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Weekend Away Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:11:12.672225

The next morning she stirred from her slumber sensing a soothing, sensual stroke across her face. As her eyes opened she saw him sat on the side of the bed smiling down at her. Daylight crept in through the bedroom blinds as she blinked into focus.

"Good Morning, Mistress." He whispered.

"Mmmm... Good morning. What time is it?" She quizzed, sleepily.

"It is 10am," he replied, "I left you to sleep."

As she stretched below the warm, cosy duvet he motioned towards the fresh coffee he had placed on the bed side table and made his way back out of the room. She sat up and rubbed her face surprised that she slept all night. But, she must rise now, and shower so that her plans for today could be put into action.

He sat down on the decking outside looking out over the countryside. A long way off in the distance he watched a man walking his dog across a field as crows went noisily about their business in the trees behind the cabin. He felt so comfortable and at home here, he wished their weekend would never end.

He had awoken early this morning despite his welcomed deep and satisfying sleep next to her. Upon waking he had wanted to pleasure her but instead sat up in bed and looked down at her as she slept, stroking her hair and face. He had remained watching her for a good hour or so, feeling a deep sense of contentment and joy to be so touched by her presence. Eventually he had risen from bed, moving quietly and gently so as not to wake her, showered and made coffee for himself while she slept. Since then he had sat here looking out on the view until he felt sure she would wish him to wake her and had taken her the freshly brewed coffee to help her wake.

He could, now, hear the shower running and was pleased to know she had risen and would be joining him shortly. He was hungry and wondered what plans she had for him today. He moved back into the kitchen area and quickly tidied up.

She emerged refreshed from the shower and quickly dressed having towel-dried her hair. She squirted some of her favourite perfume around her collar bone and straightened her clothes ready for the new day. Checking her watch she realised they did not have time for breakfast but would soon take an early lunch, along the way. Looking out at the countryside through the bedroom window, she assessed the weather and concluded that it was perfect.

"Are you ready?" She asked him, stepping out onto the decking.

He looked back at her and found her dressed in jeans and a casual top. She had already stepped into her walking boots and had a chunky fleece draped over her arm.

"Yes, Mistress." He confirmed.

"Let's go then!"


He looked over at her as she drove along the winding lanes. She was wearing her usual sunglasses and chewed lazily on some gum as she hummed along to the songs emanating from the stereo system. He had no idea where she was taking him but did not really care; as long as he was with her, nothing else mattered.

After twenty minutes or so she turned along a dirt track amongst some trees and the vehicle bumped slowly along the twisty trail. He noticed that her face had softened and that a broad smile was beaming across her face.

"We're here!" She stated.

He looked out from the car and saw that they had arrived at a country home which had a large barn attached. Two dogs came out to greet them as she pulled up on the gravel outside.

"Wait here!" She ordered, quite firmly, as she climbed out of the vehicle.

He wondered why they had come here and why he had to wait. He knew she loved horses but she was not equipped to ride, at the moment. He had not seen any horses on their approach. He watched her stroke the friendly dogs and move towards the front of the house. A few seconds later the main door opened and a burly man stepped out to greet her. He watched as they exchanged words and she gestured over towards where he now sat in her car. She flashed him a wicked smile and suddenly he felt very nervous, wondering what she was up to. Then, she disappeared into the large dark barn with the man and was gone.

He sat and waited for what he guessed was about fifteen minutes, growing ever more anxious by her absence; wondering if he should go to look for her. What was she doing? Why had she come here? Suddenly, she reappeared and waved back to the man as he went back into his house. She returned to the car, resumed her position in the driving seat and started the engine.

"What was....?" He started.

"Silence!" She interrupted him, stopping him mid-flow.

He wanted to demand an explanation but realised it was pointless. She would not tell him the purpose of her visit, unless she wanted to. She gently patted his thigh in reassurance as she turned the car around and made her way back out of the yard and off along the dirt track to the main road. He expected her to turn back in the direction they had come from but instead she swept the vehicle back out along the road in the opposite direction. They travelled through several small villages until they began approaching their destination. It was now nearing lunchtime and he wondered if they would stop to eat soon.

She followed the directions the man had given her and made her way down towards the lake, hidden amongst some trees and out of sight of the road, just as the man had described. Pulling the car up against a marker post she gestured for him to get out.

"Can you handle that boat?" She asked him, pointing out towards the water.

He looked out to a single jetty and spotted a small boat with an outboard motor.

"Yes....M-M-Mistress... but..." He stammered.

"Come on then!" She interrupted, walking quickly ahead of him.

She reached the boat and climbed in waiting for him to take charge of the vessel. She sat down on a built-in seat and pulled her mobile phone from out of her pocket.

"Yes, we will arrive at 5pm." She informed the listener, and then hung up.

He busied himself expertly around the boat, not knowing the model but realising it would be easy enough to handle. The water of the expansive lake was calm and he noticed a pair of swans and several other water fowl going about their business along the shoreline. He could not believe the calm and beautiful location, apparently free of other people, and wondered if they might be on private land. Pulling the ignition lead on the motor he charged the engine to life and having unhooked the safety line from the jetty turned the boat away from land.

"Take us to the very centre of the lake." She demanded.

The boat spluttered at first then heartily motored its way easily to the centre of the body of water. He cut off the engine and sat waiting for her next move. It was an exquisite location but he wondered why she had brought him here.

Sensing his intrigue, she reached down into the bowels of the boat and brought out a large hamper and a large padded cushion. Her eyes silently instructed him to wait on her, to open the hamper and reveal its contents. He unlocked the basket and found a range of delicious items inside. The bread was still warm and he suspected someone had only just placed the hamper inside at her request. He discovered a large flask containing some tea which had been made to her specifications, an array of sandwiches and some fruit. Carefully he poured her a drink and handed it to her. She sipped at the tea and smiled at him, her mind clearly whirring into action.

They sat for a while and ate heartily enjoying the peace of the location; discussing the various birds and flora which surrounded them. She was pleased that the lake fitted her requirements so well and knowing her plans for him, stirred a little in her seat.

He acknowledged, again, that she never ceased to amaze him; first her suggestion of the cabin, and now this idyllic spot. What other amazing cards did she have up her sleeve? She understood him so well and her own pleasures and comforts were just devine. Finishing her tea she turned to him and focussed.

"Stand up and drop your trousers!" She snapped.

He felt totally shocked and stunned. Surely she did not mean for him to expose himself so openly in broad daylight. His face contorted into one of embarrassment, worry and concern.

"Just do it!" She demanded, becoming more stern and direct.

Knowing he must do exactly as she said he stood and steadied himself as the boat moved below him. Anxious and apprehensive he complied with her order and undid the button of his jeans. Growing impatient with his reticence she reached over and pulled his jeans down to his ankles in one quick gesture. Next she tugged at his shorts and soon after he was fully exposed. His eyes flashed around the edge of the lake, concerned that someone would see him. The lake was large but anyone at the shoreline would clearly see that he was naked from the waist down. She ignored his concern.

"Now, come here!" She instructed him.

His legs shook, unsteadily, as he shuffled awkwardly towards her, his ankles shackled by his jeans. She looked into his eyes as her own spoke their magical yet wordless language of ownership over him. He felt his fate was sealed; she would do exactly as she wanted with him, at any time she pleased. He accepted this now. As he neared her she changed her position and sat forwards on the ledge. She noted how the cool air had shrivelled his balls and that his cock was soft and limp.

"That cock WILL rise for me... Now!" She insisted.

Immediately his cock started to swell and engorge; responding to her as if it had a submissive mind all of its own. She had trained him too well for him not to react. He wanted to touch himself and aid the progress of his erection but he knew it was forbidden without her instruction. She sat closely and watched him grow before her eyes; purring in approval as she watched the shaft thicken and glans blossom.

"Mmmm... Good boy!" She rewarded him.

He ached to reach down and stroke himself then, enraptured by her clear fascination of watching him and her obvious delight at his response to her. He was stood over her now but still appreciated the ultimate power she held over him. Then, carefully, she reached up and dragged one finger tip over his swelling balls. He flinched but felt his cock twitch in response to her touch. She giggled and repeated the stroke. Again he flexed in front of her, bouncing in the cool air. Next, she placed her hands on his hips and gently moved him closer to her, making him stumble slightly as he reorganised his feet below.

Looking up at him now, a new wickedness shining from her eyes she licked her lips.

"Close your eyes!"

As his eyelids descended he felt the delicious sensation of her soft, supple lips grazing against the tip of his cock. She was kissing it. He felt a surge of energy run through his prick to his balls and back again. Then, she kissed him again, this time engulfing the head between her lips. He groaned aloud, and then stifled his noise, worried he would be heard elsewhere. Leaning in closer she took hold of his shaft with her now leather gloved hand, and gripped it firmly. His hips squirmed before her; shudders flowing through his legs. Moving her grip along his shaft she noted how it made his glans tighten, deepening in colour as it became more engorged. Again, another smile crossed her mouth. She so loved observing him.

Next, she began working his cock, more lavishly, with her hand and mouth. The divine warmth and wetness of her tongue swirled around him and he felt the roof of her mouth tease along the tip of his cock as she consumed him deeper. His anxiety still present; he suddenly felt deeply aroused. Not only was she pleasuring him so erotically, but she had exposed him in this potentially public place, seemingly without a care for his thoughts on the matter. She had manipulated him and now he stood in a boat, on a lake, in broad daylight, having his hungry cock sucked by his Goddess; and all because it was her wish. The thought itself brought new, heightened excitement from deep within his soul.

Her gloved hand moved expertly around his shaft, twisting and turning, as she enjoyed devouring his perfectly formed penis. She could feel his yearning grow as she worked him with her tongue and lips; knowing that he would build quickly under such different circumstances as he recognised his exposed predicament. She understood his need for new thrills, occasionally, and now she could sense the nervous anticipation flowing through him.

Gradually, her rhythm built and he could feel a new hunger growing inside him. He knew if she continued he would cum in her mouth, so good was she at stimulating him. He tried to concentrate on anything else to distract himself from the growing arousal. She sensed his wandering mind and twisted her hand, sucking his glans firmly against her tongue. Jerking; he groaned out loud again and felt a swathe of lust consuming him entirely. She sucked and licked, stroked and teased until she tasted the first escape of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock. Taking a firm hold at the base of his cock she squeezed it, upwards, drawing more slippery liquid out of him. He started to pant knowing that she would not want him to cum until she demanded it. With great difficulty he just about managed to hold back. Then, suddenly, she hooked her hand around his balls and applied a warm, subtle pressure around their mass. His self-control waned quickly and as her mouth lowered on his shaft he could feel the tantalising surge of his orgasm rising inside him.

Then, as quickly as she had started, she snapped away from him, denying him the completion, and left him standing in front of her, his prick throbbing as his breaths sighing with bitter disappointment at not being allowed release.

"You will earn your right, today!" She scowled, sitting back in her seat.

Next she placed a large padded cushion down in the bottom of the boat and adjusted her position so that she was now stood beside him.

"Lay down!" She demanded, pointing downwards.

Pulling his shorts and jeans up so he could move more easily, his straining cock still protruding through his open zip he positioned himself, face up, along the padding. He was surprised by how comfortable it was as he looked up at the crisp, blue sky.

She moved over him then, and squatted down, pressing her jean clad crotch directly over his face. He was trapped under her again, but prevented from reaching her heavenly centre by the thick blue material which now strained taut against her body. She rubbed her arse over his face and neck then promptly sat down so that she was kneeling above his chest, inches away from his chin. She honed in on the tip of his cock again, spying it peeking over the top of his shorts. She teased its tip briefly, running a leather coated finger over the opening to his urethra and making him shudder below her. He felt so totally overwhelmed by her. Again, she had physically restrained him and now she was tormenting his poor cock in the cold air of the day. His breathing deepened but he hoped they could return to the comfort of the cabin soon, so that he could truly worship her deeply within her tasty folds in the warm comfort of the cosy lodge.

She talked to him for a while, telling him some of the history of this lake, while physically reasserting her position over him. She told him how he belonged to her in every way and that he would obviously be lost without her. It was the best he could manage to acknowledge her words as they weaved a new web inside his psyche and mesmerised him.

After approximately an hour of holding him in such a meek position she eventually rose and straightened herself.

"Let's go for a walk." She cooed, returning to her normal self.

He clambered to his feet and adjusted his clothing; then started the engine and took the boat back to the jetty.

Back on land, she took his hand and they walked for ages, slowly absorbing their surroundings and chatting nonchalantly about nothing in particular. He felt his submission bubbling below the surface as she took hold of him at the other side of the lake; kissing him passionately but with a definite air of dominance. A little swoon spread throughout him and he realised that he would never be able to look upon a lake again without recalling the simple, yet greatly influential events of today.

They walked around the perimeter of the lake and she felt the chill air bringing a rosy hue to her cheeks. He stopped for a moment and then wandered down to the edge of the lake and returned to her with two pebbles. Both were relatively round in shape and smooth around the edges.

"Keep sake?" He suggested, placing one of the pebbles in the palm of her hand.

She checked her watch again as they reached her car and realised that they just had enough time to get to their next location. He stood next to the car by the passenger door waiting for her to unlock it. She looked over to him and smiled.

"In case I forget" she said, "Thank you!"

He reeled as he got into his seat, wondering why she felt the need to thank him when he only ever wanted to please her, carry out her wishes and be her perfect man. As she drove down the lanes and the evening started to creep in over the trees his mind wandered, baffled by her statement; wondering if there might be some feat in store, ahead of him, that he might not like.
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