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Timmy's New Job Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:13:52.761019

Mary and Becky solemnly led the procession down the long marble hall. Their naked feet echoed ominously from the walls of the cathedral like corridor, while two tall, strong girls followed transporting the tiny boy. Timmy hung from a steel rod borne on the shoulders of the two girls, as he swung painfully between their nude, muscular bodies.

The frightened Timmy wanted to beg them to let him down, but a ball gag muffled his screams for help. The gag projected like a cone into his throat causing him to gag. Drool flowed like slimy ribbons from Timmy's mouth through a whole in the middle of the ball gag. His warm saliva flowed down his naked chest onto his hard shaft and off the tip of his swollen penis.

At the end of the hall stood enormous double doors made of polished mahogany with two tall, naked girls who acted as sentries. They immediately opened the doors allowing the procession to enter unhindered. The hall was massive with tall ceilings, marble floors, and mirrored walls with ornately gilded gold frames.

Mistress Evilynn was enthroned at the head of the mirrored hall, and regally motioned for them to come forward. As they approached Mistress Evilynn cooly inspected the tiny Timmy that hung helplessly in pain. Her luscious red lips arched back into a cruel grin while she enjoyed the agony on Timmy's small face.

"Slave! Suck my pussy!" she ordered.

A naked boy dutifully dropped to his knees before her. She opened her fur line robe and exposed her voluminous breast, firm abs, and strong, large round ass, and muscular thighs. Evilynn casually draped her long, shapely legs over the cushioned arms of her throne and motioned to the small boy to begin. The slave boy's face drowned in cum, as he buried his eager small face deep between her huge pussy lips privileged with the task of satisfying her cruel lust. She sank back in her seat and moaned, while her legs jerk with spasms of pleasure, and her mountainous breast rolled and bounced across her chest like firm jello! She watched while Timmy was tortured as he hung before her. Her sadistic laughter filled the hall as Timmy pathetically jerked and twitched like a bug by his arms as cattle prods repeatedly jabbed his balls and cock. With each jolt, Timmy's cock became harder and longer!

While she enjoyed the torture she asked Becky, "How would you punish Mary? What do you think I should do to her?"

She cooly watched as confusion formed on Mary's face. Becky spent much of her time fantasizing about getting even with Mary. Now the opportunity was finally here!

"I would give her two options: Hang her on a cross for a full eight hours or be my toilet slave for a week!" Becky proudly suggested.

"That's an excellent suggestion!" Mistress Evilynn praised. "That's just what I shall do to you, Becky. I am tired of your disobedience and lazy attitude. Which punishment do you want? Mary, I owe you a birthday present. Would you enjoy Becky as a toilet slave or hung from a cross?"

Becky fell prostrate before Mistress Evilynn and pleaded, "Please Mistress! Forgive me!"

"That's up to Mary" Mistress said.

"May I have anything I want?" Mary asked.

"Yes, you may."

"May I have the new boy as my whore?"

"What about Becky?"

"Let her go with a warning. If she doesn't change, she will become my permanent toilet slave."

"I will do as you wish, but I get the use of your boy as a pain slut and whore occasionally."

"Yes Mistress. Will you grant me another request? May I adopt Timmy as my son?"

"Why would you want to do that?" Mistress asked?

"I've always wanted to fuck my own son," Mary answered.

Mistress Evilynn laughed, "Yes, wicked Mary! Incest is my favorite also! Every summer when my nephew comes to stay I make him sleep naked in my bed and smother him with my breast."

Mary and Timmy sat in leather cushioned chairs as the lawyer explained to Timmy, "By signing this document you not only become Mary's son, but also her property!"

"A slave? I will become Mary's slave? Is that what you want Mary?" Timmy asked.

"Yes Timmy. I love you, and I want you to be my son, whore, and slave boy. Be sure before you sign. This is a life long commitment," Mary warned. "It can't be changed."

"I never belonged to anyone before. I never had parents, no family, friends, or a home. I've always been alone and no one cares about me. Now I live in a mansion full of big sisters and a mommy who wants to fuck me! I want to be your son and your whore Mary," Timmy said as he carefully signed the document. "There! It is done!"

"Now you're mommy's little baby boy," Mary said.

"Will I sleep in your bed mommy?" Timmy asked.

"Yes, and Mommy will rape her little boy every chance she gets."

"When will you rape me mommy?"

"Tonight baby. Mommy will rape you tonight! Now come to mommy."

Mary picked Timmy up and held him in her arms like a baby and said, "Suck on my tits and drink mommy's milk. That's a good boy!"

Timmy satisfied his empty stomach with Mary's warm milk and fell asleep in her arms.

end part 3
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Chapter 1

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