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Command and Vanquish Ch. 04

Posted on : 2012-01-28 17:19:56.457705

"Prince Jaimeth?" A guard knocked deftly on his door. "Present for you, Sir."

Jem sat up on his bed and impassively laid down the report he'd been reading. The guard swung the door open to display a pair of similar looking slave girls dressed in silken green bikinis. Each had her arms tied behind her back, and were led into the room heads down, each striking a tantalizing pose. They were nervous, frightened, untrained, new to slavery. Jem wasn't sure whether to be annoyed by their inexperience or pleased with the charge of breaking them in.

"Hmm...lovely...a gift from whom?"

The guard pulled a note out, eyeing it humorously before responding, "the note says, 'Love, Lord Rayth.' Doesn't say where they're from or why they've been sent."

Jem's succulent mouth curled into a smile. The note didn't have to say it. His friend, even though away to visit his new property, knew all too well of Jem's mounting unhappiness. From all perspectives, life should have been marvelous: the war was over, his inheritance larger, richer, more powerful than ever. He loved his friendships with Navin, Rayth, and a few of his guards, all keeping him grounded but always entertained. His brother, his baby brother, was home, and the experience emboldened a keen interest in political affairs. His sisters were happy as ever, joyfully spoiling their soon to be sister-in-law Lady Mia...

Mia. His future queen; he inwardly cringed. She was nice, he told himself. She was kind, refined, and extremely pretty by any standard. All the things a man could want. So why didn't he want her? He's tried so very hard. At Navin's urging, he's tried including her in meetings. Her wide-eyed looks of confusion and overwhelm almost boiled his blood with anger. But why so angry? As he shook his head to clear it, the molten anger cooled into a hard pit of pain and disappointment. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Not for him. He was Prince Jaimeth, damn it, holding life by the horns in a wild ride of action, excitement, and success. He had no need or want of taming.

"Marvelous. And where my beauties do I have the pleasure of receiving you from?"

One cleared her throat. "Master...this is all a terrible mistake. We're not supposed to be slaves. We're nobility. Our fathers..." she choked on a sob, "...they may have wronged Pangain, but we're not to blame." She fell on her knees, "Please, Master, don't shame us for crimes we didn't commit."

The guard who brought them in laughed, as Jem's smile widened to a flash of white teeth as he stood from the bed. "Oh, you're nobility?" he took on a look of feigned sympathy (the guard realized his pretense, the slaves did not) "Of course," he paced around them, "certainly you're to be treated with the utmost respect and care." He grabbed the one who spoke from behind by her tethered arms, and guided her with his body to lie face down, bent over his bed. He jammed his middle finger hard into her raw ass, she screaming and squirming as he calmly bent to her ear and cooed, "come now, all that fussing isn't fitting for a well-bred me the lady you claim to be..."

"What do you want with us?!?!" She screamed, crying, struggling to get away.

His face sobered. He looked calm. Too calm. "Perfection..." he whispered, running his hands unabashed down her bound body. "You're going to serve me, with all of your body, all of your being. I promise, my dear, you will beg me to touch you soon..." he ran his fingers over the length of her cunt and smiled. "Especially here, and in here..." he placed a finger inside, and his eyes danced with a pleasant discovery. "Slave? You're a virgin? No man has yet taught you want you were made for?"

She cried. "No...please...I don't know how to do this..."

"Shhh, lovely..." he couldn't stop smiling, "I'll walk you through every step, everything you need to know..."

He moaned low in his throat, silently thanking Rayth for the two reminders that not all his pleasures were gone. He might have a sedated future ahead of him with Mia, which he half accepted, half rebelled against. Mia was a wonderful woman, he said to himself. Kind, shy, but deserving. He would treat her well, lavishly spoil her like he did with...

...dare he even think about her? She was gone. Not coming back. No one would replace her in his heart or mind. And no one dare try. A new fire of rebellion welled inside of him. He would not be beat; he'd forge his own excitement.

Jem pulled back his hand and delivered a terribly hard slap to the tender flesh of his slave's plump bottom. "Do you know what it means for a man to fuck a woman? Do you know how fucking happens?"

", ..M..master..."

"Ahh...well...I'll make these lessons easier on you since you're new. Let me teach you both at the same time." He threw the other slave to bend over next to the first, then kneaded the flesh of both their asses, one in each hand. He removed his clothing, and pressed the hard, hot length of his cock in between the first slave's legs, then the other. He alternated pressing his searing cock against their dripping sex as he explained, "Feel that, sluts? That's what I'm about to drive up inside of you. Do you know where I'm going to put this?"

From the crack of the door, Lady Mia had seen enough. She whirled around and shut her eyes tightly. "Damn it," she thought to herself. Why does she let it hurt? She knew he didn't love her from the start, and bless him for trying, but it hurt every night he didn't invite her to stay with him. Perfectly lovely outings would end abruptly once they stepped foot back into Prince's Hall; he'd joke with Navin and Rayth while a guard discreetly ushered her away, back into solitude, unseen, unnoticed. Some nights she would creep to his room, as she attempted to do this night, to wish him a pleasant evening and hope for an invitation to stay. Other nights, she knew all to well he'd rather do anything than acknowledge association with her.

Unshed tears stung as she moved to make her way back to her room, unloved, sleeping in a cold bed alone. She abruptly turned and smacked into a hard, warm blockade. Startled, she felt a strong set of hands steady her by her arms. Shyly and afraid, never having acquired a comfort with Jem's personal staff, Lady Mia lifted her eyes to the cool stare of the captain of the guard. The corners of Navin's smooth lips were subtly upturned.

"Excuse me, Madam," he said with sincerity. "I should be much more careful."

Her eyes turned worried, "Oh, no, please sir," she plead weakly, "it was clumsy of me to..."

Navin's heart mildly broke as he watched her rant. She was so lost, thrust into a sticky situation: an unfamiliar world attached to a man who didn't love her. And someone should love her. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help himself. He was entirely drawn to her, increasingly more so every time he watched her, saw her, went anywhere with her. But she could never be his. She was Jem's. And Jem didn't even want her. Navin silently cursed the young Prince.

She was finished, and looked up at him to accept her apology. Looking in her eyes, and unsure of how to respond, his mouth went dry. He managed to hide his thoughts, as always. "Really, my Lady, there's no need for all of that. I came to see Jem...I take it he's still awake?

"Um, yes..." she fidgeted.

"How is he this evening? Did he say where he'd be going tomorrow?"

"No, um...I didn't get a chance to speak with him yet..." she chuckled softly, trying to clear the lump in her throat. "He was busy."

His eyes squinted in question before relaxing in realization. "That's my boy," he silently said to himself, smiling inside, passive outside. But poor Mia, she didn't know what to make of it. Isabella had always just understood and accepted it. Hell, sometimes she picked out his girl for the evening. But Mia was different, sweeter...more suited to himself.

He heard himself speaking without thinking: "Well, Madam, while we're waiting, we might as well have a drink. Have you eaten?"

"No, Sir," she replied nervously.

"Me neither," he lied, extending his arm. "Care to join me?"

She blushed, biting her lower lip, and placed her hand in the crook of his arm. Her hand jumped back a bit at the feel of his obvious strength, but then nestled back in to absorb his warmth. Although nervous with Jem's men, she couldn't help but be grateful for their kindness out of pity for her.

"You're an idiot for this," Navin's mind shouted at him overtop his assurances that it was entirely appropriate for the captain of the guard to escort the future queen anywhere she wanted to go.


Rayth was looking over the daily news while finishing his breakfast. During his stay the new Espinan property Jem had given him, he ate alone most mornings, allowing Lady Alenya the new found pleasure of sleeping in late. He smiled at the thought of her lying so sweetly in his bed. She had been such an integral part of his life for so long, constantly with him, sharing thoughts, the two of them knowing each other inside and out, that the transition from Master/slave to Lord/Lady was relatively smooth.

His main challenge was to discover her free choices for pleasures; the relationship thus far had been rather one sided in that respect. She knew what fabrics he preferred to wear, his favorite desserts, his taste in music. His strategy to close the gap was enjoyable: spoil her, give her everything, take her everywhere, and see what lights up her eyes the most. He smiled over his coffee mug as he slowly sipped the hot liquid, thinking about the lovely day he'd planned for them. No rush, he thought. It will be a long day, quiet morning; let her wake at her leisure. He drank and continued reading.

Suddenly two of his supervisors rapidly strode up to him, and he eyed them curiously. The each took a knee in deference, and looked up at him, their irritation apparent. "My Lord," one of them began, "may we speak with you a moment?"

"Of course."

"Sir, we're here to seek the execution of one of your slaves. We would like to have simply rid of her, but she's your property. Only you can decide what to do with her."

"What has she done?"

"We can't explain why, sir, but ever since your arrival here, she's grown boisterous, rebellious, time and time again refusing to work and demanding to speak personally with her Master: you, Sir. We've tried everything to break her: whip her at least once a day, we've starved her, assigned her extra work, not let her sleep, but she just won't quit. The bitch sometimes, too weak to stand, just lies down STILL refusing to work until she speaks with you. You don't need this kind of problem on your hands, Sir. Let us rid of her for you."

"Odd she would take continued whippings and starvation to insist on speaking with me. Do you know what it's about?"

"No, Sir. She appears quite terrified of you. Any time we're out working in eyesight of you, she shakes and can barely speak or work. We can't figure out why the hell she keeps on insisting. Allow us to take care of this disturbance; she won't cause you any trouble once she's buried."

"No, don't kill her," Rayth said dispassionately. "Bring me my whip. I'll meet with her, and see if I can't, um, 'talk' some sense into her. She probably wants to plead with me for freedom, and once she gets it out of her system, she'll be fine. Go get her."

"Yes, my Lord."

Once Rayth had his whip, he sat on one of his couches and sprawled his legs out to wait. He'd only ever cared about one slave, and she was free now. The rest of his slaves, most gifts from Jem, usually were of little concern to him. Why then, he asked himself, were the hairs standing on the back of his neck? A slave putting herself through torture simply for an audience with him? He had an unsettling feeling, and had actually decided to meet with her more to ease his own mind than extend his mercy.

The noise from the hallway alerted him that they had her. He sighed once heavily, mildly stretched, then took up a dominant sitting position, both feet firmly planted on the floor, reclining back. The doors to the room burst open, and he remained placid as two guards dragged a terribly skinny, partially clothed woman with a shaved head between them. She couldn't hold herself up, let alone hold her head up, and slumped forward by their support until they literally threw her at his feet.

He was mildly shocked at the sight of her, not sure what he was expecting, but not this. They said this woman was a fighter, but she looked too weak and beaten for additional punishment. He sat there for a moment, assessing her, unsure of how to react.

He didn't have to, since she abruptly made the first move. All three men, somewhat stunned, watched as she pathetically pulled her body across the floor on her stomach towards Rayth. Feebly, she reached out and desperately clutched at one of his legs with both hands, using whatever remaining strength she had to hold on to him and bury her face at his ankles. Her desperation manifested in tremors that overtook her body, and through her muffled sobs she cried out two words: "Please, Rayth."

The crime of speaking her Master's name was instantaneously punished as the two supervisors sprang on her, pulling her away from him. Rayth shot to his feet and held back the whip, his face confused and angry. "Hold her," he told them, "hold her between you." He waited for them to position her for a whipping and cocked back his arm. She should know better than to touch him or use his name.

But when they pulled her to her knees he saw her face, and something in his heart wrenched. Something was too familiar, and he froze as the weak, crying slave lifted her eyes to his and softly begged, "Please no, Rayth, please don't do this...not to me..."

His face went white as his world spun. Two seconds passed that seemed like an eternity before the wide-eyed, jaw-dropped Lord screamed a desperate, "LET HER GO! FUCKING HELL, LET ISABELLA GO!"

The maddening realization that Isabella was alive was far too overwhelming for him to know what to do first! Scrambling to her, he wildly clutched at her whole body, lifting her small, weakened frame into his arms and holding her tightly. Feeling her limp frame, half of him broke into sobs while the other half laughed with the greatest joy he'd ever known! She, on the other hand, poured her tears fiercely into his shoulder, afraid that if she let go of him she'd be sent back to her world of misery. "Please Rayth, please don't hurt me, please don't let anyone else hurt me,"

He half cried and laughed at her request, kissing her head repeatedly, "No, no, my sweet angel, no one's going to hurt you, shhh, there you go, hold on to me, I'll never let anyone hurt you again..."

She cried in relief, still clutching him. Before explanations could be made, the two stunned work supervisors turned pale, and began to panic: they had unknowingly severely beaten Prince Jaimeth's true love. "Um...Sir? We'd like to beg your mercy Sir, and that of the Prince...Sir, we had no idea that she was..."

Rayth rapidly shook his head, "Neither did I, and I'm just as guilty as you are; don't fear." He pressed a very hard kiss into her head, then murmured into her ear, "Did you ever tell anyone who you were?"

Sobs still overwhelmed her and broke up her speech, "No, no I didn't tell anyone....when I found out that Jem wanted me dead, I..."

"Wait, WHAT? Iz..." he held her tight and rocked her like a child, "What on earth are you talking about? Jem never..."

"I saw the order, Rayth, for the death of all the Royal family of Espinan, and I wasn't to be shown special leniency," she cried.

Rayth couldn't believe his ears, "How did you see that? You weren't supposed to. We did that so your family wouldn't use you against us, or hurt you to get to us. You saw only the written order sent out; every Pangain soldier had verbal orders to find and protect you. Iz, I thought you were..."

"No, I ran and hid," she sobbed, realizing the last year of personal hell didn't have to happen. "When they let me out of jail, I thought I'd be killed by Pangain or Espinan, whoever found me first, so I cut my hair, disguised myself, and..."

Rayth let out a long yell of frustration, then, "All this time?! My sweet beautiful girl, all this time... Jem's been a mess since... we've ALL not been the same since you disappeared! Oh, but I'm so happy," he squeezed her once tightly, then pulled her away from him to look at her. Red eyes and tears from the two of them assessed each other, and remembering their old, close friendship, Rayth laughed, "you look like shit."

Isabella laughed and cried, and hugged him again, "I've missed you so much. But it's strange, Rayth, when you...owned me...I was so scared of you."

"Iz, I'd NEVER hurt you," Rayth tenderly pushed stray strands of hair from her face, "even if Jem's direct order really WAS to do something disgustingly awful. But sweetheart, Jem loves you so incredibly much, we have to get you back to him. I want it to be a surprise...but we need to get you cleaned up, I can't let him see you looking like this. You know our boy and his temper, if he finds out anyone hurt you, he'll lose all reason, and throats will be slit."

The two supervisors still in the room gasped. Rayth laughed, "you're dismissed, and don't worry about Jem, I'll take care of him." They left.

"Does that mean," Isabella was afraid to ask, "does that mean he still loves me?"

Rayth smiled warmly holding her close, "He'll never love anyone else with all of his being like he loves you." He sat her away from him again, "But let him tell you that for himself. Let's get you cleaned up...and fed. My heavens, girl, don't they feed people better than this? You're too thin, I'll have food sent while they're taking care of you."

"Rayth, please don't leave me, I don't want to be away from you."

"Easy, love, will you be alright with Alenya? She'd be able to help you, take care of you, better than I." He called over his shoulder to an attendant, "Go wake Lady Alenya and tell her I request her presence immediately."

Isabella's eyes questioned, "'Lady' Alenya?"

Rayth's eyes sparkled, "So many changes. You probably won't believe it, but Jem freed her for me. He gave me my love, and now I'm returning his. I think we call that..."

"My Lord," Lady Alenya said sweetly, coming in the room smiling, "I don't know what all the commotion you're making is about, but it woke me before you called. What is..." Alenya froze, seeing Isabella in his arms. Half of her heart broke seeing the terrible condition Isabella was in, the other half beat a million times per minute with excitement that her friend was alive! "PRINCESS!!!" Alenya cried, running to join Rayth and Isabella in hugging one another.

"Oh my goodness, Princess, what has happened to you?" Alenya cried.

"I don't know that you can call me Princess anymore, Alenya. Espinan is gone. Unless by my engagement to Jem that counts as..."

Rayth and Alenya exchanged tense, sad looks. How were they going to tell her?

Isabella, perceptive as always, realized something was wrong. "What is it? Rayth, you said Jem still loved me, as I love him with all my heart...what..." she drifted in thought. "He hasn't...well... has he?"

Alenya smoothed her hair, "Madam, please let me draw you a bath and help you clean up. You were so kind to help me when I was a slave, allow me to return the favor, and bathe and dress you for Prince Jaimeth. I'll explain the situation while we're cleaning up, but rest assured, it's you he loves, not..."

"Not who? He's with someone else?"

Rayth nodded slowly. "The Queen wouldn't rest until her line was secure. But please, Iz, any way you look at it, Jem needs you, would die for you, would set the world on fire to have you. You need to go to him. Please, go with Alenya. I'll have food sent to you, then make arrangements for us to leave as soon as you're ready."

Mia sat alone in her room, pushing her breakfast around her plate. Her poor heart felt torn: Navin had treated her so kindly, warmly, and respectably; why did she have to be joined to a man who didn't really want her?

When the Queen first chose the placid angel to soothe her troubled heir, Mia had been excited, knowing Jem wouldn't love her, but she would be treated well, with every luxury a girl could desire. She didn't know how hard this would be. Jem was like a blade: kept at a distance he was a cruel threat of pain, but the closer she got to him, the harsher the pain pierced her heart. From the first day his contemptuous glare crossed the room and settled on her, her stomach churned with the realization of her mistake. Jem had moments where he hid his regretful attachment to her, but the brittle façade could too easily be shattered.

Her eyes filled with tears at the memory of each heavy sigh he heaved, each time his jaw locked in anger, each time he rigidly escorted her into a room. Could she ever make him love her? Tears fell on the floor as she contemplated the futility of making herself more acceptable.

Unexpectedly Jem and Navin strode into the room, and both stopped dead, moved by the sight of the surprised/embarrassed beauty swatting away the evidence of her sadness. Jem turned his head to Navin but looked at the floor. "Can you excuse us for a moment, Nav?" he said quietly.

"Of course, Sir, I'll wait in the hall."

As Navin left, Jem set his warm brown eyes filled with concern on his fiancé. Panic welled in her as she realized he was about to ask for an explanation.

Carefully, apprehensively, he walked towards her, his concerned eyes never unlocking themselves from her tear-filled ones. He knew he didn't really want to hear the answer, but as he stood in front of her, his face close to hers, his truly sympathetic, deep voice murmured, "What's wrong, Mia?"

Somehow the question opened the floodgates and she began to sob. Unable to resist, he laced his hands through her hair and guided her head to his hard shoulder, offering her comfort while she let it out. He murmured soft reassurances to her, trying to soothe her; this only made her clutch him harder, wanting him to hold her, wanting to feel the care and love he was finally showing her. After he let her cry for a good while, he asked again, "Tell me, Mia, what's bothering you?"

"Your majesty..." she began, her voice cracking, but that's all the further she got before he crushed his mouth over hers, and she felt his smile.

"Jem," he softly said, finally breaking away, "everyone close to me calls me 'Jem,' and my fiancé needn't be formal with me." He looked down at her, and brushed stray tears from her cheeks with his thumb.

"Jem," she said, only able to half smile, "I apologize for that display, I shouldn't..."

He cut her off again: "Never apologize for anything you do. Royalty doesn't apologize and my fiancé won't..."

"You're not making this very easy," she countered.

His eyes danced with playful irony as his lips twisted into a smile: "My apologies."

This made her bite her lower lip to stifle a laugh, both glad that some of the tension had melted. He began for her, eyebrow raised, "May I attempt to make this easier, then, but taking a stab at what would make a beautiful girl cry?"

She nodded shyly.

His eyes locked on hers, and she almost gasped at how intimidating even his intimate moments of concern could be. "My sisters cry when I'm being a callous asshole to them," he began. "It's frustrating for sweet, wonderful girls to be denied love despite their best efforts. Am I close?"

She nodded weakly again, not able to look at him. "Wow," he said, half smiling, "I can't believe you just called me an asshole."

Her eyes shot up, but then she realized he was playing, and he laughed as she smiled. "Tell me," he continued, "how you feel about what's happening between us?"

"We don't love each other, Jem, and I'm not sure we ever really will."

The painful truthfulness of her all too frank statement made him sigh as he looked at the ceiling. "No, we don't love each other," he began, but then looked back down at her, "but we can try for one another. I think it would be fair to admit you've been trying harder than I have." He took both of her hands and brought them to his lips, pressing a kiss on the back of each hand. "You are mine now, and you deserve better." He looked back into her eyes, "I promise you, you will receive more from me from now on. A lovely girl like you shouldn't live your life in sadness."

"Neither should you, your maj...Jem. I'm sorry, I know you deeply loved..."

He turned his head away, eyes hard, jaw locked, and snapped a hand up sharply. "No. Don't say it."

"I...I'm sorry..." she stammered, "I...I just wish...I could have been more like her."

His eyes, suddenly cruel again, stared at her with the silent thought, "No one can be like her." But looking once again at her face, and the sadness in it, his heart melted, and the emotional reality of the moment returned. "I will receive more from me. I will make this..."

A knock came on the door before Navin stuck his head in. "Forgive me, Sir, but a message of the highest urgency just came in from Lord Rayth."

Jem spun his head around, curious, "Rayth? His still at his new property, right? Is he having problems with the locals?"

Navin searched the message over, "It doesn't say, Jem, but he's coming back tomorrow morning and insists you clear your entire day."

"I love it when he commands me to do stuff. Does it say there's a problem? Is something wrong?"

" he doesn't say anything. It' pretty cryptic, but if I know Rayth I'd say he's really happy about something, and excited to share it with you."

" that's curious. Oh, hell, what if he got Alenya pregnant already?"

Navin laughed, "Don't jump to conclusions, let's just wait to see what it is."

"But highest urgency? That message had to have been traveling fast to get all the way here this morning. Curious...very curious." Jem turned back to Lady Mia. "I trust Rayth immensely, and if he says to clear my day, my day for tomorrow is clear. Will you join me to hear what he has to say?"

She smiled sweetly, "That would be lovely."

"Very well. Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm going to make arrangements to have my schedule cleared," he said, turning to leave.

Navin let Jem out, then stood in the doorway, looking at Mia. In a way, he was jealous that Jem got to comfort her, and she looked happier now. "Are you alright, my Lady?"

She smiled at him, but different then when she looked at Jem. She felt strange; with Jem, they were forcing amiability out of responsibility to each other. Navin didn't really have to care about her, but there he was once again, genuinely concerned for her. She couldn't help but respect him; he was a good man.

"Thank you, captain, I'm fine."

Navin nodded, uncharacteristically uneasy. The solid, stoic soldier was never moved by anyone. Until her. "Good day, then, Madam."


The courtyard to the palace buzzed with activity and excitement. All the kingdom's nobility gathered to gossip in their finest clothes while the slaves kept their plates and glasses filled. Everyone was speculating what exciting news Lord Rayth was bringing with him; whatever it was, Prince Jaimeth was determined to give him a grand reception. A perfect day for it as well; spring in full bloom saw a colorful display of flowers opening to welcome the guests, perfectly lit by the mild morning sun. Everyone parted to either side of the courtyard as the main doors opened and Prince Jaimeth and Lady Mia were announced.

Mia bit her bottom lip and tightened her grip on Jem's escorting arm; every eye was on them, judging them, wondering how he treated her, wondering if she was good enough for him. The added tension on his arm alerted Jem to her apprehension, and he tenderly placed his other hand on top of hers, one as a reassurance to her, two as a public message that she was indeed dear to him.

Taking their seats on the slightly raised dais, the chattering and activity resumed. Jem accepted the wine glass offered to him and swilled. "Come on, Rayth," he thought. "What have you got?" Since receiving Rayth's message, he couldn't explain why the knots in his stomach refused to untangle.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Lord Rayth and Lady Alenya were announced. As the doors were pulled open, Jem was grinning ear to ear upon seeing his friend proudly guide his lady into the room, both finely approaching.

In a move that made Jem laugh out loud (he never demanded formal respects from Rayth), Rayth took Jem's hand and kissed his ring. Close enough that only those on the dais could hear, Jem asked, "Rayth, what are you doing?"

Without answering, he quietly replied, "Hell of a gathering you have. I was going to tell you a bit more privately..." Rayth looked slightly somber towards Mia before continuing, "Lady Mia might wish to exit. It might not be entirely comfortable."

Mia's eyes lowered, feeling once again excluded, but Jem took her hand, placed it on his arm, then placed his hand over top of hers. "Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of my fiancé. What is it, my friend?"

Rayth raised his eyebrows once and cleared his throat. "Actually, I've come to ask you for something."

"Anything. Name it."

Rayth lowered his eyes as a sly smile stretched his lips. He backed away from the dais, and once on the floor, knelt prostrate in front of Jem. Jem's jaw dropped, the room gasped, and Rayth announced in a bold voice, "Prince Jaimeth of Pangain, I've come to beg your mercy."

Jem had half the urge to laugh, but something indicated Rayth wanted to maintain a public display of formality. "Alright, Rayth...mercy for what?"

"For possessing something very precious to you. You would have been very angry, your majesty, to have known I had it. Likely, you would have killed me had any harm come to it under my possession. For that reason, I beg your mercy." Rayth stayed on his knees, but looked into Jem's eyes; the two men held a steady gaze as Rayth continued, "In my defense, your majesty, I didn't know I had it, and the moment I knew, I sent a message stating it's immediate return to you."

"What on earth is it?"

"A slave."

Jem's eyes narrowed in confusion. "What slave would I have cared about enough that a Pangain Lord, my best friend, would be begging on his knees in front of me to return?"

"May I, Sir?"

"By all means."

Rayth stood and signaled the door which was pulled open. Slowly, a fragile looking girl with styled cropped hair stepped through, face freshly made up, dressed finely for a rich, regal appearance. The girl fought to maintain her innate royal dignity and composure as she looked across the room and locked eyes with her love. As if in a trance, she slowly, step by step, made her way to stand beautifully in front of him.

Jem couldn't breathe. His face lost all color as his body instantly burned all over. He was paralyzed, couldn't move or think. This world spun, and he fought with himself to determine if this was a dream. On the edge of panic, he feebly uttered a one word question: "...Iz?"

A single tear trailed down her face, hoarsely whispering, "Yes, your majesty."

With no other thought, the rest of the room disappeared to him, abandoning all sense of upbringing, royal self-control, or masculine reserve, and he flew from the dais! In less than two seconds, he crashed into Isabella's arms, clinging, crying, kissing every part of her as hard and fast as he could. It didn't matter to either of them how many people surrounded them; no one existed but the other lover, nothing mattered but to have the other back. Their arms were unable to pull them close enough, lips unable to kiss hard enough. It wasn't long before their knees gave out, and right there in the middle of the court, the two desperately embraced one another on the floor, tasting kisses that they never dreamed could be so wonderful.

"Iz, my love!" he kept sobbing. "My beautiful Isabella, where have you been? I've been so alone..."

"Jem, I've missed you so much, you have no idea..."

"I thought you were..."

"I thought you wanted me de..."

Neither could finish a thought before a kiss collapsed over their statements. She let him take her in his arms. She all too much enjoyed absorbing his strength and warmth, finally feeling the protection and love she'd been craving, and suffering too long without. The rich, familiar scent of him overwhelmed her, and brought fresh tears to her eyes as she clung to him, never wanting the flood of sensations to subside. The day before, she was merely a field slave. Now, the most powerful man in the world, her best friend, her lover, had his arms locked around her, and the familiar flood of intimacy concurrently excited and relaxed her.

Jem held her tight to him, squeezing her light frame until even he feared it would break. Tears wouldn't stop pouring out of his typically callous face as he whispered incoherent reassurances into her hair: "My love, I'm never going to let you go, you're mine forever, I can't be apart from you, whatever you want, whatever you need, my love, my only love, it's yours, I'll give you everything..."

He didn't care about the "how's" and "why's"; he'd get those later. All he cared about was the woman he held in his arms, who kept whispering back: "Hold me, Jem, I need you..."

From the dais, Mia grew nauseous as she watched. She saw the man who only a day ago promised to love her abandon her in an instant for another woman. She knew her time as the future queen was all but over, but she was unsure of how to handle this very public pronouncement with any semblance of dignity.

Tactfully Navin appeared behind her and placed his hand on the small of her back. The girl, near fainting, pressed into his comforting support. "Madam," he whispered discreetly into her ear, "perhaps I might escort you to your room to rest?"

Mia was borderline frantic as she tried to search Jem for what she should do. He was too occupied to care about her in the least, so when she scanned the rest of the room for guidance, she found Rayth's eyes. The ice blue color that seemed to melt Alenya and Isabella only seemed bitterly cold to Mia. He nodded once at her, providing a silent instruction to leave with Navin. The lump in her throat grew.

"Yes, thank you Captain," she raspily managed, "I would like that. I fear, however, that my legs aren't feeling up to sorts. May I have your arm in assistance?"

Navin felt too sorry for her to even feel good about helping her. Silently, he offered her one of his arms to take a hold of, and wrapped his other arm around her frame to half escort, half carry her away.


Jem pressed his body against Isabella's between his sheets. His poor beauty, the things she must have suffered, because she couldn't tolerate her body being exposed. When he had begun to undress her, her eyes couldn't look at his, and her arms stiffened in a panicked defense, ready to stop him from humiliating her the way countless guards had. His warm brown eyes, usually so hard, softened in melancholy understanding about what she was doing. He had hurt so many slaves himself; he couldn't imagine anyone doing the things he'd done to other girls to his precious Isabella. He needed to make her feel safe, regain her trust, and show her that loving could...and SHOULD...feel very good.

He held kept pulling the sheets up and around them if ever they were to fall, keeping her skin covered to the rest of the world besides him, always putting her needs first, carefully monitoring her every reaction. He placed soft tender kisses to the side of her neck, her chest. He tried to take one of her nipples in her mouth, but her throat caught, he felt her tense and she began to cry.

He looked with very deep concern into her tear-filled eyes. "My love, let it out, it's okay, please, you're safe with me, no one will hurt my beautiful girl..." he kept whispering reassurances to her.

"Jem, I'm so sorry," she quietly sobbed, "I love you, I do, this is just hard...I still can't believe it, that I'm here with you, that things are's so much..."

"I know, love, I's okay, let me hold you...I can't feel enough of you... I want to feel it just so I know it's real..."

"They hurt me, Jem..."

His face went stone, "Tell me who hurt you, and they'll be dead by tomorrow."

She somewhat smiled, "you can't kill all those people, you'll have no army left."

He pressed a kiss into her neck, "I don't need an army, I have you."

She ran her hands through his hair, gripping his head lightly, feeling the soft familiar sensations of their more intimate moments. He belonged to her. "Hold me, Jem."

"I don't plan on ever letting go." He again began kissing his way down her body, and again she tensed, afraid. "It's okay, Iz, don't worry. Here, beautiful, give me your hands." He backed away from her slightly, and placed her hands on his rock-hard chest. He whispered, "You control it. Touch me, feel me, feel what's there for you. I love you...I'm yours, do with me whatever you want to. You control how things go and what you want done."

Through tears of happiness and apprehension, she smiled and bit her bottom lip. "Ssshh...don't let the slaves hear you say that, it'll ruin your reputation. Prince Jaimeth of Pangain doesn't let anyone control anything about him."

"Let everyone hear it, the slaves be damned. Let them hear who I love and what I'd give you. I wouldn't give myself over to anyone but you. Feel me, Iz...I'm all yours. Anything you want, I'll give you. Every inch of my being lives to make you happy, give you what you want." He guided her hands to slide over his arms, "Theses arms will swing a blade into anyone who tries to hurt you again," over his lips, "I'll command from anyone anything you wish," over his heart, "This heart loves only you," down his stomach, down to his legs and his...he smiled, "And this will bring you pleasure, not pain, if you'll let me remind you of how good it can feel."

She smiled and drew close to him. "Why have you always been so good to me?"

"Because you've always deserved it."

She pressed an open kiss onto his mouth, melting into him. They clutched at one another, until she finally broke away to raspily confess, "I can't imagine feeling more loved, more secure, more perfect with anyone else. I love you, Jem, for everything that you are..."

He rolled onto his back and slid her on top of him. Her hair covered his face as she pressed kisses down onto his soft, full lips, and let the naked globes of her ass slide against his stomach. He reached up and grabbed her breasts, pulling each in turn into his mouth, sucking each nipple, softly caressing them with his tongue.

" feel so good..."

"So do you, Iz..."

Her hands roughly raked the muscle-ribbed sides of his body down to his legs, tensely grasping at him. "I want you, Jem...I want to feel you..."

"You control it, my love, take me at your pleasure..."

Her legs had already rocked her back against his hot searing cock, and her moistened opening craved fulfillment from him. She closed her eyes tight, trying to shut out past horrors of rapes, trying to relive the sensual times she and shared in the past. Her love for him overtook her, and she impaled herself onto his cock.

He threw his head back in a muffled groan; sex had always been plentiful for him, but there was something different about making love to Isabella. She wasn't just another warm opening. She was the love of his life, and making love to her was the sweetest thing he knew. He thrust up into her, matching her downward strokes on top of him. He looked up, ecstatic to see her lovely body enjoying itself, bouncing up and down on him, her hair gracefully swaying behind her. It took every muscle he had to keep from cumming, telling himself to stay hard and vigilant for her pleasure.
Riding him, feeling his hard body in between her legs, his cock filling her to the heights of pleasure, quickly overtook her. Pumping up and down on him hard, her whole body tensed, steadying herself on his shoulders, as an orgasm racked her entire body with tremors. This was too much for him, and he too came, shooting his seed deep inside of her.

Breathlessly she panted, "That might not have been smart. We don't know if the Queen will let me come back to you or not."

He rolled on top of her and lovingly looked down. "Nothing would make me happier than to have a child with you...and you WILL be my Queen. I won't have another."


Jem spent much of the next week with the Queen, pleading his case to dismiss Lady Mia and reaccept Isabella as his fiancé, the future Queen of Pangain. The Queen disliked the idea for several reasons: Isabella no longer held title, she was formerly royalty of the nation Pangain just destroyed, and Lady Mia did nothing to deserve a dismissal. However, her age-weary spirit could not deny her heir. Jem would be King. She'd been slowly relinquishing control of her kingdom to him anyway, and he could make good decisions. She smiled inwardly at the admission that he wasn't even really making a request of her. Instead, he was subtly informing her who his Queen would be, and only out of respect was seeking her word to officially formalize his engagement. She relented.

News spread quickly through the country, and never more quickly anywhere else but the nobility's social circle. In Prince's Hall, across from the Queen's palace, the commotion of change made everyone uneasy.


"Thank heavens we're all going out tonight. The gossip, moving, and unnecessary panic around here is giving me a headache," Rayth said, putting the last layers of clothing on.

"Oh, poor Isabella, if all this is giving you a headache, I can't imagine what it's doing to her," Alenya said, stroking makeup onto her eyes, intently looking in the mirror.

Rayth chuckled, moving to stand behind Alenya, "And no sympathy for Jem?"

Alenya put her cosmetics down to smile up at him through the mirror, "The he in need of sympathy? He seems quite happy to me. I don't think shattering one girl's life to have what he wants has ever bothered him."

"Ooooo! Quite scathing, my Lady!" Rayth chuckled and teased, "Nothing more kind to say about the man who gives you all the money and clothes you want, not to mention your freedom?"

Alenya went back to applying her makeup, the burning in her cheeks clear and apparent. "Forgive me, my Lord. I'm forever grateful to him for the wonderful things he's done for both of us. But let him rape you once or twice, and see if you can forget about that as well."

Rayth sobered a bit. "Forgive me, Alenya, I know it must be hard for you." He bent down and kissed the back of her neck, whispering, "But he can't be all that bad, because he gave us the ability to have each other, love each other," he slid his hands down her, "touch each other however we want to..."

She laughed and tried to push him off. "Rayth! I'm trying to get ready! We shouldn't keep the Prince and Isabella waiting!"

Playfully, his face took a serious look, his beautiful eyes blazing, "I'm not stopping you from getting ready...go ahead...keep going, I'll find something to do..." he rubbed his hands down the front of her again.

Her face flushed and her breathing became harder, her hand unsteadily trying to finish her makeup. "Honestly, I don't know how you expect me to..." She gasped as he slid his hand beneath her dress and in between her thighs. "Rayth! We can't! We have to..."

He groaned and spun her around to kiss her. "Jem and Iz be damned right now, I want you."

She only faintly fought him, half-heartedly protesting. "We can do this later...afterwards...after we get back...not now..."

"Let's stay in tonight..."

"You just said you were happy to be going out..."

"I lied..."

They grasped at each other, kissing all over passionately.

"We're going to be late," Alenya whispered.

"No, that's okay," Jem called into the room, laughing, "We'll wait out here."

"Damn it!" Rayth cursed, half smiling.

Embarrassed Alenya straightened herself out, "Please tell them I'm almost ready and invite them in," she whispered.

Rayth went to his door and pulled it open to see both Jem and Isabella smiling at him. "What?"

Jem cleared his throat, "May we come in?"

"By all means."

Isabella rushed for Alenya, to give her a hug and help her finish getting ready (Isabella had tried to tell Alenya to have the slaves help her, but Alenya couldn't bring herself to do it). Jem and Rayth took a seat, mindlessly poking fun at each other.

A knock came to the door.

When Rayth pulled it open, he was surprised to see a somewhat tussled Navin look nervously into the room.

"Uh, my Lord, is Jem with you?"

Jem got up and came to the door. "Nav! What's going on, my friend? This is supposed to be your night off, why are you still here?"

"Your majesty, can I speak with you out here for a minute?"

Jem looked somewhat confused, since Navin was almost always unflappable. "Sure...but I don't know if I trust Rayth alone in the room with the girls. He's owned both of them at one point or another, you know."

"Fuck you Jem," Rayth said, embarrassed at the truth of the statement.

"It'll only be a moment, Sir," Navin said, not noticing the dig on Rayth.

Jem stepped outside and gave Navin a look as if to say, "nothing can be this big a deal." Navin nervously stared at the floor, trying to find a way to begin.

"Sir...everyone's heard the news that you're going to be dismissing Lady Mia."


"Sir, I don't mean to overstep my bounds here, because I know technically right now Mia is still tied to you. It's just that...well, Sir, I think Mia is a wonderful woman. She's been nothing but kind, sweet, and dignified through all the mess she's been thrown through."

"So what are you saying? I shouldn't dismiss her? I should keep her instead of Iz?"

" Sir. It's just that...I hate to see her go through this alone. This is a tough time for her...and she needs love. She needs someone to be kind to her, and to hold her."

Jem was still confused. "You're saying that you think I should hold her?"

"NO, Sir..." Navin was beginning to get frustrated. "Not you, but someone else should."

"Who then?"

Navin cleared his throat. "me."

Jem tried to stifle a laugh, but his smile betrayed his inner amusement. "Captain, why exactly did you need to speak to me? Exactly what are you looking for?"

"Sir, I've come here to ask your permission to court Lady Mia. She's still yours, and even if you dismissed her, out of respect for you, I feel that I'd need to ask you. I know it might seem inappropriate, and I hope you're not angry...Sir, I tried not to, but I couldn't help..."

Jem shook his head and placed his hands on Navin's shoulders. "No..."

"No Sir?"

"I mean, 'No', don't apologize for anything. You've done nothing wrong, and I'd be happy to see you find happiness with a wonderful girl. You're right, she is wonderful. But not for me. Trust me, I hate seeing her hurt as well, and I feel terrible for her. She was forced into this, reluctant as I was. She deserves to be happy. I think it's a great idea, if you really care for her, that you try and be with her. Good luck... you have my blessing."

Navin's face lit up, but he fought to maintain his composure. "Thank you...thanks Jem, I..."

"You're wasting time. We'll all be leaving shortly, and you'll have the Hall to yourselves."

Navin fidgeted a moment, then laughed, grabbed a hold of Jem, and pulled him in for a hug. "You're a good man, Jem."

"Don't be too happy yet, old man, you're about 10 years older than her, she might say no."

"With age comes wisdom, and after dealing with you, I'll look like a saint to her."

"See you tomorrow, Saint Navin." Navin laughed as he turned to leave, and Jem stuck his head in Rayth's door. "Come ON! Aren't you guys ready YET?"

Rayth, Alenya, and Isabella moved into the hallway, and Jem approached Alenya. Jem and Alenya both felt the tension still between them, as Jem had been quite cruel to her while she was a slave. He wanted her to be comfortable with him now, though, as his best friend's lady.

"Lady Alenya, you look beautiful as ever," he said in his kindest, most sincere voice. He extended his arm to her. "Please, allow me for the evening."

Alenya sucked in a subtle apprehensive breath as she place her hand in the crook of his arm. He smiled, and she tried to smile back as if she was dealing with a devil trying to act the part of angel. "Rayth trusts him," she told herself, "so I must learn to as well." She didn't look back to see Rayth's jaw lock, ever possessive of his girl.

Isabella slid her arm around Rayth's waist. "Lord Rayth?" He looked down at her, his old familiar friend whom the two of them, perhaps too many times, had felt the unspoken, unacted-upon sentiment of more than just friends. Tonight, she was letting him know that although she deeply feared him when he owned her, their friendship was back to where it had once been. "I appear to be without an escort for the evening," she continued. "Would you mind?"

Rayth warmly placed her hand into his arm, giving it a small squeeze, "Of course not, Madam Princess, but I warn you I'm going to strangle your fiancé if he does anything to Alenya tonight."

She laughed and pushed him slightly with her hip, "Don't worry, I won't let him get to far away, he's mine, and I can't help be a little jealous myself."

"Maybe that's why you and I get along so well. Putting up with Jem unites us," he chuckled.

She kissed him on the cheek, "and maybe that's why Alenya will fit in so nicely...she's put up with him for a long time, and is learning a new way to do that tonight. I'm happy for the two of you, Rayth, it's about time she freely shared your love."

"And we're all happy to have you home, Princess; it's about time you've brought things back to normal."


Navin knocked on Lady Mia's door. One of her slaves pulled it open, and he entered to find her carefully packing her things. Upon seeing him, she smiled bitter-sweetly, "Hello, captain."

"My Lady." He looked around the room, again unsure of how to begin. "I, um...I would like to say..."

"Please, let me say something first," she said, the pain of what was happening making her more bold than she'd previously been. Still with her sweet, faint voice, she told him, "I wanted to thank you for everything. Of all the people here, you've been the kindest to me, sensitive to me, and I'm terribly grateful to you. When I think about it..." she sat on her bed, "...yes, it hurts to consider not being good enough to love, or always standing in the shadow of another woman, but in a way leaving will be a relief. I'll miss some things here..." she trailed off and looked at him. "It is a shame...I feel we might have been very good friends."

"Thank you for the kind words my Lady," he said, trying to use his militant nature to armor his vulnerability. "I've actually come to talk to you about that...and about you leaving. I...I would you to stay."

"I'm sorry but..."

"Not with Jem."

"...What do you mean, then?"

Navin fidgeted and looked around the room, but after holding a stare with her for a minute, he cracked, disarmed his rigid defense, and decided to pour his heart out to her. After only three long strides, he reached her by the bed, dropped on his knees, and took her hands. He looked up at her intently, praying she would understand.

"It's not fair. It hasn't been fair from the start. For an angel like you to be made to feel you're not good enough for a man is an unforgivable crime. You're a jewel, a treasure, that only the Prince's jaded eyes mistook for a stone. Damn his eyes for not seeing you for the loveliness that encompasses you. But I can't watch him throw something this precious away, and I can't let you leave without you knowing you're the finest lady I have ever met. I've been here so long. I've seen nobility come and go, ladies flaunt their finest, employ their greatest charm. I've seen slave girls dressed up and given to us, straining to give us anything we desire. I've never...NEVER...been taken with any of them. Not until you. From the moment I met you, I valued everything about you. My desire has only grown from there, to the point I'm about to boil over and destroy myself."

He shook his head as if he were coming to his senses. Suddenly, his confession half embarrassed him, and he sought a way to continue with dignity. "I couldn't let you leave without knowing how I feel about you. I don't want you to leave. I want you to stay. Not with Jaimeth...with me."

She looked down at him, shocked, but happy. "Captain...I don't know what to say. I would be lying if I said I wasn't strongly drawn to you as well, but I shouldn't. Prince Jaimeth..."

Navin shook his head. "Jem's not a problem. I've already spoken with him. We have his blessing."

"He's...he's okay with this? He won't be angry?"

Navin smiled, "No...he wants you to be happy...and me."

Her large blue eyes seemed to light up as she bit her lower lip. Cautiously, she took Navin's hand. Then, feeling somewhat foolish, she leaned in to kiss him, then backed away.

"Forgive me, captain...but may I?"

Before she could say anything else, he sprang up, and kissed her hard as he pushed her back onto the bed. He kissed her mouth sweetly, then tenderly pressed kisses to the sides of her face, holding her to him.

Mia nestled into him, having for several weeks dreamt what it would feel like. "Perfect," she murmured to herself, which caused a deep chuckle to escape him.

"Reading my thoughts are you?" He rolled over to hover over her, kissing down at her, feeling her cheeks with his thumbs. "Mia? There's something I'd like to show you, if you'd let me."

Shyly, she nodded, knowing it was something physical.

"Mia...have you and Jem ever been together?"

"Yes...there were a few times when he wanted to try."

He began kissing down her neck, down her chest, carefully letting her get used to the feel of him with her. "Did you like that feeling? Would you like to feel that with me?"

She bit her lip before saying, "No, captain...I'm not sure either of us actually enjoyed those times."

Navin kept kissing her as he quietly cursed, "Amateur." Navin knew in his mind that aside from Isabella, Jem never tried to please anyone but himself. Mia had never known what pleasure could feel like. He delighted in knowing he'd be the first to show her. He nuzzled into her neck as he explained, "I need to show you what loving SHOULD feel like. It will feel very good for you, I promise. If you'll let me, I'd like to show you what you've been missing. I promise, I'll be gentle with you, I won't hurt you. But if you're uncomfortable with anything I do, I'll stop the second you say."

She felt silly for a moment as she responded, "I don't want you to stop...I think I feel comfortable with anything you do."

He reached behind her and began to remove her clothes. "Would you feel comfortable if I took your clothes off?" She blushed, then smiled as she sheepishly said, "Maybe I'd be more comfortable if you took yours off first."

A smile spread across his lips, but he wasted no time in pulling everything off. He stood at the foot of her bed completely nude in no time. He stood there, smiling as she soaked in the sight of him. He'd never been self-conscious about the way he looked. He trained hard every day, as evidenced by the rock-hard formations of muscle that covered him. The only interruptions to his smooth, rippled skin were occasional scars here and there from blades (most scars were from sparring in his younger days; only few blades ever managed to reach him during actual fights).

He climbed back onto the bed with her, again letting her get used to the feel of him. She cautiously explored the expanse of his skin, growing excited at the look and feel of him. Jem had been the only other man she'd ever seen. While Jem was also well-muscled and attractive, his youth was no match for the mature masculine form that now lay beside her. She was overwhelmed with how good he felt.

"My beautiful..." he murmured, running his hands over her body, "I'm going to touch you and kiss you, but just say the word and I'll stop if you want me to."

"No please," she half groaned, "Go on...please..."

He smiled as he hiked up her dress to her stomach and ran his hands between the hot, smooth, fleshy insides of her thighs. He pulled her legs slightly apart, toying with the wetness that had formed there. "So lovely...let me see..." he moved down in between her legs, allowing her to lie on her back on the bed. He spread her legs apart to see the rosy pink source of her pleasure. Growing rock hard himself, he began kissing her legs at her knees, instructing himself to control his desire to take her hard and instead focus entirely on her pleasure. He would make this a night she would not forget.

He kissed up her knees, and nuzzled his face in between her thighs, letting her feel his hot breath pant against her sex. Then, pausing, he drew out his tongue to extend one, long, wet lick up the entire length of her.

Her eyes went wide, she gasped, and used her feet to buck against the unfamiliar, VERY pleasurable sensations that coursed through her. He paused to murmur rhetorically, "That feels nice doesn't it?" His tongue reached out to lick her over and over.

"Yes! Yes, that feels nice!"

" tastes nice too..." he continued to lap at her, diving his tongue into her, rapidly toying with her clit. He ran his tongue over the length of her, then took her whole sex into his mouth, gently sucking in pulsating waves.

"Oh...oh my goodness! I never knew it could feel like this!"

"Oh, darling, it'll feel much, much better by the time I'm done with you." He swirled around her lips, spreading them, tasting every inch, licking all over, over and over, while she wildly grasped at his chopped light hair. She pulled his head into her, reaching down to feel his face, the rough patches that seemed ever present regardless of how often he shaved, tickling her thighs, driving her wild. Then applying steady consistent attention to her clit, she thought she would go out of her mind.

"Heavens! What are you doing to me?"

He didn't answer, just smiled as he kept at it, the same spot, flicking lightly, fast, steady pressure, building it up, putting her over the top.

"AaaahhHH!" She screamed out, clamping her legs over his head as her orgasm shook her. He positioned himself to hold her through it, wrapping his arms tightly around her, kissing her face and whispering reassurances into her ear, holding her until the last tremor subsided. She'd never felt so good, and now wrapped tightly in his strong arms, the lovely scent of him relaxing her, she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke, he was still there, holding her. "Hello, there, beautiful," he said, smiling down at her.

"Oh, forgive me for falling asleep, I shouldn't have..."

He silenced her with a kiss. "This is your night to feel good," he told her when he broke away.

"When I leave here," she shyly asked, "how will we stay in touch?"

Navin somewhat looked away. "You wouldn't have to leave here, and I wouldn't want you to. I have a permanent room here at the Hall. You'd be welcome there. I do have a home in the country side, but I'm only there every so often." He looked at her vulnerably. "I wouldn't be able to ever offer you all the things Jem could. But I'd give you whatever I have. You can have my home, my room, wherever you'd be comfortable."

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