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Master's New Student Ch. 01

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:49:34.033266

(I would like to thank g1dnshwrgr1. My editor on this two part story, her help and advice has been invaluable. Please enjoy your read and I will get part two out as quick as I can.)


My office phone rang early this morning and I expected it to be her.


"Good morning Martin, please will you allow me to go to the toilet?"

Most mornings I would have said yes straight away. Not today. Today was going to be a busy day for Collette, only she didn't know it just yet, so I needed her mind focused.

"No Collette, I want you to call me back in ten minutes. I may feel in a better mood to agree then."

I didn't bother to wait for an answer. I put the phone down and got on with some more work. Ten minutes later, the phone rang.


"Good morning Martin. Will you allow me to go to the toilet, please?"

"Yes, Collette. When you are done, phone me back. I have a task for you."

Again, I put the phone down without waiting for an answer, stood and walked to the window, and looked out at the view beyond. I suppose I should have told Collette that another slave just like her would be arriving today, but there would be no need to talk about it. Both of us had been in this relationship for five years now.


I don't think anyone would ever believe that I won her in a poker game. With the turn of a card, my whole world turned itself upside down. A man I knew only by the name of John had simply run out of money that night so he put this stunning young lady up as collateral. The whole room went quiet when he made her stand and told her that if he lost this hand she was to become my slave.

At first, I had refused when Collette had been told to give herself to me. The thought that I could or would even want to have that much control over another human being repelled me.

"Collette this is you're new Master do you understand?"

Collette had just looked at me and said. "Yes Master."

She walked up to me looked me directly in the eyes then lowered her head. "I am yours."

By the time I could pull my gaze away from this absolutely stunning young lady and look up, John was gone. Collette was no use in telling me were she lived. To her, that part of her life was now over and her new life would start from that smoke-filled room. It was a quiet drive home with me still trying to understand what the heck I had gotten myself into. She followed me into the house.

"When was the last time you had eaten Collette?"

"I was allowed to eat at seven this evening, Master."

I cringed. That name had to go. I needed to figure out what to do and soon.

"Are you hungry?"

"No, Master."

I walked up to a door and opened it. Collette entered and I turned on the light. "You will sleep in here tonight. I will wake you at seven-thirty tomorrow."

"Yes, Master."

Again, I cringed. I was starting to hate that word now. I closed the door and went to the den. I needed to think and get my head around all this. Grabbing a soda, I cranked up the computer and a whole new world yielded itself to me. At first, I concentrated on slave and master, then broadened my search to punishment and rules. The lists were never ending. Up until this point, I believed I hadn't lived a closeted lifestyle, but I just never imagined such a world existed. So much information filled my head, I was starting to feel numb. I needed to sleep and start again in the morning.

As I left the den I looked at my watch, it was already seven-fifteen. I smiled, so much for sleep. A diversion to the kitchen and I had coffee on the boil then walked to the guest room and walked in. Collette was asleep in her clothes on top of the bed. She woke as I entered, got up, and stood by the side of the bed with her head bowed.

"Why are you not asleep in the bed?"

"Sorry, my Master, but you did not give me permission to undress or to sleep in the bed."

Now I was a little grateful that I had read even just some of this stuff on the net. I ordered her to take all of her clothes off, which she did immediately. As she took them off, she folded them and piled them on the bed - not once looking at me. I told her she was to shower and that all she needed would be in the guest bathroom. Once she was finished, she was to dry herself and there would be a shirt on the bed, which she was to put on, button it, and then join me in the kitchen.

"Yes, Master" was her only reply.

I left her and got an old shirt from my room and placed it on the bed. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast with images of Collette's naked form standing next to her clothes now filling my mind. .

When Collette joined me at the kitchen counter, she looked just stunning and just a little vulnerable, I asked if she preferred coffee or orange juice. That was my first of many mistakes that day, the look on her face was one of confusion and trying to hide a hint of amusement at my predicament.

"Look Collette, today I need help. I simply don't know what I'm doing or even if I want the responsibility of you being my slave, frankly it wasn't until last night's poker game I knew this world existed. Talk to me, help me with this, because if I don't become comfortable with this, by the end of today you and I will part company, regardless of what John told you."

For the next hour Collette opened her world to me. That coupled with what I managed to glean from the computer, it was a roller coaster ride of emotions that morning, from repulsion and denial that I could do to her what she told me she needed. To deeply erotic thoughts that frankly scared the shit out of me. After a while she stopped talking, allowing me to absorb everything we had just discussed.

I desperately needed another coffee, but I also wanted to test this. "Collette are you clean?"

"Yes, Master John got both HIV and STD tests done on me before he would accept me as his slave."

"But who tested John?"

There was a pause, I looked at her, Collette wasn't telling me something. Her eyes gave her away. After a moment she blushed, lowered her head and spoke. "Master John's training was only with implements, he never chose to be intimate with me in that way."

"Collette stand up, take your shirt off, turn around, bend over, and touch your toes."

Instantly, Collette followed my instructions -- revealing her most intimate parts to me. I walked around the counter and got on my knees with my face now inches from her warm and leaking pussy lips. They were exquisite. I watched as they started to puff up. Collette obviously was getting aroused that I was this close to her.

"Collette, hold onto your ankles and space your feet a foot apart."

This she did and now I could also see her breasts hanging with her nipples totally erect, her eyes closed, and the hint of a smile on her lips. I swiped her ass with my hand.

"I said a foot. Add another two inches to your stance."

Collette shuffled her feet another two inches and thanked me for correcting her. Our eyes locked and she smiled. I went back to looking closely at her pussy and ass -- my hand mark, although still outlined, was slowly receding now, but the effect it had on her pussy fascinated me. More blood engorged her lips, pushing her clit from its hiding place while cum oozed from her at an increased rate. I pushed my finger into her pussy, Collette gently moaned and I swiped her ass again.

"I didn't give you permission to say anything. Be quiet until I let you speak."

Instantly her moan stopped and again she thanked me for correcting her. I pushed my finger further in then slowly pulled it out. Her body wanted to follow my finger and I knew she had a hard time getting it to stay still. As my finger left her pussy, a strand of liquid followed, then broke after a couple of inches. I was the hardest now that I have ever been in my life.

I wanted to bury my face into her pussy and make her cum so much. My hands were halfway to her ass when I stopped. Remembering what she had told me about being a slave, to pleasure her now would be an insult to her. Collette's only aim in life was to please me - her own pleasure was secondary - so I stood up.

"Stand up, turn around, and get on your knees. Take me in your mouth and make me cum."

That was the fastest I had seen her move since she arrived here. Instantly, she was on her knees, her hands already pulling at my belt and then my pants that had barely hit the floor when her mouth was around my penis. She took me deep; her tongue working its way around me as she gently pulled more of me into her mouth. I looked at her. Her eyes were wide, the pupils dilated, and pure lust burned within her now.

I knew in that one moment that she was doing something she so desperately wanted to do and that was simply to please me, I came so hard in her mouth, Collette cleaned me up and stayed on her knees. It was then that I realized although I was still uncomfortable with some aspects of her lifestyle, I could adjust to other parts.

In a weird and warm way, I knew everything was going to be alright between us now. I told her to stand and kiss me. We kissed for an age, first gently touching lips and then she let me explore her mouth with my tongue. She didn't resist, just held me tight and sought to please me if and when she could. Later that day, I took her shopping for clothes. She was easy to buy for as her frame and complexion suited many types of clothes. I actually enjoyed picking clothes for her.

A few days later and with the aid of Collette, I managed to find an e-mail address for John. Two days later, there was a knock at the door and all of her personal possessions came in two boxes via messenger. A week later, as I passed a shop, I noticed something on a mannequin dummy. I went in and bought the item and took it home with me.

After dinner, I told her I had something for her. She opened it and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen from her.

"You are mine. From now on, when you leave this house, you are to wear that choker as a sign to others that you are my slave, do you understand?"

A tear run down her cheek as she fingered the choker. I couldn't believe it was possible but her smile just got a little bit bigger.

"Yes, my Master. Please, may I give you a hug?"

I found out about her linguistic abilities some months later. We were walking to the park when she heard two men shouting at one another in Russian and she giggled. I asked her what she was giggling at and she told me what the men had said. That evening I asked her what other languages she knew and she told me that she majored in languages at college. She knew four with ease and two others with a little more practice.

Our company was struggling on a major case and she agreed to act as translator. The boss was so impressed, he offered her a permanent job after we had won. Collette came to me and asked if she was allowed to take the job. I knew it would be good for her and agreed that she could. I know she is my slave and as such, is there to please me, but she went that extra mile to please me that evening.

John and I still continued to pass the odd message to each other. It was three months ago when he said he had something for me and added a picture and full name of a redheaded woman. After some coaxing, he admitted that he was shocked when he found out who she was as well and added that she needed to be with the right Master and slave.


The ringing phone jolted me back to now; the sun was starting its decent.


"Good afternoon, Martin. Please tell me what you wish of me."

I had no need to ask if she had a pen and paper, the company had Beth tested before they took her on, she fell just a few points shy of Mensa qualification. Even after five years of being together she still manages to surprise me.

"I have a meeting later and I know it will overrun. You will go to the airport. I will send you the flight details when I put the phone down and you will collect the person from the plane. Collette, you will not need to know who, you will recognize this person, just as this person will recognize you. Collette, you will not talk to this person, you will collect the suitcase and you will bring this person back to the house. Do you understand your instructions so far?"

"Yes, Martin."

"Once inside the house you are permitted to ask if they have eaten or are hungry and you will act accordingly on the answer given. Then, you will place this person in the guest bedroom and you are permitted to tell this person that they are to hang up their clothes, get undressed, and sleep in the bed. You will tell this person that they will be woken at seven-thirty in the morning. Are my instructions clear?"

I heard a "Yes, Martin" as I put the phone down to send the flight details she required. There was no meeting. I wanted Collette to go to the airport and spend time with the person arriving. Even now, I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing. I walked back to the window and let my mind drift again.


The sun had gone down now and the street lamps were on. I looked at my watch. The plane would not only have landed by now, but both the girls would be at the house. It was hard enough for me to adjust to living with one slave, now I had to adjust to having two in the same house. Even as I left my office, two thoughts kept nagging at me: Why did I agree to let John send her to me and would Collette tell me the truth?

I told Collette to sit at the table and then instructed her to tell me what happened when she arrived at the airport. Collette paused to collect her thoughts and then told me that she arrived at the airport with an hour to spare and she sat watching the board in case the arrival time changed. When it landed, she took up a position where she could see all of the passengers as they exited the terminal. Beth was one of the last to leave the plane. Collette recognized the purple choker around her neck.

Collette moved to stand in front of Beth. For a second, Beth was unsure what to do until she saw the same purple choker around Collette's neck, then she relaxed. Both smiled, but said nothing, then walked to the carousel and waited for her case. They walked to the car, put the case in the trunk, and she put Beth in the backseat.

I stopped her there. "Why did you place Beth on the backseat of the car?"

"I was unsure that she would follow the same instructions I was given, so I placed her in the back to remove any temptation to engage in conversation."

I nodded my head and allowed her to continue. Again, she paused while remembering, smiled, and continued to tell me that the whole journey was made in silence.. Once at the house, Beth collected her case and as they walked by the kitchen, Collette asked if she had eaten or was hungry. Beth declined, so Collette took her to the guest room and gave her my instructions. Beth nodded once and Collette closed the door behind her.

"You did well. Now go to Beth's room and tell her she is to come here. You have five minutes to wake her and instruct her that she is to follow the house rules concerning clothes on slaves. Leave."

Collette left and I went to the kitchen and poured a coffee. I heard a noise behind me and both stood with heads lowered and naked before me but for their purple chokers,.

"How was your flight, Beth?"

"It was uneventful, thank you Master."

I cringed. Collette noticed but said nothing. I looked at Collette and said, "You will spend tonight and tomorrow morning with Beth in the guest room, Beth is younger than you by one year. I want you to both spend the time telling each other the last ten years of your lives. When I call you both back here tomorrow morning, I will ask you both ten questions about the other. Failure to get all the questions right will mean I will punish you both. Do you both understand?"

Both nodded.

"You are permitted to leave the guest room for drinks and breakfast, that is all. The door to the guest room will remain open. Both of you will shower together and at no time be more than an arm's length from each other until I have asked you all twenty questions. Are my instructions clear?"

Beth sensed saying "Master" was a bad idea. Collette said, "Yes Martin." Beth followed suit.

Both walked to the guest bedroom and I could hear talking. I finished my coffee and went to my room looking in on the girls as I did. Collette and Beth sat crossed-legged on the bed, facing each other. Sleep took me soon after I showered but it was a restless sleep. I gave up after a few hours and headed for the den. Beth was in the kitchen, a glass of water in her hands. She stopped when she saw me and lowered her head.

"Put the glass down on the counter, Beth and hold out your arms."

Beth did as instructed.

"I don't seem to see Collette connected to either one of them. I welcome you to my home and already you disobey me. Put your arms down and go wake Collette."

Beth ran to the guest bedroom. Within minutes, both girls were now standing in front of me. I looked at Collette.

"I see mistakes have been made, I believed I could trust you to do this task, but it seems that is not true. Lean over the kitchen table."

Collette did so immediately. I went into the kitchen and got a fresh towel, wet the end and rolled the dry end around my hand. Standing behind Collette, I swung the wet end of the towel across her ass.

Collette winced and said, "Thank you."

I repeated this ten times and each time, Collette thanked me. When I finished, I told her to stand and then I looked at Beth.

"It was your actions that did this. You will be held accountable later. Help Collette back to your room and she will tell you where the cream is that you will put on her. I don't want to see either of you again until eleven in the morning."

Both said "Yes, Martin" and left. I walked to the den and powered up the computer. There was already a message waiting for me, which read, "Your new acquisition will complement what you have already. Enjoy your life, my friend."

At eleven o'clock both girls came to the day room; small towels draped over their arms. I told them to sit. Both placed their towels on the couch, sat on them, and then I looked at Beth.

"Pack your things and leave your suitcase by the bed."

I then looked at a shocked Collette. "I believe Beth to be damaged goods. I will not allow her to infect you with the same rebelliousness that she has.."

Both girls looked at each other and a tear rolled down Beth's face.

"Please Martin, may I say something?" asked a still shocked Collette.

I nodded my head.

"I believe Beth has been miss-trained. She has potential."

"You think my opinion is flawed?"

Collette knew she had to choose her words very carefully. In five years, she had never told me I was wrong about anything and now she was sticking up for Beth..

"I believe that it will take her a few days to adjust. Please Martin, hold off on your final decision for a few weeks."

I looked long and hard at Beth. She blushed and finally looked away. Then, remembering her training, she held her eyes level at my chest and stayed there.

"I will grant you your request if only to prove that you are wrong. You do know that if I choose to make her leave after three weeks, I will punish you by taking away every privilege from you for a month."

I watched as Collette shuddered at the thought, and then nodded her head. I then instructed Collette and Beth to get dressed. Collette was to take Beth to Dr. Hammond for a thorough check-up and medical tests. Her retraining would start upon completion of her tests and the O.K. from Dr. Hammond. The doctor held a special place in the area--he was on the periphery of the BDSM scene and as such, all the Masters and Mistresses felt safe sending their slaves to him.
Seeing whip and belt marks on the women, and sometimes men, wasn't anything new to him. I had struck up a very friendly relationship with him over the years and both Collette and I had even had dinner with his wife and him on a few occasions. He phoned me when both the girls had left, telling me that Beth was in good health and he would let me know the test results when they came in. The girls arrived an hour later and both came into the dayroom, naked.

I looked at Collette and instructed her to kneel, which she did instantly. I then walked around Beth. This was the first time I had taken a really good look at her. She stood the same height as Collette and her body frame was almost identical. She was a natural redhead--some call it a shocking red--her hair flowed down her back and stopped just short of the small of her back and the bubble butt that was connected to a pair of very nice legs.

As I walked around to face her, she lowered her head to look directly at my chest, Beth had the pale skin of a redhead and her breasts were a healthy B cup with very large pink nipples. I let my eyes wander down her body, past her flat stomach, when I noticed the tattoo on the front of her hip. A small dolphin leaping out of the water and the moon in the background.

"Collette explain the tattoo to me."

"It was from before her time as a slave, Martin. Beth and a college friend had them done the last days of college so they could remember each other."

"What did the college friend have done?"

There was a pause. Instinctively, she moved her right foot slightly back. There was no point. In the five years we had been together, I had explored every part of her body, including the flower chain tattoo around her right ankle. I told Collette to stand up, which she did and then lowered her head. As I stood in front of her, a tear trickled down her face. She bit hard into her lower lip.

"When were you going to formally introduce me to your cousin, Collette?"

I didn't bother to wait for an answer.

"I am going out. Here is a list of things to do. From now on, Beth's hair will remain in a pony tail unless I state otherwise. Beth is responsible for keeping it clean and tidy, she will shave and keep her pussy clean like Collette's. I want the house cleaned and Collette's clothes moved from my room over to Beth's. The mattress is to be taken off the bed and placed on the floor."

Collette's face shot up and looked directly at me with her mouth open. She realized her mistake and looked at my chest. Both said "Yes, Martin" and left. I went into the bedroom got dressed and left. The trip over to the clinic was a slow one with traffic getting thicker in this part of town. Once Dr Hammond found out I was outside, I was led straight in.

"Martin, I didn't expect to see you. I've only just sent the tests off."

"Sorry, Doc. I just needed a word and then I will leave you in peace. I have a question. When you checked Beth out, was Collette in the room with you and if she was, did she say anything?"

The doc looked at me long and hard, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Martin, I know you're their Master and as such, are concerned for the health and well-being, but Beth comes under the heading of my patient, as does Collette."

I held up my hand, stopping him mid-sentence. "It's ok, Doc. I finally got fed up of waiting for them to tell me so I told them I knew they were cousins. I have yet to sort out a suitable punishment of course, but Collette has been with me long enough to know I'm not impressed."

"Look, Martin. I have known you long enough to realize you won't take it too far when you punish Collette. That is your right as her Master. Perhaps you would be better letting her explain first and punish her once you have heard her side of the story."

I thanked the doc and left. The journey home seemed to take longer than the journey to his office. As I opened the door, both girls were on their knees facing the door; paddles from the fun room in front of them. Collette was the first to pick up her paddle in both hands, head still bowed, as she raised the paddle to just above her head. Beth followed the same actions seconds later.

"Please, Martin. I deserve to be punished. I know I should have said to you the moment you came home that Beth was my cousin, but my thoughts were selfish. I wanted her to stay so much."

I told them both to sit on the couch. They both pulled towels off the back of the couch and sat on them, and both still refused to look at me.

"You think me a fool, Collette. You thought I wouldn't have checked her out before she came to me. I was lucky with you - or so I thought I was. Perhaps the five years we have had together has meant nothing to you."

Collette's head shot up and looked directly at me, with hurt across her face. I still wanted to hurt her, so continued.

"I can no longer take anything you say to me as the truth. You wanted me to give Beth three weeks. I agreed and will stick to that agreement, but now I add a proviso. If at the end of those three weeks I still refuse to accept Beth in this house, you also will leave."

Beth suddenly stood up. "No!"

Realizing her mistake, Beth instantly fell to her knees. "Please Martin, I know I am a novice and will make mistakes. Punish me, not Collette."

I stood, looked at Collette, and told her to stay there and I told Beth to follow me. I didn't look back--I knew she would be there. We walked into the fun room and I walked up to the table at the furthest end of the room where I told her to lean over it and she did so instantly.

While I was strapping her to the table, I asked, "Do you know why I am going to punish you?"

"Because I said 'No.' Martin, slaves must never refuse their Masters anything."

"For your correct answer, I will give you one choice: a gag or no gag. But, I warn you now, if you choose not to have a gag and you cry out, I will place a gag on you and continue to punish you further. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Martin. I understand. I do not wish a gag."

There was no preamble. I simply took a paddle from the wall bracket and swiped her hard across the ass. Seconds later, she said, "Thank you." I hit her again; moving the angle of the paddle slightly and again, she thanked me. By the fifth swipe of the paddle, I had now moved the impact of the paddle across her thighs and pussy lips. Beth would wriggle before she would thank me. By the tenth swipe of the paddle, her ass and thighs were pink, her pussy lips bloated and her juices running between her thighs.

By the fifteenth swipe of the paddle, Beth still had not cried out and still continued to thank me. I stopped at the twentieth swipe. I released her and told her to stand up. Slowly she did as she was told, tears freely running down her face now.

"Go to your room. Collette will join you shortly."

Her walk was halting. I watched as she bit her lip with a fresh flood of tears run down her cheeks. Beth got as far as the door and held onto it for a few seconds; straightened up and continued on her journey. I walked to the dayroom.. Collette had not moved from her position. Tears had run down her cheeks and a small puddle formed between her closed legs running to her knees and onto the carpet. I told her to deal with Beth and she left with head still bowed. I walked to the den, powered up the computer and sent one message.

'Why did you choose to destroy the harmony of this house, my friend?'

Collette returned to the dayroom after an hour, telling me that she had covered Beth's ass and thighs with cream. Even now I don't know what made me ask, but I told Collette to come to me and hold out her hands, which I brought up to my nose for a whiff. I now knew where else Collette had her fingers. I told her to wash her hands and return. Collette was crimson with embarrassment and left the room.

Minutes later she returned. I motioned that she was to sit on my lap. She did and wrapped her arms around my neck, snuggling her face into my neck quietly crying and whispering the word sorry again and again.

"I gave you every opportunity, Collette. I just got fed up of waiting for you to tell me. If I had left it any longer, I truly believe I would not have been so gentle on Beth. We have both come a long way in the five years after we were thrust together. Neither one of us had a choice then Collette, yet you trusted me and I did the best I could in a world I knew nothing about."

I paused, not for effect, I just needed to think. Collette had sat just on the right place and if I dared to think too much about it, I don't know if I could hold back from taking her. But this was not the time. We both still had the issue of Beth to get to grips with and my threat to make Collette leave with her. I had no choice in saying it, it was fact.

"Tell me about you and Beth. I know a great deal, but perhaps I'm missing a fact here."

Collette brightened up now as she thought back to her college days.

"I left for college a year ahead of Beth. We were both aching to leave home and break free of our families. As soon as I got to college, I was filling Beth in on the way of life there. I was wild then and there was no stopping me when Beth got there. I had arranged for Beth and me to be roomies."

It was her eyes that gave her away first. They misted slightly as she remembered parts of her past she would admit to no one but me.

"Although our grades didn't slip, that didn't stop our panties slipping at every opportunity. If we didn't have a penis in there, we had each other. Our families would have flipped if they knew we were lovers. One evening we had a very heavy session as some of the football team invited us to a party. We didn't find out till we both got there. We were the star turn."

Collette was doing a good job of holding back her tears as she went on to recount the evening. In all the things she had told me about her past, that one evening seemed to be a turning point for both of them.

"When we woke the next day, we both looked at each other and realized what we had become." Collette took a deep breath and continued, "I was lost and I couldn't find a way out of the mess I had made of my life. In desperation, I went to one of the college councilors. He listened to everything, never judged me, and he then pulled a book from his private library and handed it to me."

"Beth and I read it from cover to cover that night. Beth was still unsure but I knew this was my salvation. I needed order, a purpose. The very next weekend I found a club in the next town and as they say, I never looked back. Beth toned down her sexual activities, but the football team was never out of her rear view mirror. My grades excelled and away from college. I knew I was a submissive for life, but it wasn't until I met Master John that I trusted a man to be my Master."

"Are you and Beth still lovers?"

This was a defining moment for Collette. "I love Beth deeply and as you know I put myself in jeopardy with you because of it. I have talked to Beth about this we are not lovers, because I love you too much as my Master and husband."

Their was a nagging doubt in my mind. I had to push the issue to find out.

"So if I kiss you now I won't taste Beth off of your lips or your tongue?"

Her whole body stiffened. Slowly she climbed off of my lap and onto her knees, her eyes never leaving the floor. There was no need for words, her actions said it all.

"Do I have to spend a lifetime punishing you, Collette? For the next week, all your privileges have been withdrawn. You will sleep in my room tonight. Leave now."

Collette thanked me, got up and left. I went to the den and powered up the computer. I had one message.

"Because of the uniqueness of your slaves, divide to conquer, my friend."

An intriguing thought. Soon after, the faintest light at the end of a very dark tunnel could be seen as an idea took hold. I smiled and settled into a long, and hopefully fruitful, evening. By the time I had powered down the computer, it was nearly three in the morning. I figured that if this worked, then by the end of next week, I would either have two willing slaves or proof that it simply wouldn't work at all.

I went to bed, stepping over Collette to get there. Now that her privileges had been removed, she was asleep on a beach towel on the floor with her head resting on her arm. By the time I woke, both Collette and the beach towel were gone. I showered and walked to the kitchen. Both girls were there.

It was Beth who spoke. "Good morning, Martin, what would you like for breakfast?"

I told her and waited, while watching Collette drink her breakfast. Another privilege that had been withdrawn was solid food. Every time she made a meal, she would cook it and pass it through the food blender. On a work day, she would get up early and cook a meal for her lunch break and once passed through a blender, put it into a container and take that to work with her.

Once breakfast was over, I looked at Collette. "Take Beth shopping. I have to go to the office. You're allowed to talk about the type, style, and color of clothes that she is allowed to buy and nothing else. Here is a list of clothes she is to purchase, both of you are to return by three o'clock."

Collette nodded. I handed her four thousand and left for the office. The good thing about being the head of section is that you can drag your second in command in on a Sunday. I didn't want to ruin David's Sunday off and being away from his family too much so I was brief. I told him I needed to rush out of town on a family emergency. He asked if Collette was going as well and I told him she was still needed for the Jameson case and we couldn't get another translator quickly up to speed on such short notice.

I filled him in on what was outstanding and what could wait a week until I got back. That done, he left to return to his family day out. I powered up the computer and sent a message.

"Taken note of your suggestion. Talk again in a week. Time will tell the answer."

Once I had double-checked that I had sorted everything out, I left the office and returned home. The girls arrived an hour later, got naked, and Beth showed me what they had bought. Bouncing and giggling around when she tried on one item and then moved onto another. I was pleased with their purchases and told them both so. Collette could only smile. Once naked again, Beth became more serious and got on her knees. She placed her hands on the carpet in front of her and rested her head on her hands. She was now as totally submissive as she could get. This did not bode well.

"Please Martin may I be allowed to speak?"

I said 'yes' and then looked directly at Collette. Collette's gaze remained on my chest, her cheeks now flushed and getting redder by the second.

"I know in the short time I have been here, I have made many mistakes. Collette has tried to cover for me and help me as best she could. Martin they are my mistakes and I am the one to be punished for them."

"The day you can distinguish between Collette being your cousin and your slave sister will be the day I welcome you to this house," I said. "Pack only the items you have bought today, we leave at six in the morning."

Beth nodded and left. I could see the veins in Collette's neck bulge and her jaws tighten.

"I am taking Beth away with me for a week. There is still work for you to do back at the office and you will join us at the weekend. I have written the address down and you will arrive no later than eight in the morning. Your withdrawn privileges still stand. You will not contact me at all, therefore you will not need to call when you require the toilet, are there any questions?"

Collette swallowed hard and said, "I have hurt you a great deal and for that I am sorry. I also agree with you. I also must be able to distinguish Beth as both my cousin and slave sister. I will do all that you have asked of me and spend the time I am alone thinking hard about how I can put things right."

Leaving at six the next morning meant we missed most of the rush hour traffic and within two hours, we had put the worst behind us. An hour later, we arrived at the lake. I had hired a cabin for two weeks and I planned to tell Collette when she arrived for the weekend. All the cabins were set away from each other so privacy was guaranteed. As soon as we put the bags in the cabin, I had one call to make. Beth and I stood on the porch and I phoned Dr. Hammond, after the doc confirmed that Beth was willing to let me have the test results.

"As you know, I had a rush put on them and all the tests are negative. You have yourself a very healthy young lady with you, Martin. The injection I gave her will have kicked in by now so there isn't an issue with pregnancy. See you in three months Beth."

As I closed the phone down -- ready to put it away for a week, I looked at Beth, who now had the biggest smile on her that I had seen since she came to me. For just a moment, I actually felt that things just might work out fine between us. I told her to take her bag to our room and I would be in to select her clothes shortly. I also reminded her that she was to treat the cabin as our home and as such, the rule of clothes on slaves still applied.

Beth nodded her head and dashed into the cabin while I dropped another case off in one of the spare rooms. Wandering into the main bedroom, I noticed Beth's hair. Although she was naked, her hair was no longer in a ponytail.

"Put your clothes down," I ordered.

My tone put Beth on the alert and she quickly put the clothes she had in her hands on the bed and stood in front of me. Her eyes lowered now to my chest.

"I did not give you permission to release your hair from its pony tail did I?"

"No, Martin."

"Walk over to the wall, place your hands on the wall, and take two steps back; keeping your hands on the wall and your feet a foot apart."

With impressive speed, Beth did just that. I walked up to her and swiped her ass with the palm of my hand. Beth thanked me. I then swiped another nine times with Beth thanking me on each occasion. The cheeks of her ass were now a pinky color; I let my hand feel the warmth of her now red skin, letting my hand move down to the crack of her ass, stopping momentarily at her hole.

Beth's breathing changed, becoming a little more ragged and her eyes never leaving the wall. I instructed her to move her palms further down the wall, this she did and her ass now came further out and more exposed to me. Her pussy lips now bloated with excitement, cum leaked from between them with a tiny trickle slowly run down her inner thigh.

"I wish to explore your body. You will stay in this position and you will not cum until I decide you have earned it. Do you understand?"

It was a very weak "Yes, Martin" that escaped her lips. I suspected Collette had a hand in this. We had done this many times and I have had Collette almost climbing the walls before I let her release her orgasm and now I was going to do the same to Beth. I had wondered what else she had told Beth and what she had left her to find out herself. I knelt between her legs, just watching Beth. After a few minutes, she started to fidget. I swiped her ass and then told her she didn't have permission to move.

She thanked me and she stood very still. First, I ran a finger around her hole and Beth tensed her body. Then, I moved my finger downwards to find that she was incredibly wet. I pushed my finger between her pussy lips and instantly added another. A small trickle of cum dripped onto the floor and then stopped. Beth moaned, caught herself, and stopped; her head now resting on her chest. Beth's breathing came in short pants now as she fought back her own build-up.
I pushed my fingers further inside her most intimate parts and curled them. The walls of her pussy were so wet. I was finding it difficult feeling for that small, intensely pleasurable part of her. Suddenly her breathing changed--it was just for a fraction of a second--and if I hadn't been listening for it, I would have missed it. I knew Collette's body now and it was time to start getting used to Beth's. It was also time to move her up a notch or two just to see how difficult it was for her to hold her own orgasm back.

I let my two fingers gently run back over the little silky smooth section of skin I now knew hid her pleasure spot. Again, Beth's breathing changed. It was now time to build on that so I ran my thumb slowly over her clit, causing her head to shoot away from her chest and her mouth open but no noise came out of it. I continued this for a couple of minutes. Beth's knees gave a little but she corrected herself.

"Please Martin, may I cum for you?"

"Have I asked you to cum for me?"

There was such a long pause as her breathing changed again. Beth was really having a hard time at the moment and I think if she had spoken she would have lost her control. Even as Beth paused, I gave her senses more to deal with. The fingers of my other hand were now collecting the juices that I could catch dripping out of Beth's pussy and was putting them around the entrance to her ass.

Occasionally a finger would slip and push just fractionally into her ass. As I felt her ass give me access, I would withdraw it from her. I wanted her to stay off balance and not know if I chose to enter her ass or her pussy. Her body was a sheen now and I watched fascinated as the sweat collected along her back, a slow trickle had started its journey down her body.

"No... Martin... you... did... not."

Poor Beth was fighting her orgasm with everything she had. Even those few words were intensely difficult for her to say. With pleasure comes pain and I separated her pussy lips further by pushing two more fingers into her from my other hand. Her most intimate parts were so open and exposed to me now. The hairs on the back of my neck rose as I heard a scratching sound similar to running your fingernails along a chalkboard.

Beth's fingers were trying to dig themselves into the wall, her breathing erratic as small grunts escaped her lips. She tried desperately to hold herself back. I gently pulled her lips further apart, cum leaking from her at an increased rate now. Still, I needed to push her just a little further. Swiveling my fingers around, I placed my thumb on her glowing warm pleasure nub and pushed it in. Her body stiffened as though she had received an electric shock. I knew I couldn't take her any further.

"Beth I am going to remove my fingers from you now, but you will not cum. Once out I am going to enter you. Once our bodies touch and I have bottomed out inside you, you may cum,"

Slowly I removed my fingers giving Beth just a few seconds respite; my gaze still on the column of sweat following the contours of Beth's backbone. I stood and placed both hands on her hips with the tip of my penis snuggled comfortably just at the entrance to her cum-soaked ass. Her body moved just fractionally before she caught herself and stood still again. The column of sweat had now reached the small of her back and I lowered my penis to her pussy and entered her. A rush of breath escaped her lips as she fought so hard not to moan.

I now copied the pace of the column, as it approached her hole pushing more of me inside her. Then it was gone, the sweat now ran around her hole and tried to make its way from there. I had pushed all the way into Beth, she felt our skin touch and as her shoulders slumped, her muscles clamped and held me so tightly inside her as she screamed such a powerful orgasm. Cum from Beth made my legs wet, and her own legs gave again, but my hand left her hip and circled her waist so she didn't fall.

Again, she clamped her inner muscles around my penis demanding it in return for the pleasure/pain torture I was putting her body through. However, as much as her muscles demanded my seed, that same ripple effect was also sending Beth closer to her own precipice. Beth forced her head up and screamed again as I came deep inside her, sending her on another orgasm. I needed to pull out of her to keep her from falling, even in her state of orgasmic euphoria she refused to let me leave her pussy.

Beth's muscles clamped down even harder on me trying desperately to hold me there. With effort and a great deal of reluctance, I withdrew from her just as her body seemed to deflate. Her muscles had given up on her. I carried her to the bed and lay next to her; a tear trickled down her cheek. Beth looked terribly sad -- her face showing her emotions fighting within her.

"I'm sorry, Master. I promise I will try harder to stay upright next time."

There was silence between us. To me, she had done well for her first try. However, no matter how hard she tried, she was doomed to fail. I held all the cards.

"You were not given permission to call me 'Master', Beth. You understand I have to punish you now don't you?"

The look of both shock and later acceptance washed across Beth's face. It must have been a monumental effort for Beth to sit up on the bed even getting onto her knees after what she had just gone through, yet she accomplished it. She lowered her head, resigning herself to her punishment.

"You will be punished in stages. Now you must clean me and make me cum once more. In two hours I will call you to me and punish you once more do you understand?"

Remind me to play Beth at poker later. Her poker face is non-existent. She tried so hard not to smile and to keep her eyes lowered, and both times, she failed. I watched her eyes, which were totally black. Her pupils had dilated so much now that her beautiful brown eyes were simply not there. Her whole body was now fuelled with lust. Her dark and hungry eyes moved to my now limp penis and she crawled on all fours towards it like a cat getting ready to pounce on a mouse. I had barely heard the "Yes Martin" pass her lips when she devoured my penis.

Both girls had pasts and that past served Beth well that afternoon. Within seconds she had me cleaned and well on the way to being hard again. As my erection started for fill her mouth, Beth adjusted her action to accommodate it. I was in the lips of an expert now. She knew she had not been given permission to use her hands but Beth didn't need to. Within a few minutes, I felt myself close to coming and cum I did. Beth didn't even slow down such was her technique.

A few more licks and desperately trying to hide a smug look on her face she sat back on her legs and lowered her head. I smiled and she noticed. It was at that moment that I decided to treat her. I got off the bed, walked around to her, and picked her up in my arms. Beth was unsure about this but wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face into the other side of my neck as I took us both into the shower.

Setting her down on a seat by the edge of the shower, I turned on the faucet and then motioned for her to join me when the water was the right temperature. She stood a little uncertainly, her legs now slowly getting their life back into them, and entered the shower. We rubbed soap over each other's bodies until both of us were covered in a bubbly lather. Taking the handheld showerhead out of its unit, Beth proceeded to rinse me thoroughly -- checking any and all of my crevices for soap evidence. When she finished, she put the showerhead back into its holder and cast her eyes downward to the soapy water swirling around the drain.

The shower spray continued to rain down on her head and shoulders. I watched the soapy mix trickle down her gorgeous breasts creating silver beads of water at the very tips of her toffee-colored nipples, before melting into rivulets that ran down to her engorged pussy lips. I wanted to take her then and there against the wet, tiled wall, but caught myself.

"Beth," I said, clearing my throat. "Please hand me the showerhead and then close your eyes."

She did so and I used the shower spray to finish rinsing her. I did not want her to see my hardening cock, though she did have the semblance of a smile as she bowed her head when she had finished rinsing me.

Beth got out of the shower first, held out a towel and dried me while she remained wet.

"When you have dried yourself," I said, "you will come back to the bedroom. For now, you will leave your hair down."

Once on the bed, we fell asleep and when I awoke and put on my watch, I realized we had slept for almost two hours. Beth felt me move and opened her eyes. Instantly, she got onto her knees, awaiting the second part of her punishment. I let her stay there and went to the spare room to retrieve the suitcase I had brought, opened it, and picked one item out.

Walking towards Beth with the object I said, "Have you used one of these before?"

Beth looked at it, nodded, and then said, "Yes, Martin."

"Then go to the bathroom, clean yourself, and put this in. You will take it out if you need to use the bathroom, then clean it and replace it."

Beth took the plastic butt plug from my hands and left the room. Minutes later, she returned and stood in the middle of the room. I motioned her to turn around and she did, bending slightly so I could see the plug inside her. We got dressed and went for a walk around the lake. There was silence between us and I was uncomfortable with this.

"As we walk, I want you to tell me about yourself. As I have reminded Collette, some parts I know, some I suspect, so it's now up to you to fill in the gaps."

Beth told me about her life as second in a family of three girls, with both parents still happy and doting on each other. She talked about the fears at starting school, the help that Collette was throughout her childhood and onto college. The pair of them became more inseparable than she was with her sisters.

We stopped by a picnic table and Beth continued with her story. She dramatically described to me how she and Collette had snuck onto the Williams' farm across from their house as children because he had the sweetest apple tree.

At one point in the story, she stopped and shuddered as if she had a chill, and then continued the story. I looked behind Beth and noticed a car with a blonde-headed female driver had slowed and was watching Beth. The car paused for a moment and then drove off. Beth had stopped talking and looked concerned at me. I gestured her to walk to me and she smiled as she did, lowering her head to my chest when she got close enough.

"Are you wet?"

Beth smiled and nodded her head, then remembered and said. "Yes, Martin."

I held out my hand at her dress hem's level. She saw it and raised her dress to her waist, lifted herself slightly and then lowered herself onto my hand. She then walked backward, stopping when my now wet hand was free from her. Beth blushed but stood still.

"You're not comfortable?"

She shook her head. "It is a part of my training. I'm still fighting to control."

"It disgusts you?"

"No, Martin. Most of my adult life I've been told I am worthless, now I find two Masters that love what I can do for them."

It was now that her fight failed and she looked me directly in the eyes. Her eyes misty, her voice barely above a whisper when she spoke, "Now I have one Master that I love so much. I will spend a lifetime proving it to him if he would let me."

Beth watched as I raised my palm to my mouth and licked her wetness from my hand. I then turned it toward her and she walked one pace forward to lick the remainder from my palm.

"I want you to go over to that tree, bend towards the tree, lift your dress, and hug it."

Her facial expression didn't even change. Beth walked over to the tree, lifted her dress, rested the material on the small of her back, and leaned into the tree, holding it tight. By the time I got to Beth, I was so hard and free from my pants. I just held her hips and entered her pussy, the sensation of the butt plug barely separated from my own penis added to the distractions that assaulted Beth now.

Every time I forced myself into her my body, it pushed the butt plug in. Beth groaned and by now, I had my rhythm -- a rhythm that I could keep up for an age. Beth sensed this and clamped her vaginal muscles down on me. When I realized what she was up to, I swiped her ass. Beth groaned and held the tree harder. It now became a tease and torment action between us.

When her pleasure threshold needed a buzz, she would clamp her muscles around my penis and I in turn would swipe her ass even harder than the time before. Her juices now ran freely down both our legs. Her breathing was very ragged now and I knew both Beth and I were close. In one movement I took a short step closer to her, wrapped one arm around her waist and with the other hand, I gave her clit area a sharp swipe, partially hitting myself as I thrust deep into her one final time emptying everything I had into her.

"You may cum now my sweet Beth."

Instantly Beth pushed away from the tree, her muscles now spasmed around my penis. Her whole body shook, and as her knees started to buckle, I took the strain as her own orgasm ravaged her body. When she started to calm down, I twisted and lifted her off her feet, carrying her to the picnic table. Beth looked at the table and then at me.

"Didn't your family ever tell you, you have to eat desert at the table?" I asked.

Understanding quickly dawned on her as I placed her ass on the edge of the table. Beth lifted her skirt and placed a leg either side of me, then lay back on the table. My hands went to her legs pulling them over my shoulder; my face now inches from her puffed and oozing pussy lips. I ran my tongue the full length of her pussy with my hand pushing the butt plug deep into her ass at the same time.

"You may cum if you wish my sweet Beth."

Beth arched her body, her head fully back. Low moans rose from deep within her and escaped her lips. Her fingers clamped the edge of the table as my tongue and lips assaulted her pussy and then her clit. Beth screamed into the early evening air.

We eventually walked back to the cabin and I put the hot tub on a timer so that we could both sleep for a while. I gestured to her that she should sleep at my side. Beth climbed in, moved backwards so I could spoon her body. My thoughts drifted for a while - the day had been a good day. It was then I noticed that Beth was still awake.

"Are you tired Beth?"

"Yes Martin, but I cannot sleep until I know that you are content. It is not the place of a slave to sleep while my Master is troubled."

"You know don't you?"

Beth didn't move. I knew she wanted to, but the only position she would choose would be facing me and that was not permitted until I agreed to it. I tapped her shoulder and she instantly sat up, she was trying so desperately hard to suppress her rebelliousness again. Beth sat cross- legged on the bed, her nakedness so natural to her. I raised myself onto my arm and watched her, so deep in thought now.

"Please my Master, can I speak freely?"

I nodded. Beth looked deep into my eyes, and then shyly looked away for a moment before she found the courage to continue.

"I know why I'm here," She said, looking around the cabin.

"I'm going to be tested soon. When Master John found out who I was, he stopped all my training. I thought I had done something wrong. Master John would tell me nothing and I started to realize I was going to be given away. When I woke one morning and Master John gave me my instruction, a choker, and a plane ticket; he never told me who I was going to meet when I got to the airport."

"When Collette stood in front of me wearing her own choker I nearly fainted. There was a plea in her eyes. I knew my instructions, so kept quiet."

Beth's eyes misted as she recounted her meeting with Collette at the airport, but she held it together well. She told me of the journey to the house and the way Collette talked at the kitchen, but then said nothing else to her. It was killing both of them and they each knew it. It was even harder when Collette showed her to her bedroom gave her instructions, and closed the door.

Beth admitted to crying on the bed. Her own cousin was on the other side of the door and she could do nothing about it. Both their training had taken hold and they simply had to wait. When I had given them both instructions to stay together that night, they talked well into the early hours, and both talked about telling me that they were cousins. It was Beth who forced the issue and made Collette promise not to tell me, at least until she was accepted.

"Which one of you is the more dominant in your relationship?"

Beth went crimson, and then looked down.

"I am. Collette was always submissive and I took advantage of it sometimes. It's also the reason why she took so easily to this lifestyle and it took me longer to accept."

"Do I have to break your spirit to get you to obey me as your Master?"

Beth blinked her eyes that were close to tears now. "No my Master, I know I will always require punishment for actions I may take. You are my Master and have been since the first time I saw you. I will obey anything you ask of me and never flinch when doing it."

"You believe you know why you're here. Explain."

"Master John spoke to me just before I left him. He told me that I would be going on an adventure that would either prove my worth as a slave or prove to me that I would never be a submissive."

Beth's voice now growing stronger, added, "When I stupidly made Collette promise not to tell you, I committed the first and perhaps biggest error of my new life. That was not to trust my Master with the knowledge that we were cousins. I know I cannot take that back, just as I know that you will test me this week to see if I am worthy to be with you and Collette."

"Collette was my first and as such she will always be my first. Your past together will hold no sway over that."

Beth nodded her head, looked down, took a deep breath, and continued. "Collette is my cousin in name only. The day I walked into your house, she became my sister. I will respect that because that is how it is. Thank you for allowing me to speak freely. Master John would not have allowed that."

"Do not compare me to other Masters -- your past life is exactly that. Whether I choose to test you now or in six days time, that will be for me to decide. You are here to obey me and enjoy your holiday if you can. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Martin."

I opened my arms and Beth moved back into her original position. Within minutes, her breathing had changed and sleep took her from me. Beth was afraid. She would never admit it either to me or Collette, but she was afraid. John had sent me her medical file regarding STD's and HIV's plus all he could find out about her past life and what I managed to glean from Dr Hammond, she was healthy medically -- but not mentally.

Mentally, Beth was afraid of failure but she had another weakness -- trust -- which is why she was being so rebellious. It is her defense mechanism. When she can finally learn to trust and not be afraid to trust, her rebelliousness will fade into nothingness. As my eyes grew heavy, my last thought before I slept was that the next few days would be very interesting indeed. When I awoke, it was obvious by her breathing that Beth was awake.

"Beth, walk outside and check to see if the hot tub is working, please."

Beth moved her body around and looked at my chest. "Yes, Martin. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," I said as I watched her get out of bed, smile, and walk out of the room. Two minutes later, she was back telling me the tub was ready. I told her I would see her at the tub and that she was to get us both iced teas to drink while we were in the hot tub. Once in the tub, I turned the bubbles on, switching them off when Beth returned. She put down her tray of drinks and stood by the tub, waiting.

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