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Acting Troupe

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:50:04.962208

My wife enjoyed a little acting troupe. They'd perform at local theaters and they'd sell tickets to pay the venue. There wasn't enough for a paycheck. She just liked to act. And she liked the people, like Gary. Funny how she always wanted to play the supporting actress, and then flirt with the leading actors. Gary was a tall guy, over 6 feet, and super sociable. Women would glom onto him. I had no doubt that he cheated on his wife from time to time. His wife, Becky, was a sweet little thing, a good looker, but kind of conservative, and never really approving of all the flirting and acting.

I asked my wife, Cindy, if she likes all the play-acting so much, maybe she should go through with it some time and start making out with Gary for real. Cindy laughed it off. But then it started eating away at me. I started wondering if maybe she hadn't already hooked up with him on the sly. Whenever Cindy was around him, she would go into that playacting mode but I could tell she really enjoyed it and would use almost any excuse to touch his arm or bump into him.

So I told her one day, "You know Becky said that Gary and she go camping. I think we should go camping with them."

Cindy said, "Oh, if you want. Maybe."

"Yeah, I think we should go and you should tease the shit out of Gary, to where he can't stop himself. You'd like that, if you got him all hot and he couldn't hold back."

"Oh, Vic, I don't know why you go on about that. Gary is a good actor. You can't take it seriously. He's not going to cheat on Becky."

"No. I'm sure he would. I'm sure he'd go as far as you let him. You've already punished him enough with your skits. Maybe you enjoy that."

"And what are you going to do. Stand there and watch?"

"Yeah. I want to see you tease him until he can't hold back. But the rule is you can't throw your naked body at him. He has to make the moves. You only get to tease him."

"And you're going to let him do it, even if has sex with me? Even if he takes advantage of me and assaults my body?"

"Yeah, you have to let him do whatever he wants. I want to see how he cheats and you don't force him. I'll tell you what to do, how to tease him and then if he makes the move you let him."

Two weeks later we went camping. It was a local trip, but a reasonably remote campsite where we could sneak off to ourselves. You might think badly of me, like I'm weak to tell my woman to fuck someone else. But if a woman is going to cheat then trying to make her feel guilty or lock her down is not going to stop her. If it was her will to cheat then I might as well see it happen.

Cindy didn't waste much time to continue her flirting. She was reprising some role, I think it was Body Heat, where Kathleen Turner is rubbing her body before she gets ravaged. Except that she was doing it next to Gary, bumping him accidentally in the process and looking for applause or approval of her acting. We made camp in the afternoon, and cooked our dinner on a campfire. I complained that we needed more bread for breakfast in the morning. I could have predicted that Becky would get tired when the sun set and head off to her tent. Some day I'm going to open that woman up and show her what she's missing. But tonight was Cindy's. Cindy said she was going to turn in, too, but as she headed to the tent I told her I was going to walk down to the store to see if it was still open for some bread, and I'd be back in 20 minutes. It was a good 20 minutes one way to the store and they knew it. I could see that Gary was still puttering around as I walked past the edge of the trees. I had a little pair of binoculars in my pocket so I could get a good view even with just the crescent moonlight.

Then I texted Cindy. "Do the lamp" I had already set up an electric lantern with a handle that would hang at the top middle in back of our tent. It was a big double tent with enough room to stand inside if you leaned a bit and the light worked perfectly to frame her silhouette against the bug screen.

I texted again, "arch ur back" - she understood only too well. She pushed out her ass and curved her back so her tits were right in front of the light and cast a clear shadow on the white mesh. I could tell Gary noticed because he put down the pots and sat down facing the tent. Cindy raised her hands up and squeezed her nipples.

I texted again. "hes watching take off ur shirt"

She texted back. "Shutup Im enjoying" and she may have dropped the phone then. She took her shirt off. She was squeezing her nipples again. You couldn't see her nipples in the shadow, but you could see that she had taken her shirt off and that she was playing with her tits now. She reached a hand down between her legs and was frigging quickly back and forth. Gary was taking it all in.

Cindy leaned forward and bent at the waist. She doesn't have big tits, but you could see the shape a little better in this position. She reached back and pushed her jeans off her butt and down to kick them off. Her ass showed up real well in the shadow. Gary said loudly, "Oh, man." He pushed his hand back through his hair. His gasp made Cindy stop. She reached for a robe and put it on. She had been following my directions pretty well but I didn't know what would happen next.

Then my phone started vibrating. I was glad I had turned off the ringer. It was Cindy's phone. I hit the answer and whispered "What?" but Cindy was walking out of the tent. She had the phone on but she wasn't talking. So I just listened.

Cindy walked over to Gary who was getting up off the ground. She said, "You're still out here?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Gary said in a guttural voice. "You're killing me."

"What are you talking about?" Cindy was giving her best effort to act naïve while she had the robe clutched shut in her fists under her chin. Gary approached her and put one arm around her waist and one hand on the back of her neck. He pulled her face to his and started kissing her. Well, that didn't take much. She resisted for a second, not too hard, and let him kiss her. He became more forceful, pushing her face up to his and maybe forcing his tongue into her mouth. I heard a lot of rustling through the phone. It must have been in the pocket of her robe.

She put her hands against his chest, perhaps to push him away, but not trying very hard. Then she rubbed his chest and dropped her hands to the back of his hips. Her robe had fallen open and I don't think she was wearing anything else. She might as well be naked. She pulled his hips hard against her pelvis.

Now I heard his voice through the phone. "God, Cindy, I want to fuck you bad."

"Gary, I don't think I can do that. We shouldn't be doing this." What a sweet, innocent wife I have.

"You think I'm going to stop now?" He was insistent.

"I have to stop it, for both of us."

Gary took his hand from her waist and raised it up to her chest. He seemed to push the fabric away so he could tweak her nipple. Then while his one hand still held the back of her neck firm he lowered his mouth to her tit and started sucking her nipple. I heard Cindy gasp through the phone, then coo and stroke his hair with her hand. She pulled his head against her tit. I heard through the phone she said, "Oh, God, that's nice."

Gary had dropped that hand from her tit when he starting sucking, and he was busy rubbing her leg. I don't think he touched her pussy yet, but he seemed to be getting her ready by rubbing her ass and around the front of her thigh.

Cindy pulled his head away and said very plainly, even a bit loudly but obviously for my benefit, "Let's go over here in the shadow. Let's not stand right in front of the firelight." She took Gary from the far side of the campfire and led him by the hand around to my side. Cindy was guessing where I might be standing but she did pretty well. She stood Gary sideways in front of the fire and she stood facing him. I moved to my left in the open just a bit so they were perfectly silhouetted with the firelight behind. All this was ad lib on her part. My directions to her had ended at the little tent dance.

"Is this what you want?" Cindy asked. She acted like she was asking Gary, but I think she meant that for me, too. Cindy pulled her robe open so there would be no doubt and stepped up to Gary. She held both sides of his hips into her pelvis and lifted her head sideways, waiting for a kiss. Gary grabbed the back of her neck again. I guess he could tell she liked that. He held her that way for a second, looking at him. Then he forced his mouth on hers, back and forth, over and over. I could tell that he was pushing his tongue in her mouth. He stopped and Cindy picked up by bobbing her head. Gary guided her with his hand. She was bobbing on his tongue like it was a little dick. They both seemed happy to pound her mouth repeatedly in the same motion.

Gary's other hand was busy down between her legs. He seemed to be teasing the top of her crotch without any forceful movements. But another few seconds of tongue fucking and he moved his leg behind her ass so that he could hold her fast and push his fingers between her legs. He must have found a sweet spot. Cindy stopped sucking his tongue and held still, looking up vaguely toward him as he poked one or two fingers inside of her and then up over her clit. "Oh, God," she gasped and stayed with her mouth open.

He frigged her a bit while he was whispering. I tried to guess at what he said, "I love your mouth, the way it feels. What a great mouth you have. I want to feel your mouth on me." He pushed her down to her knees before him. She didn't resist much. As she lowered she let the robe fall below her so that she was kneeling on the terrycloth. The robe was still around her hips but it left her upper torso completely naked. She rubbed the side of her cheek against the crotch of his blue jeans. She rubbed one cheek and then she turned her head and rubbed the other cheek.

"I can't do this," she protested. She tried to push away but he held her head there.

"I want to feel your mouth on me," he insisted. He unbuckled his pants himself. She just sat there as he unzipped his fly right in front of her face. He pushed down his underwear and pulled out his dick and rubbed it across her face. She didn't really react, so I'm guessing it wasn't too big or too small. If it was too big she might have objected and if it was too small she probably would have stopped it. But she just knelt there motionless as he slapped his dick across her lips and cheeks. He made a humping motion into her face and she must have opened her lips and accepted his dick in her mouth. I couldn't hear anything through the phone except a lot of rustling, but from the way Gary suddenly moved slowly and Cindy held still for him I guessed that she was letting him push his dick as far as she would take it. I couldn't see well even through the binoculars because Gary had turned the two of them before with his leg. Eventually Cindy figured this out because she stopped and said loudly, as I could hear in the phone, "Turn this way and the light won't be in my eyes." She made him step to the side and they were both in profile again.

His dick stood out at attention. Now she reached up with her fingers to tickle the underside of it. She said clearly, "What a beautiful cock. Here's how I love your cock." She leaned forward and replaced her tickling fingertips with her tongue. She held her two hands down on his ankles. I could clearly see her outline as she licked up the length of his shaft. On each successive lick she went farther up to the tip of his penis until she could mouth the head in between her lips. She rolled her head around the tip. I know how she does it. She makes her lips into a firm O like a vagina but she sticks her tongue down and teases the sensitive underside of the penis at the same time.

She let Gary have the treatment for a few minutes. Then she let it slip out of her mouth and rest against the front of her face while she looked up at him. "Do you like watching?" she asked rather loudly. "Do you like to watch as much as you like to feel that."

"I like to watch," Gary agreed.

Cindy palmed the topside of his dick leaving the underside of his shaft exposed where she could lick it and tease it. "But do you like to watch," she asked, "do you like to watch as much as you like to feel that?"

"NO," Gary grunted. He shoved his dick into her mouth. He wasn't putting up with her taunting any more. He pumped quickly and she let him release some of that energy. A couple minutes later she held up a hand on his abdomen to slow him down, and she used the other between his legs. There was a lot going on there with all the body parts in shadow, and I couldn't see anything specific. But I heard Gary through the phone say, "Yeah, I like that on my balls. On yeah, tickle my asshole. Wow, that's nice. Becky never does anything like that."

Now I felt sorry for him. Poor guy married that looker thinking he hit the jackpot and she's just into herself. It was almost charity to let him have a go with Cindy. She was taking control now. He stood still in a crouch as she pumped her head on his tool. When she tired of that she got up and pulled her robe on as she walked over to a stack of supplies. "Come on," she said. Gary stood there dumbfounded. Cindy pulled a tarp from the pile next the fire. "Come on, I want to go out to the meadow."

Gary pulled up his pants enough to be able to shuffle and follow her. "What the hell?" he said. "Where are you going?"

She barely looked over her shoulder as she walked on, although she hadn't got the robe up all the way, so her bare back was probably enough to keep him coming. "I want to do it in the meadow," she said. "I love being out in the open air, smelling the grass and seeing the stars above me. And I don't want Becky to see us. She wouldn't appreciate catching us fucking around."

Gary caught up to her. He was holding up his pants with one hand, but he put the other around her waist. "You're probably right," he said. "Vic will be coming back soon."

Cindy leaned over and whispered in his ear. I couldn't hear what she said through the phone. But then I heard her giggling. I could see where they were going, but not any detail to how they were touching each other, and I would need to move up to keep watching. I started moving up in a big circle to the side, to avoid being obvious in the firelight.

When I moved up and laid down in the grass with elbows propped to steady the binoculars, then I could see that Cindy had already laid down on the tarp. I was looking at her from the side. She lay prone except her knees bent up. She seemed to have taken her robe off to the side, just laying there ready. Gary finished removing his pants and was pulling his shirt off, too. Then he started to kneel by her feet, in a position to get down and give her some oral sex. But she closed her legs suddenly and started to pull him up by the hair on his head.

"No," she told him. "I'm wet enough."

"I want to taste you," he protested.

"No," she repeated. "Come on and fuck me." Well I know that Cindy loves oral sex. I guess that was some blessing that she didn't feel comfortable with Gary. Some women find it more personal than screwing.

Gary started to move up on top of her and Cindy opened her legs to let him lie on her. He was talking more quietly, but I think he asked her about a condom.

"Yes," Cindy answered in a loud and clear voice. "I keep a condom in the pocket." She seemed to be fumbling with it. "Oh shit," she said. "It fell out. Could it have fallen out by the campfire? Come on, you don't have any diseases, do you?" As if that's a good medical screening.

Gary accepted that, though, and he sucked on her tits and then her neck, which helped him raise his hips to push his dick in her. I couldn't see any of that, because of the darkness and the angle. But I could tell from the way he was pumping his hips that he was fucking her now. It was all muffled through the phone and I couldn't hear anything like I might hope to tell me what was going on. She was quiet for a long time letting him fuck her straight out.

After nearly 10 minutes she must have remembered me. She spoke up very loudly. "I love your dick inside of me. You'll have to pull out, you know."

"What?" Gary grunted. Like he really didn't hear her.

"You'll have to," she gasped, "pull out." Another gasp. "I don't have," pause, "birth control."

"Oh," Gary grunted. He wasn't stopping. "You want me to pull out and come on you?"

Cindy let him keep pumping her. Then "Come in my mouth." Sigh. "When you're ready," gasp, "come in my mouth." I know she likes that, too. Sometimes she even cums while giving me head.

I thought Gary might finish it then. He had good stamina, though. He stopped, but not to get head. He pushed her body to roll over on her side, away from me. He laid down behind her and entered again from the rear. I wished he had rolled her over the other way, so I could see their faces, but I used the chance to crawl forward and see better how he handled her.

Cindy crossed her wrists up over her head and he took advantage right away. Gary grabbed her wrists in his fist and with the other hand holding her hip he had control of her body to fuck her as he wished. He let that hand from her hip slide up to choke her neck, not in a dangerous way. To make her feel vulnerable. It was uncanny how he knew what she liked. He pulled Cindy's top arm around behind her back and pinned it between their bodies. She couldn't escape. Then he switched hands on her neck, squeezing her now from the back, as if she were a cat. Like he was a male cat biting the back of her neck so she'd be paralyzed and helpless. His other hand, back to her waist, he shoved down between her legs. I could tell he was diddling her clit while he fucked her. Yep, she likes that, too. I doubt this was the first time for them.

He was getting into a rhythm, building, when she seemed to jerk away. "Too deep," she complained. He started again, slowly. She accepted it again. He held the rest of her body firm and only their hips moved together.

"God," she huffed, "don't forget to pull out." But she groped that arm from under her body, the one act she was probably still able to control, and she reached the phone in her robe. Random beeps from her pushing buttons on the phone and then it hung up. I couldn't hear them through the phone any more, but the little sounds across the field told me they were talking to each other. Their bodies were moving together, not her upper torso which he prevented, but her pelvis with his. Harder and faster he fucked her. He was pumping as fast as he could, about to climax. He didn't pull out like he said. He shoved his dick all the way in and held still. It was deep and she took it. I'm sure he came inside her. She took it and liked it. She didn't have to act that part.

That pissed me off. I walked back around to the campfire on the far side where she had been kneeling and took a glance for any condoms before I went back to the tent. Of course, I didn't see any condoms there. We always use a condom because, like she said, she doesn't use any birth control. I went back to the tent and waited there. Cindy was still gone a long time. It was a good fifteen or twenty minutes until she came back.

When Cindy returned she crouched through the tent opening, dropped her robe and slid into the sleeping bag with her back to me. She didn't say anything. I rolled onto my back so I could see without fully embracing her. "Did you have fun?" I asked her. Maybe a little sarcastic.

"Actually, it was fun," she answered flatly. "I hope you enjoyed it, too."

"Well, I wasn't the one doing the fucking," I said.

"You asked for it," she pointed out. "You set it all up and made me provoke him. You shouldn't be surprised that it happened."

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