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Betrayed Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:50:35.223418

Proofread by Ton8ty. Thank you for all the effort and hard work.


Angela crawled through the rooms to the door leading downstairs.

"Stop," ordered Mike. "You'll wait right here."

Angela stopped, knelt at the door and looked down the darkened steps wondering how she was going to navigate them. She heard him leave the kitchen and then return.

"Stand up and walk down the stairs," Mike commanded.

Angela obeyed, stood and walked down the flight of stairs. She knelt on the floor at the bottom awaiting Master Michael to descend. To her surprise, a slave came down the steps in front of Master Michael.

"Crawl," Mike commanded again.

Angela once again crawled, making her way back to the room in which she had been held. She stopped a few feet inside the door and knelt to await his orders. Master Michael grabbed her braid, forcing her to look into his eyes. "I'll see to your punishment for last night's offense; you will eat afterward before we proceed to your regular punishment." He let go of her braid, "Same place you were yesterday, slut."

Angela crawled over to the spreader bars she had been bound to the previous day. Master Michael came over, attaching her ankles and wrists. He activated the winch; it slowly pulled her to stand and then stretched her to balance on her toes. She was careful to keep her eyes downcast.

Master Michael lifted her chin firmly so she could gaze into his eyes. "See my slut over there?" he began, turning Angela's head so she could momentarily look at Cindy and then back to him. "She knows her place, obeys and pleases me." Angela felt his words like mortal wounds to her heart and fought the tears that were forming.

"Cindy, come here," said Master Michael.

Cindy crossed quickly and knelt at his feet. "Look at her, Cindy," said Master Michael.

Cindy raised her head, looking up at the suspended slave; curiosity ate at her, wondering who she was, but she voiced no question. Mike went to a nearby wall, took down a wide leather flogger and smiled as he ran it through his hand.

"Cindy, did Master Samuel tell you anything about me?" Mike asked.

"Only that I was for you, to serve you well and please you in any way you wished," she replied.

Mike smiled at her response. "This slut you're looking at had me imprisoned for three years because she lied and told the police I had kidnapped and tortured her."

Anger flared through Cindy. She wondered how this woman could have committed such a heinous crime against her Master. She unconsciously curled her nails into claws, wanting to kill her.

Mike saw the hatred contorting Cindy's face. "What are you feeling, Cindy?"

"Forgive me, Master Michael, but I want to kill her for doing that to you," she said still boring her angry eyes into Angela's.

Mike smiled and laughed a little at her answer. "You will not; she is mine to punish."

Cindy blushed, but kept her gaze firmly on Angela's face, "Yes, Master Michael."

"I understand you were very skillfully trained, Cindy. What was the punishment for a sub masturbating without permission?" Mike asked.

"The punishment, Master Michael, was twenty-five stripes," she replied.

"Twenty-five it is then," said Mike. "Angela, you will count out each one and thank me properly."

"Yes, Master Michael," said Angela.

"Cindy, you will count out loud to twenty-five slowly between each stripe. I do not wish to have her to orgasm from the pain," Mike said calmly.

"As you wish, Master Michael," said Cindy.

Mike drew back his arm and struck Angela at hip level. The leather struck her hip and curled around to her ass cheek. Angela screamed moments after the leather came into contact with her skin. Cindy started to slowly count to twenty-five. He smiled at the wide welt forming on Angela's pale skin.

Angela shook for a moment from the cruel lash. "One, thank you, Master Michael," she said, still trying to catch her breath and feeling the wetness starting to gather in her pussy.

Mike switched hands and aimed next at Angela's other hip. The punishment continued, slow and metered. Cindy slowly counted to twenty-five; Angela gulped in air and thanked him after each blow.

He slowly circled Angela's body like an artist deciding how to perfect his art. He took aim again, landing the leather across the back of her upper thighs and butt cheeks. Once again the agonizingly slowly paced punishment continued and the wide welts crisscrossed Angela's body. Mike's last stroke placed a wide welt across Angela's breasts and nipples. She screamed loud and long, her shoulders heaving, as the tears flowed down her face.

"Twenty-five, thank you, Master Michael," she said in a voice cracked and raw. Her orgasm had been building and her cunt throbbed insistently.

Mike stood back, admiring each mark, and smiled. His skill had not diminished during his incarceration and her skin had not been broken. She would feel each welt for the next few days.

"Come stand before her, Cindy. Angela you will look at Cindy until I tell you otherwise," Mike ordered.

Cindy moved to stand in front of Angela. Mike removed his clothes, freeing his hard cock. He stepped behind Cindy and turned her body sideways so Angela could see him take his slut from behind.

Mike cupped Cindy's breasts, his fingers pinching and tweaking her hard nipples, causing Cindy to moan. "Bend over and hold your ankles, Cindy," Mike commanded.

Cindy did as directed and Mike slid his hard cock into her hot dripping pussy. She gave a low moan as he started to slowly fuck in and out of her. Mike watched Angela's face impassively as he fucked his slut.

Angela's eyes showed her longing. She wanted to feel Master Michael's hands caress her body; her pussy was throbbing, wanting to feel his hard cock inside of her.

Cindy moaned again and thrust back onto Mike's cock, "Master Michael, permission to cum," she pleaded.

"Yes Cindy, cum on my cock," said Mike.

Cindy's body shook and trembled through her orgasm while he kept a slow steady pace, always watching Angela's face. When Cindy was working toward her second orgasm, Mike increased his tempo. He grabbed her hips and started to pound harder and faster, feeling his balls tighten.

"Cum when I cum, Cindy," Mike said. He stroked a couple more times and lunged hard and deep into her pussy, pumping his hot cum into its depths. Cindy's orgasm was even harder this time and Mike wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her steady, while she calmed.

Cindy took deep breaths, trying to calm down. When she succeeded, she knelt before Mike. "Thank you, Master Michael. May I clean your cock for you?"

Mike smiled, while still watching Angela's anguished face, "Yes, Cindy."

Cindy smiled and took his cock into her mouth, washing it clean of their combined juices before gently removing it. "Thank you, Master Michael."

Mike smiled, "You're a good slut, Cindy. Go now and tell Ellen to bring Angela's meal to her and clean yourself up."

"Yes, Master Michael." Cindy stood, cast an angry smirk at Angela and left the room.

Mike had not taken his gaze from Angela's face, so he didn't notice Cindy's reaction. Angela returned his look with sadness and longing in her eyes. She wanted to feel his hands touch and caress her skin and his cock deep inside her pussy more than anything.

Mike turned away from her and sat down to await the arrival of her meal. Angela hung her head and cried, letting a sob escape her lips; she could no longer look at his impassive face. 'It's entirely my fault!' her mind cried in agony. She wept until she no longer could shed any tears.

Mike watched until she stopped. He walked over to her and lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "What have you learned?"

Angela stared into his eyes sadly, "It's my fault and I deserve your punishment, Master Michael."

Mike stared at her intently, "And?"

"I need to work hard to learn my place like Cindy in order to please you Master Michael," said Angela.

Mikes grip became firmer, "And?!"

"I need to forget my own pleasure and to only concentrate and focus on my Master's desires," said Angela, brokenly casting her eyes down.

"Good, it's a start," said Mike as he released her chin. He turned to walk back to the chair and saw Sam in the doorway. Mike smiled, crossed over to him and they stepped out into the cellar.

Sam smiled, "I was watching. What do you have planned for later?"

"First, to have her eat and then clean her up," said Mike. "I thought Ellen would be here by now with her meal. What's taking so long?"

Sam stared questioningly at Mike, "What do you mean?"

"I ordered Cindy to tell Ellen to bring her meal," said Mike.

"I was in the monitor room. I saw Cindy come up to the kitchen, but she didn't speak with Ellen. She went straight to her room and took a shower," said Sam angrily.

Mike's fist clenched and his jaw set. He spoke in a cold angry voice, "Tell Ellen to bring Angela food and drag that slut down here."

Sam nodded his head and left. Mike re-entered the room and crossed over to Angela. He removed her from the spreaders; she knelt on the floor. "Crawl over to the side of your cage and wait there."

Angela crawled over to the cage and knelt down, waiting for further instructions. Mike sat back down in the chair, looking at her. "Your meal will be here shortly. I expect you to eat all of it very slowly. You'll need to be strong to overcome your faults."

"Yes, Master Michael," said Angela.

Ellen arrived shortly with a tray of food and waited for Master Michael's instructions.

"Give her the tray, Ellen," said Mike.

She crossed over, and set the tray down in front of Angela and then went to Mike and knelt on the floor at his feet. Angela started to eat the food slowly, as instructed. She was half-way through when Master Samuel dragged Cindy in by her hair and threw her on the ground. Cindy crouched in a kneeling position in fear and started to tremble.

Mike crossed over to Cindy and grabbed her hair. "You dared defy me after I gave you pleasure, slut?!"

"I'm sorry, Master Michael, but she doesn't deserve to be here," she said with fear in her voice.

"That's not your decision, nor did I ask for your opinion!" Mike said coldly and harshly. "You deliberately disobeyed my order. You thought you were her better, but your actions have shown that you are just like her!"

Mike dragged Cindy over to the spreader bars and attached her stretching her upright to stand on her toes. He picked the flogger off the floor where he had dropped it and quickly laid a welt across her breasts, making her nipples stand out hard and erect. Cindy threw her head back and screamed as the pain shot through her.

"You will receive the exact same punishment that slut did," said Mike as he began to crisscross her body with welts identical to Angela's, each metered and slow, bringing no pleasurable pain.

Angela stared at her tray and concentrated on eating the rest of her food. She was thankful that, for once, his anger was not directed at her. By the time Cindy received the twenty-fifth stripe, Angela had finished eating. She put her hands behind her back and kept her head bowed.

Mike threw down the flogger, ignoring Cindy's tears. He crossed over to Sam and said something to him. Sam went to a cabinet and took down a metal case and opened it.

He got out his kit, laid it on the counter and brought over a pair of pliers and a long heavy needle. He pinched the tip of her nipple tightly with the pliers, stretched it taut and slowly pierced her nipple, ignoring her cries and pleas. With the needle in place, he returned to the counter, picked up a silver ring and brought it back. He finished pushing the needle through and then threaded in the ring, closing it tightly with the pliers. He worked in the same manner on her other nipple and then left to put away his instruments.

Mike stepped forward, slid his finger through her ring and tugged slightly causing Cindy to moan in pain. "You will wear these always as a reminder that you are a disobeying slut. I will also remember every time I see them."

Cindy started to cry again and hung her head in shame. "Please forgive me, Master Michael," said Cindy.

Mike grabbed her hair and forced her to look into his angry eyes. "My forgiveness is hard earned. It will be long in coming as I now do not trust you as I do not trust this other slut."

"Ellen, take the tray and go upstairs. You have other duties to attend to," said Sam briskly.

"Yes, Master Samuel," She said, taking the empty tray and leaving quickly.

Both men looked over at Angela kneeling with her hands clasp behind her. Sam removed his clothes and walked over to her. "What are you thinking slut?" said Sam.

"That I need to please my Masters so one day I can be forgiven," said Angela quietly.

"And what do you think about Cindy?" asked Sam.

"I do not, Master. I only think of pleasing you," she said quietly again.

"Stand and bend over so I can use your cunt; you will not cum!" ordered Sam.

Angela did as she was directed and a warm glow infused her body when Master Samuel plunged his cock into her aching pussy. For once, she ignored her body, concentrating on squeezing his cock with her vaginal muscles to give him pleasure.

Sam pounded into her pussy hard and fast. His cock had been rigid and throbbing for the last thirty minutes. Finally, he felt his balls tighten, signaling his orgasm. He plunged hard one final time, released his cum into her pussy and then removed his cock. Angela surprised him by asking, "Permission to clean your cock Master Samuel?"

"Clean it," said Sam.

Angela turned, knelt down and gently cleaned his softening cock. She removed her mouth, clasped her hands behind her back and bowed her head. "Thank you, Master Samuel."

Sam nodded at Mike, gathered his clothes and then left the room.

Mike looked over at Angela, his face no longer impassive. "Walk to the shower, Angela, and get in. It's time to get you cleaned up."

Angela stood, walked over to the shower and stepped inside. She noticed the restraint clips embedded into the walls.

Mike stepped inside and clipped her wrists and ankles in place. He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Angela gasped when the first jet of cold water hit her body, causing her welts to ache. When the water turned warm, she closed her eyes and concentrated on ignoring the pain which might make her orgasm.

Mike soaped a sponge and began washing her body. He watched her face, knowing she was fighting her own body's response to the stimulation of the pain and pleasure she was receiving. He undid her hair and shampooed it. Taking the hand held shower off the wall, he rinsed her thoroughly before shutting the water off. He left and returned with a towel to dry her off.

Angela felt better and revived, now that she was clean. As Master Michael dried off her body, she could feel her orgasm mount. Her body stiffened, fighting the urge to give into the pleasure. Her fingers splayed open and she pulled tightly against the restraint as she gasped. Her face contorted in agony; she didn't want to orgasm ... didn't want to fail Master Michael. Unfortunately, the combination was causing her stomach to cramp and she felt sick.

"Master Michael, I think I'm going to be sick," Angela said quietly as her body began to shake and her face turned ashen.

Mike looked up at her words, quickly released her and got her to the toilet. She collapsed beside it and proceeded to empty her stomach. Mike realized that he had pushed her too much. He knelt down and gently rubbed between her shoulder blades. When she had finished, he handed her a cup of water to rinse her mouth.

Angela felt cold all over and couldn't seem to control the shaking in her body. She was thankful that Master Michael had given her the water to rinse her mouth. When she was done, she tried to hand the cup back. The room swam before her eyes and she wasn't aware that she dropped it.

Mike caught Angela just before she collapsed so she wouldn't injure herself. He wasn't even aware that Sam had re-entered the room until he knelt down beside him. "I'll have to back her away gradually until she can cope; it was too much for her" said Mike. He quickly glanced over at Cindy, hanging in the center of the room and then back at Angela. "She can sleep in Cindy's bed tonight."

Sam followed his gaze. "What about Cindy?"

"The cage," said Mike.

Mike gathered Angela in his arms and carried her upstairs. He laid her gently on the bed and stood looking at her. 'Just like a drug addict' he thought. He covered her with a blanket, left the room and locked the door.

He joined Sam in the living room. Sam had brought up his clothes and he proceeded to get dressed.

"I put Cindy in the cage," said Sam.

Mike nodded his approval, finished getting dressed and sat on the couch. "She's going to need to orgasm occasionally. She did really well throughout, but her system went into overload." Mike sighed, "As soon as she wakes, she needs to get some fluids into her. I wasn't aware of how dehydrated she was."

"Cindy's actions surprised me," said Sam. "Maybe I was too lenient with her. She felt too secure or else she wouldn't have thought she could get away with it."

Anger clouded Mike's face, "That's going to change now."

"Do you want her replaced?" said Sam.

"No, she's going to find out that she's now the lowest slave slut and will have to work hard to regain any position," said Mike.

Mike sighed heavily, "I need to go into town and pick up a few things; we'll have to doctor Angela ourselves.

Sam stood up, "Let's get going then. It's a long drive there and back. Let's give Ellen her orders first."

Mike stood and they both walked upstairs. Ellen was in Sam's room tidying it up. She stopped and crossed quickly, kneeling at their feet.

"Do not open her door and do not go downstairs," commanded Sam. "We're leaving now and should be back by late afternoon."

"Yes, Masters. Is there anything special you would like for dinner?" Ellen inquired.

"I trust your judgment. You're a good cook," said Sam.

"Thank you, Masters. All will be done as you commanded," said Ellen with a smile.

The two men left the room and the house. Mike looked up at the sun and across the unobstructed view of the property. He commented to Sam how good it felt to be free and Sam smiled. They got into the car and left.
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