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Office Slave

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:32:29.964728

You have been stuck in your office all day, you should be home now but you were told that someone had asked for you specifically and that they would be late coming in. So here you are sitting at your desk waiting.

Looking at your watch you know everyone else has gone home and would be relaxing, fixing themselves a drink and putting their feet up, but no you are stuck here waiting for someone who doesn't seem to be coming.

You snap out of your daydream and look up.

Slightly startled you look at me.

"Oh...erm, sorry I was just." You stutter as you try to figure out how I could have been so silent.

"Yes, I know what you were doing," I say walking closer to the desk, you try to look at my face but I have cleverly hidden it with my hair falling over one eye and a gothic veil over the other, all you can see is the lower half of my face.

I sit down and you know I am looking intently at you as I place what looks like to be a rather large handbag beside my feet.

"So," you clear your throat, "what is it I can do for you?" I cross my legs and you see a glimpse of suspender belt as the slit on the side of my skirt opens slightly.

"Ahhhh, yes. What can you do for me?" You see a flash of a smile upon my purple lips as your eyes follow down my neck and come to a rest at my voluptuous breasts; you wonder who helped me into such an amazing corset that created such a wondrous hourglass figure.

"Well that's what you have to tell me," you smile warmly.

"No! That's what you have to tell me," I stand up and lean over your desk, "My darling."

You realise who is in your office and your cock instantly hardens as your mind flashes back to the steamy e-mails and instant messages, you see my eyes look down and you hear a devious laugh escape my lips.

"Oh dear, what have I done." I purr reaching over and grabbing your crotch, "excited already, and I haven't even started." I release my grip and walk around your desk, you want to fall to the floor and kneel before me but this is your work place. How could I do such a thing to you?

I reach for the arms of your chair and swivel you round to face me.

"What do you say to Mistress?" You're suddenly dumbstruck as you look into my face for but a moment and your head snaps down in respect.

"Sorry Mistress," you mumble.

"Good boy," I coo as I stroke up your arm, my hand moves over your neck, up to your cheek and SMACK! The slap doesn't hurt so much as take you by surprise.

"Kneel!" I move back a step giving you only enough room to kneel so closely to me you can feel my body heat. I crouch down in front of you and lift your head up, looking you in the eyes.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" You shake your head, "whatever I want is the correct answer." I release your head and move your chair around to the front of you, sitting down I place my feet up on your desk.

"Close the blinds and make sure the door is closed." I watch as you go about your little tasks, leaning back in your chair you notice my hand move under the slit in my skirt. You can see it moving under the fabric, up and down, slowly, up and down.

"Mmmm," you hear me say and see me bite my bottom lip. I stop and turn my head to you.

"Have you finished?"

"Yes Mistress," you say.

"Back down in front of me!" I order and start to play with myself again; as you kneel in front of me I move one leg and place it on your shoulder, the other stays on your desk. You see my hand moving faster now and hear my breath quicken, you start to look away for fear of being slapped again.

"Keep watching my darling," I say as my hips start moving and you start to smell my pussy, oh it smells so warm and inviting. Faster and faster my hand moves and as my back arches you hear me call out.

I slump back into your chair and look at you, you can hear my fingers playing with my juices and I pull my hand out you see them glistening in the light. I sit forwards.

"Open wide," you obediently open your mouth and I place my fingers inside, stroking my pussy juice into your tongue. "How does that taste?" I say taking my fingers out of your mouth and placing them into my own.

"Wonderful Mistress," you say as you see my tongue swirl over my fingers.

"Strip!" I command, you stand up and start taking off your clothes placing them on the desk until you are totally naked before me. "That's better," I say as you instantly kneel in front of me again, naked and hard as a rock.

"If you are a good boy and do as your told I will reward you, but if your bad I will have to get something out of my bag to punish you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," you say.

Suddenly my hand reaches out and grabs your cock, I start stroking it slowly setting a rhythm, getting faster and faster until I see a drop of pre-cum at the head, I lean over and flick my tongue over it, your body shudders at the sensation.

"On the floor, face up," You lean back and take position looking straight up at the over head lights, you hear fabric being moved but don't dare look at me.

"You have been good so far, so a little treat." You see my panties as I place them over your mouth and nose, you can smell my pussy all over them as you feel my weight come down on your tummy.

I bring my face so close to yours and I start to inhale my own aroma.

"Mmmm, that does smell so good, doesn't it?"

"Yes Mistress," you manage a muffed answer from under my panties. I gently pull them up to reveal your mouth; I lean in and gently kiss you, then suddenly pull away sitting up over you.

You feel my hands run over your chest and down, you feel my nails dig in and scratch up to your nipples and back down. You feel me lean over again and light kisses moving over the scratch marks towards your nipples, my tongue moves swiftly over your left nipple then you feel pressure as I bite down, harder and harder until you whimper out in pain. I sit up.

"Now, now. No noise my darling," I lean back down and start kissing up the right side of your chest, reaching your nipple you feel the swirl of my tongue before the hard bite. I lean up over you and look into your eyes.

"I could fuck you right now, would you like that, Mistress fucking you on your office floor?" You don't have time to answer as I reach between my breasts and pull out a condom. I move swiftly opening it and placing it onto your hard cock.

"Watch!" I say, you look over and see me move my skirt over and slowly lower myself onto you.

"Mmmm, that feels good." I say as I start rocking on your cock. "Mistress likes to have her slave below her." I say moving faster and faster, your cock is hitting my g-spot as you feel my pussy tighten and I cum hard. I slow down and start moving my pussy right up your cock and then back down, up almost to the tip and down taking it all, up again and back down. I stop and look at you.

"I think I'll cum again," I say moving back up your cock and down, the movements getting faster and faster, your cock banging in and out of my pussy as your hips move with me, helping me to cum, my pussy tightens again and I bite my lip as I let the ripples of orgasm flood through my body.

I look down at you and smile.

"Now my darling," I move my panties from your face. "You gonna love this."

I get up and walk around to your head, I reposition my pussy over your mouth and kneel, you know what to do and start licking as my pussy, your tongue searching the entire slit front to back, you can smell everything; my pussy, my ass and it's intoxicating.

You feel my hips start rocking and pushing against your tongue, you feel a shudder and more of my juices flow onto your waiting face, you feel my hand creep down your body and grab hold of your cock, stroking it hard and fast. Quicker and quicker the strokes become as I grind my pussy into your face covering it with my juices, then suddenly I stop and move away. I stand up and move back over to your chair, sitting down in it.

"Get up and kneel before me!" You do as your told. "Worship my boots." You start kissing and licking my boots, holding my foot so gently in your hands, stroking the leather and caressing the heel.

"Move your kisses up," I say, you start kissing up the inside of my leg, reaching the knee you cup it and stroke it, you can smell my pussy again, you're so close.

You feel my other boot against your shoulder and I push you back down.

"My, you have been very good haven't you?" I purr leaning over you. "I may even let you fuck me right on your desk," I stand up and move over to your desk, perching upon it I open my skirt up again and beckon you to stand up and come closer to me.

"Rule one, I am your Mistress. Rule two, only I can tell you what to do. Rule three, you must ask permission to cum every time." I grab your cock and pull you to me, guiding it into my wet hole, I wrap my legs around your waist and you start pushing your cock all the way into my pussy and out again, you feel my hands claw your shoulders.

"What are the rules?" I say as you push your cock back into my pussy all the way to the hilt.

"Rule one, you are my Mistress," your movements start getting faster; banging your cock in and out of my pussy, "rule two, only you can tell me what to do." I stroke down your arms and pull them around me, pushing your hands onto my ass. You start pulling me on to your cock, faster and faster.

"Rule three, I must ask permission to cum every time." You're getting quicker as our movements start matching, you start breathing heavier.

"Again! Rules!" You feel my pussy start twitching again as you drive your cock into me.

"Rule one, you are my Mistress," you feel me bite down on your shoulder and pull you even closer, you fuck faster and faster, "rule two, oh god.... can I cum Mistress?" You thrust harder and harder, pulling my ass into you with every thrust.

"Yes," you hear me whisper as you thrust in hard and cum.

"Oh god!" You sigh and you empty yourself with couple more strokes.

You pull out and look down; I move swiftly and take off the condom. I take it over to my bag and open it; taking out a small plastic bag I wrap it up in some tissue and place it inside.

"You don't want anyone to find it do you?" I smile as I place it back into my bag.

"Get dressed!" You start replacing you clothes that now look a little wrinkled.

"Now you know the rules, this is just the beginning." I turn and walk out of the door.

You look down and notice my panties on the floor; you pick them up and push them deep into your pocket. They will come in useful later, you think to yourself with a smile.
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