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The Screamer Ch. 09

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:47:27.871751

When the jets landed at McCarran in Las Vegas, Bell limos were lined up to take everyone back to Trump Towers. For many, this was their first visit to Las Vegas and although they arrived in the morning, they were still impressed. Dani took everyone to the fifth floor apartments and told them to settle in. Holly wanted to meet with everyone in an hour.

Mark and Gary went up to Mark's floor and into his office. Lori and Michelle were waiting. Lori filled Mark in on the fantastic response and handed him a list of people who had signed new contracts and another list of people who would be signing shortly. Models, actors and recording artist were on the list. She told Mark that the recording artists were contacting her in amazing numbers. They were coming in from all genres of the industry but the Country artists were leading the pack.

"We need to put together the best PR people we can and get them on staff as soon as possible. We also need to put together a list of all the bars in the country. We can use that list to introduce the new artists that we sign from the clubs," Mark told her.

"Get together with Debbie on that. That is her field. She was, after all, top in her field for one of the biggest beer manufacturers in the country. She has traveled all over the country putting on promotions in bars and clubs. She knows those people and I know she can be a huge help," Gary said.

Lori was smiling when she handed Mark a signed contract. He looked at it and a huge wide smile spread across his face. Aleka's signed contract was in his hands.

"Is she coming to the party?" Mark asked.

"Dave and Ron should be landing in about an hour. She can't wait to see you. I invited Cherry but she sent me a text telling me she would not attend. I'm sorry Mark," Michelle said.

"How are you doing hiring good entertainment lawyers? Are you finding good people Lori?" Mark asked.

"We may have a problem. I have nine top lawyers who have let it be known that they want to jump ship as soon as possible. I haven't made any commitments at all. I want you to have the final say on them."

"So what is the problem?" Mark asked.

"They all are currently working for Trainer. He is going to be pissed. I figure he may try and sue."

"Let him, I've kicked his ass before, I'll do it again. He is a joke. I'm glad you didn't give the go ahead though. I definitely want to know everything about them. Is research on it?"

"They are definitely on it. I told them I wanted to know how many hairs they had on their asses," Michelle said.

"Good girl, I knew there was a reason I keep you around here."

Michelle looked at Gary and grinned, "Gar, hold me back, I'm going to scratch his eyes out. He keeps me around because I can cook."

Mark laughed so hard he fell off his chair. "Yeah right, I have to tell you where the kitchen is all the time."

Holly called everyone to the main room. After she showed them around, they talked about their trip. Dani had kept meticulous notes from each prior meeting and the Dallas trip was no exception. When the meeting was over, everyone wandered around and checked the place out.

"These two are beyond comprehension. First Gary's place blows us away and now Mark's place is the ultimate bachelor pad. I wonder what part of this is Mark's private domain." Ronnie asked to no one in particular.

"The top five floors of the building belong to Mark. The top floor is his private quarters. The second floor is where I live. Jackson, Mark's butler lives on that floor as well. There are ten additional luxury suites on that floor. This is the third floor and it is the party floor. The floor below us is the permanent residences of Mark's executives and pilots. The fifth floor is a series of luxury apartments reserved for our guests. That is where you are staying Ronnie," Michelle told her.

"The apartment I'm in is amazing. I've never seen such beautiful designs and styles. Everything is absolutely perfect."

"Be sure you tell Red and Nancy that when they get here later today. They love hearing that people appreciate their talents. Wait until you get back to Florida, you won't recognize Gary's house. From what I've heard, the D'Orgasmic house is going to be nothing short of orgasmic."

"What time will they be getting in," Ronnie asked.

Michelle laughed, "Jeff and Alan flew to Orlando, picked up Jill, Shannon, Red, Nancy, Tammy and the other girls. They flew to New York to pick up Diane and should be here by 9pm. Then the party will begin."

Ronnie looked puzzled, "Who is Shannon?"

Michelle laughed. "Ronnie, Shannon is going to become your best friend. Shannon Prong is one of the more beautiful women you'll ever meet. She has a wicked sense of humor and she is constantly horny. She is also Gary's head designer. She is the woman behind the products. Gary's mom and Maggie discovered her in design school. They liked what they saw, hired her and trained her. She turned out to be one of the best investments they ever made. She is going to design the new products you'll model to blow the country audience away."

"I love everything I've seen so far. She sure is talented. I can't imagine Gary having anything but perfection. Look at his women, for God's sake. He's elegant, his women are elegant and his products are elegant."

"Sweetheart," Michelle laughed. "Just wait until you see the queen of elegance when she gets her gorgeous Korean ass here. If you want some of that, you better do her tonight because she's always in demand."

"Sweet," Ronnie said as the elevator door opened and three of the hottest, sexiest looking hunks of black male anatomy walked into the playroom.

"Get your gorgeous white ass over here and give us a kiss you delicious bitch," Rashad bellowed.

Michelle grabbed Ronnie's hand and walked into their waiting arms. They kissed her, hugged her and smacked her ass. "Who is this fine young lady?" Jamal asked.

Michelle introduced Ronnie to Rashad, Jamal and Chris. She told them that Ronnie was Gary's new model, which caused their eyebrows to rise significantly.

Ronnie saw their reaction and tried to put their minds at ease. "I recognized you from all the photos I saw of the Pro Bowl party. I know you were there with Cherry Anderson. Yes, I look like her but I'm not Cherry and I never will be. I hope we can become friends."

Chris leaned over and gave Ronnie a big hug, "I'm sure we will be good friends Ronnie. Damn girl, you're a short little one aren't you?"

"Now Chris, you know the old saying, 'Good things come in small packages'. Trust me when I tell you, this girl is not good, she's great!" Mark laughed as he came up to greet his guys.

He kissed Ronnie and she trotted off to organize the rehearsal of the various dance routines Mark asked her to put together for the party tomorrow.

The elevator door opened and Aleka walked into the room. She looked positively stunning as she hugged everyone.

"Damn girl, LA seems to be good for you. You just keep getting better looking all the time," Jamal said sincerely.

Dani walked up and kissed the guys hello. She told Mark that people were arriving and getting settled in. It looked like it would be a great turnout this time.

Ronnie and the rest of her group arrived while Dani set up the big screen TV's. The women looked delicious and the songs they selected were hot.

Gary and Holly joined the group and watched the rehearsal. Everyone was impressed with not only the girls' beauty and sex appeal but also with how well they moved as a group. They ran through five songs ending with 'Country Girl'. Ronnie surprised everyone by finishing the song on the stripper platform. Gary looked at Mark and laughed, "Do you get the feeling there is a pole in her background somewhere?"

"She is awesome, that's for sure," Rashad smiled. "Damn, she reminds me..."

"We know, the similarities are astounding," Mark said. "I'd love to see them side by side but that isn't happening. Michelle invited her but she declined the invitation."

Holly got up and walked over to Ronnie. She grabbed Dani and whispered something in her ear. Dani nodded and input some information into the video system. She motioned her men to join them. This resulted in them redoing 'Country Girl' but this time, when Ronnie finished the song she was naked. Holly's guys walked out onto the dance floor when Big & Rich's 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy' came on the big screens. Ronnie stayed on the pole while the men stripped the women who returned the favor. By the end of the song, they had spread out throughout the room undressing everyone they saw.

Holly giggled, "There is nothing like an undressed rehearsal, isn't there?"

The elevator doors opened and Red, Nancy and everyone else walked into the party room. "Looks like we got here just in time," Nancy grinned as she pulled Tammy into the room.

Diane rushed over to kiss Aleka and Lori. She turned to the guys and laid big wet ones on everyone. She saw Ronnie making a beeline for her and she kissed the naked darling passionately. Diane turned and walked Ronnie over to a magnificent, tall Korean goddess. They were correct, she was elegance personified.

"You must be Shannon," Ronnie said as she extended her hand. "From the description I was given, you couldn't be anyone else."

"I hope they were kind with the description Ronnie. They pegged you perfectly. Damn girl, I am going to love designing for you." Shannon kissed Gary and his women passionately. The party went into high gear.

Lindsay came over to Gary and hugged him as she tugged at his belt. Rose and Wendy were laughing at the smug smile on her face. Debbie was already getting busy with Jack and Tom.

Dani hit some switches and the ambience changed to seductive elegance as the sea of naked people began to enjoy them fully. The main party wouldn't begin until noon tomorrow but no one cared. Hard cocks and wet pussies ruled the moment.

The music blared; people were dancing, fucking and sucking with wild abandoned. Michelle grabbed Rashad and Chris and began to go wild with her own deep desire. Hawaii had been good for Michelle. She did things she had never done before and she loved every moment. She intended to repeat those moments this weekend.

Ainsley was introduced to everyone. Shannon smiled and appraised this tall Texan critically. "Working with you will probably be more pleasure than one woman could ever hope for. Luckily, we have a lifetime to spend together. Everyday, my life gets better and better."

She walked into Ainsley and their lips brushed seductively. Ainsley was entranced by this gorgeous creature. Her nipples tightened instantly and she held her gaze. Shannon traced her tongue over Ainsley's delicious lips.

Ainsley starred at this incredible creature with wonder as her hands began to remove her clothing. The fabric she wore was soft, sensuous and sultry. Ainsley licked Shannon's lips sweetly as she pulled the blouse from her body. Her under wire cupless bra enhanced her perfect breasts needlessly. Ainsley lifted her chin and kissed her neck. Shannon moaned as her tiny skirt fell to her ankles.

Ainsley circled her tight, tiny nipple and began to lick it sweetly. Shannon arched her back; the soft swell of her breast caressed Ainsley's cheek. As Shannon's taut nipple passed Ainsley's hot, wet lips the erotic passions built between them. Ainsley was new to woman love but her body was adjusting superbly. Her hips were flaring and her lips became engorged. She kissed between her breasts and onto her ribs. Her hands cupped Shannon lovingly as she began to kiss her hips.

Shannon arched her back and brought her pussy to Ainsley's waiting lips. Her long slender legs looked lovely as they parted and rose bringing her moist swollen lips to Ainsley's hot tongue. Ainsley knew how she wanted her own pussy licked and that is what she did for Shannon. She opened her slowly, sensuously and lovingly, tasting her sweetness as it flowed onto her tongue. Her hands caressed her tits and tugged on her nipples as her tongue began to explore every inch of this new Asian beauty.

Ainsley brought the animal out in Shannon quickly. She started to writhe in total orgasmic bliss. She moaned and came in a rush that Ainsley drank right down. Ainsley was cum drunk; she couldn't get enough of this lovely woman.

Mark walked over to Shannon who reached over and wrapped her tiny hand around his hard cock.

"It's been a long time baby," she said as she began to stroke him in earnest. "I hope you are going to fuck my face with this lovely weapon baby. I need your cock in my throat right now Mark. When you're done there, I want you to fuck Ainsley sweetly while she licks my hot pussy."

She pulled him to her lips and wrapped them around his long cock. Her mouth felt wonderful taking him all the way in. She loved sucking cock and she particularly loved it when either Mark or Gary was filling her body. She loved those two men more than they would ever know. Her hands caressed his balls as she guided his cock deep into her throat.

Mark looked down and watched Ainsley in the heat of passion as her wet face craved the nectar that he knew all so well. Shannon was an amazing woman. Her pussy was tender, sweet and delicious. She pulled him from her mouth and motioned him to fuck Ainsley.

Mark needed no further prodding. He stepped behind Ainsley and guided himself deep into her wet, tight twat. She inhaled deliciously as he filled her completely.

Shannon looked and saw Rose sitting, legs splayed and sweetly fingering her pussy as she watched them. Shannon held out her hand and pulled Rose to her.

"I better be careful from now on. I used to be the only hot Asian but I think I've lost that title darling. I have a question Rose; does your pussy taste as good as it looks?"

"I'll let you be the judge of that," Rose giggled as she straddled Shannon's gorgeous face.

Shannon wasted little time diving into the insatiable pink sexpot descending onto her tongue. Rose was a woman who craved satisfaction constantly and she had found that with Gary. Shannon could relate to that, as he was one of the few men who could give her the satisfaction she desired as well.

Mark stroked Ainsley who lovingly was face first into Shannon's hot twat. Rose was riding Shannon's face and was pulling hard at her nipples. Mark was fucking Ainsley who had clamped down massively on his cock and she was cumming constantly. Mark grabbed her hips and began to fuck her in earnest. Ainsley was moaning, shrieking and sucking Shannon who was cumming furiously, flooding her face.

"Mark darling, slide you cock into her tight, hot ass darling. Fuck her ass and make it as sweet as when you fuck my hot ass. I love your cock in my ass," Rose whimpered.

Ainsley was licking, sucking and nodding her head. She wanted him to fuck her hot Texas ass and she made no bones about it. Mark entered her and she went wild. She took him in and she rode him like a bucking bronco. His cock stretched her tightly and he pushed deep inside her. Shannon exploded repeatedly; Rose flooded Shannon's face with her own massive orgasm. Mark grabbed Ainsley's hips and fucked her ass determinedly. Ainsley's pussy was gushing and her breathing was ragged. She clamped onto Mark and defied him to stroke at all. His intensity soared and her orgasm astounded her. Ainsley collapsed onto Shannon's gushing pussy.

"God, I love watching you fuck ass Mark. It really is true! You and Gary are identical. I want to do something this weekend. I want you and Gary to blindfold us and fuck the hell out of us. Let us try to guess who is doing what to whom," Rose giggled. "I know I am such a slut."

"Welcome to our world dear," Shannon blushed.

Ainsley mumbled something completely unintelligible and that got everyone laughing.

Gary and Lindsay heard what Rose said and they laughed. "I think that would be a great idea Mark. Everyone says we do everything the same. I'm into that. I'm betting Wendy, Rose and Debbie would not have any idea."

Michelle looked at Mark and Gary sternly. "Excuse the fuck out of me. I love those three girls and everyone knows it but if you two are going to blind fuck them, do you think you could at least put a few more names on that list?"

"Who did you have in mind sexy?" Gary laughed.

"Oh a few names come to mind. How about Michelle, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay. That's a good start. Oh wait, I forgot Linda. We can't forget Beyonce."

"We're fucked Gar, ohmigod, we're fucked." Mark was laughing and counting. That is seventeen of the hottest women on earth."

"Well, if you weren't so fucking good, we wouldn't care but you two are simply amazing," Shannon, whispered.

Orgasms were heard throughout the floor. Tammy was in a sling fucking cock after cock. Her throat was being poked deeply and her tiny tits were rock hard as she was cumming copiously.

Patty and Joann were fucking Jeff and Alan and from the look of it, they were having a great time.

Rashad and Chris were seated at the bar talking to Andrea and Dana. Gary started to laugh as he realized that Andrea, the auburn haired sweetheart was talking to Chris and stroking his enormous cock at the same time. Dana was all over Rashad and he had that simple, shit-eating grin on his face. They were in pussy heaven and they knew it.

"Speaking of Linda, where the hell is she? I haven't seen her at all," Gary said.

"I saw her; she went into the dark room right off the bat. I think she may still be in there," Lindsay giggled. "I want to try that myself. That looks like a lot of fun."

"Oh Lindsay, I'll go in there with you. I love it; it's pitch black in there and usually full of people. You have no idea who you're sucking, or who is licking you. You get fucked so many times and have no idea who is doing you. I go fucking crazy in there," Shannon said.

"I've got to check that out myself," Rose said.

The elevator chimed and Mark looked to see who was arriving. His jaw dropped and he ran to kiss Kono and shake hands with Daniel. He had no idea they were going to be at the party. Michelle walked up behind him and kissed them both.

"I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't have a few surprised up my sleeve darling," she whispered as she playfully bit his neck. Aleka, Diane, Lori and the guys came over and greeted them warmly.

"Damn, you two are definitely overdressed. Get your skinny Hawaiian asses' nekkid and get ready to party," Jamal bellowed. "This black dick is looking for some quality Hawaiian pussy." He picked Kono up and kissed her deeply. "Damn, I've missed you girl."

"Glad he wasn't talking to me," Daniel laughed.

"Well, I'm talking to you. Get naked and fuck me darling," Aleka giggled. "Miss Hawaii is making this a command performance?" She kissed him deeply while groping his rapidly stiffening cock.

Michelle took them to their suite and they quickly rejoined the party. That was the last anyone saw of them for about an hour.

"This is going to be a good party Michelle, you did surprise me. Thanks baby," Mark sighed.

She grabbed him and spun him towards her. "I'm only going to say this once. Put her out of your head Mark. She walked out on you for whatever reason and you're better off as it turns out. I know your heart. I understand it and I respect it but you have to deal with the reality. You have more than enough women on your plate right now. Tomorrow, we will be wall to wall in naked, horny bodies. Just enjoy and have fun, okay?"

"I do love you Michelle. You're right. I'm just going to get lost in the pleasure and try to forget." Mark kissed her lovingly.

"Hey, don't forget about me. I haven't really had any quality time with you in a month. I need my man too. I love you too baby," Michelle cooed.
Naked bodies were moving around, lying around and fucking everywhere. It was a lovely sight. Bobbie, Tia and JoJo came up to Gary and kissed him.

"Hey boss, take us into the dark room. We hear it is wild in there," Tia whispered.

"I will but you have to know that if you let go of me, you won't know who you're touching. I know one thing; you are going to love it. It will be sweet when ours is finished back home. Let's go," Gary said as they walked to the doorway.

They walked into the room and Gary felt their hands caressing him. For the moment, they didn't want to let him go. He wasn't positive but he thought that Tia had begun to suck his cock. The one thing he did know was the gorgeous Australian was holding on and whispering nasty sweet words of lust into his ear. He felt her breasts caressing his body and loved the nasty words she spoke. Her hand fell to his erect cock that Tia was so lovingly worshiping. She stroked him and fed him to her. Tia loved sucking his cock and she felt another presence next to her. She assumed it was Bobbi but she couldn't be certain. JoJo fed her and back to Tia.

That was the beauty of the dark room. You never knew who was there. The eroticism of the unknown elevated every sensation dramatically. JoJo fell to her knees and took him into her mouth. This luscious Aussie was a total sexpot and she took every chance she could to show him how much she had missed him all these years.

Someone pulled him to the mattress and climbed onto him. Another pussy was planted on his lips while a myriad of hands began to caress his body. From the feel of her, he assumed that JoJo was impaled on him but he wasn't sure whose pussy he was greedily lunching on. The sounds of wet blowjobs and sopping pussies were heard throughout the room and people were definitely having a great time. Women were jumping on and off his dick and hot wet mouths were licking and sucking him whenever he was not otherwise occupied.

JoJo had misplaced him but he heard her moaning somewhere off to his right. Whoever was sucking him had a great mouth and Gary was enjoying this immensely. The next hour, Gary enjoyed fantastic sex and many hot blowjobs.

As he left the room, he walked past the movie theater and heard familiar moans coming from the room. Debbie was reclining, legs wide with Hank's lovely cock drilling her tight pussy wildly. Tyrone was caressing her beautiful face as he watched his massive black cock slide in and out of her extended throat. Debbie was obviously enjoying herself completely. As his eyes adjusted, he saw Rose, in the exact same position. Marty was drilling her while Johnny fed her his black cock too. Rose was just being Rose. She was in orgasmic heaven.

He walked past the playroom and started to giggle. Rashad, Jamal and Chris had Ainsley airtight and that gorgeous Texan was seriously on fire. Her full body spasms could be seen from twenty feet away and the guys were giving her the best fucking any woman could ever hope for. He laughed to himself as he saw that Chris was firmly planted in her ass. That is one ass that will never be the same!

He walked up to the bar and poured himself a drink. No sooner had he sat down when he felt soft, tender hands begin to caress his neck. He turned and Holly kissed him wetly and deeply. "You know I love you. I have always loved you from the first day I met you in Key West. Every moment I am with you, my heart sings with joy. I love your girls and I am so glad I had a part in making that happen. What you and Mark have done is beyond description. You know I have a fucking wild imagination but I never would have dared to think something like this would happen. My pussy is wet all the time now. The whole concept is blowing me away."

"Darling, if you stop and think about it, this all started with you being the delicious slut I love so dearly. If you hadn't gone behind the bar to give Jim that blowjob, none of this would have happened. I'm as blown away by all this as you are," he said as he poured her a Rum Runner. "Speaking of Jim, where the hell is he?

"I have no idea. I fucked his brains out several hours ago and told him I'd probably see him Monday or Tuesday. God, that man is good. Not as good as you or Mark but he is getting there."

"While we have a moment alone, I want to ask you something. In order for you to get everything done, you are going to be in Orlando a lot more than Boca. Since the girls didn't want me to enlarge their suites, that leaves one free suite in my wing of the house. I'd love it if you would consider it yours. I'll have Red do it up wonderfully for you and Jim."

"What about the girls, wouldn't that upset them? I will not do anything to come between you. You know that," Holly said seriously.

"They already asked me if that was going to be your place. They are on board darling. You have to remember, they love hearing you scream. Oh and one more thing, I have offices for you and Jim at corporate. Jill is already on that. She is so excited to finally get to know you," Gary grinned.

"I don't know Gar; I think I am going to have to work on finding you some pussy. I really hate seeing a man go without good sex," she giggled her pretty ass right off the bar stool.

Gary swiveled his stool and looked down at the laughing vamp. "Since you're down there darling..." Gary laughed.

Holly didn't need a second invitation. She looked up into his eyes and wrapped her hand around his substantial cock. Her lips opened and she took him into her lovely mouth. She never broke his gaze as she swallowed him completely. Gary closed his eyes and just concentrated on the perfect blowjob Holly was so good at delivering.

Mark and Jim came walking up to the bar. "Well, that is one way to shut her up," Mark laughed. Jim laughed and pulled Mark towards her face. He knelt, took Mark's cock, and sucked him down.

"Oh, he's good," Mark, said.

"Yes, yes he is," Gary, agreed.

Jim took Gary from Holly's lips and turned her face towards Mark's hard cock. She inhaled him instantly and Jim went down on Gary.

"There is another way to keep her quiet," Mark grinned.

They picked her up and took her into the main room. Mark lay down and Holly dropped her sweet pussy onto his cock. Gary took her ass and Jim filled her throat. They filled her completely and then began to fuck her tender body unmercifully. They stroked her deeply and Jim fucked her face deliciously. Holly was burning with an unquenchable desire. Her eyes rolled into her head. She was screaming but Jim's hard cock muffled her completely. Her nipples were diamond hard; her breathing sporadic at best.

Mark and Gary fucked her in unison; their cocks riding atop one another separated by only by the thin membrane, which drove her wild. Her body experienced total orgasm and the men were relentless. Holly's toes curled and her lips dug into Jim's abdomen. His long cock filled her throat completely. Her orgasms built massively and the men stroked as one. Her fingers dug into the couch, white knuckling it all the way.

All three men began to shake and they exploded inside her simultaneously. Holly drank Jim down, not missing a drop. She felt Mark and Gary flood her body and she just kept cumming. She lovingly rode their hard cocks and milked every drop.

They pulled out and Holly collapsed to a rousing round of applause. She looked to the side and saw Ronnie and the rest of the crew clapping. A familiar voice was heard over the din in the room.

"Good damned thing you didn't do that to her several months ago," Wendy giggled. "That's the quietest I've ever heard you darling."

Holly laughed and so did Gary.

Rose got busy and between Wendy and Debbie, they assembled seventeen of the hottest, sexiest women on the planet together. They were taken into the playroom and blindfolded. The rest of the crew sat on the benches and Jim kept score. Gary and Mark looked at each other and the contest was on.

Wendy, Rose and Debbie together with Michelle, Linda, Dani, Diane, Aleka, DeeDee, Ainsley, Holly, Red, Nancy, Jill, Shannon, Ronnie and Lindsay knelt and went crazy on their cocks. After each taste, they would tell Jim which man they had just sucked. Not a word was said and Mark and Gary did nothing special. Each woman was fucked lovingly and her ass was fully explored. They voted and for the most part, they were wrong.

They double-teamed each woman and they voted again. They had to try to determine who was doing what to them.

Some of the women were completely wrong and others were only a bit better. One woman won, without trouble. The blindfolds were removed and everyone adjourned to the bar. Drinks were poured while Jim calculated the final tally. Mark and Gary were laughing when the results came in.

Jim lined the women up and he walked the line. He looked each woman up and down. Both Mark and Gary learned not to play poker with him; his face revealed nothing.

"What we have here," Jim smirked, "is one of the finest collections of the female form ever assembled. Each woman is delicious. Each woman is a fabulous piece of ass and perfect sluts but, only one, I repeat, only one truly earned the title of 'all knowing'." Jim walked up to Jill and lifted her arm over her head.

Friendly catcalls and boo's were heard from the losers.

"Don't blame me girls, I've only got twenty-five years experience fucking these two," Jill blushed.

Wendy got a wry grin on her face. "Holy shit, that means you started when you were..."

A resounding, "No comment..." was heard from three highly embarrassed people. The room exploded in laughter.

Rashad high-fived Mark and Gary, "That's my guys. That was awesome."

Mark and Michelle retired and so did Gary and his women. The pre-party continued.

Holly had all of her group up and ready to go by ten the next morning. Ronnie and the girls had been busy and yet, they looked delicious. Everything was ready to go. Holly laughed as she looked at her group of sexy employees. Ah, the resilience of youth.

People started arriving and quickly the place filled up. Athletes, movie stars, models and recording artists arrived en masse and the young people were completely awestruck. Ronnie surveyed the assembled group and she saw many people she recognized. One in particular stood out. She didn't watch a lot of TV but she did have a few programs she watched regularly. The star of her favorite show was standing at the bar talking with Mark and Gary. She laughed to herself thinking that no matter what, she was going to do him in ways he never thought possible.

The elevators opened and ten gorgeous naked men and ten equally gorgeous naked women walked onto the floor. They each wore only white collars and bow ties. The women wore elegant heels and their shaved pussies looked delightful. Each man sported long, shaved cocks, hard abs and chiseled chests. Overall, they looked fabulous.

Ronnie estimated that there were already over one hundred and fifty people on the third floor and more were arriving every few minutes. Gary's girls looked positively wonderful in the finest D'Orgasmic attire. In fact, as she looked around, everyone looked over the top sexy and sensuous. This was going to be a weekend to remember.

Ronnie assembled everyone as the servers attended to everyone. Much sexy flesh waited to be consumed. Ronnie walked behind the bar, picked up two substantial beer pitchers, and placed them on the bar. She walked back into the center of the dance floor. Dani hit the sound system and they began to dance.

Everyone enjoyed the first four songs when 'Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)' started and they danced their heart out. The song started with everyone on the dance floor but eventually, Ronnie climbed on the pole. When the song ended, as rehearsed, she stood there, wearing thigh high stockings and exceptionally high-heeled boots.

The crowd applauded at the performance and at the gorgeous creature reaching for the microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the party. We hope you enjoyed the show so far. As you look around, you will notice a bevy of gorgeous men and women wearing bow ties. These sexy creatures will get your drinks and anything else you may need." She jumped off the pole, grabbed two of wait staff, one man and one woman, and pulled them back up to the pole.

"Aren't they simply gorgeous? I took the opportunity to put a couple of tip jars on the bar. Since everyone is going to be naked very shortly, please take a moment to tip these wonderful people generously. Now, while you are naked, let me show you how to tip them properly as they bring you your drinks."

She pulled them up onto the pole platform and pushed them back onto the pole. She looked at the crowd as her hands began to caress their exciting bodies. She licked her nipples fondled his cock. She knelt, licked the woman's pussy, turned, and sucked his rock hard cock. She kissed them and the music started again. She looked and saw her target standing on the edge of the dance floor.

Big and Rich's 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy' started playing and the group went wild. The boys undressed the women and the women stripped the men. They turned and walked into the crowd and clothing vanished immediately.

Ronnie saw her TV hero and made a beeline for him. He watched her approach and his cock instantly stirred. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him to her lips. She disrobed him in a heartbeat. When his trousers hit the floor; her lips wrapped around his very nice cock. She knelt before him thrilled at the thought that his cock was already halfway down her throat.

"Well, I'll be damned," Gary, said to Mark and Holly. "I didn't expect her to do that. She handles herself professionally. I'm impressed."

"You're impressed, look at the tip jars." They were crammed with Benjamin's and there was a line up to feed the jars. Holly looked at Mark and grinned. This looks like it will be a party to remember darling. The elevators ran non-stop with people arriving constantly.

Gary and Mark sat at the bar and watched everything unfold. "Are you alright? You seem down my friend?" Gary asked Mark.

"I have a bad feeling and I can't shake it. I don't know what it is all about but it is nagging the fuck out of me."

"Say no more, I had the same kind of feeling the night before I learned about Robert and Maggie. I hope that for you, it is just that you are missing her more than you care to admit. I hope that is all. You need to lighten up and enjoy the party."

The day shifts from Crazy Horse II and Sapphires arrived and instantly got into the party spirit. Vegas definitely have lovely strippers. They all saw Mark and came over to give him wet kisses and caresses. He introduced the girls to Gary and several attached themselves to him immediately.

Everywhere you looked, people were having wonderful sex. Gary looked around and couldn't find his girls anywhere. About an hour later, Lindsay and Tammy came staggering out of the darkroom, caked in cum. Lindsay saw him at the bar receiving a sweet blowjob from some fine looking woman.

"It looks like you two are having fun," Gary giggled.

"Motherfucker, I've never had more fun in my life. We are going to hit the showers and be right back. I've never been fucked so many times in my life and I'm not done by a long shot," Lindsay cooed. "He does have a delicious cock doesn't he darling? Just save some of that for us. Mark, we'll be right back." They kissed both men and headed to the showers.

"My bet is we won't see them for another two hours," Mark laughed.

Chris walked up to the bar and grabbed one of the female servers. "Darlin, I don't think I've tipped you yet."

She took one look at his enormous cock and smiled. "Well, it's been a while since I've had such a large tip. I don't know if I can handle all of that." She sank to her knees and stretched her tiny mouth over his enormous 13.5" black cock. She worked it and worked it and finally, she threw him down and jumped onto his skyscraper of a dick. That girl screamed as he stretched her pussy tight and she fell fully onto his fantastic cock. Everyone watched as Chris fucked the daylights out of her and she came uncontrollably.

"Told you it was going to be a great party," Michelle whispered into Mark's ear. "God, he has her stretched so tight. Look at those nipples. Sweet lord, I need to taste them." She leaned over and took one into her lips and her tongue drove the young woman wild.

Tammy strolled by, giggling and laughing. Her tiny tits bounced as she walked. She saw Gary and ran up to him. "I love you with all my heart you delicious muthafucker. You had better fuck me now because I demand that you do. Now, get your scrawny white ass down off that stool and fuck my tiny, tight black ass like only you can."

She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply. He picked her up and carried her to an empty sling. "Oh you delicious cocksucker, you're going to do me in the sling. I love these things. Can I have one Daddy, can I?" She grabbed his face and held him still, "I'm not kidding Gary, I love you with every ounce of my body. Love me darling. Lick me, fuck me and love me please. I need you."

For the next hour, Gary made love to her, kissed her, stretched her and tasted every part of her being. Her tight pussy held his cock and milked him so well. Her ass welcomed his cock and she loved each sweet stroke. Her legs spread wide as he moved to her head. She threw her head back and she took his cock deep into her throat. He slipped his fingers into her tight, hot twat and she sucked and licked him as he fingered her.

She shoved two fingers into his ass and she massaged his prostrate while she sucked him. He slipped his fingers into her tight ass and he began to stroke her senseless. Tammy learned a long time ago that no one could make her cum harder or longer than he could.

Her lips milked his cock and she made no bones that she must have his cum. He looked at this tiny, sexy black woman and watched as her stomach contracted to half its size. She was cumming very hard on his fingers and he rewarded her passion with many heavy spurts of his own love directly into her wanton mouth.

She was drenched, sopping wet and still cumming. Gary positioned himself between her legs and he began to give her what she really wanted. He was addicted to her pussy and she was addicted to his tongue. She danced on the tip of his tongue for a long time, her pussy gushing and flowing massively. Gary drank her dry and wanted more. Her tiny nipples stood proud as wave after wave flowed over her. She was sobbing with joy from the wonderful way he made her feel.

His cock slid along her pink slit and he entered her once again. She came instantly and he began to thrust.

"Oh fuck Gary, oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my tight, hot pussy and tell me you love me. I love your cock; your tongue and most importantly, I love you. Fill me darling; fuck me baby, I'm gonna cum again. Oh fuck yes!"

Her body jerked so hard she almost broke his dick. She trembled, flailed and spasmed so sweetly. Her pussy pulsated repeatedly along his length and her moans became unintelligible.

"You are amazing boss. I've never been with anyone who does the things you do to me. I also want to thank you," Tammy whispered.

"Thank me for what dear?"

For teaching Wendy, Rose and Debbie how I like to have my pussy licked. They are almost as good as you are. I hope I taste as good to them as they do to me," Tammy purred. "How do you do it? How the fuck can you keep us satisfied all the time? I knew you were good but you've actually gotten better baby. I love you so much."

"I'm only as good as the women I have around me honey. I have so many wonderful women in my life. I'm just happy you are finally back in my life. You have been missed." He picked her up and held her in his arms. Their kiss was long and loving.
"Have you been in the dark room yet darling?" Gary asked as their kiss finally broke.

"Not yet. I've had so much fun in the playroom and the slings. I've never had so much sex in my life. Bobbi says the darkroom is wild as fuck."

"Go, enjoy darling. You'll love it. You'll never know whom you'll be doing. More cock and pussy than you can shake a stick at."

"I've already fucked several movie stars. I can't believe it. They are very famous and they loved fucking me. I was creaming so hard and I just couldn't stop. One was a woman who went to Hawaii with Mark. I think her name is Aleka. God, if you haven't done her yet, you sure as hell better. I hear she was Miss Hawaii before she became a big movie star. She told me she wants to do you too, only this time not blindfolded."

More strippers arrived and the party went into overdrive. George, the owner of Sapphires arrived with the latest batch of gorgeous girls from his club. Mark went to greet him and his girls.

"Gary Edwards, there you are. I've been looking all over for you," DeeDee said as she threw herself into his arms and kissed him deeply.

"Hiya sexy, I wondered where your horny ass was. You're looking particularly well fucked darling."

"Well dear, if I can't find my man, any man will do. I don't waste time darling. I knew I'd find you. I already found your women. Damn, they are delicious. Of course, I don't think they'll ever be the same again though."

"Oh shit Dee, what did you do?"

"I didn't so anything. I just saw them a few minutes ago. Let me put it this way my dear lover. The guys have your gals. I doubt Wendy's ass will ever be the same again."

"Does that mean what I think it means?" Gary asked.

"Yeppers darling, Chris has her ass firmly planted on that fabulous cock. I came just looking at them."

"You cum thinking about a soft evening breeze you delicious slut. I am glad to see you," Gary said as he kissed her again.

The tip jars had been emptied for each shift and everyone was very happy. When each shift was over, no one went home. They partied and had a blast.

Tori Johnson and Karen Rivers saw Gary recovering at the bar. They had flown in but didn't let him know they were coming. They had talked to Mark and he said to surprise him. They had watched his exploits and somehow knew their boss was going to be blown away that they were there. It's not that they didn't sleep with him on a regular basis; it is just that they had always kept it quiet from the rest of the D'Orgasmic people. They finally had enough of that. Now that he had his girls living with him, they had better go for it whenever they could get it.

They walked up behind him and Tori turned to Karen, "I love it when he fucks me doggie. That man can make me cum just by looking at me. His cock just won't quit."

"Oh, I know what you mean. I could suck that cock for hours and never come up for air. Has he ever fucked your ass? When he screws my ass, I cry from delight. No one makes me cum harder," Karen, whispered just loud enough that he could hear their words.

"It's just too bad we can't find him. I really wanted to fuck his brains out. Mark said he would be here. I'm sure he'll show up eventually."

Gary sipped his Rum Runner and couldn't help but overhear their conversation. He turned and spoke to the backs of their heads, "If you would tell me who you're looking for, I may know where he is."

They laughed, turned and jumped on his astonished body. "We're looking to fuck our boss. He's this ugly old guy with a puny dick and no technique at all."

"Well, I'll be dammed. I didn't know you were coming," he said as he kissed both of them.

"We're here and it is your job to have us cumming like crazy baby. We pulled it off Tori; Mark said we could do it. Now, let's pull this old fart off that bar stool and teach him a thing or two about how to make love to a woman."

"Oh this is going to be good," Wendy said to Rose and Debbie. "Way to go girls, we knew you could pull this off too."

"Well fuck, you knew too? I'm so screwed with the three of you."

"Darling, you have to know we were just worried that you might not get laid this weekend," Debbie whispered in his ear. "Have fun girls."

Tori and Karen grabbed his arms and moved him to the playroom. It was full of naked bodies but they found a spot and pulled him down. The minute they hit the mattress a soft giggle was heard. Shannon was next to them doing several people.

"It's about time girls, I wondered if you were going to hide all weekend. Where the hell have you been?"

"I've been at the glory hole for a while and Karen has been running all over the place tipping the wait staff. Now, excuse us, we have to fuck the boss. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it."

Shannon roared and sucked back a long one, her eyes twinkling wonderfully.

Tori was on one side and Karen on the other. Their bodies molded into him and they kissed him sweetly. Their hands ran across his chest and onto his hips. They turned his head from side to side and their tongues drove him wild. Each girl was exceptional in and of herself but together, they were amazing. They rode along his frame and teased his flesh with their firm, tight bodies.

He looked at four perfectly shaped, breasts and his tongue lashed out. Each nipple was explored and teased. They bit his neck, his lips and then they began to suck his nipples.

Their hands began to stroke his legs and they fondled his balls and stiffening flesh. They kissed their way down and Karen circled his fine shaft with her fingers and guided his cock towards Tori's tender lips. Tori thrilled at the feel of his cock on her lips. She licked his precum and spread it across her lips. Karen watched and began to lick him while Tori took his crown into her mouth. Her tongue swirled and teased as Karen licked his expanding firmness.

Gary looked down to see the two wonderful women lavishing much lust onto him. His cock switched mouths repeatedly and the women were wet with their enthusiasm. Their love for his cock was apparent for anyone watching this. They rubbed him over their cheeks and took him into their throats. Their lips caressed his balls and they played with his ass. Tori rose up and angled his cock into her tight hot pussy. Karen began to lick his balls and Tori's ass as she rode his cock sweetly.

Tori felt wonderful fucking Gary. She had never had sex with so many people watching her before. That thrilled her beyond description. She and Karen had long talks about it once they decided to come to Vegas. The kinkiest thing they had ever done was fucking Gary together. They had done that many times over the years but they had never had open sex before. They had admitted to each other that the thought of hundreds of people watching them fuck and suck was driving them wild.

Karen was licking Tori's sweet ass and watching Gary's cock slide in and out of her tight pussy. She turned Tori around and began to lick her clit as she cupped his balls. Gary stroked deeply into Tori and Karen licked her long hard clit sweetly.

Suddenly, Karen felt hands caressing her body. Her breasts were cupped and lips teased her ass. Some tall, black man walked up to Tori and positioned his cock onto her lips. She moaned and opened her mouth and took him in. Someone lifted Karen and she felt a lovely cock slide into her pussy. She felt wicked and loved it. Whoever was fucking her was wonderful. Tori was taking that black cock deep into her throat and she wrapped her hands around him while he stroked her deeply.

A spectacular blonde straddled Gary's face and her lips met his sweetly. Gary began to suck her fine pussy as his cock sliced into Tori repeatedly. Ronnie and Shannon crept over and each took a nipple on the blonde-haired woman and began sucking. Tori started to cum as did Karen.

Karen pulled Tori off and she climbed onto Gary's gorgeous cock. The man who was fucking her backed off while she slid her body onto him. Tori rolled to one side and looked up into Shannon's sweet, well-fucked pussy. She tilted her head and slid beneath her legs. Karen felt the man slide his cock against her ass and she moaned deeply as he began to enter her. She had never had two cocks at once and this blew her mind. She felt him inside her and the two men began to fuck her deliciously. She raised herself up and the blonde's spectacular tits molded into hers. Ronnie and Shannon were licking both women's nipples and loving it. Ronnie's hand fell to Karen's clit and she flicked it sweetly. Karen was a candidate for NASA as she went off like a rocket.

She kissed the statuesque woman who was riding Gary's face. The man in her ass was long, hard and she felt his probe swell. He grabbed her hips and he began to shake. Both cocks split her wonderfully. He unleashed a load of hot, sweet sperm deep into her ass, his cock twitching wildly as he came. Shannon screamed from Tori's talented tongue and Ronnie was breathless from the scene playing out before her.

Gary came massively himself and Karen nearly passed out. Her body shook and she screamed delightfully. The blonde woman came as well and everyone collapsed smiling.

The bar was calling and Gary headed back for a refill. It was almost 2am Saturday morning and the Vegas entertainers were arriving. He knew many of them and they greeted him warmly. Singers, comedians, musicians and showgirls poured in.

"It's a lovely vision, isn't it?" Mark laughed as he caught up to Gary at the bar. "Have the girls from the Palms and the Playboy club arrived yet?"

"Son-of-a-bitch, is Ginger and Candy coming?" Gary asked incredibly.

"Tracy is coming too. Did I tell you that she and Dani have become very good friends? She really got jealous the night I met Dani. Apparently, Dani went back a couple of weeks later and they started talking. She confided in Dani that she really wanted to fuck my brains out that night but I was already occupied. Dani decided to remedy that and she brought Tracy over one night. I had a great night. What they didn't know was that Michelle was on a tear too. The last I heard, Dani was singing your praises at the top of her voice and Tracy was getting wet just thinking about you."

"Damn, I only met her once. She really is gorgeous. I definitely love your parties. Have you seen my girls lately?"

"We partied shortly after the party officially started. Had a great time and then I saw Rose coming out of the darkroom several hours later. She was heading for the showers. She definitely needed a shower but she was smiling. The guys had them for an hour or so. My money says Wendy's smile won't go away until June."

"Yeah, I heard about that. Chris did a number on her. Remind me never to introduce her to Hydro Bob," Gary laughed.

"You got that right. You know, I used to piss Cherry off completely when we'd watch videos and I'd make some damned statement that this guy or that guy was deformed. Well, trust me when I say this. Hydro Bob is deformed. He is bigger than John Holmes was. I don't know how Connie did what she did."

"I know how she did him," Red smirked as she and Nancy walked up to them. "She did him the same way we used to, carefully and with a ton of lube. I've never seen a black guy who could measure up to him."

"I know, I've tried to do them all tonight and no one can compare," Nancy said with a shiteating grin on her face. "Bartender, Rum Runners please! Red, it's your turn to tip the bartender."

"Never mind girlfriend, I've got you covered," Holly said as she ascended from behind the bar wiping her lips.

That did it for Gary. He laughed so hard, he could barely breathe.

"Has anyone seen Ainsley? I haven't seen her all night," Gary asked.

"I saw her a couple of hours ago. She was with Jim and she was singing, 'Save a Horse'. She had a grin on her face and mumbled something about getting certified," Red giggled. "I seriously think she meant everyone at the party. If that's the case, she's not going to want to ride anything by Tuesday morning."

Gary decided to take a nap. Saturday and Sunday were going to be intense. He slipped away and went up to his suite. He walked in and started to laugh. Debbie, Wendy and Rose were lying on the bed, discussing the party so far.

"You look tired baby," Wendy said. "We were wondering if we'd see you. Are you having a good time?"

"I am, are you?"

"You told us, we were warned. You said it would be wild. Holy fuck, it is wild. I have done some people I've always wanted to do. One game show host I had a crush on for so many years turned out to be not bad. My fantasy was better than the reality with him but some of the others were wild," Debbie cooed.

"I just want to know one thing right now, dammit. Are you trying to get rid of us?" Rose said, as she got right in his face.

"What the fuck are you talking about? You know better than that," Gary said seriously. "What the fuck brought this on?"

"I am just making sure. I seriously thought you were driving us away. What the fuck did you think would happen by unleashing Rashad, Jamal and Chris on us? I mean, seriously Gary, those three men are fucking wild," Rose said.

Gary looked at Wendy who was blushing deeply. "I heard you met Chris darling. Everyone heard you met Chris actually."

"We all did darling. Uptight, outta sight and airtight baby. Talk about fucking wild. I remembered something you said back at the apartment about us getting to fuck many fabulous black men. Well, we know who you were talking about now," Debbie smirked.

"Airtight? They took you airtight. Sweet!" Gary giggled.

"They took us all there darling. The last time we saw them, Shannon had corralled them. She had a wicked grin on her face. They seem to like Asian pussy," Rose laughed.

"Darling, they love pussy. Always have and always will. Move over, I'm gonna grab some sleep. Tomorrow and Sunday will be big days."

Saturday and into Sunday morning, the party raged on. People crashed for a few hours and then began to party again. The entertainers took to the stage and everyone had a great time.

Somewhere around 4 am Las Vegas time, Michelle noticed an inconspicuous light flashing and she went to get Mark. She pointed it out to him and he went upstairs to check his messages. The light was notifying him that a call had come in on his private line that very few people had access to.

He listened to the message and called Phil Johnson immediately. Phil informed him that Cherry had been found, viciously raped and left for dead behind the strip club. Phil told him that Officer Bill Bryant is a friend of Rashad's and he told the detective to call him. They are looking for information regarding her family. "I told the detective that I would call you and find out if you had any of that information."

Mark told him that he didn't but that the guys were in Las Vegas with him and he would check with them and see if they had any information. He told him he would call him back in a few minutes.

Mark called downstairs and told Michelle to get the guys and get upstairs right away.

The elevator door opened and they rushed into his office. He told them that she was in surgery and wasn't expected to live. None of the men had any information about her family. Mark told Michelle that he wanted his own investigators on the scene immediately.

She went downstairs, told Dave and Ron to get the jet ready to go. She found her investigators and gave them their instructions. George, the owner of Sapphires overheard Michelle and he said he needed to talk to Mark immediately. She took him upstairs and found out that Cherry worked for his brother Ted.

Mark called and arranged for Ted to contact Phil and give him the information he needed. Ted was most cooperative and he arranged to meet with Mark's investigators as soon as they landed. He had surveillance video that hopefully would give them a lead.

He called Phil back and let him know what was happening. Cherry had returned to Intensive Care and Mark talked to the Doctor. He told Mark that she would be badly scarred and that her prognosis was not good. He was told that she was in a deep coma and he didn't have any idea how long that would last.

Mark asked the doctor if it would be all right if he flew the best plastic surgeon to her. The Doctor agreed and Mark said he would call him back in a few minutes.

Michelle got Lori upstairs and found out that the Doctor Mark wanted was a Dr. Bowen in Dallas, TX. Lori broke down crying. She and Cherry had become good friends. Mark called him and explained the situation. The Doctor agreed to fly to her and evaluate the situation. Mark had his pilots file flight plans for Dallas and then on to Cherry.

Mark had Lori get Gary and Jill. He told them what had happened. Mark asked Gary to take over the hosting of the party. Gary watched helplessly as his best friend had a meltdown right before his eyes. Michelle and Jill stayed with him.

Aleka and Diane came rushing into the office in tears. Rashad had told them what had happened. Daniel and Kono followed soon after. Cherry had touched so many people. He hoped someday, she would know how deeply everyone felt towards her.

The plane landed and the Doctor arrived at the hospital. Dr. Bowen called Mark and told him the extent of her injuries, which were substantial. He told him that in order to be successful they could not wait for her to come out of the coma. She needed to be taken to Dallas, as she needed extensive microsurgery immediately.

Cherry was flown on Lori's jet to Dallas and Dr. Bowen went immediately to work. Cherry, as it turned out, would remain in the coma for two months.

Michelle and Phil arranged to take care of her property. Mark contacted her parents, found them a rental house near the clinic and flew them to Dallas that day. All he could do was wait...and pray.

Mark never returned to the party. Gary, Michelle and Dani took care of everything. The guests had a great time and only a handful knew what had occurred which was exactly how Mark wanted it. Overall, it was another huge success.

Rashad, Jamal and Chris stayed. Next to Mark, they were the closest to Cherry. Each one loved her dearly and they did not intend to do anything other than help in whatever way they could.

Mark's nerves were shot. The thought of her attack made him furious. He wanted revenge and he vowed that someday, he would have it. He was a patient man. The day would come, he was sure of it.

Holly's crew was made aware of the situation. The news hit Ronnie exceptionally hard. She had never met Cherry but she had developed some form of kinship with the woman she could not explain. Rashad walked through the main room and saw Ronnie sitting in the corner, sobbing. He walked over and held her.

"My God, I feel so bad. I know you have to be more upset than I am. I just have this thing, I can't explain. I look at her and see the woman I want to become someday. She is everything I have strived to become. She is gorgeous, sexy and sassy. I can't bear the thought of anyone hurting her," she whimpered.

"You're not alone Ronnie. It's funny; I fully understand what you are saying. When we first saw you, we thought you were Cherry. You took our breath away. I want you to listen to me Ronnie, Cherry is a woman we love. Mark is in love with her. We don't know what came between them. Just know one thing; you are your own person. Yes, you two could be twins however; you and Cherry are very different in many ways too. Don't change who you are. The person you are is very special too."

"I just want to meet her one day. Is that selfish?"

"No dear, not at all. Just promise me one thing. Let me know so I can be there to watch. Oh hell, that is way too much pussy for one man," he laughed.

"I didn't say I wanted to sleep with her Rashad," Ronnie blushed.
"See, you assume you know Cherry. One day, you'll meet her. She'll take one look at you and do you in a heartbeat. When that happens, I'll know my Cherry is back."

The next week, Holly's group hit every club in Las Vegas. For many, this was their first time experiencing sin city.

The first thing that they all discovered was that size does matter. Las Vegas is the only city on earth that is impossible to describe to someone who has never been there before. If you tell someone that something is big, usually something is needed for comparison. In most cities, a large hotel might have eight hundred rooms. The MGM Grand has five thousand and five rooms.

Gary told them of a conversation he had one night with a local cab driver. The driver told him of a fare he had picked up one night at Bally's Hotel. The passenger was a young woman who apologized for the short fare. She was only going to Treasure Island. The driver pulled out onto the strip and had to stop at the light at Flamingo. The woman asked the driver if he had ever taken the mileage of Caesar's Palace. The driver had heard every dumb question but that one was a new one to him. Once he realized exactly what she asked, the light had turned green. The driver hit the trip gauge when he crossed the street and he watched as he drove past the hotel. When he hit the property line between Caesar's Palace and the Mirage, his jaw dropped. The sidewalk in front of Caesar's is 3/10th of a mile long. That is a big hotel.

The clubs are huge; the dance floors larger than many of the clubs they had previously visited. Elegance ruled the Las Vegas nightlife and sex appeal was evident everywhere you looked. The sound systems were amazing and the lighting extraordinary.

After each club was visited, the group met and discussed what they found. Dani kept meticulous notes.

While they were doing that, Holly, Gary and Mark would meet to go over their vision for the clubs and restaurant. They ran numbers and finally came up with a plan.

The clubs would be freestanding with lots of parking. Each club would have two complete stages, elevated and floor level dance floors, top of the line sound and lighting. Each club would have recording capability to capture the artist's performances. The restaurants would seat 400 people and be opened 24/7. With the exception of Las Vegas, the clubs would be opened 15 hours a day. Each club would have a capacity of 750 people.

They also brought Shannon into the discussions and Gary told her what he envisioned for the clothes the employees would wear.

"Dammit Gary, I'm going to have to design another complete line of clothes just for the staff," she smiled, her lovely oval eyes shining brightly.

"Darling, I know you have a long list of promising designers you've had your eye on. It's time for you to start hiring. I want you supervising everything but it is time to get you some really talented assistants." Gary got up from the table, cleared anything she could throw from her reach, grinned broadly and said, "Every employee is to have a minimum of twenty complete outfits from their thongs to their shoes and boots. Same thing goes for the men as well. We want exceptional clothes for exceptional bodies."

"Hooters goes Country or Hip Hop," Mark grinned.

"Exactly, that is the caliber of the women we are going to be hiring. Drop dead sexy women with gorgeous bodies and beautiful smiles," Gary told her. "Of course, the dancers will all have many custom outfits so we need to actually set up a division for the staff in addition to the retail products," Gary looked at Holly to see if she had anything to add to that.

"Is Shannon going to be working with Ainsley on the leather products?"

"Definitely and since we now have access to some of the finest leathers, we need to really make a splash with that aspect too."

"You mutha, you know how to get a girl wet don't you?" Shannon blushed.

The next three days, they met non-stop with Las Vegas' top club architect. Every detail was discussed and he told them he would have preliminary plans in a week. Mark told him that they needed the plans to be flexible. Many locations, such as Miami and Nashville would only have one club. Country might not be as successful in Miami and Hip Hop definitely wouldn't work in Nashville. He understood completely.

Gary had given him the dimensions of the retail store and had his own designers for that aspect. He told them he had a fantastic architect who specialized in restaurants and he would subcontract that aspect to him.

He asked about the interior design and everyone laughed. Mark took him on a tour of his place. He then introduced Red and Nancy to him and told him they would be working closely with him. Everyone was pleased and work commenced.

Mark was on the phone every hour with Dallas getting updates on Cherry's condition. Surgeries were being done and Dr. Bowen was pleased with the initial results.

Properties were shopped in both Las Vegas and Orlando. Several were available in Las Vegas and one was purchased. It was very convenient as far as Mark was concerned. It was located less than a quarter mile from Mark's office on the other side of Sapphires Strip Club on Industrial. It was very close to the strip on one of the most heavily traveled roads in town.

Shannon and Ainsley had become fast friends. They loved each other's designs and Ainsley was anxious to get back to Dallas and get the show on the road. She wanted to show Shannon her hat designs and she wanted her to see her leather suppliers. She knew that would blow her away.

Linda and Holly wanted to stop in Tennessee and go to the smoker manufacturer. Gary and Mark definitely wanted to do that as well.

Most of the group flew back to Orlando. Mark, Gary, Ainsley, Holly and Shannon flew to Dallas. Mark immediately went to the clinic. Cherry was still in a coma and Dr. Bowen showed him the mess that had been made of her face. He was shocked at the severity of her injuries. He left there reassured that she was in excellent hands.

Ainsley was pleased that much of her new equipment was being delivered. Her assistant had hired many new people and they were setting up the plant in a very efficient manner.

Shannon loved the hat designs and said she didn't want to change anything. They were hot, sexy and wild, just like Ainsley. Her boot catalog was amazing and together, they knew they would have the hottest footwear on the dance floors.

They went to her leather suppliers and Shannon went wild. Every imaginable leather was readily available and the quality was exquisite.

When they left Tennessee, Holly was satisfied she had found the perfect smokers for the restaurants.

Dave met the plane and took them to see three properties that were available. Two were on I-Drive and one was closer to Universal. They chose the Universal property and Dave began the process of purchasing the property.

Wendy, Debbie and Rose met them as they drove onto the property. "Are you ready to be blown away baby?" Rose said as she kissed him.

"Damn Gar, does she think about anything but sex?" Mark laughed and ducked as Rose smacked his ass.

They walked into the house and it was breathtaking. Red and Nancy greeted them and took them on the grand tour. Everything was perfect.

"This is better than I imagined. I love the colors and the furniture." He walked through the house and every thing he looked at was stunning.

"Come with me baby." Wendy grabbed his arm and pulled him towards his wing. The four suites were elegant and sexy as anything he could imagine. They opened the double doors to his suite and he stopped dead in his tracks.

Red and Nancy had out done themselves. The colors from the carpet to the draperies were amazing. The new furniture was perfect for his lifestyle. They even had a Tantra Chair, which he thought was a perfect addition.

The major piece in the bedroom had him laughing hysterically. His new bed blew his mind. It was huge.

Nancy giggled and jumped on the mattress. "We had this custom made for you sweetheart. Check this out." She moved to each section and touched the headboard. A hidden panel slid away and each one of them had wireless Bose headphones, massage and motion controls, lubricants, poppers and their own private stash of other fun items.

Mark started laughing his head off and Gary looked to see what had caught his eye. When Gary saw it, he burst out laughing as well. Three stripper poles were placed throughout the room.

"Three poles, holy shit. Isn't that a little extreme?" he asked Red.

"Not really baby. We asked Holly her opinion and she said three were perfect. One is for Jim, the other two are for you and Mark," she giggled.

"Like that is gonna happen anytime soon," Mark laughed.

Debbie came up behind Mark and threw her arms around him, "My darling Mark, you're not going to be a party pooper are you?" She kissed his neck, licked his ear and spanked his ass.

"Okay, this is a new one on me. What is that thing?" Gary said as he noticed this massive contraption in one corner of the room.

"That, my dear, is the Circle of Pleasure. Would you like a demonstration?" Rose giggled.

"Damn right I would. This thing looks dangerous," Gary, quipped.

Red picked up her cell and dialed a number, "Hi baby, it's your turn."

Gary looked puzzled but only for a moment. Tammy pranced into the room wearing thigh highs and heels. "I can't wait to experience this," she said as she kissed Gary sweetly. Gary's girls just laughed.

"She has been a basket case waiting for you to get home. We had to promise her that you'd do her first. She can be a right bitch at times," Wendy smirked.

"Eat me darling," Tammy grinned.

"Trust me girlfriend, we all will." Nancy took her by the hand and walked her to the Circle.

Her perfect, tiny body looked particularly wicked as she stepped onto the platform. Her tight black pussy split sweetly; the tasty pink ribbon of delight begged to be used and abused. Nancy strapped her in and told Gary to strip. She took him to the Circle and she showed him the controls.

"This button controls her legs," Nancy said as she hit the button. Tammy's legs began to spread. You can adjust them to be perfectly comfortable for both of you. "This button adjusts her knees and this one adjusts her pelvis. You can tilt her pelvis to be perfect for either licking or fucking."

"This is pretty sweet. Is it just me or have I seen something like this before?"

"Bob is retired hon, he's no longer swinging but the table Connie loved so much has been improved. This is it and you haven't seen anything yet. It gets a lot better," Nancy said as she flipped another switch.

A seat ascended from the floor platform. Gary sat down and took the controls. He played with the various buttons and effortlessly moved Tammy into some fantastic positions. Never a stranger to innovation, Gary was impressed. Tammy was getting impatient."

"Come on baby, my pussy needs some lovin'," Tammy cooed.

"Hold your horses' girlfriend; you're in for the lovin' of your life. I'm just getting used to the controls. If I'm right, everyone had better get naked because I have a feeling we're all going to get into the action very soon."

He found what he was looking for and he hit a switch. Tammy began to lay flat. More controls slid her forward and back. He slid her into his face and he began to lick her tasty pussy sweetly. Tammy was addicted to his tongue and he gave his beautiful girl the licking of her life. He adjusted her legs, her pelvis and her knees and opened her up completely. He flipped a switch and the entire machine began to vibrate. Tammy definitely enjoyed that.

There were lots more switches and he kept looking for the ones he wanted. He flipped another switch and Tammy's head slowly sunk backwards. Mark started laughing and he walked to her extended neck. She saw his cock and opened her mouth. Gary adjusted the angle and he slid right down her fabulous throat.

"Holy fuck, I didn't know it could do that," Rose giggled. "I'm definitely going to love this thing."

"It gets better baby; you haven't seen the half of it yet," Red grinned. "I wanted to see if he could remember the night we met him. Just wait until he has the controls down pat. It's gonna get wet in here."

Gary pulled back from Tammy's pussy and started to adjust her position. Mark was firmly planted between her teeth and loving it. Gary brought her legs straight up and opened her wide. He adjusted the tilt of her head. He hit a switch and the machine began so spin her. Marks cock was in her throat and her body was rotating on Mark's shaft. He stopped the machine for a minute and walked himself into Tammy's wet pussy. A few adjustments later and he began to spin her again. She resembled a chicken on a rotisserie except that she was rotating on two very hard cocks.

Debbie was giggling uncontrollably, "Okay, that's it. This is now my office. Did you know I am a workaholic?"

Everyone laughed and Gary was still checking out the controls. Tammy was spinning and cumming like a racehorse.

"I like this a lot," Gary said. "Is Bob making them?"

"No, they are a new, very exclusive product and you can only get them from one catalog. The company selling them has worldwide rights to the product. A shop in Ft. Lauderdale is making them for the distributor," Red explained.

"This is amazing, I know someone who'd kill to get her hands on one of these," Gary grinned.

"We can ship them to Holland. I don't know if her new husband would appreciate it though," Nancy laughed.

"What do you mean, 'we can ship'. Who is the 'we'?" Gary asked.

"Oh shit, didn't we tell you? There is this little company called D'Orgasmic Lingerie. They have the worldwide rights to the product." Red grinned. "Bob said anyone who could keep Connie satisfied had to be the one to sell this thing."

Everyone seemed to forget that Tammy was still rotating on two very happy cocks.

"I love it, this is perfect," Gary said as he stopped Tammy from rotating.

"Perfect is the biggest understatement I've heard since the day you told me you knew how to eat pussy," Tammy said breathlessly. "Fuck, this thing is awesome."

They spent then next hour checking out everything the Circle could do. Tammy was exhausted but smiling when she finally got off it.

"I want one," Mark said.

"Why? You already have two of them. Jackson took delivery this afternoon. Oh shit, I forgot to tell you, Michelle, Lori and Dani want you to come home immediately," Red laughed furiously.

"Are you going to look at the rest of what we've done or are you going to play with your new toy all day?" Nancy said.

She showed him his breakfast kitchen, which he thought, was a great idea. He walked into the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks. He grabbed Red and kissed her deeply. "You've outdone yourself darling. This is indescribable."

The tiles, granite and fixtures were breathtaking. He walked through the massive bathroom and saw the new sauna and separate steam room. The shower was huge and Red pointed out several features such as strategically placed handles in case they wanted to get busy in the shower.

The closets had been redone and they were great.

"Before we go upstairs, check this out," Nancy said as she picked up a tablet next to the bed. She hit the screen and the draperies closed. With each new tap on the screen, the lighting changed dramatically. There were ten settings just for the bedroom alone. She told Rose to lie down on the bed. She shut off all the lights and the room went totally dark.

"Get up and go to the bathroom Rose," Red told her.

Rose got up and as soon as her feet hit the floor, tiny led lights came on lighting a path to the bathroom. She brought the lights back up and told everyone to look at the framed artwork on the walls. A couple of taps on the tablet and the beautiful works of art changed right before their eyes.

"What the hell?" Gary asked incredulously.

"They are not canvas Gary; they are framed high def flat panel monitors. You have all the great masters' works. They are all programmed to change every few days. You won't get sick of the artwork. It rotates regularly."

"Do I want to know what this cost?"

"No you don't, just enjoy it," Wendy laughed.

On the second floor, Gary walked into his brand new office. He had a fantastic view of the lake and a desk that was huge. A suspended 55-inch Samsung monitor was flanked by six smaller monitors. Every room in the house was available with a touch of a button for audio and video. Red hit a switch and Jill came on the monitor. She was at work. She told Gary that she would be over for dinner in just a little while.

His library had been redecorated nicely and the exercise room had new carpet and Samsung TV's throughout.

"What are you going to do with the third floor hon?" Debbie asked him.

"It is a great place for storage. I may use it someday but for now, it is just there."

"There is a lot more to see, come on," Wendy said grabbing his arm.

Every room was elegant and he was so happy with the results. The living room was amazing. He walked over to a brand new acquisition that was a complete surprise to him.

A Yamaha player electric grand piano sat in one corner of the living room. He had wanted one from the day he saw the first one. He just never had the space before. He looked at the tablet next to the piano, selected a song, and hit play. The house instantly filled with the sweetest sound possible. The grin on his face was huge.

The game room had been transformed into a sexy Las Vegas style bar complete with slot machines, video poker machines, blackjack and 'Let It Ride' tables and two pool tables. The bar was fantastic and fully stocked. The women had definitely been busy. Gary checked out the poker machines. He smiled big when he saw his favorite, 'Double Double Bonus Poker'. It was his favorite game.

Debbie came up behind him and slipped a blindfold on him. They led him outside and Debbie positioned him where she wanted him and removed the blindfold. What he saw blew him away.

"Where the hell is Holly?" he stammered.

"I'm right behind you dear. Do you like it?" she whispered in his ear.

"I love it," he said as he looked at a complete recreation of his bar in Key West.

"You told me to build another bar on this side and Holly heard us discussing it. She had photos of your place and she gave them to us. We thought you'd like it," Red said.

He walked behind the bar and looked around. She even had his speed rack properly outfitted. He looked up on the wall and started laughing. They had recreated his favorite bar sign. It simply read, 'To make the owner happy, give him a blowjob and a bucket of money'.

Gary was laughing hard and pointing to that sign. "That damned sign got me laid every night."

"Now get the fuck out of my way. You've finally fucked up," Holly said as she filled the blender with ice. She walked over to the beer cooler and took out the Pina Colada Mix, pineapple juice and the grenadine. She poured them into the blender and then went to the speed rack. She was not a newbie doing a four-bottle pour. She picked up the Dark Rum, Light Rum, Vodka and Triple Sec and did a four count. She turned and reached for the Banana Liquor and the Blackberry Brandy. She put the lid on and blended a perfect Rum Runner. She poured him one, inserted the straw, grabbed the 151 Rum, poured the floater, and filled the straw. She turned and smiled sweetly as he stood there with an astonished look on his face.

"I own your ass now Mr. Edwards. You've done everything possible all these years to keep this recipe from me. You forgot to tell Rose not to tell me,"

"Oops," Rose blushed.

Gary took a sip, smiled, "You're hired."
"You can't afford me," Holly snickered as she handed one to Mark.

"Finally, the woman doth speaketh the truth," Mark quipped.

"Wow, this brings back some great memories. I did have a fun time in the Keys. Everything looks wonderful. The grounds look so different. I see the golf carts arrived. I like them."

"That one is yours Gary; jump in there is much to see." Red threw him the keys to his cart. They took off down the new pathways. Ten new cabana's had been constructed and each one was a different tropical paradise. Each cabana had an unobstructed view of the lake while remaining completely private from the main house.

"We're going to have to be careful; I don't want the boaters to see what is going on in the cabanas."

"We've got it covered. When I tell you, lie down on the mattress and keep looking at me," Nancy said. She walked several feet away and told Gary to lie down. As he did, a low hum was heard. He was looking at Nancy and nothing changed.

"Are you still on the bed?" she asked.

"Of course I am."

"Well, I can't see you," she laughed.

Gary got up and walked to her. He looked back at the cabana and all he saw was an empty cabana. Each mattress was fitted with a pressure switch. Red walked over and got on the mattress. Gary saw the cabana rise up in front of him.

"This is a new material. It is completely transparent looking out. Looking in, all you see is the image of the cabana. No one can see anything that may be going on inside. Complete privacy is guaranteed." Each one is landscaped differently. They look gorgeous in daylight but the best effect will be at night. You're going to want to play in all of them," Nancy said.

"Now, would I do that? Gee Nancy; you make me sound like some weird letch."

"You are; you're our lovable letch. We love you, you know that." Nancy threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately. "We still have a few more surprises for you baby. Let's go."

They jumped into the carts and headed back to the main house. Gary sat in the cart and looked at the new building. "Damn, it is larger than I thought it would be. When will it be finished?" He lit a cigarette and sat looking at the building. It was a perfect match to the main house.

"The suites have to be finished. The main floor is finished and we are sure you're going to be happy with it. Everything will be finished by the time you get back from Europe."

"Oh fuck, I forgot all about the catalog shoot. When do we have to leave for Europe?"

"We leave Tuesday morning baby," Wendy said. "Personally, I can't wait. The farthest I've ever traveled was to Las Vegas for Mark's party. That was mind-blowing. I can't wait to see Paris."

"What is that I smell?" Whatever it is, it smells wonderful. What the hell is going on," he asked as Linda came out onto the patio with her chefs following her. They walked to the corner of the patio next to the new party building and the aromas became more pronounced.

"Since the girls didn't want their suites enlarged, we figured we'd use that money to give you something we knew you've wanted all your life," Red said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him from the golf cart. She walked him onto the patio and into a fabulous outdoor kitchen.

"Do you like it darling?" Rose asked. "I wasn't sure we could keep this a secret but we did. Gary, you and Mark walk to the end of the kitchen."

They did and saw the biggest damned smoker they could ever imagine sitting next to the kitchen. They opened it up and it was full of ribs, brisket, sausages, chicken and pork.

Tables were set up and dinner was served. Everyone sampled some of each item.

"Gary, try the baked beans. Tell us what you think of them," Tammy beamed.

He did and his eyes widened. "These are absolutely delicious. Seriously, I have never had better in my life."

"That is our grandfathers' recipe. It's been a family secret for years. We love it. I'm glad you do too," Linda smiled.

"I'm taking a poll," Holly announced. "Is the BBQ up to speed?"

Everyone agreed that it was.

"Okay, this part of the menu is set. We still have a lot of work to do. Eat up people; we have a lot of food here."

Mark and Gary went back for seconds on the ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Watching those two was reminiscent of a kid in a candy store. They were in seventh heaven. They returned to the table and together it sounded like an episode of Iron Chef America. They were hilarious comparing smoke rings, barbeque sauces, beans etc.

"From the looks on your faces, I think we should be worried girls," Rose laughed. "The final straw will be if he wants to put the damned smoker in the bedroom."

"It's always smokin in my bedroom darling."

"Holly, here's a question for you," Wendy smiled. "Have you ever had any of Gary's baked goods? The man is a genius."

"No I didn't know that. Down in the Keys, all there was Key Lime Pie. It was delicious but he didn't make them."

"I refuse to compete when the odds are stacked against me. Yes, I owned a bar and restaurant. When I want Key Lime Pie, there is only one place in Key West to get it. The Rooftop Restaurant can't be beat. I can't remember her name but the Jamaican woman who makes the pies is considered the best in the world. They would see me come in and bring me a slice of pie and a coffee. I don't think I ever saw their menu."

"Darling, you have to make her a cheesecake. Holly, his cheesecake will blow you away."

"Hey, I make some killer things too," Mark, laughed. "Tomorrow my friend, it is game on Gar. We compete."

"Attention everyone, I have an announcement. Tomorrow there will be a bake-off between Gary and Mark. What this means is that you are all going to be blown away by what they make. It also means that all you guys had better be horny as hell. We'll have some serious calories to burn off," Debbie chuckled.

"This is going to be fun," Linda grinned. "What are the rules?"

"Very simple, only four people allowed in the kitchen. Mark, Linda, Holly and myself. You know it is funny when you think of it. Mark and I grew up in this house but I know I've never worked in this kitchen. Have you Mark?"

"Nope and if you think about it, I don't think Jeremy even knew where the kitchen was. He sure as fuck wouldn't know what to do with one anyway. This is going to be fun. Do we have everything we need?"

"We have enough to feed an army baby," Holly purred.

"All I need is my laptop and I'm golden," Gary said.

"Oh shit, I knew there was something we forgot to show you. Come with us," Red laughed. They went into the house and into a room he didn't know existed. Gary looked at Mark and they both laughed. They were staring at their own internet hub.

"Everything you need is available anywhere on the complex. Don't laugh Mark; we mirrored your stuff too. You both have access to everything from any room."

"Who do we have to thank for this?" Gary inquired.

Jill was standing with a tablet in her hand. She tapped the screen and Dani's smiling face was on the screen. "You can thank both of us," Jill smiled. "Everything is secure, password protected and available to both of you from anywhere on earth."

"This is fucking sweet," Mark said. "Are you telling me I can access this from the plane?"

"Anywhere on earth baby," Dani grinned. "This way, you can't hide from me. I can be a cruel bitch darling."

They went into the kitchen and checked it out. It was going to be a good competition.

The intercom came to life. Tammy announced 'house rules' were now in effect. Everyone was to meet by the pool in ten minutes in full D'Orgasmic fashions.

The women disappeared and left Mark and Gary alone in the kitchen. "Your kitchen looks better than this one," Gary said.

"But you have things in here I don't have. This is going to be fun. How long has it been since we did this?"

"Way too long Mark, way too long. Memo to Mark never let Holly do your grocery shopping. There is enough food here for a year."

They walked out onto the patio. The sun had set and night was upon them. The only lights visible were the underwater lights of the pool. Wendy walked up to Gary and the vision she presented hardened his cock instantly. She was wearing one of the sexiest outfits they had ever designed.

"Do the honors my love," she said as she handed him the tablet.

Gary and Mark stood shoulder to shoulder when he tapped the screen. The entire complex came to life. Trees, pathways, cabanas and the bars glowed in soft, sensuous lighting. Everywhere they looked wonderful features presented beautifully.

"Disney has nothing on this. This is phenomenal," Gary said as she kissed Red and Nancy sweetly.

Wendy leaned over and pointed to the tablet. "Hit this one baby."

He tapped the screen and hurricane shutters raised but the building was in total darkness. The sound of 'Country Girl, (Shake It For Me)' filled the night. The party room building came to life. He tapped the screen another time and the building illuminated to reveal Ronnie and the girls dancing out and onto the patio. They looked delicious but what was behind them was breathtaking.

The building, now open to the air, was a remarkable sight. The inside bar looked better than any bar he had ever been in. Soft seductive lighting, neon accents and bar signs of every description filled the room.

Ronnie danced her heart out and when the song changed to 'Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy' the men joined in. A full-blown christening of the new building was in motion.

Red and Gary walked through the building and he was beyond impressed. The theater was amazing with seating for thirty and audio and video that was the best on the market.

Over in one corner, a crowd had gathered. Nancy was giving instructions on the control panel of the Party Room Circle of Pleasure.

"Well, that figures," Mark, laughed. "Look who is on the machine." Jill was obviously enjoying the new toy a lot. They walked over to her and she saw the smiles on their faces.

"What? I've had to put up with you two all my life. This is one a perk I am going to use as often as I can. I want one in my office."

"Yeah, I was meaning to talk to you about that," he said as she was being fucked deliciously by Hank. "With all the new technology we have here, it would be better if you worked out of here hon. I'm going to give Ron my office. Hell, I can give you dictation while you're getting a nice slice of cock right here."

"Not right now you can't Gary," Marty said as he slid his cock into Jill's greedy mouth. "You two are so lucky. She is one fabulous woman."

"That she is," Mark agreed. "No freakin wonder that Dani and Michelle want me back in Las Vegas. I'm going to need your help when DeeDee discovers this thing."

Gary laughed loudly at that one. "She is going to want to be on the spit 24/7. You do know that thing does a hell of a lot more than what you saw don't you?"

"Oh hell yes, I want to know what is in the floor of that thing that we haven't seen. Well, we'll find out tomorrow I'm sure. Wendy already informed me to put aside three hours for them tomorrow," Mark laughed.

"What the fuck is with that. They tell you instead of me. Should my feelings be hurt?" Gary grinned.

"Nah, they are so in love with you it isn't funny. I'll be right back; I have to call the hospital."

Gary walked into the theater and took a seat. The chairs were extremely comfortable and the movie was stunning. The screen definition was impeccable and the sound system blew his mind. Lindsay walked into the theater and the look on her face was so sweet. She saw him and walked out to the bar. She returned and handed him a Rum Runner and she sat beside him.

"This is gorgeous. I mean, it was pretty before but now, it is the most beautiful home I've ever seen. Every room makes me wet with lust. I used to think I was pretty sexed up. Compared to the way I feel now, it was nothing. I have to tell you something, I hope you won't be angry with me. I had a private talk to your women this afternoon. I wanted to be sure that I wasn't stepping on anyone's toes but I just want to fuck you morning, noon and night."

"Oh, and what was their response to that?"

"Debbie bit my clit and Rose and Wendy bit my nipples," Lindsay blushed. "They told me they fully understood and they didn't mind one bit. Rose told me directly that no one woman would ever corral you. The best any of us can ever hope for is to have you whenever you can make time for us. I kind of felt special hearing that."

"You are special. Truth be told, of all of the new women, you have a piece of me, I can't explain but I'm happy about it. You said you remind me of your uncle. Well, you remind me of a girl I went to school with who I never touched and probably should have."

Lindsay slid down onto the padded floor and crawled between his legs. Her tiny hand grabbed his cock and she looked up into his face. "I love you Gary. Don't expect me to stop anytime soon either."

She knelt upright and kissed him sweetly. Her lips toyed with his as her hand began to stroke him. She kissed his neck and down onto his chest. She licked his nipples and down onto his tight stomach. Her eyes were focused on his and she saw the pleasure she was bringing him. Her tongue slinked out and she twirled it around his broad crown. She looked at the velvet head and back up into his eyes. She licked his long shaft and swirled around the tip.

Her lovely face was elegant in her cock hungry craving. Her features were perfect and her lust apparent. She pulled him towards her and opened her lips. She closed her mouth over him and took him in a few inches. She pulled him out, licked him like a lollipop, and sucked him back into her hot, wet mouth.

Her breasts heaved with each thrust onto him. Her nipples were tiny, tight and proud. Her honey blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous face betrayed her love for this man.

"Tonight, I want to give you the best blowjob you've ever had darling. I want your cock in my mouth, in my lips and down my throat. I want you to make me cum just from fucking my throat. I want to taste every drop of your cum tonight and forever."

Lindsay looked so sweet with his hard shaft halfway in her mouth. She smiled around his cock and saw the love returned from him. Her face fell forward and she slid him deep into her throat. Her hands caressed his balls and her tongue stroked under his cock.

Her finger circled his ass and she rode him deeper into her face. Her finger slid into his ass and her lips caressed his length deliciously. She knew he loved that so she slid a second finger into him. Her wet mouth swallowed him completely and he felt her lips pressing around the base of his cock. She stroked his ass wonderfully and her tongue milked his cock perfectly. This angel was heaven sent; he pulled her up, and kissed her deeply.

Gary hit a button on the arm of the chair and it reclined. He pulled her tight, hot body up and dropped her puffy, sweet pussy onto his face. She fell back onto his cock and he ate her pussy and ass lovingly. The sight of this gorgeous woman riding his face was the perfect christening of the new theater. The sound of a woman orgasming on screen coupled with the wetness of Lindsay's free flowing pussy on his lips heightened every sensation. His tongue slid into her ass and she came instantly.

"Oh baby, lick my ass darling. I love it. Lick me; fuck my ass with your hot tongue darling. Oh, yes! Ohmigod baby, that feels so fucking good."

His tongue dug into her perfect ass and she could not stop shaking. Her pussy was soaked and her orgasms were building. She took him back into her throat and as she came, her body convulsed on his cock. He felt every inch of her throat close over him and she kept cumming.

He closed his lips over her perfect clit and he began to lick and suck her pussy relentlessly. He felt her manicured nails digging into his legs and her body exploded with pure joy. She flowed, she gushed and she flooded his face with her nectar, which he drank totally. His hands cupped her breasts and she heaved against his palms. Lindsay shook uncontrollably on his tongue and he kept her cumming. She collapsed on his stomach. She pulled him from her lips and she spun around and kissed him furiously.

"I can't even begin to describe how much I love you. Fuck me darling. Fuck me, fill me and love me baby," Lindsay whispered as she kissed him again.

She slid down and raised her hips over his stiff cock. She was saturated and fell easily onto his shaft. His long, broad cock stretched her tightly and she loved the feeling he gave her as he filled her completely. She welcomed him and the heat of their passion built massively. She raised herself up and offered him her perfect breast.

His mouth closed over her nipple and he began to lick and suck her perfect tit. He felt every inch of her tight pussy as she began to slowly, sweetly ride his cock. Her breast was pushed onto his lips and its fullness felt wonderful. He stroked harder into her and she began convulsing again.

Lindsay's body was vibrating massively and he fucked her senseless. Her pussy was griping him wildly and he thrust deeper into her lovely body. He lifted her up and his cock grazed her asshole.

"Darling, are you going to fuck my tight ass? Your cock is so big and my ass is so tight. I want your cock in my ass baby. Shove that sweet cock into me and own me."

He felt her settle on top of his hardness and she opened to welcome him inside.

"Ohmigod, I love your cock filling my asshole darling. Fuck my hot ass. That's it baby; fuck my tight sweet ass with your big, hard cock. Oh, yes! Fuck my ass harder baby. Drill me deeper. I love you. I love your cock. Fuck my ass darling. Oh yes!"

Gary slid in and Lindsay went insane. Her body trembled and he stroked her faster and deeper. She bit his neck, licked his ear and dug her nails into him deeply. Her orgasm built and Lindsay exploded. Her tiny body drove him wild. Her tender tongue licked his lips ever so sweetly. Her ass grabbed his shaft and she moaned passionately.

She grabbed his head in her hands, "Darling, cum in my mouth. I want to feel every sweet spurt splash onto my tongue. I want to feel you explode. I want to hold your cock between my lips and have you cum for me baby."

She slid off him and sank to her knees. Her hair was damp, her face flushed. She knelt, looking into his eyes and her tongue swirled over his engorged head. The look in her eyes betrayed pure lust and her lovely lips pulled him into her mouth. Her face welcomed him and she began to suck her heart out. Lindsay's lips caressed every line, ridge and vein on his substantial shaft as it descended into her hot, wanton mouth. Her eyes pleaded for his cum as she cradled his heavy balls.

His legs began to shake, his stomach tightened and she felt him swell between her lips. She never broke his gaze. Her tiny hands felt him load up to deliver his hot, sweet cum right where she wanted it. He jerked and she felt the flood rush along his cock. She held his head between her lips. The first splash erupted and hit the back of her mouth, which caused her to cum massively herself. His cock jerked and she sucked and swirled it deliciously in her mouth. Looking in his eyes as his cock emptied between her perfect lips made her orgasms so much better. She was in the throes of another huge orgasm when he spurted again. She fell onto his cock and took him deep into her throat. She held him there, swallowing sweetly and massaging his still erupting cock in the process.

Her thighs were drenched as her pussy flowed like a river with each twitch in her throat. She felt him twitch once more and she loved that feeling more than she could ever describe. She held him as he began to soften and that thrilled her again. Her nipples were rock hard and she still obsessed with the look of complete joy in his eyes. This man, she determined, would feed her his cock for the rest of her life if she had anything to say about it.
His cock had softened and it felt wonderful. She swallowed again and again, massaging him delightfully. Not one drop had spilled from her lips. He pulled her to him and held her in his arms. Their lips met and the kiss they shared was sweet, sensuous and loving. Gary felt her heart beating against his chest as she hung on for dear life.

"Thank you my love, thank you so much. I've needed you for days. I am so glad that the girls are all right with this. I love them too," Lindsay purred.

She felt several hands begin to caress her back and shoulders. Long manicured nails caressed her breast and someone else began to kiss her neck.

"We love you too Lindsay. Next to making love to him, nothing is better than watching him make love to a woman," Wendy said. "Debbie and Rose watched the night he first made love to me. They were soaked when he was finished and now, I know how fucking hot that had to be. Watching him make love to you is a good thing because now, when he fucks you, it is going to be really wild."

They heard a muffled sound and Debbie was trying to say something but her face was wet from Lindsay's hot, soaked pussy. Gary looked down and laughed. "She is the last one I would have thought would become addicted to pussy Lindsay but she sure is."

"She is good at it too. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this but everyone has become better because of you baby. All the guys have heard from every one of the girls how good you are they wanted to know what you did differently. We showed them. They have definitely improved with the women. According to the guys, because every woman here is an excellent cocksucker, their own cocksucking has become better too. All in all, everyone is happy."

Gary kissed her and left her in the girls' capable hands. He headed out to the bar and actually walked behind it for the first time. No sooner had he got there than two arms came up behind him and wrapped themselves around him. Holly whispered in his ear. "Do you like my love?"

"This is sweet Holly," he giggled. "Are you trying to turn me back into a bartender? I bet a guy could get laid tending this bar."

"Strong possibility darling."

Pete and Leeann were tending bar and fucking too. Leeann had a smile a yard wide on her face. She was a very attractive auburn-haired woman with great legs and slender hips. Pete was a joker, always smiling and seldom seen with out a nice hardon. Gary knew why Leeann was smiling.

She walked up to him and hugged him. Her nipples felt hard against his chest. "I want to thank you for being at that party. I saw you two there and I was so horny I could barely contain myself. Then, I don't know who she was, I watched you fuck that older woman in the ass and that did it for me. I don't know when but I want you to butt fuck me the way you did her. I came for a week just thinking about it. Who was she?"

Gary and Holly burst out laughing, "She is a Superior Court Judge dear. You'll meet her. When I get back from Europe, I am going to have a party here like the one where you saw us. The big difference is you get to fuck everyone this time, just like in Las Vegas."

"Las Vegas was a fucking trip and a half," Pete said. "I fucked some of the finest women I've ever seen in my life. Showgirls are fabulous in bed."

"I fucked damned near every entertainer I could find. The TV star Ronnie grabbed off the dance floor to start the party wound up fucking me three times. God that man had a great cock." Leeann grinned.

"You fucked him too?" Holly grinned. "Damn Gar, he got almost as much pussy as you did. He sure could fuck."

"Well, he didn't get me in Las Vegas," Leeann sulked. "It's been more than a week since I've had the pleasure. A girl could get lonely like that."

"How can you be sure I didn't do you in Las Vegas? Didn't you spend any time in the dark room?" Gary quipped.

"Well, I did spend quite a lot of time in there. It is very exciting. All those hands, cocks, pussies, and total darkness. I love it in there," Leeann purred.

Gary laughed and saw the look on Holly's face. She was looking at Pete's hard cock. Gary walked over to Pete and wrapped his hand around his cock. "Holly, come here darling."

She smiled and sank to her knees.

Gary took Leeann's hand and they walked to the darkroom. She did not intend to let go of him. As they walked thru the maze into the darkness, she kissed him and caressed his hardening cock. She knelt and sucked him sweetly. Someone else knelt as well and they passed his cock back and forth. He felt tits against his back and kisses on his neck. Someone began licking his ass and he felt two hard cocks in his hands. He felt tongues everywhere and loved it.

Someone pulled him down on the mattress and climbed on his hard cock. It was Leeann whispering in his ear, "I didn't let go baby. I want you. I'm not letting go until I have you," she giggled as someone placed their cock on her lips. She began to suck the cock and she offered it to him. He took it, licked it, and passed it back to her. Together they blew that cock until it spurted sweetly. Someone began to slide their cock into her ass. Gary felt the cock ride on top of his own and together they fucked her deliciously. Leeann began to cum from the spectacular feeling of two substantial cocks inside her.

A woman felt Gary's face and she positioned herself over his lips and lowered her body onto his lips. His hands held her ass and he began to lick. Leeann licked her pussy and Gary licked her ass. She began to cum ferociously and they continued to bring her pleasure.

Leeann's pussy clamped onto him and she squeezed tightly as her body was wracked in total orgasmic bliss. The cock in her ass picked up momentum and he began to stroke her deeply. He grabbed her hips and stroked harder and faster and his cock exploded deep in her bowel. Leeann came deliciously and her body hugged his cock with a desire that took her breath away. The woman they were eating was cumming wetly and their tongues drank her fully.

Leeann began moaning and she came hard on his cock. Her thighs gripped his hips and she pulsed repeatedly. The woman on their faces moved and another replaced her immediately. She crawled over Gary's head and her pussy fell onto his lips. Someone was fucking her and Gary felt his cock slide into her wet, hot snatch. He reached up and felt this man's cock as it slid into her noisy pussy.

Leeann raised herself off his cock and positioned it at her ass. She slid down and felt him fill her completely. He felt the other man's cum in her ass and he began to thrust sweetly. The woman rose up and grabbed Leeann and the two women began to kiss passionately. As Gary's lips sucked her pussy, the man fucking her slid his cock in and out of her rapidly. Gary's tongue caressed his cock and her pussy simultaneously. She was cumming hard and the man inside her began to cum as well. His cock pistoned in and out and his cum flowed onto Gary's lips. Gary pulled this man's cock out and swallowed it completely. Two spurts later, he went back and sucked her pussy dry.

Leeann was cumming repeatedly, kissing and licking that woman's lips and tits. Their hands flicked each other's clits and the women kept exploding. Gary sucked him again and licked her sweetly. The man and woman moved on. Leeann threw her body on top of him and she kissed him deeply.

"You are such a delicious man. I needed that baby. Your cock feels so good in my ass. Can I keep it in there for a while? I just want to hold you and kiss you and feel that lovely pole inside me."

He kissed her again and their lips danced and teased. His cock flexed and that drove her wild. He continued doing it and she lost her mind. She giggled, bit his neck and ground her ass on his cock. He was relentless and she freaked out. He had her ass on fire and loved making her feel this way. He started long strokes and she moaned loudly. Her clit was drenched as she was flowing like the Nile. Her tongue dove deep in his mouth and her ass gripped him tightly.

"Fucking you is the best thing I've ever done," she whispered. "Don't stop darling. This is so good."

He let her relax and calm down. They lay there listening to the sounds of hard cocks slapping wet pussies and moaning from every part of the room.

He held her hand and they left the room.

"This is the only time in my life I've walked out of a darkroom with the woman I walked in with. That was wild," Gary, laughed.

They walked into the glory hole room and Gary stopped dead in his tracks. The room was not what he thought it would be. There were walkways, elevated areas and glory holes of every size and shape everywhere. The lighting was very dim and the room looked very exotic. Leeann looked at him and they walked through the room.

He started walking up a stairway to the ceiling. A hand came thru a hole and he walked to it. The hand caressed his cock, pulling him in. Whoever this was, they were good. He moved up another step and another hand came out. He fed that hole and moved up another step. Two hands came through, one male and one female. He fed that hole and the mouths were excellent. He looked into the center of the room and smiled. There was room for a dozen people to fuck and they were surrounded by half walls filled with glory holes of all sizes and shapes. You could fuck and suck at the same time. He was pleased with what he saw.

They walked back to the bar and Tammy, Jill, Wendy and Rose were there. Pete and Holly were nowhere to be seen. Gary gave each of them a kiss. Debbie was on the Circle having an apparent great time.

Tia came up to the bar and kissed Gary hello. She told him that a Brenda Lutz was on the phone. Gary smiled wide as she handed him the phone.

He spoke with her for a few minutes and told her to get comfortable and come over.

"How comfortable do you want me to get baby?" she asked.

"Well, there are about fifty naked people over here. Do the math sweetheart."

"I'll be right there."

He looked at Jill and she started giggling. "Where is Mark? Somebody, go find Mark please."

Gary looked at Holly and he smiled broadly. "Brenda Lutz is my next door neighbor. She is a dancer and choreographer. She is about ten years older than I am. She is constantly horny and has a body that just won't quit. She may be exactly who we are looking for. I had completely forgotten about her with everything we have going on."

Jill took a sip of her drink, looked at Holly and purred. "You're going to meet the woman who taught the three amigos how to lick a pussy. I just came thinking about her getting me off."

"I'm here, what's up," Mark said as he and Linda walked up to the bar.

"Pour yourself a drink; I've got a surprise for you." Mark refilled everyone's glass and sat down when Tia returned with a positively stunning tall redhead. She was in her late 40's but didn't look it at all. Her body was amazing.

"Ohmigod, I can't believe you're all here. Gary, Mark and Jill, I just died and went to heaven." Brenda purred and kissed them with much passion. She wore the tiniest bikini and looked luscious.

Gary introduced Wendy and Rose to Brenda. He pointed to Debbie who was spinning like crazy on the Circle. He told Brenda that these women were the love of his life.

"You always had good taste in women Gary. This time, you've hit a homerun," Brenda agreed as she appraised the trio approvingly. "I don't know what the fuck that thing is but I want to ride it too. Fuck me, that looks like a lot of fun."

They took her on a tour of the house. She was astonished. They showed her the grounds and the playhouse.

"I hope you know how much I've missed the four of you. I've talked to Jeremy online several times. He's doing okay. He misses us a lot. He has more pussy and cock than he can handle but he misses his friends. Moreover, you three had better believe I'm not leaving here with out doing all of you. Fuck this place is gorgeous. Robert would have a constant hardon and Maggie would simply have a conniption fit. I never understood how a woman who designed the sexiest lingerie could be such a prude."

They went back to the bar and told Brenda what their plans were. They asked what her schedule was and if she would be interested in taking on a wonderful job.

"It sounds like fun. I actually retired six months ago. I still dance everyday but that is only to stay in shape. How many clubs do you plan on having eventually?"

"The plan is to open two centers a month; that would be four clubs in total. Each club will have their own dancers. The plan is to have twelve men and women in each club. We are going to recruit those dancers locally. We want them to be sexy as hell and the routines as provocative as you can make them and still be legal. Shannon will be designing some amazing outfits for them.

The professional touring team will be recruited from New York and Las Vegas. They will eventually travel all over the country to promote our products and clubs. We have one girl already."

Mark walked behind the bar and picked up the microphone. "We would like our dancers to do Country Girl and Save a Horse in five minutes please."

He poured everyone a drink and grinned at Brenda. "God woman, you just look better every time I see you."

"Your cock looks as suckable today as it did the first time I did it."

"When was that," Rose asked.

"I'll tell you where, not when. I don't know what the statute of limitations are so I'll be quiet on the when but I will tell you where. There used to be a utility shed next to the property line. I heard some noises and looked. Jeremy, Mark and Gary were there with Jill. They were naked and touching each other. They didn't have a clue what they were doing. It was hot watching them and I started to masturbate. Jill had licked their cocks and they were taking turns licking her. Damn, they were awful.

As you get to know me Rose, you'll discover that I am horny all the time and I had my fingers in my pussy while I watched them. I guess I got a little noisy and they heard me. There was no point running away so we got to talking. Hell, we were all naked. The boys' cocks looked so good and we talked about sex. I invited them over to my place, as it was more comfortable and very private. They were eager, way too young but horny as hell.

Over the next year or so, they learned everything and they were good students. Jill was laid almost everyday and the three guys learned to fuck better than any men I have ever done."

The outdoor lights went out and they walked to the Tiki bar. The patio lights came on and Ronnie led the pack. The song came on and they started to dance.

"Brenda, each of these people is going to be running our clubs. They are all friends, bi and not professional dancers. They are chefs and restaurant managers."

"Well, one of them is a professional dancer. That black haired woman is gorgeous and she can move."

"That is Ronnie. We told you we had our lead dancer for the professional group. She is also my new model for the Country Club line of products," Gary smiled.

"Is she as good in bed as she looks?" Brenda gushed.

"She is even better baby," Mark told her. "You'll love her pussy. We all do."

Debbie had joined them and Brenda kissed her hello. Debbie looked at this gorgeous redhead and grinned.

The clothed dancers did 'Country Girl' but when 'Save a Horse' started; they went to town with the number they had rehearsed so many times. When they were finished, thirty-six spectacular naked bodies were introduced to Brenda.

"This is going to be fun Gary. Ohmigod, this is going to be a blast. Do I get to play with them, huh, do I darling?"

"Each and every one of them Brenda," Jill giggled as she kissed Brenda deeply. "Darling, you taught me how to suck cock. You taught all of us how to lick pussy. Do you think we would hold back on you now? I'm pissed at you but that is another story."

"You're pissed at me? Why baby?" Brenda asked.

"You didn't tell me you weren't living in Manhattan anymore. We could have gotten together a lot sooner. I've missed your hot tongue darling," Jill cooed.

They introduced Ronnie to Brenda and they talked while Brenda drooled.

Lindsay walked up and introduced herself to Brenda. She saw the lecherous look on Brenda's face and she grinned big-time. She looked at the body on her and then at Jill. Jill was grinning like a schoolgirl. Lindsay walked over and picked up the bar microphone.

She flipped a switch and said, "Listen up everyone. Brenda has not been 'certified'. Since she is now part of our operation, we really need to have her certified tonight."

Jill took the microphone and continued. "That is a wonderful idea. I just want everyone to know that Brenda is the woman who taught us everything we know. She taught them how to please a woman and she taught me how to suck a cock properly. Actually, she taught them how to suck cock too. Welcome her into our new and extended family properly."

Brenda turned to Mark, "What does 'certified' mean baby?"

"It is a very simple concept. Every one of these men is going to fuck you, your face and your ass. The women are going to keep you cumming sweetly. You definitely will be well fucked by the end of this night my love."

"I love it but first, I am going to fuck all of you senseless. Then, it will be game on. I haven't had a gangbang in a long time. Momma is hungry for cum," Brenda blushed.

Red and Nancy came over and Gary introduced them. "Brenda, I want you to meet the geniuses who did the transformation over here. These two are the best interior decorators you'll ever meet."

Brenda looked at Red and giggled. "Darling, he knows I love Red meat. It is nice to meet you. I can't wait to eat you too."

"That is our Brenda. Forever horny and always ready," Jill giggled.

"If you are the woman who taught them everything they know, I want to see what you didn't teach them," Nancy laughed.

"Oh Nancy, you'll find out but first, I am going to fuck their collective brains out. I'll be back," she said as she did her best Terminator impression.

The next hour was spent with four friends making wild, passionate love. Brenda was happy that her protégés had turned out the way they had. They were excellent lovers and it didn't hurt that she actually loved every one of them fully.

Brenda was an amazing woman who had muscle control unlike most women. Being a top dancer and choreographer had toned her perfectly. Her pussy control was amazing. The things she could do to a cock inside her astounded every man who ever had the pleasure to sleep with her. There wasn't an ounce of body fat on her and her breasts were spectacular to say the least. Her nipples were highly sensitive and they somehow were directly attached to her fabulous clit. One lick would send her into low earth orbit and they knew precisely how to do her. It had been many years since they had fucked and her ability to suck cock had only improved.

When they were finished, they turned Brenda over to be 'certified' and she spent the rest of the night and into the early morning hours fucking her brains out. She was still one of the best fucks in the world.

Red and Gary sat at the bar and she filled him in on the schedule to complete the house.

"I know you told me to leave that one area by the deep end of the pool alone. I did but frankly, it looks like hell. The pool is gorgeous. I love it but that one area is a mess," Red stated matter-a-factly.

"Come with me darling. I have to make a call to have it finished the way I want it."

They went up to his office and he pulled out plans and showed her.

"When I designed the pool, I had a lot of ideas of how I wanted it finished. I had the deep end go to a depth of sixteen feet. I designed it to have bridges cross the pool here and here. This has already been constructed and everything is in storage. My pool man has been waiting for the word to start construction to finish it. The deep end will have a rock mountain with many waterfalls, a five-meter platform and a three-meter springboard. Mark and I have been diving since we were kids. He pointed to a large waterfall and showed her the plans for what was behind the waterfall. Look here, if you swim through the water, you will find a great recessed area with a mattress and sound system. You can swim through the waterfall and fuck your brains out."

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