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The Adventures of Katie and Sarah Ch. 07

Posted on : 2012-01-26 15:08:40.32714

Days had passed before Katie and Sarah had received any rush assignments from Jackie and Tina, their sorority superiors. Both girls had missed the normal rush period and were being forced to make it up by completing special missions which seemed to always revolve on their being used as sluts for the pleasure of their peers and older women.

Both girls knew they had no choice but to complete all the missions and hope they would someday become actual sorority sisters. Up until recently all of their mission assignments had been stuffed up one of their butts in plastic bags for their retrieval. This time the message was given in a more direct way.

Jackie walked into the room Katie and Sarah shared. She had a bullhorn in her hand. Turning it on, she said, "Wake the fuck up bitches."

The message was heard loud and clear as both girls were startled awake.

"Today you will take a ride with a few alumni friends of mine. Do not disappoint me by not completing this mission, which is to fully obey them."

Jackie dropped a slip of paper on the floor and walked out of the room. Sarah picked it up and read it aloud to Katie. "Your ride will arrive at the corner of Smith Street and West 10th Avenue at 3 p.m. Sharp."

Sarah and Katie immediately got washed, sharing a shower to save time, then got dressed in the clothes Jackie left for them. Two very tight pink tube tops and two pink mini skirts, with the hem at about two inches from their pussies. Any attempt they made to bend over would fully expose them.

Classes were dull, and Katie and Sarah shared a late light lunch before heading off to the street corner to away their ride. Neither girl knew what was in store for them.

Suddenly a long black Range Rover pulled up. A hand appeared out of a rear window and motioned for the girls to get inside the vehicle.

Katie and Sarah were met by Joyce, a woman who looked to be a little older then Jackie's other friends, but in great shape. She wore a short skirt to show off her long legs.

"I thought we would have a little fun today. Jackie has told me what fine sluts you are. I didn't believe her, so she said I should try you out for myself."

Katie and Sarah were speechless. Sarah started opening her mouth to speak when Joyce said, "Now, honeys, let's stop all the guessing games. Get naked. Hand over your outfits but keep your name collars on. I like to look at a Cunt and Pussy Whore." The girls stripped off their tops and skirts, and sat naked across from Joyce, with Katie still wearing her Pussy Whore collar and Sarah her Cunt collar.

"If you want your clothes back you have to earn them," she said. "Earning means pressing your butts, boobs and pussies up against the back or rear window any time I say so."

Katie looked at Sarah with a weary face, while Sarah thought what harm could be done by a little flashing.

Joyce would tell the girls when to expose themselves by stating which window and what body part. For example, "Rear Ass" meant pressing their butts against a rear window. They also had to press their boobs against the windows, and often had to bend over and expose their ass and pussy at the same time.

Joyce gave her orders anytime a trucker or SUV was passing by. "It was really humiliating, showing our naked bodies to everyone on the highway," Katie told Sarah after they were done.

That didn't happen until they had flashed their tits at an SUV, and the driver motioned the Range Rover to pull over. Both girls were scared. Joyce appeared to have known what was about to happen.

"You two girls nearly caused an accident on the highway over here," the driver said. "You ought to be punished for such an act, and the only punishment I know is spanking."

The woman pulled a paddle out of her vehicle and ordered the girls to press their bodies against the SUV. Katie got a look at the paddle, which must have been four-feet long with holes drilled in it.

The driver swatted the girls together with one swing of the paddle. Both girls jumped a little and squealed in delight. The woman smacked them 14 more times before she stopped.

"You two cunts had better not squirted all over my vehicle. Get on your knees and lick it off," she said. The girls licked off whatever pussy juice they got on the SUV. Joyce then told them to get back in the Range Rover.

Joyce had Katie and Sarah lick her off while the vehicle drove back to campus. Joyce belted the girls into their seats so their legs were spread open and and restraints were place along their ankles, thighs, wrists, and just above their elbows.

Along the way, Joyce kicked off her stilleto heels and starting massaging the girl's labia's with her big toes. Stroking up and down so gently got the girls squirming in their seats. Joyce continued her toe pussy massages until each of her big toes popped inside their new homes, Katie's and Sarah's pussies.

By this time Katie's eyes were fluttering. She started perspiring and began eliciting a quiet cooing sound. She turned her head to face Sarah, who was arching her back and had already cum all over Joyce's foot.

Katie turned her head back and saw that Joyce was using her other toes to massage her clit, which brought her off to the strongest orgasm she ever had. Cum was puddling under her butt and had covered Joyce's other foot.

Removing her feet, Joyce placed them to the girls mouths and said, "Let's see what kind of sluts you girls are. Lick your cum off my feet."

Katie and Sarah started licking Joyce's feet, sucking each toe into their mouths, and giving her foot an overall tongue bath. When Katie was finished, Joyce placed her foot under Katie's ass and scooped up the cum that had puddled down there. She lifted her foot and Katie instinctively gave her another foot tongue bath.

Both girls were glowing from perspiration, and smelled like a combination of sex and sweat. When the Range Rover finally stopped, Joyce untied the girl's restraints, gave them a soft open mouth kiss, and kicked them out the door, throwing their clothes behind them. She told the girls to go to the second house on the left and knock on the door. Then the window went up and the Range Rover peeled off. Katie and Sarah put their tube tops and mini skirts on, but still looked like big slut messes.

The girls went up the block a bit, knocked on the door and were met by Rene, the woman who had used them a few days earlier. Rene stood before them nude.

"I've heard you two had an eventful day," she said with a large grin. "You both look so cute with your tits and pussies hanging out. Don't get too comfortable as my girlfriends are over for another get together."

Katie looked around the room and said Carol, Julie and Nancy, all naked and drinking cocktails.

"C'mon in her girls," Julie said. "You look delightful enough to eat."

Sarah and Katie were the love toys of the four women for a couple hours. At one point their arms were tied to the legs of a large couch in the living room, and their legs were pinned down to the floor by Carol and Julie, who were sitting on them as Rene and Nancy were fucking them with huge black strap-ons.

All of a sudden Jackie came into the room and placed ball gags in the girls mouths. After a few minutes Katie watched as Jackie picked up her cell phone and started talking to someone. She soon hung-up, smiled at Carol, and said about 20 minutes. Neither Katie nor Sarah knew what that meant, but about 20 minutes later their was a knock at the front door, Jackie left the room and returned with Alexis and Karen, two girls from the house who used them the other day and were daughters of women already at the house. In their bound and gagged conditions they could only look at the girls as they moved about the room, occasionally pointing and laughing at the girls. The next time they returned Karen and Alexis were walking towards them fully naked with large 10-inch strap-on cocks bouncing between their legs. Alexis tapped Rene and Nancy on their shoulders and they pulled their strap-on cocks out of the girls cunts and got up.

Alexis got in front of Sarah and Karen was in front of Katie. Karen did all the talking.

"Jackie told me all about the fun you two girls had with Joyce today," just as the tip of her strap-on tapped Katie's pussy. "You two bitches like having fun, right? Do you like having fun getting split open with our fake dicks?"

Katie and Sarah tried to speak but could just offer a few muffled words before Karen told them to shut up.

Without any further hesitation, Karen rammed the full length of her strap-on into Katie's open pussy. Her back arched up and her mouth widened, allowing Katie to take in a breath around the ball gag. Alexis did the same to Sarah.

The strap-ons went in and out of the girls like a piston machine. Katie peered to the left and saw Sarah was getting pushed back into the sofa with the force of Alexis' thrusts.

Karen leaned over Katie and rubbed their erect nipples against each other. Karen was making Katie cum over and over again.

Alexis pulled out of Sarah and Karen pulled out of Katie, and then both of them went down on the two girls. Katie could not stop her pussy from convulsing with all the orgasms she was having. Karen seemed happy to lick up all the mess she had created.

Then Alexis and Karen removed the gags and ordered the girls to clean their strap-ons, forcing them into the girls mouths. After they left, Jackie untied the girls and told them to hit the shower, get to bed and get some rest for their next rush mission in the morning. Neither Katie or Sarah could come up with an idea for what they would face tomorrow, but had no problem easily drifting off to sleep.

Once Jackie was sure the girls were asleep, she crept into their room and easily inserted a plastic baggy into Katie's ass, which was well lubricated from all the sex she had during the day. Inside the bag was a note with instructions the girls must follow in order to complete their sorority rush and become real sorority sisters.
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