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Awakening of Fannie Ch. 12

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:33:50.926162

Fannie goes through seven full days of training to learn how to be the perfect slave for her Master! The chapter will be divided into days as the poor girl is ravaged and tormented in the beginning only to be transformed into a rabid nymphomaniac!

Day 1-Do not upset thy Master!

Fannie is following closely behind the slave girl as she is led away from her husband. The leather collar on her neck is connected by a leash that is being used to pull her along. Both women are wearing their white slave dresses and Fannie can see glimpses of the slave's ass peeking through the opening in the back. She is taken down to the basement where the dungeons are and wondered why she wasn't taken directly to her quarters upstairs in the main house.

"Will you be taking me to my room soon?" Fannie asked as her eyes adjust to the dim lighting.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Master will hear and punish us both!" The slave said softly as she picked up the pace.

Fannie couldn't understand why anyone would be punished for asking a simple question but she will soon find out! They no sooner entered the cold dark dungeon when Master X appeared through another doorway. He is tall and appears muscular under his black robe. The hood is up and hides his face whenever he isn't looking directly at you giving him an air of mystery.

The room is large and has old stone walls and a cement floor. The lighting was very poor but she could make out shackles on the walls and some hanging from the ceiling. Rings on the floor below them had chains with more shackles attached. There was a table down the other side of the room and one of the walls were covered with many implements of pain and torture such as whips and paddles.

"Prepare her for me. Put her here!" Master X told the slave girl.

"Yes Master!" the girl replied as she brought Fannie to where the shackles were located in the center of the room.

"And take that damn dress off of her! She won't need it for a while!" he finished.

The slave slipped the dress up over Fannie's head and placed it on the table neatly. She then attached the shackles first to her wrists and then to her ankles leaving her arms and legs spread slightly. Fannie shivered a little from the cold steel now touching her skin.

"Will we be down here long? It's awfully cold isn't it?" Fannie casually blurted out.

Master X quickly spun around to face her as the slave girl had a look of shock on her face!

"Oh I'm sorry. Are you uncomfortable?" He asked sarcastically.

The slave girl was behind her Master and signaled for Fannie to be quiet. She realized now that she made a mistake and would have done anything to take it back but it was too late!

"You poor girl! Let me get you something to warm you up!" he said as he walked toward the wall with the torture devices. He looked just briefly and walked back carrying a long flogger! Her eyes filled with terror as the man walked around her letting the cool leather slide up her body and over her shoulder. Suddenly he drew it back over his head and down upon her back with a loud "SMACK"!

"Owwwwwwwwwwww!" She screamed.







"TO" smack





"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed in agony.

He showed no mercy! He continued flogging her over and over! He would alternate between her back and her stomach. Between her breasts and her ass! Fannie squealed as her pale skin turned bright red! The lashes did not break the skin or cause serious welts on her body but they stung like hell! Just when she thought that she couldn't take another blow he stopped and just looked at the girl as she sobbed.

"Will you ever ask me another dumb question again?" He asked looking into her eyes.

"No!" She replied weakly.



"No what?"

"No Master!" She replied hoping that she got it right.



"Yes Sir!"



"Maybe you can be trained after all but you will still be punished for all infractions. Understand?"

"Yes sir!" She replies between sobs.

"Let's try playing a little game. I am going to ask you some questions. If you get the answer wrong I will whip you. If you get the answer right I will whip you. If you don't answer the question at all I will whip you until you do! Sound like fun? OK let's begin!" He spoke as though they were going to play a game.

"What is your name?" He asked calmly.

"Fannie" she replied.




"What is your name?"

"Fannie, Sir!"



"You don't have a name, you stupid twit! I have not given you one yet! So once again, WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" He asked as he held the flogger up high.

Fannie didn't know what to say but she knew that she had to answer anyway!

"I do not have a name yet, Sir!"

"CORRECT!" He shouted!

SMACK! He brought the flogger down hard on her left breast.


She was beside herself. Confused and disoriented she did not know what to say anymore! She would be whipped no matter what she said! He asked question after question. Some were personal questions about herself and some were just questions of trivia. It didn't matter. She had to endure the punishment either way!

Suddenly, and without another word, he stopped. He walked over to the wall and hung the flogger back in its place. Continuing on, he walked through the open doorway and he was gone leaving a sobbing and exhausted Fannie to suffer and reflect.

The slave girl came back into the dungeon carrying a glass of water and a damp cloth. She slowly lifted Fannie's head and offered the water by placing the glass to her lips. Fannie greedily drank all of the water as some spilled onto her sore breasts. Placing the glass down the girl returned and gently placed the cool cloth to Fannie's face wiping away her tears. She tenderly continued soothing her with the cloth bringing her back to reality.

"Thank you." She spoke in hushed tones in case the Master returned. "Why is he doing this to me? I don't know what he wants?"

"Be very quiet." The slave girl whispered back in her ear. "He does this because he cares for you. He does it to make you the best. Once you get through this it gets better. You'll see!"

The words no sooner left her mouth as Master X returned. She quickly backs away from Fannie and stands behind him as he speaks.

"I haven't introduced you to my slave. Her name is Heidi." She smiles and nods to Fannie from out of her Master's view. "It wasn't her name when she arrived here but I liked that name for her and have called her that ever since. I don't remember what she was called before she arrived here but it is of no consequence."

She thought it unusual that he would refer to the girl by a name rather than refer to her only as slave as she suspected he would. Heidi is a very cute, petite, young girl that appears to be in her early twenties but could easily pass for sixteen! She has long blond hair and blue eyes. She has a thin body with breasts that stand up high on their own and are disproportionately large for her body. Her large erect nipples strain to poke through the thin white material of her dress! From what Fannie could see of her butt earlier, as it peeked out of the slit in the back of her dress, it is tight and round. She appears to be happy in her role as slave and will prove to be very helpful with getting Fannie through her training.

"Before we resume I will set you free for a bit as you might not get another chance for a while. You will now relieve yourself. I strongly recommend that you do!"

"Yes, thank you Sir." She replied sheepishly.

Fannie was a little embarrassed about the subject and of the way that it was proposed to her. Heidi unlocked her restraints and nodded to Fannie not to waste this chance. Fannie took her advice but it wasn't as if she had a choice!

"Heidi, show her the way!" he said with a wave of his hand.

Fannie was rubbing her sore wrists as the girl grabbed her arm and hurriedly pulled her along like an excited child to a candy shop! She stumbled behind the girl looking forward to the rest she might get sitting down for a good shit! They didn't go far as the girl stopped at a darkened corner of the dungeon. Fannie looked a bit confused as the girl motioned toward the floor. A look of shock came over Fannie's face when she looked down and focused on an old discolored pot in the corner. She looked first to the girl and then to Master X who had followed close behind. Realizing her reluctance he spoke.

"Heidi, I think that a demonstration is in order. Show her how it's done!" He commanded.

"Yes Master!" She replied.

Without hesitation she appeared more than happy to show Fannie how it is done. She quickly pulled her long white dress around and bunched it in front exposing her legs and tiny ass. Then she squatted over the ugly pot. A loud fart came from her small ass before she pushed out a large healthy turd. This was followed by a long stream of piss which changed tone as it filled the bottom of the pot.

Fannie was mortified! 'They don't expect me to actually shit in a pot!' She thought. 'Especially not right in front of them!'

Heidi remained for a moment to be sure that her duty was done and the last drops of urine dripped from her body. She seemed to shake her ass a little before she suddenly sprang back up to her feet. She straightened her dress covering her ass and quickly stepped out of the way so that Fannie could take her turn. Fannie had other ideas at first as she looked at the disgusting mix inside of the pot!

"Don't worry. You will get used to it. Your master may not allow you to use a toilet as you will only be a mere slave when you leave here. You better familiarize yourself. Besides, you have no choice. You either shit in the pot or I will continue to punish you until you do. NOW GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE!" He shouted.

Fannie was totally humiliated! She had no choice but to do as he asks. Things will only get much worse for her if she gets him mad! She slowly walks over and straddles the pot. She avoids looking down as she squats. Suddenly the smell wafts up and hits her right in the face. About to wretch she holds her breath as she pushes and forces the shit from her ass. This is followed by a stream of piss splashing into the pot much like Heidi did. As she prepares to get up it dawns on her that Heidi didn't wipe and she too has no way of cleaning herself. She decides to stand after a moment and await further orders.

"I believe in good hygiene and will not allow my slaves to live here with shitty asses! Slave, kneel here!" He says to Fannie as he points to a spot on the floor. "Heidi, I want you to show our new slave how it's done!"

"Yes, Master!" Heidi said excitedly!

She proceeded to walk over to Fannie and standing with her back to the woman she bent at the waist as the girl's ass poked through the rear of the dress inches from her face! Again Fannie wretched for as sweet as this young girl was an unclean ass will smell bad just the same!

"You will learn to clean it as your master will surely require that you do so for him. In fact I know of masters that have their slaves clean them like this daily! As a slave you will get used to it in time. In fact if you have the makeup to be a slut then you will find that the act of doing something thought of as being as dirty as licking shit from someone's ass will only cause you to become more sexually aroused. It will work out well for both of you!"

He walked around behind Fannie as she just stared at the girl's ass. Heidi spread her cheeks to help as she awaited the new slave's tongue. Fannie was not unfamiliar with analingus as she has performed it before but only on her boss, Cindy. She had always desired to lick her boss's ass but she did not even know this girl and the fact that she had just taken such a large shit caused her to hesitate. Suddenly she felt the Master's hand on the back of her head as he pushed her face into the open anus! He held her there pushing her face roughly into the younger girl's inviting bottom to where she couldn't breathe.

"Now lick it clean! I will not have my favorite slave prancing around smelling like shit. Clean it good or you will be punished more than you deserve already!" He demanded as he stepped back to watch.

Fannie started to do as told. She began flicking her tongue out briefly to taste before taking longer strokes which eventually would cover the entire crack from bottom to top.

She began to think about her situation here. How she was once a loving housewife that acted like any other, going shopping, doing housework, and having sex with her husband the conventional way when possible. Now her husband has sent her away to be a slut and his own personal slave and she wanted it!

'How degrading this is!' She thought. 'To have allowed my self-esteem to fall so low that I must clean the ass of a worthless slave with my tongue! A slave! I am now less than human! My husband wants me to be this way! So does my boss! Now I must do whatever disgusting or humiliating thing that they want me to do. I know that this is all wrong but it excites me! The more they force me to do these things the hotter I get!'

"Ohhhhhhh that tickles!" Giggled Heidi.

Fannie found her hand moving down to her naked pussy out of the Master's view. She slipped her middle finger between her lips and it slid into her moist hole.

"You have to excuse the girl. She is not used to receiving it from the other side." He said as he allowed Fannie to do her work. "By the time you leave here you will be an expert ass licker. I'm sure that I will enjoy your tongue many times." After watching Fannie lapping at a very appreciative Heidi's ass he said. "OK enough! Let me see how you did."

Fannie removed her hand from her pussy and sat back on her heals as the Master inspected her handiwork. He spread Heidi's bottom and looked closely for any residue. Satisfied with that he put his face in close and sniffed to see if any foul odor remained. He noticed that the girl was starting to get excited by this attention as a drop of her juices formed at the entrance of her cunt!

"Our new slave has done a good job! It appears that you enjoy our new slave licking your ass! There will be plenty more chances for you to come! I think that now it is time reciprocate don't you Heidi?"

The girl jumped up with glee!

"OH YES! Oh can I really? Thank you Master! Thank you!"

Heidi quickly helped Fannie to her feet. She got her into position, bent over at the waist with her hands on her knees and her feet spread apart. She knelt behind her and without hesitation spread her ass cheeks and buried her face in it. Licking for all she was worth she made loud slurping and sucking sounds as she lost herself in her work. Fannie began to enjoy the action as she started moaning with pleasure as Heidi worked her tongue into her puckered anus. Master X walked around to watch the action from the front as he noticed Fannie's back arched allowing Heidi deeper access into her rectum. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she felt the first bits of pleasure warm her body. Not one to miss an opportunity to enhance her training Master X opened his robe and slipped his erect cock into her mouth!

Fannie was surprised as his penis pushed its way deep into her mouth. She began to gag as a long stream of saliva ran down from her chin.

"RELAX YOUR THROAT!" He commanded as he pulls out and gives her face a hard slap!

"Now open your mouth wide and relax your throat! I will teach you the art of pleasuring a man by allowing him to fuck your throat only. Relax your throat muscles and do not allow your lips or teeth to make contact with my penis. I will control things from this end. Just keep your neck straight and try not to breath."

He held her by the back of her head and moved his hips forward and back as he slid his cock all of the way in until his balls swung under her chin and then pulled all the way out as a string of saliva hung between her bottom lip and the head of his cock.

She continued to make gagging noises as he punished her throat using the entire length of his 9" cock! Heidi was in a world of her own as she ate Fannie's ass and was now massaging her clit with her free hand. Every time the cock was jammed into Fannie's mouth she was pushed back into Heidi's face!

Master X removed something from the pocket of his black robe and passed it to Heidi. It was a butt plug and the young girl was very familiar with its use. She ran her tongue around inside of Fannie's asshole until she was sure that she was ready. She put the plug into her mouth to wet it before she placed it at her opening. Just as the Master made another stroke she pushed it into her ass with one quick press! A quick moan came from Fannie and the deed was done!

Fannie was just starting to get into it as Heidi started to moan on the verge of orgasm. Master X could see this and gave the woman a few more hard pushes as he presses her head tight up against himself and starts shooting his load down her throat. She was gagging and coughing as he held her there until he finished pumping all of his semen down her throat!

He backed away and Fannie fell to the floor at his feet coughing and trying to catch her breath. Heidi, in the meantime, was still kneeling and rubbing her pussy as she came.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Her pelvis jerked as she slapped at her pussy causing a tremendous orgasm as her Master watched.

With Fannie still trying to catch her breath he grabbed her by the hair and gets her to her feet. Dragging her to the examination table at the other end of the dungeon she stumbles along and falls to her hands and knees onto the hard cement floor. He pulls her up by the hair roughly and drags her along until she reaches the table and collapses across it. Her head and hands hung over the other side as her still sore bottom faced the Master.

"Get up!" He commanded.

Without giving her a moment to catch her breath he reached over to the wall and grabbed a leather covered paddle. He quickly brings it down on the poor woman's upturned ass causing her to scream loudly


He continued his assault on her ass as he told her over and over to get up. She scrambled up onto the table and lay on her back. Without hesitation he took the restraints from each corner and locked them onto her wrists. Placing her feet in the stirrups he straps them down tight before he spreads them apart and locks them into place. He then took a ball gag from the wall and just as she was able to breathe again he put it in her mouth and secured it behind her head.

She now lies naked on the examination table, tired and beaten, with her arms and legs secure and a gag in her mouth. The table is much like you would see in a doctor's office with a few extras! It has stirrups at one end like at a gynecologist office. Several straps hang from all sides as chains and pulleys hang from the ceiling above. The walls nearby are covered with various implements of torture and there was a strange motorized contraption at the far end that she will become familiar with later.

Although the surface was cold on her naked flesh it was a relief to get off of her feet for the first time since she arrived. It seemed like she had already been here forever as it has been a long and agonizing day! She doesn't know if she can take any more but she is sure that something will happen again soon!

Master X wheels a cart toward the table and places it to the side behind her head out of her site. It is a T.E.N.S unit. An electrical device with dials and wires with pads on the ends which, if used properly, can cause pleasing electrical pulses to any place on the body. When used for other purposes it can cause excruciating pain!
He took the electrode pads and applied a healthy amount of lubricant before he began placing them in position. The first two pads were put on either side of her labia. He spread extra lubricant to avoid any danger of complication from a bad connection which could burn her skin. He put the next two at either side of her stomach and the last two directly on her nipples where they would be very effective.

As he warms up the machine he checks to make sure that everything is right. Heidi enters carrying a towel. She folds it and raises Fannie's head to place it underneath. They lock eyes as if in silent contact. Heidi's eyes were saying that she wished that she could help as she softly lowers Fannie's head onto the cushion of the folded towel.

Master X places a heavy leather mask over her eyes to take away one more of the woman's senses. She lies motionless awaiting her next trial. The wait isn't long as the Master turns on the TENS unit. Slowly he raises the voltage until she begins to feel a tingle. He allows the pulses to cycle through the individual electrodes. They would start with the two pads on her nipples which caused her to squirm a little and then down to her stomach which caused more of a tickle. When it got down to her pussy it got the result that he was looking for as she raised her hips a bit and gave a low moan.

He left this setting on for a while with Fannie receiving obvious pleasure from this treatment. Master X and Heidi went about their business straightening things up. He went back to the unit and made an adjustment before walking through the doorway and shutting off the light leaving Fannie alone in the eerie darkness of the cold dungeon.

Alone in the dark she was not prepared for what was in store for her that night. She was still feeling the pleasure of the TENS unit on her body when the pulses stopped. Lying quietly she could not hear a sound. She did not know that the Master was gone. Lying naked in the cold blackness she was alone. No one would hear her scream. No one could help her!



The TENS unit sent a short shot of voltage through her body! She convulsed and writhed on the table. She tried to scream to let them know that this was too much but nobody came! She lies quietly trying to hear footsteps but she heard nothing! Then those good tingling sensations started again. She couldn't get comfortable as she didn't know when she would get shocked again. The voltage was not high enough to cause her harm but it was more of the actual "shock factor" that caused her heart to race!

Again she waited quietly as the machine would cycle through the different pad locations giving her pleasure before stopping. Sometimes the good pulses would come and then out of the blue she would get zapped again. Again and again this went on all night as she tried to scream through her gag but could only make a muffled sound.

'I don't know if I can make it!' She thought as the machine took a brief pause. 'I thought that being a slave would be just doing what your Master tells you and being used for sex. There has been no sex! Not for me anyway! What could I have done to deserve this! I'm freezing! My body is sore from his whip and now he is trying to drive me crazy with this machine. What time is it? What day is it?'

As the night went on Fannie's mind was racing. She would do anything to make this all stop!


Day 2-Fannie is humiliated as Master X uses her as his little pony!


Fannie let out another scream as the voltage passed through her body. This time it went right through her nipples causing her back to arch off of the table as it did. It appears that her nipples got more sensitive as the night progressed and this time the pulses had much more of an effect!

"It's a damn good thing that I gagged you last night or Heidi and I wouldn't have gotten any sleep at all!" Fannie could hear the Master say as he approached.

She tried to scream for him to come and let her go before the next wave of voltage would pass through her again. She writhed and shook to get his attention and when she heard his footsteps getting closer she began to whimper. Just like a dog that wanted to come in from the cold!

"I must say Heidi, it was nice and warm upstairs in my bed last night wasn't it?" He teased.

"Yes Master, very nice!" Heidi replied.

"I especially enjoyed fucking your wet pussy knowing that this worm of a slave was down here suffering! Too bad she isn't worthy to sleep in a bed or to warm herself..... Now to answer your question from yesterday when you asked how long you must stay down here in the cold? Well the answer is FOREVER!" He laughed and raised his voice as he grabbed all of the wires and with one hard yank pulled all of the pads from her body!

Fannie jumped and began whimpering in earnest as his new words scared the hell out of her! Cold and tired, she felt as though she was losing her mind! She feels him attach a leash to her collar before he begins removing her restraints. As the last one is removed from her wrist she hops off of the table and wraps herself around his leg. Whimpering still, she clings to her master pleading for mercy but he wasn't done yet!

"Up on your feet, slave! You won't get any mercy from me. You will learn to do as I say immediately and without hesitation. Do I make myself clear?"

Fannie nods her head as he removes her blindfold and gag.

"Yes Sir! Please Sir! Please give me another chance! I will obey! I will do whatever you want! Please Sir?" She pleads with the man as soon as her mouth is free. Her eyes are full of tears and her mouth is a bit distorted from having the ball gag in it overnight.

"Heidi! I think that our new slave would like her breakfast!" he shouted through the doorway. "Are you hungry slave?"

"Yes Sir! Thank you, Sir!"

She was starving. She hadn't had a bite to eat since she left her house yesterday. Heidi enters the room carrying what appears to be a dog dish. It had two sides. One was for the food and the other was filled with water. The food in the dish did not look very appetizing. It was actually corned beef hash with potatoes but it could have easily passed for dog food!

"You will kiss my hand and prove to me that you are worthy enough to eat the food that I so generously offer to you. If you prove to me that you deserve to eat than I just might allow it." He put his right hand out, palm down, for Fannie.

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir!" Fannie knees and takes the Master's hand kissing it over and over.

"Well let's see what you have learned from yesterday. Come around and clean my ass slave!" He commanded as he opened his robe to around his back exposing his bare ass.

"Oh yes Sir! Right away Sir!" She quickly crawls around behind him and reaches up to spread his ass cheeks. Diving right in she licks him for all that she was worth! Master X was happy with the way she obeyed his order so quickly and with diligence!

"You may have the ability to learn after all! There may be hope for you yet. You may stop now." He turned to face her and placed his hand upon her head as if petting a puppy.

Fannie sat back on her haunches and smiled with head down as she felt a warm feeling cover her body. At last she did something to please the Master and it was something that she wanted to feel again.

"You have done well, slave. Now crawl over and enjoy your breakfast. Your hands must remain behind your back while you eat. Is that clear?"

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir!"

She quickly crawled across the rough cement floor on her hands and knees and put her head into the dish without a thought of what she might be eating. Fannie ate everything. She even licked the bowl clean before lapping up all of the water in the other bowl. Master X had left her in the dungeon alone knowing that she would not cheat while he was away. As he walked back in the doorway Fannie looked up and saw that he was now dressed. He was dressed all in black. Leather pants, tee shirt, and leather vest. To complete the outfit he wore black pointed boots.

"Stand up! It is time for your exercises."

Fannie was dead tired. She hasn't slept in over 24 hours and any down time that she has had was extremely stressful. Master X pulled her up by the leash led her to a stairway that went up to a bulkhead to the back yard. A sudden burst of light from the sun hurt her eyes causing her to raise her hands to shield them. The sun's warmth was a welcome feeling to her cold naked flesh. Master led her around the corner of the house stopping when they came to what appeared to be something similar to a Chinese rickshaw. It had two large wheels, a seat between them, and two long poles that one would use to pull it along.

Master X took some items off of the seat. The first was a harness which he put over her head and secured it in place. It was made of leather straps with a wooden rod or bit which he placed into her mouth. Attached to the ends of the bit were long leather reins which reached all the way back so that the driver could control the actions of the pony. In this case Fannie!

"Bend over slave!" He commanded as he took one last item off of the seat.

As she bends her butt plug comes into view. He takes hold of it and gives it one quick tug. It slipped out of her ass and he allows it to fall to the grass. Her asshole remains open slightly as he readies the replacement. It is a slightly larger plug with one big difference. It had a long horse tail coming out of the end! Fannie caught a glimpse of it just before he placed it against her anus. She felt its cold smooth texture as he worked it into her rectum. She had to keep herself from crying out as it went in and stopped at the widest part when suddenly it was by with one last push. The pain eased as her sphincter closed around the tapered shaft beyond. With a couple of quick tugs he was sure that it was secure.

Fannie now appeared to have grown her own long tail! She felt humiliated that she was now being used as a pony ride out in the open where anyone stopping by could see. He was breaking down her pride and inhibitions quickly and she had no say in the matter. She is finding that if this is to be her life than there is no reason to be proud any longer. A slave has no pride!

After placing her in position he has her take the two poles in her hands and raise them up. He climbed up into the seat and raised a long thin riding crop above his head.

"I think that it is time that I show you around the property. Move!" He lowers the crop on Fannies back with a snap!

"Owwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled through the bit as the stinging whip startled her.

She started to pull the cart haphazardly causing the man to nearly fall out. He gave her another crack on the ass as he shouted for her to "STOP".

"Now lets try this again. Slow and easy this time. I swear that it would be easier to train a dumb animal than a stupid cunt! Now move!" He ordered as he lowered the whip on her bare ass.

Fannie began to pull the cart around more slowly. He ordered her to make horse sounds and high step like a show horse as they went around the property. Master X was humoring himself by pulling back on the reins to stop her and change directions as he continued to add to her total humiliation by mocking her about how silly she looked with her long tail flowing in the breeze. Tears flowed from her eyes as the whip cracked on her ass keeping the exhausted woman from slowing down.

Round and round they went until he was sure that Fannie could go no further and just before she collapsed he pulled the reins hard!

"Whoa! That's enough fun for you. I need you to save some energy so that I can put you to work. We will have to clean you up first!"

He removed the harness from her head and had her let go of the cart. She immediately started to rub her aching jaw now free of the cruel bit. The Master walked her back toward the house. He had her put her hands against the siding with her feet back and spread apart. She was told not to move or she would be punished. Grabbing the tail he gave it one quick tug and it popped out causing a yelp from the poor Fannie. He held it up with the plug only inches from her face to tease her before tossing it to the side. His next act may be the cruelest of all!

With Fannie exhausted and emotionally spent she was suddenly shocked by a cold blast of water from the garden hose!

"AYIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She shrieked!

"QUIET SLAVE! You smell like a fucking horse. If you want to sleep inside tonight than be still and let me wash you up. I won't let a stinking mare into MY house!"

He sprayed the freezing stream up each leg and across her back. He aimed directly at her asshole and let the spray linger for an extended time causing her ass to writhe from the discomfort. Finally he told her to turn around. This was no more comfortable as he would direct the spray to hit one of her nipples and then move to the other. They were erect and sensitive from the cold water and she didn't know how much more she could take.

"Open your cunt bitch! I want you smelling fresh when I'm done!"

Reluctantly she did as told knowing that it would only make matters worse if she didn't. He worked the stream down her stomach causing her to suck it in from the frigid water. Fannie held her pussy lips apart to allow the cruel man to torture her more as he aimed the sharp stream directly at her most vulnerable area. She grimaced as the cold spray stung her tender inner flesh. Master X was watching her expressions. Everything she did was a test. It was all a part of her training and so far he was pleased with her progress.

Once he was satisfied with her cleaning he shut off the hose and walked the shaking woman back to the basement where Heidi was already waiting for them with a towel. She walked up to Fannie and wrapped it around her to help dry and warm her. Master X walked back out and left the women alone. Heidi held Fannie to both warm her body and console her. They spent the rest of the day with each other in the dungeon as Heidi fed Fannie and allowed her to relieve herself in the manner that Master approved. Fannie was much more at ease with them now and actually was beginning to enjoy cleaning each other afterwards. The physical contact was comforting if not a bit erotic!

Master X returned to the dungeon a few hours later wearing his long black robe. As soon as Fannie spotted him entering she knelt before him and bowed her head. He was pleased to see that she would do this as he has of yet not shown her the proper slave positions. It proved to him that she is a willing slave and just needs to learn the proper technics.

"Up slave! We have much work to do!" He commanded as he pulled her up by the collar.

He pulled her over to the table laid her down and shackled her wrists. Then he placed her feet in the stirrups and strapped them in. Suddenly Fannie shook with fear as she could not bear another night on the table with the TENS unit. She almost breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Master X walk to the wall and come back with a set of nipple clamps. He pulled out her left nipple and applied the first clamp and before she could even react he did the same with the right one. He gave the chain a quick tug and judging by the reaction on Fannie's face he could tell that they were on securely.

By pulling the chain of a pulley he lowered a hook which he attached to the center of the chain between her breasts and raised it back up. The chain tightened and he continued until her nipples started to pull out away from her chest. He watched the expression on her face as he slowly continued until she was on the verge of screaming and her back was coming off of the table. He backed off a bit to make it almost bearable for her before he moved on to the next step. Walking back to the wall he removed a thin flexible leather paddle about 3 inches wide. He returned to the far end of the table and as he walked he slapped the paddle into his open palm to intimidate the bound woman.

"Did we learn anything today slave?" He asked while continuing to slap the paddle.

"Yes Sir." She answered meekly. She was worn out and it showed.

"Do you remember the test that I gave you yesterday?"

"Yes Sir, I do."

"We will do it again and see how you do this time. Would you like that?"

She knew the answer that she wanted to give but it would not help her to say it so she had to play along with hope that it might make things easier on her.

"Yes Sir."

"Did you enjoy our little ride today?"

"Yes Sir."

SMACK. He brought the paddle down inside of her left thigh.

"Did you enjoy eating on the floor like a dog?"

"Yes Sir."

SMACK. He paddled her right thigh causing her to grunt.

"Now, be honest, did you enjoy cleaning Heidi's ass with your tongue?"

Fannie did not answer right away as she started to blush because for the first time since she got here something was coming over her. She started to feel differently.

"Oh yes Sir. I did!" She answered as she tried to look away embarrassed.

Heidi blushed as well as she heard her answer while standing behind her Master. He was also taken aback by her answer and took a moment to decide his next move. He held up the paddle and came down hard directly on her spread pussy!


"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Fannie closed her eyes as her knees shook in and out.

The sound of the paddle was not what Master expected. He inspected the paddle and found that there was a wet spot in the center. Her pussy was wet! After all that she has gone through and with nothing left she can still get aroused just by thinking of licking another woman's ass as her nipples and pussy are tortured! He was astounded!

He immediately got up and retrieved an electronic instrument not unlike the TENS unit except it had only one cord with two pads on the end. Fannie watched as he placed the pads to each side of her outer labia. He made some adjustments on the unit and went back to work on Fannie. She was getting nervous until he released the clamp from her left nipple.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as the blood raced back into her sore nipple. He quickly let go of the other nipple without regard for her discomfort. Both of her breasts relaxed to their normal shapes as he retrieved the paddle.

"I will continue our question and answer game with you now. Do you enjoy a little pain with your sex?"

"Yes Sir."

SMACK! He brought the paddle down on her left nipple.


"Do you like it when you are told to do things that humiliate you?"

"Yes Sir."

SMACK! This one landed on her right nipple.


"Don't you especially like it when you are forced to do very dirty things like licking another slave's ass or showing yourself to total strangers?"

"Oh yes Sir. I do! Mmmmmmmm!" Fannie closed her eyes as the Master checked the machine. It showed him just what he wanted to see. It was a device that measues body heat and with the sensing pads mounted on her outer pussy lips he could see that the temperature of them was rising as she was getting more and more aroused. It works much like a lie detector only it shows whether or not a person is getting aroused as her hot blood flows to that area! He could see that her readings were off the chart!

He removed the pads from her pussy lips which are already getting pink and puffy. There was a trickle of juice running down from her hole and onto the plug in her ass. He gives a light spank to one side of her pussy which caused her to moan a little. He did the same with the other side as he began to alternate from one side to the other with increasing force. He noticed that her back was beginning to arch as her eyes remained closed. His next shot was directly centered on her now open cunt lips.

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