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Ride (A Slave's Fantasy)

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:02:42.50496

Dearest Mistress, I had the following fantasy about you today. Let us make it real as soon as possible.

You came in to my bedroom and announced that you were going horseback riding today. You stood me up and stripped off my clothes. Then you ordered me to lie down on the bed face up. You tied my hands and feet to the posts on the corners of the bed.

Then you got out some rawhide "reins" and tied them around my balls and my rapidly swelling prick. You said that you liked your saddle horn to be big and hard. So you traced your fingernails up and down my prick and licked it slowly until it was hard as a rock. Then you said you were going for a bucking bronco ride and that you didn't like it if your horse was broken before the ride was over. I knew that meant that I couldn't come until you were finished with your ride and you told me I could.

Then you swung your leg up and over my head and mounted my mouth with your muff. You began the ride slowly, running your hand up and down your "saddle horn," which you grabbed tightly. You also gripped my balls tightly and rolled and squeezed them while you kept running your hand up and down my shaft and began to rock on my face. It was all I could do to keep from coming right then.

Then you began to rock on my mouth more and more violently, and you released my balls and prick and yanked on the reins as if to say "giddyup." I knew what you wanted and began to buck my head as you continued to pull on the reins that were wrapped around my gonads. You "posted," bouncing up and down on my yearning mouth. You ground yourself into me and my mouth French kissed the sweet mouth of your cunt every time you came pounding down upon my face. You bounced and bounced and rubbed your slit up and down my face and tongue while you continued to pull cruelly on the reins if I let up for a minute. I felt you tremble and come over and over again, and my face was soaked with your juices, but still you pulled and pulled on the reins and I lapped at you as fast and hard as I could to stop the pain caused by the reins pulling on my balls. Finally I felt you shudder and come not one or two but three times. The last one was hard and your whole body convulsed and you cried out.

You collapsed on me, your breasts lying against my naked abdomen and you plunged my cock into your mouth. I could feel your tongue traveling over it so fast that I felt I could not keep myself from coming no matter how hard I tried. Still, you hadn't told me the ride was over, so I held back as best I could, although I knew a few sperm surely had managed to sneak out with the precum the oozed out with every spasm of my prick. You then began to lick my aching balls, taking them all the way into your mouth alternately. As you licked them, you told me that it was still not time for me to come and that you still needed several more orgasms before you would allow me to come. Then you began to run your tongue up and down my throbbing cock with your fingers wrapped around it, your little finger tickling my balls. I began to eat you as hard as I could because I knew I could not last much longer and I did not want to be punished for coming before you did.

You continued to suck and lap and tickle my prick and balls and I felt I was ready to explode so I raised up my head and began to eat your clit and pussy like never before. Finally, you lost interest in my prick and balls and rocked back on me as I ate you and ate you and ate you. I felt your body shudder when you came the first time and then shudder again and again as you came in a cascade of convulsions. Finally, you collapsed on my belly once again and plunged my prick into your mouth with the last bit of energy you had. "OK," you said, and pressed your tongue against me and squeezed my balls as my whole body shook and I poured all my hot fluid into your hungrily sucking mouth.

Afterward, you lay on me quietly for forty minutes before you moved again.

Please, my mistress, take your horse for such a ride tonight.
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Cuckold Heaven Ch. 02

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For several days after Colleen first exposed my cuckold desires she was buoyant. It was as if my confession lifted a weight from her chest, as if she could breathe again. I didn't know then that she had been wracked by guilt over her adulterous desir ...
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Foot Slave to Three Women

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Human Resources Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:08:05.886382

When the email popped up, I though it was just another meeting.

"HR Review, 4-5pm Tuesday, Room 1038"

Great, more meetings, I thought. At least I could head out right after this one, and maybe even leave early.
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