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A cocky little thief who thought he was invincible would get a rude awakening and in the end come up against the hard facts of life.

Eddie McCormick, 18, smirked as he thought of his buddies who had chickened out this time. He wasn't afraid of anybody let alone a lone security guard as he climbed the fence that surrounded Sonica Electronics. An experienced thief, he a member of the small elite group of thugs called the Raiders. He had started stealing when he was ten years old and had been in trouble with the law ever since. He had already been in and out of Juvenile Hall several times already. It didn't even bother him that if he was caught again he wouldn't be going to Juve Hall but instead would do time in regular jail. Although he could stand up for himself on the streets he didn't think much of his chances in jail. This was why he was always so careful these days. His lean, almost athletic frame scaled the fence easily and dropped down quietly onto the ground near the company loading docks. He was quick, wiry and would pick a fight with men twice his size. He fought his way into the Raiders and was now one of the tops guys in the group for having brought in the most loot. The Raiders had been hitting several factories down near the waterfront, one of them being the Sonica Electronics where they made some good money stealing DVD players. Eddie had found a way into the factory and had made several very lucrative forays into the building. He had planned another one this very night, but the other guys were against it. The news on the street was that the company had hired a night watchman, a real ball buster from what they heard, and hitting the factory again was asking for trouble.

After heated arguments among the gang, Eddie brushed them all off and decided to show them all by hitting it one last time by himself. The other gang members thought it was foolish, but Eddie didn't. The last haul of DVD's put a lot of money in their pockets and Eddie was eager for more. Like a cat he dashed among a line of trucks along the back wall of the property then when he closest to the loading dock he moved into the shadows of the loading bay. Crawling under the dock he moved to a large vent cover that he had discovered and quietly removed it, the darkness of the conduit did not bother him as he slipped inside; he didn't need a flashlight, as he knew the passage by heart. Eddie moved into the air duct, turning left then right then left again until he came to another vent cover that looked out into a dark storage area; smiling to himself he gingerly popped the cover, then slid it aside and stepped out into big storage room. The only light available came from the sign over the emergency exits, but it was enough for him. Moving silently among the stacks of cartons he quickly located the pallet with the DVD players. If he were lucky he'd be able to walk out of the place with a dozen of them. Pulling out a box cutter he quickly sliced through the straps holding the boxes together for shipping, and then he pulled away the plastic that encased the entire order. He quickly slipped two of the boxes off the top of the pile and carried them back towards the vent opening, but just as he got to the spot he immediately knew something was wrong.

"Awright, you little bastard, put that shit down right now!"

Eddie stepped dead in his tracks. The sound came from somewhere in front of him, somewhere near the vent opening. As he stood there staring he saw someone step out from between the stacks of boxes and walk towards him. Eddie cursed to himself as a huge black security guard came towards him. The man was over six feet tall, bald as a cue ball and dark as night. Realizing that if this bastard got his hands on him he was finished, he'd wind up in regular prison for god knows how long, so he did the only smart thing he could think of a that moment. He ran. Tossing the two boxes at the huge man, Eddie turned and ran as fast as he could down the aisle. He heard the guard swear as the boxes hit him, then he heard the man grunt loudly and then something flew through the air towards him. Before he could duck in between the cartons something struck him hard on the back of the head; he crumpled to the ground unconscious.

A short time later he woke up with a splitting headache; he opened his eyes but squeezed them shut when he was momentarily blinded by a light bulb directly overhead. He started to rise up when he felt a large weight press down on his chest; he winced and fell back onto the floor.

"Don't move, you little bastard!" A gruff voice said above him. "You fuckin' broke into this place for the last time!"

Shading his hands in front of his eyes he saw the huge black security guard sitting in chair in front of him. He was one of the biggest men he'd ever seen. The guard was wearing some sort of dark blue security outfit that barely fit his massive, muscular frame; huge muscles threatened to tear through the short sleeves of his shirt as he leaned over for a better look. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm you're worst fuckin' nightmare, white boy," The guard snarled at him and gave him a kick in the shins.

"Arrrrrggghhhhh! You bastard that hurt!" Eddie snarled.

"Not so tough now are you, McCormick?" The black guard said. "Yeah, I know who you are."

""I don't know what you're talking about," Eddie bluffed. "I just broke in here on a dare."

"What you fuckin' think I'm stupid? Do you?" The black guard, whose name was Stanton accord to his name badge, said as he leaned over for a closer look. "You fuckin' white boys think this is your own personal toy store, don't you?"

"I said I don't know what you're talkin' about, you prick!" The teen spewed at the guard, only to receive a hard crack across the lip. When he tasted blood on his tongue he glared up at the beefy guard. "YOU FUCKIN BLACK BASTARD! MY FRIENDS ARE GONNA FUCK YOU UP!"

With that the beefy guard leaped out of his chair, grabbing the teen by the collar of his jacket he hauled him up to his feet with one hand. Then he cracked him across the lip again. "YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT! You and your little band of delinquents don't know how much shit you're in. The owner of this company is getting tired of your little nighttime shopping sprees! That's why they hired me! And Stanton always gets the job done!"

"W-what are you gonna do with me?" Eddie said through a swelling lip.

"I'm about ready to stomp the shit out of you, you little prick! But I think I'll just turn you over to the cops," Stanton said, a wicked grin started to crease his dark face. "And with your record you' ll. be going to Rahway or Greensville Prison and boy are you gonna enjoy it there!"

"Fuck it, I've been in juve hall long enough. It can't be much worse then that!" Eddie said with false bravado.

"JUVE HALL? You dumb white motherfucker! I was a corrections guard at Greenville. I seen cocky white boys just like you go into that hellhole only to become the boy toy of 50 hardened convicts!" he said. "When they're done with you you'll have any asshole the size of a barn door!"

"FUCK THAT! I'll die before I go to prison!" Eddie snarled, and then he lashed out with his foot, aiming for the big black man's crotch. The tip of his sneaker caught the man between his navel and his crotch; with a yell of surprise he dropped the teen and grabbed his crotch. The teen dropped to his feet and made a beeline for the door. He ducked as the guard lashed out with his free arm and moved around behind the huge man, and then he grabbed the door handle and yanked the door open.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" Was all Eddie heard before a blackjack crashed down on the back of his neck, he was unconscious before he hit the floor?

* * * * * *

"Wake up, you little motherfucker!"

Eddie woke up with the mother of all headaches. He winced as he opened his eyes, and then tried to rise. That was when he realized that he was tied up. He was lying facedown on some kind of worktable; his hands and feet was securely bond around the legs of the table. All he could move was his head and as he turned to see the burly blacks security guard sitting in an office chair a few feet away.

"What the fuck! What are you doing? Untie me, you bastard!" The teen snarled as he struggled at his bonds.

"Still the cocky little bastard, huh? Well, I guess I'm gonna have to teach you a few lessons, aren't I, white boy? I mean I could just turn you over to the police. Yeah, I could do that. Let you go to prison and let them bust your ass. But with that cocky attitude you might just survive in there. An we can't have that, can we, white boy?"

"Fuck you, you bastard! Let me go!" Eddie barked at his captor. "You can't do this to me, man! Let me go! Listen, man, let me go and maybe we can work something out. I do something for you and you do something for me, huh?"

"You conniving little bastard! You think I can be bought off like that? You are the fucking dumbest white boy I ever met! I never done a dishonest thing in my life even when I was a corrections officer I didn't take any thing from that scum!" Stanton snarled, then he stood up and a slow wicked smile grew on his dark features. "Hmmm, maybe we can work something out after all."

"Anything, man, just get me the fuck oughta here!" The teen said. "Anything you want, man! I'll even! Just don't turn me in, man. I don't want to go to prison."

Suddenly the big black security guard stopped directly in front of the trussed white teenager, the boy had to stretch his head back to look him in the eye. Smiling a truly scary grin, the guard looked at the youth. "Yeah, man, maybe we can deal after all."

With that the huge security guard began to unfasten his belt buckle, he quickly pulled the belt out of the ring and began to unbutton his pants. The teen eyes started to bulge as he watched the burly black security guard start to undress.

"W-what the fuck are you doing, man?" Eddie said in a nervous voice, and then he started to struggle as the black guard unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. The huge man was wearing white boxers that began to tent out as his erection started to grow. "Ohh, fuck, no, man! NOOO! YOU AIN'T DOING SHIT TO MEE!"

Stanton just smiled at the frightened youth. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants, and then he reached up and began to unbutton his shirt. Within a few moments he was draping it over the chair then he turned to reveal his black barrel chest. He moved up closer to the youth until he was just a foot or two away from his face, then he grabbed the waistband of his boxers and yanked them down off his hips. He watched with glee as the white boy winced as his massive black cock bounced free of his shorts. Letting the boxers fall to his feet he stepped out of those so that know all he wore were a pair of white socks. He wrapped his right fist around the base of his enormous boner and with a few tugs swelled it out to an impressive thirteen inches in length. He started to snicker as the youth tried to pull away from the huge shaft which was at least three inches around and capped with a cockhead the size of a child's fist, a huge bulbous ball sac hung between his muscular thighs. "Yeah, look at my big dick, boy! It's something ain't it!"

"NOOOOO! YOU FUCKIN' PERVERT! GET THAT FUCKIN' THING AWAY FROM MEE! HEELPPP! SOMEONE HELP MEE!" He screamed as the black guard flagrantly began to play with himself right in front of his face. From Eddie's perspective the shaft looked like the gun barrel on a battleship. His nostrils wrinkled as the strong pungent aroma of sweat and piss wafted from the man's hairy crotch as he drew closer to his face, aiming the monstrous head at his mouth. He tried to pull away but then the black bastard started to rub the enormous head all over his face, he growled and spit at the bulbous head but it only made the guard laugh. "Uugghhhh! Godddd! Acckk! GET THAT FUCKIN' THING AWAY FROM ME, YOU FAG!"

"Fag, huh? Wait 'til you get to the joint, white boy! Then you'll be everybody's little fag!" He chuckled as he rubbed his huge knob all over the kids face, a few blobs of precut oozed out of his pisshole and smeared the kids face which made him thrash about even more. That made his big black dick stiffen even more. He was going to show this little white boy just what was what. "I think it's about time someone taught you a lesson, white boy. You got too much attitude. So much that I'm surprised nobody squashed you a long time ago! Well, I think I'll show you what real life in the joint is like! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"

"FUCK YOU! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME YOU BLACK SONUVABITCH!" Eddie screamed as the big man continued to rub his huge smelly dick all over his face, he felt the gorge rising in his throat as the pungent aroma of his semen filled his nostrils. He twisted his head from side to side but it only made it worse as the black bastard rubbed his slimy cockhead over his cheeks and ears, before long his face was shiny with the man's secretions. The black man laughed as he rubbed the thickly veined underside of his cockshaft up and down on the teen's face, the teen suddenly reached out and tried to bite him. He smiled as the big man winced as he actually nipped at the loose skin on the underside of his shaft. But then the teen was struck senseless as the black man cracked him across the face.

"AGGHH! YOU MISERABLE LITTLE BASTARD!" Stanton growled as he gripped the underside of his cock where the little prick bit him. There was only one way to discipline the little arrogant bastard. He strode around the table until he was standing behind the restrained teen. "I'M GONNA FIX YOU GOOD, YOU LITTLE HONKY BASTARD!"

"WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?" The teen asked nervously as he tried to look behind him, but he couldn't turn all the way around. He felt the black man move up behind him.

"I'm gonna show you, first hand, what prison life is like!" Stanton grunted as he grabbed under the youth and undid the front of his jeans, then he grabbed the waistband and savagely yanked his pants down to his ankles. With both hands he grabbed the teens white briefs and ripped them off his hips, displaying his lean white buttocks. The teen immediately started to thrash and squeal like a stuck pig. The big black guard watched as the teenager's small butt cheeks clench tightly as he tried to protect his asshole, his huge black cock twitched eagerly at the thought of plugging that virgin white ass. "You got yourself a nice little ass, white boy; they're gonna like you in prison. But not as much as I'm gonna enjoy breaking you in!"

"NOOOO! NOOOOO! HEELPP! SOMEBODY FUCKIN' HEELP MEEEE!" The teenager screamed as he realized he was about to get brutally buttfucked by the black man's enormous cock. He feared that something that big would rip open his insides, that he would bleed to death while the man fucked the shit out of his ass. He struggled violently on the table; pulling and yanking at the cords which bond his wrists and ankles against the legs of the table. He could feel himself on the verge of tears. This couldn't be happening to him.

Stanton spit loudly into the palm of his hand, and then rubbed it around the huge dome of his cockhead. He wanted to fuck the little bastard dry but his massive cock would need a lot of lubricant to penetrate that hole. Even though the burly guard liked women, he had on occasion popped a few asses while he was a corrections officer and he found that a boys snug asshole was nearly as good as a virgin's tight pussy. Rubbing the cockhead until it glistened he stuck his middle finger in his mouth so that it was coated with his saliva, then with the other hand he reached down to part the white boys buttcheeks. The teenager winced and started to struggle even more, pleading with the man to stop, but Stanton ignored him as he pried them apart and spied the tiny puckered ring of the boy's anus. Then he pressed the tip of his middle finger against his tight sphincter, feeling it contract tightly at his touch, and began to push against it. The teenager screamed as his fingertips forced its way into the boy's anus; slowly inexorably the tip disappeared into the orifice up to the first segment of his finger.

"AAAAGGGGHHHHHH! UUGGGGHHHHH! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! SSTTOPPP!" Eddie screamed as the man crammed more and more of his finger, which felt like it was ten times bigger than it really was the rest of the way up his ass. He grunted when the man's knuckle pressed into crack of his ass, his rectum flared with hot pain as his tormentor started to twist his finger around his taut passage; he arched his back off the table as he tried to squeeze his sphincter shut around the painful probe. But this only made the black man dig his finger in deeper into his shitchute, hot tears of shame pooled in his eyes as he fought to keep up his gruff demeanor, but the man's insistent probing was wearing away even his cocky attitude. His humiliation increased as the black man sawed his finger in and out of his rectum, greasing the passage with his hot spit, causing his own cock too betray him by stiffening to full erectness as his rectum was continually stroked. "OOOGGHHH, FUCK! UUUGGGGGHHHHH!"

"Not so tough now, are you, punk? And looky here! White boy has done got himself a boner!" Stanton chuckled as he watched the boys cock swell between his legs. His own cock swayed and jerked as he felt the boys rubber rectum pull and squeeze at his finger as he jerked it in and out. He pulled it out for a second to rewet it, savoring the boy pungent anal juices before ramming it back in. "Hey, faggot, you like having my finger up your ass? Making you real horny, isn't it? Wonder what your friends would say about you now!"

Eddie buried his face into the table as he felt his cock throbbing hotly between his legs, jerking each time in response to the man's finger thrusting up his ass. He tried to block out the painful probing his ass was receiving, but each time the man's finger jabbed him into his rectum would set off a new wave of hot pain in his bowels. He could do nothing but lie there and submit to it, his friends had abandoned him at the fence and were probably long gone; the factory was set back from the nearest street so any screaming he did would fall on deaf ears. The thought of that giant cock ramming up his ass was such a frightening thought that he started to contemplate his options. After a few moments he spoke up.

"Okay, okay. I'll suck your cock!" He whispered in defeat. The teenager winced in pain as the big man yanked his finger from his ass and walked slowly around the table to stand in front of him, immense dick standing at full attention. "Oh, Christ!"

"Don't even think about taking a bite out of me, boy! If you do then your friends will never find your body, do you understand me?" He threatened as he stood over the teen; he slipped his right hand around the base of his huge boner and started to jerk it in front of the teen's face. When the teen nodded his head the big man moved right up in front of the boy, grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head up, then he pushed his fat cockhead up against the boys trembling lips and barked, "OPEN THAT FUCKIN MOUTH, BOY!"

Eddie barely opened his mouth when the big bulbous knob was forced between his lips; he wanted to gag as the pungent man meat was shoved into his mouth, the enormous head stretching his jaw as wide as it would go. He swallowed hard as the blunt head continued to push deeper, crushing his tongue against the bottom of his mouth to make room for the massive object, slowly but surely the entire head slipped between his lips and into his mouth. The teen started to breath through his nose as he felt his lips slip tightly behind the crown of the man's giant cockhead, tightly sealing it in as if completely filled his mouth. The big man stopped for a moment as he waited for Eddie to adjust to the size of his cock, his hot saliva started to fill his mouth as the hot, tangy meat tantalized his taste buds. As he slowly adjusted to the huge slab of flesh in his mouth he opened his eyes and stared up the length of the enormous shaft, traveling up the man's huge belly that was more muscle than fat and praying that this would be over soon.

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