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I Lost the Poker Game Ch. 06

Posted on : 2012-01-28 15:26:35.269831

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. It encourages an author to continue writing, and helps frame future segments, which this story will have. This story is about a male who comes to realize his submissive dreams, about his humiliation, and dominant women. If these fantasies are not your thing, then don't waste your time, simply move on. Leave this one for those of us who do like to be dominated, or to dominate. For those of us who long to realize these dreams.


When I awoke that next morning Maria was still next to me, dozing contentedly. The aroma of coffee aroused me?not that way, I love my coffee in the morning. I gently moved my arm from beneath Maria's head, and made my way to the kitchen. Miranda stood next to the counter, waiting on the coffee pot to finish brewing the nectar of life. She was still nude, and was absolutely radiant in the morning light. Packages of bacon, sausage and eggs were out on the counter. She obviously was preparing to cook up a big, hardy breakfast for us. I asked if I could help.

She regarded me for a moment. I'd almost forgotten how ridiculous I looked standing there with a strap-on jutting out in front of me above my caged penis. She grinned, shaking her head, then said of course, she'd love some help.

We shared the tasks of preparing breakfast for everyone. I was famished, and I'm sure everyone else would be too. Marcia staggered in for coffee, and Miranda asked her to go and wake the others, and that they should all have a seat in the dining room, the meal was almost ready.

A few minutes later we were ready. On the counter sat a large tray with the food arrayed upon it, a smaller one with the coffee decanter, orange juice and milk, and a jar filled with creamer and sugar packets. The jar had one of those wire handles on it, attached in two places.

Miranda handed me the tray with the drinks to carry into the dining room, and she would carry the food. Before she picked up the food, she started to hand me the jar, and realized that my hands were full. She smiled a precocious smile, then hung the jar from my strap-on, "There, that'll do!" She swatted me on the ass and picked up the food tray, leading the way into the dining room.

I knew what was coming as soon as I entered the room.

Maria: "SSSnnnnxxxx. I'm sorry, look ridiculous!"

Scott: "Ha, ha! Nobody can say that you can't multi-task!"

The others looked over and shared in the laughter. I had to have turned six shades of red. I couldn't get close enough to the table with the jar hanging there to sit the drinks down without spilling the contents. Marcia laughed and took the jar for me, and then the drinks.

We were all famished, and there was little talk as we ate. All that sex had given us quite an appetite.

After we were finished Miranda pointed out that the house had two showers if anybody wanted to bathe. Maria and I volunteered to clean up the dishes while some of the others showered.

Maria and I showered together, which was no easy task with my rubber friend between us. I bathed her first, soaping up her entire body. After all these years I still marvel at the beauty of her body. Her pert, freckled breasts, her perfect ass and long legs. She bathed me next; paying special attention to the parts of my manhood that she could reach.

By the time we returned to the living room we found that Marcia and Scott had already dressed and left, having another commitment to run off to. Monica, James, Miranda and Jerry were still sitting around in the buff, talking current events.

While we sat around chatting, I couldn't help but look at the others with a sexual eye. After all, I was still on a sexual high, never having had a release. I yearned for my wife's body. Each time I looked at Monica's smooth, coffee colored flesh it brought to mind how her breasts and her sex had felt in my mouth, making me want her desperately. Miranda couldn't hide her silicone filled orbs or her thick, bushy pubic hair, and I longed to taste her again. James' seemingly impossibly large phallus was draped over his thigh, its massive head pressed against his wife's flesh as she sat next to him. Damn it, why couldn't I have been born with one like that?

Monica watched me watching, and stood. She motioned for Maria to follow her into the den, where I could see them talking to each other, conspiring. I wondered what they had in store for me next.

When they returned Monica asked Miranda if she could borrow her bedroom. Miranda said of course. Monica motioned for James and me to follow her and Maria.

Once we had all entered the room Monica told me to stand next to James, which I did. She removed the strap-on from my waist and placed it on a nearby chair.

Then she addressed me, "Are you happy being a cuckold and a servant?"

I flushed red, "I-I- uh, yes, ma'am."

"Your Mistress wants to move on to the next step, Sean. She needs what my James can give her. Look at his cock. Can you live with that?"

I looked down at the python between his legs and gulped, "Yes, ma'am. I can't deny her."

"Very good. We have discussed it, and we have decided that you have done very well for your first experience with being our servant. Would you like to do the honors, Maria?"

I looked at them, puzzled. Maria moved over to me and looked at me sternly. "I have decided that you should be allowed to cum this morning, but only under certain conditions and only after James and I are finished."

My pulse raced. "Oh, thank you, ma'am. Thank you, thank you..."

She pressed her index finger to my lips to silence me. "Don't thank me quite yet, baby." She smiled. Then she removed the key from around her lovely throat, reached down and unlocked me. Gently, she removed the chastity tube and the retaining ring.

By the time she stepped back, my cock stood at attention, I moaned just from the sensation of being able to attain an erection. A glorious erection!

Monica stepped in and placed a cock ring around the base of my erection tightly. "This will help you obey. Understand Sean. You will not cum until given permission. And we don't plan to make it easy for you. Do you understand?

"Yes, Mistress Monica."

"Very well. Lay down on the bed with your head near the edge. That's good."

What did they have planned?

Monica got up on the bed and straddled my midsection. Slowly, teasingly, she slid herself down onto my swollen manhood. Oh fuck! How do I describe this to someone that hasn't felt it? My poor tortured cock had been mostly devoid of any sensation whatsoever for hour after hour while I experienced the most erotic events of my life. Now it was enveloped in a hot, satiny, velvety, glove of womanly flesh. I cried out in ecstasy just from her sitting on me. The feel of her sex against my abdomen once she had lowered herself completely was heaven by itself.

"Sean. Sean! Pay attention, Sean. You will not move unless I tell you to. No matter what you feel, you will obey, do you understand?"

I nodded meekly. She looked at me sternly and I struggled to speak, "Yes, ma'am."

Next Maria got onto the bed and straddled me, facing my head. She sat on my face and I sighed as I looked up past her sex, past her breasts to her smiling face. She looked down at me, "Are you ready for this?"

Ready for what? I didn't care. I nodded yes.

Monica took hold of Maria's shoulders and pulled her backwards until Maria was leaning against Monica's chest. I was now looking directly into my wife's lovely sex, her buttocks resting on my chest and pressing into my chin.

I heard Monica's voice directed at Maria, "Are you ready, Maria?"

"Oh, God yes."

I was confused.

Monica held Maria tight, cupping her breasts to support her. I felt Maria's fingers intertwine themselves with mine, holding hands with me at her sides.

And then it happened. The massive head of James' huge cock came into view above me. He held it in his hand, he hadn't even become fully erect yet, and still it looked enormous. The slit at its top looked like a small mouth. I stared in awe as it was pressed against the tender labia of my wife's sex, dark black contrasted against her creamy flesh only a couple of inches from my face.

I had never been this close to another man's penis before, had never wanted to be. But now I was simply awestruck.

I heard Monica's voice, and it took me awhile to comprehend her words, "Sean, this is the most intimate way for you to share in your wife's experience. Ooh, I can tell you like it, too. You feel good inside of me, Sean. Nothing like James of course, but nice. Why don't you give James some help there? Give him some lubrication so he doesn't hurt your lovely Mistress."

What? I'm not gay!

"Do you want his penis in your mouth, Sean?"

"No, ma'am."

She must have read my mind.

"Then you are not gay, honey. Doing it because I ask you to is not the same as craving his cock. Now do it."

I hesitantly projected my tongue up and licked the underside of his fleshy meat. He let it drop to my mouth, and I tried to envelop it in my mouth as best I could, slathering it with my saliva. It swelled in my mouth. Holy crap! What a strange sensation. It was becoming hard, but felt soft and pliant at the same time. I got him as wet as I could, hoping that he would decide it was enough before he tore my jaws apart.

Thankfully he lifted his now erect pole up and placed it back against the entrance to my wife's velvety womanhood. I heard her gasp. Slowly, gently, he pressed it against her while moving it from side to side tenderly, working the head inside of her. She was gyrating her hips on my chest and face, trying to accept his girth. She was ranging from a low moan to needy whimpers and back again.

Suddenly the flaring head disappeared entirely within her. His penis was so long that I couldn't even see his balls above my head yet. He placed his hands on her hips to support her, and pressed himself firmly into her. It seemed like that incredible piston would go on forever. I could smell Maria's arousal; her musk filling my nostrils as much as James' cock filled my view.

I could hear Maria whimpering, "Oh, oh, OH GOD! I can't! I can't! YESSS!! MMMPPPPHHHHH.....ungh...unghhhh...don't stop..."

And Monica reassuring her, "You can do it, baby. Just fuck yourself against him, and you can do it."

It seemed to take forever. Finally his balls came into view, only about two more inches and he'd be all the way into her.

She was almost crying. He stopped and remained still, his deep baritone voice; "I can stop here if you need me to Missy. You O.K.?"

"Just give me a minute...." Grinding herself against him slowly, "Now, just do it! I want it all!"

James held her hips tightly and suddenly pressed the last two inches forward firmly, his balls slapping across my face as he did so. Shit! I was looking up into my wife's impossibly stretched sex, a huge cock buried to the hilt, its black balls covering my mouth, and a man's buttocks. How did I get here?

James remained still until Maria recovered. Any thought of the repercussions for her husband had long left her mind as she told him she was ready, "Please fuck me now! Give it to me, pleaaaase."

He slowly drew himself out of her until I could again see the massive head of his cock, then he pressed himself into her again. He did this several times, each time slapping me with his balls. Satisfied that she was sufficiently opened up and lubricated for him, he tapped my shoulder, "You O.K. down there, buddy?"

"mmmmpppphhhh. Mmhuh."

Then he drew himself all the way out of her, but this time he hammered his cock back into her violently, slamming her back against Monica. This resulted in an almost panicked cry from both Maria and me, because when Maria pressed hard against Monica, Monica's tender sex pressed hard against my straining erection. Oh, man!

Now he began fucking her in earnest. Slamming into her over and over and over again. She would cry out in ecstasy, and so would I, because every time he pounded into her, Monica would pound onto me.

Monica admonished me not to cum. Punishment would be severe. I was so thankful now that she had put the cock ring on me!

There was somewhat of a difference in Maria's oratory as opposed to mine.

As James pounded relentlessly into her she would cry out, "Oh God YES! Ohohohohohohohoh....MY.....FUCKING.....GAWD!!!!! Thank you! I'm cumming again!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! YES!!!" I could tell that her head was thrashing back and forth as she screamed through one orgasm after another.

My cries on the other hand were muffled. Each time James pulled out of her, Maria's sex chased after him, and the globes of her ass would cover my mouth. Then he would slam back into her, and if I were unfortunate enough to have my mouth out in an ecstatic cry, it would be filled with his enormous testes.

"MMMPPPPHHH!!! MMMMMmmmmMMM....OH GAW---uuulllmpp...." Gasping for air, "I-I-ooowwww!!!!"

I could hear Monica moaning with pleasure also. I might not be huge, but each time James pounded into Maria, he was forcing my cock to grind against Monica's clit and her g-spot. Maria's back was rubbing against Monica's erect nipples each time they moved. Almost as payback for that added pleasure, Monica was twisting and tugging at Maria's hard, tender nipples.

It didn't seem like it would ever end! James had incredible stamina anyway, and after having sex so many times recently, he was a fucking dynamo now. I lost track of time as I tried to focus all my efforts on NOT cumming myself until I was told that I could. Later I would find out that he had gone on for nearly an hour. It occurred to me that the way Monica had us set up, James was fucking the hell out of three of us at once.

I don't know how many orgasms Maria had. It seemed like she was going from one orgasm to another the entire time. I could tell that Monica came several times also, her cries reaching me in my tiny little world occasionally, and the hot jets of her cum bathing my needy cock.

I suddenly realized that I was no longer being slapped in the face with those big sacks attached to the ebony piston sliding back and forth above me. I thought 'that's weird', and then I knew what it meant. They had drawn up tight against James' body, which could only mean one thing. As if on cue, I heard him groan and saw him slam himself hard into my wife and stay there. He roared as his release came to him.

Maria cried out as jet after hot jet of his cum shot deep into her cavern, filling her up. "Unnnggghhhh! YES, give it to me! Damn it's hot! I'm cuuuuuummmmmiiiiiiinnngggggggggAAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHH!"

Monica held Maria tight, supporting her through yet another earth-shattering orgasm.

Damn I needed to cum! It had been at least 18 hours since I'd even been able to have an erection, and during that time I'd experienced many of the most erotic sessions I'd ever had or dreamed of. For the last hour Monica's velvety insides had been gyrating against me, driving me insane.

I don't know if she read my thoughts, or if this was part of her plan. Unseen to me, she tapped James on the shoulder and he suddenly removed himself from my wife, his heavy cock dragging itself across my shocked face as he did so. Air! I could breathe air that wasn't filled with the musk and sweat of my wife and her lover. I took a big gulping breath, and it was good that I did so.

Seemingly in one motion Monica pushed my wife up to a sitting position, reached down and yanked the cock ring from my manhood and started riding me with gusto.

That's all it took. I thought my penis was exploding, blowing the head off of it and into this beautiful Nubian seductress. It seemed as if every last bit of stress, every emotion that I'd ever had shot out of my body through my manhood in an instant. My entire body was drawn tight.

I screamed. I don't mean that I cried out. I mean that I let out a blood curdling scream, and with all the power my lungs could muster. But the lovingly evil domme even had a plan for that.

As I screamed out, she was pushing my wife's sopping, battered, cum filled pussy onto my wide-open mouth.


My screams were now muffled, my face completely covered by flesh, load after hot load of James' cum falling into my mouth. I couldn't stop crying out from the most intense orgasm that I have ever had, and my cries sent reverberations through my spouse, who was almost hyperventilating at this point. The twisted eroticism of the moment sent her into another violent series of orgasms, which only served to force even more fluids into my mouth.

I struggled to swallow it as quickly as I could, some of it overflowing and running down my cheeks. Finally I managed to swallow it all, but my overwhelming "ordeal" still wasn't over.

My face still buried in Maria's wrecked sex, Monica didn't stop slamming down onto my cock to let me recover, she pounded me relentlessly, squeezing and pushing forward and back on my deliciously traumatized cock.

I know that many of you out there will say that I am lying. I am not. Did you know that men also could have multiple orgasms? Look it up. They just have to be teased, tormented and built up to an incredibly high point of arousal first. And then they have to have a mercilessly loving woman force them well beyond what they thought they could take.

I think I could live to be a hundred and never top the intensity of that moment. I was gasping for air when I could, screaming out through orgasm after orgasm, trying to thrash my head back and forth as much as I could between Maria's thighs, my fists pounding into the mattress repeatedly. My body was convulsing violently, so much so that I had raised my midsection up, carrying Monica with me, and she was now literally standing on the bed in order to continue slamming her self upon me.

And to top all of this off, both women that were mounted upon me were shuddering through their own orgasms.

I honestly can't tell you how long it lasted. Only that it seemed to go on forever, and that I wanted it to.

But at long last I fell back to the bed, completely spent, totally exhausted. Both of the girls fell against each other for support as they tried to recover. Which meant that I could finally gasp in full breaths of air.

When she could finally find the strength to move, Maria sat, straddling my chest and looking down into my eyes. We both said, "I love you" in unison, then laughed as she stroked my sweat soaked hair. She sighed and fell away, lying in exhaustion on the bed next to me.

Monica removed herself from my now flaccid member and took Maria's place straddling my chest. I looked up at her in amazement at what she had done to me, "Thank you. Thank you ma'am, thank you."

"You're certainly welcome, honey. That was really good, wasn't it?"

"Oh, ma'am I can't tell you how grea..mmmmpppphhhhhuuuulllppp."

She moved forward halfway through my litany of thanks, covering my face with her sex. This time my own copious cum, mixed with her fluids, flowed into my open mouth.

Yum. Damn she tasted and felt good.

As I paid tender homage to her creamy nether regions, I wondered to myself; what was the best way to tell Maria that I wanted her to treat me like this from now on?
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