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Aunt M Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:50:03.657651

Proofread by Ton8ty. Thank you for all the effort and hard work.


Rick trailed me up the stairs. I smiled, as I heard Dawn moan behind the closed door where she and Master D had retired. "You will not cum, slut," Master D's muffled voice said and then another moan.

Rick looked at his Mistress' shapely figure as he climbed. He was so happy the day he had found her. She was such a beautiful woman for forty, five foot seven inches tall, slim, curvy, and C cup size breasts. Her hair reminded him of honey and her blue eyes of a clear, bright summer sky. Her commanding voice sent shivers through his body and blood to his cock. His heart had leapt for joy when she agreed to take him on.

I led Rick down to the other end of the hall and into my bedroom which he had never seen before. I turned and kissed him passionately, broke the kiss and smiled. "Was it all you expected Rick?" I asked, "Now that you've been fucked by a man?"

"It's different, but I think I like a woman better, Mistress," said Rick. "I wasn't sure when I first asked you to do it, but the experience was invaluable for me."

"I was proud that you didn't use your safe word, or did you forget about it?" I asked.

"I remembered, Mistress, but I thought it was now or never," he declared.

I smiled and nodded my head in approval. "Undress me, slut," I commanded.

Rick's hands trembled with excitement as he loosened my corset and then unclipped my stockings. He knelt on the floor and removed each shoe one at a time. Slowly and carefully, he rolled down my stockings. He opened my corset and then removed it, gazing at my breasts. His cock was getting hard again and he smiled.

I turned away, walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. When it was warm enough, I returned to the bedroom. Rick's cock was now fully hard. I smiled as I crossed over to retrieve the object I had laid on the dresser earlier and brought it to Rick. He gave a slight groan when he saw what I held.

I placed the harness over his cock and balls and tightened it down. "You didn't think I'd let you cum again so soon, did you, slut?"

Rick gave a light moan of pleasure at my touch on his hard cock. "No, Mistress. May I ask a question, Mistress?"

"That's redundant, you just did. I'm feeling a little lenient tonight, so what's your question?" I asked.

"Are we going all the way tonight, Mistress?" he inquired with lust and yearning in his eyes.

"No. You are not prepared for that yet, Rick. Don't push it to happen immediately. I know you want the pain, but it has to be gradual and measured. Do you trust me?" I asked.

"Yes, Mistress, completely," he replied.

"Then trust me to know what is best for you and to protect you from yourself. You trusted me when you wanted to experience what it felt like to have a man fuck your ass. That is why I had you wear the increasing sizes of butt plugs until I felt you were ready. I would not have offered you to Master D if I felt you were not prepared. I will not harm you or let another, but, more importantly, I will not let you harm yourself. Now, does that finally answer your question?" I let my hand rest on top of his shoulder.

Rick drew in a deep breath, but was still a bit disappointed. "Yes, Mistress, I'll trust your judgment."

I gazed into his eyes, "Good. You will receive some measured pain this evening, but you have to promise me to use your safe word if you need to stop. Remember, yellow is to pause and I'll back off before we resume."

Rick nodded his head that he understood. I smiled, led him into the shower and under the hot water. I had him bend over and eased the butt plug out of his ass. He reached back and felt the gaping hole left by his recent fuck.

"Don't worry, Rick, it'll close, probably before morning and your ass will be a bit sore." I gently caressed his ass cheeks and his muscles automatically clenched at my touch. I took the liquid soap and rubbed him down and then rinsed him off. I rinsed any soap that was left on my body and shut the water off.

I got out of the shower and held out my hand for Rick to follow. I toweled him dry while he moaned. I was standing in front of him holding the towel to his chest and smiled at him. "It's uncomfortable, isn't it?" and flicked the underneath of his shaft. He moaned again, the pleasure evident on his face. "When I remove the towel, I want you to look at your cock."

I removed the towel, so his sight would not be obstructed, and the surprise showed on his face. His cock was much thicker and harder than he had ever seen it before. "You are to go turn the covers down on the bed, crawl into the center and then present yourself spread-eagled. I will be there shortly as soon as I dry off.

"Yes, Mistress," said Rick and he went to do my bidding.

When I returned to the bedroom, I couldn't help but smile as he lay there with his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. I let my smile fade as I approached the bed. "You touched yourself, slut, didn't you?"

Rick made a small gasp, "Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry. I just wondered what it felt like."

Anger crossed my face and I moved quickly to the bed. I grabbed each ankle and securely tied them to the posts. I attached wrist cuffs, locked them together, stretched his arms over his head and secured them to one of the posts. The door was still open so I crossed and shut it.

"You were five minutes late tonight. That will be the length of time that your nipples with be clipped." I retrieved the clips off the dresser and applied them to his sensitive nipples. He gave a slight gasp when they were applied, but no other sound. I set the timer and then picked up my flogger.

"You know you aren't allowed to touch yourself without permission," I said and brought it down lightly on his swollen balls. Rick gritted his teeth and strained against the restraints.

"I might have permitted it if you have asked permission as a good sub would have." Again, I slapped at his testicles and he strained.

"Yellow!" Rick shouted.

I put the flogger down and quickly went to him. "My legs are starting to cramp," said Rick. I removed the ankle restraints and massaged his legs feeling his muscles relax.

"Better?" I asked. "Do you want to continue?"

"Much better, thank you, Mistress. Yes, I'd like to continue," he smiled.

For added measure, I checked his wrists restraints and then picked up the flogger again.

"Lift your knees and spread them wide, slut," I continued. Rick pulled his knees up and away, exposing his genitals. I laid the next blow on the inside of his thigh where it met his groin. He almost closed his legs, but managed to keep them spread.

I trailed the flogger over his other thigh, teasingly, before whipping it down. Rick did an intake of air, but maintained his silence. The timer went off and I removed his clamps.

"Oh Fuck!" cried Rick as the blood rushed back into his nipples. I bent over and gently swirled my tongue over them. He started to moan and I smiled.

"Now, what should Mistress do with these?" I asked teasingly, holding up the clamps. "Maybe Mistress knows another sensitive spot, or two, where I can attach these." I trailed my hand down to his balls. Rick was wide eyed and I smiled. "Maybe next time, we need to continue." The look of relief on his face was evident.

I took the clips and flogger back to the dresser and returned with my riding crop. I started with light taps along the inside of his thighs, on his balls and cock. I started back at the thighs and increased the force a bit. Rick was starting to squirm on the bed. "Horseshoe!" he finally screamed.

I laid down the crop, released his harness and removed his wrist restraints. I sat on the bed by him and gently massaged his wrists, but he wouldn't look at me. "Rick, look at me!" I commanded.

Rick finally turned his head and looked at me with sad eyes. "I failed, Mistress, I couldn't take it."

'Damn male ego' I thought. "Rick, you didn't fail. This is not some kind of contest or exam. You used your safe word. There is no failure here. What we did tonight is nothing compared to the pain you were talking about experiencing. Maybe now you can understand why I stressed slow and measured. You did well. As we go along, we will find your limits on many things and you will come to know them, too."

Rick gave me a slight smile. I reached out and slowly stroked his shaft. He closed his eyes and moaned. "Your session is over for tonight," I said. His eyes immediately snapped open. I smiled and lay down beside him in the bed and kissed his lips lightly. "Do you still want to spend the night?"

He smiled before giving me a deep passionate kiss while his hand cupped my breast. "Mistress, may I make love to you tonight?" Rick asked in a husky voice.

"Later, just fuck me now, you need to release," I said.

Rick rolled between my legs and inserted his cock with a groan. "You're always so damn tight!" I smiled; any woman could be if they did the proper exercises.

I wrapped my legs around Rick and he started to pound away grinding into my pussy. He was already so close, but I wasn't anywhere near. I just closed my eyes, concentrating on how his hard cock felt with each plunge. He shoved one final time, came and then lay on top of me. I rubbed his back and caressed his cheek.

"I'm sorry," he said. "You didn't orgasm."

"No, but it wasn't for me this time," I smiled as I looked into his eyes. "We'll do that later. You rest now and I'm going to clean up." Rick rolled off of me and I went to take a shower. When I returned, Rick was lightly snoring. I smiled, donned my robe and quietly left the room.

I went downstairs to make sure all was secure and to get a drink. After making my rounds, I sat on the couch with the drink, contemplating the day's events. I retrieved my pad and started to jot down some notes as well as a few story ideas.

I heard a slight noise behind me and turned my head. Master D was descending the stairs, wrapped in a towel around his waist. I, once again, smiled at his five foot eight inch muscular body. I could see why Dawn was attracted to him. His dark brown hair matched his dark brown eyes offset by an all over body tan.

"I just came down for a drink," he smiled.

"Over there," I said indicating the liquor cabinet. He crossed over, poured a drink and joined me on the couch.

He noticed my pad and raised a questioning eyebrow. I smiled, but didn't offer an explanation. "How's Dawn doing?"

Master D gave a light laugh, "Sleeping like a baby; and your sub?"

"Same," and I laughed lightly myself. This was a rarity as we had never intimately talked before. We had only met at a few Master functions.

"I'm curious Dolan, how did you and Dawn meet?" I set aside my pad and picked up my drink.

"I brought in a new sub for a blood test. I do it before taking anyone on. She was the one on duty," he smiled softly.

"Does Dawn know about the other sub?" I inquired.

"There isn't one. She tested positive," his mood seemed to darken.

"Would you like to talk about it? Whatever you tell me will be kept confidential," I said.

"Since we spoke briefly at that event, I test everyone. You were right, it pays to be careful," he admitted.

I nodded my head in agreement and reached over to retrieve one of the finger sandwiches that Dawn had brought out earlier. "I'm a bit hungry, care for one?"

Dolan smiled and took the offered sandwich, "Me too."

"I like your place, M. Maybe you, and your sub, can join me at mine sometime," he said and then took a swallow of his drink.

"Rick is only one of five," I smiled back. "It'll depend on their schedules and mine. Rick won't be doing anymore backdoor. It was a one time thing. Thanks for your help."

"You're welcome. Five, that must keep you busy. I'm curious, M, what do you do for a living?" he asked.

I nodded over to the pad before I spoke. "I write novels."

"Like what?" his curiosity was piqued.

I got up and went to another cabinet, brought out one of my latest works and handed it to him. His eyes showed his surprise, "I've read this. It's good." He turned it over to read the author summary. "Monique. I wondered what the M was for."

I laughed, "Yes. Dawn couldn't pronounce it when she was a toddler, so I became Aunt M to her." My eyes suddenly became sad, remembering when she was a little girl.

Dolan noticed my expression. "What is it, Monique?"

I sighed, "Dawn. She's been through so much. I tend to be overprotective of her. My older sister, her mother, almost killed her before I intervened. That's why she's so thin; she was extremely malnourished as a child."

"I didn't know," replied Dolan.

"I'm sure, if you ask her, she'll open up to you. She cares about you a great deal, or wouldn't have wanted me to meet you. When she told you that she loved you, she means it with all her heart. You're the only one I've ever heard her use the word "love" about."

"I love her too, Monique. I'll never hurt her, if that's what you're worried about," he said.

"That's exactly what I was worried about. You're aware she can never get pregnant, it'll kill her. She wouldn't be able to go full term," I said bitterly, disgusted with my sister.

Dolan's voice was soft, "Yes, she told me. I'll make sure she stays on her birth control, Monique. I don't want anything to happen to her, either."

I nodded my head, "Thank you." I sighed, "I guess I'm just a mother hen when it comes to Dawn."

"Well, now there are two of us. We'll keep her safe and she's really taken to the training. You're right, she's truly submissive," he smiled. I smiled back and noticed the bulge of his cock.

"If you've had enough, I'd best put these in the fridge," I said as I picked up the tray of food.

"Sure. Let me help," Dolan said and he gathered the glasses and pitcher Dawn had brought in earlier.

We carried it all back to the kitchen and I busied myself putting the food in containers. He rinsed the glasses and placed them in the dishwasher. I placed the food in the fridge and had just shut the door. Dolan pressed up against my back, cupped my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples through the silk robe and was kissing me along the back of my neck. "I want you," he said commandingly. "You were so fucking hot in that corset."

I realized that he was having an effect on me, since I hadn't had an orgasm, yet. I kept my voice controlled, "What about Dawn?"

Dolan's mouth worked on the other side of my neck and his hand went under my robe, his fingers delving into my slit and then sliding up to my clit. "She had five orgasms and fell asleep before I could take my pleasure."

I could feel the head of his cock pushing at my throbbing pussy. "Mine too," I said as I pushed back against him.

I felt his cock enter while his hands roughly stripped my robe from my body. He grabbed my tits, once again, kneading them roughly and pulling at my nipples. I spread my legs further apart. "Ride me hard, Dolan, and make me cum!" I demanded.

Dolan gave a chuckle and buried his fingers into my hips, pounding me hard and relentlessly. I felt my orgasm building. "Is that all you got, bastard?!" I egged him on.

"Bitch!" he said and started ramming his cock into me harder and harder. My orgasm ripped through my body and my hot juices soaked his cock. "Take this, you damn cunt!" and he filled me with his cum. Wrapping his arms around me, he held me tightly against his body for awhile.

Dolan finally withdrew; I turned around and smiled. "Thanks, I needed that," and kissed him passionately. I broke the kiss and we stared at each other with a slight smile. "I won't tell Dawn, so put it out of your mind. Sometimes we just have to help each other out." I retrieved a paper towel and cleaned away cum that had slowly seeped down the inside of my thighs. I knew I would do a better job once I got back upstairs.

His fingers traced along the imprints on my hips, "Sorry, you got me so damn angry with what you said to me."

I gave a light laugh, "That's what I intended to do. If you fuck me, don't think I'm going to be a passive sub. That'll never happen."

Dolan picked my robe off the floor and handed it to me. "No. I don't expect you would. I'd still like to strap you in and whip you sometime for my own pleasure." He had retrieved his towel and wrapped it around his waist.

I raised an eyebrow at his comment, "Only if you can return the favor; I think I'd enjoy having you at my mercy." We both started laughing.

He finally conceded. "No, I don't think either of us will give in to that. It's not in our nature."

"Precisely," I said. I turned to exit the kitchen, but Dolan wrapped his arms around me and drew me in for another passionate kiss. When he broke the kiss and stared into my eyes, I saw the fire and lust radiating in them.

"May I call you from time to time for some hard sex, like tonight?" he asked.

"Only if Dawn never finds out; I'll not hurt her," I said firmly.

"Agreed, what we did, just now, has my blood boiling." His cock was again tenting the towel around his waist.

"Dawn is upstairs," I stated.

"No. I have to be gentle with her. I think you like it as rough as I do." His hands once again opened my robe.

I knew I wanted it too, but felt guilty about doing it with the man Dawn loved. I pointed my arm at the other side of the kitchen. Dolan looked at me quizzically. "Come with me," and walked over to a blank wall. I smiled as I pressed a panel hidden just behind a free standing cabinet. The wall became a door, leading down a flight of steps into my dungeon.

I turned my head to look at Dolan. "Dawn doesn't even know about this. Welcome, said the spider to the fly," and laughed at my own jest. "Or, more like, two dueling spiders."

Dolan laughed and came over. "You go first so I can shut and seal the door behind us. This will ensure our privacy and we can clean up before we come back up."

Dolan started down the stairs and I followed, sealing the entrance. I joined him at the bottom, where he was standing and looking at my vast array of devices. "I'm truly impressed, Monique."

"I'll take that as a compliment, Dolan." I snaked my hand beneath his towel, letting it drop to the floor, and stroked his hard shaft. He closed his eyes and gave a small moan. I had a feeling that this night was going to turn into a lot more.
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