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Megan's New Sister: The First Cum

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:56:09.842425

The First Orgasm

Donovan watched the water batter the rocky Monterey coast as his driver navigated the winding roads. He'd much rather had spent his morning at home, enjoying the luxuries of his estate and the company of his companion. Unfortunately he also had to put a few hours in at work to smooth some bumps that had arisen while he and Megan had been away. Now it was nearly noon and he was headed back to the seaside estate he had purchased ten years before thanks to a generous inheritance and shrewd business sense.

He watched the estate come into view, a sprawling manor that sat on thirty acres of hills and coastline. His personal haven. The driver coded them in through the high front gates, drove up the long drive, and opened his door.

Donovan stepped out of the back of the limousine. He was a long, lean man of thirty-six with a soft European accent and all the style and finesse that went with it. He smoothed the jacket of his Armani suit and nodded to the driver.

The front door was already being opened for him by a dark-suited butler, an older gentlemen who had worked his family for many years.

"Your business went well?" he asked, taking Donovan's jacket and laying it over his arm.

"Very well. Where is Megan?"

"By the pool," he replied.

Donovan nodded at the man absently, his mind elsewhere. He walked through the house, through the richness, the luxuries, of great wealth.

She lay on a lounge chair beneath the warm spring sunshine, naked as the day she was born save for a pair of overlarge sunglasses. There was a drink on the table at her elbow, something frothy and cool. He stood for a moment and watched her from the doorway, appreciating her beauty.

Megan was long and lean, her skin soft and pampered, tanned golden by the sun. Her hair was a sunny, natural blonde tumbling around her face, straight as rain. Her legs were long, her hips slim, her tummy flat, and her breasts high and hard. She had no tattoos, no piercing except for the ones in her ears. She wore diamonds that winked in the sunlight. An anniversary gift.

It had been three years this week since he'd chosen her, a pretty girl on a beach in Georgia. He'd watched her, wanted her, and taken her. He'd brought her back here, to his estate, where he'd trained her, taught her.

She was his submissive. He was her master.

He walked quietly to her, bent down, pressed a kiss to one dark nipple.

She arched, purred like a kitten, and came awake. With one long-fingered hand she tipped up her glasses, smiled up at him with dark, expressive eyes. "Donovan," she greeted, her voice husky from sleep and still gently accented.

"Megan, my love," he murmured, bending to kiss her slowly, deeply. He leaned back, kissed the tip of her nose. "Did you rest well?"

"Very well," she replied, stretching wantonly. "I don't feel the least bit jet-lagged. But what about you? It was so inconvenient that you had to go into work so soon after our return."

He offered a hand to help her to her feet. "It was important, but its settled now." He took the robe from the foot of the lounge, held it up so she could slip into it. It was soft, transparent, white. He lifted her hair out and watched it cascade down her back. "Are you hungry?"

Her smile was sweet. She did love to please him, to surprise him. "I had your secretary call from the office when you left. Lunch should be just about ready. You're favorite."

They sat together around a table in the family dining room. It had big windows that let in the light and looked out over the estate. He poured her a glass of wine and watched her enjoy the meal.

"Is your little present ready, Megan?" he asked.

Her eyes lit up with anticipation, with lust. "Everything's ready. I did exactly as you asked. She's all cleaned and ready. And such a pretty little thing. Thank you, Donovan."

He ran a hand gently up her thigh, watched her lips tremble open on a breath. "She's a gift for both of us. A sister for you, Megan. To keep you company when I have to be away. And a pretty new plaything." His hand slipped under the thin material, fingertips stroking her center, finding her hot and already growing wet.

Megan's eyes fluttered closed as a fingertip gently circled her clit, as the muscles in her thighs went lax.

"You can clear the table now," she heard Donovan murmur. She knew that Williams, the butler, was in the room. She could distantly hear the sounds of dishes being gathered and footsteps. It didn't matter. The fingertip picked up speed, the tempo increasing until she was arched back in her seat, eyes tightly closed.

"Can I cum?" she asked, her voice trembling like the muscles in her long, tanned thighs.

Donovan loved to watch her like this, on the brink. Williams continued to clear plates as though nothing were out of the ordinary at all. "What did you say, my love?" he asked, his voice rough with lust.

"Please. Please, may I cum?" she murmured.

He replaced that circling fingertip with his thumb, gently slid two fingers inside of her so that he could feel her wet, velvety walls. He waited, made her wait, watched her muscles strain and tremble.

"Cum," he demanded simply.

Her eyes flashed open, dark and dazed, as her body convulsed. A low, long moan escaped her throat as those velvet walls contracted hard around his fingers, as his thumb continued to moved in slow circles.

He slipped his fingers out, kept his thumb circling for a moment after she came down. Then let his hand rest on her thigh as she caught her breath, going lax. As her eyes focused on his.

Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes hot. "Thank you," she murmured.

Leaning over, he kissed her again. "You're welcome. Go on upstairs and wait for me, Megan."

She nodded, and though her legs were still a little weak, she did as she was told.

Donovan took his time. He changed out of his business clothes into a pair of soft linen pants and informed Williams that he was going upstairs and not to be disturbed. It was law in that house that no one was allowed upstairs unless he permitted it. He took the staircase up to the third floor.

He opened the door to one of their playrooms and found everything exactly as he'd demanded it. One wall held shelves and racks of toys. The others were outfitted with chains, hooks, ropes, and pulleys. Megan was naked, kneeling on the cold, hard floor beside a tall padded table. Her hands were behind her back, her gaze diverted down. She wore a black, leather collar around her pretty neck.

Ignoring her, he stepped forward to examine the young woman on the table. They'd chosen her well. They'd spent two weeks watching her, planning her capture. That was why they'd gone to New York on their anniversary trip, to pick out Donovan's new slave.

She was eighteen years old, would have graduated from high school in a few weeks time. Her name was Anna, and she was a tiny fairy of a thing. Her skin was alabaster pale, her features sharp and pointed. He knew that when she opened her eyes they would be soft blue.

Megan had done well in preparing her. All of her dark, curling hair was tied back away from her face and she was strapped down to the table on her back. Her arms were secured over her head, her torso held down by two leather straps. Her legs were spread wide, bent at the knee so that her feet were flat on the table. She'd been thoroughly washed, and all pubic hair shaved away. As instructed, electric bands had been attached snugly over each bicep, at her belly, and over her thighs. When used they would emit an electric pulse that caused the muscles to contract and tremble. She was gagged with a small ball gag that would be only slightly uncomfortable and allow for some noise. She wore a black leather collar around her neck.

Already she was beginning to wake from her drug-induced sleep.

"You have done well, Megan," he said simply.

"Thank you, Master," she replied from her place on the floor.

Donovan stood beside the table, watching Anna as she woke. He enjoyed the way her lashes fluttered as she tried to throw off sleep, the way her arms strained as she moved to stretch. Then her eyes opened, confused, still unfocused. The drug was keeping her confused, but he knew it wouldn't last long.

Anna struggled to remember, to understand. She'd been walking home from school through the noise and confusion and the city, her Ipod blasting in her ears, her mood light.

Then everything went hazy. She thought she remembered a man and a woman. Soft voices, soft hands. She knew she'd been coming in and out of consciousness, but she didn't know for how long. She opened her eyes, but everything was hazy, darkened. She felt cold. There were goose bumps on her flesh.

It wasn't until she tried to reach down and find the blankets that she realized she was bound, and that she was not at home in her own bed.

Now her eyes focused, her head whipping from side to side in the only movement she was allowed. All she could see was dark walls covered in chains and hooks and ropes. The lights were dim, and she realized suddenly that she was naked. Naked and tied down, her arms over her head, her legs spread.

Thoughts whirled through her mind, fear and terror. Kidnap. Rape. She strained against the bonds, tried to scream. It was muffled by the gag in her mouth.

"You can scream, Ana," she heard the soft, male voice say, "But it will do you no good."

Terror had her screaming. She screamed as loud and as long as she could, struggling to free herself. When the hand touched her midriff, strong and warm, she cut off with a terrified gurgle and tried to wince away.

"You're going to hurt yourself if you keep this up, Anna," the man said again. He'd moved into her line of vision and she could see that he had a handsome, aristocratic face. His expression was stern, but not mean. She continued to try to jerk away from his touch.

"You belong to me now, Anna. You are in my home, in one of my many play rooms," he explained while the girl's eyes wheeled and her body trembled. "You have no need to fear me. I will never give you more than you can handle, never push you too far. You are to be trained to submit to me. I am your Master now."

Anna began to scream again, and to thrash against her what held her. She fought as though fighting for her life, screamed and prayed that someone, anyone, would hear her and come to her rescue.

After what seemed like an eternity, when her throat was too raw to yell and her body to exhausted to fight, she began to weep.

It had taken nearly an hour, Donovan mused from his seat, but the first hurdle was behind them. He got to his feet, moved to Anna's side. Her eyes were red and swollen, tears dripping down her face in a constant stream. Still she flinched away from his touch when he laid a hand on her belly.

"There is no one to hear you, Anna. There is no escape. I hope you understand that now. You belong to me. I am your Master," he explained. "There are to be rules. I want you to pay careful attention to me, Anna. If you should break any of my rules you will be punished."

He watched her as she continued to silently weep.

"Firstly, you will refer to me only as Master until you are given permission otherwise. I am always to be referred to as Master within the play rooms," he began. "You are to obey my every command. That is most important. Your only duty in life now is to please me. You will be taken care of, and taken care of well if you only please me."

Donovan ran a hand from her hip to her thigh, felt her tremble. It was fear now, but soon it would be desire.

"While you are in training you are confined to the upstairs rooms. The more trust you earn, the more liberties you shall receive," he explained. "While you are in training you are never allowed to pleasure yourself. Never. You will ask permission to orgasm. Do you understand that, Anna? You are to ask permission to cum."

She continued to weep silently, watching him warily.

"Answer me," he ordered softly.

Anna could not find her voice, could not believe what she was hearing. The man was a lunatic. She was no man's slave. The very thought of discussing an orgasm with a man made her blush. She just couldn't fathom it.

His hand whistled through the air and landed with resounded crack on her inner thigh. The pain and shock had Anna lurching, crying out.

"Answer my question, Anna," he said again.

When she said nothing he landed another smack on the opposite thigh. Again she lurched and cried out.

Again she said nothing.

"It pains me to have to do this, Anna. But you must understand that you are mine now," he said softly.

She couldn't see him now, and fear gathered like ice in her belly. Then she cried out in surprise. It felt as though her muscles were dancing. Her arms, her stomach, and her thighs were jerking. Small, quick jerks like muscle spasms. She writhed against it, trying to get away from the nagging discomfort, mewling like a frightened kitten.

"If you do not answer my questions, I will have to cause you pain," the man explained.

And the jerking increased, bordering now on the pain he promised.

Her fear now was greater than her embarrassment. "I understand," she groaned, her voice muffled by the gag.

Anna cried out as jerking increased, as her arms and legs and torso began to move wildly without her consent. The pain of it sang through her.

"You are to call me Master," Donovan explained in a soft voice near her ear.

"I understand, Master!" she cried.

He shut off the electric current and watched her body fall limply back onto the table. He waited for her sobs to subside.

"I'm glad we understand each other, Anna."

He looked over to Megan. She hadn't moved a muscle, but continued to kneel on the cold, hard floor. "Come, Megan, and meet your new sister."

Megan got quickly to her feet, feeling circulation begin moving back to her legs and sore knees. Knowing better than to keep him waiting, she moved to his side.

"Anna, this is Megan. She is to be your big sister. She is also my slave, but she has already been trained and received many rewards for her excellent behavior. She is to help train you," he explained. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Anna wept.

"I am going to remove your gag, Anna. If you scream or argue, you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," she wept.

Carefully he removed the gag, watched her flex her jaw. She remained silent, her eyes huge with terror and tears.

"Have you ever had sex, Anna?" he asked her. He knew the answer, of course. He'd researched her. But making her answer was part of her training. She must be completely submissive to him.

Her lips trembled, but she said nothing. He touched a finger to a box he held and she felt the jerking start up again, very slightly.

"No," she said softly, blushing to the roots of her hair. When the electricity bumped up she cried out and realized her mistake. "No, Master!" she gasped her correction.

He let the electricity remain, watched her face move in discomfort. "Have you ever had an orgasm, Ana?"

The electricity increased and she cried out in pain. Her muscles jumped and the pain nagged at her. She'd taken too long to answer, she realized. "No, Master!" she cried out. "Please! Please, you're hurting me!"

He brushed a hand gently over her face. "Now, now, my pet. You're not even trying to get past the pain. It's nothing, this little electric shock. Not even half the way to full power. You'll need to learn to accept the pain you are given."

"Please!" she writhed, groaning.

She cried out when his hand cracked across her face, an open-handed slap.

"You are say nothing, Anna, unless you are answering a direct question," he said sternly. "Cry out, moan, weep. But do not speak unless spoken to."

Anna is weeping now. From the fear, from the pain, from the humiliation of lying naked and bound before two strangers.

After a few minutes Donovan turns off the electricity and removed the straps from Anna's body. He can still feel her muscles trembling. "Megan, fetch the oil and the toys we've readied." He doesn't look, but knows that his orders are being followed.

He looks down at Anna, bound and weeping silently. "Have you ever had an orgasm, Anna?" he asks.

She closes her eyes, to ashamed of herself to look at him, at anyone. "No, Master," she murmurs.

"It will give me great pleasure to gift you with your first," he says.

Her eyes fly open. "No!" she wails. "Please, no! Don't touch me!"

The blows come down on her inner thighs, four on each side so that she cries out and writhes.

"Do not speak unless spoken to, Anna," Donovan reminds her. He watches her whimper and squirm as the soft flesh of her inner thighs turns red. "Do not make me gag you."

With a gesture from her Master, Megan steps forward and pours oil over Anna's belly. With her delicate hands she begins to spread it, slicking it over the smooth, white flesh. Every muscle trembles beneath her touch. Relishing her duty she slides her hands up over Anna's breasts, they are hard and high. She pays special attention to her nipples, hard and pink from the chill of the room. She circles them, plays with them, and enjoys the quick, shocked gasps. She spreads the oil up her arms, then moves to begin at her feet.

She oils muscled calves, trembling thighs drawn tight as bowstrings. Closer and closer she moved to the Anna's pussy, one she shaved herself only that morning. But now she has time to explore, to enjoy. She touches the outer lips, already beginning to swell despite Anna's fear. She heard her indrawn breath, her little shriek as she spreads them apart, spreads oil around her entrance, around her little clit.

Anna clenched her teeth and tried to fight against the waves of unfamiliar sensation. Megan's hand were soft and skilled, touching her where she'd never been touched before. There was a warmth beginning to gather in her belly, a tingling in her nipples. When the man's hands joined hers, she jerked and moaned.

He was playing with her breasts. Her eyes were closed tightly against the onslaught, her jaw clenched, and she fought to hold back any sound. But her body was betraying her.

At first it was just his hands. He squeezed and fondled her small, firm breasts, exploring textures. Then she felt fingertips grazing her nipples, barely touching her. Below, smaller fingers were circling the entrance to her pussy, traveling from puckered anus to pussy and back again. Then her nipples were pinched and she couldn't stop the surprised noise that escaped her, or the way her body bowed up in response.

Emotions were swirling, sensations bombarding. Megan was spreading wetness around her pussy and Anna had an embarrassing suspicion that all that wetness was coming from her. Those soft fingertips were wet and warm, and now they began to tease her clit.

Anna heard her own moan and cursed herself for responding. When a mouth took her nipple in, suckling gently, she cried out.

It was too much. It was all too much.

The warmth in her belly was a fire now, the tingling in her breasts had become a nagging ache. Her muscles were beginning to bunch, like a fist ready to strike. Everything seemed to be happening so fast.

Fingers played with her clit, tugged at her nipples. Something was happening and she was reaching.

So close.

Nearly there.

"You must ask permission to cum," Donovan reminded. He repeated himself twice more, enjoying the way her head whipped from side to side.

He could feel her tightening. She was on the brink.

A sharp gesture had Megan stopping, stepping back. He removed his hands from Anna's breasts.

Her hips moved in small, hungry circles, her breathing heaved. And her eyes opened wide in shock, in denial. They were clouded with lust, with hunger. She was so close, he knew, and there was no way for her to reach that peak without help.

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