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The Screamer Ch. 07

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:52:46.073798

[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "Cherry Takes on the NFL" To avoid any confusion on my reader's part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]

The party wound down and Jim stayed behind. Holly kissed him deeply. "Did you have a good time darling? I know I did. Your friends are great. I can't wait to do this all over again. I hope they had a good time."

"A good time? Holly, they had the best time of their lives. None of us ever dreamed of being with a woman like you, let alone the rest of the women. Each one of you is a walking wet dream. I've never enjoyed myself so much in my life. I just wish Gary had been here. I really wanted my friends to meet him."

"He will be back in a week. They will meet him."

"Actually, I have several other friends who would love to meet you Holly."

"Oh, who is that?" Holly asked.

"Six of the girls who work at the hotel saw you that weekend. One of them fell so in lust with you, I've barely been able to get her off my dick since you left. The others are adorable and they love sex too. I know you'd love them. Would it be possible to invite them the next time?"

"Sure Jim, I can't see any reason why not. Do they know you guys are bi?"

"Yes they do. They are all bi and they love watching us fuck too. They are lovely sluts just like you sweetheart." Jim was smiling as he kissed her again.

"Then, by all means Jim, we'd love to party with them." Holly felt his cock twitch and she looked down to see those lovely Asian eyes smiling up at her.

"Did someone call my name?" Rose smirked as she trailed her tongue between Holly's puffy wet lips. She licked her pussy, sucked Jim's cock and then licked her pussy again.

"She is becoming a luscious slut, isn't she Holly?" Jim laughed.

"She is a slut-in-training. I still have much to teach this lovely creature." Holly smirked as she kissed Jim one last time. "I'll call you later tomorrow Jim. Call those girls and tell them my pussy is waiting for their lovely lips."

Rose took one last long suck on Jim and stood and kissed him goodnight."

"Come with me girlfriend, Holly is still horny and you seem to still be hungry."

The smell of fresh brewed coffee woke everyone. The day was beginning later than she was used to but she was a remarkable sight. The kitchen was sizzling and the table had been set. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls were on the table and everyone was stumbling into the living room.

"How does she do it? We watched this woman fuck the third army last night and here she is cooking us a gorgeous breakfast?" Nancy asked Red.

"Did someone say breakfast?" Rose said as she careened off the walls heading into the living room.

"Well, don't you look like you were rode hard and put away wet," Wendy laughed.

"That is exactly what happened, as I recall. You all crashed and Holly grabbed me. We kinda partied more after Jim left." Rose yawned.

"I know what that means; I've been there with you Holly!" Red giggled. "How much sleep did you get? Two hours?"

"Three but that's okay, She is still in training. Now eat, after last night, we are going to need our strength. That was a pleasant evening. I had fun. Apparently there are six girls that are coming over next time." Holly said.

"Nancy and I have to go over the plans. I want to show you what is going to happen at the house. It is going to be gorgeous when we are finished." Red said.

"It is gorgeous now," Debbie said. "I can't believe that we are going to be living there. It is like a dream come true."

"I've never seen it," Holly said. I hear it is spectacular. How many bedrooms are there?"

"The main house has fifteen bedrooms but that is getting changed to fourteen. Gary wants the girls bedrooms enlarged so we are taking four bedrooms and making them three. In addition to that, there are two six-bedroom guesthouses on the property and a third six-bedroom servants' quarters.

Our job is to update the main house and redecorate it. I am glad you're here Holly. The last time we were together with Gary, we spent a few days going over everything he said he would eventually change. Obviously, we never expected it to be this soon. We know what he wants but there is one thing we could sure use your help with. The kitchen is huge and it is very nice but there are things he wanted to change."

"Oh course he does. He is a real stickler for perfection in the kitchen. I know he was happy with Mark's kitchen but you know how competitive those two are. Gary has the better jet, Gary wants the better kitchen." Holly said.

"You are absolutely right. One thing Mark has that is better is the third floor. We have the plans for the new addition. Gary's new addition is going to be just over 21,600 sq. ft." Nancy said.

"Hold on there Kate. He is going to be adding an additional 21,000 sq feet to that house. That will take it to 55,600 square feet. Holy shit!" Wendy stated.

Nancy laughed, "That's right hon, there will be twenty-six bedrooms not counting the servants quarters. Now the home is three floors so it is nice. We have to update everything. The place is nine years old, so it is structurally great but the Carters were older and their tastes in furnishings were not suitable to Gary.

Gary had the pool completely redone last year. It's huge and designed for parties. There are four hot tubs outside and the new building will have an indoor pool and huge hot tub as well. Stage and stripper poles were mandatory on the plans."

Red took out the plans for the new addition and showed them to the girls. Overall, the building will be 180 feet by 120 feet. There are two separate sets of plans and he hasn't decided which one to choose yet. The only difference is one has ten additional large rooms on the second floor and the other set doesn't.

"Here, look at these." Red showed them the plans and pointed to where the new building would join the main house. "The new building will have a fabulous bar area, a state-of-the-art theater with padded floors, a gloryhole room, a playroom and a darkroom. There will be a wonderful pool and hot tub area, a great lounge, dance floor and of course, a stage and that will all open out onto the pool area. It is going to ooze orgasms."

"I would sure like to see the kitchen. Can we take a ride out there? Is it far from here?" Holly asked.

"It is only about six miles. I wouldn't mind going out there. We are meeting with the architect and the contractor later today. I do want to check a few things. They already drew these plans up last year so all we have to do is pull the permits and start construction immediately. I want to look at those four bedrooms and get an idea about making them into three." Red looked at Debbie and asked, "Do you have the number to the house?"

"I have it in the office. Let me call them and tell them we are coming out."

Red called the architect and asked him to meet her at the house instead of the apartment.

They dressed and threw in a load of laundry. "God, it was a wet night in Florida," Wendy giggled as Rose loaded the machine. "I can't believe that happened. It was wild and you, you were outta bounds."

She batted her lovely oval eyes, "I was out of control? Seriously Wendy, was I the only one? I do remember your pussy leaking like a burst dam."

The tiny little blonde-haired woman with the perfect tits stood in the kitchen and burst out laughing. "We certainly are the most delicious sluts on the planet. We were all out of control."

"Nancy, we were in complete control. We knew what we wanted and we got it. End of discussion."

"Holly you are always one for understatement," Red laughed. "She is loud yes, but definitely understated."

They drove onto the property and Holly let out a gasp. "Are you fucking kidding me? This place is gorgeous."

"Gary was pissed last year. Until then it was the most expensive place on the lake but they started building the place across the lake. It is supposed to be $100 million," Red told everyone.

"I don't care. This place is spectacular." Holly exclaimed.

She pulled into the portico and looked at Holly. "Wait until you see this," Debbie said as she unlocked the main doors. She swung the double doors opened and Holly was frozen in place. The granite floors led to sweeping dual staircases to the second floor. The view was amazing.

"They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Well, this makes a great impression. Show me more." Holly said.

Rose, Debbie and Wendy were getting a much better look at the home as well. Red and Nancy had been there before.

The living room was enormous. The ceilings were the highest Holly had ever seen in a home. The entire front of the house was glass overlooking the pool and beyond to the lake. The view was perfect. The home had been furnished with expensive antiques and they definitely didn't suit Gary's lifestyle.

They walked throughout the home slowly; the girls became much better acquainted with it. They walked into the kitchen and Holly looked at Red. "Just hold on to everything. If I open a new restaurant, I can use this as my kitchen. Are you shitting me? What the hell does he want to change? He has things in here I don't have in my restaurant. Dammit, he never had this stuff in his own restaurant. I'm going to kick his ass."

"Tell us how you really feel baby." Nancy was laughing so hard.

Holly started taking a good look around. She pulled out a pad and paper. She started making notes. "Look around girls; I'll be in here quite a while. I'll find you."

They walked into Gary's wing of the house. One entire side of the house was his domain. His view of the lake and the property was lovely. His bedroom was huge complete with a fireplace, bar, breakfast kitchen, a full living room and separate den. The two closets were each larger than most apartments. The bathroom was almost beyond description. The beautiful whirlpool tub was a centerpiece.

"The tub was put in just last year. That is staying. Everything else in here is being redone. It just isn't what Gary wants. We have some great designs. We'll have to see what he wants. There is the steam room and the sauna. As you can see, the shower is large enough for all of you at once. I have some nice, kinky new ideas for this. Now that I know you, I am positive you will love them. You three have been the most delightful surprise. You are going to love living here."

"I've got a question Red," Rose quipped. Do they make a bed larger than a king-size?"

Red and Nancy burst out laughing. They started to answer and another fit of laughter overtook them. "We ordered it yesterday before we drove up here. Custom sheets, blankets and bedspreads. Gary was adamant that that was the very first thing he wanted. He loves you all but he loves his space on a mattress too."

"Really, are you serious Red? I never would have known that," Holly laughed as she walked into the bedroom. "He can be brutal. I still have some bruises.

I'm not finished with the kitchen. I have more to do so don't let me interrupt you."

They walked into the first of the four suites that adjoined Gary's suite. The girls looked at the space and the closets.

"This place is huge. I don't see any reason to change this at all. The closet is huge. I don't have enough clothes to fill a tenth of what is there now. Gary is delusional," Debbie said.

Wendy and Rose agreed with her.

"It would cost a fortune to change these and personally, I don't see any reason to," Rose said.

"These four suites are identical. Everything in here was updated just a year ago. What we need to do is figure out who wants which suite and then do your color pallets," Red said as Nancy opened her case.

The girls picked the suites and Nancy went to work. Each woman had a different complexion and Nancy wanted the color schemes for each room to match their personality perfectly. It didn't take long to obtain the information they needed. Nancy told the girls that they would take them furniture shopping in the next few weeks.

"We'll be flying to New York, Miami, Dallas and Chicago. Everything here will be things you really love. We want each room to be perfect for you. We know where you'll be sleeping but these suites are your own private sanctuaries. The wall art will be unique. You'll see when the time is right," Nancy told them.

They took the elevator up to the second floor and saw the office and library. The gym was equipped with every piece of exercise equipment you could ever imagine.

The architect and contractor arrived and Nancy and Red went to meet with them. The girls spent the next hour looking at the house and the grounds. There was so much to see.

The meeting was over and the girls met at the pool. They walked down to the lake. They went inside the boathouse and saw it was nicely stocked with two very nice boats and several wave runners. The dock looked fairly new.

They walked back to the patio, sat, and just took in the ambience. Debbie's phone rang and it was Gary. She told him they were at the house and that Red had just finished meeting with the contractor. Wendy handed the phone to Red and they talked for several minutes.

"Did you party last night?" he asked.

She told him they had and filled him in on the details. He was laughing when she handed the phone to Holly.

"Hi darling, when will you be home?" she asked. She told him she was going to stay and wait until he got back before she left to go home. She told him that she wanted to discuss a few things with him.

"That will be great because I am bringing a surprise back with me. We will land sometime on Tuesday morning. I'm sure everyone will enjoy this surprise."

Holly handed Wendy the phone, "Hi baby, do you know how to drive a motorhome? It is a big one. I am going to need someone to pick us up in it on Tuesday. I've hired the staff for the house. We are stopping in Jacksonville to pick them up on the way back. The motorhome is in the company garage. Have Dave get you the keys. Tell everyone we are going to spend some time at the house when I get back."

She assured him she could handle it. She reminded him that her father was a long distance trucker. If she could handle an 18-wheeler, she could drive the motorhome.

He talked to Rose and Debbie again and told them he loved them. He was going to try to get some sleep.

Wendy relayed their conversation and told them that he had hired the some of the staff for the house.

"What is he doing, bringing some of Jeremy's pornstars back with him?" Nancy giggled.

"No, he said he was stopping in Jacksonville to pick them up on the way back," Wendy said.

"Okay, I know exactly who he hired," Holly said. "Several years ago, he took a contract to work with America Online in Jacksonville. This was before he went to the Keys. Anyway, he stayed in a motel for eight months. He raved about four drop dead gorgeous maids who worked there. He told me they were delightful, funny and delicious. I'm betting he hired them to work here. If they are still as sexy as they were then, they are hot. There were two black girls, one Brazilian, and one Australian. From what he told me, it was a great eight months."

"Damn, I'm horny again. Should we call Jim?" Rose snickered.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Red said. "It has been a while since I've had that much cock and when that happens, I can out slut Holly any day of the week."

"Bite me bitch," Holly laughed. "If this is a competition, just say so. Since I had just met these men, I was on my best behavior last night. If you want to see slutty, I'll show you slutty." Holly found Jim's number and dialed.

"Jim's happy; he told me the girls had each called him several times today. Apparently, they are so wet they can barely sit still. I am going to make a couple of calls. I don't feel like cooking but I have a friend who can put some things together for us. Do we need more booze?"

"No Holly, I laughed at Gary but he had a load of liquor delivered just before he left. My living room is full of booze. I just don't know how he managed it either. He bought it from the distributor." Debbie said.

"Oh I know how he did it. He used my catering license. What about mixes, are we good on that too?"

"We are good to go for a long time, Holly."

"Good because Holly is good to go for a very long time." Holly laughed and giggled. "Let's get back and get this party rolling."

"Get your game on girl," Holly said to Red.

"Oh fuck, this is going to be good," Nancy said to the girls. "Watching those two out slut each other is going to be hysterical. Dammit, I'm getting wet just thinking of it."

"Well, if they thing we are going to let them out do us, they have another think coming," Rose said. "I know what we can do too. Tonight should be fun."

"Just tonight?" Debbie asked. "Do you have anything planned for the rest of the week? I know I don't. According to what I was told last night, neither do they. Collectively, we have enough bedrooms and I'm so fucking horny, I could go on all week."

Wendy had just completed a call as she walked to the car. "That was Dave. Two things, he is bringing the motorhome out to the apartment. He said he would load the booze in it and take it to the property for us on Friday. More importantly, shit for brains decided he was going to make trouble but Dave somehow convinced him to get out of Orlando today. He's gone. He walked out with his clothes and somehow, Dave knows that he got on a flight for South Dakota an hour ago. The divorce papers are signed, sealed and the only thing that needs to be done is have the judges' signature. I'm free as a bird."

Everyone hugged and then things got serious. "We now have something else to celebrate. It is going to be a party." Holly screamed. "Now we don't have any reason to be quiet."

They picked up the trays of food and headed home. The girls got ready.

Rose went upstairs and picked out something she thought would be appropriate. She did her makeup and hair. While she was doing that, Debbie and Wendy went next door to get ready. Debbie walked in and hit the stereo. The country station started to play.

"I didn't know you like country. I love it. Did you know that Gary listens to country all the time? Rose and I heard country the first time Holly was here. Rose said she has heard it many times."

"I've got some great country outfits. Check out these boots. I bought them because I thought they were sexy as hell but the moron would never take me dancing. I wish I had more really hot country clothes. I do love cowboys," Wendy said.

Debbie started to laugh, "Check out these boots. I bought them on a trip to Dallas. I had to do a promotion in a strip club. This one stripper had a pair of these, and she told me where to get them. I'm wearing them tonight. I bought some nice stuff there. I don't know why I did. Maybe it was because I saw Gary in jeans and boots so many times. Do you think that was wishful thinking?"

The door opened and both of them turned and started smiling. Rose was standing there in the shortest western skirt, platform spike heeled cowboy boots and a very sexy hat.

The girls got dressed and together they sizzled. Three amazing hot women were going to rock their world. They walked back to the apartment and stopped dead in their tracks.

Obviously, it was going to be a yeehaw orgy. Holly was decked in white leather. Her white leather studded skirt was slightly larger than a belt. Her boots were platform stilettos. The hat she wore was fantastic. Red's style was very similar other than the leather she wore perfectly matched her hair. Nancy's outfit was a match to Red's except the color perfectly matched her blonde hair.
Rose started laughing. She opened up the DVD cabinet and pulled out a flick that would be perfect for the theme. Nancy started to laugh and turned the stereo to country. "If they don't like country when they get here, they'll love it by the time they leave."

"They're here," Rose, giggled. "What really turned me on was walking out of my place dressed like this. I did it, and I loved it, my tit's loved it too. I've never felt so free in my life."

"Get used to it girl. Living out there, you won't be wearing a lot of clothes most of the time."

Holly walked to the door and opened it before they even got into the building. The guys started whistling as soon as they saw her. The girls looked adorable and Holly kissed everyone hello. The vision that presented itself upon entering was something they would never forget. Each woman was a goddess in her own right; collectively, they were heaven on earth.

Jim introduced them as Tina, Donna, Patty, Joann, Roberta and Ronnie. They were all in their early 20's and they were very pretty.

"I love your outfits," Ronnie said. "If we had known you were into country, we'd all have dressed to kill too. We all love country. Now, if you can dance as well as the guy's say you can fuck, we should go to Cowboys some night. We would set that place on its head. Every time I go in there, all they do is stare. I'd fucking love to walk in there will all of you. There wouldn't be a soft dick in the house."

Red looked at Holly and they both started to laugh. "I like this girl Red, I really like this little slut," Holly laughed.

Jim caught Holly's eye and indicated that Ronnie was the one who had seen her at the party.

"Jim, show the girls where to hang their clothes. How many bartenders do we have here?" Holly asked.

Hank laughed, "We're all either bartenders or waiters and waitresses."

"Well, get your naked ass behind the bar and start pouring drinks baby,"

The video's started and the music came up. The women came back into the room and Red took the floor. "Ladies, we have a competition going on tonight. I made a statement this afternoon and Holly challenged me. I said I could out slut her any day of the week. She thinks I am wrong. We are going to fuck you, suck you, tease you and please you until we drop. There are no limits. If that takes the rest of the week, so be it. We have nothing to do until next Tuesday so, let's party girls."

Holly walked over to Ronnie, "You have a fabulous body. You have it going on girl." She took Ronnie in her arms and felt her sweet breasts crushed against hers. She looked around and saw each of the women paired with the new girls and the party got started. "Jim told me you have wanted me since the day you first saw me. I hope that is right because I want you too. You look delicious."

"I am delicious but I admit I want your pussy on my tongue right now Holly. You are one spectacular woman." Ronnie kissed her and cupped her breasts as she pushed her back onto an easy chair. She fell on top of Holly and held her face in her hands. Their lips brushed and her hand stroked her face. Ronnie kissed her forehead, her eyelids and then her nose. She tilted her head to one side and began to lick her neck.

"Oh you're good, this is very good Ronnie. Mmm I love your touch."

Ronnie looked into Holly's eyes and held her gaze. Her eyes shifted to her lips and back into her eyes. Their lips inched closer. Holly looked into Ronnie's eyes and then onto her lips. Their lips almost touched. Holly's nipples were rock hard and she loved the dance she was doing with this exquisite young woman.

Ronnie's tongue snaked out and she licked Holly's lips in one of most sensuous kisses Holly had ever received. Their tongues began to dance and tease. Ronnie's nipples grazed Holly's and the spark was electrifying. Ronnie bit Holly's lower lip and she pulled away. Her hand slid along Holly's back and onto the clasp of her tiny skirt. The skirt was removed and Holly nibbled Ronnie's lip.

The kiss became wanton, the sparks electrifying and the passion exploded. Ronnie began to kiss her breasts and when her tender mouth closed over her nipple, Holly moaned in her usual subdued manner. Ronnie licked between her tits and onto her hard, tight stomach.

Holly was an exceptional woman and she epitomized the true meaning of several words. She was a cougar and the perfect insatiable slut.

Ronnie's tongue dipped into her navel and she flicked it teasing Holly whose moans were becoming noticeable. Her tongue traced her hips and onto her thighs. Holly spread her legs wide and offered this spectacular woman access to her inner being. Her glistening gash shone in the dim light and her clit stood hard and proud. Ronnie saw her prize but she held back.

She pulled her lips apart and stroked her tongue along the sweet pink valley. She opened her other lips and splayed Holly's pussy wide. Ronnie's hot breath thrilled Holly; her hips began to shake.

Debbie and Rose were being treated by two of the new girls and their orgasms were apparent from the vocalizations coming from them. Debbie was stroking Patty's hair and Rose was cumming on Joann's sweet face.

Nancy and Wendy were close but not quite there yet.

The guys were standing at the bar, sipping drinks and watching the women getting it on. Their cocks were hard and looked lovely.

Ronnie's face was wet from the lust flowing from Holly's hot, wet pussy. She was drenching Ronnie who loved every drop. Ronnie brought her tongue along the side of Holly's extended clit and began to lick. Holly screamed and Ronnie flicked her clit again. She ran her slender finger along the valley and brought it to the other side of that lovely clit. She held it steady while her tongue began to lick her beautifully. Holly was screaming and yelling as the first of countless orgasms took control of her body.

Red was yelling herself. The redheaded Tina was driving Red wild with her tongue. She was holding Tina's head and riding her face wildly. Red was cumming and Tina was thirsty.

Nancy let loose an earth shattering orgasmic scream and her tiny body flailed against the auburn haired Donna. Nancy had her legs wrapped around Donna's neck and she shoved her tiny pussy deep onto Donna's tongue.

Wendy had her spectacular legs wrapped around Roberta's pretty face and her back arched as she exploded onto the platinum blonde's gorgeous face.

Holly was already yelling before Ronnie closed her mouth over Holly's clit and began to suck. Holly was cumming, screaming and her cum streamed into Ronnie's thirsty throat. Holly held her jet-black hair, arched her back and gushed onto her waiting tongue. Holly's orgasms built, as Ronnie was relentless. She had lusted over this spectacular woman since the day she saw her at the party. She wanted to show her how good she was. It was important to Ronnie to have the admiration of a woman she hoped to emulate one day.

All six women were cumming and the volume was intense. Bodies were flailing, tongues rammed into soft pussies and the twelve hard-ons were standing on the sidelines.

"Don't you stop what you're doing, you delicious bitch. Keep me cumming. Gentlemen, we need cock. Fuck us and feed us. Cock now," Holly screamed.

Tyrone headed for Rose's sweet lips while the rest of the men picked either a waiting mouth or a wanton pussy. Muted non-stop screams were heard everywhere.

Red had Hank down her throat. His balls slammed off her chin and she loved the feel of his long, sweet, heavy cock in her throat. Hank was thrilled to learn that Red could take him all the way as well. Little did he know, he was in for a treat and a half before this shindig was over?

Holly watched Red and giggled; she knew she was going to rock Hank's world too. Johnny was plowing Ronnie with his long black cock and she was cumming while licking Holly to sweeter, spectacular explosions of lust. Marv's black cock was way past Holly's tonsils and he was plowing her throat with steady strokes that thrilled her and caused her pussy to stream continuously onto Ronnie's hot lips.

The orgasms were just getting started. Fingers began slipping into the men's asses while their cocks were being sucked so well. Rapid-fire orgasms sprayed tonsils and the new girl's pussies were flooded as well. The cacophony of orgasmic release was profound as mutual multiple orgasms ruled the moment.

Johnny grabbed Ronnie's hips and his balls jumped as he began to spew into her velvet pussy. She felt him explode inside her and loved the warmth and the pulse of his long cock as it flooded her lovingly.

Holly cupped Marv's massive balls as he drilled into her gorgeous face. Her lips felt him swell as his moans became pronounced. The base of his cock increased as Holly felt him fill as he expanded with a serving of sweet, wonderful cum heading into her waiting lips. She sucked and licked as Marv screamed and delivered what she lived for. His chocolate cock tasted extra sweet as he slammed himself deep into her face. She milked every delicious drop and he was drenched with pure joy.

Holly sucked and arched her back as Ronnie dove deep into her pussy. She tongue fucked Holly deliciously while her perky nose teased her clit expertly. Holly screamed onto Marv's hot cock as her stomach tightened and her legs began to flail. Her pussy trembled and she exploded onto Ronnie's hot, sweet face.

Ronnie knew how to please a woman and she certainly enjoyed this woman in particular. From the instant that she saw Holly, she had been the only thing Ronnie had thought about. This woman was queen of the sluts. She was beautiful, classy, and desirable. She had the ability to instantly harden every cock in the zip code and leave everyone drooling. Holly was exactly what Ronnie wanted to become.

Holly looked at Red who was just floating from her initial play and the two friends smiled and began grinning like schoolchildren. They had become good friends and they loved each other. They were equally spectacular and they knew it. The only thing hotter than watching them fuck was watching them fuck each other. Red winked at Holly who burst out laughing.

"Drinks, bong, lines now please!" Holly yelled.

Rose was walking around strategically placing candles throughout the apartment. Wendy saw and started laughing. Jim was mixing drinks and Debbie was loading the bong. Nancy walked up with that lovely fresh fucked look on her face and knelt in front of them. She took Jim between her lips and sucked his cock sweetly. She then began to lick Rose and Debbie tasting the sweet love on their lips. Nancy was in seventh heaven.

She stood and started cutting lines. She inhaled several herself and took the mirror to Holly and then to Red. Jim brought them drinks and Wendy was hitting the bong.

"My pussy is on fire. I just wish that Gary were here. I miss him so much." Wendy said.

"We couldn't agree more," Red said. She and Holly had come to the bar and Wendy passed them the bong. "It's been a long time since Nancy and I have had that man. Don't get angry with us when he gets here. I have really missed him. It is funny, the first time I laid eyes on him, something electric passed between us. He and Connie walked into Bob's, the men grabbed Connie, and that was the last we saw her for hours. He didn't even have time to take off his jacket when this old broad started sucking his cock. Nancy and I were in the livingroom just relaxing. We hadn't done anything yet. We were having a drink when this gal started sucking him. Our eyes locked and she sucked. She sucked his load and our eyes never flinched. When she was done, he walked over to me and kissed me and we never let him out of our sight the rest of the night. We've been best of friends ever since. I want to fuck him so much right now."

Jim came up behind her, put his arms around her tiny waist and kissed her neck. "I know how you feel. I want his cock in my mouth too but for now, would you settle for fucking my brains out darling?"

"Jim, you definitely know how to sweet talk a woman." Red whispered.

"Hold on girlfriend," Holly said as she reached for his cock. "Jim is special. Let's rock his world together."

"I like it darling. Better line him up, bong him up and then let's fuck him up." Red snickered.

Jim was smiling and Rose winked at him. "Fuck him darlings but save some of him for us. I know we have plans for him too."

Jim walked into Gary's bedroom arm in arm with two of the hottest women on the planet.

"Should we have ordered oxygen?" Wendy giggled as Hank came up behind her. She turned into him and felt his massive hardon pressed against her stomach. "Where do plan on putting that sexy?"

"Everywhere I can find an opening you delicious slut. Let's go."

Wendy handed the bong to Debbie and kissed her. "I don't think I kissed you today. I'm sorry baby."

"Yeah, what is up with that?" Debbie sulked as Wendy disappeared with Hank.

"This is wild. I kinda feel like I am cheating on Gary though." Debbie said.

"Don't you worry about that," Nancy said as she walked up to the bar. "There is no more loyal man on this earth than him. Kate and I love him to death and we know one thing most of you don't. When he is in love, nothing will come between him and the woman, or in this case, the women he loves. He loves you more than you'll ever know. He is also the wildest partier you will ever know. It doesn't matter who he is having sex with, it is just that, sex. When he is with you three, he is making love. I've seen him fuck countless women during a weekend and then make love. He wants us all to know exactly where he stands and he makes no bones about it. So enjoy, don't worry. Your lives are more secure than you will ever know. I'm a greedy cunt. I am so glad you are in his life. That means I get you too." Nancy kissed Debbie deeply.

Ron and Tina walked up behind Nancy. "I had the pleasure of Red earlier and now I want you. She tells me you are one fantastic little bitch," Tina said as she led Nancy away.

Debbie took a couple more hits on the bong when Ted and Joann caught her eye. They waved her over and she drew a couple lines and headed over. Everywhere she looked; beautiful men and women were fucking and sucking. Her pussy was dripping with desire as Joann offered her Ted's long black cock. She had enjoyed him last night and definitely wanted more.

Debbie sank to her knees in front of this long, lean black stud. His sweet cock dangled just inches from his lips. She looked at Tina and together they started to run their tongues over the large purple head of his cock. He began to stiffen immediately and as he did, their tongues washed him completely. Tina wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft and she put it into Debbie's mouth. Debbie took him in and her tongue stroked the sweet, sensitive underside as he filled her mouth. She offered him to Tina who opened her mouth and swallowed him completely. Debbie watched as Ted's cock disappeared into her throat. Debbie began to lick Tina's nipple as she had her throat stroked deeply.

Tina passed Ted's cock back to Debbie, she threw her face onto his cock, and his balls bounced off her chin. Tina moved behind him and began to pull his cheeks apart. Her tongue started to lick his asshole and he drove his cock deeper into Debbie's throat. Tina started finger fucking him and he moaned loudly. Tina's other hand snaked into Debbie's pussy and her thumb began to massage her clit. Tina's long fingers sank into Debbie while she continued to finger fuck Ted. Debbie was on fire. Her throat being fucked by his delicious cock coupled with Tina's skilled fingers had her cumming in minutes.

Jim had fucked Holly and Red intently when a wicked smile flashed on Holly's face. She slid off the bed and grabbed the Sybian Sex Machine from its storage bin. Red laughed and disappeared. She reappeared with a full bong and a loaded mirror.

"Jim, we're going to give you something you've never had in your life and something you will never forget either. This machine is going to give you the best orgasm you've ever had and at the same time, you've going to drive us fucking wild," Holly whispered in his ear.

Red showed him two different sized dildos and asked him which size he preferred. He picked the 7" one and Red lit the bong and handed it to him. She lubed his ass and inserted the toy. Jim took several hits on the bong and then Holly settled him on the machine. Red hit the switch and the top rail extension moved into position. Jim watched in fascination, which betrayed the fact that he had no idea what was going to happen.

"Which would you prefer darling, top of bottom?" Red asked Holly.

"I'll take the bottom; you can do the gymnastics to begin with. We will switch out. Here Jim, a couple of these will do the trick," Holly said as she handed him the mirror.

Jim took three lines and Red turned on the rotation. Jim's eyes got wide and he smiled broadly. Red began to turn up the vibration and it was hard to tell whether his smile was wider or that his cock was harder. Holly passed him the bong one last time and he took a huge hit. He closed his eyes and Red turned the speeds all the way up.

Holly jumped on the bed and placed his hard dick in her mouth. Red grabbed the overhead bar and brought her athletic body up onto it. She threw her legs over his shoulders and nestled her perfect pussy onto his lips.

The dildo in his ass was spinning; Holly was sucking and Red's pussy was flowing into his greedy mouth. Jim's tongue dug into Red and she was screaming from the amazing pleasure he was bringing to her gushing pussy. He slid two fingers into her tight ass and she lost her mind. The vibrations were surging through his body and onto the tip of his tongue. Red went ballistic with the sensations on her clit. Her pussy was in free flow and Jim was drinking the love from her hot twat.

Holly had Jim deep in her throat, which was tingling wildly as her lips and tongue lavished delicious pleasure onto him. Holly was right about this. He had never experienced anything like this in his life before. Holly's lips were silky smooth and her throat was like velvet. He wanted to cum but he didn't want this to end. Red was cumming so hard and Jim was soaked with her lust. Holly released Jim and pulled Red down. They switched places and Jim dove into Holly with a lust that was unimaginable.

Red impaled herself on his cock, cupping his vibrating balls against her pretty face. Jim lost his mind when Holly began squirting onto and into his open mouth. She was cumming harder than he had ever seen before. She flooded his mouth incessantly and that did it for Jim. He closed his eyes and his cock became a cannon exploding into Red's hot mouth. She sucked him and he kept spurting. Her lips caressed him; her tongue stroked him and he kept cumming.

In the living room, Debbie was face deep in Tina's hot twat while Ted had his cock fully in Debbie's sweet ass sliding in and out with a luxurious rhythm and she loved the feeling. Tina's pussy tasted sweet on her tongue. Debbie was cupping her breasts and Tina was soaking her face copiously. Ted was swinging his cock in and out of Debbie and she was cumming like a racehorse. Ted felt so good in her ass. Ted kept stroking and Debbie clamped her entire body onto his precious dick. The orgasm that hit her was overwhelming and wonderful. Tina came repeatedly and Debbie drank her down. Debbie collapsed blissfully.

Rose walked behind the bar and started making drinks. She was laughing and smirking at Debbie who was seriously having trouble focusing. "I'm not sure who the bigger slut is, Red, Holly or you. God that was hot to watch Deb. Have I told you today I love you?"

"Several times, actually but don't stop. I love hearing you say it darling. From what I've seen, you've been pretty busy yourself."
Rose had been busy but she was in no way done. She was, in fact just getting started. Last night, she wanted to suck every cock in the house and tonight, she was hell bent on fucking everyone there. She was having fun.

Jim staggered from the bedroom, looked at Rose and mumbled something unintelligible. Rose laughed at him and poured him a drink. She had been watching those two delicious sluts work their magic on him. He was shaking and the grin on his face was probably permanent.

Patty and Roberta walked up to the bar. "This is the most amazing party I've ever been to. I can't tell you how glad we are to have met all of you. This takes horny to somewhere so far off the charts I can barely comprehend it," Roberta gushed.

"You haven't seen anything yet girlfriend," Red giggled as she walked back to the bar arm in arm with Holly. "You haven't met their man yet. Jim will tell you what partying with Gary is like. This is just an appetizer. Wait till you are partying with two to three hundred of us."

"Two to three hundred people, Ohmigod! There is no way that many people will fit in here," Patty said.

Holly laughed, "No dear, we won't be here for those parties. We'll be either in Vegas or somewhere close to here. Somehow, I have a feeling you'll all be partying with us in both locations. What do you think Kate, have we made some new and very dear friends?"

"You bet your pretty little ass we have," Red said as she kissed Patty deeply. "You are so sexy Patty, have you met Sybian yet? Holly, I just have a feeling that Roberta should meet him too. He's adorable." Red put her arm around Patty and walked her to the bedroom. Holly and Roberta followed directly behind them.

"Those girls are in for a treat," Rose laughed at Jim.

"Fuck Rose, I wonder where you get those machines. That was the wildest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I mean, Red and Holly are wild but throw that thing into the mix and it was amazing."

"I know Jim, I watched them with you. I stood there cumming hard watching you shake like that. It reminded me of my first time on it. Oh and remind me to let you in on a little secret next week. I know you'll enjoy it."

Jim leaned back against the wall. His naked body relaxed and Rose refilled his drink. She refilled the bong and lit it. She cut four very large lines and handed Jim the mirror. He blew two and Rose did too. She stood in front of him and drew her long manicured fingernails across his chest. He sighed and a soft moan was heard emanating from his nice strong body. Rose ran her hands along his body and down on his thighs. She sank to her knees and took his flaccid organ into her wet mouth.

"Rose, I have to tell you something. I met Gary and Holly at that party and the very first thing that happened was Holly gave me a blowjob behind my bar. That was my introduction to them. She was the hottest woman I had ever met. Later that day, I got to play with them and the sex was amazing. The thing is, I have always had such an attraction to Asian women but I had never had the pleasure until I met you. You are so much more than my wildest imagination ever could conceive. You are so hot. You really are."

"So I am your first huh? I like the sound of that. You know I am only a slut in training. I hope to be as good as Red and Holly someday."

"We were only kidding last night Rose, you knew that didn't you?" Jim said.

She pulled his now rock hard cock from her lips again, looked up into his eyes, "Jim, my darling Jim, now that I brought this back to life, I want you to fuck my ass hard and I want you to do it now. You dip this gorgeous cock into my hot wet pussy; then you fuck my ass and keep fucking it until you can't see straight. Okies?"

"You are such a glorious slut. I'm standing here sipping my drink and enjoying this fabulous blowjob from my total dream girl and you want me to stop to fuck your ass? I will fuck you, your ass, anything, and everyone you want me to fuck but I'm not going to miss this sweet cocksuckers talents. What do you think about that?" All Jim heard after she bit his dick was her sweet voice laughing around his cock.

She stood up, took his glass and kissed him lovingly. She held his hard cock and dragged him to the sofa. "Now Jim, no more excuses. Fuck me; fuck me the way you've always wanted to fuck an Asian goddess. You know my pussy is wet for you. My ass is waiting. Shove that cock into me and make me cum. I promise I'll try to be the dirty fucking slut who will rock your world Jim. I'll show you just how nasty and delicious I can be. Fuck me Jim, fuck me and take my ass."

She pushed him onto the sofa and straddled him. Her arms snaked around his neck and she kissed him as he slid into her volcanic pussy. Her tongue slammed into his mouth and he began to suck it as her hips began to grind on his thick firm shaft. Her pussy loved the feel of this fine young man inside her and she clamped herself tight on him.

"Jim this feels so good baby. Do you like having your long cock in my tight, hot Asian cunt baby? Fuck me Jim, don't stop."

Their kisses became inflamed and she pushed herself away from him. "Look at my body Jim. Do you like my breasts? Do you like the look of my body riding your cock? Is my pussy pretty enough for you? Am I a better slut today than I was yesterday Jim? Your cock feels so delicious in my pussy Jim. I want you to cum inside me. Fill me with your cum and make me your dirty slut Jim."

She lifted herself off his cock, took his cock, and aimed it at her tight ass. She kissed him as she sank herself slowly onto him again.

"Jim, oh, Jim, I love your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass Jim. Slam your cock into my ass baby. Fill me, fuck me and make me cum again. Shove your hard dick deep into my tight asshole and stretch my sweet Asian ass baby. I want to feel that hot cum flying into my ass and filling me repeatedly Jim."

Rose was flying on his cock and her eyes were fluttering. She inhaled and bit his lip as her body spasmed. Jim kept slamming her ass and she was in heaven. Her own words coupled with Jim's cock had her bouncing all over the place. Her nipples flew in front of Jim's lips and he closed his mouth over one and started to suck it hard. Rose screamed again and her pussy flooded his lap.

"Cum hard you dirty fucking slut. Cum for me Rose, get that pussy wet for me again. Scream you delicious fucking whore. Ride my cock and slam it into your asshole Rose."

Rose exploded and came again. Jim's cock pounded her and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Hank watching them. Jim stopped Rose and held her still. He spun her around and put her back on his chest. His cock was firmly planted in her pulsing ass when he called Hank over. Jim sat forward, grabbed Rose's legs, and pulled them toward her chest. He reached for her ankles and spread her legs wide.

"Hank, fuck this slut will ya? Take that gorgeous cock of yours and slam it into my little slut's wet pussy. She needs both of us inside her. That's it buddy, fuck her. Rose, Hank is going to take his massive cock and shove it into your tiny, tight hot Asian pussy. You're going to like it and you're going to cum so hard, you'll probably pass out but that's okay, we'll just keep fucking you anyway. Slide it home Hank. Fuck this cunt and make her cum."

"Oh fuck, yes, fuck me. Fill me. I'm cumming already from your cock in my ass. Fuck me Hank, oh yes."

Hank slid his enormous cock into her tight twat and she was stretched tightly. These two men had given her so much pleasure and she knew this would be extraordinary. He stretched her pussy and began to ride his broad cock over Jim's which was planted in her ass. That tiny, thin membrane was the only barrier between them and they began to stroke her in unison. Two long cocks sliced into her while Jim kissed her neck and tugged her breasts. They worked their magic on her hot exploding body and her orgasms were non-stop, long and mind numbing.

"Oh this is so good. So wonderful, don't stop, don't ever stop. Faster, please fuck me faster. Shove those cocks deeper. Deeper please, make me cum again. I need this. Fuck my ass and fill my cunt. I'm cumming again. Oh yes!"

Johnny walked over and brought his long black cock to her lips and she opened her eyes and saw him. Her lips opened and he shoved his cock all the way into her throat. She was pinned, airtight and she was cumming massively. Her throat was milking Johnny and Hank was plowing her pussy so well. Jim knew he was close and he wanted all three men to cum at once. He knew that she would never forget this. Johnny had his cock all the way into her and she was inhaling him even deeper. She was on fire and he signaled that he was ready to cum.

"Baby, you are one delicious slut. To show you how much we appreciate how good you've become, we're gonna show you right now."

Three massive cocks exploded and Rose was overwhelmed. Her ass was flooded as was her pussy. Johnny's cock sent a delicious stream of cum onto her lips, teeth and mouth. She swallowed him all the way and he soaked her throat with another burst. Hank and Jim were twitching wildly and Rose was experiencing an entire body orgasm. Her nipples were very hard in Jim's fingers and he was kissing her ear, which sent her off again.

Her body trembled with each sensation and her orgasms kept exploding.

"You are such a nasty slut you delicious cunt. You have made us so happy. Thank you," Jim whispered in her ear.

Suddenly, the livingroom exploded in applause. They looked around; everyone was standing there clapping.

Red, Nancy, Holly Debbie and Wendy were at the front of the group. Red walked over to Rose and helped her to her feet.

Wendy was the first to speak, "For those of you who do not know, the three of us lived in this building for two years. The man you will meet soon lives in this apartment. Debbie lived across the hall. I lived above her and Rose, our precious Rose lived upstairs. A woman came to visit Gary, this bitch was so fucking loud, and her screams of orgasmic bliss were so motherfucking loud that the three of us experienced more orgasms that weekend just listening to them make love all weekend. Rose had lived in the building for those two years and she had never once said a single word to this fine man. Not a single word, can you imagine that? Well, this woman teased us and she was very provocative with the things she let us hear. She knew exactly what she was doing."

Debbie was laughing, "I had known Gary for the two years and he was a friend. I had no idea that he was good in bed. I kinda figured he was. He is a damned good-looking man but I had no idea until this woman came to visit. Wendy knew him; she had talked to him but the one who never once said a word to him got him first. Our sweet little Rose was that girl. We laughed amongst ourselves and secretly wished to eventually be like the woman who visited Gary and got this ball rolling for us."

Holly stood there giggling. "Okay, alright already, some have said that I can be loud. I don't see it myself but what can I say."

The room exploded in hysterical laughter.

"What I wanted to do, in all honesty is make sure that a man I love with all my heart is taken care of. I hoped one of them would win his heart. I didn't think all three would but hey, he loves to share so I'm good with it."

She walked to Rose and kissed her. "You told me you wanted to become the delicious slut I am. Well darling, you've arrived." With that, she walked up behind Rose and put her arms around her waist. When she pulled her arms away, Rose was wearing a thin gold chain around her hips. A single charm hung from that chain. It had a simple message. It just said "SLUT."

"What that means guys is for this to be official, each one of you has to fuck her, suck her and shove your cocks down her throat. Her ass is yours, use it, and abuse it. Welcome her into this special designation with passion and love," Nancy beamed.

"What about the rest of us?" Ronnie smiled. "What do we have to do to get this prestigious award?"

"Before this party is over, I expect each one of you will be a certified slut if not, you will definitely be certifiable as you will have fucked your brains out," Holly laughed. "I do want to get to know each of you, not just as playmates either but as friends. I will tell you only this right now. You are in for a shock next week but for now, that is all I'll say. Now, who is hungry?"

Rose walked over to Wendy and Debbie. She was embarrassed. "I don't know what to say. They sprung this on me. I had no idea."

"If you mean 'we' sprung this on you, then yes, we did," Debbie snickered.

"You two were in on this?"

"Darling, you know we love you. We heard that you were a 'slut-in-training' and we decided to spring this on you," Wendy said as she kissed Rose deeply.

Holly had ordered a lot of food and everyone was enjoying it. It's funny how many calories a good fucking can consume.

"Holly, how old were you when you realized that you were going to be the spectacular woman that you became?" Ronnie asked her. "I'm only twenty-three and I know that sex is the driving force in my life. I have a college education but in this economy, I can't find a decent job. Orlando has had so many restaurants close and there are no decent jobs out there. We are just a small number of our friends that are in the same position. I bet I could name another twenty men and women in our boats right now. I know it will change but right now, I am waitressing and bartending and I am only getting a couple of days a week. The thing is, when I first laid eyes on you, I only wanted one thing and that was you. Then I heard what you did to Jim behind the bar and I was so jealous. I couldn't wait to kiss him just to taste you on his lips. "

"Ronnie, what did you study in college?"

"We all graduated from hospitality courses. Six of us are Cordon Bleu chefs and the others have degrees in restaurant management. The problem is there are no opportunities in Orlando."

"Have you ever thought about relocating Ronnie?"

"I would but I hear it is bad everywhere. I'm sorry Holly; I don't mean to be such a downer. I'm having the time of my life. I just see someone as sexy and obviously as successful as you are and I want to know everything I can about her."

"Well, to answer your question, I was your age when I decided I was going to be the best piece of ass possible. I started early and loved it. My pussy drives me in everything I do. My career has had its difficulties and some years I've made money and other years, I've lost money in business. What I've never lost is my loyalty to my friends. No matter what, your friends will see you through the bad times."

"What do you do, if you don't mind me asking Holly?"

"Well, I am a Cordon Bleu chef. I own the 'Broad Walk Restaurant' in Boca Raton. I'm very well established and I was able to survive this damned recession. I can relate to the economic situation. You just hang in there. Things could change for all of you soon. You said there are more of you. Are they all young, sexy and bi?"

"Yes, yes and definitely yes. The other women are gorgeous, the men are hunks and everyone is bi. We get together from time to time just to party but nothing like this. This is amazing. The man I saw you with was Gary huh? He is a great looking man. How did you meet him?"

"Yes, that was Gary. He is gorgeous and as you'll find out, he is an even better fuck. That man will rock your world in so many ways. He owned a bar and restaurant in Key West. He is also a writer and that is how I met him. He writes erotica. I started reading his stories, and I contacted him. Best decision I ever made. I spent a week in the Keys and knew I had made a friend and lover for life. I don't know how much more writing he will be doing as he has a very big job now but somehow, I know he'll keep writing as long as he is breathing."

"He sure looked like a very nice man. Everyone seemed to like him a lot. Who was that older woman?"

Holly burst out laughing, "The judge, she is a dear friend and insatiable. If he is in the same zip code, she will track him down to fuck her ass as much as possible."

"Wow, why do you say I'll find out?"

"Because I know him. He is going to take one look at you and he'll be doing you within an hour. I guarantee it. That man will make you cum harder than you ever have in your life. His best friend is a famous sports attorney. His name is Mark and if you ever have the chance to fuck them both at once, do it. You'll be crying when you're done. They are the two best lovers I've ever had. Put them together and they are life changing."

"I can't wait Holly, I really can't."

The party eventually broke up early Friday morning. After two and a half days of solid orgasms, they had to get ready to work at the hotel over the weekend. Every woman was a 'Holly Certified Slut'; the men exhausted but smiling.

Holly took Jim aside and asked him about the others in their group that Ronnie had talked of. He confirmed that yes there were actually more than twenty hot, sexy and horny people who would kill to have been a part of this. Holly told him that the next time they got together it would not be at the apartment. She wanted him to let them know that they were invited to the next party next week. She wasn't sure if it would be Tuesday night or early Wednesday. She would call him and let him know.

Six exhausted women looked at the apartment and laughed. "Well, this was one for the books. This place is trashed. It must have been a good party. Did I have a good time?" Rose giggled.

Everyone hit the showers and dressed as Dave was bringing the motorhome over to move the liquor to the mansion. Rose stripped the beds and started the laundry.

Holly went and looked at her notes. She had taken inventory of the food at the house and prepared a list of things to order. She called her distributors and arranged deliveries for later in the day. The girls packed their essentials and had them ready to go. It didn't take them long before they were ready to spend some time at the house.

Dave arrived and loaded the liquor and supplies. They headed to the house. It was a hot Florida day and the women were thinking about lounging by the pool. The caravan headed to Windermere and onto the now vacant property. Dave pulled up to the loading dock at the rear of the kitchen area and the vehicle was unloaded. They took their time, stocking the bars and hanging up clothes. They had all weekend to move more clothes.

The food deliveries began arriving and Holly became the consummate professional. Everything was inventoried, marked, dated and vacuum-sealed. The walk-in freezers were filled and the produce was refrigerated. She smiled and decided she had enough food to last a month and she was happy.

She made a nice lunch that was ready just as Wendy returned from taking Dave back to the office. The women ate on the patio and the food was delicious. After lunch, they walked over and looked at the servant's quarters.

The house was large and modern. It needed painting and Nancy suggested that when the help arrived, she would do their palettes and make this space as comfortable for them as possible. Red agreed. There was one thing they knew about Gary. He wanted everyone to get along and enjoy his or her environment. Nancy ordered new mattresses sets for each room. The furniture was in excellent condition.

"You have to see this place at night. Gary wants us to make some very special lighting changes. We have a landscape architect coming out in about an hour. We have the sketches we made last year. The paths are being changed to cool surface sidewalks and there will be many secluded places to play throughout the property. The lighting will be so sexy. Wait until you see the pool at night. It will blow you away." Red looked at her watch, "Nancy, call that place near Augusta and order the new golf carts. Order twelve deluxe and eight regular models. Have the twelve deluxe painted in the corporate colors. Tell them to put a rush on it. They should already have enough graphics."
The architect arrived and the meeting was short. They showed him their sketches and he told them he would have a quote for them early next week.

Tuesday morning they arrived at the airport as the Gulfstream was pulling up to the terminal. The doors open up and four women walked down the steps. Jill followed and then another woman came down the stairs. Holly, Red and Nancy started bouncing up and down. The next person off the plane was a very good-looking man that the girls had never seen. Gary was the last to leave the jet and the girls rushed to kiss him. He hugged and kissed them lovingly.

He walked them over to the rest of the party and introduced them to Tammy, Bobbi, Tia and JoJo. These women would be working at the house. Gary said they were friends from a long time ago and he hired them. Gary then smiled and Mark stepped towards the girls.

"You must be Rose, Debbie and Wendy. Hello, I'm Mark Banner. It is a pleasure to meet you. I've heard some wonderful things about the three of you. Allow me to introduce Dani McRae, my private secretary."

"Well, this is certainly an unexpected pleasure Mark, we have heard lots of good things about you too," Debbie said.

Mark looked up and saw the trio rushing towards him. Holly, Red and Nancy kissed him and then grabbed Gary too. They started to load the motorhome when Gary said they were not leaving yet. A second Gulfstream had just landed and pulled up to the terminal. A gorgeous blonde woman and two stunning black women deplaned and walked toward the group.

Gary turned and kissed each of these women and did the introductions. He introduced Michelle as Mark's Personal Assistant and then Lori as the head of Mark's entertainment division and finally, Diane who the girls recognized immediately as Gary's top lingerie model.

The planes taxied away from the terminal and headed to the hangers. Gary and Mark loaded everything and Gary took the coach over to the hangers. Instructions were given to the ground crew and the four pilots came aboard as well. Gary introduced Jeff, Alan, Tom and Jack to the girls. He headed home.

Things were chaotic for the first hour and everyone met by the pool for drinks.

Gary told Tammy, Bobbi, Tia and JoJo that they were going to be staying in the main house for the first couple of weeks. He had some changes he wanted to make to their home but they wouldn't be ready for a while.

This was their first opportunity to talk privately since he picked them up in Jacksonville. "Okay, you son of a bitch, talk to us? Did you win the freakin lottery or what?

Gary started to laugh. "What's the matter baby? Is this too much for you?"

He walked over and took Tammy in his arms. "I've missed all of you so much. It's been a far too long." He kissed Tammy deeply and she returned that kiss with fire. He kissed Bobbi, Tia and JoJo as well. All four women were very happy to be there.

"Are you going to answer me? What is going on? Who owned that plane and this house?" Tammy asked him.

"I do dear. Actually, I owned all of this way back when too. Have you ever heard of D'Orgasmic Lingerie?"

"Sure, I've heard of it. They have the sexiest clothes but I could never afford any of it. It is definitely not in my price range but I can hope someday."

"Well, that someday will happen later this week. You will all have the complete line of Clothing, Lingerie and Slutwear. You see my dear sweet friends, I own the company."

"Damn Gary, it doesn't surprise me. Everything you ever said to me was true, even if someone around here didn't believe you," Bobbi giggled.

JoJo and Tia agreed.

"Alright, so I am the dumb cunt that didn't believe that you could make my pussy sing with joy. I knew you wanted me and I wanted you too but I was just too damned stupid to trust you," Tammy said.

"We told you Tammy," Tia said. "The first night he made love to me I told you that you had to go in there and fuck this man because you'll never have anything like him again."

"I told you the same thing," JoJo said. "I stood right there when Bobbi told you no man had ever made her cum that hard before in her life. Would you listen? No, and now you know he wanted you from the day he checked in. I have no idea why either. You have no tits and you have this bite me bitch attitude. This one always baffled my brain."

"You don't complain when I tell you to bite me now bitch, do you?" Tammy purred.

"I am so glad nothing has changed. I really have missed you," Gary said.

Bobbi looked at Gary and asked, "I'm confused hon, of all those gorgeous women, which one is yours?"

"It is like this, Rose, Debbie and Wendy live with me. Holly, Red and Nancy are very special friends. Jill is my private secretary and one of my closest friends, in bed and out of bed. Michelle, Lori, Dani and Diane are also playmates. Yes, I sleep with them all."

Tia looked disappointed, "I guess there is no room in your life for any of us then."

"How many times do I have to ask you this, when you left Brazil, did you leave your head at the airport? I sure as hell hope not because I brought you here to work, to play, and to start living a very nice life. You will get to play with all of us. Those women love pussy and since I am the only one right now that knows this, you have beautiful bodies, hearts and minds. There will be a place for all of us to enjoy each other."

Tia walked towards him, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him again. "I am so pleased to hear that. I didn't want to be left out."

"There is one thing you need to know. Most of the men you'll find here are bi as well. I hope that doesn't bother you."

"That doesn't bother us one bit Gary, actually, it gets my pussy juicy just thinking about it. I just know one thing; you had better be very thirsty when you get into my pussy baby. I have had countless wet orgasms thinking about those nights back in Jacksonville." Tammy said.

"I'm ready too ladies. When I look back on my time in Jacksonville, I had a blast, thanks to you. That is why you're here. I've missed you and my women will thrill you. We have many wild parties and now that I'm here, I want you to know that you are always invited. You did bring your high heels didn't you? When you hear me say, 'house rules', it means that you are to be naked wearing only heels. That also means it is a free for all. Fuck whomever you want to. I have a feeling; there may be a party later today. I've been away and I know my women. Anyway, get comfortable and join us by the pool in a few minutes. I need a drink. Oh, house rules are in effect effective right now."

Gary walked into his bedroom and smiled. Rose, Debbie and Wendy were waiting for him.

"How was your trip baby? How is Jeremy?" Debbie asked.

"It was long and sad. It wasn't our usual wild fuck 'til you drop trip. Jeremy is taking this very hard as we all are. Even his own staff gave him space. Anyway, Mark and I had Jill and Dani so we were okay. I'm just glad to be home. Damn, I missed you. Sounds like you had a good time while I was away."

"Darling, we held auditions. We figured that you weren't having such a good time in Thailand so Holly decided to hold auditions and well, we think we have found a good group. They have all been certified," Wendy smirked as she kissed his neck.

"They have all been certified. Oh, that's interesting. Let me guess, Red and Holly did the certifications? Who was the first to be certified?" Gary laughed.

"That would be me," Rose blushed. "I had a good time baby. I just wish you had been here,"

"I wish I had been too. I would have much rather been here than in Thailand. I need a drink. House rules ladies; Mark and I need some relief."

He walked to the pool and saw Red and Holly sitting by the pool. Red brought him up to speed on her progress on the house. She told him that the girls had decided they didn't want to have their rooms enlarged and he was good with that. She told him the architect would have the landscape and outdoor lighting plan and quote ready very soon. The major renovations would start within a week. Gary was pleased. Red left to make a couple of phone calls and Mark sat down joining Gary and Holly.

Everyone was to assembling by the pool bar and Rose was making drinks. Tammy walked over to the bar. She was immediately appraised by Rose, Debbie and Wendy. Her tiny black body was perfectly proportioned. Her small, firm 32B's were topped with tiny perfectly shaped nipples looked lovely. Tammy definitely was a good-looking woman.

"This answers one question," Wendy said as she kissed Tammy and ran her hands over her pretty tits.

"What question is that Wendy?"

"We were surprised that Gary hired staff while flying to Thailand. When Holly heard Jacksonville, she put two and two together. Now we can see why he had so much fun when he was there. You're perfect."

"Perfectly stupid is more like it. He was doing the others and I didn't think he'd be interested in me. He told me he was and I didn't believe him. Finally, I relented and it was the best sex I've ever had in my life. Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure for two weeks. Then he was gone," Tammy, said.

Rose walked from behind the bar and hugged Tammy. She hooked a finger under her chin and raised her pretty face. "I can definitely relate to that. You are going to fit in around here dear. Welcome to our home." Rose kissed her and asked her to take three Rum Runners to Gary, Holly and Mark.

Tammy took the tray and walked over to where they were sitting. As she was setting the drinks down, Mark asked, "How are things at the Broad Walk Holly?"

Before Holly could respond, Tammy looked at Holly and asked, "Are you Holly Jackson from Boca Raton?"

"Yes Tammy, have we met before?"

"No, not until today Holly but you know my cousin. She used to work for you."

"Who is your cousin?"

"Linda Langford is her name. She told me so much about you. She moved back to Orlando but she is having a hell of a time getting a job. This recession is hurting everyone."

"Ohmigod, Linda is your cousin. I love her. Gary, Mark, you have to meet this girl. She is fucking gorgeous, not to mention she is delicious. She is Beyonce's double. She is a Cordon Bleu chef. She is funny and she is a hellcat in bed. Tammy, do you have her phone number? I'd love to talk to her," Holly said.

"Let me go get it. I'll be right back." Tammy left and Holly continued.

"Before I forget, I'll show you later but I took the time to inventory the food. I ordered and received everything you'll need for at least a month. Everything you love is here Gary. I hope you didn't mind but I figured I would get that out of the way."

"Holly, I love you. Thank you. Now I just have to move the booze from Debbie's apartment and we'll be good to go."

"Think again Charlie Brown, It is all here, the bars are stocked and the rest is in the storeroom. The kegs are full and the fridges are full of beer too. The only thing you need to do is move the rest of your clothes. I know you would want to go through the Carters personal stuff first. Other than that, you are good to go."

"Gary, I told you that you should have married this woman. She is indispensable," Mark, laughed.

"I can't afford her, you marry her Mark."

"Marry me, fuck that. Just fuck me the way you usually do and I'll be happy as hell. Mark, this cocksucker hit the mother lode. You haven't had the opportunity yet but his women are the best you'll ever have and that includes Red and me. They are fantastic."

Mark looked over to the bar and watched as Wendy, Debbie and Rose poured drinks and got to know the others. "I can see that. They definitely are spectacular. I know why you sold your folks house. This one is much better for our lifestyle. I just didn't think we'd be back here this soon. On a lighter note, I found some things I thought I had lost."

"What did you find Mark?" Gary asked him.

"My ball cap Jimmy Buffett signed the last time I was in Key West. I have searched all over for it but I thought it was gone. Maggie must have put it in my dresser. It's good to be back here. Anyway, tell me about the club Holly," Mark replied.

"The last two years have been brutal Mark. Down in Boca, most of the good restaurants have closed. I've been lucky. Of the restaurants that have stayed in business, their numbers are down thirty percent. They are established and they could weather the storm. My numbers were only down twelve percent and I'm doing okay. It has been a struggle but that is the reason I wanted to talk to you Gary. The one thing I've learned from you two is to strike while the iron is hot. I have been thinking that now would be a good time to open a restaurant here in Orlando. I was wondering if you'd be interested in giving me a loan Gary."

Gary looked at Mark and they both smiled. "What did I tell you Mark?"

"You told me she was psychic. I said she was one of the hottest women on earth. I told you she could make a grown man cry from pure unbridled bliss. I said her pussy needed to be enshrined in the pussy hall of fame but I didn't think she was psychic. Apparently I was wrong."

"What are you two bozo's talking about?"

"Well, let me run something past you Holly. We have just spent the last day and a half working on something that we think would be terrific but we want your opinion. It is funny because you've been the topic of our conversations since we left Bangkok.

For starters, yes, you have your financing. There is no question about that. Mark and I will finance anything you want. You didn't even have to ask. You should have known that. We have an idea that just might blow you away. Did you hear about the changes at Mark's firm?"

"Yes, I get all the trade magazines. I saw the announcements. It should be good for you Mark."

"It already has been good and that is what we needed to talk to you about."

Gary went on. "Do you remember we talked about opening a series of upscale Diners a few years ago? The Diner would be opened 24/7, have a fabulous menu, full on premises bakery. Well, what would happen if you took a super Diner and put it in a complex that had two nightclubs and a D'Orgasmic Clubwear Super Store? The clubs would be opened legal hours. One club would be a regular dance club and the other one would be the perfect Country Bar."

"We have given this some serious thought Holly," Mark explained. "What is most important is that we want to highlight young, local talent. We want to have an area in each club, just like the VIP area's in the Strip Clubs where we can bring in record company people to watch the acts without them knowing that they are in the house."

"We need you to spearhead this thing. We know you can handle this, we just need to know if you are interested in it," Gary said.

"Interested, you delicious son of a bitch, I just had an orgasm. Yes, I am interested. I have one question though, what changed to bring this on?"

Michelle and Lori had been watching from the bar. They walked over and Lori looked at Holly and smiled. "I changed the equation Holly. When Mark made the offer to me, we talked about what we'd be doing. Mark handles athletes worldwide. My forte has been models and actors. In the first week, I was contacted by several top name music stars who wanted different representation. That number has grown dramatically. They cover all genres of the music business but the country stars are already signing with me."

"What we want to do to start dear is to open one in Orlando and the other in Las Vegas. Real Estate is cheap right now. That is a major factor. We can save millions by doing exactly what you said, 'strike while the iron is hot'. We can buy wonderful properties for pennies on the dollar. The goal is to use all of our resources to make this a massive success. I can see you becoming very wealthy in a short period of time Holly," Gary told her. He waved the girls over to join them.

Gary quickly explained what was happening and they thought that this was a great idea. "I'm glad you said that because we want the three of you to handle the Clubwear Stores. If we go through with this, I will be expanding our Slutwear line by adding a complete line of western styled clubwear that will turn the cowboys wild. Are the three of you into working with us on this?"

Wendy was the first to respond. "Oh damn, you had better believe it. This sounds like fun and I can see the place being very successful." Debbie and Rose agreed and looked at Holly who had this wicked smile on her face. They knew what was going through her twisted mind and they wanted to see Gary and Mark's reaction.

"Holly, here is the deal. Thirty-two cities have NFL teams. Most of them also have NBA teams and the NHL as well. That is a good base to start with. We think that having a complex in each of these cities would be great, as the fans would get to meet and get to know the players. That will only build the business all the way around. Hell, the hottest female country star, Carrie Underwood, just married an NHL star. The fan base is huge. We can tap into that and also, with the music stars we sign, we can also provide a venue for their charity fundraising," Mark said.

"How did we go from two places to thirty-two?" Holly asked incredulously.

"Well, that is the base we are starting with. It's not going to happen overnight but it is a good start. Holly, you know us. Go big or go home. That has always been our motto. Gary's been running D'Orgasmic for many years. He's done it quietly but he has made it very successful. He has great people in place to do everything that needs doing. My business is exploding too. Together, we are sitting on a lot of cash and we want to do something important. We want to start putting people back to work. We want to start with just the two locations until after the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare. If that is thrown out, then we want to go full steam ahead."

Lori hung up her cell and walked over to Mark. "Stand up." He did and she threw her arms around his naked frame and he loved the crush of her tits against his skin. Lori kissed him deeply and passionately. She turned to Gary and did the same. Everyone was watching this gorgeous woman as she kissed him deeply. She knelt and took Gary's cock deep in her throat. She sucked him and then turned and did the same to Mark. She stood up and sighed.'

"Gary, you haven't met her yet but the kiss was from Aleka. She said she was sorry she couldn't be here to deliver it to the two of you in person. The blowjob, well, that teaser was from me. I just couldn't wait."

Everyone laughed loudly.

"Well Holly, what do you think of the idea? The Broad Walk is a concern. We don't want you to let that suffer. We just want you to be involved. Red and Nancy will be doing the interiors of the clubs and the designs of the stores. Finally, we will all be together doing what we love."

"That did it for me. I was trying to think how Red and Nancy could be involved. That just makes everything perfect. I have qualified staff in Boca. They handle everything already. I can do this."

"Well, you will need to find some people to train for the first two restaurants. I'll leave that up to you," Gary said.

"I have some people in mind Gary. Would you like to meet them?" Holly was looking at Wendy and Debbie who were smirking broadly. Rose just giggled aloud.

"Sure, when did you want to set up a meeting?" Gary asked.

"Would today work for you? I just bet they are waiting for my call," Holly said as she hit speed dial.

Jim answered and she walked away from the group. She gave him instructions and told him to call her back with the names and license numbers of the vehicles that would be coming. Tammy gave her Linda's phone number and she called her. Linda agreed to come out to meet her friends. Jim called back and gave her the information and she relayed that to the gate.
"They will be here in an hour. Linda will be here in a half hour. She is someone you need to look at to be your private chef. She graduated from Miami Cordon Bleu and I polished her. She is fantastic. You'll love her food. You can put her to the test today. I think she will surprise you."

"Sounds great," Gary, said as he dove into the pool.

Holly asked Tammy and the girls to move the lounge chairs around on the patio to make a large vacant space. Rose walked up behind Holly and kissed her neck.

"Are you doing what I think you are? Are we going to get dressed too?" Rose asked.

"That is the plan. Tell Red and Nancy. Let's surprise them. I think this will blow them away. Do you know how the sound system works here?"

"Nancy does. I'll get her."

Gary swam to the edge of the pool. Mark swam up and Gary looked at him. "Do you want to talk about Cherry?"

"There is nothing to talk about. She freaked out on me when I had Fox News on the TV. I had no idea that she was such an ideologue. She left Vegas in a huff and I've had no contact with her. She told me she could not continue a relationship with anyone with conservative values. It was great while it lasted but now, it is over. That's all I can tell you."

"Well, if she doesn't like your values, she sure as hell wouldn't like mine. Put it away Mark, there are so many women out there. I know that you are in love with her but there is nothing to be gained by wishing she would change her views. People like that have been brainwashed by the liberal media and they honestly believe they know the truth. You'll never change her."

"I know Gar, I know. You are the only one who has said it though. I am in love with her."

"That's bullshit Banner. Every one of us knew it in Hawaii. That is why we pressured you into sleeping with her. Dammit, I'm sorry Mark," Michelle said as she swam up behind him. "I hate to see you hurting like this."

Holly walked out onto the pool deck and everyone did a double take. The woman with her was a dead ringer for Beyonce Knowles. Gary got out of the pool and Holly introduced them.

"Looks like I am a tad overdressed for this interview," Linda said as she appraised Gary's nakedness approvingly.

"I must tell you Linda, this is the first job interview I've ever conducted in the nude myself but I was reassured that you wouldn't be offended."

Gary looked past her and saw Tammy's elegant naked body approaching. She was carrying a drink in her hand. Linda did not see her.

"That Holly, you know you can't believe a single word that comes out of her mouth Gary. She tells tales from school."

The drink passed over her shoulder while soft feminine lips kissed Linda's neck. "Holly only said you were skilled and delicious. I'm the one who was telling tales," Tammy laughed.

Linda turned and saw her cousin's naked body and she stopped dead in her tracks. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Do you remember me telling you about the man I kinda sorta fell in total lust with years ago?" Tammy smiled.

"Yeah, I remember, what about him?"

"Linda, I want you to meet Gary, the absolute best man you'll ever know."

"That's only because she hasn't had me yet," Mark yelled from the edge of the pool.

"Do them together and your life will never be the same again," Michelle giggled. "I do know what I'm talking about girlfriend."

Gary and Linda talked for quite a while when all of a sudden Boot Scootin Boogie came on the sound system. Gary looked at the patio doors and a lone woman was standing there starting to dance.

"Cherry?" Mark exclaimed. Gary looked at Mark and then at Michelle.

"That is not Cherry Mark. She looks a lot like her though," Michelle said as many more people danced out of the house and onto the patio.

Red came from the left and Nancy the right. Debbie, Wendy and Red danced out and joined the line dance. Everyone was dressed in sexy country garb and Gary's jaw dropped. Holly danced through the center of the group and grabbed the black-haired bombshell and they danced to the front. Together, the group danced to three songs.

Holly led Gary and Mark in the introductions. The new people were just as adorable as the ones they had partied with last week. When they got to Ronnie, Holly introduced her to Gary and when she turned to Mark, Ronnie said, "I know who you are. You're Mark Banner. I saw you with Cherry Anderson at the Pro Bowl. She is a very lucky woman."

Mark looked at her and then to Gary. "You bear a very strong resemblance to Cherry. Just to put your mind at ease, Cherry and I are not a couple anymore. I will say this; you sure know how to dance. I look forward to getting to know you better."

"Well, I'll be damned. What are the odds of that happening?" Mark said. He told Michelle and Lori what Ronnie had said.

Gary sat there smiling. He looked over and saw Tammy talking to Linda. "Excuse me; I have to talk to Linda."

He joined the two women and as he was sitting down, he noticed that Linda was sitting there, naked wearing nothing but her high heels. Gary examined her body and his cock stirred instantly. She was spectacular, gorgeous and very sexy.

"Considering that you've somehow learned my house rules, should I take this as a sign that you are considering my offer?"

"I can't think of a better recommendation than what Holly said. Add to that, Tammy has been gushing over you for ten years. Now I see why she has been so horny. Yes Gary, I'll take the job. When would you like me to start?"

Holly called them over. She had been talking to the group and when they came up, Holly said, "Chef's stand over there; Restaurant Management, over here please." The group split and Holly counted thirty-six people. There were eighteen chefs and an equal number of management people. Holly smiled at those numbers. They fit her plan perfectly.

"Gary, we have eighteen chefs here," Holly said.

"You're pretty, you're cute as hell and you're one great piece of ass darling but you can't count. We have twenty-two chefs here. Last time I looked, I was a chef and so was Mark. I may be wrong but I think you are a chef and I know that Linda is my new personal chef."

Holly grabbed Linda and kissed her. "Congratulations darling. Linda was my protégé in Boca. I am so happy for you. Your first assignment is dinner for fifty-seven very horny people. I'll show everyone the kitchen and I want to talk to you for a bit before you get ready to prepare dinner. After dinner, it is party time. Once dinner is prepared, house rules apply. I'll explain our 'house rules' inside for those who don't know yet."

Holly took them into the kitchen. She handed each chef their uniforms and told everyone she wanted to talk to them.

"Do you remember last week when I told you that something good might just be right around the corner?"

She spent the next half hour laying out a plan for them to chew on. The looks on all of their faces ranged from shock to disbelief but they were smiling so widely.

Linda and Holly went through the kitchen and they created a menu that would be lovely. Everyone was assigned tasks and they all went to work. Food was prepared and tables were set up and set.

Gary and Mark sipped their drinks and laughed loudly. "I wonder what she would have pulled off if we gave her something hard to do. Did she just put the management in place for at least six restaurants and clubs?" Gary said.

"Every time I see that woman, she blows me away. No one should be that competent and sexy at the same time," Michelle said.

"Every time I see her, she blows me," Mark giggled. "Michelle, you're as sexy as any woman alive and you're just as competent. Neither Gary nor I would ever consider surrounding ourselves with incompetent women. Each one of you is special, lovable and fucking hot. Just remember that, all of you," Mark was emphatic.

"He's just saying that because no one is sucking his cock," Dani purred. "Dinner won't be ready for a while, I'm fucking horny. Who wants little ole me?"

Wendy and Rose were sitting next to Gary and Debbie was sitting at his feet. Debbie began to lick Gary to life and Wendy and Rose were all over him. It had been a long week away from him.

Mark had Red and Michelle on him. Lori grabbed Jack and Tom and she was already throat deep in cock. Dani, Diane and Jill grabbed Jeff and Alan and went to town.

The sun felt good on their naked flesh and the breeze cooled them as they spent an hour gloriously loving each other.

Gary's girls were insatiable and they showed how much they had missed their man. Rose was emotional as her body shook from his loving. They loved him missed him a lot.

Linda took charge and the young chefs showed her how good they were. Holly knew she was missing some fabulous loving but right now she was more interested in what was happening in the kitchen. Jim looked at her and she walked over to him. She kissed him and whispered in his ear, "Are you surprised baby?"

"Shocked is more like it. This house is awesome. What is up with Gary owning all of this, I mean is all this for real? I have a million questions."

"Yes my love, this is all very real. Get used to it. You and I have a lot to discuss. I have some ideas hopefully you will enjoy a lot. After you have fucked my brains out tonight, we'll talk. Then you can fuck my brains out again. How does that sound?"

"It sounds wonderful to me. Don't you want to get it on with Gary and Mark?"

"I plan on it Jim. Before this week is over, we'll have fucked everyone here and many of them several times darling. The fun has only just begun."

The management staff had the tables set, the wine had been chilled and the food was ready and served.

Everyone raved at the dinner. The food was wonderful and Gary took his glass and stood. "My compliments to the chefs, you did an excellent job. This meal is fabulous." He looked to Linda and winked.

Dinner was cleared just as the sun was setting. Everyone walked down to the dock and watched the sunset. Jim walked up to Gary and just stood there shaking his head. "I'm at the point where nothing about you surprises me anymore."

"What did I do this time Jim?"

"Oh, not much other than hanging with the most gorgeous women I've ever seen in my life, owning one of the hottest companies and all this too. Next thing you'll tell me is that you have your own private jet somewhere."

"It is a Gulfstream 550 Jim and it is in the hanger at Orlando Executive," Rose said as she put her arms around Gary and leaned over and kissed Jim. Mark has one too."

"Mark has two actually," Lori said as she came up to them. "I get to fly all around the world on that one. It is a little smaller but it works for me. Welcome to the world of the rich and famous Jim." She looked him up and down and smiled. "It is going to be fun getting to know you."

"Jim, I have to warn you about Lori," Mark said as he joined the group. "She is one of the best cocksuckers on earth. Her lips are fantastic."

"Mark, Jim is not too bad at that himself. He sure did me perfectly the last time we were together," Gary laughed. "He's got a nice technique. You'll love him Mark."

"Jim, you and Lori should have a suck-off. That would be interesting," Rose, quipped. "Of course, since every guy here is bi, there could be a lot of competition."

"Everyone is bi? Damn Gary, this does sound like a party." Mark laughed.

The kitchen had been cleaned and everyone was observing house rules again. As they all walked to the house, Tammy was waiting by the pool. She walked up to him and looked at Rose. "I hope you don't mind but I've been waiting ten years for this. She pushed him down on the chaise and crawled up on his face.

"My pussy has been so deprived of your lovely tongue. No man has given me as much pleasure as you did. I dream about you all the time. Lick my pussy Gary and make me cum as you did before. My pussy is so ready for your hot tongue. That feels so good. More baby, more, I need you to use that magic tongue and make me yours again. I want this more than I can ever tell you," Tammy whispered.

"While you are doing that darling, I am going to suck your beautiful cock," Bobbi purred. "When I am done, I am going to ride this cock so sweetly. You always did love my black ass didn't you baby?"

Mark looked around and saw that many people were already getting busy. Wendy walked up to Mark and offered him a drink. He took it and looked at her. "I'll say one thing about my buddy. He sure has good taste in women. Wendy, Rose, Debbie and you are spectacular women."

"Thank you Mark, we taste pretty good too. I can tell you one thing. We've heard rumors about the two of you. We want to find out if they are true."

"What rumors are those Wendy?"

"I think you know, come with me." They walked to the end of the bar where Rose and Debbie were waiting. They took him into the house and discovered that the rumors were indeed true. Mark and Gary were damned near identical in bed. Mark, as expected, made love to them. He was kind, tender and delicious. Each woman was treated to long, lovely orgasms and spectacular loving.

"Wow, you three are simply wonderful. I knew something was up with him because he went twelve days without calling me. That never happens. Now I know why. If I had the three of you in my life, I would never call him," Mark laughed. "This won't be the last time we do this. I can't wait until you all come out to Vegas. We'll have a blast."

Wendy pushed him back on the bed and dropped her perfect pussy onto his lips. Rose and Debbie began to lick his cock deliciously.

"Mark, we are so glad you approve. Now, would you please fuck our brains out? Oh, your tongue feels so good. He's good girls; he is so very good. Damn Mark don't stop. Yes, that's it. You're going to have me cumming again," Wendy purred.

Rose had his cock in her throat and her tongue was sliding under him, milking him and loving the feel of his hard cock between her lips. Debbie was licking his balls and her finger was tracing his ass lovingly.

Rose offered his cock to Debbie and she took him greedily. Her tender lips circled his cock and she loved the feel of him between her lips. She had to admit, both men were extraordinary and great in bed. She sucked him deep and thrilled at the texture of his cock as it slid into her throat. She pulled him from her throat and slid him into her hot twat. Rose began to lick her clit while Mark sank deep inside her.

Wendy was on fire from the pleasure Mark's tongue was giving her. Debbie was bouncing on him while Rose licked his balls and Debbie's hot slit. Rose would lick his cock as it entered her, her clit while he was buried and his balls repeatedly. Mark loved this and his tongue showed his appreciation as Wendy exploded and gushed onto his lips.

Debbie exploded on Mark's shaft and her body closed tight over him. She rocked, bounced and shook as the waves of passion swept over her. Rose pulled her from him and sank her lovely Asian pussy onto his rock hard cock. She rode him and began to vibrate her pussy, which drove Mark wild. Debbie replaced Wendy on Mark's face and she loved his oral presentation. She was cumming in seconds and he was drinking her down. Rose was cumming on his cock and Debbie was drenching his face lovingly. Wendy was regaining her strength after the mind numbing orgasm Mark had given her. She needed his cock and she needed it now.

Debbie came one more time on Marks face and was replaced by Rose's hot, wet pussy. Debbie lay next to Mark and began to stroke his body while whispering in his ear.

"Doesn't Rose taste sweet Mark? I love the taste of her pussy. That's it Wendy, slide your sweet, tight pussy onto Mark's lovely cock. She is so tight isn't she Mark. She has such a great body but her pussy is fantastic. Gary loves how tight she is. I wish I had a cock just so I could slide my dick into her and fuck her for hours. Rose loves it when you lick her clit like that. That is how Gary does it and it drives us all wild. I could watch your cock slide into Wendy for hours. Don't you just love it when she starts to cum? The way she clamps down on your cock and rides you is special isn't it. Are you ready to cum baby? Ride his cock Wendy. Shove your tongue deep into Rose Mark. She loves to ride a tongue. Promise me one thing Mark, when you cum, cum on our tongues. We want to look up into your eyes when you blow your sweet loads onto our lips."

Wendy and Rose both exploded at Debbie's words. They were riding Mark spectacularly. Mark was very close and they all knew it. He stood and they knelt. His cock ran across their lips and their tongues grazed him sweetly. The women looked up and met his gaze. His cock erupted and streams of his hot, white seed roped onto their tongues. His balls lifted and he kept cumming. Their lovely faces drank in his cum and they began to lick and suck the rest from his hot cock. They licked each others face and lips and swallowed every drop. Wendy went to move and Debbie dove onto her left tit. A lovely pearl had landed there and Debbie was not one to waste anything that good.

"Son of a bitch, you three are so fucking hot. I'll be damned, you really are smokin," Mark smiled as Rose pulled him from her lips again.

"You are everything you were made out to be Mark. We figured Holly, Red and Nancy wouldn't steer us wrong. They were right; you and Gary are amazingly similar. Are you sure, you aren't twins?" Rose said as she leaned in to kiss Mark one more time. They headed back to the pool.

Bodies were everywhere, cocks were being consumed and pussies pounded. Gary was just finishing up with Tammy, Bobbi, JoJo and Tia. They were all sprawled on the double chaise.

Tammy was whispering in his ear. "Darling, I have a couple of questions. Are your girls going to be mad if they find us fucking you? We don't want to cause any problems. I mean, seriously, I could fuck you non-stop for the next five years and I am serious about that."

"No Tammy, they won't be angry. If anything, they will lick your clit while my cock is sliding into you. What is the next question?"

"Do you remember the conversation we had the day before I finally came to you?"

JoJo was listening and sucking his cock. She passed his cock back to Tia who stretched her gorgeous Brazilian lips over his cock waiting for his response.

"Do you mean the day you told me that you hadn't slept for a week? That was the day you told me the man you were with would never go anywhere near your pussy. He wanted you to suck his cock and then he wanted to fuck you and that was it. You also told me, if I remember correctly, that you had made up your mind to come over here and just let me have a go at it. Is that the conversation you're talking about?"

"That was ten years ago and yes, dammit, that was word for word what I had said. How did you remember that?" Tammy said incredulously.

"It was a conversation I've relived many times over the years. Then, you showed up and it was a fabulous night. I never forgot the first time I held your tiny naked body in my arms. That first kiss was electrifying and when I first tasted your pussy, I was in heaven. For the record, you are just as gorgeous today, ten years later. You told me that was the very first time you had ever had a tongue touch you. I know that I have never had anyone cum as hard as you did that night. I couldn't get enough of your pussy. When you sucked my cock, it was perfect and when I fucked you, I was breathless. Hell Tammy, a man doesn't forget that. I can also tell you that it was the same for Bobbi, Tia, and JoJo. Each one of you is special to me. We clicked and you made my time over there a real joy."

"You did something to me that night that was the sexiest thing I had ever experienced before or since. You licked my asshole. I wanted to ask you to do it again but I didn't dare. I later found out that you not only licked their asses but you've fucked them as well. Do you think that someday, you'll fuck my ass? No man has ever touched my ass. You licked it and the memory of that has given me so many delicious orgasms but now, I would really love it if you would take your time and fuck my ass."
"I will darling. I will do that and give you the best orgasm you've ever had in your entire life."

Tia passed his cock back to JoJo who inhaled it completely.

"Tammy, let me tell you something darling. I couldn't help but overhear you. When he does, he will give you an orgasm that will make you cry from pure pleasure. He is, simply the best man on this earth. He is the best friend and lover any woman could ever want or have," Wendy said. "One more thing, your question about what would we do if we found you fucking him, girls, let's show them."

Rose and Debbie came over and joined Wendy in spreading JoJo, Bobbi and Tia's legs. Gary's women began to lick their lovely pussies. Tammy climbed onto Gary's face and she moaned as his tongue worked his magic on her splendid twat.

"Girls, please don't be mad when I say this but I love you Gary. Please don't ever stop licking my pussy. Oh yes, I've wanted this for so long. It has been far too long and I need this."

Gary's girls reacted to her words by licking harder and letting them know they understood. Gary lifted Tammy up and slid his tongue to her tight hot ass. He circled her tight pucker with his wet tongue. Tammy gasped and began to shiver. He rimmed her lusciously and then he flattened his tongue and took long, broad strokes across her hot ass.

"Fuck, this feels so good. Yes, do it again. I'm cumming and this feels so good. Oh, lick my tight asshole Gary darling, oh, this is so good."

Gary tightened his tongue and brought the tip to her tight pucker. He lifted her tiny ass and dropped her onto his tongue. She felt him enter her and he wiggled his tongue. Tammy lost her mind.

"Fuck, you have your tongue in my ass. Oh baby, Oh fuck my hot tight black asshole. Ohmigod, oh damn, I'm cumming baby. My pussy is gushing darling. Fuck my ass with your tongue. Nothing has ever felt like this before."

Rose had been licking Bobbi and she motioned for Bobbi to get on Gary's cock. She ran into the house and came back to the sounds of both women cumming like crazy. Rose lit the bong and handed it to Tammy. Tammy's eyes grew wide when she saw it and she took several long, full pulls before Rose took it and handed it to Tia.

Rose slowed Gary down and she handed the lube to Wendy who lubed Tammy's ass. She snaked her finger into her asshole and made sure she was well lubed. Bobbi moved and Wendy lubed Gary's cock. She looked at Tammy who was feeling the effects of the bong. Wendy kissed her deeply and then produced the mirror. Tammy inhaled the three large lines Wendy had given her. Gary turned her around and kissed her. She whispered in Tammy's ear for a minute and asked her if she understood. Tammy indicated that she did.

Gary kissed her again and Debbie positioned Gary's cock at Tammy's asshole. He held her hips and she felt the head of his cock stretch her ass wide. Gary took his time and entered her very slowly. Her tight ass dropped onto him and eventually, the head of his cock was inside her. She was breathing heavily and he felt himself at her tight ring. Wendy whispered in her ear and she nodded. She bore down, the ring opened, and she fell onto his cock. She gasped, moaned and Gary held her tight. Her body adjusted slowly and he was gentle and patient.

Her body adjusted and Gary began to stroke his long cock into her. Each stroke brought long, lovely moans of total ecstasy and Tammy was losing her mind. Wendy and Debbie began to stroke her back and her ass. Tammy arched her back and each woman began to lick her beautiful nipples. Gary's hands lifted and dropped her onto his cock and Tammy's pussy was gushing profusely. Rose leaned in and began to touch her clit. Tammy exploded and Gary started fucking her in earnest. Rose manipulated her hard nub and each touch sent Tammy off again. Her body had never experienced anything like this and she was losing any sense of composure. Her nipples were being licked and pulled sweetly.

This was drawing a crowd and Gary slowed everything to a stop. He saw Mark standing there and he held Tammy tight. He kissed her and licked her neck. Gary whispered in her ear and Tammy was spun around. Gary's cock was still in her ass and she was panting when she felt Gary's hands begin to stroke her stomach and her breasts. Tammy started to purr and he didn't move his cock one bit. His hands moved to her lovely pussy lips and he opened her up with his fingers.

Mark stepped in and ran his long cock along her brilliant pink slit and his cock began to slide into Tammy. She looked at this gorgeous man and realized he was going to fuck her too. She wrapped an arm around his neck and he slid into her, his cock riding atop Gary's fabulous cock. They began to stroke and Tammy was wild with desire. Nothing could compare to this.

Rose loaded the mirror and Tammy inhaled deeply. The men began again and Tammy was floating somewhere between the moon and the stars. They were exquisite together and it was obvious they had a lot of experience together. Their cocks stroked in total harmony with one another. The pleasure they were bringing to Tammy was by far more than any woman could ever hope to receive.

Tammy was moaning and screaming as her tiny body was quaking from the massive orgasms surging through her tiny body. Jim walked up and Gary reached up and stroked his lovely cock. He pulled Jim to Tammy's tender lips and she opened her mouth and took this nice young man between her lips. Jim began to fuck her talented mouth as Gary and Mark stroked her deeply. Tammy was cumming to the point she nearly passed out. Every stroke brought her crushing orgasmic bliss and she never wanted this to end.

Jim was so turned on watching this tiny exquisite creature suck his cock that he began to spurt deep into her throat. Her hands held his cock as it exploded and she sucked him dry. Her lips caressed his swollen cock as spurt after spurt of his wonderful sperm washed her tonsils deliciously.

"Mark baby, cum in my mouth darling I want your cock to explode in my lips," Tammy shrieked.

Mark pulled out and brought his long cock to her lips. She wrapped her lovely face around his cock and she looked into his eyes pleading for his delicious present. Mark, always the gentleman, did not disappoint. His legs quivered; his stomach tightened; his cock exploded delivering a massive load onto her teeth. She sucked and caressed his balls as he filled her with his sweet load. Tammy loved the feel of the massive explosion of lust. She took him deep into her throat. Gary kept fucking her ass while she was sucking Mark dry. She held him in her throat as he began to soften. She kept caressing his cock with her tongue and coaxing the last drop from his perfect body.

He pulled out and she turned back around and began to kiss Gary deeply. He could taste the cum on her lips and he kissed her passionately. He stoked her ass sweetly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and she rode his cock deliciously.

"Ten fucking years I've waited for this night. Ten years, you delicious bastard. You made me wait this long and you know what? It was so worth it. I love you Gary. I have for ten years and now I know it was definitely worth it. Cum for me darling. Stand up and let me suck the cum from your cock. I want the world to watch me suck your cock dry," she whispered in his ear.

Gary pulled out and Tammy dropped to her knees. She held his cock and she looked into his eyes. Her mouth closed over his cock and her heart sang as she saw the care and affection in his eyes. She began to lick him, to suck him and to love him with all her heart. His cock pleased her in ways no man ever had and the very fact that he was between her lips now made her hear sing.

Tammy cradled his balls and she felt them pulse. As he expanded, she felt his cock fill as the delicious treat began to flow through his cock and into her hungry mouth. She tasted the first spurt and she sank her face completely onto his cock. He filled her throat and she sucked and swallowed. Her hands teased and caressed his balls and her throat opened and closed on his hard shaft. His balls slapped her chin and she loved the strength and passion flowing from him straight to her heart.

As he softened in her throat, Wendy and Rose began licking lovingly on each of her nipples. Tammy shuddered and sucked harder. Gary was still trembling and Tammy came yet again. She pulled him from her lips, turned and kissed Wendy and then Rose. She stood and kissed him again.

The crowd erupted in applause and congratulations.

"That's one down and three to go bro," Mark said.

"Ahem, excuse the fuck out of me. What, are we chopped liver? I just did a quick count Mark. I'm counting thirty two more women that want the exact same thing from you two," Holly exclaimed.

"Fuck that Holly," Jim said. "There are twenty-two guys here who want that too. We're prepared to stay until we get them too."

Everyone burst out laughing and the party continued.

Linda helped her cousin up and walked her over to the bar. "Are you okay Tammy? That was the wildest thing I've ever seen in my life. Those two men are incredible; they are so sexy, so sweet. Thank you darling for making this happen for me. I just hope that they do that to me someday. I have never had anything like that in my life. I was cumming right along with you. Fuck that was hot."

Gary walked up to the bar and someone poured him a drink. "Thank you, I don't know your name but eventually, I will." Gary took a long pull from his Cuba Libre and smiled. "One thing I know, you know how to pour a good drink."

He put his hands on Linda's shoulders and looked at Tammy who was sitting at the bar. "How are you darling? Was that good for you?"

"Did you just ask me if that was good for me? How many times do I have to ask this question? Are you the dumbest honky ever to walk this earth?"

"Tammy, watch your mouth or I'll slap the shit out of you. Don't you talk to him or anyone like that!" Linda was shocked.

"Gary started to laugh. Tammy was giggling when Gary leaned over and started kissing Linda's lovely, long neck. "Linda, Tammy and I have played this game since the day I met her. She came into my room and I said something, I can't remember what it was now, but it was very stupid. That was her answer to me and I knew right then that I wanted this perfect woman. We've been playing this game ever since. Oh, by the way, What Tammy just had will happen to you. Now, do you know what is very weird?"

"Okay, I'll bite, what is weird?" Linda asked.

"I just said that to a woman I have never as much as kissed. I may be forward but that is a stretch, even for me."

"Well boss, would this make things easier for you?" Linda turned and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Her spectacular body molded into him and he held her tight. Their kiss was amazing and Linda knew she had found a home, a wonderful home.

"Linda, I need a break for a few minutes but hold that thought my dear. You are a welcomed addition to my home. I am going to love having you around."

"I'm going to love being around too Gary. I've already had the pleasure of meeting Rose, Wendy and Debbie. They are amazing. I do have a question though. Will there always be this many people around here?"

"I don't know. Probably not but sometimes, there will be many people. We have massive construction set to begin next week. A large addition is scheduled to begin and there will be a lot of commotion but we'll survive it. Everyone will be on their best behavior when the workers are on the property. Once they are done for the day, it will just be our friends and us. We can relax and be ourselves."

"Sounds wonderful to me, I love being naked. I love to fuck and I am definitely good at it. You'll see. I know what you can do but I'm not too shabby either. I never thought I would ever find anything like this. Thank you so much."

Gary kissed her deeply. Her lips tasted sweet and her body felt wonderful against his. She stroked his chest with her long nails and her hands fell to his hardening cock. She felt him swell and looked into his eyes. She knelt, took his cock in her mouth, and loved the feel of him filling her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him and swallowed him deeply. She opened and closed her throat around his cock and she looked up into his eyes. She pulled him out, stood and kissed him again.

"I do enjoy appetizers, don't you darling?" Linda giggled.

"Oh, you are going to fit in fine around here." Gary smiled.

"Gary," Tammy grabbed his arm, "I'll give you my answer if you're interested. Was it good for me? Here is my answer. If you ever do that to me again, you can take this job and shove it. I won't be running your house; I'll be your fucking shadow for the rest of our lives. Every damned time I get close to you, I wind up being taken to places I never knew existed. I have a wild imagination but I can't keep up with you. No one has ever come close to satisfying me like you do and tonight, you went off the chart. Thank you darling."

"Tammy, welcome to the family. We'll let you in on a secret. The first time we met him, he did the same to us. He didn't take us airtight but he was the single best lover Nancy and I ever had. I've known him longer than you have and he just gets better every damned time. I know this has been quite a day for you and there are so many new people for you to get to know. I'm Kate and this is Nancy. Most of my friends call me Red. It is going to be fun getting to know you and the other girls."

Mark walked up to the bar and looked at Tammy. Red draped her arm over his shoulder and kissed him. "Tammy, I want to thank you darling that was great. I owe Gary an apology. When he went to the Keys, all he could do was talk about how hot the four of you are. You know writers; they tend to exaggerate. He sure as hell wasn't exaggerating about you. Anytime you want a repeat, just let us know." He kissed her and walked away talking with Gary.

They looked across the pool and saw Diane sitting with Ronnie. They were talking intently. "Dammit Gary, she could be Cherry's double. She is shorter and her ass is not as large but other than that, she is a damned close double," Mark said.

"I was thinking the same thing. I only met her briefly but she sure is impressive. I wonder what she is like in bed." Gary mused.

"If anyone is going to find that out, it is going to be you my friend. She is way too close to home for me right now. I wonder how well she photographs." Mark wondered.

"I don't know but I was thinking of having some shots done just to see. My offer still stands for Cherry. What do you think the chances are that things between you will get back to the way they were?"

"It has only been a couple of weeks. I can't say right now. I wish the fuck I knew. I never wanted this to happen. You, more than anyone, knows I fought this all my life. I have always tried to stay emotionally detached enough to keep my head focused. You know why too. Well, along comes this gorgeous creature from out of nowhere and the one thing I could not give her was the only thing she did not want. Boom, there goes my barrier and then, over time, I started feeling some serious things that shocked me. I let myself go and then the sky falls in. I doubt it will ever go back to the way it was. I just won't let it. I'll keep my eye on her and make sure she is okay but I am not going to let myself get hurt like that ever again."

"If she walked back into your life right now, you'd be the happiest guy on earth too. You can pull your bullshit on others but not me."

"Oh yeah," Mark said as he shoved Gary into the pool.

Diane and Ronnie were laughing and Mark walked up to them. They stood to greet him and they were laughing so he shoved them both into the pool too. He dove in and Diane swam up to him.

"I was beginning to think you had forsaken me my love. You should get to know Ronnie; she is a very nice woman. I know she isn't Cherry but I think that Gary should think about her for the catalog. She is damned sexy," Diane cooed.

"Gary and I were just discussing that hon. Gary didn't want to do anything until he checked with me. I don't know if I'll ever see her again. I told him to go ahead."

"Mark, what the hell happened?"

Mark held up his index finger to her lips. He leaned in and kissed her. She got the message, that question was off limits.

Ronnie swam up to Gary and put her arms around his neck. "I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be here. I had an opportunity to get to know Holly last week. She is one very special lady. I hope to be as spectacular someday as she is. Then, what she told us today completely blew me away. None of us had any idea about any of this. It sounds like it would be quite an opportunity for all of us. It is hard to process it all."

"Ronnie, let me start by saying this. You already are spectacular. When you started dancing this afternoon, Mark and I actually thought you were someone else. Once we realized what was happening, neither of us could take our eyes off you. You are a very sexy young woman. Next, you are welcome here anytime at all. Have you met my ladies?"

"Do you mean Wendy, Debbie and Rose? I sure have and I love them. They are fabulous. We had so much fun last week. Now I know what everyone was talking about last week. You definitely are one sexy, sexy man. Red and Nancy told me all about you too."

"Oh damn, I'm screwed," Gary laughed. "Now you know all my secrets. They always spill the beans on me and screw up my chances of being with a pretty girl."

"Do you seriously want me to believe you have any problem with getting pretty women? You live with three of the sexiest women I've ever known. Look around you. There is a sea of gorgeous all waiting their turn to be with you. I'd bet you get more pussy in a week that the average guy gets in a year." Ronnie tilted her head and kissed Gary lightly.

"I guess I do alright. If you want to know the truth, until the weekend you saw Holly and I, I was actually leading a mundane life. I was busy writing and some other things but I wasn't getting any at all."

"Now I'm confused. If that is the case, how did all this happen in such a short time?"

Gary took her hand and they walked to the bar. Jim was tending bar now. Gary started to laugh and he turned to Ronnie. "Did you hear what happened the first time I met Jim?" Jim was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face when suddenly this gorgeous brunette snaked herself to her feet between Jim and the bar.

"She knows Gary, She rushed right over to suck him herself just to get a taste of me darling," Holly snickered as she was wiping her lips.

Gary looked over the bar at Jim's freshly sucked cock. Ronnie burst out laughing. Gary just shook his head as Rose walked by and grinned, "People call me greedy. Sheesh, I learned from the master."

Gary took Ronnie and they sat by the pool. He told her the story and she was amazed. "Well, I'll be damned. The story they told us the other night was true. I can tell you one thing. If I lived in the same building as you for two years, I would have made damned sure I got to know you. I thought Rose was pulling my leg."

"You have to watch Rose; she'll be pulling more than your leg dear."

"They have all been pulling my clit for a week, I loved it,"

"I have a question for you. Are you one of the chefs?" Gary asked.

"No, I am great in the kitchen but I took management instead. This is going to sound awful but I want to tell you the truth. I always thought I was way too pretty to be hidden away in the kitchen. I want to either run a restaurant or a club." Ronnie took a sip of her drink and sighed, "I wanted to be a dancer or a model but I am too short."

Gary looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Will you do something for me in the next few days?"

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