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The New Strap-On

Posted on : 2012-01-26 15:17:35.078584

I burst through the door to the apartment. I had left work the moment I received the text from my girlfriend: "Come home for lunch and help me try out my new toy." Now, I was home, hard as a rock and ready to help.

"I'm in here." The sound of Sandy's voice comes from the bedroom. I bolt down the hall of our small, one-bedroom apartment, and am immediately struck by the sight awaiting me. Sandy is sitting nude on the edge of the bed. I can't help but admire her round, perky breasts. They're one of her best features, but this time my eyes are drawn away from her tits to the items laid out on the sheet next to her. A bottle of lube and several cloth straps are piled there, and on top of the pile rested a very realistic looking dildo. I smile at the mental picture of that fake cock pushing in and out of her shaved pussy, and my hard on gives a little jump in agreement.

"You got here fast," she says. The anticipation in her eyes turns me on a little more.

"I had motivation." Smiling, I pull my shirt off and sit next to her. She runs a hand through my hair as her other hand works through my slacks, massaging my cock, tormenting it through the layers of cloth. She unbuckles my belt, unbuttons my pants and slowly lowers my zipper. Skillfully, she slides off the bed to kneel in front of me, pulling my pants, shoes and socks off in one move while moving her mouth down onto my awaiting manhood.

Blow jobs are a special skill of Sandy's, and she is at her best today. She wraps her lips around the head, flicking the tip with her tongue. Chills move through me as she teases me, then pulls my full seven inches into her mouth and into her throat. She moans quietly as she moves up and down. It's amazing. She's more turned on then I've ever seen before. Her gorgeous blue eyes look up at me. I love the look of her, looking at me, with my cock inside her mouth. This time, it's even more. There is more lust, more hunger, more desire than I've seen before, and there's slyness in the look, too, as if she has a special surprise for me.

She pulls my wet cock out of her mouth and flips her long, blonde hair back. She gives me that sly look again, climbs onto the bed and lies on her back, her legs spread slightly.

"Cock or dildo?" I ask, hoping against hope that I can fuck her and relieve some of the pressure in my dick before we start to play with the toy.

"Right now, just fuck me, baby." She says coyly.

I need no more encouragement, and am on top and inside her in a flash, pounding at her pussy with everything I have. As I drive my cock deep inside her pussy, I see the ecstasy on her face, and a minute later feel ripples as her cunt muscles tighten and squeeze through a powerful orgasm. She screams in pleasure for a second. The excitement grows, and I begin to feel that tell-tale tingle through my dick. I shift rhythm slightly. She can tell by my breathing that I'm getting close. Then, she moves up and pulls me out.

"Hey!" I yell, "What the fuck?"

"Don't worry, baby, you'll get yours. But I want to play with my toy now." Her smile grows, and the slyness of her look increases.

"OK!" I say, and go to grab the dildo, but her hand moves over mine.

"No," she whispers, "Let me."

A show. Perfect! I prop a pillow against the headboard and lean back, ready to watch the show. I know she'll invite me back in when the time is right. This will be worth it. I absent-mindedly begin to stroke my cock as I watch her move, admiring her pussy lips sticking out from between her legs as she bends down towards the foot of the bed where the dildo is located.

She stands up and picks up the cloths. They turn out to be a belt, which she puts on. As I look at the belt, I start to realize what it is.

"What the fuck is that?" I ask. I knew the answer, but I don't want to believe it. She is going to be wearing a strap-on. Is there another woman in the other room for her to fuck?

"You know what it is, love."

"Who's it for?"

"Well, there are two of us in this room, and it's really hard to fuck myself with this..."

I want to be pissed off, but some secret fantasies surface in my mind. I've been curious about having bi sex for a while. I never shared it, but I think Sandy has caught me eying her Playgirls before. I never picked one up and read, but I would see one open and admire the naked men, wondering what it would be like to take that cock in my mouth, or up my ass.

As always, Sandy can read me like a book, and she knows what I'm thinking. Her smile grows as she inserts the artificial cock into the ring. She's standing there, with her beautiful tits and a cock slightly bigger than mine. It's disorienting and exciting all at once.

Her voice gets husky. "Come on, baby. Show me what you can do to my cock."

She moves to the edge of the bed. I lean over and take the end of the dildo into my mouth. It tastes a little rubbery, but I keep going, trying to emulate what I've seen Sandy do a thousand times. I move my mouth up and down the length of the shaft. The cock is very realistic, flesh colored and looking like it's molded from a real cock. I enjoy the feeling, exploring what a cock feels like in my mouth. I love the feeling, I move faster up and down, letting the tip reach just to the back of my throat and then pulling back, until I'm right at the tip, then repeating the cycle again.

I'm lost in the moment. All I know is thick, wonderful cock in my mouth. Sandy is encouraging me. "That's it, baby, suck my cock, make it nice and wet. Suck it deep, baby." I look up at her, into her eyes. With her cock in my mouth, I realize she must enjoy the irony of seeing me looking the way I've seen her a thousand times before. I'm so turned on I start stroking my own cock with every bob of my head.

She's holding my head, gently pushing it down onto the artificial dick and pulling it back out in rhythm with my sucking. It's so wonderful! Then, as I am pulling out, she holds my head, not letting me take the wonderful, wet, rubber cock back into my mouth.

"It's time to fuck again," she says as she pulls the dildo out of my mouth, "but this time, I get to fuck you."

I sit up on the bed. She must see the worried look in my face, because she says, "Don't worry, baby, I'll make it feel good."

I'm still a little worried, but I roll over onto my knees. "No," she says, "On your back."

I don't fully understand, but I roll on my back, knees up, with my hard cock pointing right at my belly button. She reaches under the bed and pulls out a wedge. "The guy at the store said this would help." I want to protest at the fact that she has talked with a guy about butt fucking me, but even that thought gets me more excited. She's been planning this for a while, and I love it!

She puts the wedge down and helps me get onto it. Now, my ass is in the air, pointed at her cock and ready to take it. I start masturbating again, using slow, even strokes to enjoy the pleasure of the moment.

"This will help numb you until I get inside you." She pulls out a bottle of anal lube and pours it over tip of her cock, stroking her own dick with her hand while the other hand pours more lube onto my waiting asshole. It's a little cold, but it feels good. She gradually rubs the lube around my ass entry, then slowly inserts a finger.

Now, I've played with my ass before. While beating off, I've touched my ass, and even inserted a fingertip, but nothing could prepare me for the feeling of pleasure at having Sandy's finger inserted into my ass. She's gentle, pressing in only her fingertip at first. She moves it around a little, spreading the lube, and then pushing in deeper. Soon, she reaches my prostate, and starts to rub. I feel a sensation through my ass, right into my cock. It feels so good! Sandy smiles more as she hears me let out a moan of pleasure. She found her target, pours a little more lube, and starts fingering me, rubbing her fingertip on my prostate, sending more waves of pleasure through me. I start to beat my cock a little harder. It's hard not to, this feels so good!

"Nuh, uh!" She says. "You're not ready to cum yet! I need to fuck you, remember?" Her hand pushes mine aside, and she takes control of my cock, lightly stroking it in time with the moves of her fingers. I feel completely out of control, but in so much ecstasy I don't care!

Her finger works out of my ass. She puts a little more lube on the tip of her always hard cock, and positions it at the entryway.

Now, while the cock looks realistic, it's not as thick as my cock, which is a good thing, because inside my asshole, it feels huge! She gently presses in, applying firm, even pressure. As the head of the cock pushes through, I feel some pain: a burning sensation. She sees me wince and says, "Don't worry, baby, I'll be gentle." With just the head in she starts to fuck, gently pressing the head in and out, but never leaving my ass. The pain starts to ease, and she starts pushing in a little deeper with each thrust. It feels so strange having this cock in my ass, but with the strangeness is a new, indescribable pleasure.

As she eases in, I force myself to relax my sphincter muscles, taking in the cock, and focusing on the sensations inside my body. I can feel her inside me, gently going in deeper. The cock is about halfway in my ass, and I start to rock my hips in time with her thrusts. She's still being gentle, but now I want that cock in my ass! She stops deepening the thrusts and I take over, pushing my asshole a little farther down on her cock every few thrusts. Holy shit, it's pleasure and pain all in one. There's still a burning, but it's overcome by the sensations of that wonderful cock buried deep in my ass.

She starts rubbing my cock again, stroking in time with her fucking while her other hand gently plays with my balls. I don't understand it, but the feeling of her playing with my dick is reflected inside my ass. I'm squeezing the dildo with my ass muscles. The sensation is overwhelming.

"Fuck me, baby, fuck me!" I yell. I've got my hands behind my thighs and I'm thrusting against her. She has the cock all the way in now, and starts pumping my ass with her cock. It feels so good! The combination of my dick in her hands and her dick in my ass is overwhelming. A few seconds later, I feel cum rising in my dick. My ass tightens around the cock, increasing the pleasure as she strokes inside me.

"That's it, baby, cum for me." She starts to stroke my cock with urgency. "OH, YEA!" she calls as she feels my body tightening from the coming explosion.

Waves of pleasure roll through my body as I have the greatest orgasm I've ever experienced. Inside my body, I feel the cock rubbing my prostrate. I feel the throbbing against her cock as hot cum squirts out my cock. She's taken careful aim, and cum squirts onto her tits, coating them in the warm, sticky fluid. The first shot is so hard, it hits her on the chin.

The wave of cum passes, and she starts to gently knead my wilting dick as she keeps gently fucking my ass. My dick is going down, but the pleasure is still there. The sensational feeling of her deep in my ass is wonderful!

She keeps fucking me, gently now, but keeping her cock deep inside. Suddenly, a new sensation takes over my body. I tingle all over as an immense feeling of pleasure floods me. My whole body is tingling. It's like I'm cumming, but it's my body instead of my cock feeling the good feeling! I let out a moan as wave upon wave of pleasure fills every inch of me.

The wave again passes, and she stops, smiling. "How was that?" she asks.

"Oh, my God!" is all I can get out. The afterglow is all new. I feel so good, looking at her with her hard cock still inside me. She gently takes my cum off her chin and puts it in her mouth, enjoying the taste of my love.

"Mmmm," she says, "It's all so wonderful."

She gently pulls out, and I again enjoy the feeling as the dildo pulls out of my ass. It's a little sore, but it still feels so good.

My first anal fuck is over, but I know there will be many more to come...
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