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Welcome Home

Posted on : 2012-01-28 14:59:54.042482

Michael is a sexy ginger haired man with bright blue eyes, full lips, and an athletic physique,not to mention he looks fucking sexy in his dress blues.

He had been on his second tour to Iraq and hadn't seen or felt a women in 9 months the night I went to welcome his home, I was ecstatic to see him and I think he was ecstatic to see my voluptuous D cup breasts peeking out of my teal blue satin top.

We had spent the last 9 months speaking of things we would do to one another, and anxiously awaiting his arrival back to the states, so I know as we sat there visit with friends and talking of times passed, all we could really think of was leaving the room and tearing one another close off.

As we stood outside amongst the crowd he snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, I could feel the bump through his pants pressed up against me,I know he yearned for me to set him free. I turned around and we were face to face, he kissed me passionately, so passionately that he sucked my tongue and bit my bottom lip upon release. I knew that was my signal that it was time.

He led me by hand in through the house to the bedroom where he undressed me slowly, first he lifted off my top and ran his fingertips from my lips down my neck to my bra covered breasts reached around the back and unhooked the only thing stopping him from seeing my soft pale skin in front of him, for a moment he just soaked in the site and then he dropped down to his knees and took my right breast into his hand and then into his mouth using the tip of his tongue to swirl around my silver dollar sized nipples,and sucking gently. I could feel my clitoris start to harden and throb, but I was enjoying every second of it. I could tell Michael was to from the low moans that were escaping his throat, and the intensity of his touch. Michaels tongue made its way from my breasts to my navel, and when he took his hand and reached the button and zipper to my jeans my body shuddered with anticipation. Michael used his teeth to undo my pants and slowly pulled them down as I took a step out of them I felt Michael bury his face into my warm wet panty covered pussy, I was covered in goosebumps as he poked and prodded my clit through my panties with his strong tongue,,with one fail swoop he pull them down and completely engulfed his mouth nose and chin into my pussy,I wanted to ravage him but Michael had other things in mind.

As I stood there completely naked he walked around me in circles like a predator stalking his prey.

I guess after 9 months without seeing a woman he wanted to take it all in.

This is where the story get fun, Michael pushed me. forcefully onto the bed pushed my legs up so that my knees were on my chest and proceeded to bury his face in between my thick thighs, I was suprised when I felt his tongue flick up and down on my asshole, then move to my pussy, I was overwhelmed with pleasure as he moved his tongue in and out of my tight pussy, his tongue was replaced with first one finger and then two, he used them as a hook to press up against my g-spot as he passionately sucked my clitoris. I reached down and put my hands on his head guiding him when I wanted him to lick, not that he needed any help in the department of eating pussy.

I could hear the sounds of my juices as he moved his fingers in and out of me, I was soaking wet and I could feel my climax welling up inside of my body. My thighs were now clenching around his head and my body started to shiver, I told him I was almost there and his fingers and tongue started moving even more vigorously,I was cumming, my back arched and my body started to jerk uncontrollably, I sat straight up thinking my body couldn't handle any more pleasure but Michael pushed me back down and continued to lick and suck my clit until I begged him to stop, when he finally did stop he climbed on top of me and kissed me deeply, I could feel how excited he was as he grinded his hips and rubbed his jean covered dick up against my pussy, to further tease me.

I decided it was my turn I took Michaels shirt off so that I could feel his skin against mine, and rolled him onto his back and straddled him. I leaned forward pressing my bare breasts against his bare chest and kissed him passionately, sucking his tongue and biting his bottom lip like he had done mine outside, but with a little more force, ok a lot more force, I ran my nails up and down his chest as I licked and bit his neck. I reached down and forcefully rubbed and stroked his cock through his pants, slowly moving my way down to his chest licking and biting his nipples as he pulled my hair, I could tell he was getting antsy, and I liked it. As I reached the fly of his pants he was ready for whatever I was about to do, he wasn't going to wait for me to take my time so he moved me and pulled off his clothes himself.

He wanted to be inside me, but I wasn't letting him get off that easy, I knelt down in front on him put just enough of his 9 inch cock in my mouth to get him wet and stroked him with my hand while I licked and teased his balls.

Michael had enough, he threw me on the bed, again, this time ass up and rammed all 9 inches into my pussy in one shot, I moaned loudly with pleasure, he slammed my pussy so hard all I could hear was his sack slapping my clit, I moved forward to get away from him turned around and pulled him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, as he entered me, he growled with ectasy, I bounced up and down on his pole until he said he was getting close, so I stopped leaned forward kissed him for a few minutes and then continued to move. This time in a slow steady motion, grinding my hips so close to him that my clit was rubbing on his pubic bone, I could feel his body tensing and he scratched my back with a fierce motion, with Michael inside of me and my clit rubbing up against me I too felt another orgasm coming on swiftly so I started moved faster and faster until I felt him shoot his load deep into my pussy, and I climaxed at the same time, when we were finished, I climbed off of him and licked him clean. Michael was in a sex induced like coma, I laid down next to him kissed his lips and said softly how is that for a welcome home present. He laughed and we drifted off to sleep.

There will be more stories about mine and Michaels. adventures to come.... Stay tuned.
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