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I Love Dick Ch. 03

Posted on : 2012-01-26 15:26:56.687181

Author's Note: This is the third in the series of episodes that occurred at certain times when I wore my lucky Steelers "I LOVE DICK" T-shirt. You don't necessarily have to read the first two chapters to follow this third chapter.

* * *

"Dancing with the Stars?"

"Yes, Sarah, that is the theme of my sorority's Halloween party," my sister Katie responded. "It's a contest. Best dancers win a big prize."

I decided to visit my younger sister Katie at her campus on Halloween because October 31 is her birthday. She and I are very close and could almost pass for twins except she has quite noticably larger breasts. We both have red hair and blue eyes and are about the same height. Yeah, and we both have a few freckles here and there. But I must say I was a bit surprised when she came out of the shower and tossed her towel on the floor, and I noticed she had some freckles on her bum, like me. I should have warned her about nude beaches.

"I don't know anybody here but you, Katie. I'm not dancing with some stranger," I objected.

"But you have sex with strangers, don't you Sarah?"

"Say what?"

"The truck stop."

"Hey, he was no stranger. Well, not for long. That was Dr. Masterson, my Myths and Rituals of Creation and Procreation professor. I'll be getting an 'A' in his class. How did you know about him, anyway?"

(Author's Note: See my first "I Love Dick" for details of this sordid affair.)

"Oh, your roommate Julia told me the whole story. I had called for you, but you were out. At the truck stop again, she said. That girl is such a gossip!"

"Really. She is going to catch hell when I get back to school," I snapped. I thought about the time I humped Julia's virgin ass with the strap-on. Yes indeed, she wouldn't be able to sit down for a week?again. "Where are you having the party?" I inquired.

"Right here at the sorority house. This building used to be a hotel. We even have a ballroom and a bar!"

"Katie, most of you girls aren't old enough to legally drink!" I chastised.

"Like that matters. Remember when we raided Daddy's wine cellar way back when? You didn't complain about underage drinking all those times. Anyway, we have campus security and the local police in our pockets, if ya know what I mean."

"No, I don't know what you mean. Do you pay them off?"

Katie tittered. "Sort of, but not with money."

"With what?"

"We get them off."

"Sex?" I frowned at her.

"Oh, not me, of course, but some of the other sorority sisters do. That is the responsibility of the juniors and seniors."

"Speaking of Daddy, isn't he coming up here for your birthday?"

"Yeah, he is already here somewhere. This is his alma mater, you know. He gave me my birthday present last night." She snickered, and the smirk on her face was quite curious.

"So what did Daddy give you? Show it to me!"

"No, I'm not telling. Ask him yourself. He'll probably tell you. Daddy is coming to the Halloween party tonight. I bet he is out looking for a real cool costume. Remember some of those costumes he wore when we were kids? He scared the crap out of me!"

"Me too! What a joker he was, and still is. Well, until Mom died last year, anyway."

"He's back to his old self, Sarah?you'll see."

"Well, Katie, I don't have a costume to wear to your Halloween shindig."

She stared at the black T-shirt I wore that said "I LOVE DICK" in big gold letters and then "Lebeau" in smaller letters under that. Dick LeBeau is the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator. "Why don't you go as a Steelers cheerleader? Just wear that T-shirt. I have a Hot Fash spree yellow miniskirt you can borrow and some Victoria's Secret black invisible lace hip-hugger panties. We can make some pompoms and stuff. How about it?"

"But the Steelers don't have cheerleaders."

"They do now!"

"Okay, I guess. So what is your costume?"

Katie, still naked, got the Pink Panther costume out of her closet.

"Sweet," I complimented.

"Yeah, and check out one of my accessories for the costume."

Katie got something out of her dresser drawer, and I couldn't tell what it was at first because her hands covered most of it fondly.

When I did recognize it I giggled and purred, "So the Pink Panther has been masturbating with the Pink Panther."

She laughed. "I do a lot more than that with it. Ask my sorority sisters. This little piece of pleasure equipment cost $50! It works great in a harness, and look, it has a waterproof mini-vibe that fits in the bottom."

"You're a lesbian?"

"No, but I do like girls. They kiss and do certain other things better than the boys, especially the frat rats. Don't you like girls?"

"Uh . . . well . . . I . . . sometimes."

"My roommate Heather jokes that she is a LUG?Lesbian Until Graduation?but I caught her giving the dude who owns this building a blowjob the other day. She told me he came to unplug the toilet, and when he discovered the source of the problem was certain feminine products that had been flushed, he got real angry. Heather claimed she had to do something to calm him down."

"Hey, whatever works. I resort to that strategy myself on occasion. Dudes forget all about what they were pissed about as soon as they put their dick between some pretty painted lips. Katie, I need to wash this T-shirt if I'm going to wear it tonight."

"Take it off and I'll do it. We have a washer and dryer in the basement. You better try on the miniskirt and panties. I'm bigger than you are."

"Yeah, your tits are, but the rest is about the same."

"How about my guns?" Katie asked as she made a muscle. "I've been working out."

"Your biceps look pretty normal to me. But I bet you do impress the boys with those big boobies."

"The girls too," she added.

I lifted the top of the T-shirt over my head and pulled it off. I hadn't bothered with a bra. Then I shimmied out of my tight jeans and removed my panties while Katie searched her closet and dresser drawers for the rest of my costume.

Suddenly we heard the door to the bedroom that Katie shared with Heather bang open. Someone was loudly shrieking something. Startled, I jumped into my sister's arms.

There stood Heather in a very sexy wicked witch costume gaping at us. "What the hell is going on here?" she asked bemusedly.

"What the hell were you yelling about?" Katie asked.

"I'm practicing my bewitching chants. 'Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.' Speaking of double trouble, I think I would like to participate in whatever it is you two are up too."

Heather, a tall girl with long silky black hair and skin paler than even Katie's or mine, stared at me boldly with a twinkle in her eyes.

We are trying on our costumes," I offered weakly, still a bit breathless from Heather's abrupt and loud entrance.

"So you are going to the Halloween party as Dr. Freckles on My Ass and Ms. Naked Hide?" Heather joked. "Now that will certainly make a big impression in the pants of the frat rats."

Heather noticed the Pink Panther lying on the top of Katie's dresser drawers and picked it up. Not saying a word, she sat on her bed with her back against the pillows at the head and stretched out her long lovely legs. Then she tossed off her witch's hat and lowered the top of the slinky black strapless mini-dress and began to tease her nipples with the Pink Panther. When they quickly became erect, she lifted the front of the dress and began to slide the pleasure tool up and down the inside of her thighs. She began to moan, "Fuck me, baby, fuck me."

"Who are you fantasizing about, Heather?" Katie inquired.

"You, baby, in that Pink Panther costume with the Pink Panther strapped on and fucking me," she cooed.

Heather slid her black thong down past her knees and began to work the Pink Panther in and out of her pussy. The groaning became louder as she administered to her clit with the head of the vibrating pussy-tamer.

"That girl is always horny," Katie whispered to me knowingly, as Heather really got a rhythm going and was thrashing around like crazy.

"Yeah, well she's making me horny too," I responded.

"Exactly my thoughts," Katie agreed.

My sister's inviting eyes met mine. We kissed.

Katie wrestled me down on the bed playfully, and then she started to tickle me. We used to tickle each other when we were kids, and she got the worst of it because I was bigger than her, but now she got some measure of revenge.

"Stop it Katie! I can't take any more! Uncle!" I begged.

She did stop the tickling, but started doing certain other things, and I no longer wanted her to stop.

Katie inserted a finger in my pussy and began licking me down there in a figure eight pattern as she used her other hand to slowly spread my legs further and further apart. She moved her figure inside me like she was stirring a small cup of coffee. Then she put a second finger inside me and spread the two fingers gently apart, then together, over and over. Next, she began to lick my clit in a short, fast up and down motion as she pushed my legs ups in the air and held them there. Oh yeah, Katie had definitely been practicing cunnilingus on somebody. I began to moan loudly as I felt a nerve-rending charge begin throughout my entire body.

Heather had left the bedroom door ajar. Suddenly, another voice jolted me out of my state of incredible sexual bliss.

"What the hell is going on here?" my father asked. Not waiting for an answer, he turned and walked out the door.

"Geez, do you think Daddy is mad?" I asked, quite concerned. "Don't worry about Daddy," Katie responded, not seeming to be worried much that our father had just witnessed her enthusiastically flipping my bean while I reacted like a sex-starved slut, not to mention Heather fucking herself with a fake dick. "Let's get something to eat, and then get ready for the party." With that, she put her hungry mouth back on my muff.

* * *

The Halloween party was a blast. Lots of booze and fantastic costumes?some scary, some comical, and some totally hot. A DJ spun the music for the dancing. I was surprised there didn't seem to be any judging. I did the foxtrot, tango, rumba, cha-cha-cha, mambo, salsa, and other dances with an assortment of characters like Superman, Captain Jack Sparrow, Batman, Dr. Spock, Frankenstein, and Batman. But only one costumed dancing dervish impressed me much.

"Who are you supposed to be?" I asked as we took a break and sat at a table. "I'm not quite sure. Cyrano de Bergerac? Your nose is frigging huge."

"You can call me Dick," he responded in a strange accent, which I thought might be an attempt to disguise his voice. "That's a hint." He took a flask from inside his pocket and poured as each a sizable shot. "I don't drink that cheap whiskey they have here, and definitely must abstain from that foamy beer."

"Dick 'eh? Oh, I got it now! Richard Nixon. Sure, I recognize you now. That's a mask like the cheerleader bank robbers wore in the movie Sugar and Spice."

"Or the movie one of the bank robbers wore in the movie Point Break," he added.

Amanda, the president of my sister's sorority then called for everyone to gather around her. "Okay, time for the last dance," she announced. "This is the big one?the winning couple gets these two tickets to the Browns versus Steelers game on November 11 at Heinz field! You dudes grab a chair, and you girls pick a partner."

"What kind of a dance are we going to do with a chair?" I asked Katie.

"Lap dance," she replied matter-of-factly.

"Oh no, I don't think so," I objected.

"Sarah, two tickets to a Steelers game!"

I quickly ran up to Dick who had found a chair and sat on it waiting in anticipation. The other girls selected their partners. The music began. When I heard the words "Move your body around like a nympho" from Maneater by Nelly Furtado, I decided that was exactly what I had to do to win those tickets.

I gracefully danced myself into the triangle made by Dick's open legs, and stood with my back to him with my feet together. I got as close to the chair as I could, and bent my knees while keeping my back straight, and gently put my hands on his knees. I lowered my bottom toward his lap so that I could just feel his crotch on my skin. Then, keeping my hands on his knees for support, I began to grind down gently, moving my hips in circular motion. And then faster, and faster.

Others stopped what they were doing and began to watch me. They started to applaud, which motivated me even more to win those Steelers tickets. I tried another move. I turned my back to Dick and, with straight legs, bent forward slightly, I looked back at him coquettishly and lightly slapped my bottom. Dick smiled lewdly, and I could see his dick begin to make itself more obvious in his pants. I gently swayed from my ankles and opened my legs gradually. Slowly, I bent over so my bottom was brazenly pointing at him. I bent one knee to the side and straightened the other out to the other side. I ran my hand up my straight leg and raised my head over my shoulder to look back at him as I slapped my bottom hard. I could swear he was drooling.

And then I picked up the pompoms and sat right on Dick's lap?right on his hard dick. I did a cheer. Since Pittsburgh doesn't have cheerleaders, I don't know any Steelers cheers. I did a University of South Carolina cheer. "Go cocks! Go cocks go!" I shouted as I waved the pompoms and jumped up and down on Dick's dick.

"You win!" Amanda finally yelled over the noise, and handed me the two tickets.

"Well, I guess you get one," I said reluctantly to Dick and tried to hand it to him.

He declined. "Honey, you did all the work. All I did was sit here and get a raging hard- on. You keep both tickets, but I would really appreciate it if you would do something about my problem."

I laughed. "Yeah, you sure do have a problem. Stand up and button your suit jacket and cover the front of your pants with it. Unless you want everybody to get a look at your really big problem."

I led him up to Katie's bedroom. No one seemed to really notice us depart, as they were too intent on continuing to party. We got to the room, and I noticed the bulge in his pants was just as prominent as before down in the ballroom.

"Do you really love dick?" he asked, staring at my T-shirt.

"I don't need a T-shirt to prove that point," I answered lasciviously, as I slipped it off. He began to fondle my bra-less breasts. "Now I'm going to show you how grateful I am for you helping me win these two Steelers tickets. We are going to kick the crap out of the Browns! And I'll be there to witness the slaughter."

"It's good to be grateful," he said softly as I got down on my knees in front of him. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and lowered them and his boxers using only my teeth. I think that duly impressed him. And then I traced my lips with the head of his big cock and kissed it all over.

I began to use my hands, tongue, and lips, and I looked him in the eyes occasionally as I went up and down on his shaft. Then I rolled his family jewels around tenderly with my tongue. I engulfed the head of his penis with my mouth and slid down as far as I could.

"Ummm, you have a big dick, Dick," I paused to comment. "I don't think I can get it all in my mouth."

"Try, baby, try!" he urged. "You can do it!"

I did try. He began to pull me by my hair down on him rather roughly. I still couldn't get it all down my throat no matter how I struggled to do so, but he still liked what I was doing, though.

"Oh baby . . . that's it . . . ohhhhh yeah . . . that's good . . . so good . . . ahhhhh . . ."

Suddenly Dick's knees began to buckle."

"Honey, you better lie down on the bed," I suggested. "I don't think you can take any more of this standing up."

He did, and I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over and started to suck him again. I used my left hand and mouth on his cock and slipped my right hand down my panties and teased my clit.

I didn't realize she had come into the room until she spoke. "What the hell is going on here?" And then she burst into laughter. I turned my head and there was Katie in the Pink Panther costume with the front zipped down, displaying her humongous breasts and the Pink Panther dick she had attached to the harness round her waist. "Well, let's see how you love this dick," she said as wielded the silicone dildo like a weapon. "So who is your friend? You know, the one whose dick was just in your mouth."


"That figures." Now she was hysterical.

Katie rolled my hip over so she had full access. I had my knees on the bed and my bum up in the air. She quickly entered me from behind. "Don't let me keep you from Dick's dick," she said with a snicker.

I began to suck him again, now very intent on finishing him off so I could concentrate totally on getting fucked by Katie. Just as I thought I had him ready to bust a nut in my mouth, he ripped off the mask because he was having trouble breathing.

"Daddy, you're Dick!" I screeched.

Katie pushed my head back down on his cock and purred, "Show Daddy how much you love dick, Sarah."

I did. I attacked his cock like an animal, shaking my head wildly as I took as much of him in my mouth as I could. I violated the first rule of cock sucking?I used my teeth?but he didn't tell me to stop. I took him out for a moment so I could speak as I jacked him hard. "Daddy, I want your cum. Shoot a big load in my mouth and make me happy." I went down on him again, thinking he couldn't possibly last much longer.

"Oh honey . . . I . . . oh my baby . . . ahhhhh . . . ohhhhh . . ."

Daddy began to pump his torso upwards frantically to meet my willing mouth. I held him by the ass cheeks, and let him fuck my face.

"Baby . . . oh baby . . . ohhhh yeah . . . oh yeah baby . . . ohhhh yeah . . ."

And then my father erupted like a volcano. I swallowed most of it, and then I came up off him and let his still spurting and pulsating cock finish on my face, lips, and tongue.

The cum dribbled down my chin as I looked up at him and whispered sweetly, "I love you Dick, and I love your dick."

An then I cried, "I love dick! I love dick!" over and over as Katie pounded away with the Pink Panther until I collapsed on the bed in an incredible orgasm I felt from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. It felt like my brain was about to explode just like my pussy.

Katie joined us on the bed and whispered to me, "If you think that was good, just wait until Daddy does you with his big dick like he did me last night for my birthday."

"That reminds me, Katie, I have a birthday present for you!"

"Give it to me!"

"I'll give it to you. I'll give it to you real good."

I got up and fetched the presents out of my bag. First she opened the smaller box. "I love dick!" Katie squealed as she held up the "I LOVE DICK" T-shirt that was like mine except it was gold with black letters. She took off the Pink Panther costume and put on the shirt. Then she opened the other present. Her eyes lit up when she saw the strap-on harness and Big Ben black and gold dildo. Big Ben is the Steelers quarterback for those of you who live under a rock. "I love this dick too!"

"Actually, Katie, that's for me to wear."

I put on the harness. Katie got up on all fours on the bed without me saying another word. Soon she was yelling, "I love dick . . . oh yeah . . . ohhhh yeah . . . I love dick!"

Daddy got behind me, and soon Katie and I were both screaming "Ohhhh . . . I love dick . . . ahhhh . . . I love dick!" in ecstatic unison.

Suddenly he pulled his dick out of my pussy and stuck it quickly into my other hole, and rammed it up to the hilt. I squealed like a stuck pig.


"That's for biting me, baby. But do you still love dick?"

"Oh Daddy . . . fuck my ass . . . fuck it good . . . my bad . . . my bad . . . ohhhhh . . ."

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