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Doing Dishes

Posted on : 2012-01-26 14:55:52.381723

I'm washing dishes again. I feel like that's all I do, all day long...but I love every moment of it. I barely get started on a sink full before I start letting my mind wander to one of my favorite fantasies. I check the clock and sigh a should be home soon. The thought of that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my heart beat a little faster. For months, I've thought about what it might be like for you to come home to me. The time is finally here and I've never been happier.

I bring myself back to reality just as the water is about to overflow out of the sink. I laugh a little at myself and get back to my task at hand. I begin to slowly wash the dishes from lunch as my mind wanders. I begin thinking about those first well-placed kisses I'll receive when you get in from work. I get excited as I think about your soft lips on my neck, one hand in my curls and the other settled on my hip. I imagine your hand wandering up just a bit to graze the side of my breast...your lips trailing kisses to my ear. I can almost hear your sultry voice and feel your breath on my ear as you whisper 'hello'. Shivers run up and down my spine and my head rolls back just a bit. I moan your name very quietly to myself.

Just as I begin to lose myself in my fantasy, I hear the door open. You are home! I turn and smile as you come into the kitchen. You come to me and it's exactly as I thought it would be. Your lips on my neck, hand on my hip. I can tell by the insistency of your kisses that you've spent the day fantasizing about the same thing. My hands are wet. I want to entwine my fingers into your hair just the way you like but you have me pinned against the sink, my back to you. Your hand is softly moving up my hip and around to cup my breast lightly. The hand in my curls moves down my shoulder and I can feel your fingertips playing down my arm to my wrist.

My hands are holding onto the sink knees are weak with desire and I feel like the only solid things in the world are the edge of this sink full of sudsy water and your body. Your kisses are warm and wet and I know what you want. Your hand moves to squeeze my ass while the other one squeezes my breast. I moan into your kiss and move my hips involuntarily to press back against you. That is when I feel came home ready for me.

I get so wet at the feel of your strapped on cock that it's almost like the Amazon between my thighs. I continue to roll my hips so my ass presses back against you. I know how much you love this...I know how much you desire me. I can feel it in your kisses. Your squeezing becomes more knees are getting weaker. I need You sense my need and before I know it you have pulled the hem of my skirt up and opened the front of your khakis. I close my eyes and can see you pulling your cock out in perfect detail in my mind.

I bend over the sink and offer myself to you. One hand is holding the cock...teasing it up and down my slit, barely parting my lips. The other hand is firmly wrapped in my hair and tugging just a bit. I moan quietly and beg you to enter me. My body is on fire for you. I feel like the phoenix, burning up and so close to ashes. You finally slide into pussy stretching tight to take all of you in. I whimper with desire as you fill me. Your body is pressed tight to mine and you stay put for a moment. I'm enjoying the fullness of having you so deep inside. You begin stroking in and out of me painfully slow at first. I'm throbbing for you. Hungry for your touch on every inch of my skin.

Your slow pulling and pushing is driving me mad...I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me moan. I want to muffle my screams of passion by biting my lip until it bleeds. You begin to enter me a little quicker...still pulling out slowly, but pushing yourself back in with force. I moan your name and you move quicker still. I grip the sink and close my eyes tighter. You begin fucking me with quick, long strokes. I loosen my grip with one hand and reach between my thighs to tease my clit while you continue stretching my pussy around your cock. My thighs quiver and I press myself back against you, hungry for more. You grab my hips and pull me tight onto you. I quicken the pace of my fingers on my clit while you hold yourself tight inside me. I can feel the orgasm begin deep in my belly and I moan your name over and over...begging you to stay still...filling me while I cum. I toss my head back and bite my lip. My body quivers and I am cumming. I can feel your body tense up and I know you have finished right along with me.

As I begin to relax I am already thinking about the things I long to do to you once we get upstairs in our room. I grin secretly and sigh. My body eases up and I feel you slide out of me nice and slow. Your arms are around me and I lean back against you. You whisper 'hello, baby' in my ear and I giggle softly. What I'm really thinking is that was one helluva hello. You turn me around and I smile at look tired but I know you'll let me play for just a bit longer.

My smile grows into a sly grin as I slowly drop to my knees before you. My eyes locked on yours, peeking up above my glasses. I keep my eyes on yours as I begin teasing the tip of your wet cock with my tongue...tasting myself on you. I swirl my tongue around and slowly begin sliding you into my mouth and down my throat. Your hands are instantly in my hair...pushing me onto you. I moan around you and back my head up. Removing my mouth and kissing the very tip. I smile playfully up at you and whisper 'let's go to bed...'
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It Ain't Necessarily So

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This story will have at least three parts. Somewhere in the three parts these things will show up: (they are not listed in order of appearance) new bras, menopause, a funeral, dildos, honesty, a 4some, mfmf, mmf, mfm, mm, a cruise, a crocodile, tr ...
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I've Been Waiting

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:01:14.494144

Ding Dong

The moment that bell went was the moment her head kicked into overdrive.

This morning when she woke up she had an overwhelming desire for her man, she had awoken with her pussy swollen and wet with her little ...
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Lock Your Door...I'm Cumming

Posted on : 2012-01-28 13:27:08.005349

Let me introduce myself. I am a super hero. My name is "Orgasmic Girl". My super power is the ability to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

There are some things I want you to do private...with yourself!

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A Debt Owed Dad

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:00:39.558405

I'm sure the current economic climate finds many people here tightening their belts. Let me tell you a story of a belt coming off, so to speak.

My name is Randy Jessup. My wife Sienna and I are young twenty-some things trying to climb ...
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Bride of Sacrifice

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:21:37.622405

The 'Book Of The Dead' states that the will of the Gods is absolute. The ties of destiny and fate are unbreakable. As a chantress in ...
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