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The Manor House Ch. 17

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:53:21.780221

"My first show?"

"Just look at these." Rob pointed out a few that Shandi had done in the last two weeks, including the portrait she'd done of Rob. "These are stunning. It's time for you to have your own show, time to show everyone who you are."

"But Rob ... geez, this is such a big first step. What if I'm not ready?"

Rob put her arms around Shandi, looking up a cluster of pieces called the Wheel of Seasons. Rob saw vibrant passion in her work, the same passion that she felt in Shandi's fingertips when she touched her and she felt blessed to be able to experience both. "You're ready."

Shandi took a deep breath, pushing the tears back and turned in Rob's arms, reveling in the solace she found there. This was a big step for her and though it was scary, she was so thankful and grateful that she had Rob there to take the step with her. As she pulled back, she peered into Rob's clear eyes and suddenly, everything was clear to her. She was in love with Rob. Really in love. Not just in lust. This was the real thing and she'd found it with Rob.

Rob was aware that something had changed in Shandi but she didn't know what and she was hoping that it wasn't her feelings. She stared down into her dark eyes, searching for something and finding nothing but love. "Shandi?"

"I love you."

Shandi watched Rob's reaction when she said the words and was happy when the woman's eyes filled with tears. She pulled Rob's mouth down to hers, savoring the sweet taste of her lover.

"Oh, Shandi." The breath caught in Rob's throat as Shandi's lips moved over hers. "I love you, too."

When she ended the kiss, Shandi let her fingers trace the soft contours of Rob's jaw line, moving down her throat and lightly, tantalizingly over her breasts. Rob's sudden intake of breath made her look up, pleased to see the dark lust in her eyes.

"Let's go home. I want to make love to you."

"No, we're not going home tonight. I have something special prepared for us."

"Then let's get going before I strip you right here."

A thrill ran through Rob's body at Shandi's words and hand-in-hand, they left the gallery, heading outside to Milo, waiting in the car. He gave Shandi a wink and a smile and drove them to Dover's Bed and Breakfast. Rob already had the key to room 203 and they headed upstairs, admiring the beauty of the inn along the way. She opened the door and had turned to close it when Shandi grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall, her hot mouth scouring her lips and neck.

Shandi couldn't wait any longer. Her hands moved over Rob's ripe body, settling on her breasts and rubbing the nipples into hardness. Rob reacted like a wanton woman, pulling her shirt open and moaning loudly when Shandi's mouth found her nipples. Shandi finished removing Rob's shirt and pulled her bra off as well, licking and sucking every inch of flesh that she uncovered. It was becoming difficult to ravish her standing up so Shandi grabbed Rob's arms and propelled her onto the bed.

For a fleeting moment, Rob was scared. She'd never seen this side of Shandi and her aggressiveness was shocking. "Shandi?"

She bent down and laid a soft kiss on Rob's trembling lips. "Am I being too rough?"

"No, I was just a little scared."

"I don't want to scare you, baby. I just ... I want to devour you whole."

Rob shivered at Shandi's words, her dark eyes connecting. "Then eat away."

Shandi bent to Rob's breasts, resuming her voracious sucking, much to Rob's delight. Having her luscious body in her hands made her feel powerful and she reached down and unzipped the fly of her pants, releasing the rubber dildo securely locked in a harness around her waist. She lifted her head and rubbed its thick crown against Rob's sloppy wet slit, waiting for her response. Rob's beautiful eyes widened and a shiver snaked through her body.

"You're not the only one who has a surprise."

Rob closed her eyes for a moment and shivered again, lifting her hips and driving the head into her clutching pussy. Her entire body tensed, then melted into a giant lump of quivering flesh as Shandi sank the cock into her. Every nerve tingled from fingers to toes and she pulled Shandi down, seeking the soft warmth of her mouth.

"Oh, baby."

Shandi began to move, gently at first, then with more speed as Rob responded, her hands clutching Shandi's hips and her own hips tilting with each stroke. She planted kisses all over Rob's neck and face, capturing her mouth at times and sucking on her bottom lip to drive her crazy. She shivered with sensations of her own, gasping every time the buried end of the double-headed dildo slammed into her own cunt.

Rob gritted her teeth, trying to stave off her first orgasm but she let go, humping Shandi and whimpering her name over and over. When Shandi started shivering and gasping, she grinned, knowing that she was cumming as well and grabbed her ass, grinding tighter against her. Her second orgasm almost immediately slammed into her as well as the third, brought on by Shandi's second.

"Rob." Shandi gasped, her body still quivering in Rob's arms. "Can we take a break?"

Rob giggled and pulled her closer. "I never expected this."

Breathing heavily, Shandi answered, "Me, neither!"

Both women broke into giggles and Shandi moved, lifting the dildo out of Rob's juicy pussy and unbuckled the harness, setting it aside. Rob welcomed her back into her arms, sighing as she settled her weight back on top of her, just where she liked it. She'd never known anything like this. Never known the contentment that she felt right now. Never known the love that radiated through her right now.


A sleepy answer. "Yes, Rob?"

"Would you stay at the house with me?"

"I am staying at the house."

"No, I mean with me. In my room as my wife."

The word wife roused Shandi from her slumber and she sat up, looking down into Rob's eyes. "As your wife?"

"Yes." Rob pushed the hair out of Shandi's eyes, caressing her cheek. "I want to go to bed with you every night and I don't want to hide my feelings about you any more. So will you move in with me?"

Shandi smiled, crawling on top of Rob and pressing their naked bodies together. "Convince me."

Rob returned her smile, accepted her kiss and started making love to her.
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