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Explanation to the Sorority

Posted on : 2012-01-26 14:48:27.386117

"I think we all know what's going to happen here this evening," said the woman who had been teasing me online for two months. That this night was the first time I had met her in person punctuated my obsession with experiencing what I knew beyond all doubt would be the most exciting sexual experience of my life.

"Ladies, this is the gentleman I was telling you about." She looked at me and smiled. "We will assume you will be a gentleman this evening, Scott." I was ready to agree to anything. Had been for weeks, ever since seeing the picture Karelle Matthews had sent me. Though tonight she was dressed simply, even conservatively, her attire could not hide the form that I knew matched the picture.

Her finely knit pullover top and matching slacks clung to her curves this evening. They were the same curves so readily apparent in the picture she had sent. Tonight, though, in place of the corset and stockings she wore in the picture, she revealed little other than a lovely silhouette topped by a beautiful face framed by hair that was a cross between red and chestnut brown.

And right now, she certainly wasn't wearing the strap?on dildo that was part of her outfit in the picture.

Turning to the assembled group before her, Karelle said, "Scott has agreed to provide you all some fascinating information, haven't you, Scott?"

There were seven young women in the room. It was the large living room type area of a suite in a swanky hotel. I didn't even remember the name of the hotel, so entranced was I with the woman in charge of the proceedings. She had met me at the airport baggage claim area of the airport earlier that evening. (This in spite of the fact that all I had with me was my small business satchel. She said there wouldn't be any need to bring a change of clothes.) She whispered in my ear as we rode in the taxi to this place:

"You're very good to do as I directed, Scott," she cooed. "Are you ready to experience your darkest, most exciting desire?" Her perfume was light, airy, yet unmistakable. I promised myself that I would visit a department store as soon as I returned home and sniff my way through the women's fragrances until I found it. I was desperate to remember everything about tonight.

You can see that I was mightily distracted during the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. Her sexy teasing about the desire I'd shared with her in such detail over the Internet meant two things: I could focus on nothing except her, her words, her smell, the gentle way she laid a hand on my shoulder as she whispered nasty things to me. And I squirmed constantly in the seat to try to find a position that would allow some freedom in my trousers to accommodate the erection she was skillfully creating with only the sound of her voice.

"You did as I told you, correct?"

I mumbled assent.

"Ooh, this will be such a treat for you, Scott."

And so it went the entire drive from airport to hotel. I can not tell you how long we were in the cab, whether it was a mile or twenty miles. And the trip across the lobby and into the elevator was torture. (You try being unobtrusive with seven inches of stiff dick trapped underneath the crotch of your pants in an awkward position with no good way to adjust in mid?stride.)

The elevator door closed behind us. She laid a hand firmly on my backside, grabbing a cheek and squeezing it. "So far so good, my young stud. Your description of yourself seems to have been accurate." She drew me close to her. "A nice, taut ass is very important to my pleasure." Leaning next to my ear, she whispered, "It's going to be exciting watching my strap?on dildo slide between your firm asscheeks."

I gasped in response.

Then she placed one hand on the back of my head, slid the other down to my crotch, and pulled my face to hers. She devoured me in a deep tongue kiss, pressing her mouth on mine and ravaging me. Stopping only for an instant to say, "Give me your tongue," she continued kissing me. Owning me. My tongue became a suck toy for her.

The elevator doors slid open. She relinquished her control of my face and mouth. My dick remained stiff.

Karelle guided me to a door several yards down the hall from the elevator. She opened the door and motioned me in. With my satchel in hand, I stepped through the doorway, hearing sounds of female conversation a few feet inside.

And so here I was.

"The sorority has promised you an enjoyable education tonight," said Karelle to the group. I nervously toed the carpet, not yet able to look up into the faces of the coeds seated on the couch and chairs in the room. I felt a flush rising up my neck. It seemed to be getting much warmer.

"Mr. Gooding has been directed to share with you the reasons he likes for a woman to fuck him with a strap?on dildo."

The pit of my stomach clenched at those words. I knew she would say them. She told me she would as part of her description of the events she would orchestrate for this evening.

And therein lies one of the many reasons that being taken by a woman wearing a strap?on dildo is so exciting: When she talks about what's going to happen, about what she's going to do---and to make me do---that just amps up the crazy, intense sexiness of the entire scenario.

The anticipation is such a big part of the pleasure. Maybe even more pleasurable is thinking about what she'll say before she gets down to business. Yeah, maybe that's a huge part of the turn?on. In the days and hours before an encounter when I think of what she'll do and say to tortuously draw out the anticipation for her own pleasure until I'm begging to be fucked, I will have my fist wrapped around my cock, stroking.

When I spurt during these masturbatory episodes, it's often brought on by imagined words whispered in my ear about how much she'll enjoy taking me. Her descriptions of how she likes to see me opened for her pleasure, twitching in anticipation of surrender to her control, are words that create sexual tension in me beyond description. Hearing these things, knowing she will do them and I will submit---this is a big part of the turn?on for me.

I would be forced to tell the coeds in the room all of this.

"Come. Sit." She led me by the elbow to a straight?backed, padded chair with arms. It was positioned at the head of a make?shift semi?circle of chairs and a couch that had been arranged in this space. Taking the remaining empty chair---the one next to mine---she looked at me thoughtfully for several seconds. The girls quieted.

"So, ladies . . . what do you want to know?" Karelle smiled evilly at me.

There were two black coeds in the group. One of them (short and voluptuous) immediately spoke up: "Is this really true? Are you really here to tell us that you enjoy getting screwed in the ass by women wearing strap?ons?"

The rest of the girls laughed at that, though I caught a nervous cough or two.

Karelle waited expectantly through several seconds of silence as I tried to gather the courage to look at these young women and begin my descriptions.


I looked up, wringing my hands miserably in my lap. How, in the many iterations that I'd played this out in my head as I stroked my cock, could I have thought this would be exciting?

"Look at Celia and give her your answer, Scott," said Karelle.

That reminded me why I was excited at the thought of this. Karelle was going to fuck me tonight.

I swallowed. "Yes." My answer was barely audible. Catching a reprimanding look from Karelle, I cleared my throat. "Yes. I really do like being screwed in the ass by a woman wearing a strap?on."

That seemed to break the ice. A simple question from a blonde to my left followed: "Why? Are you gay?"

Oh, I knew that was coming. So did Karelle.

"Kristi, ladies, you must all disabuse yourselves of the notion that 100% of men who enjoy being taken by a woman are gay. In fact, most of them are not." She looked at me, stood up, and took the one step necessary to stand at my side. "Scott likes it up the ass only occasionally, and the rest of the time he enjoys sex in the ways you would guess." Karelle laid a hand on my shoulder. "Isn't that right, Scott?"

Before I could answer, a brunette seated on the couch blurted out, "So you like licking pussy, too?"

"Jenna!" exclaimed another, taller brunette. "Don't be so crass!"

Karelle, ever the knowledgeable big sister, quickly commandeered the conversation. "It's okay, Talia. Things will go much more easily if we don't stand on ceremony or euphemisms. Scott is going to have be quite descriptive for us this evening, so let's all agree that, while ladies don't talk this way in public, when toying with a man before taking him---as we are doing with Scott tonight---part of the sexiness is giving ourselves the freedom to use language designed to arouse the male." She leaned into my ear while looking at the girls in front of us and said, "Now, Scott, do you enjoy licking pussy?"

This was not a difficult test. "Very much."

"Do you do that before they fuck you, or after?" asked the other blonde in the group.

"There's no definite order. It's the same as how it happens when you screw without using a strap?on. Sometimes you do things one way. Sometimes you do it a different way." I was starting to relax.

"Whatever put the idea of asking a woman to fuck you with a strap?on into your head?" asked the coed who looked to be Asian.

"Well, I didn't ask the first time it happened. She teased me all night, finally started giving me a blowjob, and then she began licking my balls."

"Eeuww." In unison, most of the girls indicated that they would never do such a thing.

"Continue," said Karelle, returning to her seat.

"So she licked my balls between bouts of sucking on my cock, and before I knew it, she was circling a finger coated with some lotion around my . . ." I hesitated, knowing that I was about to start describing things that would make me really horny in front of these young women. Already, my cock was starting to rise to whatever amount it could, trapped as it was in my pants as I sat on the hot seat in front of these college coeds.

Karelle used the pause to tease me. "He's probably embarrassed to talk about how the woman fingered his asshole." She smirked. The girls were wide?eyed. Silent. Waiting. I felt the unmistakable blush of shame creep up my neck.

"Is that what she did, Scott? Push her lotion?coated finger into your asshole while she sucked your cock?" asked Karelle, knowing the effect her question would have on me.


"And how did that feel?"

God, my cock was really hardening, and it was getting very uncomfortable. I shifted in my seat.

"It felt fucking great."

Again: "Eeuww." But not all of the girls joined in this time expressing their revulsion.

"Ladies, Scott is squirming. Would anyone like to guess why?"

The brunette who had chastised the girl about using graphic language had apparently completely overcome her reticence to use the vernacular. She said, "Because he's springing a boner just hearing you describe it, Miss Matthews." The group laughed at that.

It was true.

"Why don't you show us, Scott," said Karelle.

You could have heard a pin drop at that point. The coeds, shocked expressions on their faces, didn't move. They just looked at me.

"We talked about this, didn't we, Scott?" Karelle asked.

Naked in front of these women. Completely naked while they sat, fully clothed and comfortable, looking at me. Listening to me tell them why I liked being fucked with a strap?on. Watching my erect cock prove convincingly that I was turned on by everything connected with a woman strapping on a dildo and using it to fuck me in the ass.

I masturbated right after reading the words in the email Karelle had sent me explaining that I would be required to do this. Now that I was actually in the situation, though, I didn't know if I could go through with it.

Karelle read the look on my face. "Let's make it easy for you. Take off your shirt while you finish telling us about your first time." She scooted back into her seat, getting comfortable. "Ladies, this would be a good time to grab a drink from the fridge if you need a refill. You won't want to miss Mr. Gooding's story."

A few of the girls got up to refresh their drinks. The others rearranged themselves in their seats like a group of fifth?graders eager for story time. Karelle looked at me expectantly.

The incredible naughtiness of the situation triggered something in my brain that must have sent even more blood down to my hardening cock, causing the absolute necessity of adjusting myself in front of the girls.

"He's getting a stiffy," pointed out one of the blondes.

This is one of the other reasons the whole strap?on experience is thrilling: you have to admit that it excites you. You have to abandon every last shred of propriety and confess that you -- the man, the macho guy, the aggressor, the horny stud, the perpetrator, the predator to the female prey---want a woman to fuck YOU. It's not supposed to be that way, and therein lies one of the most powerful things that draws me to it. Coupled with the intense physical pleasure (lots of nerve endings in the anus, I understand) and the total surrender of allowing yourself to be penetrated, the embarrassing admission that you want her to objectify your ass for her own pleasure (and yours, most definitely) is a huge turn?on for me. I adore that the woman knows it and uses that knowledge to tease me, to draw out my anticipation, to excite me and herself while she plays with my mind in preparation for playing with my ass. I have to let her know that I am there for her pleasure, that I am there so that she can get off by using me. I have to tell her that I am her sextoy.

So I continued the description of my initiation, knowing that I would be admitting all these reasons that being fucked in the ass by a woman excites me to the group of women in front of me.

"I don't know where she got the lotion. A guy doesn't notice a lot of things when a girl is giving him a blowjob," I said, unbuttoning my shirt. I pulled the shirttails from my pants. "I asked her what she was doing, and she looked up at me, my cock still in her mouth, and she smiled---at least as much as a woman can do that with a mouthful of dick." I slid the shirt off, dropped it to the floor and sat back in the chair. "That was the instant that she deep?throated me while inching her finger into my asshole."

"Shit," whispered one of the girls.

"I couldn't believe the sensations. She had my entire cock down her throat, and she was slowly pushing her finger up inside me. The whole thing felt fantastic, just incredible. Maybe if she hadn't been sucking me off while penetrating me I wouldn't have liked the feeling in my ass. But what she was doing, all of it together, just really drove me crazy."

I adjusted myself again.

"How old was this woman?" asked Celia.

"I don't know. She was older than me. Maybe 30."

Karelle interjected. "I bet you're asking because you wonder how a woman would even think to do something like that, right, Celia?"

The girl nodded.

"So you haven't thought about doing it?" asked Karelle. Celia shook her head. "Have any of you ever had your finger inside a man?"

A round of "Nos" followed. These were all complete newbies to the concept of being the penetrator. Karelle looked at me and grinned. "Well, tonight Scott will surrender his ass to any of you who want to try it out."

Holy shit. That hadn't been in any of the emails Karelle had teased me with leading up to this incredible experience. My shocked expression seemed to please her, maybe even turn her on a bit. Or a lot.

She continued: "Your pledge mistress has indicated that all of you, having made it through initiation, should be rewarded in some way. However, she has totaled the demerits each of you received while you were pledges, and the one among you with the fewest demerits will get a very special reward. All of you, though, have earned the right to find out how thrilling it is to have a naked man open himself up to you and beg you to finger?fuck him in the ass. Maybe his explanations tonight will convince some of you that you'd like to try it," said Karelle, leaning forward slightly in her chair. "When you're inside him, you control him."

I searched their faces. A thoughtful expression on a couple of the girls told me that tonight I would be surrendering my ass to probing fingers new to the experience of penetrating a male, and I would have to beg those girls to do it to me. Karelle was pushing all my buttons, torturing me by intensifying this entire experience in ways that played on all the facets of the strap?on encounter that make it insanely exciting for me. One of them is being told to ask---to beg---for the pleasure I know the woman will give me. Maybe that's a turn?on because I know it intensifies her feeling of power and control. Or maybe it's because hearing myself beg to be fucked (or, sometimes when the woman has orchestrated truly embarrassing situations, begging NOT to be fucked) is such a blatant statement of how I've put my sexual satisfaction completely in her control. There's also the possibility that being in a strap?on scenario just automatically makes me revel in the freedom to be a wanton, shameless, eager?to?confirm?it, complete and total slut. That's something a guy NEVER gets to do anywhere else.

"Now the shoes and socks as you continue your description," prompted Karelle.

What the hell, I thought. I was living a fantasy, and being naked in front of them would at least put an end to the discomfort of my trapped, throbbing cock. I leaned down and took off my shoes and socks, placing them next to my shirt on the floor.

"It only took a few seconds of her deep?throating me while she pushed her finger in and out of me before I came like I've never come in my life," I said, raising up from removing my shoes and shoes and socks to sag against the back of the chair. "After I came, I asked her what the hell she thought she was doing."

"The belt, Scott," said Karelle, a hint of impatience creeping into her voice.

As I unbuckled my belt, the doubt again surfaced. Could I do this? I continued, slowly. "She didn't answer me. She asked a question instead. 'Did you like it?' was all she would say, even when I started to get upset with her. 'Did you like it?' she kept asking. Finally, I cooled down, thought about it for a minute, and I said, 'Yes.'" Without prompting from Karelle, I had unhooked my trousers. "I admitted to her that I liked it when she slid her finger inside me."

"Were you embarrassed? Was she making fun of you?" asked one of the blondes.

"Excellent questions, Joanne. Let's get Scott's answers while he steps out of his slacks." Karelle turned her head to address me. "Stand up while you drop trou, Scott."

I did as I was told. After my trousers hit the floor, I answered, "Yes, it was really embarrassing to tell her I liked it. I was afraid she would think I was a pervert or something. But after I thought about what happened that night, I knew she wasn't making fun of me -- she was just getting me to put aside any automatic assumptions about what she did to me in order to realize it felt great." As I finished answering the girl's questions, I stepped out of the pile of fabric at my ankles, and in doing so looked down to realize with horror that the front of my briefs---white and made of some pretty thin material (Karelle had mailed them to me with instructions to wear them this evening)---were clearly wet and sticky with pre?cum leakage. That meant the front panel of the briefs had formed itself snugly around the outline of my cock. Only the elastic band at the top of the briefs was preventing the head of my dick from popping out into view.

"He really does get off on this," said Joanne. "He's hard and dripping."
"And he looks uncomfortable," said Karelle. "Let's give you some relief, Scott. We're going to let you take down your briefs for us."

God, how many times had I thought about this moment in the days before tonight? Karelle purposefully emailed her descriptions of what would happen days before now because she knew they would drive me crazy. (At least, she mailed descriptions of SOME of what would happen---telling the girls they could all finger me was definitely not among the information she sent me.) The last two weeks were frustrating to no end. Every time I thought about what Karelle said in her emails, I would get hard, eager to experience what the emails were describing. I would masturbate. Now I was about to find out if reality matched my fantasy.

"Scott is going to turn around and let us watch as he slides his underwear down." Karelle had risen from her seat and stepped to stand beside me. "Ladies, this is a truly delicious moment. Savor it. You'll soon be in the company of a man who's completely naked and eager to show us how much he adores being exposed, opened, and taken by a woman wearing a strap-on. You will learn quickly how very sexy and exciting that is."

Standing next to me, Karelle continued her lesson. She was an erudite professor using me as her show?and?tell object to tutor her students in the fine art of sexually controlling, manipulating, teasing, and ultimately satisfying a male's secret desire to occasionally be the one who is fucked when he and his woman play.

"You see that he is hard. That should erase any doubts about whether what's happening tonight is sexy, arousing, and pleasurable for males." She reached behind me to pat my butt. "Sometimes it requires that you convince and train them, and the ones that don't get it aren't worth your time anyway." Her hand remained on my ass. "But when you find one that DOES get it, you will have added an intensely arousing technique of sex play to your repertoire that can be enjoyed occasionally as a way to make all the other sex with your guy even that much better." Karelle dragged her hand lightly up my naked back, sending shivers up my spine, then placed the hand on my shoulder and with a light grip made clear her intention that now was the time I was to expose my ass to her eager protegés.

I turned around. There was a mirror on the opposite wall, and I could see the girls looking at my backside. They were expectant. One of them parted her lips, unconsciously licking them. I liked that a lot. It made it easy to hook my thumbs under the waistband of the sheer briefs and start to slide them down.

"Slide down the back of your briefs just far enough so that they're bunched underneath your asscheeks," said Karelle. "And lean forward a little bit and arch your back so your butt sticks out for us."

You may think I would have been demeaned by this request. She had asked me to, in effect, put on a slutty display for their pleasure. In truth, I was thrilled with the request, excited by the explicit directions, and eager to do it for them.

See, that's a very big part of the pleasure of the strap?on experience for me. It's not as good as it could be unless I'm sure the woman is turned on, that's she's getting off on every part of the experience, including becoming aroused by seeing me naked. This means I want her to be as excited as possible, and doing anything and everything with my body that will make her wet is EXACTLY what I want to do. True, this means she has to be free from silly hang?ups about asking for what she wants to see, and not many women are naturally inclined to do this in our society. That's why I'm all for Playgirl Magazine, and cable channel documentaries that expose and explore the sexual lifestyles and philosophies of women who enjoy sex and getting it they way they like to get it. And if you ask me about web sites made for women who want to see good-looking men who are naked, with erections, and smiling into the camera with a look that says, "I like you looking at me. If you were here right now, I'd want you to fondle it and play it however you want."---yeah, I absolutely LOVE a woman who likes to look at pictures like that. I figure if more women see stuff like that, there might be more women who wouldn't be shy about telling a man they want to see him get naked, to make himself hard and pose in a certain way for them---whatever turns them on.

If she's seeing what she wants in order to get hot, saying what she wants in order to make herself wet, doing what she wants in order to create intense orgasms -- that's what I want to have happen during strap?on play. And it makes me harder than you can possibly imagine when a woman takes charge and does this.

(There's the side benefit, too, of the motivation this provides me to stay in shape. I figure that seeing a toned, muscular, fit nude male body will get women wet faster and easier than seeing a sloppy, beer?bellied, out?of?shape naked man. Ladies, do you ever wonder what percentage of the men in the gym are there because they like to fantasize that you will be hot for them to the point of wanting ---demanding---to see them naked? The next time you're in the gym, look around. Pick out the best looking guy with the hottest bod you can find. Then imagine that he 's there because you told him that seeing his naked body turns you on, that you want him to be sure to do those squats because it's really important to you that his ass be firm and taut under your hands when you spread him open. Somewhere, probably a lot of somewheres, there are guys with bodies you want to see who are exercising precisely because they want you to get wet seeing their naked, stiff dicks bobbing in front of them as they walk to the spot on the floor where you've told them to get down on all fours in preparation for the things you're going to do to them that will give you both intense, mind?blowing orgasms.)

Karelle's directions to me about how she wanted me to display myself, and my obedience in promptly doing it, brought giggles from the girls. "God, he's like a little puppy doing whatever you tell him," laughed the other blonde.

"You're right, Kristi," said Karelle. "When they're trained properly, they are very eager to please you." She tilted her head toward me and caught my eye in the mirror. "Why is that, Scott?"

I told them everything I've just related about surrendering control. By now the girls had realized they could watch my face in the mirror and drop their eyes to my naked ass and then look up again at me in the mirror and smile. They were clearly getting into the spirit of teasing me and letting me know I was their toy tonight.

Satisfied I'd provided an adequate explanation, Karelle then placed her hand on my ass and heightened my embarrassment yet again. "Gather around, ladies. Scott has presented himself. Why don't we all check out this luscious, naked male butt." And she started to squeeze and fondle the cheeks of my ass, indicating to the girls that they owned the right to do the same to me.

The group assembled behind me, and the Asian girl was the first to lay her hands on my ass.

"That's it, Cindy," said Karelle. "Get to know his ass. It's yours tonight."

The front of my briefs were still up, at least a little bit. But when Karelle said what she did to Cindy, the effect on my cock meant it popped over the top of my briefs and in a few seconds had levered its way free. My erect cock was now on display for the next girl who looked at me in the mirror.

"Oh my god," said the black girl whose name I hadn't yet heard. "His thing is sticking right out."

Karelle looked at me in the mirror. She smiled broadly. "You're right, Nya. But remember what I said about how we talk tonight. His COCK is sticking out."

Moving the chair in front of me out of the way, Karelle reached down and grabbed my erect dick. "Girls, slide his briefs down while I keep him here, not able to move because I have his hard cock firmly in my grip." She was looking at me when she said this, knowing she was teasing me and heightening my arousal.

If that were possible.

"Scott, what a bad boy. You exposed yourself without my permission. Are you actually trying to make us spank you?"

Oh damn oh damn oh damn. Karelle had just named another surrender?of?control action that fits so beautifully into a strap?on scenario. She had not, however, said anything about this in her emails. As with her invitation tonight for the girls to plunge their fingers into me, this is something that she knew would make me extremely horny, yet she had purposefully withheld it from her emails so as to surprise, embarrass, and arouse me in ways that would add to her own excitement tonight. She was playing me magnificently. I surrendered to her superior gamesmanship.

"Now that's something that I HAVE thought about," said Talia.

"Well, he's naked now," Karelle said, leading me by my cock to the couch. Sitting down on the edge of it, my dick still in her grip, she pulled my crotch toward her thighs. There was nothing I could do but quickly find a way to get down over her knees. "Talia, I'll trap this erect cock between my thighs, and Scott will present his ass for you to spank him." Then she placed one hand on the back of my head to gather a handful of hair and tug slightly. She had me completely under her control.

Talia's open?palmed smacks weren't effective at causing a lot of pain. They were, though, incredibly arousing. The situation Karelle had orchestrated -- me naked in a roomful of eager coeds ready to hear me say why I liked to be a sextoy and now getting a playful spanking while over the knees of the woman who was going to fuck me in the ass with her strap?on---well, there was no way I wasn't going to come at that very instant.

Except that Karelle sensed this in enough time before it happened that she parted her thighs, reached between my legs, and pressed on the spot that prevented my ejaculation.

"I had to stop you spanking him, Talia, because he was about to come. Isn't that right, Scott?"

I was sagging over her lap, panting and frustrated at being denied my orgasm, yet grateful beyond measure at Karelle's acumen and skill in toying with me in precisely the right way and at precisely the right time to stop me from cumming. I wanted to prolong everything that was happening to me for as long as possible in order to savor each exquisite, sexy, nasty, thing that occurred before spurting what would be a huge load of cum. I knew that would end things in terms of being on display naked with a hard cock in front of these women. And I did want to be hard when Karelle fucked me.

It is, after all, important to me that the woman or women (god bless me in my fortune tonight) are hot and wet knowing that the stiff dick on display is their toy and a visible indication that I'm a true and willing plaything for their pleasure.

"Isn't that right, Scott?" asked Karelle again.

"Yes. I was about to come."

"Getting a spanking makes you come?" It was Joanne who asked.

Karelle eased me up off her lap. My cock sprang free of her thighs, leaving tell?tale signs of my arousal on her slacks. I rose, my cock bouncing to full erection in front of the girls, all of whom were close enough to touch it. Standing awkwardly among them, I explained:

"No, it's not just that. And it also has to do with the kind of spanking. In the context of what's happening during the role reversal of strap?on play -- the woman as the one doing the fucking, the man as the one getting fucked---it really turns me on. The spanking shouldn't be too hard, just hard enough to create warmth and a tingle, which yours certainly did, Talia." The girl blushed. "And getting spanked often makes the woman recognize a perfect opportunity to apply some cooling lotion on my ass, which means it's pretty easy for her slippery fingers to wander down in between my cheeks."

"And that, ladies," announced Karelle, "turns out to be Mr. Gooding's request for you to slide your fingers inside him and to own him, even though he had no idea he was issuing a formal invitation. I happen to have a bottle of lotion in my bag---Kristi, would you get it---and Talia's spanking does mean his poor little butt needs some lotion to recover. Who'd like to be first?"

Then, completely unexpectedly, Karelle spun me around and slid my hard cock into her mouth and down her throat in one motion. I was stunned. This was something else she had not mentioned in her emails. That she was an obviously practiced and accomplished fellatrix added to the certainty that she was the perfect tutor for the girls in the room. After keeping her lips sealed around the base of my cock for a few moments, she slowly withdrew, taking in a gulp of air when my shaft was free of her mouth. "Yum, ladies. You must all learn the joys of doing that. It really makes your man eager to please you in any way you tell him to."

Spinning me around to deep throat me meant I was facing Karelle as she was seated on the couch. "Put your hands on the back of the couch, Scott," she said as she put herown hands on my hips and scooted me back a bit. As a result, I was leaning over in a position that made clear what was about to happen. "Spread your legs," Karelle said, seated beneath me in the perfect location to lean to one side, press one shoulder against my abdomen as she inched forward, and encircle my torso with her arms, placing her hands on the top of the back side of my thighs.

Kristi had retrieved the bottle of lotion, placing it on the couch next to her. She looked up at the girls and asked again, "Who's first?"

"Me," said Cindy, confidently. Hearing that almost made my knees buckle. I knew what was coming.

Again, the excitement of hearing what's going to happen is key for me to the pleasure of a strap?on scenario. Add to that the idea that I'm about to surrender my ass to a woman who, for the first time, is going to penetrate a man, and you can see why I was weak in the knees.

Cindy picked up the bottle, popped open the top, and squirted some lotion in her palm, which without hesitation she placed against my ass. Then she started to spread the lotion in a circular motion across my cheek, then over to the other one. Karelle did not miss the opportunity to ramp up my excitement with a running commentary.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Cindy?" A throaty "Ummm" was all that Cindy managed in reply. "Until you've owned a man's ass, you don't know how wonderful it is to do this." Cindy had spread the lotion completely over my pink cheeks at this point. "Women talk about how sexy the male butt is, and that they like to see it, but that's as far as most of them go with their confessions. After you've slid your finger inside his asshole, you'll know another, more powerful reason what the male ass is such a sexy thing." Cindy had insinuated one finger between the cheeks of my ass.

"But what about, you know . . . uh, I don't really know how to say this . . ." stammered Nya.

"Don't worry, ladies. Scott followed strict instructions about cleanliness, didn't you, Scott?"

I was truly enjoying Cindy's tease and was anxious that she have no worries that might cause her to hold back from consummating her penetration. "Yes. I'm squeaky clean for all of you."

"Good boy," said Karelle, and she moved her hands slightly higher in order to place them on my cheeks, temporarily halting Cindy's sensuous ministrations on my butt.

Then she spread me open for the girls.

"The male asshole is a truly a cute little portal to his pleasure and yours," said Karelle, her grip on me indicating that she would keep me exposed throughout her descriptive lesson. "I'm certain none of you have ever seen one, so here's your chance to experience for the first time the sexy sight of a finger slipping inside."

Can I emphasize any more how exciting it is to me to hear a woman say what she's going to do to me? Karelle intuitively knew this (or, more likely, knew it from practiced experience), and she took every opportunity to use that knowledge to tease me, to keep me hard, to ratchet up the intensity of the experience.

And I hadn't even reached the stage this evening when she would don her strap?on and fuck me with it. I couldn't even imagine what she was going to say during the lead?up to my total surrender to the stiff shaft that would be protruding from her crotch. What she had done and said already tonight made it clear she was an absolute master---mistress---of my enjoyment of the strap?on experience and everything associated with it.

Karelle Matthews was driving me crazy with lust to be taken. When she did that, I knew beyond doubt that I would be a whimpering, wanton, totally shameless slut for her pleasure, following her every command and abandoning every thought except following her directions and pushing her pleasure to the point of intense orgasm. Doing so would give me my own shuddering climax.

"Cindy, squeeze out some lotion in between Scott's cheeks."

The girls were gathered in close. I knew they'd be craning their necks to see my penetration.

"But before you do that, Cindy, let's remind Scott that he is to beg for this."

There it was---another thing that intensifies the experience for me.

"And you know what," Karelle said thoughtfully, "I'm going to demonstrate a little role play for you ladies." I know my asshole twitched hearing that. One of the girls giggled. "Scott, I want you to beg NOT to be finger fucked."

There must have been quizzical expressions on the girls' faces. Karelle explained her request: "You girls have been hearing Mr. Gooding explain his reasons for enjoying what's happening to him tonight. Let me tell you one of the things I enjoy. Cindy, take over for me in exposing Scott for us." Karelle released her grip, and I felt Cindy aggressively plant her hands on my asscheeks and open me up.

"Are you going to do what I just asked?" Karelle said to me, turning her head to make eye contact as I peered down at her while leaning forward.

"I'll do anything you want," I said.

"That is so sexy to hear, Scott. You're making me very wet."

At that point I could swear I heard what sounded like a whimper from one of the girls. It was a sound I knew well, having made it myself when something so sexy was happening that an involuntary sound came from my throat. On those occasions, if it were possible, I instinctively grabbed my crotch, so visceral was the reaction.

This turned me on even more.

"Then you know that you're going to surrender to our invasion. We're going to penetrate you in the ass with our fingers." Karelle's voice had taken on a husky quality, dripping with sex and honey and a twinge of danger.

Here I had the opportunity to start paying Karelle back for the pleasure she was giving me.

"Please, don't. Please don't." And I winked my asshole shut in mock horror at the thought of being penetrated.

"But you've been bad for us. You showed us your cock before I told you to. You don't think that can go unpunished, do you? Even a spanking isn't enough."

God, she was good at this.

"But I'll do anything. Just don't do that to me. Please, Karelle, don't do that to me."

"Do what to you, Scott?" And she started to tap gently on the center of my clenched asshole.


"Say it."

"That. You know."

"Tell us."

She had stopped tapping, and now her fingertip was placed squarely in the center of my pucker.

"Please don't make me take it inside of me," I pleaded. "Don't fuck me with your finger."

Karelle was pressing her thighs together beneath me. I knew this was turning her on mightily. I took the cue and continued my begging.

"I can't . . . I can't take it, Karelle. I don't know what will happen if you go inside me. Please don't make me do this." I was getting into the role. My thighs shuddered.

"You have been very bad. Squirt the lotion on his asshole, Cindy."

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