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A Weekend in a Cabin Ch. 02

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:06:55.864921

I hung there for a while not able to hear or see anything in the cabin. I didn't know where Angel was. Was she still here or was I alone. I was grateful that I could feel the warm fire, it was cold earlier in the day inside the cabin. There was a brief cool breeze that gave me goose bumps all over my nude body but that quickly passed. My cock had gone mostly limp from lack of stimulation, and the breeze I'm sure made it even smaller. The music playing in my ears was classical in nature but nothing I had ever heard before.

I felt fingers run up my thigh. My cock quickly sprung back to life. The fingers wandered my legs occasionally brushing my hard cock. The contact stopped and I felt breath on my neck. Then once again I felt nothing. Slowly my cock softened. I had been brought close to orgasm many times tonight then left hanging.

My cock was feeling relaxed before suddenly it was being sucked back to life . Hands grabbed my thighs as my cock was engulfed.

I couldn't move at all. The only thing I could do was enjoy this attention. When I felt so hard my cock was going to stretch out of it's own skin the sucking stopped. This time though I wasn't left alone, warm water was poured over me from my chest down then I could feel something being rubbed all over my hard cock and balls. Now a new feeling, something scraped across my skin. Is that a razor? Is she shaving me? I feel the cool air kiss my skin as what I suspect to be a razor passes over. As things continue there is no doubt I am being shaved. My entire crotch is shaved before I feel the warm water over my body again.

The lathering continued followed by the razor until I had felt every bit of hair removed from my body, everything from my armpits to my thighs.

I had never felt this naked. I was tied as if on display. My hands over my head with my feet as wide as they could go without even hair to cover me. I am very athletic and had thought in the past about shaving my chest in the summer for when I wear a bathing suit. But first this wasn't summer and second I hadn't decided to do it. I had lost a bet to Angel and apparently she decided she wanted me shaved.

My arms and legs had gone numb from lack of movement. The headphones were removed and I could hear the crack of the fire once again. The bonds on my legs were loosened, my feet once again touched the ground. When the ropes holding my hands up were loosed I slumped to the ground. I heard Angel chuckle before ordering me to my feet. My hands were undone completely and I struggled to walk where she guided me. She guided me still blindfolded to the bathroom.

"You have five minutes to wash up then be back at the door with the blindfold back on. There is a towel you can use on the rack. Oh ya, don't even think about jacking off." Angel's orders were clear so I quickly used the bathroom and bathed. I looked at my newly shaved body in the mirror. I liked the way it actually made my cock look bigger. I had been told I was on the bigger side already but being shaved made me look huge. I put the blindfold back on and stood at the door. It wasn't long until the door opened and I was guided into the main room. I was told to lay down I suspected it was the wooden futon in front of the fire. I was guided to how she wanted me. My hands wide over my head, with my legs also wide. Once again she tied me this way and put on the headphones. I heard the camera click so many times in the short amount of time I was able to hear I started to worry about what her plans with the pictures were.

I felt light subtle contact various places on my body. Being freshly shaved made every touch more intense. I couldn't tell what I was being touched with at first. Soon I was feeling warm breath and kisses wandering over my sensitive skin. A few times my cock would get tasted.

I was kissed long and hard. I felt her legs straddle me, her hot pussy only inches from my cock. Her pussy warmed my stomach as it lowered against my skin. I could feel the wetness of her pussy gliding over me as she continued to touch other parts on my body. She closed the distance between herself and my cock, the warm wet lips of her pussy kissing my hard cock. She slid up and down coating me with her wetness. Finally I felt her pussy open as she lowered her body. She allowed me only to enter a short way at first moving just slightly up and down teasing the head of my throbbing cock. Deeper she moved me, ever so slowly. When she had me halfway in I involuntarily thrust upward the little bit I could move. She pulled up allowing my cock to fall free of her body. She laid down so I could feel her body against mine and kissed me, she kissed a long time with her pussy against my cock. She removed herself from on top and I felt her tying something around my knees. My knees were pulled apart and secured there. What little movement I had was gone.

Finally she got in position so her pussy hung in front of my face. I could smell the musky sweet smell of her wetness. She slid her legs under my arms bringing me up slightly. Bringing my face that much closer to the pussy I want so badly. I strain to get close enough to taste, my tongue barely touches her skin and only for a moment. She allows me to taste a second time.

My cock feels so swollen that my skin will split open.

She lowers herself allowing me to get a longer taste. My tongue opens her pussy probing deeply. The sweetness of her body sends me into a deeper state of arousel. She lowers farther allowing me to burry my face deep in her wet pussy. My cock sticks out not touching anything and getting no attention. I work the pussy before me in hopes that she will return the favor.

I can feel the wetness increase as her body shutters slightly. I know she is climaxing on my face. This knowledge pushes me somehow even deeper into my state of desire.

After getting her pleasure from my mouth a few times she climbs off me. I feel a few light touches on my throbbing cock. But never do i receive enough to bring me to climax myself.

I feel her straddle me and wipe my face. The headphone on my left ear is pulled away long enough for her to whisper.

"Good night Casper. We'll finish this in the morning."
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