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Suburban Style

Posted on : 2012-01-28 15:22:21.407486

I sat at the small round table outside the mall coffee shop, sipping caffeinated froth and chatting with my wife, Dina, and Ted and Cheryl. We ran into the couple while running weekend errands and decided to catch up with each other's news after not having seen each other for an unusually long two months.

We made a good-looking foursome in a shabby-Saturday-at-the-mall sort of way. We all wore the uniform of jeans and T-shirts. The conversation was pleasant, but the longer we chatted the more our words sounded like nonsense syllables as my mind kept flipping back to the last time I saw Cheryl and Ted. They stood without a thread of clothing on, in the hallway of their house, saying goodbye to us after that incredible party. Cheryl had worn her hair up in a fancy do that night, emphasizing the nakedness of her fair, delicate shoulders, her small breasts pressed against Ted's darker, hairy torso.

But today, her dense, deliberately tousled mane fell just past her shoulders, an outward manifestation of her sense of carefully mischievous fun. Ted was the more reserved contrast, looking exotic with his bushy black mustache he'd grown since we last saw each other. I had pretty much given up on fighting back my imaginings that stripped away jeans and T-shirts, picturing the pair wearing only their skin, cock and cunt on display. I was having trouble believing the others in our impromptu coffee klatch weren't having similar thoughts, when Cheryl finally acknowledged the elephant sitting at the table.

"By the way, I enjoyed getting your thank-you note," Cheryl said to Dina. My wife's cheeks flushed pink, and would turn to red a few seconds later as Cheryl mocked, "Sorry you didn't sleep well that night."

Dina fell uncomfortably speechless, until Ted piped up, "We had some after-party partying at our house too." He smiled and shook his head, "I thought that party was a bad idea, but Cheryl turned out to be right. I thought it went pretty well."

That was enough to burst the dam for Dina: "I felt the same before it started. It sounded like it would be something really crude, but I couldn't imagine you doing anything sleazy, Cheryl. I never would have believed I would say this about a room full of naked people, but the whole thing was really kind of sweet."

"Well you're going to love Cheryl's next idea then," Ted warned.

"Uh oh," said Dina. "What are you cooking up now?"

"Hey, didn't I just hear you guys agreeing how wrong you were and how right I was about the last party?" Said Cheryl. "How quickly they turn."

I encouraged, "OK, let's hear about the next society gathering from our avant-garde hostess."

"Very funny," said Cheryl. "I just thought we might take the party to the next level"

"How can there possibly be a next level from everyone having all their clothes pulled off?" Dina said, then paused. "Oh no, Cheryl, you wouldn't."

"Hear me out first," said Cheryl. "We all got along so well two months ago, I thought it might be adventurous and fun for us to get back together and act out our favorite fantasy."

All four of us fell silent, until Dina said, incredulously, "Group sex?"

"No," said Cheryl, explaining patiently, "Not a group grope or anything like that. I really am a pretty conventional heterosexual, despite these couple of wacky party ideas. I was just thinking of a way we'd pair up with the partner of our choice for some adult activities that would consensual, chaperoned, and fun."

"You're going to have sex with someone other than Ted and do it in front of other people?" Said Dina, still having trouble processing a never-imagined scenario. I hadn't said anything, but I was having some of the same trouble with the proposal.

Dina turned to Ted and said, "You're OK with this?"

"I admit I'm still working on it," he said. "But we've been talking about it a lot, as you might figure. Cheryl did make that last party work. I've also been swayed as I thought about a couple of potential guests I might like to fool around with. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime way to do more than just fantasize about some people I know, and to do it in a way that I won't get in trouble with Cheryl."

"I don't know about you guys," added Ted, putting his arm around Cheryl, "but since the party, sex in our house has been better than ever."

The table fell silent again. I started thinking about how sex in our house had improved as well. Dina and I had done some never-before experimenting, and started talking more regularly about likes and dislikes. Then from out of nowhere I thought of Sally Fullerton who I got to see strip at the last party, and the possibility of actually putting my hands on her enormous, soft breasts. Suddenly, I thought this was a party that must be held.

I took a chance at trying to turn Dina's thinking, and said, "Last time we needed Amy's support to finally get us to the party."

"Welll," said Cheryl, "Amy said they decided not to come."

"Too edgy for them," said Ted.

"That's surprising," watching my tactic go down in flames. "After the show she put on at your house, mainly at my expense, I would have thought she'd sign on with gusto."

"You sound a little too disappointed," teased Dina. "Has anyone else said they would come?"

"You're the third couple I've invited so far," said Cheryl. "I'm figuring it will be a smaller group than before. Pam and Terrence said they plan to be there."

"Terrence Dunn said he'll be at the party," said Dina, a little too quickly. Then she clammed up again.

But Cheryl didn't let her get away with it: "Sooo Dina. A black man takes your clothes off and now you want to come back for more?"

Dina's face reddened again. She took a last sip of latte or whatever it was and said, with just a hint of a smirk, "So what if I do?"

Several more conversations would be required before Dina and I would go to Cheryl's fantasy party, but I could tell the most important decision had been made.

So a few weeks later Dina and I walked up Cheryl and Ted's sidewalk. For the second time this year we approached their house feeling queasy at the prospect of shedding our clothes among a group of friends and acquaintances. This time the stakes felt higher as we contemplated sliding up against, or even into, those bare bodies.

Dina looked like a birthday present begging to be unwrapped and explored. She wore an orange and white flowered wraparound skirt that came to several inches above her knees, and an aqua spaghetti-strap t-shirt with just enough substance to mold to the curves of her substantial tits that rippled and swayed invitingly. Her dark brown hair swooped impeccably to her chin and her recent habit of regularly wearing those tiny black reading glasses conjured fantasies of violating a librarian or a teacher. I thought about taking her home to do just that, but sharing her with other sets of eyes, hands, and other body parts jerked that powerful lust to an even higher level.

"I'm so glad you came," Cheryl singsonged, snapping me back to Earth. The homeowners welcomed us in and shoved drinks in our hands. Cheryl wore tan Capri pants and a small white shirt knotted at the bottom, showing an inviting strip of belly. Ted dressed in a blue pullover shirt and jeans.

"You know Terrence and Pam from the last time you were here," said Cheryl. "This is Greg and Dina."

There was no trouble remembering this couple, and not just because they tended to be the only African-Americans at these suburban gatherings. Terrence was tall, sturdy, and very dark with a meticulously trimmed handlebar moustache. He wore black pants and a blue button down shirt that struggled to contain his chest and shoulders. Pam was a shade lighter and shorter, bright red lipstick on her small, cute lips, and plaited hair forming a wild ring around her head just below ear level. Her faintly patterned sleeveless shift that buttoned in front all the way down to her ankles, somewhat hid what looked like a lean and shapely figure. As we all shook hands I couldn't help but recall the last time Terrence and Dina faced each other, standing nude on a coffee table, electricity between them. I wondered how far that attraction might go this evening.

The doorbell rang with the last four guests. I hadn't known who they would be, but was struck a little dizzy when I saw.

Blonde, pony-tailed Nora with the sweet face and big round eyes, who I'd stripped at the last party, looked dressed for the office, with a starched white shirt, crisply pleated black pants, and the highest heels in the house. Husband Jason came more casual but still chic, all in denim: jeans and freshly laundered work shirt. His baby face was aged a bit by his goatee, but probably all this group would remember about him from our last meeting was the enormous prick he carried between his legs.

I was far more excited, however, to see boisterous Scott and, gulp, gorgeous Sally with the killer bod. They came arm-in-arm, Sally in a thin, sleeveless purple pullover sweater that advertised her enormous boobs, and a short jean skirt that made me think about the delights inside it. Scott wore khaki shorts and a Chicago Bears t-shirt, which seemed to fit his buzz-cut and strong features. He reached his free arm around Cheryl, hand sliding toward her right breast and said, "Hey good-lookin', want to see my fantasy?"

"Keep your pants on," said Cheryl, twirling free of his arm. "At least for now. Everyone get a drink except Scott, I don't think he needs one. Lets retire to the living room."

The group eventually made its way through a door to where the furniture had been rearranged. A couch sat at the center of attention at the head of the room, before two lines of different-sized pillows on the floor. Nora and Jason sat on the couch, the rest of us settled among the pillows. After a few minutes of small talk, Cheryl got things started.

"Thanks again for coming." Cheryl sat cross-legged on the floor, holding a glass of red wine. "I know this seems a little dicey, and I admit I'm kind of nervous myself. But I really like all you guys and I think we can have some good, clean, adult fun."

"So when do we start climbing all over each other," called Scott, followed by Sally playfully clamping a hand over his mouth.

Cheryl continued, "I think it will be even more exciting with a few ground rules to the game. I have these two baskets you might remember from last time. You'll choose a name of the opposite sex, and write down what you would most like to do with that person. When it's your turn, you stand in front of all of us and take off all your clothes. Then you'll call up your partner, and they'll strip. Then you'll read your sex fantasy to that person, and to us, and we'll watch."

Cheryl paused just enough to let small group applaud lightly and made a few catcalls.

"The idea is that person does whatever you ask them to do. But if it goes too far for them, 'no' means 'no,' with no bruised feelings." Cheryl grabbed the baskets and passed them. "So draw a name, and just to make things a little more interesting, we'll adjourn to another room for a few minutes in case anyone wants to trade the names they draw?guys in the kitchen, gals in the family room. Make your final choices, then write down how you want them to take you to paradise."

The group pulled names to reactions ranging from squeals to poker faces. My slip of paper read "Nora" and below that it read, "I would like" followed by several blank lines. I was hoping to read Sally's name at the top, but I quickly started to recall my many different daydreams involving Nora, groping, stripping, licking, and poking. Who to choose? Which fantasy to choose?

The five men circled the island in the kitchen and started negotiating when we heard the women's chatter turn to muffles as it headed down the hall and turned a corner.

Ted piped up first, "I'm very happy with the name I drew. I'll stay."

Having my way with Nora was feeling pretty good, but I decided to go for broke and see whether I could deal myself into a chance to climb Sally's impressive chest.

"No offense Jason, I've already been planning my assault on your wife, but I'm willing to trade the lovely Nora to avoid someone else being too disappointed."

I barely had time to finish when Terrence cut in, "I've been thinking about what I'd like to do with that little lady for quite some time. Would you take a Cheryl in exchange?"

Nora was a babe, but Cheryl was a fox. Cheryl's boobs were barely a ping-pong ball bigger than Nora's flat chest, but I finally decided that I knew Cheryl a lot better than Nora, which made a close encounter much more appealing. And I had a very specific desire in mind, one that I've lived through hundreds of times in my imagination.

"Sounds like a win-win," I said, and swapped slips with Terrence.

"I drew my girlfriend," said Scott. "Much as I know you'd all like be entranced by our sexual gymnastics, it seems the spirit of the evening calls for more variety."

"I'm willing to help you out," said Jason, before I could snap out of my plotting an encounter with Cheryl and realize Scott was dealing Sally. Damn. Still, my disappointment was mixed. Thoughts of advancing on a naked Cheryl were starting to jolt through my groin.

"I can hand Pam over to you," said Jason.

"Sweet," responded Scott, pumping his arm. "Exotic."

We fell silent and I thought I sensed some heavy breathing as we wrote out activities for our mates for the evening.

Cheryl greeted us as we moved back into the living room, where the rest of the women had settled among the floor pillows.

"Write your name on the outside of your note and drop it back in the basket," said Cheryl. "Get yourself a drink and lets get this party started."

I rescotched myself and leaned back into a pillow next to my wife, with Pam sitting just an inch to my right. Cheryl reached into one of the baskets, saying, "Ladies first, let's see who the first victim is. Nora, stand and strip for us."

Nora buried her bangs in her hands and moaned. Jason put an arm around her shoulders and chuckled as Scott clapped and chanted, "Nora, Nora, Nora."

"Of course I'd be first," she whined, rising and moving toward the couch, where she turned and faced nine pairs of eyes almost pulling her clothes off for her.

Nora straightened, then deftly removed her heels, showing incredible balance as she crooked each leg, deftly unbuckled her black shoes and tossed them over the heads and behind the line to her right.

With that Nora changed from corporate to cute. Without heels she was suddenly short, pant cuffs bunching around her bare feet, blue, searching eyes seeming to try to answer an unasked question. Her hands fluttered to her top shirt button, then instead moved to the clasp at the back of her waist, then finally dangled at her hips as she exhaled and wailed, "This is hard, you guys."

"I'll say," said Scott, as the audience broke up and even Nora had to smile. I know Scott's joke spoke the truth for me. Nora's shy hesitation couldn't have been more erotic.

"We've seen it all before," said Cheryl, coming off as weakly encouraging. "Have you already forgotten the last time you were here?"

"I think it was easier having someone else get my clothes off for me," said Nora. Finally, she unzipped and stepped quickly out of her pants.

After tossing those to the side she stood in what now looked like a very short shirtdress, which she slowly started to unbutton, sleeves first, then moving down the front, then sliding the garment off her shoulders. For a second she paused, facing us in a small white bra that seemed to have almost nothing underneath, and tiny white panties.

Nora reached both hands back, undoing the hooks, then hunched her shoulders forward, sliding the straps along her arms, uncovering the pair of insistent nipples poking from the small rises in on her chest. She quickly moved her hands downward toward her belly and stepped out of the last of her underwear.

Again she didn't seem sure what to do as her cheeks and upper chest turned crimson. I almost regretted trading the paper with her name on it as we stared up her legs to her little black bush as she timidly fidgeted, brushing invisible strands of hair behind her ears. Her nudity amid this small group of people seemed much more intimate than at the last, larger party here. Or maybe what made the air seem heavier was knowing that we were about to watch this pretty little body get molested by one of us guys, and at her request and direction.

Cheryl finally rescued Nora from her awkwardness, reaching up with Nora's note and telling her, "You need some company up there."

"Right," said Nora, almost as though she was waking up. "Get up here Scott. Take off your clothes and do my bidding."

Scott rose and took a spot next to Nora. He said, "Thank you for choosing me. I know you won't be disappointed," and slowly started raising his t-shirt. Nora rolled her eyes, but quickly returned them to Scott's torso, straight as a tree trunk and nearly as solid and round. He tossed the shirt aside and kicked off his sandals before slowly pulling on his zipper as he rotated his hips. He unhooked the clasp and wriggled out of his shorts, leaving only a pair of white boxers covered in red Valentines.

"In case you're wondering about the shorts," said Scott. "I've got a heart on."

Even Nora laughed at that, turning to Sally and asking, "Is he always like this?"

"Always," confirmed Sally.

"No really," said Scott. "Let me show you." And he slowly lowered the undies, uncovering his medium-sized, and growing, member. He let the firming thing pop weakly from under the waistband as it slid from his hips, then his legs, and he tossed the boxers to their corner.

Scott wasn't much taller than Nora but his dense physique made her look delicate and almost fragile. The smooth head of his cock seemed to be slowly rising, almost magnetically, toward Nora's labia just inches away.

Nora noticed, too. She couldn't seem to keep her eyes and attention off Scott's chest and hips. Maybe it was because her own husband tended toward the scrawny, except for his monster member, or maybe it was just the notion of her, a married woman, standing next to a naked man in the middle of a group of friends.

Cheryl finally spoke up. "Uh, Nora, are you going to read your fantasy."

"Oh, right," she said, raising the paper. "Scott, I would like you to give me oral sex until I climax."

Nora started turning red again, probably from the incredible stillness that suddenly filled the room. Cheryl showed again how smart she was by having us write these down. I doubt Nora ever could have said anything so direct and sexual.

"I was getting hungry," said Scott. "And you do look good enough to eat. Would you like to sit on the couch?"

Nora put her bare butt on the cushion and looked up at Scott, legs together, hands on her knees, back straight, nipples reaching out like they were trying to make up for their lack of high ground,

Scott kneeled, replaced the hands on her knees with his, and began sliding his palms up and inside her legs, which stayed mostly closed.

"Oh, now this won't do," Scott said. "What, the restaurant is closed?"

Nora smiled weakly, relaxed her legs, and Scott moved between them. He gently pushed her knees further apart, allowing those of us on the stage left side of the pillow line to glimpse her pink inner folds that would soon be getting teased by Scott's tongue. Envy buzzed between my brain and groin, imagining that in a few seconds Scott would be tasting that territory between Nora's legs.

He moved his left hand up to Nora's chest and eased her against the back of the couch. Her body now aimed her vagina straight at an admiring audience, but her head stayed upright against the back cushion, eyes following Scott as he moved in front of her, replacing the view of Nora's now not-so-privates with Scott's butt, which seemed carved from the same square stones that made up the rest of his body.
Scott placed a hand on each of Nora's hips and went to work. Nora watched intent and motionless as Scott's head, from our rear-view anyway, barely bobbled. It wasn't long before Nora's arms started bracing themselves against the cushions, and her hips started undulating ever so slightly. It wasn't more than another minute before the rising and falling went higher and faster. Nora leaned up, moving her head closer to Scott's face, and placed a hand on each side of Scott's head. Her breathing speeded, and she started letting out little high-pitched yips.

Scott reached under Nora's legs, grabbed her butt cheeks, and locked his lips more firmly onto her pussy. His head moved just barely up and down, back and forth, his mouth and tongue apparently doing the work. Nora leaned halfway back, propped up by the cushions and her arms, staring intently at Scott's head, her mouth closed, eyes widening, and breathing getting deeper and faster. The flush started reappearing from her face down to her breasts, and she began making small humming sounds, like she was asking a question. "Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?"

Her mouth opened a bit and the hums changed to soft huhs. "Huh? Huh? Huh?" Her hips started a rolling motion and Scott's head stayed latched to its target, swelling up and down like a bobber in the ocean waves. Nora breathed faster and my dick started getting harder, thinking about watching this pretty bank vice president in front of me, stripped and losing control to sexual ecstasy. Finally Nora's head rose up and her mouth opened wide to let out long, loud Aahhs, not questions this time, but exclamations. Almost yelling, "Aahh! Aahh! Aahh!"

Nora let out a final, "Oooh," sat up and again grabbed Scott's head in both hands. This time she raised it to her mouth and gave him a long, aggressive, open-mouthed kiss. Finally coming up for air, Nora whispered, "Thank you," and released her servant.

Scott spun around, his dick straight out, and scooted along the carpet to sit next to Sally, who reached down and gave his pecker a couple playful pats. Nora slid from the couch, crawled to Jason and leaned against his shoulder. He put an arm around her, smiled and said, "That looked like fun." Nora just burrowed deeper into his side.

The room turned otherwise still, stunned by the incredible show, and it took Cheryl to wake people back up.

She pulled a name out of the guy's basket and said, "Greg, you're the next performer."

My mouth went dry and my dick turned limp, as I tried to fathom moving from the world of stunned spectator to performer. I stood and took my place by the couch. I quickly shed my shoes and socks but then had to work extra hard to move my arms that had turned sluggish from stage fright. Nora was right, this was a lot more nerve wracking than having someone else do the work for you. I was about to undress for two lines of friends looking up from the floor. To the right Terrence and Pam sat, legs extended, leaning back on their hands, smiling at the upcoming show. Then Cheryl and Ted, cross-legged and holding hands. Next, naked Nora curled under Jason's arm watching me from almost sideways. To my left, Scott's hard-on aimed at me while his head used Sally's mountainous breasts as a pillow. Finally, my wife sat with her arms around her legs bare all the way to the bottom of her hip where the hem of her skirt had settled. She watched intently, grinning at my plight.

It seemed like it took forever before I raised my shirt and flung it toward the corner, displaying my hairless chest and body with just a little bit of flab. I reached for my pants in front of this group of men, women, and my wife, feeling a little like a cheater, and a pervert, which, to my surprise, started hardening my dick. I undid my belt, unclipped my khakis, and slid down the zipper. I watched the sets of eyes follow my pants slide down my legs as I stepped out of them, then paused for a second in just my dark blue jockey briefs with a bulge slowly swelling at the prospect of being let out in front of a co-ed audience.

I pushed the underwear to expose my crotch and tossed the last stitch into the corner. My shower and locker-room wear felt strange at a party. My uncircumcised prick continued expanding, so it wasn't quite at a normal limp dangle.

Over the silence in the room, Nora, squirming her nude body against her husband on the floor in front of me said dreamily, "Oh, look, he's kind of glad to see us."

Everyone cracked up. I remember something similar happening the last time my clothes came off in this house, but I decided not to take it to heart. Nora's distracted observation was pretty funny.

But the show needed to go on.

"You have something for me, Cheryl," I said. "And while you're at it you might as well save some time and stand up here. I choose you."

I grabbed her hand and helped her up. She didn't wait to step out of her shoes and untie her blouse. As her arms spread to pull the shirt from her shoulders, her small breasts mounded like proud monuments on her small body. Her areolas were deep pink large, almost half the size of her breasts themselves. She smiled and swayed as she playfully wriggled out of her Capri's, unsnapping, unzipping, then stepping daintily out of each leg. Giving us a fleeting gander of her lime green panties, she similarly raised her legs to finish uncovering. She straightened, put her hand on her right hip and cocked her pelvis, in a pose resembling a sassy, R-rated version of "I'm a little teapot." She looked the vision of mischievous and sexy, and it made me envious of what bedroom romps must be like with Ted. Her eyebrows rose in a whimsical arch, her lips angled upward, her thick hair brushed her bare shoulders, drawing admiring eyes along her arms, to her waist, then the small spot of fur marking the entrance to the treats between her legs.

My prick had expanded near its full six inches (yes, really) and risen to where it seemed to be consciously pointing at the slit just below Cheryl's light brown pubic hair. She looked down at my member straining toward her pussy, also drawing the attention of the audience on the floor.

"So a girl just has to take off her clothes to wake him up?" Cheryl teased. "What do suppose he wants to do?"

Plunging my pointer into Cheryl's pussy seemed painfully appealing, but any doubts about my planned fantasy went away as I glanced up at her beaming face and expressive mouth. I read from the slip of paper I'd prepared earlier.

"I want to cum in your mouth."

The room went silent and Cheryl's nude figure froze for a second, then recovering quickly, she said, "Well it doesn't look like that will take very long. Might I suggest you lay down?"

My head was spinning in disbelief. I lay down parallel to the couch, and Cheryl crouched between my legs. I propped myself on my elbows so I could watch Cheryl's approach. She ran her hands up to the inside of my thighs, then lightly took my cock in her fingertips. I tingled and hardened further at Cheryl's touching.

"Let's pull this collar down," she said, moving my foreskin to expose a slick, light purple head. By now, it pointed to the ceiling on it's own, deserving the term "woody."

Cheryl brushed her thick hair behind her ears and slowly lowered her slightly parted lips toward my cock.

Her elegant face lowered into my groin, closing around the top inch of my engorged piece of meat. I let out a low moan as she sucked lightly and circled the head with her tongue. Her mouth slid down about halfway, tightening around my cock as saliva mixed with precum to smooth the slow, rhythmic bobbing of her head. Her tangle of hair fluttered around my balls, obscuring some of the view of the audience to my side. But I was seeing it all as her light-brown strands tickled my hips and belly. My legs had tightened as I felt like I must be harder than I've ever been. I shot a sideways glance at my wife, whose intent stare and half smile sent new waves of electricity through my thighs and up my oozing rod. Cheryl's up and down, up and down, started going a little faster, then faster as she must have sensed the impending eruption. Then she stopped near the top of a stroke, leaving just the head inside her, and flicked my sensitive tip a couple times with her tongue?another show known only to the two of us. But the others in the room surely guessed something was going on inside as I couldn't help but let loose with a couple of quiet grunts. Cheryl looked through her eyelids at me, smiled as well as she could with her otherwise occupied lips, and gave a couple more quick tongue flips across my slit and it was all over. I lurched forward a few inches as my cock spasmed, four or five times as Cheryl moved my piece in deeper, her cheeks indenting, throwing my member into even more intense pangs as she suck and sucked. Her head had stopped moving as I felt burst after burst unload, and she concentrated on swallowing. When my surges started to subside, I felt even more pressure as Cheryl vacuumed every last drop from me. At last she straightened up and let my shriveling member flop against my stomach. She sat up on her knees, pussy disappearing into the folds of her thighs, nipples pinker and pointier than ever, her face gleaming in self-satisfaction. Two or three drops worth of my sperm shone white at the left corner of her mouth.

"So," giggled Cheryl. "did that match the fantasy you had in mind?" She wiped the bit of cum from her face with her index finger, and popped it into her mouth to lick it clean.

Cheryl scooted her cute butt back to where she'd been sitting. She'd swallowed so much of my strength and dignity, I had to crawl over to sit cross-legged next to Dina. I worried a little about her reaction to the show. Of course we'd promised each other there'd be no jealousy. But I don't think either of us was prepared for this kind of reality.

"Looks like you guys had fun," said Dina, smiling and squeezing my shriveled, unresponsive member, adding, "I hope you saved something in there for me."

I muttered a relieved, "No problem" and leaned against her as Cheryl called out, "Pamela, show us what' you're made of."

Pam jumped up and walked to the front of the line, the long dress sheathing her body swaying and bending with her as she moved. She turned and smiled with her little mouth above a delicately pointed chin. A few strands of hair covered her right eye in a way that seemed a little hammy, but still charming. Without a word she started undoing what must have been a dozen buttons all the way down the front of her dress. She slipped buttons from their holes, one by one, exposing the top part of her chest, then the upward slopes of cleavage, continuing until it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, adding to the senseless and involuntary craning of my neck, trying to catch a nipple slip, though I knew in seconds I'd be getting all the scenery I could want. The gap in the front of her dress widened and deepened, diving below her stomach. As her hands worked toward her thighs, we started getting glimpses that told us Pam wasn't wearing any underwear at all. The thought that the long, thin dress was all that separated Pam from total nudity gave me naughty, juvenile goose bumps, and sent stirrings along my flaccid pecker. To finish the last of the buttons, Pam pulled the hem of her dress up above her knees, finished unfastening, then threw open the dress like a bold flasher opening a trench coat.

Our imaginations weren't disappointed. As her outstretched arms moved to let the dress slide from her shoulders her dark, shining torso seemed to thrust forward. The dress had disguised her tits incredibly well, because now they seemed to bloom from nowhere, nearly the size of a softball and very nearly as round, dark nipples stationed on the upper half of her firm orbs. For the first time that night we saw her bare legs. They weren't long, but smooth and well shaped, and where they met was marked by a spot of hair just above her labia, offering a splendid view of the small, twin mounds that stood out lighter against the dark skin of her thighs.

Once she'd flung her dress toward the other discarded clothes, Pam's smile faded a little and her hands started fidgeting in front of her pussy, showing an endearing shyness that let everyone know the flamboyant way she got rid of her clothes was planned bravado. In a flash she turned from brazen to vulnerable, trying to cover her most private parts and nervously uncomfortable displaying herself to a group.

Cheryl again came to the rescue, handing up the slip of paper, giving Pam the chance to call out, "Ted, please get up here quickly and help me out."

Ted complied, leaping to her side and saying, "Nice outfit. Mind if I try it on?"

Without waiting for a reply Ted undid the two buttons of his Polo shirt and pulled it off. He quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped, and got rid of his jeans, leaving him in covered only by something that looked more like a pair of tight black short shorts than underwear. He peeled those off and tossed them toward the pile, giving everyone a chance to check out Ted's package, which I'd remembered from the last party as pretty slight. His pecker poked two or three inches out from his mass of hair, and even at that it was obvious it was already in some state of arousal. Still, that left a provocative-looking couple in front of us for the next performance. Ted, obviously fit, hairy chest and a dark complexion, his sex organ aimed at the darker woman with the large and luscious breasts and a smile that looked even sweeter, her lipstick even a brighter red, with her recent loss of brashness.

"What would you have me do for you and to you?" Ted cracked.

Pam held up the paper and read: "I want you to finger my pussy until I pop," and she immediately put her fingers to her forehead. "I can't believe I said that," she said, paused, and dropping the paper, added, "but there you are."

"I can accommodate that," said Ted, as he stepped behind Pam and circled his arms inside hers and around toward her belly. Pam flinched at what must have been Ted positioning his prick against the crack of her ass.

"Are you OK?" he asked gently.

"Oh, uh, yes," Pam stuttered as she glanced down toward Ted's hands then back over her shoulder to his face. "I guess this kind of a position makes sense. I just got startled by, oh, can we just get started?"

That drew a laugh from everyone, which Pam joined halfheartedly.

Ted's fingertips skimmed Pam's skin, tracing lines from her belly button down to her thighs. Pam shuddered, "That tickles."

"Aww," said Ted. "I thought I was already driving you wild with passion." Another laugh, this time Pam seemed to relax a bit and appreciate the humor.

Ted cupped his right hand over Pam's pussy and slowly massaged, alternating up and down, circling, squeezing. Pam started to lose her self-consciousness. Her eyes closing or looking up, her muscles visibly relaxing, her breasts rhythmically moving up and down as her breathing deepened. After several minutes when Pam's deep breaths made the only sound in the room, Ted switched from the hand kneading, to circling and rubbing with his index finger.

After a couple minutes Pam sighed, rolled her head a quarter turn toward Ted, and said, "Could we find a way to sit? I don't think I'll be able to stand it, so to speak."

"Say no more," said Ted, backing up a couple steps and sitting on the couch. In the same move he put his hands on Pam's hips and guided them into his lap. Ted's stiff little pecker poked out at us, barely noticeable under Pam's private parts, which weren't at all private any more. As she opened her legs to Ted's touch, her layers of bright pink against her dark skin upstaged anything else in the room.

Ted shuttered the image by cupping his hand over Pam's pussy and sinking a finger deep inside her. His arm set a rhythmic motion, moving his finger in and out, to Pam's declaration of, "That's more like it." As her butt rotated slowly, brushing lightly over Ted's cock, I could see precum start to ooze from his tip. Now there were soft moans coming from both of them.

The undulating went on for several minutes, until Pam's exclamations started getting longer and her gyrations picked up speed. Ted took that as a cue to remove the finger and start a massage along Pam's labia and clit. His hand moved slowly at first, then picked up speed until it seemed to be shivering to a rhythm, his fingers nearly a blur. Pam's quick breaths turned into a long, loud wail as the rolling of her loins became a series of thrusts, her back arching, crushing Ted into the sofa. Her pelvis gave one final lunge toward the audience as she grabbed Ted's hand to still the motion. Pam had worked herself into an almost flat horizontal position on top of Ted's legs and torso, her feet flat on the floor, her two hands holding Ted's one tight against her pussy. As her breathing slowed, her spherical breasts rose and fell, machinelike, nipples fully extended, seeming to seek the wall behind her. With her eyes closed, she exhaled, "That's what I'm talking about."

Pam held the position for a few seconds, opened her eyes, popped to her feet and gave a hand to help Ted from the couch. As the pair stood, Ted's complexion looked comparatively white next to Pam's brown body. Sweat shined on both their skins, and both crotches were drippingly moist; Pam's with her orgasm juices, Ted's still-erect rod soaked in precum.

As they walked in a sudden stillness the couple of paces to take their places on the floor, Cheryl cleared her throat as though to shake herself from the daze of watching Pam's mouth-drying convulsions, and said, "Uh, Jason. The next slip of paper is Jason's."

That ended the silence as Pam, Sally, and even Dina right next to me applauded and catcalled at the memory of Jason's enormous cock unveiled at the last party, and the impending prospecting of getting another viewing.

Naked Nora and clothed Jason exchanged half smiles as he stood and stepped to the staging area, pulled off his shoes and grabbed his shirt by the collar to yank it up and over his head. His pale chest was bare except for a few stray hairs, and a bit of flab circling his waist. As he reached for the button at the top of his jeans, the women started a soft rhythmic clapping, that seemed to make Jason slow the process of lowering his zipper to a teasing crawl. Eventually he pushed the pants below his knees, showing a pair of standard Jockey tighty whities. I guess when you've got it, you don't have to dress it in fancy clothes. The underwear did little to hide the enormous snake underneath. After Jason pulled his jeans off each leg, he grabbed the white waistband of his final garment and quickly shoved the briefs down just enough to release what looked like about 11 inches of semi-soft pecker. The women's clapping cadence broke down into applause and whoops at the sight of the dangling creature, long and thin with a slight upward curve, ending in a soft pink circumcised head. Jason lifted each leg to complete his nudity, bowed, and said, "Thank you ladies. Now, the paper, please? Just in case I've forgotten my choices."

That jolted me to the realization that two clothed women remained. Would I soon get another look at that dizzyingly beautiful body of Sally's? Or would I be watching how Jason would use his enormous manhood on my wife? A small tingling started a dance in my testicles, and I couldn't tell whether it was caused by one, or both, of those possibilities.

Jason cleared things up in seconds without even reading the slip of paper Cheryl handed him, saying, "Sally, please come up here and strip for me." His command flushed my face and dried my mouth?Sally was so impossibly perfect looking.

She took her place next to Jason and looked him up and down, obviously paying special attention to his sex organ, which looked like it was slowly rising, and, somehow, growing longer.

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