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My Mom's Wicked Mouth Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:12:49.382034

It was the first thing on Monday morning when Dillon was at his school locker removing books for his first couple of classes when Shayne hesitantly approached him, looking gorgeous as usual. Of course he saw her coming but he pretended not to see, knowing quite well what this was all about.

"Dillon?" she asked timidly.

He turned to face her and he smiled. "Shayne, hi. You look great," he noticed as she was dressed in a dark skirt and a faint pink blouse, her long, dark hair nicely styled.

There was a worried, almost caring expression on her face. "I'm so sorry. You're so strong, I don't know how you do it."

He lied. "I'm not quite understanding."

Her eyes widened in shock. "You haven't heard?"

His expression was blank. "Heard what?"

She appeared hesitant to elaborate. "The latest rumors. Your mom... last Friday... I'm so sorry for you. I'd kill myself if it was me."

He acted innocent. "What? Me and my mom watched a movie, I was tired and I went to bed early."

Looking around to make sure nobody else was listening in she explained, "She went out to a frat party. She acted like a total slut from what I hear, fucked a bunch of frat guys... even a girl. A girl went down on her."

"My Mom?" Dillon acted shocked. "No way. Just rumors, the more you hear them the worse they get."

Shayne appeared distraught. "No, really!"

He shrugged his shoulders. "What do you care anyway? You didn't even know who I was a couple of days ago, now you're suddenly concerned?"

Realization crossed her mind. "Oh my god, you were there. You watched your mom being used."

He turned to face Shayne, his eyes reading her. He might not have been so good at schoolwork, but he had a knack for that. "And that turns you on."

Shayne immediately got flustered. "No, yes, I mean..."

For the first time in his life Dillon touched a girl other than his mom. He reached out and hugged Shayne, one of the hottest girls at school, and pulled her into his arms. His cock stirred as he felt her small but perky tits compressing against his chest, the hard tips noticeable. Feeling emboldened his lips even lightly kissed the side of her face.

"You want to watch, don't you?" he asked but she said nothing in response, instead pulling away and leaving at a brisk pace.

"Dude, forget it," Eric said, having seen the scene play out from a distance. "That bitch is an ice queen."

He was confused. "Huh?"

"She's frigid," the jock repeated. "She's not into guys. I'm not saying she's a lesbian, she's just not into sex, not with anyone. Don't waste your time."

Dillon turned defensive. "Just because she's not into the jock type doesn't mean she's frigid!"

"Whatever," Eric said before walking away.

She's not frigid, she's just different, different like me, Dillon decided. And she wants to watch, I know it. I've just got to get her to accept that.

Trey, the high school senior and star athlete, stopped by his locker. "Hey, I did my part. The rumors are out there. I need the money."

Dillon reached into the front pocket of his pants and gave it up.

Before leaving Trey asked, "Is any of it actually true? Because if it is, your mom, she really is a first-class slut."

* * * * *

As he was putting a few books back in his locker at the start of lunch Shayne reappeared, looking very meek. She didn't have to say a word.

"Let's talk," he suggested, taking her hand into his and walking away from the school to a nearby sandwich shop.

After ordering and receiving their lunch, which he paid for, they found an empty table and sat down.

"Thanks," she expressed her appreciation for the food, which he acknowledged with a smile.

After a few bites of his sandwich Dillon tried to get her to understand his side. "You know I'm not out there hurting anyone... not robbing, beating anybody up, killing anyone. Okay, so I watched my mom having sex. They're all adults and they did it knowing I was watching. It was really hot, too," he added with a smirk on his face. "So what's so wrong about that?"

Shayne shifted uncomfortably in her seat, sweeping her long dark hair back behind her ears to get it out of the way. Her cheeks reddened slightly and her eyes avoided his as he spoke.

"Okay, so maybe it's not exactly normal," he continued the one-sided conversation as they both ate lunch. "But what is? Tell me that. Everybody has their secrets, just watch the evening news sometime. Teachers having sex parties with their students, administrators stealing money, all kinds of stuff goes on all the time. Me, I just like to watch my mom having consensual sex with younger guys, being a slut. And you want to watch too."

Shayne coughed on her sandwich when he said that last part, and her sparkling brown eyes finally looked into his. They were filled with conflicting emotions -- shock, embarrassment, and a glimmer of excitement as well. He smiled at her response.

"Don't worry, you don't have to admit it to me," he assured her. "But at least be honest with yourself, that's all I'm saying. And maybe once you accept who you are you can start enjoying what you really desire. And when you do, you know where to find me."

Dillon could hardly believe what he'd just told one of the hottest girls in school. She was speechless. At that point something told him he should leave, which he did. With his heart racing Dillon stood up, politely bid her farewell, and walked back to school for his afternoon classes. He didn't see her for the rest of the day.

* * * * *

When Dillon got home from school his mom was sitting on an outdoor recliner in a yellow string bikini catching some rays and sipping on a drink. She sure looked awfully good, sexy-hot. He dropped off a couple of books on the kitchen table and opened the sliding glass door leading to the patio and sat down beside her.

"Hi sweetheart," she greeted him.

He returned, "Hi Mom."

"I'm all greased up with lotion," she said invitingly.

"I know. You smell like coconut, I love that."

"Do I smell good enough to eat? Or do I have to act like a slut first?" she questioned.

His cock was growing with thoughts of Shayne, but he didn't tell her that. When she turned on one side facing him she could see the swelling bulge.

"You've got the hots for your slutty mom," she decided with a pleased grin on her cute face. "Let's go in the house, I can fix that."

After standing she grabbed his hand and pulled him up, the two of them entering the kitchen. He enjoyed staring at her great ass as it swayed seductively from side to side tucked inside the tiny yellow bikini she was wearing. They walked through the kitchen, down the hall, and into her bedroom.

"No hands, just your mouth," she told him, placing limits on him this time, smiling as she sat down on the edge of her bed with her legs closed for the moment.

They'd never been naughty right after school like this, they usually waited until the evening, but Cindy wasn't complaining. She really was enjoying this. Anytime she got to demonstrate her love for her son was grand.

"I keep thinking about the party," she admitted as he slipped out of his pants and shirt. "About that cute brunette kissing me so passionately, then tormenting my nipples before kneeling down between my legs. And then you opened me up so wide for her. My heart was pounding, sore nipples throbbing as all of those frat guys watched. I felt like such a cheap slut. And then I felt her darting tongue tantalizing my clit. That made me so incredibly hot and wet."

Hearing her recounting that night made Dillon's cock fully expand. He went ahead and pushed his undershorts down so that he was naked, his erection rising upward at an angle as it pulsed with arousal.

"Tell me more," he told her.

"She pressed her hands against my tummy, caressing it briefly before those same soft, warm fingers tenderly grasped and pulled the wet folds apart," she continued, swallowing hard as her nipples flared with excitement in the retelling of the erotic event. "The tip of her silky tongue flicked at my opening before slowly licking up my cunt to my clit. When her lips closed around it, intense tingling traveled up my spine."

"I remember that," Dillon shared as he recalled feeling her powerful shuddering.

He sat beside her with his hands clasped together behind his back in accordance with her request. When he leaned in expectantly she smiled, moved her hands around his head embracing him, then pressed her half-open lips against his. They kissed, tongues entering one another's mouth for a series of deep, heated kisses. She nibbled her son's tongue at times, bit down on his upper or lower lip, and he returned the erotic favors as they orally devoured one another for several minutes.

His mouth eventually pulled away, breaking the passionate embrace. His mom looked down at his rigid, pulsating hardness and hungered for it. She dropped to her knees before him, parted his legs and moved between them. She began by sucking on his aching balls one at a time as a fingernail ran up and down the soft underside of his shaft, making him moan in pleasure.

After his scrotum was all wet and tingling the tip of her tongue replaced the fingernail, and up and down it went, teasing him. The whole time her eyes were looking up at his face, watching his reactions to her stimulating caresses. Once he was all pent up with sexual energy her tongue licked back to the top and swirled over the straining head. She rose up and her mouth took him all the way inside, to the back of her throat and inside of it.

His hips began thrusting as he fucked his mom's wicked-great mouth, with those full lips wrapped so tightly around his width. He loved how it felt as they moved up and down his throbbing shaft, her tongue wildly licking as her mouth sucked hard. It wasn't long before the tingling pressure in his balls was on the rise, his cum boiling, body approaching the verge.

"Enough, enough," he told her in a breathless voice, his heart racing.

Her mouth pulled off, but not before grating the front of her teeth over the smooth tip that was now all wet. She got up and sat back down at his side. He leaned forward to the back of her neck, his teeth biting the tied string and tugged it open. Gravity did the rest, pulling the yellow cups of fabric down to expose her firm tits with those big nipples all hard and throbbing.

He admired the swells for a moment. Her hands pressed them together, placing the nipples side by side invitingly. Dillon silently accepted and took both rubbery tips into his mouth, licking and sucking on them to her obvious delight. When he roughly bit down her voice cried out in sweet misery, the jolts of sharp pain mixing with the heat in her loins. Dillon backed off after a few seconds and returned to gentler sucking, her body squirming with arousal.

His mind kept thinking about how that sexy coed had gone down on her as he tugged at the knots holding her bikini bottoms on at either side, the front falling forward to expose her lower region. When Cindy realized her son's intentions she widened her legs, a finger on each hand separating the velvety lips to make the slit easily accessible. He lowered his gaze to her perfectly smooth pussy, noting the rise of the mound and the start of her shiny-wet cunt just below.

Dillon tenderly ran his closed lips over the bald mound and breathed in her unique feminine scent. It was strong today, alluring, enticing, and it made his cock throb with love. Every few seconds his tongue would push between the lips and lick her skin. She was enjoying this too and released a soft moan, her hands cupping and caressing the back of his head.

When she needed more Cindy rotated her pelvis up and gently guided his mouth lower. Dillon's tongue-tip only made fleeting contact with her swollen bud before licking down the pink, velvet-smooth and moist walls of her slit. When he reached her opening that her fingers were widening for him he curled his tongue and plunged it as deeply into her as he could reach, wiggling the muscle at the same time. The tangy taste of her flowing nectar filled his mouth.

Cindy was really enjoying this nice afternoon surprise that her handsome son was giving her and she relished every dirty moment. Grabbing his short hair she started grinding her cunt urgently against his mouth. He fucked her with his tongue for the better part of a minute before licking his way back up to her frantically pulsing clit Her nectar was really flowing now and it glazed his lips and chin.

Her body wildly bucked, hips and pelvis working their magic in rhythmic movements as the sensations of intense delight continued to build in the form of heat within her succulent loins. In the excitement of the moment Cindy rose up off the bed into a standing position but with her knees bent as she pulled his face into her pussy even tighter. Dillon suspected she was getting close to climaxing so he redoubled his oral efforts, sucking directly on the nub as his lips massaged it. This did the trick, he discovered, when her body suddenly clenched hard.

After the initial stiffening of her form the spasms of ecstasy were unleashed. This was the most draining part of an orgasm for her, but also the most wonderful. It was rare when she actually experienced a squirting sensation as her cum flooded her canal, this only happened with the strongest of climaxes, but her son had given her one this time that was rocking her world like no other before it.

Her sleek body bucked and shook like nobody's business. The sounds of her sharp cries echoed off the walls as she maintained the pressure of his mouth against her pussy. Lapping noises joined in as her soaked pussy was giving his face a shower. Cindy had no idea how long the orgasm lasted, probably less than a minute, but it was longer than most and stole the breath from her lungs and robbed the energy from her limbs. When it finally abated it was all she could do to fall back onto the bed in exhaustion.

She rested for a spell as he lay down beside her. When the sweat began cooling her overheated body she turned her head to face him. "That was incredible... what got into you, anyway?"

He smiled. "Thinking about you and that cute brunette coed from the party."

"That really affected you," she realized, admiring his face that was all shiny with her spent cum.

He made a point to look down at his cock. It had softened slightly but it was still unsatisfied.

"Don't worry baby," she said before delivering a kiss to his tangy lips, "let your mom take care of that."

The phone rang as her mouth attached to his cock and started to reinvigorate it. The recorder eventually picked up and they could both hear Eric's voice, the reason for his call quite obvious to them both. Her mouth pulled off once he was fully rigid again and she kissed her way up his body to his mouth until they were looking eye to eye just inches apart.

"Are my slut days over?" she asked him.

"With guys anyway," he clarified. "If you're okay with that."

A sexy grin formed on her face. "I'm great with that."

After sharing another quick kiss she sat up straddling his crotch and anxiously guided his rigid shaft to her opening, then descended. He loved entering his mom's cunt, feeling the heat and wicked-good pressure of it surrounding his erection. Once the sensitized tip entered, the rest followed until she'd taken it inside in its entirety. Her body lowered, her chest compressing against his chest, the stiff nipples noticeable as they pressed against his skin. They made slow love this time so he could last and they could both fully savor this moment of shared emotion.

Their hips moved in rhythm patiently, neither one of them breathing heavily as they joined bodies in a most relaxing way. They kissed several times, but not with tongues, just touching their lips to one another.

"This is nice," Cindy said.

Dillon smiled up at her. "It sure is. What a nice thing to come home to. Puts a new spin on an afterschool treat."

"This treat jar never gets empty, all you have to do is lift the lid."

His smile widened. "I might have to check this jar more often."

"Whenever the mood strikes, baby, whenever the mood strikes."

Minutes elapsed as their bodies rocked together slowly, his cock moving within her heated center. His throbbing meat was being steeped in his mom's tangy juice. It was such a wondrous thing to savor, expressing their deep-felt love for one another in a way that was forbidden, yet also so uniquely pleasurable.

Dillon heard the change in his mom's breathing, and next heard her moans intensifying. He fought the urge to increase his speed, instead maintaining the same relaxed pace. He hugged her tightly when she clenched hard as an orgasm took hold. It wasn't like the one earlier, nowhere near as powerful, but the sudden influx of her cum filling her canal was noticeable as it soaked his driving erection. Afterwards she kissed his lips in thanks, never stopping her movements.

"I love you so much Dillon, you always make me so proud," her tender words were whispered.

"Thanks for putting up with me," he offered, referring with his recent effort to turn his mom into a cheap slut. "I'm not sure what that was all about."

She smiled into his eyes. "I didn't mind at all. It was actually fun, in a dirty way. I was happy to do it for you. But I'm also glad we're done with that."

"We are, but we're not done doing this," he added with a grin of his own.

"I certainly hope not."

He loved his mom with all he had, slowly moving within her heated core. A minute later he heard her breathing catch, her body went rigid, and she enjoyed another orgasm, writhing gently as the ecstasy ran its course. And then it was his turn.

The intercourse, the friction of her snug cunt, the wet heat surrounding it, all of these sensations contributed to the building of his sexual excitement. When the tingling pressure in his balls left him no other choice Dillon embraced his orgasm, gave himself fully to it, and grunted quietly as his hips drove his pulsing cock deeply into her. The ejaculations followed and he squirted the thick wads of seed, filling her with his cum.

He remained within her until he softened, and then they lay in one another's arms until dinnertime.

* * * * *

Apparently Shayne never did come to terms with her deepest desire, because they never talked again. It was impossible for her to avoid him entirely, but when they shared brief glances in passing it was always awkward and they never again spoke a word to or about one another. Dillon had gone from hopeful to transparent once more. He felt like an invisible man again, for better or worse.

He was disappointed that nothing came of it because thoughts of her had fueled many nights of satisfied masturbation. Within a month the scandalous rumors of his mom being a cheap slut died down, and when one kid shot another in the gym a different series of rumors were spread, his mom being long forgotten.

But Dillon was fine with how everything turned out. He'd transformed his mom into a slut because he really wanted to fuck one, and now he was happy with showing his love for her. He'd gone through a "dirty" phase, he figured, and was happy that he had but he was also happy with the well-adjusted mom he had now. If nothing else they had each other... and he'd always have his mom's wicked mouth.
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