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The Gilded Cage Ch. 06

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:02:21.990039

Jess had felt horribly embarrassed that someone else had seen her in that position. She knew Harry had seen her naked last night but she'd been too tired to care then. She wondered if Alex was going to parade her in front of lots of people and a knot twisted in her stomach ? she didn't like that idea at all. What if he decided to share her? Pass her around to his friends? She wanted to be Alex's and Alex's alone.

"I know you didn't like Harry seeing you naked Slave but he works for me. He'll have to take care of you when I'm away on business."

"M Master, how will he take care of me?" Jess nervously asked. Alex lifted Jess up and lowered her to her knees in front of him. As Jess arranged her hands on her thighs and spread her legs, Alex mulled over her question. Eventually she met his eyes and quickly lowered them again.

"Harry will make sure you get enough food and water. He'll check the glass doors are open for you during the day and keep your bathroom stocked with everything you might need." Alex explained in a matter-of-fact tone. Then his eyebrows creased together and his voice got quieter and more menacing.

"Or were you hoping he'd be fucking you at night as well?"

Jess's head shot up and with shock she looked into Alex's suddenly livid face.

"No Master, no." but it was too late. Alex had grabbed a handful of Jess's hair and was dragging her to the punishment room.

"NO! PLEASE MASTER! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Jess shouted as Alex produced the key and the glass doors slid back. He pulled her to the table and forced her to lie on it face up. His first thought was to spank her again but she was still too sore for that. He clipped her wrist cuffs to the corner rings above her head and then attached her ankle cuffs to the rings that were half way down the table so that her legs were bent. Then he got a length of rope and tied one end around her right knee. He passed the rope under the table and pulled her left knee out before tying the other end of rope around it. Now her knees were spread painfully open and her pussy was his for the taking. Jess was sobbing now and pleading with him to stop.

"This is for your own good Slave. You are mine. No-one else can touch you and I will make sure that the thought of being with other men never enters your head again." Jess babbled something he didn't quite catch and he was too angry to listen. He went to the wall and found a long handled wooden spoon that was perfect for the job. Striding back to Jess he didn't hesitate to bring it down with force on her exposed pussy.

SNAP! Jess screamed as he brought the spoon down a further 19 times. His anger somewhat abated, he returned the spoon to the wall before releasing Jess's knees from the harsh ropes.

"What did you learn Slave?" he asked roughly.

"I I learnt that I'm y yours and yours a alone Master. That no other man w will touch me. But Master, that's what I wanted to know. I don't want to belong to anyone else. I w was worried y you were go going to sh share me." Jess explained through her tears and then the wracking sobs overtook her again.

Alex felt his stomach drop. He'd jumped to the wrong conclusion and had punished her unfairly. There she lay with her pussy lips and labia bright red and swollen, crying her heart out because she'd been too afraid to ask him a direct question or explain that she was worried.

"Oh no. Oh Jess I'm sorry." said Alex hastily releasing her wrists and ankles. He gathered her into his arms and rocked her.

"I'm so sorry Jess, I thought you wanted to sleep with him and I got jealous. Are you alright? Did I hurt you too much? I'm so sorry." Jess didn't answer. She focused on his arms cradling her, his soft voice soothing her and the fact that he had called her 'Jess'. Alex carried her out to the circular sun-mattress and pulled up the hood so that she was in the shade before settling himself between her legs and bathing her beaten pussy with his soft wet tongue. He lavished attention on her clit and labia feeling her rock gently in time with his motions.

"Please Master, please say it again." said Jess curling her fingers into his hair.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry" he whispered into her velvety folds.

"No. You said my name. Please say it again." Alex looked up and met her eyes. He hadn't realized he'd done that. But how could he refuse her now?

"Jessica." and she came.

Harry had seen and heard enough. Just moments after he had witnessed Alex spanking Jess's already bruised bottom, he saw him drag her by her hair into the punishment room. Jess's screams were still ringing in his ears as he flipped open the laptop and booked 2 seats on a plane from the mainland. He knew Alex would be busy with Jess for the next couple of hours and he spent the time arranging for 2 fake passports to be left at the airport, concocting a sham appointment that would call Alex to one of his offices urgently, transferring funds from Alex's account into his and making sure that a speed boat would be waiting for them at the jetty by nightfall. He couldn't afford to delay any longer ? at this rate Jess would be dead by the end of the week.

Alex had spent the entire morning pampering Jess. She had sat on his lap while he fed her breakfast and he had brought her to orgasm twice more using his fingers alone. They'd had a swim together where they shared their first real kiss and lay in the hammock to dry off with Jess curled into his arms. After he had gently penetrated her on the bed and pushed her to her fourth climax of the morning, she had pleaded with him to let her take him in her mouth. The sight of Jess on her knees looking up into his eyes with her mouth full of his cock would be one he would never forget and he had shouted her name when he released his come down her throat. They took a shower together after that and Alex left her to doze on the bed while he pulled on his clothes.

He opened the door with a swish and reached for the control panel to order a late lunch when he saw Harry running down the corridor towards him.

"Harry? What's wrong?"

"Sir, the London office just called. They need you urgently. The deal has fallen through and they're running around like headless chickens up there."

"Shit. That Montgomery is a complete idiot. I don't know why I haven't fired him before."

"I've booked your private jet Sir. It leaves in an hour and the helicopter is waiting to take you to the mainland now. Your suit and laptop are on board."

"What would I do without you Harry?! Look after Je...Slave while I'm gone and remember ? look but don't touch." Alex said with a smile as he headed up the stairs to the helipad on the roof.
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