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A Perfect Morning

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:42:30.731239

In the quiet stillness just moments before dawn I slowly awake. Turning to my left I feel you beside me. In wonder I watch the faint outline of your breasts gently rise and fall with the calm rhythm of your breath.

Curling around you I nuzzle your neck following softly with a kiss.

A quiet "Mmmmmmm," arises as place my hand on your shoulder and you stretch your arms above your head.

"Lie still," I whisper, and a tiny smile crosses your lips and I see you relax from head to toe.

Pulling back the sheets I uncover you, turning down to reach your feet. First the left and then the right I gently massage each foot. I proceed up each leg deeply massaging the muscles of your calf. As I go my mouth follows my hands lightly kissing and my tongue trailing along the soft, sweet surface of your skin.

I spread your legs just far enough apart to kneel between them, there at the foot of our king-sized bed. Facing you I rub your left thigh. My strong hands gently kneading your waiting flesh. I've always said your legs extend to heaven but I stop my ministrations just before I find myself there. Moving to the other leg I repeat the routine transfixed by the glow of your smile and the serenity of your angelic face.

Bending over you I gently kiss your right cheek... once... twice... a third time... before trailing my tongue across to your lips tracing their perfect outline before mine meet yours. Almost imperceptibly you press back, returning my mild affection.

I untie the straps from your night gown pulling back the delicate fabric that has so gently enfolded your breasts. Placing one hand on either side I bend down placing a soft kiss on your hardening nipple. Slowly I run my tongue in tiny circles around your succulent perfection. Turning to your left breast I continue lovingly to caress your body.

Your sighs fill the quietness of our slowly brightening room.

Lifting the hem of your nightgown, my gaze lingers on the sheer beauty before me. I kiss you in the center of your stomach. In an agonizingly patient progression I kiss you again and again moving gradually down your body then rub my cheek on the tapestry of your body leading to the locus of your sex. My lips graze yours as my tongue slowly, gently parts them.

You are already wet as deeper and deeper I press into the very depths of your being. Your eyes remain closed as your sighs become more frequent and impassioned. I am lost in the sensation of loving you. Your pleasure is my pure desire. I feel your back arch as you maneuver your clitoris against onslaught of my mouth.

Finally your body begins to stir. You run your gentle fingers though my hair then reach up with one hand caressing your own breast even as you pull me deeper between your thighs.

"I want to feel you inside me," Your voice is almost inaudible.

I rise up between your legs. Stripping off the bottoms of my silk pajamas I freeze when our eyes meet.

"Fuck me, Jack. Cum deep inside me. Fill me, please..." I take your right leg and place it up on my shoulder as I straddle the left. Your hand meets mine as together we guide my rigidness through the folds of your passion.

"My God Patty, you are amazing."

I plunge fully into you and hold myself there deep inside you. I toss my head back and my vision blurs. I am at worship in the temple of your body. I feel that I know no reality except the passion I feel for you.

Reluctantly I slowly withdraw from the heaven of your warmth, then slowly, ever so slowly, I press back inside you, even deeper into you this time. As I withdraw from your love again I press myself back into you a little bit harder, a little bit faster.

The smile on your face assures me that you still want me, as much as I want you, that our unison desire is each other's pleasure.

Your body begins to quiver and feel the walls of your vagina contracting pulling me as deeply into you as you can. I sense the unmistakable sign of impending bliss. Your orgasm overtakes all other senses. I am filled with my desire for your satisfaction, with the unbridled power of unrequited lust finding its fulfillment between us.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh...." You moan in ecstasy as your night of anticipation explodes in a dawn of fevered passion.

Suddenly you take command of our blissful bed. You rise up between my legs and lay me down on my back, our loins still intimately entwined. As you rise up, releasing my still hard member from the caress of your love, you gently cup my balls with one hand, running the other down the length of my glistening shaft.

"You know how I love breakfast in bed." Your gentle, luxuriant smile now transformed into a sly grin, you trace the outline of the engorged head of my cock with your tongue. You take me into your mouth one inch at a time. I grab the rails of the footboard of our massive bed arching my back, thrusting my hips towards you as you take me in.

Up and down you tease, you stroke, you lick you suck, you use my cock in ways I never imagined possible until I am on the verge of an orgasm the power of which is beyond my wildest imagining.

I look deeply into your eyes, eyes that look through the form of my body, beyond my heart into the soul of love and lust and passion. Waves of pleasure consume me as I find my release in the succulent confines of your lips and tongue. You suck me until I am completely drained, not one drop of my offering left untasted.

I open my eyes once more to see your silhouette in the rays of the rising sun peeking through our window pane. The halo surrounding you is more than an illusion, it is the purity of the love you have shared with me desiring nothing in return. It is as if I have found newness in every inch of your body, in every beat of your heart in every breath we have drawn together.

You collapse in my arms and for a few more minutes before we rise to face the day we caress and hold each other savoring the feeling that will remain with us through the day.

And tomorrow brings yet another dawn... with you.
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