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Sascha's Descent

Posted on : 2012-01-28 16:57:01.920266

Sascha sat at the bar, sipping on her second vodka and tonic as she stared intently at the clock by the door. It was 10:15. Was he ever going to come? She self-consciously uncrossed and re-crossed her long coltish legs, then pulled her black dress lower over her thighs. She was dressed just as he'd ordered: a black cocktail dress which fell just below her curvaceous ass, no panties leaving her shaved pussy bare, and no bra. Her hard nipples poked through the satin material of her dress. Her long auburn hair fell in waves around her face.

Sascha was stunning. She was 21 years old, just finishing her bachelors degree. Intelligent, sweet, and beautiful, she got plenty of attention from men. However, the dates with those sweet handsome men always ended with mundane sex, never leaving her satisfied. She longed to be used, punished, and humiliated. Despite her innocent exterior, she wanted to be treated like the slut she was.

Sascha had met Luke in a chat room. He sent her pictures of a tall, sophisticated man in his early thirties. His eyes were frank and searching, even in the poor quality digital pictures. He'd ordered her to do all sorts of depraved things, and she'd always complied. He'd have her masturbate in public washrooms, and sleep in soiled panties. However, there was only so much he'd have her do given the limitations of their situations. They both lived in Boston, so it seemed logical that they should meet. Sascha had begged and begged, promising him that she;d accept any amount of pain and humiliation for her Master. However, he was a young lawyer, constantly travelling between his firm's offices in Boston, New York, and Washington. Luke had finally given her an "appointment", and he was now 45 minutes late.

Tears of frustration welled in Sascha's eyes. Had he walked in and not found her attractive enough? Had he decided that she was too much of a slut for him? Or had he not found her obedient enough with her constant pleas for a date?

Just as she was about to give up, a breeze struck her body as the door opened. Sascha's eyes met his, and her heart stopped dead for a second. He was much more handsome than in his pictures. His broad shoulders and narrow hips were encased in a perfectly tailored navy blue suit. He was very tall, probably 6'4, and had a natural tan on his face. His brooding hazel eyes met her wide eyed blue gaze. And he smiled.

"Sorry I''m late, my dear," he said in a smooth voice, then turning to the bartender and ordering a single malt whiskey.

They made small talk for about twenty minutes, as he ran his fingers tenderly up and down her smooth legs. As she began to tell him about her parents, his hand slid up under her dress and touched her bare cunt. She snapped her legs shut, afraid that someone should see.

"Not as obedient as you promised, are you Sascha?"

"I'm sorry Luke," she said, and opened her legs slightly to allow his hand access.

"It is a privilege to call me by my given name, Sascha. Sometimes I will allow you to do so. But for now you will call me Sir, or Master. Understood?" he asked, as a long finger slid into her wet cunt.

"Yes... yes Sir."

"Good girl. Now open her legs wider."

She nudged her knees slightly wider. "More.... come on, wider," he stared into her eyes, a promise of what was to come penetrating into her.

She opened her legs wider, until she was sure that anyone who walked into the door would see her smooth pussy and his fingers inside it.

He took her clit between his fingers, and without warning, twisted it Sascha gasped in surprise. "You are going to be good, right pet?"

"Yes Sir!" she managed, bolts of fire running through her.

He examined her eyes for a moment, assessing her, then let go. He held her fingers out to her, and she sucked them clean.

"Ok, let's go."

Sascha followed him to his sports car. He opened the door for her, gave her his hand to assist her in sitting down in the low seats, then he went to the drivers side and sped away.

"Strip, Sascha."

Sascha swallowed her apprehension, then struggled with the zipper at her back.

Luke chuckled. "Lean forward, pet." His hand ran up her back, gently pushed aside her long fiery hair, then unzipped her dress. Sascha shimmied out of her dress, revealing her generous breasts, narrow waist, and gently curving hips. Luke examined her as they stopped at a red light on an empty street. "Beautiful," he murmured. He gently played with her tight pink nipples, stroking and pulling on the sensitive flesh. Two young Harvard students walked hand in hand down the street. The boy ogled Sascha openly as the girl shot her a look of disgust. Humiliation and pride rushed through her. She was naked in a car and her fellow clansmen could see her. But she was acting as her Master's slut, and just the thought sent waves of excitement to her already soaking pussy.

Luke laughed, then turned and winked at her. They finally arrived at a beautiful street with large townhouses made of old brick and stone. He pulled his car into the driveway of an elegant brownstone, then instructed her to walk naked into his house. She swallowed, then began to rush towards the door. He shook his head to himself, a smile playing on his lips as he admired her curvaceous ass.

He let her into the hall, and instructed her to kneel before him. He nudged her knees apart with his shoe, then nodded and walked away. He went to his study, and got a riding crop, a cane, a paddle, and a thick butt plug.

"Follow me," he said, walking towards the living room. She made to stand, and he frowned at her. "Crawl."

Sasha crawled behind him, her round bottom in the air and her lush breasts swaying as she did so. Luke stopped her in the middle of the room, then gently pushed her head to the ground. He went behind her and began to play with her wet cunt, pushing the juices towards her asshole. He stuck one finger in her tight hole, then another, then pushed a third in. He removed his fingers, then stuck a plug in her ass, causing her to moan from the invasion.

Without warning, he brought the crop down on her ass. Sascha gasped in surprise. He brought the crop down mercilessly for about five minutes, then stopped to admire his handiwork.

"Now, I am going to give you a choice, my little pet. You are going to be beaten further, because that is what you want, is it not?"

"Yes Master," she said, her voice thick from tears.

"You will either receive 50 strokes from my belt, 30 from the paddle, or 20 from the cane. I must warn you, that while you will receive fewer strokes from the cane and paddle, they are both very painful."

Sascha thought for a moment. "I will take 30 from the paddle."

"Ok, stand up and bend over the back of the couch," Luke ordered.

Sascha positioned herself as he had instructed. "Spread those legs wider, Sascha."She spread her feet until they were shoulder distance apart.

"Now, you will count each stroke, then you will say, Thank you Master, may I have another? If you lose count, I will start again. Understood?"

"Yes Master"

The first stroke took her by surprise, the sheer force of the blow spreading heat through her entire bottom.

"One. Thank You Master, may I have another?"

The next few blows set her ass on fire. Tears began to flow freely, and by the time she got to 15, her Master was concentrating her beating on the sensitive tops of her thighs. Each stroke seemed to push the butt plug further inside of her, adding another dimension of pain and sexual excitement.

"Sixteen, Please Master, may I have another?"

By the time he finished,she was crying freely. Through the pain, she felt waves of excitement. Juices of anticipation ran down her leg.

"Thirty. Thank You Master."

"I'm very proud of you Sascha. Follow me, at a crawl."

Luke led her to the staircase, and she followed him up to an elegant bedroom. Luke helped her onto the bed, then began to massage a salve into her tortured bottom, before removing the butt plug he'd inserted earlier.

Then he lay back, contentedly meeting her eyes. "Come worship your Master's cock, pet."

Sascha grinned at him, her pussy gushing in excitement. She unzipped his pants and freed a large, beautiful cock. It was long, thick, and hard. Sascha wet her lips, and began to lick up and down the shaft, first teasing him with soft kisses. Then she opened her lips, accepting the beautiful shaft into her mouth. Luke grabbed her hair in his hands, forcing her to impale her mouth over his huge member. He held her there for a moment, as she struggled to breath and her throat contracted at the head of his penis, then allowed her to come back up.

He pushed her off of his penis, then removed his clothes, revealing strong, corded muscles. Sascha watched, admiring his maleness, his strength.

"Turn around, and bend over the bed." She complied quickly, anxious to feel his hard cock inside of her pussy. He pushed into her pussy without warning, then pumped himself in and out a few times, as he worked two fingers into her asshole. He withdrew, causing her to moan in frustration.

"Please Master, please I need you inside of me."

"You will have me inside of you, I'm going to take your ass."

With that, he spat on her little brown hole, and pushed his cock in, already lubbed with her pussy juices. She moaned, in pain and in pleasure, savouring the sweet invasion. Again and again, he pushed his member further into her tight, dark tunnel.

"Oh yes Master, yes! Oh Master, may I play with my clit?"

"Yes, pet. Oh, you have such a tight ass! Do you like this, my little slut?"

"Oh yes Master, YES!" She began to rub her cunt furiously, riding on the waves of pleasure.

"Cum for me, my little slut. Cum now!"

An orgasm exploded through her body, cresting through her all the way down to her toes. It was the most intense orgasm of her life, and she cried out in the sweet agony of it.

Luke pulled out, and pushed her down on her knees. "I'm going to finish in your mouth," he said, holding out his cock in front of her. It was covered in a mix of her pussy and ass juices. She was still riding high off of the pleasure of her orgasm, and greedily took his cock into her mouth. Luke fucked her face hard, pushing his cock ball deep into his little whore. She gagged, but looked up and met his eyes with a submissive gaze of acceptance. He had found the perfect sub, a girl who he could explore and push her limits.

He pulled out, then let his seed explode all over his face and tits. She gasped in surprise, then licked her lips, greedily trying to capture his delicious cum. He met her eyes, and grinned at her. "You are such a good little slut, aren't you?"

"Hmm, Thank You Master, that was amazing."

"Leave my cum on your face until I return. Understood?"

" Yes Master." Before leaving, he stuck a thick vibrator into her.

"Do not cum, or there will be consequences."

She relished in her state of submission, her face branded with his thick white seed. Luke left her for almost half an hour.

Sascha stayed on her knees, the pleasure of submission quickly turning into frustration as she yearned for release. She was so close... oh if only he'd return.... She ground her pussy into the ground. Her pussy yearned for release. Her muscles contracted around the vibrator. She willed herself not cum, but her greedy cunt had a mind of its own. She pushed her cunt into the ground, and moaned as her body got the release it so craved. Oh shit, she thought, as the powerful orgasm shook her whole body. She panted, the waves of orgasm fleeing as shame took its place. As she came down from the wonderful high, she began to tremble, horrified at having disobeyed her Master.

He returned shortly.

"You are a very bad little slut, aren't you?" he said sternly, looking down at the beautiful little whore with the cum spattered face.

"Yes Master." She looked up at him, he was now wearing boxers, his hair mussed up. He looked so handsome.

"You are greedy. I would have let you cum on my return. But you are a greedy little fuck pig, aren't you?"

"Yes Master."

"Say it!"

"I'm a greedy little fuck pig."

"Follow me."

She crawled behind him into a spacious bathroom.

"Here I have been treating you like a good sub, but you're nothing more than a dirty cum slut, aren't you?"

"Yes Master, I'm a dirty cum slut." Her heart pounded, she wanted so badly to take back her disobedience.

"We'll have to clean you up, won't we?"

He lifted the toilet seat, and pushed her head into it, her nose almost touching the water in the bowl. "How do we clean up cum sluts?"

"I don't know Sir."

"I think you do."

"With.... the toilet?"

"That's right." With that, he pushed her head into the bowl, and flushed. He watched with satisfaction as her hair became soaked with the swirling water. He lifted her head up as she sputtered for air, then pushed her back in and flushed again.

Then he pulled out his semi-hard penis, and instructed her to open her mouth. She looked quite the mess, with her mascara running down her eyes. She hesitantly opened her mouth, and he let flow a stream of golden liquid. Once her mouth was full, he instructed her swallow. Sascha forced down the bitter nectar, nearly gagging on the acrid taste. She opened her mouth, and he let flow another stream, aiming at her mouth, then her face and hair. She swallowed what she could, ashamed to feel her pussy dripping at the humiliation of it all.

"You are a dirty slut, aren't;t you?"

"Yes Master. I'm a dirty slut."

"Clean me up, you filthy whore."

Sascha took his cock in her mouth, licking up the drops of urine. Then she began to suck on him, feeling his cock get hard in her mouth. Luke pulled out, and pushed her head to the edge of the bowl, then came and positioned himself behind her.

Without warning, he shoved into her dry asshole, ripping her apart as he did so.

Sascha screamed in agony. He pushed back and forth into her dry asshole, relishing in her grunts of pain. Soon, however, her body began to betray her. She began to push back on him, her pussy dripping.

"You may touch your clit."

Sascha began to rub furiously, as her Master stuck her head in the toilet bowl again. He held her there and she continued to rub her cunt, gasping for hair as he allowed her up again.

"Cum NOW!" Luke cried, as he exploded inside her ass. Simultaneously, Sascha reached her orgasm, screaming out in pure pleasure. As her orgasm subsided, Luke pulled out, then dug for his cum with his finger, pushing inside her gaping asshole. He turned her around, and ordered her to eat it. Greedily, Sascha licked up his cum, sucking up the ass juices.

"You are a good little sub, aren't you?"

"Thank You Master," she said, a look of pure pleasure spreading across her face.

"Now let's get you cleaned up."

Luke had her brush her teeth, then they took a beautiful shower together. Luke lathered up her hair, and rinsed it with the shower head. He rubbed her sore bottom, her high breasts, and her sweet face. Sascha in turn ran soap over his lean muscles, enjoying the feel of his strength under her fingers. And then they kissed. Sascha realised that while this man had beat her, fucked her, and used her as toilet, they had never kissed. He was a wonderful kisser, alternating between tender and aggressive strokes of his tongue.

After they had dried off, Luke gave her a terry cloth robe, then had her wait for him in the bedroom.

He returned, also in a robe, and they sat at two plush chairs by the window, watching the empty street below.

"You have surpassed my expectations for you, Sascha. You have a lot of potential, and I want to make you my submissive."

"Oh Master, I'd love that."

"It would involve sacrifices, it will not all be pleasurable. Sometimes I will not allow you to cum, I will use you simply for my own pleasure. I may share you with other dominants, I will punish you for your indiscretions."

"I understand, but I want nothing more than to please you, Master."

She looked into his eyes, looking so beautiful with her wide blue eyes full of earnestly and her reddish hair drying in loose curls around her face.

"Good girl, I will also take care of you, of course. I will push you, to excel at school, and in business when you graduate. And I will push you to become an obedient submissive for me."

She smiled, and he kissed her. They went to bed, and made love. He took her pussy for the first time, and she had her most powerful orgasm of the evening. Sascha fell asleep feeling complete, because she was owned.

To be continued...
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