still spread wide as I pressed it harder and harder until I felt it break through.

He let out a load shriek as his body flailed against the bed. I climbed on top of him, my belly pressing against the vibrator, holding it in, pushing it in.

Grabbing his shoulders, I pulled his body tighter and tighter against me. I felt him shudder over and over again, his entire body shaking underneath me.

It felt like minutes, he was moving, writhing against the bed, against my body. His body shaking, jerking uncontrollably, until at last, it slowly subsided.

I rolled off of him and gently pulled the vibrator from his, I was sure now sore, bottom. He gave several last jerks as I reach around to try to stimulate him, but he had already come, so I kissed him softly on the back, holding him. Comforting him.

"You are the best husband ever," I praised him, rubbing his hair and pulling him tight in a hug.

He curled up into a ball and didn't say a word. It was the first time I had pushed him, the first time I heard him say no. I felt terrible, but at the same time, even more powerful than before. For the first time in my life it felt like I had become the hunter and others the prey.

I gave him his panties again the next day, it was the start of a trend that would soon end in him not wearing anything else. He never wanted to talk about what happened that night and we never really did.

For the next couple of weeks, I didn't do anything at all like that. I touched him, kissed him, made him feel as special as I could, but deep in my mind, I knew I need it again. I needed to feel him under me, powerless, writhing uncontrollably.

I couldn't get it out of my mind until finally I had to act. I had found a novelty store a few miles from my house. Far enough I felt that I wouldn't be seen by someone I know. I was going to buy a strap on.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was so nervous when I drove to the store that I parked in front of the grocery store and walked across the entire strip mall to go inside. Only once had I been inside a place like this, for a bachelorette party.

I was surprised to see a woman behind the counter, and quickly felt more at ease.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

She was very attractive, blond, and young. I couldn't help but think she'd be someone my husband might fantasize about. Her perky small breasts contrasting my full chest. Her blue eyes, her tight young body.

I shook my head "no" and looked away, feigning interest in some lingerie.

"Are you sure, there must be something," she walked out from behind the counter. "There's no need to be shy."

I looked at her and felt afraid and embarrassed. I would imagine I felt a lot like my husband seemed to feel most of the time. I tried to find the right words.

"You, I, well." I started. "I'm looking for a, ah..."

There was an awkward moment of silence. She looked at me, sincerely looking like she wanted to help. I finally got the courage to speak.

"I would like a strap-on," I blurted out, and then looked at the floor embarrassed.

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run away, but she quickly reassured me.

"I'm sure we have several that you and your girlfriend, I'm sorry, partner, would like," she gently touched my hand and pulled me to a large selection of strap-ons.

I looked around, not knowing where to start, or even if I wanted to.

"It's okay, I've used them too," she pulled me close to her and pointed out two that she said she liked receiving a lot.

I looked at them, and both of them looked far too large.

"I'm sorry, but I was thinking more, well, normal sized?" I looked at the selection which seemed to come in two sizes, bigger and biggest.

She laughed.

"If you wanted normal sized, wouldn't you just go to a bar and take your pick of the litter? Especially someone as pretty as you?" She reached up and pulled down the only one that looked both flesh colored and about the right size.

I smiled and bought it. It didn't look like that much, but it certainly wasn't so intimidating as to make even me tremble at the sight of it.

The deed was done.

Again, I didn't do it right way. Again it haunted me. I wanted to take him, but I never felt the time was right. I didn't know how or when, but what I really didn't know was why.

It was a few weeks, right before Christmas. My company was having it's annual holiday party. My husband was attending, wearing his pretty pink panties, the first ones I gave him.

Watching him talking to my boss and his wife, his tight butt cheeks pressed against his suit pants. Just knowing he was there, his pink panties pressing against that beautiful little package talking to my boss and his wife was excruciating.

"Your husband," a co-worker started, "he's so quiet. Not like you at all."

I laughed and thought about him before we started all this. How loud he was. How he'd embarrass me in front of all my friends by saying something stupid or drinking too much. Now look at him. Quiet.

"Yes he is, lately," I said, "mostly since he lost his job."

I stood up and walked towards them.

"Hello, Mrs. Brown," I reached my hand towards my bosses wife, "I see you've met my husband. Did you know he's a great cook, and does incredible laundry and cleaning?"

My husbands head went down quickly, humiliated.

"No, No I didn't," she answered, surprised. "Really John?"

My husband nodded yes and proceeded to answer several questions about baking bread, something which he is particularly good at. Several other wives came over, and he soon found himself basking amongst their elderly attention as I wondered around socializing.

When we got home that night, I knew it was my night.

We stumbled into the bedroom and began getting undressed.

I pulled off my bra and looked at my husband. I thought about how sexy it would be to feminize him, make him wear a bra while I fucked him. Really make him my wife. It drove me over the edge. I walked up behind him.

"Here," I reached around him with my bra, sliding it over his hands and up his arms. "It looks like I'll need to loosen the straps."

He never said anything, but I felt the goose bumps on his back as I adjusted the straps so they would fit him. I grabbed a couple of my scarfs and balled them up, putting them in each cup.

If I had ever felt this hot before, I don't know when. I could almost hear him whimper as he laid down in the bed wearing his panties and bra. I wondered how he felt now, how he'd feel if someone saw him like this.

I crawled in bed next to him and started playing with his new breasts.

"Oh, honey," I moaned in obvious pleasure, "this is the sexiest you have ever been fore me."

I pulled his body close to me. His cock, already moistening his panties, was as hard and big as I had ever felt it. I did my best to avoid it, not wanting him to burst too quickly. I rolled him onto his stomach, spread his legs and told him to lay still while I had to go freshen up.

I grabbed my strap-on. I had practiced putting it on several times, but let me tell you, it was no easy thing to get on. I fumbled with the last latch and positioned the shaft and lubricated. It was now or never.

I went back to the bed, he was still in the same position.

I slowly crawled up behind him, holding back the shaft until I had not choice but to let him know it was there.

He squealed as the cold lubricant touched against his anus and jerked forwards.

"What, what are you doing?" he moaned as I pressed harder and harder against him until I pressed though.

"Honey, I love you," I groaned, the shaft pressing into both him and me. I grabbed his shoulder with my right hand and pulled his body against mine. He moaned and moaned as I worked deeper and deeper inside of him.

I felt in control like I hadn't before. I looked down at his back, the back of his head as I repeatedly thrust my body towards his, each time his body jerking and shuddering under me.

I worked my body between his legs, spreading them wider and wider, pulling his hips up into the air, meeting my hips in a violent crash after crash.

I fucked him. I fucked him as hard as I had ever been fucked by him before. I couldn't stop. I don't know what came over me, but I lurched in and out of him for at least ten minutes. He must have come right away, but that didn't stop me, I couldn't stop.

I pulled his hair, called him my little bitch and pushed myself deeper and deeper inside of him until I had no energy left to push and I collapsed on his back, the strap on still wedged between his cheeks.

I laid there for a few moments, recovering my breath, before rolling over, the shaft shooting straight up into the air.

"That was amazing," I moaned, but he rolled over in a ball, his back to me.

I left the strap-on on and turned towards him, reaching my hands around and cupping the bra and scarves as if they were my husbands breasts, much like he would do to me after our lovemaking, the strap-on pressed between his legs.

I never felt better.
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Becoming ME Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:10:32.053843

Chapter 1: Colin

"Solid"..... "Dependable"...... "Helpful"....."Honest" ...... "A good friend." Words and phrases that were commonly used to describe me for virtually my entire youth and a good par ...
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Sister Golden Hair Delight Ch. 16

Posted on : 2012-01-28 11:39:01.745578

Copyright @ calibeachgirl

All rights reserved, 2010


Maria's story....

The colonel and I walked along the side of the huge building on the San Diego base.

I remember l ...
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Wheeling Park Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-29 10:08:16.435783

I stepped outside while mom was in the bathroom the next morning, Jarid looking at me like I was making an attempt at the prison wall. In the cool, still dewy grass with my bare feet and the same shorts and T-shirt I slept in, I walked around in aiml ...
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